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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 2, 1965, Anniston, Alabama Dominican Battle rages Russia Calls on a rebel fire kills two . Paratroopers Santo Domingo up a s. Paratroopers battled their Way into rebel infested Eastern Santo Domingo saturday and linked up with a Marine patrol in a drive to clean out leftists rebels defying cease fire orders see Oas Story col. I or their leaders in the bloody week old dominican revolution. I to of the paratroopers of the 82nd airborne were killed and five others wounded in the heavy sniper fire. The new casualties brought to five the official figure of american servicemen killed and 33 wounded in two Days of action Here. Three . Marines were killed in action Friday. In new York the United nations Security Council was summoned saturday night at russians urgent request to meet monday morning to consider . Intervention in the dominican Republic. The soviet Union in requesting the meeting. Had attacked the . Dispatch of 4.000 paratroops and marines to the dominican Republic As an unwarranted move and a a new aggressive act the new fighting broke out despite the signing of a cease fire agreement saturday by leaders of the leftist revolution that began last saturday in an Effort to return ousted leftist Farmer president Juan Bosch to Power. Loyal military leaders who resisted the communists supported rebels signed the agreement Friday night. Former u. S. Ambassador John Bartlow Martin and the papal Nuncio Emanuele Clair i of personally went into the rebel held area of the capital to gel the cease fire signature saturday. But renegade leftist rebels refused to obey the commands of their leaders to Lay Down their arms. There were reports that some die Haiti communists wanted to continue the fighting at All costs. The pro Basch faction had distributed arms to citizens shortly after the revolt began a week ago. It was believed the rebels still holding out were among those who were Given such arms. In addition to the two a i a borne soldiers killed in saturday s action against diehard rebels five american paratroopers were w funded by Hea y sniper fire. Although official announcements have said three u. S. Marines were killed in the fighting Friday paratroop officers said they understood As Many Asio marines were killed in fighting around a Bridge fun Day. There was no official confirmation of this report. A total of 25 american servicemen were wounded in Friday s action eight of them paratroopers. In Washington the Sta a department identified one of the dead marines As pfc Clifford r Benware jr., 19. Of Malone . The american paratroopers pushed into the old City a n d linked up with the u. S. Marines to silence persistent rebel sniper fire and disarm diehard leftist rebels who defied the orders of their chiefs to end the communist supported r a Volt. The . Paratroopers fought a series of fierce encounters stretching Over eight hours after securing the curate Bridge and driving into the City. A group of newsmen followed the troops of the 1st battalion 508th airborne infantry lid brigade of the 82nd airborne Down a rubble strewn Street As they flushed out nests of snipers. The rebels battled american forces with Small arms rifles machine guns and an occasional grenade. By contrast downtown Eastern areas of the capital City were reported quiet. V s. Officials sense of urgency for action in the week old rebellion was heightened saturday by fresh reports of increasing communist influence among forces battling the military Junta under Gen. Elias Wessin y Wessin. Hood raging a Dike near Quincy iii., fell saturday marking another Victory Over flood workers for the raging Mississippi River. See Roundup Story on Page 2-a.htttuatfln feta member Abc and Nea a your Home newspaper since 1882&Quot a and up news news Day night from 6 . Toll ., Abc a and local news is flashed her station Huma. The Star s final edition is presented each weekday at 4 The Star acres sunday morning Long before breakfast time.v0l 83 n0 228_ 72 pages�?7 sections. Anniston Alabama sunday May 2, 1965 5c daily 20c sunday 50 a week by Carrier Mission chosen by Oas v. S. Forces strengthened Washington apr the organization of american states named a five nation Mission to Fly to Santo Domingo on saturday night to seek a peace agreement in the dominican Republic and the u. S. Announced it had sent More troops into the strife torn Caribbean country. Even As these developments took place Here a sniper s Bullet killed a third . Marine As fighting continued despite a cease fire signed by rebel leaders. Ellsworth Bunker. . Ambassador to the Oas made the i announcement that additional . Troopers were being sent. But he did not specify How Many. President Johnson confirmed Bunker s comment later saying an additional 1,500.. Airborne troops plus additional detachments of marines had been ordered into the dominican Republic. He supplied few details representatives of Argentina. Brazil Colombia Guatemala and Panama were appointed to Fly immediately to the Caribbean nation. The task of the special Oas five nation committee will be to concentrate on three main Points a a cease fire. A orderly evacuation of All persons who have sought Refuge in All the embassies there As Well As every foreign National who might want to leave t h e dominican Republic. A carry out an investigation doctor Steincrohn on All aspects of the existing Book reviews situation in the dominican he memorial Hospital. 6 a Public. Dear Abby. 6-b regular Montreal settles at hand after bomb hits Mac Mel tray photo Acle miss Johnnie county reigns Many favor 2-week re by Rex Thomas Montgomery a �?1 a legislature still showing the scars of Battle from a turbulent special session will return tue Dav for the 1965 regular term which May be even More explosive. With Only three Days rest Between sessions the House and Senate will Start the Long. Hoi summer with tempers already miss Donna Dunn was crowned miss Cleburne county of 1965 saturday worn thin by b ckern8 during night at Heflin. From left Are Venita Voss first runner up Sherri vice last that a new a ended 1,week Emir years miss Cleburne miss Dunn miss Ann Haley swimsuit Winner Elaine White 8en y session second runner up and Parker third runner up. See Bill Krause s Story p-2-a i there a Elk of a a Vwe a a recess immediately after tile two houses hear the biennial message from gov. George Wallace tuesday afternoon and after the first Days outpouring of new Bills has been introduced. A test vote in the House Friday showed a preponderance of sentiment in favor of the Brief i vacation before the legislature settles Down to the weary Job ahead. Washington up labor Secretary Vav Willard Wirtz even without the ruffled fee predicted saturday a responsible strike free settlement in steel inns which resulted from Hie j Industry negotiations this summer. He said the agreement last Spetz la St is on fur education. Week. To extend labor contracts t on the inside Otar staff writer John Mccaa. Jr., explores facts and misconceptions concerning the controversial tilde Vii of the civil rights act. See fact filled article on Page 9-a. On Page 2-a.ciay county stands along with Concrete plans to put to use the Asci Tiona school funds okayed last week by the Alabama legislature. Bargaining Ain proves Irtz sees Accord no sled walkout you la also find City briefs. Movies. Sports radio to log. 2-a id 1�?4-4. 5-a. 5 a 8-c vietnamese raids follow arms find for 450.000 steelworkers until sept. I in return for an 11.5-1 cent hourly wage Benefit payment should help the bargain-1 ing atmosphere. A this agreement is properly recognized As the first step in what i believe will be a Complete settlement Quot Wirtz told up in an interview. A my expectation is that there will be a responsible asked if he anticipated a strike in the Basic steel Indus try this year. Wirt replied that no one could Tell at this stage exactly what might happen four months from now. A but i would bet in favor of a settlement without a strike a i he said. The Johnson administration has been worried that a shut Saigon up a u. S. A weapons Ever taken from the Down in the steel Industry Fine and air Force jets struck communist insurgents might Jar the Economy and Hob 55 times at Viet Cong positions a ican. Ble the four year old economic in try Boom sat a it la it is arms Supply depot contained up mat said no Acme of tile most sophisticated ads had Quot a a a a �?�m"1. Ric must North vie Nam by late saturday. It was one of the i i longest lulls since daily air strikes began against the North april 13. A 5 i him kill a Alful 0n the 8roun<c government i Silt a i in i troops exam Ming the ,.m _. Communist land Cache Ever in a ii yer old Eastaboga Ben a Jere j Here j it Uraj g contained strangled to death by a flamethrowers Armor piercing grass rope saturday. 7n my hlm11/�?zr shl.1hand Calhoun county Coroner to chinese rockets Frank gulled said glean Tow common Supply depot rope a me Adsit a at 1922 Moore has do covered in a Mekong ave. In and stoic ��7 1, a Quot amp 7 near the end of a government the rope was looped Over a a me a tree limb and got tangled must guerrillas were killed by j around the boy s neck gulled Quot Quot of a Sou a vietnamese said the boy was pronounced 7tb my dead on arrival at Anniston although vietnamese and . Memorial Hospital officer still were tallying the. The boy was found hanging Haip a preliminary report i see rope. Page a cd. If a it included a a six lightweight flame thrower believed to be of Chines Mort talks hacked red manufacture. Berlin api a a Public a a Are it w my mortars. pol shows 74 per cent of Quot Quot a heavy machine guns of toe West berliners favor further East German it communist de West German parliament meet s18n equipped with anti aircraft Ings Here even if this . Bring my communist harass --98 czech designed Summa Juii. I Chine guru. Abel sets hard line Columbus Ohio Cpd i. W. Abel the fighting president elect of the United steelworkers us i said saturday the Union will push a Larder line in its negotiations or a new steel contract. He also predicted the Mil the House and Senate would have their hands full because of ultimatums from the Federal courts to re apportion the legis Latue and to come up with a new formula at the same time for dividing the state into congressional districts. I either assignment could plunge the session into another paralysing series of filibuster together they confront the Ala Bama legislature with probably the most serious crisis in Many years a three judge Federal court re apportioned the legislature by judicial decree in 1961 but made lion member Union would it Clear that it was Only a pro take a More aggressive part vision Al reshuffling Job and that the House and Senate would have to do it again in the country s social and political life As it did when it was in the Congress of Industrial organization Cio. It is now a member of the Al Cio Abel told a news conference he was a a optimistic but would not predict t a pact without a steel strike. American office officials refusing comment by Vernon Smitz Montreal up a a May Dav time bomb believed planted by leftists i wrecked the american consulate saturday in the most vicious anti-. Attack in this country in recent Canadian history. Officials had been fearful that further trouble would erupt from an afternoon meeting of about 150 leftists in Celebration of the International communist Holiday. But lie meeting. Sponsored Bill leftist organizations including the Quebec communist tarty passed without incident except for anti a american speeches. One speaker called i for the ouster from Quebec a a Anglo Saxon capitalist exploiter police said they had a no real leads Quot in the pre Dawn explosion that shattered windows and doors in the consulate and adjacent apartment buildings and left the ground floor ceiling of the handsome Gray Stone Structure buckled the consulate was empty at the time and them a Ere no injuries in die apartment buildings. Officials refused comment but there was speculation that Lite blast might be linked to the leftist group which plotted to blow up the statue of Liberty Washington Monument and nth Houston Impi a police said a wire to the clutch pedal cd or american shrines saturday a Well dressed Man his a Small foreign car. Conspirators in this plot were winged far kills newsman this was the trap that killed Melvin a Steak lev religious editor of the Houston chronicle inset a wire was attached to the pistol s trigger and the clutch pedal of the compact car late Friday night. Witness sees Man near Listol trap i since then the u a supreme a Een Friday night tamper officers also Learned of a paced to Montreal which Al o court has ruled that both houses tag with the car in which mild Crank letter addressed to Steak was the source of dynamite must be apportioned according mannered Melvin i Steak lev by and 17 other persons which Bey planned to use. To population. Thus unless the the Houston chronicle s religion implied a threat of death to a legislature can come up with editor was slain by a pistol persons who believe in Rac Ial an acceptable plan this summer Booby trap. Steakley 37, w i integration the letter carried the court will do tile re apportion killed about i . Cost 3 a no direct thre at against Steak my again. In. Edt by a gun rigged with icy. However. Police Laid the a a Lefter which was unsigned a boy killed i violently segregationist in tone it was neatly typed. Officers said a witness they did not identify told them be Berlin mob haps policy Berlin up a hundreds of kit Wing demonstrators chant lately in front of a led Volks waged parked several spaces seven Day ferry bide fuds is till arrest a Wirt mrs. Juliette Noel Passala gues formerly of Moi Sac France is led shouting off a Bong Kong Macon ferry saturday ending her seven Day continuous shuttle on the 40-mile twice a Day run. Her j Aon a cat a Canary and Luggage also were removed by Hong Kong police she had been divorced by her husband who was Given visiting rights to the son. She left Fiance at once for Hong Kong but feared French officials might Force her to take her son Bac k to France she stayed on ferry fearing to touch land. I saw a Man in Steakley s ear Ai h have Viet name sorter having work in a downtown As a message from pres Hui dog at Midnight Aso Johnson was read to a walked toward a parking lot a weft May Day rally to Short distance e i rom Steak by s quickly broke up the derm or on stration Aid spectators Rise i stopped few a Trail in Light anti american placard on Amain and As i crossed the ram the bands of leftist Street i saw a Gray haired Many Glt Park a station Wagon immedi in youths a including communists left Wing social Inis and some greek and Spati i. ,. ,. Ash workers tried to turn West Tufa Dative n berlins fractional anti com t the. Man or �?z#1j Mavara a a a re uni la Volar a i Wagen i saw a Man seated in y Jit with his left foot on the pave _ in Cut outside he seemed to he j or w t Allier doing something inside the car. J with his Hance a i police said they were seeking r orb Abt i go Day mostly a second possible witness who he Quot with a rising temperature parked a station Wagon near trend. Monday partly Cloudy Steak lev s car and May have Windy and continued warm. A Cen Tow killer High today is. The Light haired balding sch to by macs Steak lev who carried heavy in Tho . I Isac i a a a trn wry urn this Aal. Is suranic but had no known enc Nim Milky a j ult of pit Milf to or h a but a a Tun. Saw Mies Siag Crew Impi of i in Buo trait re to to. To mortally wounded in the Chest l it a. I. Tola j j ii a a not Mil rival la ten by a single shot he Felt dead is it ;