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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Anniston, Alabama Eide Anniston tar communists fought in Viet Nam c us a a vows feel v Ayers or to Junt pm Publ ii Ralph w Callahan a a. A Etc pro a Ion it Cody mall ext cutly editor h Brandt Ayers Manana Phill if a Sanguinetti Sacra tary Arthur Phillips circulation Mana of Harry m. Ayers president and publisher 1910-1964 but critics want . To quit to subscription rates Ona a acc. A a Ona month. Uis Pius 4 Par cant Salatta Mau rates on request the Consol dated publishing co prop Avary afternoon and sunday morning at wan loth Strakal entered Ai second Oata Man matter at the poit office in Anniston Ai saturday May i 1965 dangers in dominican intervention the decision to Send marines to the dominican Republic confronts president Johnson with alternatives which Are equally unpleasant if not dangerous he can swiftly withdraw the american presence and risk a Castro communist takeover of another Caribbean nation or he can maintain troops there perhaps even stiffen their role to which present indications Point a and risk violating treaties which would badly damage our image around the world both alternatives would diminish United states prestige and destroy quantities of that precious diplomatic tool it Confidence As we see it the Only route out of the present Thicket is through the organization of american states we Are pleased to see indications thin this opinion is shared in Washington. Under the Rio treaty aggression is not Only outlawed in this hemisphere but machinery was created in the pact to halt aggression with a multinational Force. The u. S must now prove that Castro tos and communists have taken Over the rebel forces whose original Aims were simply to restore former to of in be president bom h to Power. Proof that foreign agents responsible for the continuation strife which began As a purely eternal dominican affair May enough for some kind of Oas action. However the Oas has never proved itself to be very flexible or Swift in a crisis. It May take much time to act while the United states position in the dominican Republic becomes More difficult to sustain and impossible to relinquish. If the Oas can come quickly to the Aid of the dominican government it will again prove the value of International organizations As wedges the United states can use to get itself disentangled. If it fails some oiling of the Oas machinery is clearly indicated. Despite the outcome however we feel president Johnson had no other alternative than to use the steadying presence of i s troops faced with the threat of letting vet another Caribbean Republic be yanked into the communist Camp. We anxiously await the outcome of this fresh and severe test of president Johnson s dexterity in International affairs t he Law and file citizen in the Observance today of Law Day 1965, one has Only to consider the chaos that would descend upon los individually and collectively were this not truly a nation of Laws and not of men ours would be a Feudal society of fortresses of a a every Man for himself a a world in which Only might makes right and the Strong survive while the weak perish were there no jaw subscribed to supported and cherished by a society free Lin tier the Law. To live without fear. We need today to consider study and support that Law a never before Iii our history for never before have we. And it been under such pressure of social economic and political change. If the Law is a cumbersome machine halting and perhaps even sometimes failing we must consider that we Are a sometimes halting and failing people and that the Law works and operates efficiently according to the Way we understand and support it. The Law is the creation of the people and also their protector and thus it is that this years Law Day theme. A a uphold the Law a a citizens first duty a is appropriate and meaningful the Law is the exclusive Domain of the attorney and the policemen Only so far As they As citizens too Are representatives of us All. Each of us. In the final analysis u co guardian of the Law ital Oiler editors Are saying Llama Antonn the Hunt Ville Timet i a negro Millilitre in Boga Iii to Laa inned negro youths to a Stop jumping on every bandwagon that comes to town a the advice in Apt and it s Penman a beyond the Boundary o Bogalusa and it Good counsel for Many White As Well a negroes the Rev. W j Neu Oti a pastor cd a negro Chun ii. Was aiming particularly it use of negro Choel Childr in in Demotis rations a a of toured by the Congress of racial Equality a it also is shocking and disgraceful to see parents allowing i heir children not yet in school to be used As tools in the spreading of discord and he added jumping on hand wagons ii s a phrase that Well describe a huge amount of Tom ooh in Ltd thai presently plagues Ute nation lot instance the puke Trig by Core at Hie world a i air has Little of logo and less it Merit in it to equally As nuts we the weekend battling set Oft a a Bunch of teenage White in leather Jan Kris and tight Minta who moved in on the Core delegation Sronce this organization has named itself the society for the prevention of negroes letting every thing there is Little doubt that t h e Only real aim of sponge is to get its kicks through the spread of Dis in he any kind of discord a id though tile dozens of Campus cordons which seem Hough Cor or to spend half their time protesting whatever comes most quickly to mind will not like Lite comparison they Are a bum h of student stupids whose most Success Ful demonstration lies in proving themselves on about the same intellectual plane is the tight pants White kids and the Ore gang picketing at the Lair we Are All for investigating the Kun flux Elan. Blit a lot of other rabble and rabble routers need examination especially in the Arras of the head which physiologists ordinarily As. Sume brains to tie located a jumping on band Wagon a rems to be a the thing to do Thi it season it is a More direct sex pres sum than simply howling Over the beatles it can gel you quicker attention in the Public prims and on to screen it t an make you first Cousin to the beatnik will Imit tile delay caused by waiting for a Beard to grow it can land you in jail a distinction which seems a Day a distinction much coveted As a sign that you have forsaken All squareness discord and disunity these seem to have become a common cause and the must id us Are fed up to the Tun k with d Al so see Riff i i or i us Ahu a new die unreasonable demonstration in Demopolis con Imus various Public a cum modal pm i s were integrated there without in Idem Sci Erat week ago. But then demonstrations started in support of voter registration. Demopolis Olio mis have issued Parade permits As required by a Illy ordinance. And at All time when permits were obtained the marches have been allowed Iii several instances there was adore to request Parade permit in t h a Case. Tile marchers were turned Back tear a was used Only after proper warning to flu unlawful gathering to disperse now there i a circuit court injunction prohibiting adult from meeting with children under 16 years of Aga during school hours. The obvious reason puffy David Lawrence Washington president Johnson Felt that it was necessary to reiterate the american governments desire for peace negotiations to end the Viet Nam War so he used a televised press conference on tuesday a especially called for the occasion a to dramatize the Issue. For there is no doubt that the situation in Southeast Asia is causing anxiety and a feeling throughout this country that the War might he widened As Well As lengthened or Johnson is Well aware of the apprehensions that emerge As Young men and their parents begin to wonder if troops will to required in larger numbers. So the president is wisely explain t h e Viet Nam problem to the american people even though repeating what he has said Many times before. The United states finds itself criticized As an a aggressor Quot by the communist countries. And it is necessary to emphasize the truth. This i that the communist Are continuing their aggression in South Viet Nam despite opportunities to Settle the War by a peace conference As the president save there can he an end to the War and a peace agreement the moment the communist countries delude not to Send troops and supplies from North Viet Nam into South Viet Nam. Or. Johnson is careful to Point out that the United states has no alternative to the bombing of Bridges and Supply lines in North v Iet Nam the president stressed the tact that the bombing is being conducted primarily against Bridges and installations and that there is a minimum loss of life. The United slates therefore is not waging a War in which it is going to extremes. In fact or. Johnson ruled out any possibility of using nuclear weapons to achieve the present objectives and declared at his pres conference that no Steps involving nuclear weapons had Ever been suggested by anybody in the government Here. The whole purpose of the administration is to present to the other Peoples of the world a True exposition of american policy in Viet Nam so that Public opinion everywhere will begin to put pressure on both red China and the soviet Union to initiate the necessary Steps to withdraw their guerrilla henchmen from South Viet Nam. Berry a a world a sorry dear. Daddy does no to have time for you now he too Busy being a successful a to a certain extent the president is also aiming at critics in this country who seem indifferent to the High principles of american policy and who would prefer to see their own government make peace at any Price. While such a course has never repressed the appetite of aggressors appeasement if not virtual surrender on the main issues involved seems nevertheless to be advocated in effect even by a few members of Congress. Some of these spokesmen evidently believe that an uninformed Public regards the Issue As on sided and that the Only thing to do for political reasons is to speak up on the pacifist Side. Past experience however shows that an adversary interprets such an attitude As a reflection of the unwillingness of a nation to fight. The president said a from Munich until today we have Learned that to yield to aggression brings Only greater threats and brings even More destructive War. To stand firm is the Only guarantee of a lasting the risk today is that the enemy May come to believe that if the War can be prolonged. The United states will grow weary of the conflict and. In the Case of Viet Nam withdraw her forces and abjectly surrender. President Johnson realizes the danger of such a misinterpretation and takes every Opportunity to remove it. He has declared again that the United states will be glad to talk peace without requiring any conditions in Advance. But he says the United states will not cease to use military Force to protect the people of South Viet Nam in the meantime and. In fact until there is a peace arrangement which can be trusted to be effective. Most of the difficulties Are in the psychological Field. What is said on the floor of Congress about quitting the War in Viet Nam is promptly relayed and Given overemphasis a b r o a d. The president pointedly referred in his press conference to the almost Universal approval that has come from our allies since he made a comprehensive statement of policy in his recent address at Johns Hopkins University. He said he did no to think America had lost any friends because of a firmness in policy. He might have added that among the governments which had not expressed any opinions publicly there is a feeling that the United states is really fighting a War in behalf of All the smaller nations of the world any one of which might become the victim of aggression if the Viet Nam conflict turns into a Victory for the aggressors. A major principle of far reaching consequence to world peace is really at stake. It is a source of much satisfaction to peace Loving Peoples in All parts of the world that the United states is emerging As the Champion of smaller nations under attack even though the United nations has taken no protective Steps and no other major nation has actually joined America in its military Mission in Viet Nam. Senators dilute cigarette measure even As cancer claims de r. Murrow by Drew in army Washington on the same Day that Murrow. Famed lbs broadcaster died of lung cancer the Senate Rade and marches Are playing havoc with be Hoot attendance Demopolis a a commit Lee Loime a of White and negro and they have been meeting at the conference Able for some time s i no Ere Effort Are being made by this group to pre veni in Demopolis the turmoil and terror that Selma endured in Demopolis there is a City Council acting respond ably a Potter Forte trying to maintain Law and order and stopping marches Only when they Are unlawful and a biracial committee trying to solve problem in fait there Are present ill the ingredients necessary for a peaceful Community hut in opposition to this Are Persona determined to create incident determined to violate and defy Law such As the Parade ordinance and determined to create in be Znuj his another Selma i hey ate doing no service to the i a be Titiev Prole. To support motive the Lahaina journal it the plot thickens word is but that american importer bought More than 2.00d.00ti Aine beards from hoi in Kong last j tar f o t Mer heavyweight Champiom flood Patterson who still keep a Supply of beards for a disguised exit from an Arena if he loses could t account for but a few of these the a Impi Ion is inevitable that Many of these unwashed beatniks demonstrating Here there and Yon Are in Utt phonies a Well As All the other charges brought against them bus a curious time when a Glim. Of did i Chi it insulin a Symbol of moral Reform bus even stranger if the whiskers Are a Fahe a Quot the ideals. Maybe this is one reason they done to Bathe a they re afraid of becoming unglued and thus unmasked Star readers speak out letters offered yesterday i wrote t h e president a letter i would Uke to urge All mothers and wives with a son or husband in Viet Nam to write a letter to our president similar to this a i want my son sent Home from vie Nam. What Art the marines there for a for what reason Are they fighting i do not want my son s life valued so cheaply because he is important to me and his wife. Also his child. I m sure Alt mothers feel As i do Quot then i wrote govern r Wallace the following letter a my i Imgram lations on the Way you have handled the situation in Alabama one can visualize the state Alabama would be in had it not been in the hands of a capable Man a a we need you for Preu Dent i know you could Meei any responsibility with the utmost ability you Are for All the people of Ala Bania As you would be for All the people at the United states of you were our president a Elf there is anything i t an do in my smal Way to help make this become a reality plea let me know a mrs Louise Humph no Ann in unlit 4 she lit Ping i iia pc my iced where the Hon Dan Vav Gray Witt under Ake to beautify t h e highways leading into Anniston Why not try mopping All this dirty trash being dumped on a lie sides of a1. Our High a Alabama a about t h r Ain be looking highways of any other state in our Union. Even dead dogs Are dumped right on the sides i say if a few of the pen pie were watched and pulled in and fined to of or Tine they soon would learn to s up dumping on our High Way i think our High a a should be looked at Ai we would our Yards and Homes and kept clean ii get worse every Day and i Hope or Gray Stop some of this out in the country As Well As in town d w Gann Ohatchee re i Commerce committee finally okayed a watered Down Bill to require a health warning on cigarettes thereby preventing others from dying of lung cancer. Sen. Maurine Neuberger. D ore., whose husband died of cancer authored the Bill. It was trimmed Down a bit by sen. Warren Magnuson from the rival state of Washington who smokes cigars not cigarettes. Magnuson a changes were love pats however compared with the strange Roadblock proposed by a congressman from the Panhandle of Texas Walter Rogers of Pampa. Rogers has introduced a Hill which would prevent the Federal Trade commission from exercising its duties under the Law of regulating cigarette advertising. Bill pushed just ased Murrow was do ing. The gentleman from Pampa. Texas pushing his Bill to prevent the Trade commission from trying to keep others from dying. The Public does t know it but Rogers has a strange record for a congressman who live so far away from Mach son Avenue when the big advertising agencies on Madison Avenue want a Job done in Congress they seem to gravitate not to a Manhattan congressman but All the was Down to Pampa Tex. Where rep Rogers dutifully goes to Bat for them once before when the Federal communications commission got aroused Over m i a Reading distasteful to i urn men ills used by Radnoti Avenue and was about to Reg Ulatt the vat Fly unregulated television Industry Madison Avenue readied Down to Pampa. And rep ricers rallied to it defense he introduced a Bill forbidding the acc from regulating to commercials recreation a Burrell another interesting Adeline of rep Rogers is preventing recreation areas far Distant from Texas from being developed last week. Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall plus supreme court Justice William 0 Dougla and sen Paul Douglas d ill., led an army of outdoor enthusiast along the Chesapeake and Ohio anal to emphasize that this waterway originally proposed by George Washington be pre served. They would better have marched to the office of rep. Roger of Pampa because he is the Man who has blocked a Bitt to make the c 4 o anal a National Park. Another texan now in the White House a been t h e big promoter of Canali a i the Way from Texas to the Mekong fiver in Viet Nam a president he has ordered the restoration of the c 4 0 canal. But the other texan from Pampa has done h i s Best to Block its becoming a Park with president Johnson turning off unnecessary lights in the White House the taxpayers will be Happy to learn that military Light bulbs Are now under the a consolidated management a of the Navy. This leaked out when rep. Dan flood d-pa., demanded to know at a closed door appropriations meeting if the military had a a stabilized the problem Quot on Light fixtures and lamps. A two years ago somebody bought enough Light bulbs for 1,000 years a declared flood. Quot what do you do about bulbs of different wattage and what about the bulbs of Alt wattage and All colors Quot Are they bought like h a in burgers a a i remember the Case you speak of Quot replied vice Admiral j. M. Lyle. A i presume the Transfer to us for integrated or consolidated management was the result of t h a t criticism by the general accounting of Bee. Quot yes we have the bulbs we have them under Consoli dated management i Hope by the time we Check the next time there will not be 41 years a i Hope you get your Hopes a observed the congressman from Pennsylvania. More a Lii their behind the refusal of president Johnson to join some of his Cabinet in taking an indirect Potshot at sen Wayne Morse of Oregon for being critical of lbs a a vietnamese policy is an ancient understanding Between the onetime senator from Texas and the present senator from Oregon. They have battled vigorously in the past still do but have a genuine respect f o r each others convictions. Some years ago when Wayne Morse was speaking in Austin he told his Texas audience a a one of your senators Price Daniel represents the Oil companies. The other senator. Lyndon Johnson represents Only himself a Lyndon has the reputation of being thin skinned about criticism. But shortly t h e re after when Wayne Morse was running for reelection the senator from Texas came to a luncheon held to launch morsels Campaign and paid tribute to Wayne a one of the most effective members of the Senate More recently when Morse engineered the administration s education Bill through the Senate without a single solitary amendment lbs paid tribute to him again. Vice president Humphrey concurred a a you can to beat Wayne Mots a a he said a you May cuss him. You May disagree with him. But if you want a Job done just give it to Wayne. He a a great Man a this was one reason Why president Johnson queried at his press conference about critics of his vietnamese policy did not criticise the critics. Anniston 25 years ago May i 1946 s l. Galbraith official of the Anniston National Batik for Many years today was named presided of that institution succeeding John f. W Illiams. Who resigned to have More Leisure in the interest of his health. W. J. Dupree of Opelika is Here completing plans fur opening a District office lat state farm insurance co Thol i ice will serv ice Calhoun Cleburne Cherokee Etowah and St Clair counties. Lha of a. Now w Here w Ere we ;