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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Anniston, Alabama 2 a of anti Fantt to a saturday May i 1965 saturday by Barham 11 Tai fir Hall to s Nice hat the worlds so full of people they re no much fun to watch. People watching is at its Best in an Art museum a habitat which seems to attract the free spirit and the individualist. What san o r Ltd. When things get Dull theres Man Well it does some also pictures to look at created thing to you. By the most interesting people of All. But we had time to keep an eve on the people sharing it we spent a Good hit of our All with us too. And they Wen free time on our recent masterpieces in their own right. Washington trip in the Unlusu there seemed to be a general ally Fine Art galleries of that school Holiday along the Middle City or army our feet to a Eastern Seaboard just before frazzle and feasting our eyes Paster Best we could Tell of on some of the paintings we Ltd ult a Washington was swarm had hitherto seen o n i y in my with the Young of the Spe books. Des herded by parents with Horn rimmed glasses and de we never cease to Marvel at Ter mined chaperones in practice vast difference Between an a shoes original and the Best Prim at the National gallery per aside from the frankly thrilling Ocul arly they kept swimming realization that the paint was through the Halls in school All actually put on mat very can 0f n go of being lectured Here a by the hand of a Man whose and there by smiling glib name in now immortal t h e Dot a Basic Black Chance to look into the depth of the color and explore t no they seemed particularly Lyhtle three dimensions that thick in the French impress change the shading makes even zionist room and kept sitting it lesser masterpiece a real Down one group after Aneth treat. Or in front of Renoir a a coming face to face with an girl with a watering can Quot original we have found outsell while we were trying to work falling in love with work we ii our Way around the Wall in Only idly glanced at in an Art that direction Book. The kids were Well behaved. We d never particularly Well dressed and annoyingly eared for Turner for instance Bright answering their guide though wed read glowing leading questions with smiling Praise of his Talent. Rut we satisfaction and we made it walked into a roomful of or a it Point to listen a lot Winn we paintings at the National Cal happened by one of these for Lery last month and every Mal classes learning among thing changed. Once you be other tilings that Renoir used a Eon a Turner you know Why practically no Black that Al he s great a it fairly lakes Greco probably did not finite your breath away. It fish Quot the Laocoon Quot and that a he ladles room is the so Ond and nobody hid told us eth door Down the Hall a. Thai Fragonard ran Brin than Harp Are Iii Iii Quot "0 ,1 Quot Quot a i Ransill u tor limiting in my. H n ill i vast joyous swoop of a of a ask and to. S a i a Way in yer err Gnu Ball,.yr Hiti pain in inn or i a comm he h,.mrt, Albury rally in or pretty. A a re or Rand so. Fol Ligeti of near t h r h a , Boll in n Orand a a pc a 1p a tor Omar artist Var or Al it and ways loved anyway their act ult work i . I overwhelm the Little Llo Kinann ladles lug is .1,11 Haven quite re to a a the part Milt powdered cover it from standing in fint and chirping soaking up mini Renoir s i in in a in of t ii a a fur to take Hack to their boating party in ital plea an clubs and classes. The tourist upstairs o my at the Phillips gentlemen a bit Glassy eyed to Aller trying to absorb enough from a surfeit id sight seeing. Of >1 in warmth Ami color and trudge a ctr mutely along exuberant to last us until Welhem a a a a area obituaries mrs. Nora h. Roe toastmasters win awards seen at a recent Sylacauga banquet honouring members of toastmasters Are from left Royce Faulkner Talladega installing officer who also presented awards cd Faust Winner of table topic Competition Herschel Webb Winner of prepared speech division buries Covington chosen toastmaster of the year and Gordon Comer toastmaster for the evening. Officer installed were Edgar Hodges president Herschel Webb educational vice president John Hammond adminis Tralve vice president George o Khiley Secretary treasurer and de Faust sergeant Al arms. Irby photo people. We found one that after noon in the National gallery. Wed seen this apparition carrying a tray in the cafeteria earlier and had actually Felt compelled to turn and stare. City and area briefs open House set open House will be held a school chosen As Salut Atory at 110 w 13th St. All delegates it a Cheryl Cobb daughter of Are asked to attend As very in girl scouts Camp Cotta Ulila or. And mrs. Bill Cobb also of portent business will be trans 1 sunday from noon to 4 30 p Weaver. Acted she was of indeterminate mid the amp is located in Miles die age. Plump and generally Northeast of Anniston off the Council to meet Shapr-., under an electric Blue Jack Sonvill Highway. Anni ton labor Council Al a to k or Blind quoth Quot or Cio will meet monday at 7 p ence meets monday at of . Today at 2 a rn., at his Home after a Long illness. Cedar Bluff mrs. Nora funeral services will be held Hardin Roe 81. Of Cedar Bluff sunday at ., at Gold it i died Friday at a Rome Ridge Baptist Church with the a Hospital Rev Herman Caldwell official funeral services will be held tug burial will be in Church this afternoon at fair Haven cemetery with Dryden funeral Baptist Church with the revs. Home of Ranburne in charge. G. H Manning and Harry Sut he is survived by four sons ton officiating. Burial will be in Willie of Jackson. Miss., John Hardman cemetery. Perry Funy and Marion of Bowdon ga., neral Home directing by 2� and j w a of a Grange survivors include four sons. A. Three daughters. Mrs. Mat g. B Roe of Rome ga., Jim tie Lou of Gadsden mrs. And Frank Roe of Cedar Bluff Essie Gravitt of West Point and Milton Roe of Gadsden ga., and mrs. Margaret Cren three daughters mrs. E f. Shaw of Lanett and seven love. Rome a. Mrs. Wood grandchildren and several Row Bishop. Summerville. Ga., great grandchildren and mrs h. D. Smith. Pacific a retired Blacksmith and Grove. Calif a brother g. F. Farmer or. Maddox had lived Hardin of Gadsden 17 grand in the Ranburne Community children and two great grand most of his life. Children. The body will lie in state at she was the widow of the late the funeral Home until time of George w. Roe of the Farrill services. Community a member of fair Haven Baptist Church and a member of a prominent Pioneer mrs. Lavonia a it Lott family of the Farrill comm it 3 mrs. Laverne Scott 68. Of an Niston it. 5, died Friday afternoon at Anniston memorial w. George Taylor Hospital after a Short illness. Funeral services will be held Pensacola Fla. A w at 330 . Sunday at Iron variety in d sets Homecoming rn., at the Machina building a. Patter menial Bap it b it in Fie in a a. In the Hung in ringlets the old fashioned sausage variety and a a. 0. A a. Around her head was a Pink chosen Springs ,. A ribbon of a color to Matoh Hur h a a a a �?~7&Quot Smock in intensity. Lier earrings a Quot enl Quot a in preparation for the and Matching pin were Ceramic. Nubi he a women. Scheduled in the shape of Liny artist my to to Homecoming begins palette with crossed brushes Inch at noon followed by Lier Mouth was a Rouge Rose an afternoon of singing featuring. Her hands White and Lnu Smith family w Adams ringed Ville the Harper family and surely this must be a sgt a a Sprng pm rom Gadsden. We reasoned she must sell Art Frenda and relatives of per supplies in the shop or show sons burp in Tho Hurth people fir no of tor a fee nobody tory Quot urged to join in clean could he that artistic and be Ink Graves May 6 and 7. Real George Taylor of Pensacola. City Baptist Church the revs. Fla., died Friday at the age of Ford Curvin and w. S. Dobbs 71. In Escambia Hospital. Off Cating. Burial will be at old funeral services will be at 2 Davis town cemetery Gray to d ,. N int pm sunday at Lar is Bap Brown service in charge. The Baptist pastors Confer Al in Talladega. Burial will be surviv0rs include fou son in Talladega cemetery. I h e Var pm Lawrence Charlie pastors to meet Good evening Ohatchee u. S. A. Once we had More cat than rats at the one w ranch i recall that one cat census taken showed seven. First there was thumped ssh rats of Jacksonville so Jet pm a Dau Quot lib firs Bap is Church ,1 lived mos of his p lir in Calhoun a Quot it i Talladega Anniston mrs. Sue Alsup. Mur counties. Free Sboro Tenn and mrs. Jean he is survived by his wife cuts a Thomasville n. C. Iwo Stepsons. Guy and Stuk Hunt her Ashford Gunch Taylor two Brothers d. R. Singing scheduled a singing will be held at Bethel methodist Church near Ohatchee at 2 . Sunday featuring the Georgia boys. The Rev. A. D. Mccomb is pastor of the Church. One brother Ashford Gooch Kansas City kans. 16 grand two great grand singing to be held is. A a a i a singing will be held sunday by the wonderful thing about Homecoming service spi "gjg1 a 2 . Al United freewill his name got changed i done to know. Taylor of Tampa. Fla and l., and h Taylor of Baton Rouse children four sister. Mrs. Myrtle Rhodes Active pal by flyer Wjt a Lawson Carpenter. Russell bus Rov Salvo. Maurice Bea of Foley mrs. Johnnie wheat of key West Fla., mrs. Flora Johnson of Talladega and mrs. Addie Watson of Anniston. People is you never can Tell. Homecoming services will be held sunday at Crumbley a Chapel Church of god in Cleburne county with the Rev John Irwin speaking at a in Cirild see it Agone Sud whim from a spot Only a f a away we could see both Al Greco a the repentant Peter unit by a masterpiece by the same name one a Saint the other a Fisher Mohta tags Loans consolidate your Bills reduce your payments lit it 2nd most Goat up to Sio too Safiy Whitro in Alo. Fir go. Consolidated mortgage of Ala p o hoi ii. Awl Mew. Ala occasional picture in what Lac it Hope ii a practice want. There Are the energetic Young museum doers to mgt who dash into a room Whiz. Around its let in Etc gobbling the sights and zip on to the next Gullet \ before you pc moved to tile next picture they have the Smith Soman scheduled Fin that Atter noon. Hut none of these Standard it pcs can compote to Lite rare prizes the True originals among a half hour later we walked into a roomful of romantic French paintings and found our Little lady perched on a shall in front of a huge pro i fess ional easel and Canvas. It Iii Rug Cremona is r copying me of the Graceful the Christine Avenue Baptist masterpiece Hung there. Mission 20th Street and Christine Avenue will he constitute one glance at the preliminary Edas a Church and will be Salt it to Shook us she was no named the Christine Avenue Only a real artist hut a thorough Baptist Church ceremonies in skillful one fur til had Cap constituting the Church will be lured he original Ria. Fly and sunday at 2 .10 p in. Was now putting on an under a. Sating i bring kit the glow Voith Rai in scr that had made the old master 1 pm Quot All set great j the lower District youth she had written her name in rav fat Iio Large letters on the Corner a nest Church will be held to it it it was the same that could be of ref at 7 o clock at Hall seen in the Iworner of the old Chapel Church the pastor the painting Nev Sanford Willis invites the Public to attend. We could t stand it another _ minute and Drew closer in r Side in the Chance of striking up a conversation. A disdainful cat. He looked Down his nose at he entire world next there was Needle we named him Needles because we found him one Day under a Pine tree. Then came Cora a granddaughter of an old cat we once had. She was the affectionate Type she followed you about Baptist Church at 401 n. Ledbetter ave. Featuring a quartet from the Friendship methodist Church. A Viii w. Maddox Ranburne Calvin Wesley Maddox. 82, of Graham died hounds sey Seal Junior Purdy and James White. Mrs. Scott was a resident of Calhoun county most of her life and a member of a methodist Church in Kentucky. The body will lie in state Ona hour prior to services. Continued from Page i creeks before he was found Clous items according to Sher the Cleburne county sheriff Iff Owen. Had words of Praise for Excel the Cleburne county sheriff Lent cooperation he received traced the guns to Atlanta and from neighbouring Law enforce Thornton was then booked on ment officer. Speeding and carrying concealed a the cooperation up and and rubbed against your legs weapons without a License. Cle Down the Alabama Georld line until you give her a Saucer of Burne officials then held him for is excellent and without it we Atlanta police in connection with could t possibly do As Good a a burglary. Job As now is possible through further investigation revealed coordination of state county and that the Anniston negro was municipal officials Quot Owen also being sought by Anniston sad it police. Anniston detectives said Thi morning Thornton had escaped the typical married couple in from City confinement after he which the husband is 65 or in. R. Ca Mon h in by Kant i Oas i i. Of in Lee it a 421 Noble St. Mho Lara recognized Sandra Kilgore daughter of or. And mrs. N. B. Kilgore of it Wink in Quick bursts Weaver a been chosen Valt a ii get it mind nit thai i. She dietician of Weaver Junior High a a seventh generation desc a Lent of the Painter in valved 2. The picture she was copying had been painted exactly 2ft year ago 3. She had already sold a dozen or no Copus of hts various work to a a Calls by people in a a Maloti and was doing this one on com Mission you never know with people they re More fun than anybody the Best electronic air clean Erx Are rated up to to times More effective than regular Glass Metal or fiber filters a Nie Asuri a by the National by Reno of standards dust spot method. Milk then we had Susie the mama cat. Afraid of the dogs Susie spent most of the Daylight hours up on top of a re House. There was another cat whose name i forget and two Kittens. With thin Motley Crew on guard you never saw any rats around. We figured a hat feeding the seven cats was much cheaper. Cd a Tom Sims had been arrested on charges of older had an annual income of bringing stolen property into 43.350 in 1963, the Institute of Anniston. Life insurance reports. Anniston detectives booked Thornton and were holding him it Ltd o televise Wmma and Itcan c a a a Lih Calif. I i m i Mai a to a a St it Sih i Ca a a # vat Ani i Etal a ii maw j i far of Ancona t Tiva Quot Aarn a a Star a Oil to i #9 Vatick Canelo j u a i pkg Kusir 9f Dan it i of waa to it it a Nat j Dine t 51 a i i Vwg a a a we a saturday dam Ines try t Wack end ten to in Amma n pm Dane tis ear to Tise. In in Tost party so m a it 90 own pc to Channel a air min him saturday. May i Awta i irs i ars f t i a ranch walk i later Day at Tny Van Tat of r Hatiye rvs a Floca. Ate 11 m or 1 a it of mama to mfr i to a warms a waft to Cha Taat a Ira iia pm tatar Day. May i a a riij.,., t go a Arnut y 0 pary vat aet i of our a a i a Man Tram Uno c in to j a i ant a Why to to test at Many Nae for Gadsden Law enforcements officials in connection with larceny of an automobile until he escaped from Anniston we to Cim i i sheriff Owen said Thornton Cater Tanfara Tima a ave searchers quite a run for of their Money and even had the j w bloodhounds confused for a u n c i a what by backtracking through i of lira Mia of saturday Nih at to a a Tat ii go or a to m Cav so a i Quot Verf Virv Quot of i it of Waga to Kanaar Atlanta of hard Flik Ira the later def mar i a is a a Attar go i Itu if a a i i w Jai Al 0 it a on i 9 Oil Lifan Iota so 3g in a a ant to go our Samak ii Oona us to Vovia the Brave Are never different Only different looking morning worship Iff Fitl at ventral presbyterian Hurch will be Browden by station h dog at . Anniston Dalri Delip a or Utu. Mui Oom Dsa. Com tut it. Ell by a it Iri n a inn is i Imp Iii his i i Chom Wiik \ n Tun wot a Trau of it Hui Anci i Ard i Violi re i Struth thunk _ sock w Tummmon _ Sullivan my bract Charet Aru a Kou a Ami it ii St re a Lastra Iii Aiu i sri ni m Hill s Iii mk1iit i not since Quot Frankenstein to Quot a a have you seen such chilis Boris a Riff at a in Rig a Black Sabbath a a at of path Phi a to to Oma Omaha a a none but the brate Frank go Mamba Clint Valker Toh Midi jacks Wattle i t o to in h it Only Oren 6 show ? b or Totsu it Laai a t a pm a i m a Wnok St i xvii Milf i m a Var mtg a 11 a a a tic hmm of of Pama it Siow prom Waal tit Baos Lee 3 is to eve till now playing Skyway first Anniston showing admission $1.00 % a Aat Patou ctr a tonight a open 5 30 show of dusk big hits first outdoor showing James Bond is Back in action s i own Connery oot it f ii him j Goldfinger showing 8 15 Only Tich Kilcolm crawling Slimy things Bent on destroying the world of of of it or in a. Iid Aff its Daytona Beach or bust win to Daytona Beach and return ask cashier for details no obligation showing 7 05 Only 11,1 my it bid a Quot Jorsha Lee a Alan Post plus twp big suspense thrillers i 9t�iud>u8mc a of no Ldoa i. Sad it Sid Mem. _ Alain Fonda Delon alight a. V afian Scop showing 10 00 horrific1 exciting Ond inhibited with suspense a a a a Quot invasion of the Saucer men Quot with Steve Terrill showing 45 or hav fun Ano Cail 217-Mi now ;