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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 11, 1974, Anniston, Alabama A be Houston Futar a perhaps you Don t , yourself can become a deleted expletive Star readers h Brandt Ayers Cody Hall Steve Traylor John o. O Hara establish of in mrs. Joel y. Ayers chairman of the Board editor and Rubl Thor p a Sanguinetti executive editor managing editor marketing Olio actor Sam Ogle or. Almus j. Thornton Albert heard prot done circulation manager Socrat Ary tra Sturar general Foreman Ralph w Callahan director and consultant ,11 o o i a Harry m Ayers president and publisher 1910-1964 subscription rates one weeks is one month. 3 35 including tax mail rates on request the consolidated publishing co props publishing every afternoon and sunday morning at West 10th Street second class postage paid at Anniston Ala 34701 saturday May la 1974 the Bunio Burn version a i gotta complaint a said threnody m. Bunio Burn the other Day dropping himself into his favorite office chair. A a How sat a we asked. A this business about the president and the transcript of his recorded conversations. A a shocked. Threnody a a a Well dad Summit that a exactly what i mean Why should i be shocked really now a a care to elaborate on that threnody by All accounts there was some pretty Salty language bandied about a a How do you know a a Well. A a Okay look. Hight Here where the transcript says a expletive deleted and Over Here where it says a characterization omitted a a yeah threnody. I know the parts you re talking about but in a not sure what you re driving at. Some people Are pretty upset that a president of the United states would Call people a dumb characterization omitted a a and the Way he throws around those a expletives one after another a a Well for Peters Sake the trouble is that maybe people Are Reading it All wrong Tell me what a the one thing that Richard m. Nixon can count on if it Isnit that his enemies will always believe the worst of him a a get on to what it is you re trying to say a i say Richard m. Nixon has caught All his opposition off base. Did no the know those tape recorders were running did no the know that there was a possibility that the other Side might some Day get a hold of whatever it was he might be saying a a possibly. A a so Why it be that the president is using a Little reverse English on them a a huh a a those a expletives might be nothing More than him saying a Golly gee a or a leaping lizards a or a jumping Catfish a those a characterization deleted so Arentt necessarily bad. He could have been saying a gee Whiz he a a Prince of a fellow there where the transcript says he a a a characterization omitted a a Well Golly threnody and even an expletive deleted or two. And of course the watergate burglary obviously was nothing More than the Chance intrusion of a boy scout troop finding its Way Home after a 50-mile hike Martha Mitchell is a Cia agent and judge Sirica is Howard Hunts Uncle a Bunio Burn frowned gave a haughty sniff and said a you jest. You make fun of what i say a a eau Contrare. Threnody Only taking your line of reasoning a step further a people who believe that will believe anything pc. H. Crimping on health Calhoun county is trying to operate a Modem Public health program with a 19th Century budget. As a result the people of Calhoun county receive fewer services and less Protection from dangers to health than almost any place in the nation. According to state data the per capita expenditure for general health services in Calhoun county in 1970 was $1.12. National standards Call for minimum funding of local health departments at $4.50 per capita. The Alabama average is $2.57 per capita. It is $2.60 in Etowah county $2.15 in Cleburne $1.69 in Talladega. Calhoun county a health department operates with a staff of 15 and 20 per cent of a health officers time and attention. This Means a too Small health department which can to keep up with the work. It Means inadequate Home nursing services too few clinic services too infrequent inspections of milk of restaurant Kitchen conditions. It Means increased danger of an outbreak of communicable disease. The Calhoun county health department is being supported inadequately by the local governments in the county. The county commission and the municipalities should begin to plan for an expanded better financed modern county health department with a full time health officer. Some things Are too important to scrimp on. The health of our people is one of them. Recap highlights of the issues and editorial opinions rom recent editorial pages of the Anniston Star the Issue As expected the administration has now asked Congress to let up on anti pollution requirements on the Auto Industry. Our opinion if we need to curtail the use of fuel by automobiles and we do How about a ban on Auto air conditioners a major user of fuel or a ban on new cars using More than a set Standard of fuel or even gasoline rationing the Issue should Congress continue the nations anti poverty program our opinion Congress should continue the office of economic opportunities and its local Community action agencies including the Community improvement Board. Issue should Congress require the automobile Industry to build cars that Are More efficient users of fuel a responsiveness plan under probe by jury by Jack Anderson Washington the watergate grand jury is considering action against 1972 Nixon campaigners for using Federal funds to Badger votes from Chicano Blacks and other minority groups. The master plan for gearing government machinery and Money to vote getting is Laid out in a memo As we reported earlier stamped a eyes Only a and written feb. 17,1972, by White House efficiency expert Fred Malek our opinion Congress should approve the legislation which passed the Senate recently. We can no longer afford the inefficient Gas guzzling monsters. They Are simply too wasteful in a time of Energy shortage. They must be required to fade gracefully into history. The Issue should the government charter and regulate u. S. Oil companies our opinion there does need to be More government monitoring and regulation of the Oil Industry. The Public interest in this vital National resource must be protected. Sacrifices must be shared by Industry and the Public. Sen. Jackson a chartering proposals would define the Public obligations of the companies and provide Public representation on boards of directors. These proposals should be adopted by Congress. Maleks main co workers were then White House aides h r. A a bobs Haldeman John Ehrlichman and Charles Colson plus John Mitchell the attorney general who was soon to become the Generalissimo of the 1972 Campaign. As Laid out by Malek. The White House Crew would see that administration a programs Are responsive to and coordinated with Campaign although Malek insisted to us that the a responsiveness plan Quot was never fully put into operation we have now obtained evidence that among Blacks and Spanish americans at least the program was in full swing. The grand jury for instance has zeroed in on the Case of Leveo Sanchez a Spanish american businessman with a firm called development associates in Washington. Sanchez who was getting Small business administration help had the audacity to refuse to kick in to the Nixon Campaign. After the refusal Sanchez was asked to lunch by former White House Berry a world speak out pounds commended i am a visitor to the Anniston area and while Here i met an outstanding Law enforcement officer in the town of Ohatchee. I was stopped by this officer for a speeding violation and received a warning citation for the same. He was Nice and Well spoken. I asked about him later and found that in truth he is a very outstanding officer. His name is Joe pounds the chief of police of Ohatchee. I was told of the Fine work that he has done with the Young people of Ohatchee the Ohatchee recreation Center. This is the Type of officer our America needs everywhere he has spent Long hard hours for the betterment of his town and his profession. The people of Ohatchee should Wake up and Honor this Man and his efforts there should be some thing or some Type of Honor your county should bestow upon this gentleman. This Man and officers like him Seldom receive any thanks for a Job Well done. I shall Honor this Man with my thanks and my prayers. May god bless him and men such As he. A i just wish the transcription of the a it tapes did no to have the word a expletive in it so a it often a j c. Collins Macon. A. Reader pleased re the editorial a fallen to the May ii am very pleased to see for once you have a Good word for our Best senator. Also do not be void of Hope about rep. Nichols. He is a much better informed member than your stupid editorial Nincompoop Are. Think that Over. Robert e pippin Wedowee Spanish american aide William Marumoto who reportedly was unhappy with the turndown memos in the hands of watergate sleuths show Marumoto then conferred with sea officials and within Days Sanchez was Cut off there is some evidence however that sea acted before Marumoto could get to them. The watergate prosecutors under Leon Jaworski have also gathered data on the a responsiveness plan Quot from both the Senate watergate staff and a House banking subcommittee. Among the House material mostly assembled by subcommittee investigator Curtis Prins is the Case of a eco tool company headed by Joe Aceves then chairman of democrats for Nixon in Central California. The fortunate Aceves got the largest single business development Grant Ever awarded by the sea despite objections from the sea professional staff. Aceves denied to my associate Jack Cloherty that politics was involved another Case now under the watergate prosecutors scrutiny is a lucrative noncompetitive wrecking contract Given by sea to a Washington firm which had not previously done any wrecking work it did not even have a wrecking Yard however it shared office space and worked closely with the pro Nixon a Black silent majority Quot group. The House investigators also turned up a dubious sea handling of Cade services inc., of los Angeles whose Secretary treasurer is the former top White House Black Robert Brown. A local sea official asked for an audit of cadets relationship with an sea funded management firm. Sea in Washington killed the audit. Besides the valuable help from the House subcommittee the Jaworski probes have been poring Over hearings on a responsiveness Quot held by the Senate watergate committee. The Little publicized hearings show the White House used everything from a Promise of a Federal judgeship to a prominent Chicano to federally supported Campaign trips by Nixon a daughters to get minority groups to vote for the president. Footnote sea administrator Tom Kleppe has repeatedly denied any knowledge that his Agency was used for political purposes. Marumoto has denied All wrongdoing in testimony before the watergate committee. Sex White House aide Brown did not return our Calls. Malek told us his plan was mostly a a talking the sanitized transcript of the White House conversations showing tantalizing statements As a unintelligible Quot and a a inaudible flies in the face of testimony by the Man who set up the taping system. He is Alexander Butterfield a former White House aide who is now Federal aviation administrator. On july 16, 1973, before the Senate watergate committee Butterfield said that the equipment in the presidents offices would pick up a any and All conversations no matter where the conversations took place in the room and no matter How soft the conversations might have Butterfield also swore the machines were a checked at least daily and were a always working yet the White House has been trying to convince the Public that the recordings were made on makeshift equipment that frequently malfunctioned. Know exactly How the City of Anniston plans to enforce a Law on a few people and let others go Scot free a i feel i have been unduly harassed by this neighbor and the humane society. I feel such a Law is ridiculous until such time there Are enough employees of a City body to enforce such a Law. I do not believe it very democratic when a Law is enforced on a few and not on All mrs Richard Aderholt Len lock Heights dear a unknown. Dear a unknown we Are unable to express directly our appreciation for the gift of five dollars which you made to the red Cross disaster fund on april 24 because you did not give your name red Cross has received Many such contributions we wish to express gratitude to All for their assistance to those who suffered in the april tornadoes and Hope you will read this reply made possible by the Anniston Star. Tornadoes which ravaged communities in a dozen states placed a heavy Burden upon red Cross. With the efforts of thousands of volunteers and the support of concerned people like you All needs of those who suffered Are being met. Most sincerely. Birmingham Roscoe d Whatley manager. Alabama division garbage problem i would like to know what can be done about the garbage bins in the Glen addle housing area. The tops and doors Are off some of the garbage bins and this summer when it gets hot it will be awful with maggots and flies and stink All Over the place. We May All come Down with malaria or something worse. I done to know who is supposed to keep them up but if something in t done there will be a lot of sick people Here in this area the bins also Are never washed out As they Are supposed to be mrs Zelma Howell l-12 Glen addle Apt Leash Law pets in reply to article by mrs Orice Gaither and miss Anne Wilkinson in the Anniston Star tuesday May 7, in reference to a National be kind to animal week Quot i definitely believe in being kind to animals. I have taught my children to also be kind to them. We Are owners of a mixed Breed dog who is As playful As any child and apparently has More intelligence than some people i happen to know we happen to have the misfortune of having a neighbor who dislikes animals particularly dogs and children we have been harassed in the Early hours of morning by a threatening Call from a woman a Stop your a dog from Barking before i kill we immediately checked on our dog and she was lying by our Carport door sound asleep. The woman did not have the Courtesy or intestinal fortitude to give her name and when asked who she was she Hung up. Although she thinks she remains Anonymous we Are fairly certain we know who she is. The next Day after the Call the humane society was called into the neighbourhood and were evidently told to get my dog and a neighbors two Small dogs they were successful in catching the Small dogs but could not catch my larger dog. So they took the time and trouble to Call me on my Job and told me i would have to keep her chained or inside the Fence in compliance with the Leash Law this i have done since wednesday april 24,1974. This dog had been dumped out at Guntersville Lake and happened to take up with my children while they were spending some of their summer vacation with their grandparents at the Lake. When my children returned Home from the Lake and told me about the dog and How much they wanted her i took a Day off from my Job and drove Back to the Lake and got her. We adopted her and brought her Home and immediately had her checked Over by our vet and later in the year had her spayed to prevent her from being a nuisance plus having puppies which we would have to worry about finding Homes for. This dog was approximately one year old when we got her and was used to running Loose we have a Chain link Fence but she digs out or jumps the Fence to be with the children at play therefore we have to keep her chained which in my opinion is As cruel and inhumane As shooting or poisoning. I can understand picking up dogs who do not have License or rabies tags and apparently Are stray dogs. But when they have these tags they apparently belong to an animal Lover who cares for their pet As my children do theirs. There Are approximately 30 to 40 dogs in my neighbourhood who Are running Loose and the humane society has been called several times about them by myself and other neighbors but they Haven to bothered to enforce this so called a Leash Law Quot on anyone other than myself and one other neighbor. I would like to by i be Miller Down to /1 of Earth Xvi let s get rid of mothers Day such was the proposal in an article i read recently in a National Magazine. The author a Richard Frisbie argues that motherhood is today an a undesirable career Quot a a position downgraded by society. Why not celebrate bachelors Day instead he suggests since the modern female finds her Ideal in the a Freedom Quot of a big paying Job with plenty of free time for Golf skiing or Tennis. The proposal is ludicrous now. I am not so naive As to believe that we live in the same world we did even 20 years ago but i find it difficult to comprehend a statement that the majority of the population now wishes Celebration of motherhood abolished sure More and More women Are entering the work Force projecting family income to the highest level in history. But what has that really accomplished a collectively we spend $118 billion a year on food. $56 billion on clothes. $99 billion on housing $46 billion on automobiles and $3 billion just to dispose of our garbage in the affluence of it All we celebrate a National indigestion season a legitimate occasion listed in chases Calendar of annual events it and listen to the voices of those who criticize us for celebrating such a sentimental occasion As motherhood we might be surprised to discover How Many of today a absurdities begin on a Small scale. Our authorities describe the a Ideal female and a few people Are actually so Gullible As to Swallow their whole proposal. The a experts Quot Are waiting on the sidelines for the feeling to multiply itself. But to be ashamed of motherhood a i done to believe the pebbles will create the Avalanche there is an important Factor known As communications involved a an innate craving of both Parent and child. Change roles and titles All you wish and you la never be Able to alter that need. Abolish mothers Day not Likely. Southern Bell tells me that tomorrow Over 11.5 million people will reaffirm that need and appreciation by interstate Telephone Calls making mothers Day second Only to Christmas for the busiest Day of the year for Long distance calling the number of International Calls to and from the United states is expected to be 118,000. Up from 99,000 last year even the so called a liberated Quot and a free Quot mothers will reach out for tomorrows special appreciation. At least for tomorrow both Mother and children will ignore the critics to Toast that a undesirable career Quot a motherhood. Tomorrow the a Ideal Quot female is a Mother. A a them a my write to Lee in care of the Star p. O. Box 189. Look Back May la 1924 count Rya Tolstoy who has spending a week at the Alabama i leaves today for South Carolina i going to Miami fla., to fill a in engagement. May la 1949 Malcolm Street . Wilbanks Robert p. Warnock or. Have ret after attending the state Convent civitan clubs in Decatur. F ;