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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 22, 1965, Anniston, Alabama Air Force planes slammed bombs into the q u a n g Suoi military Barracks in North Viet Nam today in the closest raid so far to the c o in in u n i s tic capital of Hanoi. Ninety air Force jets destroyed 37 buildings in the target area which stretched from by to 60 Miles due South of Hanoi u. S. Military spokesmen said. On one previous occasion . Planes had gone nearer to Hanoi but that was to drop leaflets. All Are Safe no planes were reported lost in today s series of air strikes which began with Small scale Navy reconnaissance raids shortly after Midnight and ended with the mass assault on Quang soul Barracks Early this afternoon. Forty . Air Force f105 thunderchief bombers struck the Quang Soui Barracks escorted by 50 support jets. Armada moves South a . Spokesman said the aircraft ranged Over the target area for 45 minutes. Then the air Armada moved South to Phuoc qui ammunition depot. Too Miles South of Hanoi and destroyed six buildings and damaged another four. The . Planes dropped 75 tons of bombs Over both targets. They were mostly 750 Pounders a . Spokesman said. Ground fire was reported intense Over Quang Soui. But no enemy aircraft were seen. Planes hit targets . Navy planes also hammered at Road targets and a naval station. At to a in. Planes from the Midway cruising in the Gulf of Tonkin hit a vietnamese Navy pm boat hidden under camouflage 8nd being towed by a trawler. Many hits were made on both ships with rockets and machine gun fire a . Spokesman said. The trawler was left burning. Vietnamese air Force planes joined in at i p in. With an armed reconnaissance raid along three highways near the Lack Border. The vietnamese planes also dropped leaflets on the towns of ton and a Don. The to vietnamese planes All returned safely after striking Ai a series of targets including the Quang Khe naval Barracks Brick Barracks at Xong Ray and a group of 20 Small boats at Phu Chanh. The vietnamese reported sinking the boats. Fire hits vietnamese intensive fire hit the vietnamese from the Quang Khe base but All planes returned. A Sharp clash was reported today Between vietnamese army troops and Viet Cong forces near Ben cat about 30 Miles North of a on the Viet Cong was reported to have hit the Tow n w us 25 rounds of mortar. Civilian casualties in the town were said to have been Light. First reports said casualties May have been heavy in the fighting that followed the mortar barrage. The reports said up to a battalion of Viet Cong troops May have attacked about 70 South vietnamese troops. A wire photo brazilian marines prepare brazilian marines get instructions on operation of machine gun near Rio de Janeiro Friday. About 1,250 marines and infantrymen stood ready to leave for the dominican Republic. Brazil s Force will be the largest sent by a latin american country under the jurisdiction of the organization of american states. Allace gets record gains state solons Brace for rights threat from wire reports Capitol next tuesday. Den declared the Senate gallery Mon i Kimery a the Ala gov. George Wallace forecast Oft limits to anyone except bams legislature recessed for a More tolerant Alabama and school children on a a legitimate the weekend after a Busy Fri cited record gains in education Field trios Day faced with the threat of during his two year Nistra new civil rights activities by be Hon. Goes when it returns to the in a traditional a state of the state message to the legislature Friday Wallace also urged Alabama lawmakers to redraw congressional District lines in compliance with Federal rulings for equitable representation based on population. Prompt action urged the governor suggested prompt action on redistricting and said that solution might help Alabama lawmakers work out an acceptable reapportionment of the legislature a also a court ordered task. One of the biggest triumphs lot his administration has been $900 million in new and expanded Industry since he tool office Wallace said. This total exceeded any other state and offered 45.720 additional jobs. He said another a record i breaking accomplishment was in roads and highways. By the i time he leaves office he said such projects would exceed $700 j million. I . Martin Luther King announced earlier this week Iii Atlanta that he would be on James m. Blevins acquitted hand tuesday when Small Dele Friday on charges of killing legation of negroes from Ala Washington apr dem Bir Quot a soil Rich Black Belt socratic strategists claimed to Countie Elk to petition their Day the votes plus a Bonus lawmakers with a list of their Deal h of miss Nev Ells Fiance margin a to end the Senate de racial grievances. The Superior court jury Deli Bate on president Johnson s vet Bill is passed rated three hours and 33 mining rights Bill. King said that there would to utes Friday before returning the it will take two thirds of the no demonstrations on tuesday innocent verdict senators voting to Clamp Down when the negroes seek to meet a on the talk when the showdown a with the legislators but. If they comes tuesday one hour after were not Able to do so there the Senate begins its 24th Day on could be a renewal of Demon the Bill. Stratus at the Capitol. That would mean 67 votes of with that in mind Hep. Wal All too senators were on hand i Don Hester of Franklin county privately democrats said they introduced a Bill Friday Cating could Supply 47 of that number for a $10 a head tax on civil but aides said sen. For a n k i rights demonstrators. Church i Idaho does not plan it Wasny to the fir it action Tak to be in Washington for the vote.,. Tuesday la gov James Al soil. Frank go Macli. To he Alp seut demos see i Ole w Iii j a of Allen a a. Taken a Tep Blevins due second trial Lafayette a. A year old Carolyn Newell is seek an immediate trial in the Stevenson issues warning United nations n y. Up a ambassador Adial e. Stevenson told the in Security Council today that american troops in Santo Domingo will keep the rival warring forces there apart a by Force if Stevenson said he had no official confirmation that the dominican Junta had rejected appeals to extend the 24-hour truce which halted the shooting at noon i . Edt Friday. But in Secretary Genera Thant said reports from his representative on the scene Quot show that the situation is Stevenson told the Council that according to information he had received the forces of rebel Leader col. Francisco Caamano de no Are now concentrated South of the Supply corridor held by . Troops in the Middle of Santo Domingo. Force is threatened a United states and Oas organization of american Staten j forces will continue to enforce by Force if necessary a and crossing of the Supply corridor attack from the sea Quot lie said. Earlier the United states awaiting the arrival of latin american military contingent in the dominican Republic had stood ready today to pull som Ltd of its troops out of the embattled Caribbean country. The planned withdrawal of about 1.700 american troops j was scheduled to begin with the arrival today of the first of a group of 1.250 soldiers from Brazil As part of an inter american peace Force under the jurisdiction of the organization of american states Oas. The total number of u. S troops scheduled to be withdrawn was to be about equal to the number of troops made available for the Oas Force by Brazil Nicaragua Costa Rica and Honduras. Troops Are due the brazilian government announced Friday it would Send its troops into the dominican Republic. Honduras already has about 250 soldiers la Rte capital of Santo Domingo. Nicaragua has sent in about 170 troops and Costa Rica has sent 20 men. The . Ambassador to the Oas Ellsworth Bunker announced the planned withdrawal of a Small part of the Amor Nan forces in Santo Domingo Friday As the Oas met to discuss the organization of the inter american Force. In plea is denied by Filbert v Santo Domingo dominican Republic apr the civilian military Junta headed by Brig. Gen. Antonio Robert Barrera today rejected All efforts to extend the truce which halted shooting in the dominican Republic for 24 hours. The cease fire ended at noon. Imbed said rejection of the cease fire Extension moves did not mean his forces would immediately take up new a Zagres Sive before the shooting stopped at noon Friday the military situation had developed into a standoff Between the two warring factions. This made diplomats optimistic on the cease fire Prev poet s. Extension is sought i the civilian military Junta fought with tanks Ana machine guns right up to the deadline 1 Friday and was reported to have crushed rebel resistance in Northern Santo Domingo. This left the rebels with their Down i town stronghold which is sealed off by . Troop who have i strict orders not to allow armed forces from either Side through their Linen. The arca is about to City blocks wide and 12 blocks Long. The truce which ended at noon today was negotiated by the red crass and the United nations to evacuate the dead and of undid. Secretary general u Thant told the u n Security Council Friday thai his reproved Ashington apr a hotly disputed administration Bill tentative in Sanio Domingo to curb mail order gun traffic May have run the Gauntlet of a Jose Antonio Mayobre. Was try second Senate committee. A spokesman for the Commerce com ing to extend it another 24 Mittee a graveyard for a much a Milde gun Bill last year a said a wire photo i Triller moment i Ruk Secretary of state Dean Rusk has a big laugh at a remark from a member prior to serious testimony before the Senate foreign relations committee Friday in Washington. The Secretary discussed the situation in the dominican Republic. House has no plans 2nd Senate group ii wants urn airing education commissioner told to ignore Southern pressure by United press International 1 a congressional committee told u. S. Education commissioner Francis Keppel Friday to ignore Southern pressure and continue enforcing school de segregation provision of the c Ivil rights act. The House education and la Bor committee in a Resolution. Urged Keppel to a adhere to the position he has taken that Federal Aid funds will be held from schools that do not desegregate. The Resolution advised Keppel to a regard segregationist groups Quot rep. James g o Mara d-mirh., said the Resolution was in response to Southern governors w to have Bien seeking to soften some of Kep Pei a desegregation directives. A Florida legislative com year As the result of addition Nutter Friday suggested that Al a civil rights police in that Southern state be the committee blamed trained in riot control a was More Martin Luther King . And in and larger demonstrations May Ruly Whites for last Summers reasonably be expected this racial troubles in St Augustine fla., and accused some news Tali Vav Media of Bia ted reporting of a lilt demonstrations. .1iutktAt Bogalusa la mayor jes a orm ast today tonight it ,.r Cloud the t la s ,w0 and sunday partly Cloudy and Parks indefinitely following an warm with mostly afternoon and incident at one Park thursday. Evening thundershowers. High attorney Matt h Murphy. today xxx Low tonight 66 High defense attorney for three Kun sunday of. Flux klansmen accused of slay mum statistic in8 cml,8h,s Corker mrs. I he Fortl a apr i a Lur till is la ois Liuzzo i2l j of i incl y id Jbf it at a Mingham the National publicity tar i Iwin a Ltd at it a i. Has worn of Leif out and he hit a a a a a a ult a it it he a a a la a. A a trial of one Hartman tit Lite a gift pasta Jinx May lit jinxed Batarla to my Rrana i m to. A Timoti i Ca pretty Shirley Moore of Atlanta Friday holds her three months old Kitten appropriately named Jinx. And it seems that Jinx May be jinxed he fell from a Pine tree and broke his left front leg Jinx will have to Wear the cast for at least another week his group wants to examine the Johnson Bill after the judiciary committee completes work on it. This a a won to be just a cursory look a he said explaining that this meant he exp cled a second round of hearings by tile Commerce committee Dodd Heads unit the measure now is before the judiciary committee s subcommittee on juvenile delinquency which is headed by sen Thomas j. Dodd d con chief sponsor both of this year s and last year s Bill. He recessed the Quot hearings Friday until about june 2. Whet last years bid died Dodd charged tha it pressures by a the gun lobby arid especially by the National Hifle asset it Hon had doomed the measure. The committee spokesman however said he understood Dodd and Commerce commit i tee chairman Warren g mag j Nuson d was have agreed that Commerce also has Juris a diction Over such legislation a d will get a Chance to review the administration Bill neither is available what this migh mean in terms of possible it Lay in handling the Bill remained to be seen. Neither Dodd nor Magnu a son was available for comment j on the House Side the Way and Means committee has indicated no plans of Early hearings on similar Bills. Franklin l Orth executive vice president of aka. Led a Field of witnesses opposing Many features of the Adornos ration Bill at fridays hearings Hill ailed unsound Orth called the Hill a unsound and premature Quot and in need of a lot of revision to strike out., clarify soften Many of its provisions. He offered to help the subcommittee revise it. He said he much prot erred the original Bdl by Duad a a statement which Dodd treated so optically. The Dill part of presided Johnson s anti rime program has As its major goal to Clamp Down on the mail order Sale o firearms to criminals drug add Cis the mentally ill and Juve i in i Cai aircraft 11 cml Dies sir Geoffrey la Haviland the father of British aviation died Friday at the age of 82. His aircraft firm developed some of the world s most revolutionary planes. Hours. Jordan and several other nations were working i a Resolution which would have the 11-nation Security Council Call for a lasting cease fir in Washington. Ii s strategists said prospects for a solution it the dominican crisis have i taken a turn fat the better and Chance for a permanent lease fire Are brighter. They cautioned that much remained to be done United states presses the Unius stabs has been pressing for a coalition government which could run the country until a permanent government is elected. I s negotiators working with Oas authorization have proposed Antonio Guzman As pre tide it of the interim government. He is a Farmer businessman who served in the Cabinet of former president Juan Bosch. Both rebel president col. Francisco Mamarto i no a id Junta chief Imber would be asked to step aside under the Guzman plan. Hilbert rejected the idea Caamano accepted Guzman but reject id some of those proposed to a Rve with him. Pine Ridge Juir Cli donations Only inc contributions continued to come in today for rebuilding the Pine ride me lurch Wilder was bombed nine Days a a. Donations to Date total $5,6? 4. Plans Are underway for be us Aport Church fund donations should be mailed to Church rebuilding fund p o. Box 189. to the Anniston Star. Total $.t604 ginning construction soon of a my Church on the same site. Estimated to Cost around $10 too contributors Day included Julia h Freibaum Ruth i. Ferguson mrs Thomas p. , w j Calvertjr mrs Palm id. Calvert Warren t. Hunt Guy Sparks Frances s Godwin Sam Gordon mrs. W. G. Blar and . And mrs Marvin a. Glass. Donations have come in from several states As Well As from i local individuals business i clubs and churches. Those desiring to make contributions should mail them in 0 Box 189, to the Anniston 1 Star. Boras stays hot Julius Boros continued to shoot hot Golf Friday in the Memphis open and will go into today s round with a four stroke Lead Over his closest competitor. See Story Page i vol. 83, no. 248 in s. Hits Viet Nam Barr i Racks attack closest t Anniston a Star member Abc and Nea 12 pages i Section a your Home newspaper since 1882�?� Anniston Alabama saturday May 22, 1965 a and up news sews Day night from 6 . Toll ., Abc. A and local news is flashed Over station we Ham. The Star final edition is presented each weekday at i . The Star arrives sunday morning Long before breakfast time. 10c daily 20c s a 50c a week by Carrier Junta rejects efforts to extend cease fire to red capital Saigon Viet Nam apr a massive Force of . U. S. Threatens Force ;