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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, Anniston, Alabama I the weather Alabama probably he own tonight and to Aday. Moderate Outh to a out winds on the roast la Lith rest or Day 6. Low today to read Nea features daily in your Home paper vol. 57.�?no. 156. Mum Dally and sunday Molnr by consolidated Puhl Khlar cd Anniston a la., monday May 8, 19397�?o Complete United press leased wire coverage or. And mrs. Anniston a we your Friend to a it inn la to Nhi May in rat them to an Choha by a ult fill Flower. New military pact Ludlow Bill viewed hopefully Iulo prevent As sign of peace 5c a copy�?20c a week by Carrier German italian agreement Means settlement of polish problem report methodists Solon says War situation demands continuous session of Congress a state of War Shanghai May 8. Cur a a japanese spokesman said today that i hum King temporary chinese capital la a legitimate japanese no Jettive because of japans Quot belligerent the spokesman said a a palate of War exists despite the absence of a declaration of War. It a the first time the japanese have claimed belligerent right. Men foreign troops plan to leave Spain soon Japan considering joining military Alliance with two Axis Powers caused Silt president s failure to approve Union offer ended in shutdown in blazing liquor car a a nicaraguan Leader urges isthmus canal by in sited rms announcement of a military audience Between Italy and Germany j a a a used Little concern in most Lumpkin capitals today on the contrary it aaa regarded is like to i capote e settlement of germany1 rim on Poland without military Forte. Belgian Quarter pointed out that Italy i opposed to military action 41 by Germany against Poland and would not enter urn h a pact of tier Many meditated Force. In London the government in j formed the House of common. To Day the a it is ready with other Dan Fig treaty Poiser to mediate Between Germany and Poland on the formers demand for return of the free Atay of the nature of the statements of time minister Neville Chamberlain and r a Butler foreign undersecretary. Caused speculation on a nether a re. A of Chamberlain s "ope5ement policy la in Prospect j a being much current talk of appeasement a in pan it a Bel eyed Premier Benito Mussolini a seek a peaceful solution Row that he la in a military Alliance with i Axis part a net. Adolf Hitler. Naris keep nurse Germany however f pursued i tis usual course in preparation for wringing notice Moons from another country. The nazi pres. In hailing the Axis agreement. Intensified its attack on Poland demanding that terrorism against German be halted at once Hei maim Wilhelm goer Rig 9 National zen. Ting of Essen mid a one ask whether Poland will continue to emulate readiness to negotiate while at the same time allowing the rape of germans in Potner Ellen p sen end Silesia a Warsaw will have to dec id whether it want to create a actuation where it a a question of an Eye for an Eye and a tooth for a tooth if the pole answer in the affirmative by continuing act of violence against germans then German v would act accordingly Quot London reported that Mussolini entered the military Alliance Only after France had rejected an applet invitation to Settle his Mediterranean Quot aspirations informed sources said Mussolini demanded no territory but a ked % what Italy a a two seats for ital on the governing Board of the Pei canal a tee port for Italy at Djibouti Gateway to Ethiopia a new arrangement regarding the French Railroad Lorn Djibouti to Addis Ababa and a new agreement on the status of italians in French Tunica an encouraging word came from Madrid where the italian and German troop were preparing to go Home and Gen. Francisco Franco took the first step toward de mobilizing i 000.000 men he has under Arins the foreign troops were expected to Start Home immediately after the j cd rid a tory Parade to be held it to he nex two weeks. Jap May loin Axis meanwhile three member of the japanese Cabinet suggested tonight that Japan still a enter into a general military Alliance with Germany and Italy. War minister Gen. Seishiro Ita 1 committee favors right to claim exemption for military service Kansas atty to May it up the committee on member hip and temporal Economy today placed before the methodist uniting conference a recommendation that conscientious objector. Within the Church be permitted to claim exemption from military service Quot we a it a and claim exemption Quot the recommendation said a from All forms of military preparations or service for All conscientious objector who May be members of the methodist Church in this Way they have he authority and support of their Church Quot the committee Rote in favor of the Quot social Creed embodying the conscientious objector feature a a. 84 to 8 the judiciary committee the supreme court of the conference today held that the Genera conference and not administrative boards should select the editor of Church school publications and the exec hearing on spa resumed with mayor Laguardia testifying today Washington May it of p a of resell Tati it Louis Ludlow said today thai because of the International situation a would introduce a Resolution to keep Congress Here until the next session begin on january 2. Quot when International relations Are ten a and there 1 a Prospect that we May become involved in War the place of members of Congress is in the City of Washington Quot Ludlow said. Quot there have been so Many intemperate ill advised truculent and War promoting speeches by Cabi j net ministers near Cabinet ministers and others that the country i a. Become genuinely alarmed and la looking to Congress to do its part in maintaining the International equilibrium and in keeping Ann fica out of threatened foreign Ludlow s move came As the Home prepared to pass a record peacetime naval appropriation Bill car eying 770,473.000 for Start of con a St auction of two huge battleships and regular Nav y department sex Pense. Consideration of the measure was scheduled for later this Federal conciliator expects break soon Aee eged killer caught after i Schohl Robert big Rounder to be returned to Arizona nabbed worker of America today charged rats accused expect Mobile Stedman is in constant touch with Roosevelt and Secretary of labor Orville Hoyt Laminack and Delbert Pruett burned after wreck Auto. Truck collide near Fruithurst new York May it Ole John a Leui. President of the i United mine five suspects reportedly Chamberlain. Freed in press hid loot amid Graves Freedom Case resumes in cemetery official Job today funeral services for two victims at Morris Hill this afternoon in Tennessee he Federal government with responsibility for the suspension of Coal operation in the nation. In a letter a drifted to or j r. Stedman head of the u s. Conciliation service. Lewis a Aid that Quot failure of the Roosevelt administration to approve or sustain an Early offer Knoxville. Term. May it a a p r Bert m Burgundy or. 22, son of a wealthy and cultured family who Learned about crime while his fatties was a prosecuting attorney cb4l in f f 0 Arizona today to of the Union to keep mines in opera be charged with two murders Tion pending negotiation of the con he is charged with murdering two tract was responsible for the present men. Jack Peterson. 35. And Ellis situation. M. Koury 24 near Phoenix april 30 Lewis authorized the distribution for a new automobile and a few of the letter while Stedman was at Birmingham Ala May 8 hip a five yes men whom police charged stored their loot among the Tombstone in a cemetery near the store which they robbed were held in jail today charged with Safe lain or. Cracking. Two of the men were identified Mobile Ala. May it. 0jpn�? resignation of Bart a c Chamberlain jr., a Frond assistant state solicitor. A announced today by i father. Solicitor Bart b t Hamber As Horace Elliott 30, who recently to be Mobile it was reported and both finished a prison term for motorm0ves pie planned today bodies Orville Hoyt Laminar age 14, and Hilbert Pruett both of near Fruithurst died in a raging inferno when a Load of Moonshine whiskey in their automobile burst into flame after a truck smashed into the Side of the ear about four mile North of Fruithurst in Cleburne it county Early sunday night it a reported today by sheriff w. T. Prestidge. Both men died inside the Auto dollars. Peterson and Koury were automobile salesmen they Rook a Prospect out for a non in a new machine and were never seen Apa in their bodies w Ere found in the de Ert near Phoenix ism week. Both had been bound then shot. He attended sunday school in Johnson City Tenn yesterday. Morning and when he walked our of soft Coal Industry. The Church the sheriff grabbed him the House he had chosen was Only a few doors from the Home of May tempting to bring wage hour Nego Tia or for the appalachian area together on m settlement John Weelman. Head of their. Theft and Tom Aiken 38. Who was released six weeks ago after serving time for assault with intent to murder. Three negroes Frank Sneed. 22 Preston flood 22. And Heil Tolliver. 19 also of re held. Defectives e b Lewi and Fred Cain said tile White men cracked the Safe and Cyril Matfen service. Aid today Jyh the or Helper in Quot 7 a a an important or Val hauling away of Hor loot Ozment before the end of the Day Quot Holl a a. Iii connection with the deadlocked a a y 115 Contrail negotiation for the idea a checks hams be clot lung cigarettes and automobile tires stolen from a grocery store Steedman refused to amplify the in suburban Huffman last week. By five persons convicted of conspiracy to interfere with an editors right to Freedom of the press. Appeals were expected to be filed Bart b. Chamberlain. Or. Assistant state solicitor who was a sixth defendant a acquitted by the Federal jury which returned its verdict saturday night after a week a re badly charred by the intense alcohol flames. Residents near the scene of the rushed to the biasing Ca and truck. The two men had perished in the flames before they could be rescued. A Man Aid to be named Ferguson was driving the truck. He was knocked unconscious and free from the flames he re Long trial Chamberlain resumed his gained consciousness while the re duties today As assistant solicitor. Judge John Mcduffie sentenced Cue work was in Progress. The truck and automobile tart use Secretary of the Board of Lay afternoon Slier disposal of District a to Ert Thih. I of a Vul Lmh a Ken. Noticed the Arizona License tag to activities the nine members of the judicial Council which rules on the constitutionality of the act of All conference. And administrative boards and the decisions of Bishops that Are appealed will be elected today. Then Art five clergy and four laymen Ltd the Council and they will serve until the first general conference next Vear there were More than to Normna ions and it was doubtful if results would be determined today. Bure under tar and having read of the Arizona murders in a newspaper railed the sheriff. Tips open 0 be of s faced of Mem of Columbia Bills for canal meantime president Anastasio Somoza of Nicaragua declared in a Senate speech that his country is indispensable in am plan of hemisphere defense and urged the United states to construct an in Ter Ocean. A?.a across Nicaragua. He spoke while the Senate technically was in recess since Senate Nito prohibited him from presenting an address during an actual session Somoza said Nicaragua Wax determined to assist other american nations in a keeping our american institutions free from any inter-1 Shanghai. May 8 rence foreign to our continent and Anes troops and air planes started la invaders seek to annihilate 20,000 chinese in Supeh allegedly admits feeding husband Poison Greenville to prosecuting attorney a said today he or oud file charges of first degree murder against mrs Myers 42. After Wayne county sheriff c i Rubottom announced she had admitted poisoning her husband. Grover Myers 54, to our ideology and said the canal would be of incalculable Benefit Somoza later addressed members of the House concerning the canal proposal. Up hearing the special House spa investigating committee resumed hearing s today with mayor Torello h. La May 8 it p j Guardia of new York and seven Roy Mcgee other City executives As witnesses. Laguardia the opening witness praised the Federal Relief program and said its discontinuance would be he submitted a report from Loo major american City governments which said millions were a general offensive in Northern Supeh province today intending to annihilate a Forre of 2 x000 troops under Gen. Hang in to. Constituting the main chinese defense Force in the fifth War zone. A japanese communique issued of Hankow said Haf despite severe remark which he made at the end of the morning session Between representatives of the United mine workers of America and appalachian Coal operators. Snapping out an abrupt a that s Steedman left the conference room hurriedly. He had been in telephonic communication with Washington at intervals during the Forenoon and it was assumed that his conversation had some bearing on the expected Quot important development Quot Steedman also was keeping in close touch with Secretary of labor France m Perkins who is in new York. Its Well As with the White House miss Perkins was not expected to visit the conference. It appeared probable that the development forecast by Steedman would be another communication from president Roosevelt who on the five convicted persons to prison led in the collision and neither terms and Fine As follows turned Over. Just How the fire Sam b pow e. S500 Fine and seven started had not been deter ears in Federal prison John Powe. Mined today. It was know How sat Caca Moi a cab j i Ivy Viii pm shut u Iii run of Ouw detectives said the negroes con his brother. $200 Fine and 18 month a that ,0110&Quot lines on the k a a a _ _�?.1 m to t o Iff at Ahill whoa a a j 41__ fessed they stored the merchandise in prison Peter v. Crouch $200 Fine in a nearby graveyard until they and three and one half years in could haul it away Only a week ago police arrested five men who confused they said to a series of Safe cracking jobs throughout the state. Prison George Mckenzie five years in prison and one cent Fine mrs. Meriam Mckenzie. His wife two years in prison and one cent Fine. The six had been indicted under a Federal statute which prohibits conspiracy to intimidate any citizen in the free exercise or enjoyment it any privilege granted him under the United states Constitution. They were charged with conspiring to intimidate Henry p Ewald former executive editor of the Mobile Presa Register who had con automobile were broken and that As the fire raged the tank on the truck exploded. Joint funeral service for the victims were conducted at Morri Hill Church by the Rev Ira a Patty at 2 o clock this afternoon. Interment was in the Church Ceme Ery with Jones of Anniston and Brown service of Heflin in charge. Surviving or. Pruett a four Brothers John of Bremen ., Marvin Carl and Raymond of Cleburne county and seven Sisters mrs. Jose Mcalpine of Tallapoosa a and mrs. Ozella Butler of a Kansas mrs. Myrtle Hicks mrs. Empress of Australia to l0&Quot n my Himsl pitches in rough weather ode ton no a a a aboard the s s Empress of Australia at sea. May it cup5 the Empress of Australia and saturday urged the negotiators to Fon moving warship in route to que Erfet a speedy settlement in the Public interest. The negotiators themselves it was understood were As far apart As operations in Mobile. No regrets. Killer she of shootings Farmer former spa supervisor being contributed toward the spa and a prominent Wayne county program and that a useful work is politician. Being done. Myers died april 15 after a two the Senate labor committee re weeks illness. Sheriff Rubottom sued hearings on proposed changes said that mrs. Myers in her state in the National labor relations act meat. Said she put arsenate of Lead with testimony from Joseph a. Pad Utah the japanese advanced on an Ever on the unions closed shop de-80-mile front extending from mantis. Sin Yang to Anlu a Chungsiang it 1 _ and that in the first fighting the chinese lost 1,000 dead and 12 prisoners. The chinese were entrenched in the to pie h mountains the communique said. Women troop Hon Kong. May 8 of. A a division of chinese women troops trained by mme. Pai Chung Hsi. Wife of a famous chinese general used for poisoning potato bugs into Way american federation of Laboria opened an 01 fans no a against tile h bottle of mile from much her counsel. Japans concentrated at Sunui support amendment m k i a Lnu chinese Poison pie hiking Lisi is hiked to 14 Bee with King George and Queen Elizabeth were forced by Haze to reduce Speed from 17 to 12 knot Early today. They went into fog formation the Birmingham Man shoots thru Epson a motor Apo Oil Wie and her companion mrs. Tort Hicks and mrs. Arbell Cobb All of Cleburne county. Or. La Mack is survived by his Mother mrs j. L. Laminack two Brothers Howard and Murial both of Cleburne county and two Sisters miss Marie Laminack and mrs. Hazel Parker of boiling Springs. Row. And the Battle Cruiser repulse two hours later visibility had Birmingham Ala., May 8. Up cleared enough so that Normal Speed a Henry Rice i year old Coal Miner today apparently had no regrets Over critically wounding his wife and killing her companion on five new cases investigated Good sailors could be resumed at 2 a in Cost the Squadron was 300 Miles West of the Irish coast beginning the third i Day of tile voyage j earlier the Empress had bucked a stiff wind. But their majesties were seven lost on Lake Memph Ian relieved drowned after Motorboat Sank Memphis iron., May 8. Ii pm a Lour men and three women were reported missing today and it a belie de their 22-foot Motorboat a downtown Street saturday night tank and they drowned in flood a bottle of wine from which her husband occasionally drank. Mcgee said also he probably would file charges against Franklin Stroup. 39. And mrs. Moneda Cook. 22, wife of a neighbor Farmer. Both were held for investigation and Mcgee said charges against them would allege conspiracy in Myers death. Padway appearing in support of Al amendments to the act charged that Edwin Smith member of the Norb Board a definitely by com omitted to a policy of destruction of the Al Quot before he testified the Congress of Industrial organizations made Public a letter purporting to link i pad Way Gilbert Montague. New a York lawyer and Colby Chester pair suspected in fetal roadhouse Genera food corporation head ill stabbing the preparation it the Al Amend merits the letter a Cio spokesman Bessemer Ala. A 8. Tuft a was a Only the beginning of Pikl Kiel thin Japan May conc id two , held today for thy documentary proof Quot the organza a hand foul ebbing of Howard willing Tion would submit in support of ifs Ham 22. Of Powderly who a charges that the Al is collaborate eur at a roadhouse near Here late tog with the National association of saturday night. Sources reported today. The women it was said cooperated with chinese men forces in the outskirts of the town after claiming the capture of Kiang Kow and Pun amp Hui strategic Points near Sunui two arrested night spot burned Swank Bangor ave Destro Ted near Birmingham such an agreement and later foreign minister Hachiro Anta told the annual conference of provincial governors that Japan cannot ignore Britain a moves for a Milhart agreement with Russia even if the agreement is not effective in the far East. And a said that the general anti a. Numen agreement sponsored a int by Japan and German needs strengthening because Japan must be prepared for anything that May happen in the International situation. The foreign minister saw president Roosevelt s Appeal to the German and italian dictators for preservation of the status quo As a designed for Home consumption and also to solidify world opinion against Germany and Italy a Coroner gip m. Evans ordered i i of and i brother Smith of. Held pending e Complete investigation. Even said Otis of admitted stabbing Willingham with a pocket knife during an argue manufacturers and a anti Labory organizations to Amend the act. Congress received a report of maj. Gen. Julian Schley chief of army engineers recommending three Southern improvement Channel projects at Savannah a. Bayou la Bare. Ala., and Mobile Bay Ala. Birmingham Ala Mav 8 a Bangor Cave it it Wank night spot 35 Miles North of Birmingham where men and women danced and gambled nightly until the place was padlocked january 16, was just a Hole in the ground today. The resort and its estimated $35,-000 Worth of furnishings burned last week. Sheriff de Miller of Blount county reported today. Miller said he was unable to find a cause for the fire and was starting an investigation. He said he suspected incendiary so in Birmingham Birmingham. Ala. May 8. It a five new cases of what health authorities termed a violent poisoning a four of which were traced to the same source today brought the total of Birmingham s Coconut pie poisoning cases to 14. L. C. Bulmer head of the division of food and Dairy inspection of the City health department said four of the latest victims had eaten Coconut pie allegedly bought from the same bakery As the pie which made nine negroes ill saturday. He said the fifth Case had not been completely investigated. Bulmer said he would recommend that the Sale of Coconut and egg custard pie be forbidden during the summer month a this Wax a repetition of the past several years. Servant killed they did not seem to mind the Quot i guess ii go to the electric he told detectives after he walked up to Ben Jovings 30-year-old works Progress administration ships pitching Many passengers employee and pumped three Bullet were confined to their Cabins but they went about a Normal ship life yesterday the King and Queen hurriedly put on life belts when the ships sirens called for boat Drill they lined up with the rest of their suite for the customary Captain s inspection spa quota reduced decrease of 4.500 this month i reported today Anniston is not yet feeling Pinch from big Coal strike riot kills la too other believed injured hindu moslem clash 4 in Appeal to reflect upon Japan Arleta believed. In the War in China japanese troops arid air planes marked a Gen Mingham Field has had Little effect upon Anniston industries ?5, did not Imenit h s pending upon Coal for fuel a Survey among local Coal dealers reported today. De Mcginnis of Lloyd Transfer and Coal company said eral offensive in Northern Supeh that deniers usually take orders at province peking to annihilate a this period of the year for delivery vbrq5 Ai ims no. 0f rep Var chinese forc of 20.000 under Gen. Through the summer and that none Ever a Mclim us a reported Thev Maln o tip carry Law Nock on the a have summer order of hand. But torinese Force in the fifth War zone Yards. He said that most of the no Coal t0 la them thew my map. A body mss or is or 155?s2e s1 j smrt a nmn the be few nisin is Doit a Calcutta India May 8. Or a killed new Quot american tragedy Quot suspected As Man grilled York amay 8. Man whose identity was kept secret was questioned today in connection with tile slaying of Katharine mouse attorney 24-year-old Biglerville Domestic found strangled in a grass Field. Officials who said the Case apr geared to be another a american tragedy a sought a Man with whom i miss Moose was seen arguing in an Montgomery Alamay it no Pic Alabama works Progress administrator w. G Henderson announced today a 4.500 reduction in Alabama spa quota for May compared with april. Henderson said the reduction slaying brought about by a Cut of spa Rolls throughout the nation would bring the May total Down to 49, 760 persons in Alabama. Toto his body in front of the bus station a but i did it for the the rices have three children. After Jovings fell fatally wounded Rice turned and shot mrs Phoebe Rice 34. As she ran across the Street. Mrs Rice was in grave condition today with a Bullet wound in the Abdomen. She had received two blood transfusions. The shooting was the second dome tic tragedy at the bus station in the last six months. Last november Dennis w Burrow of Oxford was shot and fatally wounded while sitting in the bus station with mrs w m Naugher. Naugher is in jail awaiting trial for the swollen Lake View yesterday. The missing Are or. J. Wilson Hastings Pilot end owner of the Motorboat Quot Mise Kate a or. End or. William Lamb. Or. And or. T. \. Mullen h. O. Pickle and Mim Helen Davis All of Memphis. Three automobiles one immediately identified a , were found this morning beside the Lake which is 12 Miles South of Here in Mississippi. There was no sign of the boat. Funeral deaf Man drowns Talladega i held for school student fake beggars new York. May 8. Up police Bogan a drive to wipe out the $15,-going to the i in 000.000 a veal begging Racket today. New York Mav 8 up Grover it has increased with the arrival of Whalen announced today that at world fair crowd. Welfare com Tendance figures for the first eight mis loner William Hodson said at Das were new York worlds fair. Least 10.000 Quot fakes and phonies Quot so 1.608 876 Chicago world s fair limed alms in the subway and on it 19331, 494 820 the Street. Talladega. Ala May 8. Up a funeral services had been held today for Larkin Brown 22-year-old deaf athlete who was drowned saturday while on a picnic at Pruitt Springs. Brown and three companion All student at the Alabama school for the deaf slipped away from the main body of picnickers and went swimming in Talladega Creek. When the Trio missed Brown they summoned help the body was found two hours later. In he Coal mine strikes to the Bir cure All the Coal of the various types eleven were reported killed and automobile yesterday x and varieties than too injured yesterday in the girl s body Wax found by Otei Cie Alei s. Such As Nixon a hindu moslem riot caused by a workmen of a Dairy adjacent to the Transfer and Coal company pot of Curry thrown from a window Field. The body was nearly hidden Reaves ice and Coal company in the town of Gava Bihar pro by the tall grass and Marks on the to nit a i i Ihn Pii a 1business Metter i. S. C. Of c. All wet Hopkins declares rejects proposal German Diplomat refuse to recognize Argentine court w Home ice and Coal company Calhoun county Creamery Alabama ice and Coal company and Standard Coal company usually carry Only Small amounts of Coal on their Yards at this time of the year. How Ashing i on May 8 ret Ary of Commerce Harry Uris the body of c. R. Roach 29. Months. Of Clinton. Mo., was removed yes one concern the Homer Lloyd Gerdav from the ruins of the Madi Coal company is the local repro xon hotel Roach burned to death in tentative of Alabama Fiel and the fire that destroyed the hotel lion company which is continuing last week. J to operate. This Agency can pro Vlra or ground indicated that it had been nop la Urvis a a in a a it me a moslem husband and wife Quad j dragged to the Field probably from Oil tons parsed at ism weeks v s Hrisos Len iut0n,0bll6< chamber of Commerce meeting i. Through a or inn Imp i a �"_1z _ _ a were unnecessarily gloomy and in hot curly through a window and of a americ an Pilot killed warranted in the a e of improving hit a hindu Gin in the Street. Her chunking China May 8. Up business condition screams attracted Many hindus. George Weigel an american test.,then moslem gathered and fight Pilot for Central aircraft was kill. He a Iet shortly of ing started. De sunday when a chinese plane returning from an overnight in which he was taking off stalled use in the Potomac with presi clock for solons and went Toto a Sideslip. Weigel a Fri Roosevelt and supreme court Boston May 8. a Massa fought on the loyalist Side in the Jumich Villiam o Douglas Wormet _. I hog 01? the 1 he a it phanom Buenos Aires. May 8 urn Otto maven. German charge d affaires rejected a suggestion of the foreign office today that German embassy off gals and consults submit to the jurisdiction of Argentine Sec a gloom around town maybe that a courts to Ald a government invest a. J what encouraged me to get well1 gallon of nazi activities Unn vim he contrasted the c. Of c. Meyen said such an act would Albion by Tao n s i statements with business reports violate the principle of extra Terry a for example More private Home i tonality and reiterated that the pm Are being privately built than at any Bassy had no Conner top with attune since 1929 Industrial prod us Fredo Muller chief of the Hast non in the first Quarter of this year movement in Argentina who was was 24 per cent higher than in the released yesterday after i in weeks first Quarter of 1938. The Dollar vol in prison ume of retail Trade to the first quark a Ter was five per cent greater than favor cons rip Ion in the first Quarter last year. London May 8 or a the new Quot National income in the first chronicle published a poll of the Quarter is already at a rate of $66 a British Institute of Public of Taniai ooo000.000 for the whole Vear As today showing that 58 per cent of a a Squadron at Hankow he ii Jui a a a a in a v to. Against $62,000,000,000 in 1938. The the a. Cd favored the govern Coa in Small lots from mines East Day under an order filed in the was a United states air Reserve rom influenza he declared he 1 whole construction Industry is toll mentus conscription decision. 38 to representative Pilot a graduate from Randolph was filing a a Fine never Batter Quot wifely better it surpassed the same voted voluntary a vice Arni tout a j a they certainly spread a lot of Quarter of last year by 43 per cent. Had no opinion. Needs which come in ton and half Chusett legislators would be re Spanish civil War and later was a head o. The securities Exchange ton orders quire to punch a time clock on member of the disbanded 14th commission. Hopkins had been away several local truckers that haul their arrival at the state House each bombing Squadron at Hankow he from has de a for 10 Davs it Superat is i Iti a trial i rat a f in Minne Narf intr no aka. j a a j. Or f f ii Ionia to Zio Lornel i of Birmingham Are continuing to House today by operate. John b. Wenzler. I Field ;