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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 20, 1972, Anniston, Alabama Anniston Alabama saturday May 20,1972ckhe kit fetch Iwar a Alabama s largest Home owned newspaper vol. 93, no. 143 Price to cents digest the director of Public safety says he ordered the removal of a state trooper guard for it. Gov. Jere Beasley because he Felt a Security net was no longer needed after the monday shooting of gov. George c. Wallace in Laurel my. Col. Walter l. Allen said he threw up a Security screen a in every direction Quot after the news that Wallace had been shot. He said it was automatic for Beasley to be protected since the lieutenant governor is next in line to succeed the governor. Sen. David Gambrell a says he will fill some speaking engagements for Alabama gov. George Wallace during Wallace a convalescence from gunshot wounds. Gambrell said Friday in Augusta ga., he had accepted an invitation to serve on Wallace a speakers Bureau because a we have been fighting for a lot of the same a Federal judge heard arguments then withheld a ruling Friday on a motion seeking a new desegregation plan for Gadsden City schools the Rev. W. N. Owens president of the Gadsden chapter of the National association for the advancement of coloured people suggested a pairing plan and said the a act had discussed the possibility of school pairing with superintendent Mort Glosser. Owens said Glosser was a very evasive a on the subject. The Interior departments Bureau of outdoor recreation has granted Matching funds of $186,092 for construction of a clubhouse and other facilities at an 18-Hole Golf course being developed at Gulf state Park near Gulf shores Ala. Reps. Jack Edwards and Bill Dickinson r-Ala., said Friday the Federal funds will be matched by the state Parks commission of the Alabama conservation department. Deaths Therman Green and Bobby d. Harris both of Anniston mrs. Evelyn Dixon of Hobson City mrs Mamie Levell of Jacksonville and John Jeff Morgan of Heflin. Details Page 2. National Fairfax county police Are investigating a report that two men tried to abduct the Maryland manager for George c. Wallace a presidential Campaign police said the Wallace worker Eugene n. Burchfield 45, of Falls Church reported that two armed men approached him in the driveway of his Home thursday night and ordered him to come with them. While Fri experts continued to search debris from an explosion in a Pentagon restroom the government stiffened Security for All Federal buildings because of the bombing the general services administration announced tighter precautions Friday As experts looked for clues to who and what caused the blast earlier in the Day. said Security Steps taken include continued restricted entrances to buildings searching of All packages brought into buildings by persons without employee identification and searching of All suspicious packages reformers seeking to study general motors corp activity in South Africa to add Public inputs to pm decision making and to initiate a company study of breaking up the giant automaker were overwhelmingly Defeated at the pm annual meeting Friday in Detroit. But the project on corporate responsibility which made its third foray against the worlds largest Industrial concern went away with a word of Praise from pm chairman Richard Gerstenberg a in Robert Monroe grabbed the first round Lead in the Anniston country club s tournament of champions Friday by firing a two under Par 68. Details Page 8 Jacksonville state University advanced to the finals of the District 27, Naja baseball tournament Friday in Birmingham by defeating Birmingham Southern 6-2. Details Page 8. Fair to partly Cloudy through sunday with a slight Chance of a Shower or thundershowers this afternoon warm afternoons and a Cool night. Details Page 3 Calendar .2 clarified ads 9 to comics. 7 editorials.4 movies 2 religious news 3 sports .8 television .5-6 to pages in one Section communists try to halt push with ambush near an Loc Saigon it a it a several Hundred North vietnamese troops led by tanks launched a Dawn counterattack today that briefly interrupted a South vietnamese drive to break the siege of an Loc. Initial reports said 81 North vietnamese were killed and seven tanks destroyed the Saigon command said 15 South vietnamese soldiers were killed and 38 wounded in beating Back the enemy s counterattack. A senior . Adviser. Col. J. Ross Franklin said the counterattack failed because the South vietnamese knew of it in Advance from sources. He said the counterattack was in All probability North Vietnam a last major thrust in the Battle for an Loc. The ruined provincial capital 60 Miles North of Saigon which president Nguyen Van Thieu has ordered held at All costs. Field reports said Light fighting continued throughout the Dav. With support from us b52 bombers Jet fighter bomb ers and helicopter gunships. In the 44-Dav-old North vietnamese siege the weary an Loc defense Force has withstood More than 50.000 rounds of artillery. Rockets and mortars. The government Relief column moving up Highway 13 to help had moved to within sight of the cite when the North vietnamese sprang from surrounding rubber plantations. In the air War the command announced that american warplanes set afire More than 54 million Gallons of fuel in a spectacular raid last thursday against a depot 34 Miles Northeast of Hanoi the strike came on the first of two Davs of heavy strikes against targets inside North Vietnam. The command said the attack on the Hanoi Petroleum storage area Quot further depletes North Vietnam s supplies used in support of its invading armies in South Vietnam Quot a communique disclosed that air strikes against North Vietnam averaging about �?~�0 a Dav. Have been increased to about 340 a Dav during the past two Davs on orders from president Nixon to choke off Supply routes and destroy War materials before they reach South Vietnam. The command said a Navy a7 attack plane was shot Down Friday during the raids Over the coastal cite of Vinh. 145 Miles North of the demilitarized zone. The crewman is listed As missing first reports said the attack on the an Loc Relief column came from a regiment numbering up to 2.000 soldiers but Franklin described the attack Force As "300. 400. 500 or whatever is left of that about 2.000 artillery rocket and mortar shells were fired into an Loc on Friday. Field reports said eight South vietnamese were killed and 38 were wounded the town has been hit with an average of More than 1.000 shells a Dav since the siege began on april 7 it has been the heaviest sustained enemy shelling of the War during one 24-hour period the number reached 7.500 rounds. Earlier this week the shelling had tapered off. Military sources said the sudden upsurge indicates the North vietnamese have been Able to resupply their gun positions despite As Many As too . Air strikes a Dav the sources said however that fire from captured 105mm and 155mm guns had dropped off this indicated the North vietnamese were running Short of captured ammunition for the american made howitzers Thev added. . B52 bombers kept up heavy strikes on several sides of an Loc nine of the big bombers dropped 225 tons of explosives on North vietnamese troop concentrations three Miles Southwest four Miles Southeast and to Miles South of the cite officials reported while the fighting raged Tor an Loc. South vietnamese Headquarters also reported heavy clashes at Points 20 and 150 Miles Southwest of Saigon the District town of Kien Luong on the Gulf of Siam. 150 Miles to the Southwest had been seriously threatened after two Davs of attacks that the Saigon command said included shelling of the a Tien Cement c Wallace could get mobility or. Galbraith Silver Spring. My. Api a one of George Wallace s neurosurgeons says some degree of mobility could return to the Alabama governor. And the doctor indicated there is a Longshot possibility the restoration could be Quot significant although he said the latter is improbable. The remark by or James g Galbraith of the University of Alabama medical school was largely overlooked when made to newsmen earlier this week in the Light of his statement that Wallace had less than a 50-50 Chance of walking again. Galbraith also said. According to a transcript of the news conference Quot there is no deadline. For saying that after this Point in tune there is no hop for recovery Quot Galbraith added Quot we simply say. In general that the longer he goes without any improvement the poorer the Outlook for any improvement later on a Quot How Long would you exper t to have to wait in order to see i see Wallace Page 21 Alabama car theft ring broken up Birmingham. Ala map one it the largest car theft rings Ever to operate in Alabama was broken up Friday morning with the arrests of la persons in North Alabama and in coordinated arrests in Arizona. Colorado and Georgia the Fri said John o Rourke assistant Spe Elal agent in charge of the Birmingham Fri said the arrests were based on indictments returned a a Federal grand jury in Decatur. Ala., thursday those arrested were charged with conspiracy to transport stolen cars across state lines and with receiving or Dis Possing of stolen motor vehicles the Fri said those arrested were James Michael Denson. 29. Chamblee. Ga., Carlton Ellis Allison. 41. Blountsville. Ala Gary Benn Bouldin 25. Crossville. Al Jerry Ronald Bryant 34 Pine Lake a l m a Limey. 44 Gadsden. Ala detritus Wayne Holcomb 33 and Billy Ray Holladay. 30 both it Boaz. Ala Ralph m Marquez. 49 Gilcrest. Colo. Donald George Robinson 33. Doraville. Ga., and William Riley Watkins 36, and his wife. Jimmie rut i Watkins. 38 both of Boaz o Rourke said Joe Gordon Hood who is in Federal custody in Florida and Billy Frank Trammell an inmate of the Alabama slate prison also were indicted both men Are from Boaz those arrested were being held in lieu of secured Bonds. O Rourke said petition seeks vote recount factory but Field reports said South Viet namese Bonier Ranger reinforcements secured the town late Friday reports said 50 enemy wen1 killed while South vietnamese losses wen1 put at la dead an to wounded fighting also erupted near Ben Luc District town about 20 Miles Southwest of Saigon the Saigon command claimed 41 enemy were killed and 16 weapons captured. It said government losses were three dead and two wounded thirty b52 bombers attacking in to strikes bombed around Korntum provincial capital in the Central Highlands they dropped 750 tons of explosives on North vietnamese to nip concentrations ranging from two Miles North of the City to six Miles to the Southeast revised Field reports said 131 North vietnamese1 troops had been killed in an attack on the outer defences of Korntum Friday. Many of them by bombers Summit agreements seen w Ashington i apr a pres Klent Nixon embarking today on a Summit journey to Moscow. Reports he and communist party chief Leonid i Brezhnev agree their talks should produce Gen Uhr results although Nixon inserted customary cautions against Over optimism in talking to newsmen at a White House reception Friday night the thrust of his remarks was definitely on the positive Side the chief executive said that if remaining bottlenecks can be broken in face to face talks with Brezhnev he foresees Summit agreements in three major areas l a soviet Trade relations cooperation in the1 exploration of space and. Most important putting a lid on the East West race to acquire mort1 and bigger strategic arms Nixon entertaining the 182 members of the press corps making the trip with him. Said still further avenues for Accord might be uncovered the president made Little Effort to hide his own High Hopes and he disclosed he had received a personal message thursday from Brezhnev that. In Nixon swords a indicated a positive Nixon said that when Herm a Kissinger his assistant for National Security affairs made1 a then secret trip to Moscow last month. Brezhnev also spoke of Hopes Tor Summit accomplishments the president quoted the soviet Leader As having said he sought not lust a Little step but a significant step because that will Tell us where we re going in our two count Ries Quot both nations live contributed to the Summit Agenda. Nixon reported saving the items include Quot Vietnam and other areas of the world when ilk1 United states and the soviet Union do sometimes have conflicting interests Quot he said a hoped both could agree to cooperate in building a stable world peace rather than face each other As peace threatening rivals the president s first overseas destination following an eight hour flight from nearby Andrews air Force base my. Was Salzburg. Austria Home of the world renowned sum dirt music festival there i and mrs Nixon planned to relax and be entertained at lunch sunday by austrian Chancellor Bruno k re ski Moscow will by mondays destination the Nixon will re turn to the White House june i following Post soviet stops in Iran and Poland Nixon disclosed that he looks Forward to delivering two very substantive speeches while in Moscow As Tow Only i s presi see Summit Page 21 Wallace knew dangers from wire reports Montgomery a Apt e c. Dothan the Alabama state trouper hit by the gunfire that felled gov George u Wallace says the governor was fully aware of the dangers involved because an armed Man was arrested at a Wallace rally in Baltimore May 6 lacking sturdy bul reporting he was sore from his midsection wound Dot hard said a companion to the person arrested in Baltimore escaped another Man was with him and ran and they it Baltimore police i suspected he had a gun Dothard said but the 4< year old Law enforce inept officer gave no indication he thought the Man who ran was Arthur Bremer 21. Of Milwaukee who is being Beld in connection with the shooting of Wallace and three others at a Laurel. My shopping Center monday Dothard a Calhoun county native said he would like to see outdoor rallies and handshaking banned to protect presidential candidates me added he did not know How that idea would strike Wallace the trooper said a larger Security detail than usual was protecting the governor at the time of the shooting he said there were 12 Liberal and state Security agents in the area More agents were available because one shift was preparing to go to lunch and another group was just coming on duty. Dothard said he did not disclose How Many of the guards were secret service agents but he said the Federal Force was sufficient Dothard. Speaking at a news conference at the Capitol. Said the reason w Allace went into the crowd was because at an earlier rally in Wheaton. My. Quot we had organized heckler rocks tomatoes oranges eggs were thrown Quot the Captain said they decided against shaking hands there and when there were Only isolated incidents at the Laurel shopping Center rally the governor warned to go into the crowd Dothard said nobody told Wallace not to in fact he said he told the governor a it was All he said they had no tips or previous warnings that anything would happen Quot i Don t know that we could have see Wallace. Page i Heflin there apparently will be a recount Here in open court in a few Days of Absentee ballots cast in the May 2 primaries in Cleburne county that situation has developed in connection with a request from Xiii officials in charge of the Absentee Box in the county the officials have submitted a petition to circuit court judge William c Bibb in which they question the Validity of three ballots according to Bibb judge Bibb said the officials cited one ballot that was unsigned and two others cast by alleged non residents of the county As a result of the petition request. Bibb impounded the Absentee ballots the petition was signed by Absentee poll officials Al Harper Dewey p. Lott. James h. Walker and Joe Baber judge Bibb said he would hold the ballots until monday while he cheeked the Law on the matter. He would not say definitely whether the matter would be presented to the Cleburne county grand jury which convenes monday Quot if there has been any intentional wrong Bibb said Quot it would be a Misdemeanour Quot he added the matter would not necessarily have to be considered by the grand jury even though it would have a right to investigate if it desired Bibb said the situation comes under a local Law which says the circuit judge May ask for a recount in open court if there is any question of mistake or irregularities in the count of boxes he said that has to be done within 20 Days after the declaration of the results following an election of the recount in open court Bibb said. Quot they poll officials Are preceding in that direction at the present a political fight will continue a Silver Spring my. A George c Wallace has Given his supporters a thank you message with a political flavor and his press Secretary says that Means the wounded candidate is continuing his presidential Campaign i want to thank the people of Alabama for slaying with Wallace said in a message relayed to newsmen Friday by his press Secretary. Billy Joe Camp Quot they Are responsible for the new direction in this country because most of the politicians Are now sounding like the Alabama governor said responding to questions amp said the statement could be interpreted As Wallace a first step toward resuming his Campaign Tor the democratic presidential nomination As his third and strongest presidential bid gained momentum. Wallace was struck Down by a would be Assassin at a shopping Center rally near Here monday he has yet to learn whether the Bullet still lodged in his spinal canal will leave him a permanent cripple amp said there have been no stall strategy sessions with the governor since the shooting the medical bulletins Friday had Little to add doctors said wallaces legs remain paralysed and that he is continuing physical therapy to maintain muscle tone and blood circulation he was taken Oil intravenous feeding and Given a meal of Chicken Broth amp said that Wallace expressed appreciation for president Nixon s visit Friday morning the president called Wallace s morale Quot quite remarkable meanwhile authorities continued to probe the circumstances of the attack and the background of Arthur h Breme who is charged with the shooting Prince Georges county police searched Bremen car and said they found a gun apparently overlooked in earlier Fri searches ;