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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 11, 1974, Anniston, Alabama A Jethro making movie by Bob Thomas los Angeles api Max Baer has a solution for actors who can t find work make your own movie. It s hard to believe that the handsome hulking Jethro of a the Beverly Hillbillies a one of the most successful television series of All time find employment. But it s says Baer son of the late heavyweight boxing Champion. A in the four years since the Hillbillies went off the air i be done two love american styles and one television movie. Period. It s All because of the people who run the studios. The majority of them can to see past the ends of their noses. Producers Are supposed to be leaders instead they re followers. Quot before the i had made a lot of westerns at Warner Brothers so nobody would cast me in a comedy. After the they said i do anything but dumb As a result has spent the last four years collecting unemployment insurance whenever eligible stood in line for his Check this week but All that May be Over soon. In june. American International pictures will release a Macon county a dramatic film written and produced by Max Baer. Also starring Max Baer the film resulted both from his chronic unemployment and an abortive acting Job in Mississippi. Baer went there for a two week assignment stayed three Days and came Home. A the producer did no to know what the hell was doing the director was Baer recalled. A people had put up Money for the picture and i knew they were going to get buried they ended up with a picture that can t get a release a a total loss of $500,000 a i figured if those people could put a picture together so could Baer began writing a screen play based on a news Story had read about two Brothers who had unwittingly become entangled with the Law in the South their Nemesis was a country sheriff who believed the Brothers had killed his wife. Baer wrote the script with Richard Compton who was scheduled to direct a Macon county line then Baer and a business associate. Roger Cam Ras. Tried to raise financing they could Only locate 25 per cent of what was needed so the pair added $200,000 of their own a Macon county line was filmed last year with the Sacramento area doubling for the South Why Sacramento a because we afford to go Down Baer admitted a besides. Sacramento is my Home town and i have friends who would give me things i needed like a Houseboat. Free of when Baer finished the film. He showed it to a golfing pal. Howard Hawks. The Veteran directors lavish Praise was used to attract interest from distributors instead of one of the old line companies. Baer chose aggressive Young american International. A they know How to sell a picture like this especially in the reasoned a the big companies Only know How to sell the sting or a the it does no to take much Talent to sell those Baer has written another script which intends to produce and direct. Hell do it on his own again a a i done to want anyone telling me what to if a Macon county line is a hit hell have no problems. If not. Back to the unemployment line. Anniston Jar 5 Ilir a tar saturday. May la. 1174 problems on emergency and to re runs continue Misc v so Best bet a no selection today. 6 00 2 13 31 40 Hee Haw 5 National geographic 6 Sale of the Century 7 zoom la Reasoner report 17 All South wrestling 46 Mayberry . 6 30 6 Dusty a Trail 7 Washington week in review la action line 46 circus 7 00 2 13 31 emergency spends a major crashed there is in six part series the Lenox quartet composed of left to right Delmar pettys Peter Marsh Toby Appel and Donald Mccall play the music of Haydn in a six part series Lenox quartet beginning tonight at 10 30 . Over Channel 7, the Public broadcasting system. Much of its time on freeway Accident a cars and Many Hurt also a boy with a bad heart and a possible suicide to Deal with. Plus Desoto a Kevin Tighe problem will accept a promotion and leave the paramedics repeat 5 National geographic 6 la the Partridge family 7 movie a i remember mama 17 Nashville music 46 untamed world 7 30 6 la suspense movie has a is no to it shocking a 17 Wilburn Brothers 46 Audubon wildlife 8 00 2 13 31 saturday night at the movies begins to be concluded monday this 1956 film encompasses 25 years in a Texas family a life. Rock Hudson. Elizabeth Taylor and the late James Dean Star. Repeat 5 40 All in the family 17 Porter Wagoner 8 30 5 40 a a a 17 Buck Owens 46 the lesson 9 00 5 40 a funny and touching episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show has Georgia Engel in the spotlight. She a upset because she finds Ted Ted Knight kissing another woman in his dressing room. Her dilemma to become a swinger or a nun repeat 6 11 Owen Marshall. Counselor at Law 7 War and peace 17 Jim de Brown show 46 George and Diane Ivey 5 show 40 9 30 5 40 Emily s Suzanne la Pleshette parents pop up on the Bob Newhart show in the person of Ann Rutherford and John Randolph the major problem comes from father a big. Heroic humorous Man who can do everything and makes Bob feel inadequate it s a funny script. Repeat 17 Del Reeves 46 new directions 10 00 2 la news 5 40 the Carol Burnett show 6 Perry Mason 17 Aba play off game 31 movie a Krona so 40 Bob Harrington chaplain of Bourbon Street 46 water family to 15 13 movie a the list of Adrian messenger 10 30 2 movie a Paris blues movie a a kissing cousins Good news 10 40 Abc weekend news 10 55 movie a Rio bravos 11 00 weekend news roller Derby game of the la 6 40 week 11 15 a the detective 6 movie Story 11 30 movie a tight spot 12 00 Midnight special a the Man in the net 12 35 2 movie a Fame is the name of the games 12 45 a come la movie me 1 45 6 living word 2 00 6 the Story of Jesus spy with monday through Friday daytime shows Aba playoff set sunday sunday 10 30-11 Abc make a wish Host Tom Chapin investigates the words a Flag and a a fan for his Young audience through Field trips music and interviews. 1 30-4 lbs a there will be coverage of the Aba playoff finals Between the Boston celtics and the Milwaukee bucs from Milwaukee if a seventh game is necessary. 4-5 Abc a Margaret court and evonne Goola Gong meet in the fifth round of the world invitational Tennis classic from Hilton head Racquet club in South Carolina 6 30-7 30 Abc it. Erskine Efrem Zimbalist or pursues a show business manager accused of vengeful kidnapping his top Star s daughter on the Fri. 6 30-7 30 lbs on apples Way the family s fair entry is disqualified and the children scheme to Boycott the fair. Ronny Cox stars 7 30-9 15 Abc the sunday night movie offers a Nice station Zebra a a 1968 submarine adventure with Rock Hudson and Ernest Borg me. Part one. Repeat monday 7-8 Abc a the rookies team up to help Terry s Cousin. A returning Vietnam Veteran who finds himself in trouble with the Law and unable to secure employment. Repeat 8-9.30 Abc a the monday night movie concludes a Nice station Zebra a with Patrick Mcgoohan and Jim Brown. Part two repeat 9 30-10 Abc red Snow. White death features Clint Walker in the role of an alaskan Law enforcement officer Hunting criminals in a widely inaccessible Region. Tuesday 7-7 30 Abc a Adam-12 officers Malloy and Reed Martin Milner and Kent Mccord Are on helicopter patrol this week pursuing criminals from the air. Repeat week in preview 7 30-9 no a tuesday mystery movie Tenafly stars James Mceachin As a private Eye involved in a scandalous Case repeat 9-10 no a when three policemen Are slain consecutively the Captain fears a conspiracy on police Story. Stuart Whitman stars. Repeat 9-10 Abc a Marcus Welby. M d Robert Young concerns himself Over a Young leukaemia victim who makes plans to wed her College professor repeat wednesday 8-10 no a wednesday night a the movies offers three comedies a hello Mother goodbye with Bette Davis a grandpa. Mom and dad and Richie starring John Marley and Abby Dalton and a wheres Momman featuring Michele Carey. 9-10 Abc Doc Elliot James Franciscus faces the difficult taks of declaring an old Man insane causing him to lose ownership of his property. Repeat 9-10 lbs the murder of a Petty car thief arouses Kojak s suspicions about the motive. Could it be tied to a larger crime Telly Savalas stars. Repeat thursday 8-9 Abc a chief Ironside Raymond Burr uses aide Mark Sanger Don Mitchell As a Decoy to trap a murderous loan shark repeat 8-10 a Psi a the thursday night movies has four half hour comedies about love and bachelors a friends and lovers with Paul Sand a the boys Quot with Herb Edelman a a Jerry starring Robert Walden and a Sonny boy featuring Allen Garfield. 9-10 Abc a a 23-year Veteran of the police Force is accused of killing a fellow officer on the streets of san Francisco. Karl Malden and Michael Douglas Star. Repeat Friday 7-7 30 no Fred Redd Foxx tries to keep Lamont Demond Wilson Home by assuming the lifestyle of a skid Row bum on Sanford and son. Repeat. 7-8 Abc a anthropologist John Marshall returns to South Africa to record the Progress of the bushmen of the Kalahari. Leslie Nielsen narrates. 9-10 Abc a Dave Toma Tony Musante is in Europe hoping to uncover the source of the drug traffic in the . Kathleen Widdoes guests. Repeat. Saturday 2 30-4 Abc the Alan King Tennis classic gets underway from Caesars Palace Las vegas Nev. 4-5 lbs the triple Crown of racing continues with the Preakness from Pamlico race course in Baltimore my. Chic Anderson comments. 8-10 15 no saturday night at the movies has the 1970 release a two mules for sister Sara a starring Clint Eastwood and Shirley Maclaine. Repeat 9-11 lbs Bob Barker and Helen o Connell team up again to Host the 1974 miss Usa Beauty pageant originating from the International convention Center in Niagara Falls . 5 00 31 Coffee break 2 various programs 9 25 5 Sunrise semester 6 now la Good morning Atlanta 9 30 5 10 2 13 31 jeopardy 6 morning devotional 5 40 Gambia 5 15 6 the girl in my life 6 farm Market report la 10,000 Pyramid 13 awake 10 00 5 30 2 13 31 wizard of Odds 2 Arthur Smith 5 40 now you see of 5 Captain Kangaroo 6 All my children 6 news la one life of live la Garner Ted Armstrong 46 fury 17 country Western to 30 5 35 2 13 31 Hollywood squares 6 country boy toddle 5 40 love of life 5 45 6 la Brady Bunch 13 top of the morning 46 cartoon festival 31 devotional 10 55 6 00 5 40 news 2 today show la Roll Rise amp Shine 2 5 la news 17 three stooges amp Little rascals 6 password 31 cartoons 13 31 Jackpot 6 25 17 Lucy show 2 news 40 the Young and the restless 6 30 46 700 club 2 today show 11 30 5 Atlanta a m 2 Merv Griffin 7 00 5 40 search for tomorrow 5 40 lbs morning news 6 11 split second 6 morning show 13 31 celebrity sweepstakes la Green acres 17 beat the clock 13 31 today show 11 55 7 25 13 31 news 2 13 news 12 00 7 30 5 what s my line 2 13 today show 6 13 40 news la our miss Brooks la All my children 17 romper room 17 movie 40 Paul Harvey comments 31 Dinah s place 7 35 12 05 40 lbs morning news 40 by the Way 1 00 12 15 2 today in Georgia 5 Phil Donahue show 13 mid Day 12 30 la Hazel 5 40 As the world turns 17 new zoo revue 6 la let s make a Deal 40 capt Kangaroo 13 31 three on a match 1 05 1 00 6 Merv Griffin 2 13 31 Days of our lives 1 25 5 40 guiding Light 31 local news 6 la newlywed game 1 30 46 a new Day 2 Mon. News conference la Dick Van Dyke 1 30 17 Donna Reed show 2 13 31 the doctors 31 today show 5 40 Edge of night 9 00 6 i dream of Jeannie 2 13 Dinah s place la the girl in my life 5 40 joker s wild 46 Bozo la password 2 00 17 movie 2 13 31 another world 5 40 Price is right 6 la general Hospital 17 banana splits 46 Porky pig 1 30 2 13 31 mow to survive a marriage 5 40 match game 6 one Lite to live la Prue movie 17 Flintstones 46 Dennis the menace 2 4$ 7 America be fit Mon amp Fri 2 50 7 20th Century capsules tues 3 00 2 13 31 Somerset $ bewitched 6 Sio too Pyramid 7 various programs 17 Gilligan s Island 40 tattletale 46 the Lone Ranger 3 30 2 truth or consequences 5 Mike Douglas 6 chopper one Mon 6 bewitched tues Fri 7 electric company 13 Hogan s heroes 17 leave it to Beaver 31 the Flintstones 40 not for women Only 46 room 222 4 00 2 mod squad 6 Bonanza 7 sesame Street 13 31 Gomer Pyle 17 Beverly Hillbillies 40 Ben Casey 46 Batman part i la to Tell the truth 13 Andy Griffith show 17 Petticoat Junction 31 Beverly Hillbillies 46 Batman part 2 5 00 2 s 6 la 40 news 7 mister Rogers neighbourhood 13 Home edition 17 the Lucy show 31 Andy Griffith 46 Dennis the menace 5 25 31 local weather 5 30 6 11 13 31 40 news 7 various programs 17 father knows Best 46 room 222 St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica St. Johns Hospital cares for the stars ask to scout Denver fan please Tell me what other series besides Gilligan a Island Bob Denver was on. Also did Bob Crane Star on hogans heroes a m a h., Norfolk a. Bobs first series was Dobie Gillis. He also starred in the Good Guys and presently can be seen in the syndicated Dusty a Trail. Yes Crane played Hogan in hogans heroes. Lucie fan is Lucie Arnaz married and How old is she a Rebecca Jouett Little Rock Ark. Lucie is presently separated from her husband Phil Vandervort. She was born in 1951 so this year Shell be 23. Sun it a Don Adams had a to show of his own. Was it called get smart a d. K., Muskegon Mich. Yes that was the name of his first and very successful series. His second less successful one was the partners mile High question is John Denver related to Bob Denver where can i write John a Shelly veselits Muskegon Mich. No. Johns real name is John Deutchendorf or. Write him at Abc 4151 Prospect ave., los Angeles Calif. 90027. Square question who is the regular on Hollywood squares who died. My friends say Wally Cox and i want to be sure. A s. W., Norfolk a. Listen to your friends. They Are right. Burns her up we see George Burns on to quite often what happened to Gracie Allen a a mrs. E. T., Beebe Ark. Georges beloved Gracie died in 1964 at the age of 58. Go North please Tell me who played Dennis the menace in the to show of the same name. A $25 bet is Riding on the answer. A Jolita Raylots Austin Tex. Jay North was Dennis. Did you win the bet by Bob Thomas associated press writer Santa Monica Calif. Apr the Lennon Sisters were born there. Betty Grable and Nat King Cole died there. And occasionally stars Check into St. Johns Hospital for a Facelift or a tryout following a Bender. For 30 years the White building on 26th Street has been the Hospital of the stars. The latest patient is Richard Burton who is being treated for influenza tracheal bronchitis. Why do the stars prefer St. Johns Over the dozen other Large hospitals in the los Angeles area aside from the medical reputation of St. Johns its location is Handy for residents of Beverly Hills Bel air and other High rent districts of the Western Region. Also the entertainment Industry has been closely associated with St. Johns since its beginning in the Early 1940s. Among the Early supporters were Louis b. Mayer Irene Dunne and bandleader Kay Kyser for whom the Hospital Library is named. Over the years St. Johns has benefited from movie premieres and Hollywood balls. Some of the proceeds from the All Star a How the West was won go for the Benefit of the Hospital. It still receives a sizable Check every time the film plays on television. A major reason Why stars favor St. Johns is the hospitals know How in dealing with celebrities. A we believe they Are sick people who deserve the same kind of care and privacy that other patients said an administrator Jack Kelly a the staff members have dealt with so Many of the celebrities that they have become Blase about stars who wish to insure privacy can rent vip rooms which Are located at the buildings Corners in full View of nurses stations and secure from intruders. The rooms rent for about $140 a Day. Stars who Are sick often do not want the fact known and St. Johns cooperates. Movies on to saturday 7 . 7 Quot i remember mama a stars Irene Dunne and Philip Dom. The Story of a norwegian family headed by a Wise and indomitable Mother and their attempts to establish a Home in san Francisco. 7 30 . 6 la Quot Isnit it shocking a stars Alan Alda and Louise Lasser. When elderly citizens in a new England town begin to die mysteriously the inexperienced sheriff is confronted with an ingenious killer and some very Odd goings on. 8 . 2 13 31 Quot giant a stars Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor. Owner of a Texas cattle ranch and wife involve themselves in plight of poor mexican ranch workers and life of their one time ranch hand now millionaire Jett rink. . 31 a Kronos a stars Jeff Morrow and Barbara Lawrence. A 100-foot Metal things magic runs amuck under the direction of an a a intelligence from outer space until it has its Field reversed 10 15 . 13 a the list of Adrian messenger a stars George c. Scott and Dana Wynter. Englishman a list of people including himself whom believes Are marked for murder leads to investigation uncovering evidence that pieces bizarre Puzzle. 10 30 . 2 a Paris blues a stars Sidney Poitier and Paul Newman. Two american jazzmen in Paris playing with a band at a left Bank cafe. Their romances with two girls on vacation 10 30 . 5 a a kissing cousins a stars Elvis Presley and Pamela Austin air Force officer is assigned to persuade a hillbilly Cousin to allow the government to build missile site on his Mountain. 10 55 . La a Rio Bravo a stars John Wayne and Dean Martin. A sheriff aided by an old cripple a former Deputy turned drunk a youth fast with two guns and a girl outsmart a powerful rancher who wants to get his killer brother released from prison. 11 30 . 31 a tight spot a stars Ginger Rogers and Edward g. Robinson. A Wise cracking Dame is persuaded to testify against a gang Leader who has attempted to kill her. 11 15 . 6 a the detective Story a stars Kirk Douglas and Eleanor Parker. A detective s personal code becomes twisted from dealing with criminals Over a number of years. Midnight -17 a the Man in the net a stars Alan Ladd and Carolyn Jones. Circumstantial evidence builds against Young advertising executive accused of murdering his alcoholic wife. 12 35 a m. 2 a Fame is the name of the game a stars Tony Franciosa and Jill St. John. Reporter for a weekly Magazine while on assignment accidentally discovers the body of a slain girl. 12 45 a m. La a come spy with me a stars Troy Donahue and Andrea Dromm. A Beautiful special agent investigates the death of other agents in the Caribbean where a ship Board meeting of world leaders will take place. J ;