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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Anniston, Alabama Area churches ays amp Swiss Sac. A a a a a a j air cute this arca a Mono Imru or a a a v sunday school a 9 45, Eugene visitor Are Che oui Are the following arvo a a a ugh. Loper of . Morning worship minister a Quot Quot Quot Quot Quot 177,/ a Quot a Quot Law a Navy school Witni ius j�cwh.?vah s Clarke b Davic Munler a a a Vivi Iez a. He love Quot is a or a a. Sunday so zip Dmitri Iii slants holi prayer service wednesday Cidot Mastman Mcva most ice a com �?�vrv0� dil j a a a a. Sunday sch thess i Quot a Chor prac a a a Parkin ave nov run . 4 3bj service j pc 10 50 Baster w o Sny Jokl is . Rev Douglas Feazell is tonal holiness Church Quot sur say ? a a .ev�?~�?~nin9 service will school super interment everyone i a Izi Nortor i serve a ?.mpr amp. Vruir ,me�00, cum pm nip congregational sunday 7e or 0�?z Totz up cd the a a he a we Sosme Church us if Vam Clarence b Davis Man Star 2? a. Lovell is sunday Pas. Sunday school ., . 7 . Prayer see churches Page 8 first methodist Church of Saks Ltd Tho dist sunday school 9 45 i a a a Mon Quot a Quot a a Kkt so Vuot a Quot a a is . Be pc . U or Ann Istat Star a Tus ebs Kun Vii let a a 7 let a we Quot a May a a Quot a a a saturday May i 1965 a a harm twi a Nutkin a a a a us 1 01 # . A a a a a. The Friday 7 . Pray Al a a a worn of wednesday 7 . The worship with holy com Nursery is provided for All services of ,.w_ _ _ a a a a a Quot a a a a a co a Quot a Worsnip Ai / family Monr Hin ,. A anew Vav Rora is pms Sior. Quot Quot a Sermon topic Quot Tom first Assembly of god pm uru a War a a 6 30 pm the revs min p Wen Grace episcopal�?7 30 am holy sh9c& arc a Quot do sheep a Nursery i sunday school y 45 pm Nunn nopi�#ft2sei a wednes div d w study communion 9 15 ., prayer a during sunday school Wor worship a Ama sunday school Weaver chum , a Quot a Church school la am nil Cut a a a %tm2m a a Muon Sermon. Nursery for Small cd Rafea the fir sunday of each do them v s y a Jno pop a 6 staffs 9 45 Zino Weaver Church 7 p a the a tees a �0spel Assembly of god . Ulnar . Midweek service. A Nursery is cutt minister. Four mile methodist Church surtax school Church services la. My service 6. Evening service. I p . Rev William h Wolfe Iron City methodist Church eng worship 7 o clock midweek school 9 45 Roy Feazell superintend be a Ahr up a Quot Mil Quot 5pr v j a c r a a a a <1 a Viu Yram a Mars 1 or a a Quot is la a by Quot is off a amp re Star is sows Jross a of Quot a pcs Sissy,rs1hr7.5, a a a i 5 pc kimllkss.7r,%,?T 8s85� est ill. Ming 55r1pj, Quot id cd a a suis 5�?z ls3k i Jtj a. 6f few the. . J a i or e w mini Cne a Ltd a a lot. A Iii is re . Pm. Prayer meeting service Friday school 9 45, Claude Greenwood super ship ? ., tuesday night 7 Imp Ach Sunc a worship Ohatchee methodist Church a Ava Dot Leath is Kcf. Ln5ntel Worsh a services la am., prayer meeting Young Peoples pm All a c e i c id # 5 h each sunday sunday school am. Morning worship Asberry Baptist sunday school 6 30 ., midweek services wed Deavor thursday of 7 p this a ii raps 11 Lith pro a a a Quot a o clock evening worship Jorv cell ., adult Bible a tarts Mot worship la a Day 6 30 pm the Rev. L. W special service for youth refreshments Tomol cob streets 7 pm a evangelistic preaching study 5 pm. Evening worship service. 6 raining Union . E., uru a Greenwood is Paster. Arf served Afta Waji. Omorrow the vestry of the old time gospel singing. Methodist men r . Wednesday prayer meeting i will make their corporate com carts meet second thursday 6 30 p h. Gene Mcdowell a a supper the last wednesday / Ark win Avenue methodist 0pn_ �30 . Church a sufi May school 45 am training u Ion Tasss Servic. Ssiss j Paster l w tomorrow the try of old time g 7 30. The Rev limes Ponder Ohatchee Baptist j a sunday Saks Terrace of Pirri Eui Iaru Parish will make their corporate com us meet school worship la of god new Gadsden High wit Moo the of vat he hip "t111, a amp essay r k r w i Avenue methodist Bethlehem Baptist Church a. O 6 cp1 evenin9 worship 7. 48 h Stref Rev e Harris. . 0lv communion 01j�?TChurch sunday school. 9 45 am sunday school a War u Ployd Mcleod . Minister phone 237-7841 Church sri uni i ., family service will be c 4 j methodist Church Corning service la groups. 5 30 ship la training us a j so a memorial Baptist am. Worship services 1?50 s Llowd a Church so a sunday school i am., preaching ii . Evening service 6 30p mid worship 7 Rev. C. W hoi. Natch Al. Martin or. A 7 sunday 7 30 . Of 0 a Bra a a a b Hozz a.ii30 the Rev a a a a Mvi luny twi a hip la. Training Union 6 p . Evening worship 7 Rev. C. W. Hollingsworth Blue Mountain Baptist a the by. Chandler . Sunday har h Minshew superintendent. Morning worship la. Btu 6 30, Billy Kilgore director. Evening worship 7wednesday prayer wednesday rated the Jacksonville Highway prayer meeting will be Bonny Brook Baptist Mission Weaver Cave Road sunday school 9 45 Dav of 7 anti the Friday _. 3 Miles South of Jacksonville High mormn9 worship la a.Btu of Refl Sides is for pre school children. Quot pre Ach Quot of Quot the a a Clr a Rey o Way i s,.,u 7,?6 d i evening worship 7 pm Church of god of prophecy Brick store Chapel. Co Greg school if a ass a pc b sign non Ore Cha every first 4ue Baptist _ Sim Daw 1600 Mulberry la Rev Theodore Lineal holiness Church Eastaboga / Ala third sunday v a Mim i. Jet. Nursery chosen Springs c. M. Church Church of god of prophecy Rev. Theodore tonal holiness Church 5tdp? re Rev. Paul of. Id Iii web re pm 8,b,# ult a a Raver ssrfss5 news a Quot a Quot re worship la c a Evv of Iii a sunday a a 0 the Rev by a Rinehart . Eula methodist ring re sunday Joe Owens is superintendent of a . Training Union 6 . Evening 5?�. Worship services la Mountain Assembly of congregational h o l i e $ is Church school i i. M a i sunday school. P the a 8 a Byrg 5 30 a evenin9 worship g0d. Sunday school begins Al . Church 24th Mckleroy Avenue ship Al ii am of a s w 0 0 a congregational Kaslor 4 30 pm Lewis e Denson worship la Ca class 6 15, sunday school. To am mooing serv evening a pal methodist Church sunday school Ialvar-y.? Oxford sunday pleasant Grove Baptist Church evangelistic service 7 is 0 cell am sunday night set vice i ing wednesday Tel a r by Naf 9 45 a Wor the Rev. W. A. Holden. No inf Pm. Praver meet inn Wurf Nurfus .int., id. Pm Rev ship is la Cmys a 5 . A a Quot a Quot a iyar a a Jig a a 2 7 . The Rev Howard Shell Eureka methodist Ruu oru ,�9 service 6 30 pm wednesday mount View rnwrocr.., methodist Chubch min. A a a we a. Rev worship Rev. George e. Rollins Quot a Day Ion ii a Hick every wed esd Coldwater Baptist the Rev us Lull Chat frack be Fol s Asua sri Aoam Swiman a nali1 Btu 6 pleasant Valley Baptist ,7 Assw a a a la Kerf a x was. Quot 3? Jsse Quot a. Us ?.,0g.a Bapt Church prayer service. 6 30 pm the. d 1 Orff him i am Btu 6 h8�?zro,&, Hicks . Eum pc Achig la am. 7 Post Oak Baptist Rhi Piru a Tel Al so a a a a a Quot suffix is Rajz by . Ii Tabernacle Momma service is la am a Yelm Quot a schoo >0 nin9 ervice is 7-30 p a w Henry �?�ll/no7 t2e worship la a a evening har is is v prayer lerre0 wednesday evening Riverside Baptist sunday Homas Thompson pasto we btu01.�?T-�?T�?T i2srnin� worship la. Emmanuel Baptist Church ? 30 vef i a Wor a a nrl1. ? 45 8 a Wor Roberts Chapel Baptist a the a 7 Rev lll�?4 pm. Evening worship Rev. Curtis Singleton sunday i a Quot a a will mgt Yin a Fussi ks5 a pc Aru Tutaj �?o30 a Quot or la Quot Quot Walker i. No a the Rev 8uddv Rock of Ages Baptist the Rev ,rt�?~ a a wow is e&trnli6 Shari a a mis a Pai or a rav c a o Yuhama Baptist _ sunday school. H3&Quot a Quot a Quot uru Risis Cussi. ,.5 s. Is sri Cserti e a sunday evict is 7 p.the a Char Soehn Henrien Welsh opt Ltd Terry Crar a super a pendent worship la Saks Baptist Church Tho Rev Jim nl7 .n,?,0�-1 v 4 pm r h Massey ? urday sch i Woi Shio is 7 mrs the 0ri evening 9 45 am. la am worship broadcast by Vima .1<iv a ,wl11 by tra,njn9 6 30 .fit a a of a Donald Palmer h worship of 7 30 . Midweek prayer minister of c youth. Bible study win essay 7 p Ani j artist Mission _ Ray Southside Baptist a the. Rev game will speak j. M. Holcomb is sunday Carl dishman5u,y a 9 pm. School 9 45 worship fall Union up Dwa a Mund Fli a i Quot a 5 even Ltd of he a a a a vices la ten Island Baptist Church first Baptist pm Cru do a jul feb ships. Interim . Sun a Uijun ii. Church of de Day school a worship services a hu0lm�?ow5u?y sch001 ,45�?~ Quot Ltd train Ian Union ass t52s Amu a pm apr red cd i Ftp p by a # so a first Baptist Church a Jirka a Baptist Church Oxford Dean-51&Quot 5ch001it so ill a Day af"y4b, Mon a a Kiwi help term Zzz up Joss Styf Quot a Quot Sissy uni0� sat e unit5� Rree wik a Baptist Sun pm a. M Caldwell director evening Fay school starts 9 45, preaching of f0p c a building a a a evening worship 6 30 the a Christian homa midweek services a Garl l Presley . M a Rev John l Norman Wayside Baptist Church sunday first Baptist. Oxford the Rev school 9 45 a.Jack Clevela a j James h. Butler sunday school worship ii a Of 9 10 a.John Harold Bobo Superio training Union 6 30 Grant pendent. worship 10 50 a Dir a or evening worship i 30 . Training Union will begin 4 ., wednesday prayer service / . The. With John Day director evening worship Rev Charles e Starnes . Service is 7. Weaver first Baptist sunday first Baptist Church Saks a school 9 4s. Morning worship la a the Rev. John Akins . Sunday training Union i ., evening be Hoot 94s. Morning worship la worship j pm. Midweek Preyer service o clock training Union 4 15 0 . The of 7 wednesday. Rev. 6. Bernard evening service is 7 30. Beasley a pants artist sunday West Anniston artist Church school . Morning worship la. <941 Carter sunday school 9 4s training Union 6 30 evening am Wortma Al i a i i i"0� i1-. Old Woeff Preyer serv a Hingham. Super Fenden. Training 49th mrs Chirov Unton or Mitchell director w Rutih or .,5 i i a a av"in0 services 7 pm the Rev Finley a a a a sunday school Hoin nok or Bill Shiv not pm. A i am Rara Miro hts Baptist Quot a help of cd View 11 Church the. Rev. h Alexander. Wednesday Jorn run joas Quot of sunday icn>01 a a a morn is Panto by Irvona la iat?7? or aa7lca a a of clock Tram glad View Baptist pm Iidro of Levi 4 worship Irv Rev old la of a 7 wednesday aver prayer a Quot of Dean a tor sunday service j o clock Quot a rss.1 $,ts5srt.,3fvr a pm 4 30 c a five nine cd hip a 1 p Pray Glen Addie Baptist the Rev. Rovt ads v 7 pm Claude Galloway Castor sunday sch West Sidi rapt is h 9 45, Tell am d�?�f0sv Bap the Rev 7 pm training is 4. Wed a a a Wedat mesday night prayer meeting 7 of clock pro Anim a. Orch a Al a Golden Springs Baptist Ujj jul 4 pm few Church sunday school. 9 ii Wilmer Arnu Irvinia . Morning worship la a . Tram wlim5? a a Quot ing Union 4 . Evening worship i a Quot Mornin x"0? a f . Midweek prayer service. Wedge a a a i Jjo. i 0 a tra a Day 7 , choir practice. 7 45 pm a i v # 2 evening worship the Rev. Glenn sly pm 1?/ay#r 1"�atmg wednesday Grace Baptist Chubch so Hale e ret r of Flea of 1li a 1. F Woodland a pay 1�jtv�t _ la. View Coni Ina iwo a 3lm r 1&Quot a a Church i sit Smith a refit a Sunvey school am Davis Martin e Lark Waltn / Vernon ? Quot Ujj 1 Grega Tiona method Amnuay school am Wor wednesday prayer service pm # 2"c1a.v#j a a ,h,8v school up mrs be. Ii evening worship. 6 45 Rev tones7 a Siva a pay 7 pm tix Rev. Nelson Kuykendall evangelist Rev. Luke h. Turner worship 50. Training Union a Quot ply. Artist a la 4. Evening worship. 7. Prayer meeting Shin 11 i �2,0f wednesday 7 p . Past or a Quot if a 7 pm sunday school 9 45 is the Rev a Man superintendent Ion. Pastor sunday .jra,r6 a p a a Kermit Purvis Arthur Rollins surer ii. Sudy each wednesday g worship a garlic a 7 30 pm nmn aug c. A use Quot h Dir Ruhr Bon Harmony Baptist Charlet Worthington school 9.45 a intend . Morning Poi Amy Ario so us am. Training Union a p e i. Dir of tar Denson director Ever a Wor Are Fin Catholic masses a hip too pm midweek prayer serv a a i la 30 pm wednesday 7 pm., followed by 0i,e churn a. Do. Cath choir practice a our i j 2 11 a Hatcher Avenue Baptist Jack a j�ki2l get Holly Church Donvilla the Rev Jimmy Ford new.,i� i a a Amr Iva sunday school . Morning warship of Zue Puj re Don Grainger ill o clock prayer Meeng each wednes Community Mycia nay 7 pm Floyd Williams is git a or Vav a ? part Quot tor of the training Union or. One school ., preach Howell is superintendent of the Sun Mil Par 7 pm Flay school 0f&#r 11 a Chiro Iron City Baptist sunday school Ltd Hon avd chm a of morn. worship elem Carf a re prank h Btu 4 r v worship j a . Church school 9 44 Rev e. T. Goosey i i p w is youth groups Lakeview Baptist sunday school diicusi0�, a cup Tenet 9 45 i. C. Williams super a pendent l per i. 0 a nor by worship fall of training Llit-p2va,a Raver Chapel is Union 4 pm., j r. Wilson dire of Taj Lai <3av� a week tor evening worship 7 p midweek Betta vib i i prayer service. Wednesday 7 p a Mitt Mills Church of Rev Wayne Grubbs j j i a Ithra Miles West of outer brews d Rector of music 0,1 �?�9-p�s Bibla school am Lincoln Baptist Church the let of Ai Quot a Rev Bdl a. Baker sunday school vet 4.45 am worship la jul ural p Carroll f Collins ., training Union a pm. Eve Ling warship 7 p wednesday Pray Chaft o us vn0 Church of 1 meeting 7 Christ sunday school of ., wit i i a nerf Cua de i Barhumi Awaa. A . Of o Rig wot Jet la Awa c.i.ha., -.a. A Vic ski say i am Btu 4 pm. Evening worship Quot a or go. Service 7 pm i or a 5�jmcm a of Christ us Meadowbrook Baptist Church note bbl study. To am morn Mew Birmingham Highway Oxford Job pfc her. Fall a Young people s sunday school of 9 30 a mining Al pi�?T1 f or re or shop is worship 10 50 Union la up Wilt. Al if i Quot Rad a or 36 pm., evening worship 7 30 p % a 36 pro meeting prayer meeting wednesday 7 . Ladies Bible class the Rev Roo of c Powell itt dam daily radio Morrisville Baptist Church ?.0str�?z a Oay meditations Sunder Scho 4 45 a a Ery Quot i Vond rough Friday once am. Btu 4 pm Avenir serv cumr1l k mind lot 4 45 pm. Wednesday evening prayer 15m men a service. 4 39 pm Rev Lous sturts a Bibi classes Quot vl.2ff,?~.� we of a hip. M a a Stock . View Missid Nae v Baptist a a a 5 p Chue cml Church soviets Ere la a run a a pm sunday school 10 a . i v Btu of 6 30 tev Curtis Penny Blazer or the Tsitve Tom a a View primitive Baptist for ? Condl a Rev tvs Roper Church of Christ re or a services la am Ana a1/, u7mb, of Meta a vary sunday Al. A a 10 worship sri Sis la i pm biota study . Zion Baptist Church metres the Rey Conaw Dobbs Pas were Vav Quot Everlynn i is Quot a a Jvn a 2�aa arjai.. 7 a a b bus Udy ii a morn ship la evening services wednesday evening services tor sunday school a ing slim 7 30 p . Etc a comm wednesday Munford Baptist Church Sun pm Day school 0 45 a worship morn. To a a f get a thu,ifla4 la am training Union 6 30 pm. Eye a,b#r1 we Flar Cen pm Edna lat awm1 Ems Eastaboga Church of Christ goal Wai Corna re w f there will a a. Dekome. Nev w i muncher pm Servie this sunday morn hew Haven Baptist sunday wtikit1. A a a by 0 45. Ralph Daffron super a st7 7 la a a vib Teno of morn worship 11, .Mmg a tvs v Israr amp i Jwj Sov so is sunday school am morn a Wor Legrano Avenue Church Ai p la Dock of a Mist b a a 5 a mrs 4 a is a a rec ones u Cotoc pm lactic 1 car a 91 a pub 9 i fad Seji Cas go i pm Trnini or Myke offo Church of Fotiu is a a a a a a a .1 a is Ira Ssiss a Al Quot a a i Quot a 2 we a pm Aweek Bibi study wednesday attend a Church revival May 2 a 8 services daily 7 30 . Norwood Baptist Church of Anniston 29th Moore Avenue you Are Welcome special singing by Norwood Trio Nursery open for All services sunday this religious is Mode possible by the firms listed who Ore interested a greater Church going Calhoun county by once tile 7jlossoms Acker Cabinet shop Harlem f. Acker employees 227 Noble Acme termite company a f. Williamson employee Hoo South Quintar Avenue Anniston roofing siding company or. James Preston employees 512 West 10th Calhoun butane Gas co. All employees 421 Nuole Anniston printing co. Or. or. Jerome i lint employees 171 Noble Carpenter s motors authorised Dat Sun dealer Corner la Gurnee magic Tunnel car Wash mrs. Beek employee 1815 Noble Woodruff shoe store or. mrs. A Woodruff employers 1025 Noble . Calhoun motor co inc. Trade with the Morgan boys Kwik chek stores Good foods dear s Noble Street curb Market 1800 Noble . The Anniston Star the Home newspaper since 1881 Roebuck furniture co. Jacksonville Ala. Lott Cabinet shop w. Lott employees 119 South Noble Wikle s drug store 1010 Noble . Food town giant super Market a where shopping is a pleasure Bank of Heflin Northeast Alabama s easiest growing state Bank Heflin Ala. Iga food stores 1710 Noble Eoo liner 50th a Quintard Birmingham Highway Fhi num intersection4th k Hen addle Parkwood or. Heflin Ala. The Church for Alu All for the Church he Church is Tho greats Factor Earth for the building of character Good citizenship. is a storehouse of spiritual values. Without a Strong Church neither democracy nor civilization can survive there four sound reasons Why every person should attend services regularly up mgt the Church. They Are i for ins own Sake. 2 for his children Sake 3 for the Sake of his Community nation. 4 for the Sake of the Church itself which needs his moral material support. Han go Church regularly read your Bible daily. Gray Brown service mortuary Flint fir employees Anniston paper amp Supply company a paper Speed Alisa Quot 19 mrs i 9 the . Sterling jewellers or. H. I. Gordon top levees i�29 Noble . When the buds burst into fragile Flower their breath is every where a warming Breeze caresses the cold Damp Earth. This is More than Spring this is the time of Promise. For these same festive branches shall lift a precious Burden of fruit when the red Gold Mantle of Harvest Falls across the land. When human souls awaken Tho reveille of Faith hymns prayers fill the Arches of heaven the warmth of ageless Hope reaches from heart heart. This is More than Lent. For the Faith which blossoms today will Bear its own precious fruit. Love Joy peace the Harvest of souls like yours mine is beginning anew grow. Copyright 1966 fouler adverting service inc Strasburg a. Beards or. Horace Beard employers 1119 Noble by. Young Jakovac motors Dudly Young Jack Jakovas implodes 12 4 Wilmer ave 859 Inird ave. Wilson Pontiac Cadillac or. P. O. W 11 min employees 8j# Noble i. Rhodes furniture co. A Mani Iutin s finest Hume furnishing store 15 East Aud 10th Street Leon Jones electric co. Leon junes employees 125 East 13th Street Keevil curl school of Beauty 0 Salon 791 Noble he ;