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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, Anniston, Alabama Editorial America and the arithmetic of the pistol people who Man the fringe outposts of american thought were Quick to respond to the shooting of governor Wallace. Each had his own Scapegoat and typically the villains they identified were exact opposites. From the fringes of the left came the declaration that in some obscure Way Wallace himself was responsible. He had sowed the seeds of hate and discord they claimed and reaped the violent whirlwind. From the right Wing fringe came an equally obscure answer stated with Matching moral certainty. The supreme court was to blame. They had coddled criminals for so Long that one of them Felt free to gun Down the governor. But who actually did the shooting with a mixture of horror despair and rising outrage millions of americans witnessed that terrible lbs film clip. Who actually held that gun. And fired it was it a Black Robed Justice of the . Supreme court rendering judge made Law through the barrel of a revolver was it a Black Panther or a Liberal College student who. In some frenzy of idealism sought to achieve the instant political consensus of death no it was none of these we All saw the film. We All saw a Blond smirking Young Man. A student at a Milwaukee Trade school a not Harvard or Berkeley. What we know about his political views is confusing but that they probably were closer to those of a Wallace than to a Kennedy. We do know one thing that he was not an habitual criminal who had been coddled by permissive Federal judges and sent out to prey on society. His record shows these facts details which explode the theories of both the left and right Wing fringes. It also shows that he was an emotionally unstable loner. In the final analysis we Are most Likely to discover As we have in the other cases of political violence that the villain is neither an idea or a court. The villain is sickness armed sickness that is the Central Point a lesson which comes Home to Anniston citizens with special Force because the Fri classifies our City As the murder capital of All cities our size in the United states. In Anniston As in Laurel. Md., there Are a few unstable people ticking Hubert Blacks old time religion Humphrey has Blacks support but Mcgovern earned it away like a time bomb. The ready accessibility of cheap handguns provides the fuse for these human time bombs. Thirteen times last year More than any town its size the bomb went off and killed an Anniston citizen. Handguns were the fuse in All but three cases. Ten pistols in the hands of to people in this City who should not have had them resulted in to murders. That is the arithmetic and the cause and effect. The solution it will not come from destroying ideas or courts. It can Only come by de fusing human bombs by taking the murder weapons out of their hands. The Anniston murders were not committed by criminals planned and cold blooded executions by a rival mob. Neither were they associated with the commission of another crime to any great extent. Mostly they were committed by people who knew each other were fighting mad and had a weapon available. Society should not attempt to fix the blame on anyone. If we need a Scapegoat who will we accuse merchants the police certainly not. A Good reason for not doing so is revealed in the letter on this Page from Wayne Wisner of Wayne sporting goods. It is obvious from his letter than or. Wisner is a decent and scrupulous Man who attempts to comply As Well As he can with the Law As it is written. It is equally obvious that the police Are unable to predict from the form he sends them whether a person is healthy or sick. The police cannot look at a piece of paper and predict that with the right amount of liquor with just enough provocation the person buying the pistol will use it to murder another citizen a political Leader or even a minister of another Faith. No. We done to need to fix the blame. We need to cure the problem of violence in this nation and in this City. We must remove the fuses from the human time bombs that Are ticking away right now. Right in this City. We can almost hear it a tick. Tick. Tick tick. Bang How Long will this country allow that deadly ticking to go on How Many More deaths and crippling will it take to convince us we must Stop giving the sick and the unstable murder weapons. That Means we have to make those weapons practically impossible to Back May 21,1922 or and mrs. Augustine Henry Shepperd announce the engagement of their daughter. Gertrude Hambleton to or James Rodes Goodrich the marriage to be solemnized june 29 at Grace episcopal Church in 21,1947 or and mrs Max Matthews have returned to Tuscaloosa after a visit with or and mrs James louche Matthews Fulbright offered Nixon his help by Jack Anderson Washington a it can now be reported How the Senate s most prominent Dove. Foreign relations chairman William Fulbright. Tried privately to work with president Nixon to end the Vietnam War. Fulbright a peace initiative toward the White House failed and he subsequently has become the target of some of the administration s most vitriolic personal attacks vice president Agnew for example. Said Fulbright was Quot dedicated to frustrating the foreign policy of every president he has served under far from trying to frustrate the president however. Fulbright went quietly to the w Hite House on March 27. 1969. For a private meeting with the president and his foreign policy chief. Or Henry Kissinger the meeting. Which Fulbright has never publicly mentioned was arranged by or Franklin Murphy a Mutual Friend of the two men. Who is now president of the times Mirror publishing company. Of los Angeles. The three met in the president s Oval office for about 90 minutes late in the afternoon the session came at a time of heightened military activity in the combat zone. Fulbright gave the president an 11-Page memorandum summarizing his suggestions on How to a and the War the memo has proved remarkably prophetic in View of the administration s present plight in Vietnam. A the Siren song of those who would turn that last Corner seeking the Victory which has eluded Vietnam policymakers for so Many years will Only lure the i med states into a deeper and More devastating Fulbright wrote. If the president is to avoid becoming a prisoner of events he must take Steps to insure that our military actions in South Vietnam Are carefully geared to advancing a Coni prom i St Solu Tion in the senator urged that Quot we begin the painful but essential process of divorcing our interests from those of the Thieu government a the president of course has pursued a policy of bolstering the military strength of the Thieu government while reducing u. S. Ground troop involvement the failure of that program is dramatized by the current North vietnamese offensive which has caused president Nixon to raise the military stakes by mining enemy harbours and bombing enemy Supply lines. In Short the president has become precisely what Fulbright feared he might a a prisoner of trying to avoid a loss of prestige from Saigon s defeat Fulbright seemed particularly sensitive to this possibility three years ago he then said the a political and personal prestige of the new administration was Quot not at stake but he added Quot continued delay in the initiation of a new policy cannot but have the effect of associating the new administration with the old the Fulbright memo by the Way was buttressed with quotes from none other than Henry Kissinger himself who had made numerous Public statements on the War before joining the administration since the 1969 meeting the president has not sought the advice and consent of senator Fulbright a nor. For that matter. Of Congress in pursuing his Vietnam policy instead he has made his moves first and told Congress later. Vice president Agnew has been unleashed to make personal attacks on leading congressional critics of the War. The administrations attitude toward its constitutional responsibility to seek the advice and consent of the Senate in foreign policy is perhaps Best illustrated by a recent comment from White House aide Harry Dent foreign policy and misperception Star readers speak out gun records kept this is from your Quot no questions asked neighbourhood gun store. Each handgun sold must have a firearms transaction record form 4473. Part i two copies of a City of Anniston pistol application it the White copy goes to the Anniston police and the yellow copy is kept in my records and the purchaser s name address. Make Model serial number and Caliper which is kept in my own firearms record books All handgun purchasers must be cleared by the Anniston police department before we let them have the gun m. Brandt Ayers editor and pub Tutor coot Hae. Executive editor Steve Traylor managing editor we would like to see the Quot saturday night specials taken off the Market but not a True gun for collection or target shooting we suggest you do your Homework first before writing about More gun control we w ill be glad to help you with the real facts or you May Contact the following men w c Beaty and 0 b Hunter alcohol tobacco and firearms agents. Room to Federal building Anniston chief Herman Dickerson of the Anniston police department Wayne w Isner 1929 Quin Tard ave p a. Sanguinetti vie pres., Gan. Manager Sam Ogle or. Circulation manager Almus j Thornton Sec rotary tree sorer the following is one of a series offering comment and opinion from the Campus viewpoint prepared by faculty members of Jacksonville state University or Gilbert is associate professor of political science by Jerry i Gilbert was the attack on Pearl Harbor by the japanese encouraged and allowed to to occur because Franklin Roosevelt needed a reason for entry into world War la which would be accepted by the american people some american historians have concluded this to be the Case what else. The Vask. Could explain the Lack of preparedness in the face of the wealth if information a derived primarily from the successful breaking of japanese codes a which indicated japanese planning and implementation of just such an attack other historians especially Roberta Wohlstetter have sifted through the mass of data transcriptions of radio traffic diplomatic messages. Etc a and have found that american decision makers had sufficient and where the attack was to occur Wohlstetter. However does not conclude that Roosevelt and his advisors knowingly allowed or e encouraged the attack using a More objective historiography than did the accuser of Roosevelt. Wohlstetter examines All the pieces of data not just those that fit a pre determined pattern designed to confirm a Given Sot of suspicions through consideration of All evidence Wohlstetter finds that the decision makers were confronted with an unmanageable amount of information or signals there were signals that the attack would occur at Pearl Harbor but there was at least an equal number purposely sent out by the japanese which indicated the attack if there was to be one. Would take place somewhere other than at Pearl Harbor in addition to these conflicting signals there was a vast amount of Quot noise Quot a both planned and natural a which further complicated any meaningful evaluation of the intent of the japanese by american leaders As is normally the Case the Roosevelt staff had certain beliefs and expectations regarding possible japanese actions and it was these beliefs which aided them in unconsciously determining which signals to accept and which to ignore Wohlstetter feels a japanese attack was expected but much closer to Japan thus signals to this effect were Pic Al d up by the dec Ision makers and acted upon while those concerning Pearl Harbor were hardly noticed leading to the almost devastating Success of the attack the Wohlstetter study of Pearl Harbor illustrated the possibly tragic consequences of just one of the Many cements of foreign policy decision making misperception since actions Are carried out in the real world the degree of their Success is determined to considerable extent by the proximity of decision makers perceptions of reality and of reality itself the greater the distortion of reality by the perceptual process the less Likely decisions and subsequent actions Are to prove successful and the More Likely mistakes such As Pearl Harbor Are to occur what causes distortion in perception of reality Ole Holsti. In a major study of John Foster Dulles perceptions of the soviet Union has determined that a major cause is the effect of a person s belief system upon his perceptions. Borrowing rom psychology Holsti describes the belief system As consisting of two elements a cognitive and affective the cognitive element is concerned with incoming information about a particular object while the affective element consists of the feeling or attitude of the individual toward that object provided there is no conflict Between the cognitive and affective elements new information is readily accepted hut when there is conflict a condition of cognitive dissonance is produced which h results in psychological pressure upon the individual to somehow resolve or reduce the dissonance produced by the conflicting information it is this situation which leads to distorted perceptions of reality. Roosevelt and ins advisers were led to reject information which indicated a japanese attack at Pearl Harbor because the information did not Cor respond to the effective elements of their belief systems. Rejection of perceptions contrary to the effective component of the belief system is Only one of several ways of resolving dissonance in the Case Cit Dulles. Holsti found the Secretary was prone to reinterpret non congruent perceptions of the soviet Union so As to make them fit his expectations of How the soviets ought to act when for example the soviets took an action which would seem to be less hostile1, a troop reduction perhaps. Dulles consistently interpreted the move As forced by necessity brought about by economic conditions internal dissent etc., rather than As signifying change in thir Basic nature such reinterpretation lowered the level of dissonance and thus reduced the pressure it was producing. Other possible methods of dissonance reduction include seeking new inh mation which h is not contrary to the affective component of the belief system attributing a a Good in formation about a Quot bad Quot group to me members of the group while holding the leadership to be As bad As Ever discrediting the source of information and changing one s affective beliefs so As to resolve any conflict with incoming information regardless of which mechanism of dissonance reduction is used it is almost certain to produce some distortion of reality because change must occur in either perceptions or values distortion becomes even More Likely in the Case of subjects in highly responsible and publicly exposed positions such As president or Secretary of state. Additional research is required to determine the precise role and importance of the belief system in foreign policy decision making but one conclusion May be drawn at this time. Highly placed decision makers must be made fully aware of the potential affect of their individual belief systems so they can compensate for any possible distortion of perceptions this can be partially achieved by seeking advice from a variety of sources in a group situation in order to cancel out distortion caused by any one belief system. The decision making process used by the Kennedy administration in connection with the cuban missile crisis exemplifies the compensatory approach. At that time advocates of various Means of meeting the soviet Challenge ranging from obliteration of Cuba to doing nothing were called into lengthy group sessions the result was a carefully calculated graduated response had Kennedy consulted Only his brother and others who thought similarly to the president the response might have been quite different due to distorted perceptions Cuba could have easily been a repeat of Munich or else armageddon Henry of. Ayers president and publisher 1910-1964 subscription rates a a fill lip of met m inching tax mail rates on request the consolidated publishing co p Opi pud s Erno Roo a a so i nor Fig it a i Iott sit St co Tel c Iii Poi in i 0 a a in or Iii i70 sunday. May 21,1972 be Bitar establish i m2 mrs. Edel y. Ayers chairman of the Board Ralph w. Callahan president Wallace Ftp democratic convention to fair representation of Blacks it is Mcgovern who has the support of the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Julian Bond. So far it is not enough. In California. Humphreys strength among the Blacks May be crucial. Robert Kennedy won the state in 1968 Over then sen. Eugene Mccarthy with a solid Black vote. If Mcgovern loses this portion of the Kennedy Black Blue Collar coalition he will have to make up for it with an outpouring of youth such As will make Eugene Mccarthy a More envious Man than he already is. One of Mcgovern a weaknesses is Mcgovern. A minister s son and for a Brief period himself a minister he cannot bring himself to talk like one. His father was a hellfire and Brimstone orator who used his pulpit for the denunciation of sin and the graphic description thereof. It turned the boy away. In rebellion he changed his Creed to a less fundamentalist and evangelical Faith. Mcgovern could no More say a i am your David Quot than his father could have said Quot i believe in but Humphrey can and does. It is not fake posturing. He believes it. Before he goes to California. Mcgovern will announce the support of Coretta King. Before election Day he May have the assistance of an actively campaigning Ethel Kennedy. It should help with Young Blacks and poor Blacks but the great solid churchgoing Middle will remember that the Bible said Quot David by Tom Braden Baltimore. My. A Quot and there went out a Champion out of the Camp of the philistines named Goliath of Gath whose height was six cubits and a Span. And said i defy the armies of and Saul and All Israel were these familiar words help to explain one of the major facts of this election year the fact is that Hubert Humphrey has a stranglehold on the Black democratic vote. Mcgovern cannot break it. From Florida on. Humphrey has captured Between 75 per cent and 90 per cent of the Black vote in every state in which he has campaigned. Quot i am your Humphrey told the Black ministers assembled Here earlier this week. A i am your Champion against the Goliath of War the Goliath of hunger. The Goliath of unemployment the Goliath of Humphreys voice rises on each Goliath until at the end it reaches a tremolo and he is weeping actual tears. The Black ministers respond in rhythmic chant Low voiced. A the Man said it he s right at the end they re almost out of their chairs. But Humphrey is not quite through. A i was there when you needed he reminds them and he cites his record on civil rights beginning with the democratic convention of 1948 when he forced an angry Strom Thurmond to stride from the Hall. A i was there when you needed me. And now my Good friends. I need you. I need you and if you will help me now. I Promise you that the next president of the United states will not be a Man who stands in the schoolhouse door or a Man who closes the White House door. He will be a Man who comes to the White House door and says my friends Welcome. Come in and Dine with there is bedlam. Humphrey is the Champion of these Black ministers As surely As Saul said to David. Quot go and the lord be with Mcgovern cannot compete. It is not that his record on civil rights is a bad one. Over a Shorter Span of time it is As Good As Humphreys. It was Mcgovern who showed Southern senators hunger in their own states and aroused two of them Allen Ellender of Louisiana and Ernest f. Hollings of South Carolina to do something about it. It was Mcgovern who sponsored the rules changes which opened the a i see you be been doing some re thinking Charlie Gunszt Wolf Alf Mittell i \ Jim guns Attr ;