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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, Anniston, Alabama 8a Jiff Annie inn Star sunday May 21, to zambian visitor says his country changing tribute payed mrs. Mccartney a zambian visitor to Anniston says his country is rapidly making a shift from a mining country to what it should have been ail along an agricultural country. Shadrack g. Khone. A lecturer in botany at the natural resources development College at the University of Zambia Central Africa was in Anniston saturday visiting or. Booker t. Whatley. Or Whatley is a professor of Plant and soil science at Tuskegee Institute. Khone is in the third week of a three month tour of the United states which will take him to agricultural colleges universities and research stations in nearly every state. As Well As into Canada he is touring an educational Grant to observe what is happening at the agricultural colleges. A we might find something that will suit our purposes in he said already he has been to Washington. D c. Where he visited the Beltsville research Center and the Wye Plantation where Angus bulls Are maintained he has also visited Tallahassee College in Florida and Tuskegee Institute. It was at Tuskegee that khone met or Whatley who invited him to spend the weekend at his Home in Anniston. Monday they will travel to Alabama a amp a in Huntsville and then to Cullman to View a Sweet potato and Irish potato project maintained by or. Whatley. Khone said that As a Colony his country produced primarily minerals for Export including Cobalt Copper Lead. Zinc Coal and Limestone. That was what the colonizers wanted and that was what the country produced. Now. However a drive is on to develop other segments of the country s Economy including the agricultural segment. Khone said his country produces primarily peanuts and Corn for Export and that the climate is similar to Alabama. A we were driving out through West Anniston a said or. Whatley a and looking at the Hills near Monsanto he said it made him homesick. It looks like it s khone s first visit to the United suites and so far he a enjoying it. A live enjoyed my stay he said a the few Days i be been Here have been spent very khone s wife did not accompany him on this tour but she made a tour of the United states last year. She is a program producer and director for television Zambia. Or. Whatley plans to visit khone in Zambia later this summer when he makes a research trip to Africa As Dart of his work with Sweet potatoes. Or. Whatley will search for Sweet potato germ plasma that is resistant to the Sweet potato Weevil. A in the past we could use dieldrin and Dot to protect Sweet potatoes but with our ecological problems we can t do that he said. A a in a going to look at Uganda and Kenya. They grow More Sweet potatoes than we do Here. They be always had Weevils and never used Dot and dieldrin so theirs must be More resistant than ours. A or. Whatley planned to have a party honouring khone saturday night and khone was to accompany him to seventeenth Street Church this morning. Continued from Page i emulate a i could always depend on mrs. Mccartney a or. Layton told the audience. A she would always make the decision for the Best interests of the people of Anniston and the boys and girls. I was always grateful for that. A on a More personal note. Or. Layton said that when his Mother died mrs. Mccartney a was a real Mother to me during this time. She was a great Friend of my or. J. Revis Hall told mrs. Mccartney that in reaching out to help others while denying her own needs she had touched the lives of Many people including thousands of children who had passed through the Anniston City schools people in Church work she has participated in thousands of club members and members of civic organizations. A i think most particularly of the empathy understanding and compassion Given to teachers principals and most particularly to superintendents As you persisted in your search for excellence in education in the Anniston City schools a he said. Mrs. Scales spoke of mrs. Mccartney a Aero my Lisments As a club woman. Mrs. Mccartney was president of the Alabama federation from 1939 to 1941, she said and was the youngest woman to become president of the group. She cited mrs. Mccartney s interest in history and her work to preserve the old state capital at Tuscaloosa. Mrs. Mccartney was president of the Southeastern conference of the federation in 1957 and wrote its history she said. Mrs. Waite spoke warmly of mrs. Mccartney s Friendship. And of her work with the federation. A Many people have very Little depth when you begin looking at them closely a she said. A but she has Many dimensions. She is a dedicated woman. Her dedication has shown through in All groups and has made her life so Rich in All areas. She is a devoted person. She s devoted to her family Church Community and her special friends. She s dear to each of you in this room and she s just As dear to me. A mrs. Vance also spoke of mrs. Mccartney a club work and of the first time she met her. She said she had joined a literary club when she first moved to Birmingham from Kentucky for social purposes. After the 1940 convention at which mrs. Mccartney presided she said. A i went Home with a new idea of Federated clubs. My primary reason for belonging since that time has been for the Opportunity to be of service. Mrs. Bynum presented mrs. Mccartney with a Book of letters from friends in the school system. The plaque was unveiled by mrs. Aida Mccartney Popp the daughter of mrs. Mccartney and presented by mrs. Earl Parkhurst. Chairman of the local committee for the Louise Smith Mccartney award. Or. Fulmer accepted the plaque for the school system. A in reality this plaque is an enduring Monument to Alabama club women in their Noble purpose to enrich the lives of mrs. Mccartney told the audience in responding to the presentation. A a. An individual can accomplish Little without the cooperation interest and dedication of Many people. I from loner to cheering extrovert Larry Taylor is coming to first Baptist Saks june 19-25 mod a the season continued from Page i commission on Community relations said Bremer had feelings of persecution in november after he was transferred from one dining room to another in his Job As Busboy. Blue interviewed him twice after he filed a complaint of discrimination with the commission. A while talking to him. He appeared outwardly said Blue of Bremer. A but i could detect his anger by the Way he clenched his fist and tightened his Mouth when he reiterated he was being persecuted by his in a report for his files. Blue said Bremer a is a Young Man who is rather withdrawn appears to bottle up anger and will sometime let it go i assess him As bordering on questions about Bremer remain. Why his interest in George Wallace Bremer is described As a Man who talked Little to anyone about anything especially politics. No one can remember him mentioning Wallace. His father. William described Arthur second youngest of four sons and one daughter As a supporter of sen. Hubert h. Humphrey. A just like nonetheless whether from sincere support or mockingly. Bremer surrounded himself with Wallace Memorabilia sometime after he left Home. There were the Campaign buttons he collected the Wallace stickers on his car and apartment door. The Confederate Flag used As a Rug. How did Bremer finance his travels his two jobs which he left in january grossed at most $100 a week. His 1971 income was $1611. According to a tax form found in his apartment. From october on. He paid $137 50 a month for his sparsely furnished three room apartment. Also that month he paid $795 Cash for his two door 1967 rambler Sedan. Among the items found in his car after Laurel were a tape recorder a camera binoculars and a Blue steel 9mm. 14-shot Browning automatic pistol with one clip. Purchased at a Milwaukee gun shop. Its list Price was $137 50. William Bremer described his son As a Saver saying he probably financed his Odyssey with Money put away Over several years. The 58-year-old father is a truck Driver and part time Beer concessionaire at Milwaukee a baseball Park. Bremers Mother. Sylvia is said to be reclusive rarely venturing from her Shade pulled Flat. The juvenile court has a thick dossier on the Bremers stemming from brushes with the Law by Arthur s Brothers when Arthur was two. Records show a juvenile judge reprimanded mrs. Bremer for cuffing the boy about the head after he fussed in court. Arthur s sister is believed to be in California but the Bremers Aren t certain a brother. William. 32. Disappeared some years ago to emerge in Florida this year where he is wanted on charges of larceny and fraud in a weight reducing swindle. Mrs Bremer recalls Arthur As a quiet obedient boy. Never in trouble who spent much time alone in his room doing Homework. But Arthur s youngest brother. Roger recalls strife Between Mother and son a the Arthur hated my a. Shed get on him for not going out. He d walk out of the room if she talked a a just Call me a Canoe my Mother likes to paddle me a lot. Read one of Arthur s jottings. To Castaway routine at the Castaway Beach Motel j on Tho world s most famous Beach Quot. Daytona Beach Pla. Dining amp dancing entertainment free Cablevision to olympic Pool amp kiddie Pool free lounges amp Mats teenage game lounge ample free parking rooms amp apartments efficiencies amp suites shuffleboard amp Ping Pong Coin operated laundry 600 it. Ocean frontage Beauty Salon banquet amp meeting rooms fun amp informality you Odd you us we Outlook sith 0cm Janaf Carlp Casina Way Beach Motel ii 2075 South Atlantic ave Daytona Beach Fla 3201$ clip a Moi today Torfs a Brochu of a a it she name i Street i father and son were closer said Roger but they too would fight a Over Little things like he d take something that belonged to me and my father would try to Stop him head push my and the two Brothers fought a the always beat up on said Roger. A we would t say much. He wanted to be left alone. I can understand that. But he d leave the room if somebody noticed him. Head Start a fight for strange at school Arthur was a conscientious average but withdrawn student who finished in the upper half of his High school class. His Only extracurricular activity was one year of Frosh soph football As a third string guard and fullback. Bremer s one known school Friend Thomas Neuman killed himself last Spring playing russian Roulette with a pistol police said. After High school. Arthur attended Milwaukee area technical College sporadically concentrating toward the end on photography. He left the family s modest Flat in a working class neighbourhood last october slamming the door behind him. A the said he was going out and be his father recalled. He found both the apartment and Joan to whom he poured out his family troubles and talked of his quest for himself. A the said he wanted to learn psychology so he could figure out the problems of the said miss Pemrich. A and he d try to Analyse me. He said he Analysed himself that he knew himself and he wanted me to know from All indications part of that self analysis was the notebooks filled with jottings found in his apartment. Accused of the attempted assassination of George Wallace. Bremer now sits alone in a heavily guarded Baltimore county jail cell without friends As usual. Stand before you in deep humility and express my gratitude for what you have done to make the goals of my Public service a reality. Mrs. Horace c. Curry director of curriculum and instruction of the Anniston City schools presided Over the ceremony. Cancer society unit formed Ashland a Clay county unit of the american cancer society has been organized and an educational and fund raising crusade started. William e. Wright assistant vice president of the first National Bank of Ashland has been named chairman of the county crusade. Wright said. A we will be calling on our friends and neighbors to make a generous gift to the society As Well As to bring them a life saving message about cancer. Officers selected to serve in the new county organization Are mrs. Fred Speer president mrs. J. Boyd Runyan president elect or. John e. Campbell vice president mrs. Joann Kinder Secretary and Wright treasurer. Calhoun butane Gas i supplies a 421 Nohe St. ii City saving certificate Check out awards program s of second s l cd a a a # a prize 11 prize saving certificate saving certificate no obligation just pick up your entry card at Anniston National Bank and follow these simple rules i. Must be a 1972 High school senior. 2. Must have five billboard numbers listed correctly on your entry card these numbers posted on the billboards advertising Are or s of 72&Quot, and they greater Anniston area. Are located in the 3. Winners will be drawn on june 2, 1972, 4 30 p mat the Anniston National Bank 4 you do not have to be present to win however you will be most Welcome at the drawing. 5. Turn in All entry cards at the Anniston National Bank by 4 00 . June 2 6. The numbers May be found on each billboard. % Leo 1b9c state Xac-o.-1 or a v a 1 v a it Rita i Jive a t re Lite a Rev Gnu i i or in a a. A it ;