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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, Anniston, Alabama 2a by Star sunday. May 21, 1972 in % % state women hold governments urged to join planners political caucus Tuscaloosa a women from All Over the state came Here saturday for the first conference of the Alabama women s political caucus. They heard speeches by Margaret Sloan and Gloria Steinem both of is. Magazine elected county District and state representatives and adopted a platform. They discussed the issues which Drew them together equal rights for women welfare Reform National health care and improving the status of women within the political process. Is. Sloan a native of Chattanooga who grew up in Chicago and now works forms. In new York said she has been oppressed More As a woman than As a Black. Quot Black is in Quot she said Quot but As a woman i m still ridiculed Quot is. Sloan said she worked some to years ago in Chicago for the Congress of racial Equality where Quot a very integrated corps of men were oppressing the images of Black women in today s society Are not acceptable. She said. Quot we be been sap hired and a she said. Men in american society said is. Sloan Are also assigned unrealistic roles. Quot if you re a Man. You re either John Wayne or Shaft a she said. Men Are supposed to be Able to look under the Hood of an automobile and Quot know exactly what s she said. How much House can you afford7 a a g Sec mgt or realtor e 3 somebody Gihl to to hiking for you trios they Are supposed to be sexually promiscuous even if they must lie about their conquests. Also men must hide their emotions. In that process said is. Sloan we lose some Quot very Basic Beautiful and personal is. Steinem. Who is editor of ms., told the audience of 400 conference registrants and some too listeners that the parallel Between Black men and women is Quot the deepest fact of life in american both groups Are oppressed by 15 per cent of american society. White males she said. Because they Are the Only ones who Quot done to look different a she said they control the wealth and the levers of Power. But. Said is. Steinem society is unfair to men too. They Are expected to Bear the full financial responsibility for their families which is increasingly less possible she said. Is. Steinem said the economic exploitation of women and racial minorities can be overcome by a coalition of those groups. With a new stress on individuality rather than Quot visible differences Quot she said there May be a new age of humanism. John Sparkman Alabama s senior u., s. Senator saturday night urged All local governments in Alabama to join their area s regional planning organization saying a i think it s the Way to get things the Huntsville native s remarks were to local government leaders at the annual meeting of the East Alabama regional planning and development commission at fort Mcclellan. Sparkman described the changes in Federal programs during recent years a which have not Only encouraged metropolitan planning. But regional planning Sparkman described the Tennessee Valley authority As a one of the outstanding planning organizations in my part of the he said that Tva s Quot carefully Laid plans since it was formed by president Franklin d. Roosevelt a order a have developed the Tennessee Valley in North Jacksonville mayor John b. Nisbet or. Was re elected chairman of the ear pc by unanimous Raecia mation. Other officers re elected on a motion by nominating committee chairman Bill Young probate judge of Cleburne county Are vice chairman Dewitt Alsobrook Chambers county probate judge Secretary Eckerd drugs declares dividend John t. Sullivan president of Eckerd drugs. Inc., announced today that the Board of directors has declared a Cash dividend of $.05 per share on the common Stock and $.50 per share on the preferred Stock both dividends payable on june i. 1972, to stockholders of record on May 15, 1972. The directors also approved leases for seven new drug store locations four in Georgia and one each in Alabama Florida and North Carolina. This brings the number of signed leases on file for future drug store locations to 31. Sullivan also announced the opening of six drug stores during the last Quarter of the fiscal year ended april i. 1972 three in North Carolina and one each in Alabama South Carolina and Tennessee. At the end of the fiscal year the company was operating 142 drug stores and since april i. 1972. Five More drug stores have been opened two in North Carolina two in Alabama and one in Mississippi bringing the total currently in operation to 147. The company opened 21 stores during the past fiscal year and closed two older units. The Issue is the Best form of government do you want an honest professionally trained City manager with no political debts. Or a political mayor As the chief executive with More Power than Ever to repay personal favors with your tax dollars. Remember the past. Think about the future keep the Best Council manager it Lwi Tim no Iii i a ii i Riis i in Oxorn i ii Iii Martin . Ralph Meade Cherokee county Board of Revenue president and treasurer Bill Radney mayor of Alexander City. Alexander City and Lineville were named winners of the Hamric awards presented annually in Honor of the late Oxford mayor a. A. Hamric. Receiving the awards for outstanding planning activities for the More than 5,500 population group was mayor Joe dark of Alexander City. Mayor Claude Denson received the award for Lineville in the less than 5,500 population group. A the lives of people in the Tennessee Valley have been improved by plans which did not always suit the people whom it affected a said Sparkman a but it has been successful and was done on the basis of area wide comprehensive Sparkman claimed credit for putting through the S. Congress 40 of the More than too Federal Aid programs now available to Urban and Rural governments. The democratic nominee for re election to Congress said that the Montgomery area regional planning group has computed a return of $272 in Federal Money on each Dollar spent by that planning Agency. He said that in 1971 alabamians paid $1.4 billion in Federal income taxes and received $3.33 billion through Federal programs. That s a pretty Good return an an investment a said Sparkman. A i assure you that our Region has bettered Montgomery a return on the said chairman Nisbet. Quot regionalism is Here to said Nisbet a where my City dumps its sewage affects cities Down Charles c. Adams representing the department of housing and Urban develop Jacksonville seniors to get diplomas Jacksonville graduation exercises for 116 Jacksonville High school seniors is scheduled Friday at 8 p m in Cole auditorium. Mrs Retha Deal Wynot of Etowah county the Only woman member of the Alabama House of representatives will deliver the commencement address also speaking on the commencement program will be students Dorothy Parris Norman and Paulette Williams who will deliver the valedictory. And Rhonda Franklin who will give the Salut Atory the baccalaureate service will be today at 3 p m in the High school auditorium the Rev John l Ebaugh in. Rector of St Luke s episcopal Church and the Rev Emmett Aniton. Pastor of the first Baptist Church at 309 Vann st., will speak ment said that the problems of each City and county Are greater than the resources of each individual government. Quot the problems do not Stop at the City county and state lines a said Adams. A flood air pollution and unemployment must be dealt with on a greater Quot the financial support and technical assistance is available through Federal programs and the regional planning groups a he said. A Call on them and use them. That s what they Are there Adams said that new programs now provide for Aid in management of these problems As Well As the planning previously offered. He emphasized that along with the problems the area a really has c. A Melenyzer. A substitute for a a red Bamberg of the Alabama development office described regional planning As Quot uniting area wide resources to solve common an annual report edited by Mike Bass of the ear pc was distributed to the 150 persons attending the session. 17i1s a in i aril i / v i f i to v in t / Quot i a Phi i i s All Al Al Luh in s bolts solids 2 tones All 60&Quot wide in 1972 colors patterns fancies 2 tone 3 tones All 100% polyesters great new shipments from famous makers within Kik 11 i \ s i Mil i >1 s a sin >1 sizzlers famous makers Clingy Little Jersey dresses great colors great prints sizes 5 to 13 values to $12 tank tops Halter top perfect Topping for hot pants bile Ini jeans so a 2&Quot 3&Quot values to $8 $799 famous maker hot shorts Cotton knits Sailcloth with Webb belts. Sizes 5-13. $3�� and saw 7 it 14 make Kitchings Quot first Stop Quot before vacation girls 2 pc. Sets red Green Blue Lilac Navy girls knit tops amp Jean knit tops Skinny ribs jumbo zips pucker tops 2 to 6x and 7 to 14�?pre-teen so a jeans landlubber Button fronts Patch pockets a flares Floral. Size 3 to 14 $999 Chubby s 2.77 or famous Maki men boys basketball Canvas would be $7 to Sio of perfect Over 3,000 pairs Canvas shoes r/4 ladies and children s Canvas shoes $188 i or. 2.99 to 4.99 of perfect great color selection ladies 4 to to children s Small to Large 3 last Alabama s i api shoe store 90s Noah doa Nui. It s All at Kitching ;