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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, Anniston, Alabama 9a a Lee an Luton amp tar sunday May 21,1972 professional fund Raiser hired for Anniston work a professional fund Raiser has been hired to pull the Calhoun county United fund out of what one official called its a slump Quot of recent years. Jean v. Birdener was hired away from the Akron. Ohio. United fund with a salary of $14,000 a twice that of his predecessor and was Given the mandate of rejuvenating the Calhoun county United Appeal which has missed its goal 12 of the past 17 years. The 1970 Campaign brought in Only $302.000�?$7,000 less than the previous year and last year s Appeal collected even less. $292,042. Quot right now. We have some problems no doubt about Birdener said As he settled in the United f und office on quintal. A the local United fund committee was convinced they needed a trained Man to come in and take Over the direction of the Jean Birdener apparently there has been discussion that Birdener might take Over More than the education system draws criticism by Andrew Ridley Star staff writer about 50 parents teachers and Community leaders attacked the existing education system throughout Calhoun county and called for immediate improvements during saturday s human relations conference on education at Liles memorial Library. The conference sponsored by the local emergency school assistance program sapi discussed problems contributing to educational problems sap. Funded through the department of health. Education and welfare was organized to help ease some of the problems caused by desegregation of Public schools during the four hour conference local Black and White participants cited the existing Power Structure As the cause of Many educational problems especially school desegregation a first of All. Local state and Federal governments Don t want to see integration work so. They devise plans to frighten parents Quot. They it the government hold Back Money for schools further setting local schools behind one outspoken Black Man said Wittnauer walk tall with super sport it s Tough rugged practically indestructible automatically tells Day and Date hour minute and second. And you never wind it. Safeguard protected against dust and Shock submersible to 7 atmospheres stainless steel Case and Matching Bracelet available in a selection of coloured dials and bezels. 59 50 Lewis Carroll s jewelry 911 Noble another Man charged. A we must realize that in order to improve our education system for Blacks and Whites. We have to tight the political Structure of this country. Discussing the educational facilities several persons said in order for every child to have Access to the most modern facilities integration is necessary. A you just can not financially support two dual education systems a local Black teacher said admitting that some problems have Arisen in lieu of school desegregation persons at the conference called a unfair disciplining practices Quot one of the most common faults of school administrators. For one Black minister said. A at some schools which Are predominantly White Black students done to receive fair consideration from school officials. Some at the conference said that sap should work to inform All students of their rights As students. Discriminatory housing codes drug abuse poor Parent student relationships and inefficient teaching were problems named during the conference As causes of Pool school systems in the area i ast year. According to a local White teacher the Anniston area recorded an alarming High rate of truancy and dropouts. A the reason she said. Quot is because so Many of our students Are not motivated by their parents in order for a Leacher to teach a child the student must be encouraged at Home also Quot several people added a Many of our students can to read therefore they get bored with school and drop also the group said housing patterns in tins area have contributed to some of the social problems existent in the schools. Because Blacks live on one Side of town and Whites on another some students never associate with other races until they get to a Community Leader said of Blacks could afford to live in the expensive White communities. We have to bus because the communities would by integrated he added a visiting asap coordinator from Tuskegee told the conference participants that problems like these concerning education should by referred to the local sap office or the Community improvement Board on the Community level a member of Anniston s committee of unified leadership said local education can by improved through Community efforts. Working within the present economic and social system Rev n j Reynolds of the Calhoun county Community improvement Board told persons present at the conference. Hie sap program has been combined with the of qual education Opportunity program to add More flexibility to sap s goals and functions the decision to consolidate the two Progi Ains was made in Washington recently with the recommendation of of Vav other workshops and conferences will by scheduled periodically according to sap coordinators Rev j l Stringer and George Bates United found a speculation that in addition to those duties. He May succeed John Palmer who is retiring this month As executive Secretary of the Community services Council. Quot there is always a possibility in a Community this size of consolidating parallel h. Brandt Ayers Council chairman said. The Council Board of directors could discuss that possibility at its next meeting May 25. A i was hired As the United found Birdener said a and nothing was said to me about the Birdener figures he will have his hands full for a while organizing this year s United Appeal which is to begin in october. Plans should be farther along than they Are now. He said. A the attitude that i be heard expressed is that this is a critical year for United f Birdener said. A if we done to do the Job. Probably what will happen is the United f und will fold and Well give the agencies Back the Job of raising their own Birdener s philosophy of the United f und is. A people in a Community can make that Community what they want it to be if they want it badly enough. When it comes right Down to Points the United f und is the Community not a Bunch of men raising he says he intends to look carefully at the goal the organization of the Campaign and the Way the Money is distr i by Ted among the 28 benefiting agencies. A it s very important to the Community that the funds Are adequate and that they Are carefully Birdener said. He pointed out that last years Calhoun county goal was while a goal should be a a realistic Compromise Quot a Small enough to be within the reach of the Community but Large enough to offer a Challenge. A a we re going to set a goal which the Community recognizes As a realistic Type of goal. He said. On How the Money is allocated. Birdener said Only that a any Community needs to weigh the package of services Quot assisted by its United found. Birdener. 60. Holds a Bachelor s degree in sociology and economics from Marquette University and a master s degree in social work specializing in Community organization from Ohio state University. In 1961, Birdener became a Campaign division manager for the United foundation of Akron. Ohio and since 1968. He has been associate Campaign director in that City. Birdener and his wife. Alice have three daughters. Anne Marie. To. And twins Ruth and Theresa. 14 in announcing his appointment. Harold Musk this year s United found chairman said. 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