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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 10, 1974, Anniston, Alabama Harriston of amp tar vol. 95. No. 132 Anniston Ala. A not not papyri Hotd 1974 Cerioli ditto Public Tiina it. A Alabama a largest Home owned newspaper Friday May to 1974 Price to cents have a Good Day news i state Loco the Alabama supreme court split 6-2, ruled the a extensive and widespread pre trial publicity in the Case of a Mobile Man was not so prejudicial that the trial site should have been changed details Page 8b Alabama gov. George c. Wallace has warned that he will not hesitate to form a third party in 1976 if the democrats treat him poorly. Details Page 8b the Calhoun county grand jury indicts three persons for murder As it returns 50 True Bills and 27 no Bills. Details Page 2a deaths mrs Claudia v Pettus the Rev Joseph Alfred Yeatman Richard Edward Forsyth sr., and mrs Rosa l. Loudermilch All of Anniston Clarence Elmer Turner Henry David Green and Curtis Clifford Powell All of Jacksonville Felix Russ Mullino of Weaver mrs Pearl Elizabeth Taylor of Wellington William j. Burden of Piedmont and David w Helton of Lineville details Page 5b not Iona telling some terminally ill patients of their late May be As cruel As keeping a prisoner on death Row before his execution a Philadelphia psychiatrist says. Details Page 6a the final draft of a House report concluding $17.1 million in Federal funds has been spent in connection with president Nixon s Homes says action should be taken to recover any a improper details Page 6a there is agreement among some of the nation s top corporate executives that president Nixon s chances of remaining in office received a major setback because he released the watergate tape transcripts details Page 7a the Senate after a partisan squabble has abandoned attempts to provide any government monitoring of wage and Price increases. Details Page 8a a hearing has been set for May 20 to determine if a teen Ager police said decapitated a younger boy should be tried As an adult a judge has ruled details Page 8a, the posting of a $50,000 Reward for the Safe return of Patricia Hearst has spurred an increase in the number of tips to authorities but Fri agent Charles Bates said on thursday none of the tips have resulted in Concrete leads to miss Hearst and the sym ionese liberation army which claims to have kidnapped her feb 4 a i have said in the past that we did t know where they were i Don t know where they Are now a he said weather j partly Cloudy through tonight with a Chance of thundershowers Likely. Details Page 5b also inside crossword Puzzle. 5b Jeane Dixon. .4b 5-7 b dear Abby .3b. 4b movies. .3b 4b sports. 1-2b 4a television. .3b pressure on Nixon grows Washington apr ten Days after he released his watergate transcripts president Nixon is under growing pressure to resign including from conservative republicans who have supported him in the past. However White House spokesman Gerald l. Warren said Nixon a is determined to remain in office despite comments by some and the attacks by a there is no question that the presidents position is continuing to deteriorate a said a senior Republican senator. Another reported increasing cloakroom talk that Nixon would resign if the House votes to impeach him. Almost nobody in the House in private conversation now believes that impeachment is not a foregone conclusion said rep Charles Wilson a Tex new pressure for Nixon s resignation came thursday from three top House republicans and several midwestern newspapers on the Day the House judiciary committee formally opened its hearings on whether Nixon should be impeached. The statements that Nixon should consider resigning were made by reps John j. Rhodes of Arizona the House gop Leader John b. Anderson of Illinois chairman of the House Republican conference and Barber b. Conable of new York chairman of the gop policy committee. Sen. Richard s. Schweiker a called for Nixon a resignation at a news conference today. Rhodes said Nixon a bought to consider resignation As a possible options if it becomes apparent that erosion of Public Confidence prevents him from effectively discharging his duties. He said a i do not feel that we have yet reached that Point a but also that a the president is not having an Over All beneficial effect on the prospects of the Republican Conable said. A obviously the president does have to consider resignation As an option a but he added. A i am not recommending Anderson however said the president ought to resign for the Good of the country and predicted he will be impeached if he fails to step Down voluntarily. He also said gop congressional leaders have considered going to Nixon and asking him to resign but have decided to hold off until after the House votes on impeachment. Press Secretary Ronald l Ziegler spoke of the president s a mood of determination and communications director Ken w. Clawson said that the president is not going to quit a even if hell freezes Over a yet in lower echelons of White House aides there is much less certainty that the president can much longer withstand the onslaught against him magnified As it has been since publication of the edited tapes transcripts last week. The White House staff seems to be divided into two groups on the Issue of resignation the Small group that sees the president expresses absolute Confidence that he will never resign the larger group that has almost no personal Contact with the president wonders How he can much longer withstand the pressures. One Long time assistant acknowledging that the situation is serious said nevertheless that a we knew this would be a rough time. See pressure Page 7a 16 pages in two sections papers turn on Nixon by the associated press three newspapers that supported president Nixon in 1968 and 1972 have editorials in fridays issues calling for his resignation or impeachment. The positions taken by the los Angeles times Cleveland Plain dealer and the Kansas City times follow by one Day a similar Call by the Chicago Tribune which also had been a Nixon supporter. Also the Nashville tennessean said in its Friday editions that Nixon should resign from office the tennessean which supported the 1972 presidential bid of sen George Mcgovern d-s.d., said a president Nixon must be painfully aware that he has lost the most desperate and dangerous Gamble of his political career a the tennessean referred to Nixon a decision Quot to defy subpoenas for tape recordings and to submit edited transcripts of some tapes instead in Hopes that this move would establish his innocence in the Public a resignation would be the honorable course for president Richard Nixon Quot the tennessean editorial concluded. The los Angeles times said the transcripts a contain presumptive evidence of at least one impeachable offence a the obstruction of Justice. The newspaper said nothing less than impeachment by the House and trial by the Senate could determine the presidents fitness to continue in office. A standing alone the transcript of March 21, 1973, would appear to justify or. Nixon a removal from office under even the narrowest definition of an impeachable offence a the commission of an indictable crime a the California news see newspapers Page 7a> a Wir photo mrs. Jones at left with baby son in her arms. Mrs. Kilcrease is at right baby Home Safe woman held in Kidnap probe Santa Rosa. Calif. Apr i never thought i would see my baby again a Peggy Jones said after she was reunited with her 3-week-old son who was kidnapped a Day earlier. Marshall Jones or. Was found thursday in Good condition hidden in a laundry bag inside a camper parked in the Community of Gold run near Auburn 125 Miles East of Here. With the infant in the camper was Sharon l. Kilcrease 31, of Auburn whom Placer county sheriffs deputies arrested and booked at the county jail for investigation of state kidnapping charges. Authorities drove mrs. Jones to Auburn where she picked up her son and took him Back for a reunion with his father Marshall department manager at a Santa Rosa drug store. Mrs. Jones said the child was snatched from a crib by a woman who had struck up an acquaintance with her during the past few weeks. Mrs. Jones said she left the infant alone with the woman a whom she knew Only As a a path a for the first time on wednesday while she went shopping. A she said she was a Urcla Home economics student and she wanted to observe the Newborn baby a mrs. Jones said. Placer county sheriffs inspector Bill Harrington said mrs. Kilcrease a Divorcee arrived in Gold run on wednesday night with a baby she claimed was hers. A people in the area did no to Swallow her Story they knew she had not been pregnant a Harrington said. He said she had been living in the camper off and on for several weeks. Harrington said the California Highway patrol searched the camper after being alerted by a store clerk in Gold run who became suspicious of a woman who said her baby had a Vitamin deficiency. The clerk recalled that news stories of the abduction mentioned the Jones infant had such a court says obscenity codes must be uniform Montgomery Ala. Apr the Alabama supreme court with one Justice concluding that a god made Man and woman to Wear clothes a has decided that Community standards in obscenity cases must be the same throughout the state. The state Law on obscenity however recently was declared unconstitutional by a Federal court leaving Uncertain what obscenity Law would apply statewide. The state supreme court issuing a number of decisions on pornography matters thursday said it disagreed with the Federal court ruling and Felt that most of the state obscenity Law was still applicable. The tribunal in an 8-1 decision gave its interpretation of the u. S. Supreme courts Call for the use of a Community standards in obscenity cases the justices said the state As a whole rather than individual communities was what the u. S. Supreme court meant. To apply criminal Law uniformly standards on pornography must be established statewide the states High court said. A Alabama would be faced with Many problems in determining the exact scope of a Community if it were smaller than the state As a whole Quot chief Justice Howell Heflin wrote in the majority opinion. Justice Richard l. Jones dissenting argued that the Only duty of the state is to protect minors and those citizens who done to want to be subjected to matter they consider obscene. While saying he personally resents a the widespread proliferation of obscenity in society today a Jones urged that the focus upon obscenity Quot be withdrawn from the courts and the concern shifted to those personal Levels in routine life where it Justice James h Faulkner writing the majority opinion in another Case said that after reviewing a Book of nude photographs a a person of reasonable sensibilities will conclude that it is no wonder god made Man and woman to Wear a without them a he said some people a Are the most unattractive animals in his the courts action upheld the convictions of j. L. Pierce of Montgomery Claude David Ballew of Mobile and Chester Mckinney of Birmingham who were charged with Selling or exhibiting obscene materials. Writing another majority opinion. Justice Robert Harwood took Issue with the Federal courts decision to strike Down the Alabama statute on obscenity the u. S. District court in Montgomery ruled that because one Section of the Law was unconstitutional the entire statute had to be thrown out Harwood agreed with the Federal court that one Section of the Law was unconstitutional but he said that part could be stricken without invalidating the rest of the statute. The Section of the Law in question required police to Tell theater managers or Book Sellers that certain material was be see obscenity Page 8a committee gets evidence on buildup to watergate Washington a stocked with facts my sworn to secrecy members of the House judiciary committee have begun to consider evidence in its historic inquiry into possible impeachment of president Nixon thursday the committee received a detailed account of events leading up to the w watergate break in of june 17, 1972, and a thick pile of supporting facts. Members said the staff presentation reached no conclusions and did not relate directly to any presidential conduct. A it was strictly background a said rep. John Conyers. A Mich. A it was All familiar nothing new a added rep. Don Edwards. D Calif. T both acknowledged however that the information presented thursday links up with facts brought out in later sessions to form a pattern that would make it pertinent to the impeachment inquiry. The committee is scheduled to hold three More closed sessions next week All devoted to watergate and the ensuing efforts to cover it up. Five other areas of presidential activity involved in the inquiry will be dealt with in following weeks. Meanwhile the Senate watergate committee continued its investigation. A committee subpoena was revealed seeking records of Loans totalling $75,000 it says were made by president Nixon and his daughter Tricia to c. G. A a Bebel Rebozo. The disclosure came As Rebozo a lawyer worked out an agreement with the committee limiting the scope of the subpoena which called for a number of Rebozo a financial records. The lawyer William Frates complained that the subpoena even sought Rebozo a grocery Bills. According to the subpoena the committee see committee Page 7a Acker is. Ward eight votes determine Runoff it s Walter j. Ward and not James Wesley Nowlin who will face s. Gerald Acker in the Runoff race for democratic nomination to place two on the Calhoun county Board of education official vote tallies show. Unofficial results tallied by the Star tuesday night indicated that Nowlin had come out slightly ahead of Ward in the race beating Ward by Only 22 votes. Official tallies however show Ward Defeated Nowlin for the Runoff position by eight votes 4,186 to 4,178. Front runner Acker received 8,597 votes in the election and William h. Lowe trailed with 1,161. Ward 43, of White Plains says he will pursue nomination in the june 4 Runoff. T realized when i entered there would probably be a Runoff he said a i am right at the moment pretty sure i will follow through to the Ward said he does t see any Well defined issues in the Campaign. He said he believes schools in the county system have not received even representation on the school Board. A i feel it should be More evenly distributed a he said. But Ward said he feels Board members should All be interested in the entire county. A not Only White Plains but a lot of other school have been neglected in the past. A lot of see Acker Page 8a sagging housing Market to get $10.3 billion boost Washington apr president Nixon announced today he is pumping in an additional $10.3 billion to bolster the nation s sagging housing Market. The president said the Money will be used to subsidize interest rates on conventional government insured mortgages and to provide additional Cash for the nations savings and loan institutions. The savings and Loans Are the biggest contributors to the housing mortgage Market. They have been plagued by declining Money to lend As investors seek out More lucrative investments with interest rates soaring president Nixon said the Money the government is committing should help finance Over 200,000 additional Homes. The housing Industry has been in a steady decline since 1973, with housing starts of 318,-000 for the first three months of this year compared to 488,000 for the same period last year. The presidents action expands a program initiated last january when the department of housing and Urban development committed Over $6 billion to mortgage subsidies in an Effort to Spur construction o 200,000 new Homes the Money was applied to Veteran administration and Federal housing administration mortgages to Cut the interest homeowners pay from the current Cha Vij maximum of 84 per cent to 74 per cent. The effect is to trim the monthly payments on $30,000 mortgage Over 30 years by just Ove $15.30 per month. The president said he is committing a additional $3.3 billion to this program but i Only subsidize the interest rates to a level it weight per cent he estimated this would i enough Money for 100,000 additional Homes. The second new injection of Money outline see housing Page 7a a ;