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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Star (Newspaper) - May 22, 1972, Anniston, Alabama Annaton Alabama monday May 22, u72alabama s largest Home owned newspaper. Vol. 93, no. 145 Price 10 digest Wallace gets feeling in thigh a Central City Man was one of five persons killed in traffic accidents in Alabama Over the weekend. Details Page 14. Billy Shaham Calls president Nixon s Moscow trip one of the must momentous Summit meetings in details Page 14. The majority of he delegates George Wallace won in the Florida presidential primary plan to stick with him to the end. Details Page 14. Deaths Albert Mccoy of Central City mrs. Rosie Roberts and mrs. Annie Pope both of Piedmont. Mrs. Mamie Levell of Jacksonville 0. D. Kaylor of Heflin and mrs. Mary Martin of Oxford. Details Page 7. The defense opens its Case today in the Angela Davis murder Kidnap conspiracy Case amid speculation that her attorneys May offer no testimony at All. Miss Davis attorneys have said they would offer Only an abbreviated Case bul refused to disclose their plans. They have hinted they might choose to offer no testimony. Sen. George Mcgovern would run slightly better than sen. Hubert Humphrey As a democratic challenger to president according to two nationwide surveys taken by the Gallup poll. The president however continues to hold a wide though reduced Lead Over both Mcgovern and Humphrey the Gallup poll said sunday. Concerned about the air plane hijacking problem the House appropriations committee has approved funds to buy 800 More magnetometers to screen passengers and baggage. The magnetometers Are highly sensitive to Metal such As guns or bombs. Sen. George Mcgovern campaigns in Oregon for tuesday s primary while sen. Hubert h. Humphrey concentrates on California. Details Page 2. A Milwaukee ferry manager says Arthur s. Bremer appeared with a Well dressed companion to arrange the first of three mysterious trips across Lake Michigan in the weeks preceding the shooting of George c. Wallace. Details Page 3. Workers came to their jobs at the Pentagon today and found no Trace of the previously announced blockade which anti War demonstrators had threatened o establish at the giant defense department Headquarters. Details Page 2. Enemy frogman blew a Hole in the Hull of a . Munitions ship docked at Danang. Military informants reported today. They said the frogman slipped in Early sunday morning for the strike against the Jefferson City Victory. The extent of the damage was not Given. Dame Margaret Rutherford character actress known throughout the world for her movie portrayals of eccentric englishwoman died today her agent reported. She was 80. Details Page 2. . Commanders Are much Freer to make military decisions in this round of the air War against North Vietnam than were their predecessors during the 1965-68 bombing Campaign. Details Page 8. Heavy fighting is reported from the Mekong Delta to North of Hue. And . Planes Slep up attacks on North Vietnam 20 per cell. Details Page 5. A soviet civil rights advocate was arrested Loday and confined to a psychiatric Hospital friends reported after telling an american newsman he hoped president Nixon during his talks with soviet leaders would raise the question if human rights in the soviet Union. The sources said secret police came without warning this morning to the Moscow residence of Tumerman and look him to a psychiatric Hospital. Soviel authorities frequently do this to remove dissenters from circulation without the publicity of a trial. Washington a gov. George c. Wallace of Alabama has regained some involuntary muscular activity to his docs and has sonic sensation Down to the mid thigh doctors said today. Physicians at holy Cross Hospital where the governor is being treated for gunshot wounds said in a medical bulletin that Over the past 18 hours there has been some return of involuntary muscular activity to the toes of both feet. They said the movement is More pronounced in the left foot. Wallace exhibits Normal reflex actions when the sole of his foot is stimulated doctors said. The bulletin added that there is also encouraging evidence of increasing sensations Down to the level of the the doctors said the significance of this involuntary mus Cular activity in relationship to the final degree of recovery from paralysis is difficult to ascertain at this time but is most Wallace s son George or. 20. Told doctors last night that he visited his lather and Learned that he was regaining some feeling. I tickled his and his toes moved and 1 pulled up the Sheet to let him see said Wallace s son. Doctors said that George or. Was All smiles when he told him of the event Hilly Joe Camp. Wallace s press Secretary said the return of sensation was very encouraging. He described his own feelings As cautiously optimistic about Wallace Ever regaining full use of his legs. Wallace has been paralysed in both legs since he was shot four times Al a Campaign rally in Usu Rel my. One week ago. One Bullet remains lodged in his spine doctors Hope Looper ate and remove that slug sometime this week after the governor is transferred to a Birmingham medical Center. Star staffers win news awards Florence the Anniston Star dominated its class in the Alabama associated press association s new writing and photography contests. The honors and Cash awards based on the Deci Sion of Oul of stale newsmen were distributed during a weekend state convention in Florence. Competing for annual honors with newspapers in cities of less than 100.000 population. The Star won first place awards in five of eight categories and took three of the second place awards. Star staff writers took first place honors in four of five writing categories spot news reporting without out a deadline features and women s news. Frank Denton s series of articles on the state s muddled mental health situation won the sweep stakes award in Competition with efforts submitted by journalists from Alabama s largest newspapers. A staff Effort written by Beverly Bradford. Frank Brock. Denton. Judy John son and Mike Sherman in covering last fall s racial disorders in Anniston won first place in the spot news category. For reporting without a deadline. Denton took first place for the mental health series. He also won first place for feature writing with a Story about one White family s experiences with desegregation. Natalie Traylor won first place for women s news for a Story on d a y c a r e nurseries. Star photographer Ken Elkins won first and second place honors in the sports category of the photo contest with his action pictures of Auburn tacklers slopping a Florida runner and a motorcycle flipping Al Talla Dyga s Speedway. Elkins won second place for features and spot news for shots of Young boys walking an unused Railroad rack during u rail strike and a fire in the Pils at another Talladega race. Elkins won first and second in one category and second gathering up the state awards at a meeting from left mrs. Traylor Sherman Denton Elkins in each of the other two possible categories. The Complete contest results new writing class a 1-Arger cities spot news first Claude Duncan. Alabama journal and Peggy Rober Tson. Birmingham news second. John bitter. Montgomery advertiser. Reporting without a deadline first. Harold k. Marlin and wave Greenhaw. Alabama to Runal second. Charles Richardson. Birmingham news honorable mention. Bill Mylius. Birmingham Post Herald. Features Kirst. Ray Jenkins. Alabama journal second. Add Davis. Blun Siville times honorable mention. Clarke Small world. Birmingham news Ami Roy Riley. Birmingham Post Herald. Sports first. Bill . Birmingham Posl Lleraldi second. Sieve Duck. Mobile press honorable mention. Alt Van House. Bir Mingham news. Women s news first. Carol Kaye Bruchack. Birmingham Post Herald second. Kranski Glynn. Huntsville times honorable mention. Pain Middleton Mobile Sci Fistor. I see staffers Wallace s recovery has progressed to where he is per in Ming exercises on a lilt Lable. Previously therapists turned Wallace in lied and exercised his legs while he remained in hed doctors said Wallace s temperature Over the past 24 hours has Heen a Normal a degrees or less and his general Condi Tion remains stable. Another press aide. Elvin Sian inn. Said doctors Are being cautious ii Mil connecting the return of feeling with Wallace s chances of not being permanently paralysed. Mrs Wallce said of the development. I m not surprised. I have been very optimistic All along i plunk the people for their prayers and 1 Hope they will continue in Pray or shortly alter the bulletin was announced. Vice president spun t. Agnew arrived Al the Hospital to Visil the stricken governor. President arrives in Moscow Moscow api More than 100.000 muscovites turned Oul tix Lav to see president Nixon As he drove to the Kremlin to Start a week s session of sum Mitry tackling Many of the problems dividing the world s two most powerful nations. The Airport scene was Cool Correct and official lacking some of Lite Fervour accorded such previous visitors As presi Dent Anwar Sadat of Egypt. But muscovites knew that Nix on was coining and they turned Oul on the motorcade route. The crowds were mainly silent As the official limousines dipped past but in some places people were standing shoulder to shoulder several ranks deep. That was a contrast to the reception Nixon received three months ago in peking. There no crowds lined the streets and the Airport greeting was unusually subdued. Agreements on arms limitations Trade and cooperation in outer space Are expected to emerge from this first official visit to Moscow by an american president. Communist parly chief Leonid i. Brezhnev. The country s no. 1 Man. Was not Al the Airport when Nixon stepped from his Blue and Silver Jet. Protocol did not require Brezhnev s presence since he holds no slate executive Post. Nixon emerged hapless from the presidential Jel. Smiled and descended the ramp to shake hands with president Nikolai v. Podgorny and Premier Alexei n. Kosygin. Who led a soviet welcoming party. The arrival ceremony was broadcast by the state radio and television networks. The president s program permitted him Lime to get sell cd in the Kremlin apartments before he was required to get Down to the affairs of the Summit. On today s schedule was an official dinner in the Kremlin where speeches by Nixon and Brezhnev were expected to sound a Clear keynote for the nine Day visit. Preliminary indications of the soviet mood were provided by the rigidly censored Media which stressed the Kremlin s intention to promote peace and cooperation with the world s biggest capitalist country. Prav Cla. He soviet communist parly newspaper called for mutually advantageous cooperation with the United Stales and said the Altitude of soviet leaders was Businesslike and Tass. The government news Agency reported on Nixon s meeting with austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky during the president s Stop in Salzburg and quo cd Kreisky Hal the Moscow Summit was a major political event of our Nixon spent i hours in the picturesque austrian City closeted most of he time in the Isih Century Klc sheim Palace to work on briefing papers for his talks with communist party chief Leonid i Brezhnev and other soviet leaders. Trio president Liilo newsmen sunday during a stroll on the Pabco grounds that he expected most intensive negotiations i have Ever participated the possibility of some Progress is perhaps greater. Because both sides will be Well he added. Before leaving Washington saturday. Nixon said there were opportunities for Progress in three areas arms curbs Trade relations and Cooth ration in space exploration. Nixon has said lie particularly Hopes during his eight Days in the soviet i Nion i sign .1 pact with the russians limiting Sec resident. I Gesl an earthquake Strong enough to Sway buildings and Send nervous people running into the streets rocked Manila today. The weather Bureau said the quake registered an intensity of six on the Ranssi Force scale of nine. Thousands of lithuanian youths chanting for Freedom rioted against soviet police and soldiers in the City of Kaunus Afler he funeral of a Young roman Catholic who burned himself to death for political reliable sources report. Several Hundred youths were arrested and Al least one policeman died of injuries received in the Streel fighting the informants said. Fair through tuesday. Details paged. Classified comics. Editorials.4 movies .6 television .14 women s h pages in one Section pot cargo is seized in Heflin Heflin two Texas residents arrested Here Satur Day night and charged with the Possession of some 620 pounds of marijuana were to appear before the Cleburne county Irand jury Loday. According to sheriff Talmadge Baughn. Baughn said the pair. Douglas Roland. 24. And sue Ellen Kreidler. 18. Both of Mcallen. Tex., were arrested after the marijuana was confiscated from their rented trailer. Both Are being held in Cleburne county jail pending arraignment. The sheriff called the Seel of Page 141 Moscow is pursuing big goals by William l. Ryan a special correspondent Only two weeks ago the chances Hal the Kremlin would countenance a Summit meeting with president Nixon Al ills Lime were in the View of Many Worth less than a plugged Kopek. Now the sum Mit is about to begin on sched ule. Why behind the apparent eager Ness of general Secretary Leonid i. Brezhnev and his col leagues in the soviet communist parly leadership in Intel this week Wilh he president Are a number of major soviet policy goals. It had seemed on May 8 Hal Nixon s decision to mine North vietnamese ports to slow soviet supplies would Wash out the Summit. It did t. Although he russians vow to continue sup plying billions of rubles Worth anal Ysis Many observers of International affairs have been surprised by the lad Hal the Moscow Summit conference was not called off by the soviets after president Nixon undertook new initiatives in Vietnam. This article analyses possible reasons Why the soviets wanted the conference to be held despite those of hardware to Hanoi the Viet Nam situation is gelling in inc Way of some major Soviel goals. The Kremlin Eye has Long been intently fixed on Europe. Its drive for a Security Confer ence goes Back Many years and recently has had the High Cal priority. Moscow wants Europe to agree to the idea of renunciation of Force in the same As the West German so Viet treaty just ratified in Bonn. The russians cannot Hope to expel american influence from Europe because it is so entrenched in so Many ways but they can Hope to persuade Kun rope that a . Military pres ence is becoming Ever less important perhaps both the North Atlantic treaty Organ ipalion and the Warsaw pact could be dismantled. The russians can Hope Hal the Bonn Moscow treaty and the Summit will mean Steps to Ward an All Europe Security arrangement accepting the stains quo on the continent thai would Lessen the need for the awkward Brezhnev doctrine which insists on the right to intervene wherever communist Rule is threatened the soviet Union s Western buffers could be considered permanent and unchallengeable. What else do the russians want from the Summit they want expanded economic and Trade ties with the Wesl and the United Stales and a Cess to Western technology for application to the soviet con Sumer Economy. The soviet system is More than so years old now Atid ils Domestic Economy still suffers from com Parison Wilh Western stand Ards the politburo Long has been feeling the pressure of popular impatience. The Soviel Economy could make effective use of some of the enormous investment in us Ner weapons and defense. Some sort of agreement on limitation of missiles would be attractive to Brezhnev As it would to Nix on. There has been some expectation that a beginning at least emanating from the strategic arms limitation talks May be ready to memorialize this Summit. China figures largely in so Viet reasoning on the need for this Summit and not Only be cause Moscow might wan to balance the Nixon visit Lope tace Moscow j i it ;