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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Anniston, Alabama A c hit Nigton Bitar vol. 95, no. Isi Anniston Ala Wiwi in Alabama s largest Home newspaper sunday May 12, 1974 Price 25 cent Mccary a in a the Only nut still running Republican Elvin Mccary. Now fares Wallace by Wike Sherman Star City editor in a recent edition of time Magazine. Winton m red Quot Blount was quoted As saying anyone who would run against George Wallace for governor this year would have to be a nut Republican gubernatorial nominee Elvin Mccary of Anniston watched Wallace Bury Gene Mclain. Quot shorty Price Thomas Wesley Robinson and Quot big Lim Folsom in tuesday s democratic primary Quot now i m the Only nut in the Mccary says with a Grin he will oppose Wallace in the november general election although he served two terms in the Alabama Senate ran unsuccessfully twice for the Alabama House and lost a 1946 bid to be lieutenant governor Mccary admits readily that his is hardly a household name in Alabama he hot is to do something about that before november. His candidacy surprised even his own fellow republicans when he qualified for governor on the last possible Day Calhoun county gop regulars were trying to talk him into another try for a House seat but Mccary said if he ran. It would be for the top elective office in the state. Ira waited he says to see if any other Republican would oppose Wallace none die so Mccary plunked Down his papers and Fet deciding to take on the governor in a year when everyone said Wallace could not lose Mccary had not even told his wife he would run for governor Quot i told her. And she asked. A Why before i could answer our six Vear old daughter said. Mother you know it s a Challenge the Challenge was accepted. Mccary says because candidacies like his Are the Only Way to build a Quot live. Viable and he feels the state will suffer until it has a True Tori party system. Quot i think anyone who Ever served in the Alabama legislature Las he did from 1942 46 and 1950-54 it would like to be governor and thinks he can do a better Job Quot after watching state government from the inside and out for 30 years. Mccary feels he is As qualified As anybody to run for governor and More qualified than some Quot i be known George Wallace since 1946 when he was elected to the House he says Quot of course Back then. George was a very Strong Liberal and wrote Liberal speeches for the Folsom Campaign a big Jim Quot would win his first term that year and Wallace would serve first As an assistant attorney general then four years in the House Quot basically. George Wallace is a populist How he s convinced business people that he s a conservative is a real Selling Job frankly i believe i m a better Democrat than George Wallace Mccary was once a True believer in the party of Franklin Roosevelt and Harry s Truman Active in the Young democrats in Calhoun county former president of the county chapter and vice president of the state organization he worked in the Campaign to elect Bibb Graves governor of Alabama in 1935 appointed chairman of the Calhoun county Board of registrars he ran for the House in 1938 against the father of the current Dean of the Calhoun county delegation. Hugh Merrill the elder Merrill Defeated him. But Mccary Learned some political lessons to be used four years later in a successful bid for the Senate after losing the 1946 lieutenant governor s race to Clarence Inzer the Navy Veteran sat out four years before returning to the Senate in 1950 he chose not to run in 1954. Got involved in business and did not Campaign for office again for 16 years but something happened to that staunch Democrat during the second term Quot i voted for Mccary says Quot and then for Republican senatorial candidate Jim Martin against Lister Hill in 1962 Quot the switch to republicanism came Mccary now says because he saw the two party system As the Only route to political Reform in the state the two party system is vital to the legislature he says with feeling Quot in the legislature every time one person opposes the governor it becomes or is pictured As. A personality situation there is no discussion of the issues another party is the Only Way you can do that and an individual of the same part faces an almost impossible tags a in challenging an incumbent governor treat pressure is brought to Bear against a Maverick within his own party according to Mccary. And raising Campaign funds becomes almost impossible Quot a second party is the Only Way Quot i think i can run a creditable Campaign with $100,000 i can get that a i d prefer More like $150,000 but i can do it on $100,000 the Money will come from his own savings Small contributions and the party. Mccary says a believes the Campaign will Cost him Money his Rule of thumb for expenditures is to count on slightly More than $1,000 for each of see Mccary. Rage fall an e a Good Day news in editorial opinion Nixon s presidency is beyond redemption and the office can be cleansed and restored to its original meaning for All americans Only by the impeachment of the president in the House and conviction by the Seante see editorial Page 4a state Loco it s Tennis time a and the hordes descend on Public and private courts details Page in pharmacy just in t what it used to be no herbs no rhubarb and not Many Cherry cokes details Page 2b Calhoun county a first hypertension screening clinic will be at the Anniston Myca tuesday and thursday details in age 6 a Dewey Walley at right is a self made Man that grew up with hard physical labor that payed off he is now the president of the is Al Ley Clegg co which today involves 600 people see profile Page 6a construction on a major expansion of the Alexandria water authority is under Way. With the half million Dollar project expected to be completed by Early fall. Details Page id the University of Alabama in Birmingham is the first in the nation to become fully approved for the use of the atom to find tutors diagnose physical problems and treat abnormalities details Page id tossup in one of three area Alabama Senate races and five of eight House races have shoved a dozen legislative hopefuls Back onto the Campaign Trail for the june 4 democratic Runoff details Page la last tuesday s primary was the first Ever in Alabama where democrats chose their nominee for governor without a Runoff and left the lieutenant governors race to be decided later details Page la deaths j Leonard Green of Roanoke and mrs Mary Elizabeth Atkinson of Talladega details Page 2d weather Clearing and mild today fair and cooler tonight sunny and mild monday. Details Page 2d. Also inside Book review business farm n Calendar. Classified ads. Crossword Puzzle editorials. Vie Jeane Dixon. 9c s 91 living be lion 2d movies. I2u 2-7d people in the news 9a. .41 sports. ,1-Hu 4a television. 121 a i pages in sections watergate evidence study faces House Washington apr the House judiciary committee will examine evidence this week dealing with the watergate cover up that could be decisive in determining whether president Nixon will be impeached although watergate is Only one of six areas the committee is investigating it includes the most serious charges and could produce the accusations of criminal conduct that most House members Are Likely to require before voting to impeach impeachment by the House is. In effect an accusation a trial on the charges would be held in the Senate with a two thirds majority required for conviction. One committee member. Rep John Conyers. A Mich already has said he found in the White House edited transcripts a Quot Clear indisputable violation of Federal criminal Law Quot in Nixon s discussions of payments to keep convicted watergate burglar Howard Hunt quiet the committee has its own transcript of that March 21 1973. Conversation Between Nixon and former White House counsel John Dean produced with Superior sound equipment it reportedly is More Complete than the White House version the committee also has secret grand jury evidence dealing with the payments to Hunt and other watergate defend ants in the report accompanying its indictments of seven former White House and Nixon Campaign officials last March i. The watergate grand jury said $75,000 was delivered to Hunt a attorney the night of March 21. Other cover up allegations on which the committee will receive evidence include attempts to get the Cia to limit the Fri s investigation of watergate and the destruction of evidence immediately after the june 17 1972. Break in the committee resumes its consideration of evidence behind closed doors tuesday and is scheduled to continue them through thursday at the opening session last thursday chief counsel John boar brought the committee up to the break in at democratic Headquarters boar has informed the members he intends to play three White House tapes at tuesday s session in addition to presenting them with two fat Loose Leaf notebooks containing documentary evidence in support of the information he will present it he continues to present the Case chronologically As he did thursday the committee is unlikely to hear the March 21 tape until wednesdays session boar had been scheduled to conclude the watergate presentation thursday but a committee source said it might go Over into the following week the committee will also probably set aside time for a business session to act on boar s request for a subpoena for tapes that the White House has refused to deliver queries Are wanted on Nixon impeachment of the House judiciary committee begins hearings on impeachment of the president Aud in the Wake of the edited tape transcripts of presidential conversations released last week. The Star solicits the opinions of its readers on whether or not the president should he impeached by the House and put on trial in the Senate Lor Quot High crimes and if you favor removing the president rom Oiler Mark this ballot it not. Mark it mail your ballot to the Star . Box i he. Anniston. 36201. Drop it off in die Star lobby or. For Rural route Box Holder. Put it in your carriers Box. Yes. No transcripts backfired by Carl p. Lei Bosdorf Washington a president Nixon s release of his watergate transcripts appears to have backfired badly creating a growing View in Congress that impeachment is inevitable this is a major reason for this weeks Republican Calls for Nixon to resign cop lawmakers want to spare themselves and the nation a months Long period of agony but knowledgeable republicans doubt there will be any Early presidential resignation despite the Waves of rumours that have swept Washington the past few Days. There is no question however that the Impact of the transcripts has created More Sharp criticism of Nixon than analysis anything since la october s Quot saturday night massacre Quot in which watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox was fired and Elliot l Richardson and William i Ruckelshaus resigned there is increasing talk among House and Senate members that the House judiciary committee and full House would vote to impeach Many members indicate they will take the View that Only impeachment followed by a Senate trial can Clear the air of the allegations swirling around Nixon in the Days before Nixon released the transcripts and even in the hours Between his nationally televised speech and their release the while Bouw appeared confident it was taking a dramatic see transcripts Page 12ai Harris Survey americans want Nixon impeached by Louis Harris in the aftermath of president Nixon s release of the i 300 pages of edited tape transcripts amt his refusal to turn Over any More materials on the watergate Case by 49-41 per cent. A plurality of the american people now want him Quot impeached and removed from office this is a Rise from a 42 42 per cent standoff in Public opinion for removal of the president in april on seven key counts a majority of the Public believe president Nixon is guilty of committing an act which a majority in turn also believe is grounds for impeachment and removal from office by 64-23 per cent a majority feel Nixon knew about the attempt to cover up White House involvement in the watergate Case by 57-31 per cent a majority also feel this is an offence for which he should by removed from office by Congress by 6120 or cent a majority believe Nixon Quot signed Back dated tax forms claiming deductions Tor giving away his vice presidential papers claiming lax credits a year after the Law had been changed a 53-33 per cent majority believe such an offence is sufficient grounds of Quot impeachment Ami removal from office Quot by 59 24 Pei cent a majority believe president Nixon see harm Survey Page Iii Ai j Hijack ends in shootout Bogota. Colombia a led by a Relief Pilot and a policeman who used karate blows police stormed a colombian Airliner saturday at the Bogota Airport and recaptured it from hijackers who had held it for 16 hours witnesses said shots were fired authorities said one Hijacker was shot to death another died an hour later at a Hospital and the third was captured police said 14 of the 86 passengers were injured but most of the injuries were reported to by minor passengers who escaped through an emergency exit during the police attack said one of the six member Crew a Stew see Hijack Page 12a sister is a Mother to family St Paul. Minn a with a helping hand from grandma. 19-year-old Mylan Masson is rearing her orphan Brothers and Sisters and still finding time to go to College and hold Down three part time jobs to constantly on the run anti i in never on time for she explained in a always late for everything Quot her parents. Robert and Sylvia Masson and her youngest brother. Keith 13 drowned last june 28 on a fishing expedition ii Canada miss Manson said there was never any question about the rest of the family s staying together other family members Are Bruce 25 who does what he can despite serious health prob lems Nancy. 17. Bradley. 16 Miriam. 12 and Norman Jean 8 their grandmother Kathryn Masson moved in after the tragedy miss Masson describes her grandmother As a a Gilt from god she s 72 and acts like she s 32.&Quot mrs Masson helps with the housework and cooking miss Masson keeps labs on doctor and dentist appointments Tor her Brothers and Sisters and conferences at school with their teachers sin says she also likes to go to their softball games and pea. To do thing with them As Best i can Quot miss Masson works part time at two movie Heaters and alter school is a gymnasium director at an elementary school in addition she s a full time student at St a Atherine College where she is a Sophomore studying to become a physical education teacher my grades suffer Quot she admitted Quot i do the Best i can i do go to every class it s probably the Only thing i be gel going Tor Mylan for it. Rid in. Heads family ;