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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, Anniston, Alabama Anniston Alabama it vol. 93, no. 144 sunday May 2i, 1972�? a Alabama a largest Home owned newspaper Price 25 cents 11 a a a a a a 1 1 tribute payed mrs. Mccartney by Judy Johnson Star stall writer from a a distance it appeared As though tears welled up in mrs. Franklin a. Mccartney s eyes several times saturday afternoon As Long time friends and associates took turns paying tribute to her. The occasion was the dedication of a plaque donated by Alabama federation of women s clubs to the Anniston City school system in Honor of mrs. Mccartney. For 20 years. Mrs. Mccartney served As a member of the Anniston City Board of education. And was its first woman president for More than 30 years she has been Active in the Alabama federation of women a clubs. The plaque donated by the federation will be permanently affixed in the Entrance to the auditorium of the new Anniston High school mrs Mccartney retired As a member of the Anniston City school Board shortly after the dedication of the new High school having postponed her retirement until the High school was completed present at the dedication in the auditorium saturday afternoon were educators and members of the federation of women s clubs from throughout the state As Well As other civic leaders. Ralph Higginbotham. President of the Anniston City Board of education and or. E. W. Branyon jr., a member of the Board represented the Board. Former Board members present included Erman l. Crew. Mrs. Joseph Francis Garvin Mange mrs. Robert j. Rowe. E. L. Turnerjr. Robert p. War Nock. N. C. Wilbanks and c. H. Young. Paying tribute to mrs. Mccartney were or. Leroy Brown former Anniston City schools superintendent and now Alabama state superintendent of schools or. George l. Layton former Anniston City schools superintendent and now president of Jefferson state Junior College or. J. Revis Hall former Anniston City schools superintendent and now superintendent of the Jefferson county schools Anniston City schools superintendent or. John l Fulmer. Also mrs. T. R. Scales state president of the Alabama federation of women s clubs mrs. Dan Waite. Or. Immediate past president of the Alabama federation of women a clubs mrs e Henry Vance. District director of the federation miss Mildred Bynum coordinator of food services for the Anniston City schools. Or Marion j Zakrewski. Executive director of the mrs. Mccartney with her plaque Alabama state Council on the arts and humanities sent a tribute which was read by or. Fulmer and Bert Henderson poet laureate of Alabama sent a poem which was read to the audience. Quot one stands in Awe of her Many or. Fulmer said of mrs. Mccartney. Quot if one word could sum up her life it would be compassion. It has been the key to her Manv successes. Or. Brown told mrs Mccartney she had had a great influence on his family As Well As on him. Quot a superintendent of schools is in need of having Board members that understand not Only the problems of the schools but family problems he said. Quot you were interested not Only in the welfare of the schools but in the family of the superintendent of education. Or Brown went on to say that the vision of mrs. Mccartney was a Quot Strong Factor Quot in the construction of Anniston High school. Quot mrs. Mccartney was not an apathetic Board he said. Quot she was interested. Came to the meetings and was knowledgeable. Mrs. Mccartney was an inspiration for the rest of the team. I commend All Board members to look at the record made by mrs. Mccartney and try to see tribute Page 8a1 allies fight off Day Long attack j digest a i Nixon visiting Austria for rest before Summit a new political organization the Alabama w Omen s political caucus came into being saturday in Tuscaloosa. Women from All Over the state met to discuss issues such As health care the political process equal rights and welfare Reform details Page 2-a if everyone could live in Complete Harmony with nature Henry Debardeleben would be out of a Job see profile. Page a saturdays human relations conference on education at Lites memorial Library found parents teachers students and Community leaders attacking the existing education system throughout Calhoun county details Page 9a Jean v. B1rdener, a professional fund Raiser was hired to pull the Calhoun county United fund out of what one official called its a slump Quot of recent years. Details Page 9a Salzburg. Austria map i a president Nixon stopped in this Alpine resort City saturday night for 36 hours of rest and preparation for his Summit meeting with soviet leaders in Moscow. The presidential Jet. The spirit of 76. Will take him to the soviet capital monday morning. Nixon s plane landed about an hour after steel helmeted police with clubs drove an estimated 200 leftist demonstrators from the Airport Landing area As the president left the plane and approached a cordon of Smock coated Salzburg riflemen police pushed and carried another clump of demonstrators from in front of the Airport terminal about 50 Yards from Nixon. Nixon did not appear to notice he and mrs Nixon accepted bouquets of Flowers from austrian children then stepped toward their Black limousine before taking off on the spirit of 76 for the eight hour flight to Salzburg. Nixon said his Mission in the soviet Union would be a search for Quot a world of peace a world of Progress for the trip began three months after the presidents historic visit to communist see Nixon. Page Tai Saigon apr South vietnamese forces trying to Clear the Road to the beleaguered provincial capital of an Loc fought off a Daylong attack by North vietnamese tanks and infantry saturday an american army officer called it in All probability the enemy s Quot last stance for an a rubber Plantation town 60 Miles North of Saigon that has been virtually destroyed in a44-Day siege. A government Relief column had pushed to within sight of the town before the counter attackers struck at Dawn in the Central Highlands where the North vietnamese offensive centers around the provincial capital of Korntum. Enemy troops probed government defense lines less than two Miles from the City. But no major attacks were reported in the air War Over North Vietnam the . Command announced that american warplanes had intensified their daily pounding of enemy Supply areas and transportation routes. The command reporting on attacks of thursday said air Force bombers destroyed a fuel tank farm containing More than five million Gallons of Petroleum v Miles East of Hanoi. Spokesmen said about 75 per cent of the depot was wiped out. With bombs leaving a one huge a communique said the strike Quot further depletes North Vietnam s supplies used in support of its invading armies in South Vietnam Quot the bombers also Are carrying out sustained raids against the rail lines linking Hanoi and China. The railroads must be attacked almost daily to keep them out of operation the command said because North Vietnam mobilizes workers to make Quick repairs. A Navy at attack plane was reported shot Down Over the North and its Pilot listed As missing. This raises to 22 the number of american planes lost Over North Vietnam since the resumption of Large scale bombing april 16 Twenty six crewmen have been listed As missing in this period North Vietnam said planes bombed the Periphery of Hanoi again saturday and claimed two were shot Down by North vietnamese gunners the Vietnam news Agency added in a broadcast from Hanoi heard in Tokyo that Quot Many civilians Quot were killed or wounded the North vietnamese assault on Highway 13 leading to an Loc Quot was a completely abortive said col. J Ross Franklin a senior american Field adviser. Quot they spent the first half hour in attack and the next two hours running Quot associated press correspondent Lynn c. Newland reported that fighting continued throughout the Day. However and the enemy kept up its shelling of an Loc and the Relief the town reduced to rubble by Allied bombing and the heaviest sustained enemy bombardment of the War has been ordered held at All costs by president Nguyen Van Thieu. A battered Garrison Force remains dug in supplied by air associated press correspondent David j Paine reported from the Central Highlands that informed sources were saying More than we enemy have been killed in fighting around Korntum since last sunday when attacks began against the City s defense lines government casualties were put at about 80 killed and 230 wounded but some sources said they probably were higher than was being reported Allied officers say Korntum is a key target in the current offensive but no All out Effort to capture the City has come yet senior americans say it could come at any time . B52 bombers kept up their intense bombing Campaign concentrating on suspected enemy positions in the an Loc and Korntum areas in Quang Tri province which fell to the North vietnamese three weeks ago. And thua Thien province just South of Quang Tri where the enemy is believed massing for an attack on the old Imperial capital of Hue. New fighting was reported saturday in Phu my District of Binh Dinh province on the Central coast Phu my is just South of three districts which fell earlier in the offensive putting some 200 090 people and a major Rice crop under enemy control the Northern third of Phu my was reported held by the enemy saturday although the government still controlled the District Headquarters qui Nhon. The capital of Binh duh province was hit by mortar fire saturday afternoon a Civha defense training Center was reported hit. But there was no report of casualties. Government troops claimed to be making Progress in efforts to retake the Northern districts. Elsewhere in Indochina Cambodia the High command reported 19 cambodian soldiers killed and 78 wounded in two Days of fighting within sight of angkor wat a spokesman said government troops had been forbidden to fire in the direction of the ancient enemy held Temple Complex and were Quot using mostly knives Quot i aos a s military observers paint a somber picture for Southern , saying communist led forces continue to thwart government efforts to recapture the provincial capital of Khong sedum there was speculation that the enemy wants the pause Airfield but not pause itself though the City is the communications and trading Center for the whole Bol ovens plateau two inmates. One of the considered Quot very dangerous morning hours saturday from state troopers identified them sentenced from Mobile county murder and Robert Warren Chilton county to 20 years for in a convicted murderer and escaped during the Early Draper correctional Center As Joseph p Cornelison. 40, to a life term for first degree Smith 47 sentenced from robbery a top aide to Alabama gov. George Wallace said saturday that the presidential Campaign in the immediate future would depend More on the Media to get its message across to voters Billy Joe Camp. Wallace s press Secretary told a news conference that the primaries in Oregon. New Mexico and Rhode Island would depend a great Deal on advertising on television and newspapers he conceded that More financial help would be required but he said he was confident the Money will come in shadrach g. Khone a lecturer in botany at the natural resources development College at the University of Zambia visiting Anniston Over the weekend says his country is rapidly making a shift to an agricultural country details Page 8a deaths John Clarence Fullerton of Borden Springs. William Leon Waits of Piedmont and James m Hammonds of Alexandria details Page 7a�f� 11 ill slight Chance. Of thundershowers this evening otherwise fair to partly Cloudy tonight through monday continued warm Days and Cool at night details Page 7a Arthur Herman Bremer from loner to cheering extrovert -4f eee m v Book review. Lub movies. 2d Calendar. Ill sports. Classified ads 3-91 television. He editorials. 4a women s news 1-9b 92 pages in nine sections by g u. Thelen or. And Dick Barness associated press writers Milwaukee apr hammered late last year by a succession of emotional jolts. Arthur Herman Bremer embarked on a Young Man s journey in search of himself at Trail s end. He found George Corley Wallace a Momma. I m going out and make my Way Bremer is quoted As saying last october. Last monday he found his Way to a Laurel. My shopping Center there according to state and Federal charges he crippled the Alabama governor with a burst of bullets rom a snub nosed. 38 Caliper revolver. Quot undercover 2&Quot Model the furious gunfire at an election eve rally for the democratic presidential contender was the Climax of seven traumatic months for Bremer quiet lonely and withdrawn to his family neighbors and Hometown Milwaukee acquaintances cheering clapping and colourfully dressed to those who recall him turning up at Wallace Campaign stops the emotional blows and his reactions were in rapid sequence october Bremer. 21, broke with his family moving to a Midtown apartment a scant two and one half blocks from the Motel where Wallace later would establish his Wisconsin primary Headquarters a november Bremer was arrested for the first time charged with carrying a revolver concealed in his coat he was fined $38 50 for disorderly conduct the gun was taken away. A december Jean Pemrich. Then 15. Bremer s first and Only girl Friend brushed him off after Christmas saying she did t like him and did t want to see him again downcast he shaved his Blond head hoping to regain her attention with this act of contrition or so he told a fellow worker she Only laughed he quit technical College a january. Without a word of explanation he walked away from his part time Job As a school janitor february after accusing his employer of focus Arthur Bremer changed in a few months from withdrawn loner to cheering extrovert at George Wallace rallies the following report from the a special assignment team examines this change in the Man accused of shooting gov. Wallace. Discrimination he quit another part time Job Busboy at the Milwaukee athletic club Hor a while he became a virtual Recluse in his apartment scribbling Doggerel and thought fragments in an apparent Effort at self analysis one jotting found in his apartment Quot happiness is hearing George Wallace sing the National Anthem or having Hun arrested for a hit and run Accident when his Mother visited the apartment building Bremer turned her away at the door with angry shouts then in March he appeared at Wallace Headquarters. First apparent Stop on intermittent travels along the governor s Campaign Trail with Bremer eventually would be the $89 revolver he bought at Casanova s gun shop advertising the largest selection 01 tuns a w Wisconsin he obtained the revolver Jan 13. The Day Wallace announced his candidacy for the democratic presidential nomination Wallace Campaign workers recall seeing Bremer loitering around Headquarters at the Holiday inn at an organizing meeting for Wisconsin volunteers March 2 at a $25 a plate testimonial dinner for the governor in Milwaukee March 20 and finally at an election night Celebration april 4. After the shooting. Bremer was recalled As being at other locations april 7. For example at new York s Waldorf Astoria hotel or april 15. Arrested for speeding near Binghamton. New York May la. Spotted at a Wallace rally in Landover. My. Like Laurel a suburb of Washington May 13 Kalamazoo Mich. Where police picked him up briefly for loitering near a site where a Wallace rally was planned mostly he was remembered because he wore red. White and Blue clothes but it was his face. Gerald e Otulke of Annapolis. My. Recalled from the handover rally he just stood there with a Grin on his face a half smirking Grin said mrs John Bleeker of the Kalamazoo rally i we Days later he was Back in Maryland seen first at a rally in Wheaton then arrested in the afternoon after the Laurel shooting at All these Campaign stops. Bremer was described As a Man who Drew attention to himself with colourful clothing with loud cheers and prolonged Dapping Tor Wallace with constant pushing to the front of crowds Lins picture of Biemer As extrovert is not the Man remembered from most of his Days in Milwaukee Grade and High school teachers had difficulty recalling him because they said. He was so nondescript students mentioned Only his occasional mumblings to himself Bremer s overt eccentricities emerged Only late last year apparently paralleling his emotional upheavals there was the head shaving incident and complaints from members of the athletic club where Bremer worked As a Busboy his idiosyncrasies including marching in Lime and whistling in tune with the music that was played in the dining room. Disturbed them in Milwaukee people said Bremer rarely returned their hellos but mrs Janet Petrone. A Wallace Volunteer in Maryland said he greeted her airily at their second meeting this Way i babe How Are things going it a mrs Alfred j Pemrich Joan smother said Bremers habit Wei e Odd Al year s end he would walk up behind you and make strange noises dance with a mop or carry on a conversation with himself i think he was trying to let everyone know he was there Quot Fred e Bluejr. A minister conciliator for the Milwaukee see from Kroner Page Kai ;