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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 11, 1974, Anniston, Alabama A he Huttu Stott Bitar vol. 95, no. 133 Anniston a nth nil copyrighted 1974 Tontoli doted publishing co. A Alabama a largest Home owned newspaper saturday Mav la 1974 Price to cents Ham a Good Day news i state local the state ethics commission has gone against the protests of numerous local officials and ordered financial disclosures to be made by nearly All City and county office holders. Details Page 2. Deaths mrs Agnes Durrah of Plainfield n j. Mrs. Mary Coleman of Piedmont John h. Bishop of Cedar Bluff and Henry d Greene and William j. Lambert both of Jacksonville details Page 9 National a group of Young hijackers who commandeered a colombian plane held a gun to the pilots head today and demanded $300,000 Ransom for the release of 86 passengers and six Crew members. Details Page 2. Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger met with israeli leaders today working out details of a troop disengagement plan for presentation to syrian leaders in Damascus on sunday. Vice president Gerald r Ford after expressing Confidence that president Nixon will not resign in the Wake of the watergate affair took a one Day speaking swing through Texas today. Ford s first Stop is to deliver a commencement speech at Texas a amp a University. Federal authorities May join the investigation of san Francisco s Zebra killings under a conspiracy Law that has been widely used in civil rights cases Well placed informants say. The sources said atty. Gen. William b Saxbe and top aides will decide within a week whether to bring in the of big a investigative resources. International a wire photo president Nixon still manages to smile in Friday meeting milk funds asked hours after talk a major earthquake jolted an area of southwestern China Early today the Royal Observatory reported. The Observatory said the quake struck 192 Miles Southwest of the City of chunking about 400 Miles North of the Border with North Vietnam. Washington a within hours of talking with president Nixon about milk Price supports in 1971, some Dairy cooperative leaders tried to raise a Quick $300,000 for Nixon a Campaign according to secret Senate testimony. D. Paul Alagia. Former executive director of dairymen inc., said officials of two sister Dairy cooperatives asked him for the Money in a pre Dawn Airport meeting March 24,1971. Alagia said he refused the request on grounds his cooperative did t have the Money but his group did give $25 000 to Nixon later the same Day. The next Day March 25, the administration raised milk Price supports by 27 cents per hundredweight adding hundreds of millions of dollars to the in come of Dairy Farmers. Informed sources said that the Senate watergate committees chief milk fund investigator assistant chief counsel David Dorsen told members of the committee late this week that Alagia a testimony tends to support allegations that milk prices were raised in return for a Promise of $2 million in Campaign donations from dairymen. Alagia in a Telephone interview. Confirmed the account of his testimony and added some details. On March 23 he and a number of other Dairy cooperative officials met at the White House with president Nixon milk prices were among the subjects discussed. Nixon battling for political life after the dairymen left president Nixon met with his top aides and ordered milk prices up. The White House has said. It said Nixon knew that some of the men present had promised to give him $2 million for his reelection but denied that this influenced the presidents decision to raise prices. After the White House meeting. Alagia said he flew to Chicago on business. About 4 a m. The next morning he arrived at the Airport in his Hometown Louisville ky., where his cooperative has its Headquarters. There to meet him were the top leaders of two other giant Dairy co Ops. Associated milk producers inc. And mid America dairymen inc. The see milk Page 2 Washington a battling for his political life president Nixon was bound for a Campus appearance in Oklahoma tonight As a top aide suggested resignation might eventually be considered if it would help the country. As a mounting chorus of congressional republicans called on Nixon to consider stepping aside because of his watergate problems the presidents wife Pat relayed word through an assistant Friday that a she feels its too bad the Republican leadership is coming out and saying these things because it s harmful to the White House staff chief Alexander m Haig or. Said in an interview he sees nothing now to prompt a Nixon resignation. But he acknowledged the president might consider that unprecedented step a if he thought that served the Best interests of the american the situation in Washington prompted White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler to Call the new York times Friday and Issue a Strong denial that Nixon would resign a the City of Washington is full of rumours. All that have been presented to me today Are false and the one that Heads the list is the one that says president Nixon intends to resign a the times quoted Ziegler As saying a this attitude is one of determination that he will not be driven out of office by Rumor speculation excessive charges or hypocrisy. He is up to the Battle he intends to fight it and he feels he has a personal and constitutional responsibility to do so a the times further quoted Ziegler As saying continuing a travel studded personal Campaign to enlist Public support Nixon was to Fly to Oklahoma to address evening commencement exercises at Oklahoma state University a spacious football stadium in Stillwater. A recent student poll indicated about half the Campus opposed the presidential visit. University authorities said they would bar hostile placards from the stadium. Nixon s Hope of gaining the initiative in his fight against possible impeachment received another serious blow Friday when conservative Republican sen. Milton Young of North Dakota Long a Nixon Stalwart urged that he turn Over the presidency to vice president Gerald r. Ford until the impeachment question is resolved under the 25th amendment to the Constitution Young said. Nixon later could reclaim the presidency should the House vote against impeachment or the Senate acquit him after a formal trial. Ford met with Nixon for an hour Friday morning and. At a later news conference at Buffalo n y., said. A i certainly could infer from everything he told me that resignation is not being considered. Mrs. Nixon said through press Secretary see Nixon Page 8 Nichols attitude shifts on Nixon by Mike Sherman Star City editor president Nixon appears to be losing a calculated Gamble that release of edited transcripts of White House conversations will allow him to regain the initiative in the watergate investigation. This week several prominent Republican senators have called for his resignation and a traditional congressional bulwark of support a conservative Southern democrats a appears to be weakening. A Case in Point is the changing attitude of third District . Rep. Bill Nichols. On june i 1973, Nichols blamed talk of impeachment of Nixon on a the extreme left see attitude Page 8 eleven year old Toyoshi Fukuyama of Nishio Japan was often heckled by his softball teammates because he could t hit the Ball after striking out As usual Friday he got into an argument with his friends rushed Home and locked himself inside his room his Mother told police. Fifteen minutes later she opened the door and found her son dead he hanged himself with his Bathrobe Sash police said a japanese submarine with a Crew of 80 weathered the shocks of a jolting earthquake that struck Southern Izu Peninsula and claimed 30 lives thursday the submarines skipper weather occasional showers and thunderstorms tonight with Chance of locally heavy Rains. Details Page 9. Impeachment Roundup also inside Calendar. .2 Jeane Dixon. 6 classified ads. .9-10 movies. 2 comics. 6 religious news. 3 crossword Puzzle. 6 sports. 7 editorials. 4 television. 5 another tape subpoena seen to pages in one Section Washington apr the House judiciary committee is expected to subpoena another White House tape next week despite president Nixon a announced intention to turn Over no More watergate material. Committee sources said Friday that a subpoena probably will be issued for the tape of a pre watergate White House meeting in an Effort to see if Nixon had Advance knowledge of the plan to Bug democratic Headquarters. Chief committee counsel John Doar said he would request a subpoena at the committees next business session. The april 4,1972 meeting involved Nixon his former chief of staff. H r. Haldeman and former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell. It took place four Days after Nixon a re election Campaign aides had approved a plan for electronic surveillance of the democrats according to testimony by Jeb Stuart Magruder an official of the re election committee. Nixon has denied knowing in Advance of the watergate break in. The conversation is not among the Post watergate discussions for which Nixon has turned Over edited transcripts. And Nixon lawyer James d. St. Clair said this week that no More watergate material would be delivered. Chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., d-n.j., said a Day would be set aside next week for the committee to act on such business As the issuance of the subpoena. Checks with committee members indicated there would be Little opposition to issuing it. The committee resumes closed hearings on tuesday to hear evidence in its inquiry into possible grounds for impeachment. If a majority of the House votes to impeach Nixon a two thirds majority would then be needed in the Senate to convict. Meanwhile . District judge John j. Sirica said mondays hearing on the special prosecutors subpoena for tapes of 64 presidential conversations May be held behind closed doors. The announcement indicated that some grand jury testimony May be injected into the controversy. Neither St. Clair nor special prosecutor Leon Jaworski would comment on what occurred Friday at a meeting with Sirica. The White House has moved to quash the subpoena. In other watergate related developments a watergate burglar g. Gordon Liddy was found guilty of contempt of Congress for refusing to be sworn in or to testify see tape Page 8 f a food prices not expected to drop Washington apr agriculture Secretary Earl l. Butz says supermarkets should be lowering their prices but administration economic advisers say not to expect it. A Farmers have taken a major adjustment in Price in the last several weeks. Prices of major farm commodities have dropped 20 to 40 per cent since january and february a Butz said in a statement Friday. A it is High time that these lower farm prices show up More fully in lower retail store prices. While food prices at stores have levelled off some margins Are still higher than Normal a he said. However president Nixon a chief economic adviser indicated that food prices will continue to Rise the remainder of the year although at a slower rate. Or. Herbert Stein chairman of the Council of economic advisers. Said. A retail food Price increases which accounted for about one third of the 12.2 per cent Rise in the consumer Price Index in the first Quarter should slow substantially in the april june and or. Gary l. Seevers a member of the Council said a we done to expect food prices to fall this year any reductions in the Price of individual food items should be Felt v see food prices Page 2 a. Nato May be affected by plans London apr a review of military policy by Britain a labor government could Lead to Radical new thinking about defense in the the North Atlantic treaty organization a High political source said today. The source said one plan under study foresees replacement of big standing armies in Europe with National or territorial militias a similar to the american National guard a backed up by highly Mobile american and British strike forces. British authorities have predicted that such a system would be needed if East West troop reductions in Europe now under discussion in View Nna actually see nato Page 8 Kuryliw monitors machine hooked to plants Adwir photo he claims wife can Converse with them watch what you say plants react to Westland Mich. Apr anyone can talk to a Plant but not everyone will get an answer says a of All people a a Man who gives lie Detector tests. Detective Adam Kuryliw. Who operates a polygraph or lie Detector for the Wayne county sheriffs department says plants Are so sensitive they react when a human even thinks about cutting or burning them. Kuryliw 51, of nearby Garden City uses a lie Detector to demonstrate his Point. He attaches the part of the machine normally used to measure a the sweat on a persons hand a to the Leaf of a Plant. Plants give off water through their leaves but Kuryliw says the amount varies and this he said is where plants reaction to people is measured just As a human s reaction to questions in a lie Detector test. Kuryliw said a Philodendron borrowed from a nearby florists shop was left alone in a sunny spot and the Needle on the polygraph machine barely moved. But when the Plant was pinched or hit the Needle went crazy reacting As if it were recording a human in pain. The Philodendron was so sensitive to human communication it reacted wildly when a person nearby consciously thought about harming it Kuryliw said. One afternoon Kuryliw decided to use one of his wife a plants for an Experiment while she was out of the House. He started asking it questions and watching the polygraph Needle. A i get a thing out of the Plant but when my wife walked in the Back door the Needle went wild a Kuryliw reported. A we got such a Good reaction i told her to ask it some Kuryliw said his wife asked the Plant if it wanted to be moved to either a bedroom or a nearby doorway and the humans Needle did no to move noticeably. But when she asked it if it wanted to be moved Over to the sliding Glass door a the Needle started jumping asked about Kuryliw a experiments Wayne state University biologist or. Chester t. Duda said he did no to know Why Plant behaviour a is different when different people come he said one theory is that one person May be wearing clothing which is lighter in color and plants Are sensitive to Light. Whatever the reason Kuryliw said he has found a a lot of people think plants can whether or not this communication can be translated into a language humans can decipher still is a mystery he said. One thing he is sure of however he is going to keep on talking to plants until he gets an answer. A people May laugh but in a in it for keeps a he said ;