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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Anniston, Alabama Lax team wins Jacksonville High school Riding Home on the flying feet of its sprinters captured the 1%5 regional 4a track Champion ship Friday night at Saks. See Story Page 7. Jibe Kar member arc and Nea vol. 83, no. 227 to pages i Section a your Home newspaper since 1882 Anniston Alabama saturday May i 1965 a and up news news Day night from i . Loll ., Abc a and local news is flashed a ver station whoa. The stars final edition is presented each weekday at 4 The Star arrives sunday morning Long before breakfast time. 5c daily 20c sunday 50 a week by Carrier death of third Marine reported in Dominica sol it s May Day in Moscow Wirt conto Oas asked for Ari Ion by Johnson Washington api a the United states looked to the organization of american states today to make sure the cease fire in the jittery dominican Republic Sticks. Communists celebrate red chinese solicit Viet Cong support lbs notes cease fire plan president Johnson Friday night announced via radio and television that a formula has been reached for a cease fire in the dominican Republic hut is not being respected by everyone on both sides. Behind the president is Douglas Cornell associated press writer. Three marines have been killed. Legislators it take Short rest top officials of the soviet Union wave from atop the Lenin mausoleum at May Day parades in Moscow a red Square today. From left. Leonid Brezhnev. First Secretary of the communist party russian Premier Alexei Kosygin and Nikolai Podgorny a member of the ruling party presidium. The inter american group was moving swiftly. A special foreign ministers meeting was set for this morning. An Oas peace team planned to Fly to the divided Caribbean Republic tonight. I president Johnson in a Brief nationwide broadcast Friday night urged the Oas to take 1 responsibility for restoring peace and rekindling constitutional government. Agreement is made of Ommi nest v s aggression to the Victory that featured a float showing Bahadur we Tacky Bennett la i i i c i it a to ramp mime Dav it 0i"w Quot a a a wort for communist amount in Santo doming he a a i i akan South of Saigon gales in sexing tor May Day or lean and latin amen can coun forces in Viet Nam celebrations to support the red tries against guerrillas in South Viet Nam communist chinese Premier and continue the struggle Chou in Lai told a reception in a against peking. , us Toast t0 the his remarks were reported by nip n 6 in Mese peo the new China news Agency. Pies patriotic struggle against joint Effort asked a fall peace Loving nations and people throughout the i should unite to smash the crime Nal plan of . Imperialism to escalate the War in Indochina a i ult Lake he said that the . Quot peace talks scheme was aimed at a forcing the vietnamese people to yield to i Liu Ning i. President of the Montgomery Ala. Apall China federation of Trade Alabama legislators began a la in on it called for the launching Brief respite from their Law of a an powerful making duties today after Fin mass movement on a won Ishing up work on a new voter vide scope Quot to compel the unit registration Law and winding to states to get out of \ let Nam up their special session. And a al1 her places they have but the senators and repro occupied. A a natives wont be away from delegates Are listed the Capitol Long they return Liu also said the chinese peo tuesday to begin the regular pie a were determined to Liberal Ision after three Days from the ate their territory of Taiwan ill week Long special session. The new China news Agency during fridays final session said delegations from 70 coun the House concurred with sen tries were in peking for the Octal changes on a proposed Eon relations. They included for that the ruling military Junta and the rebels who want to restore ousted president Juan Bosch to Power had agreed to submit the dispute to Oas arbitration. The objective of the Oas peace team is not Only to secure a cease fire but to offer a formula under which the Dom in. Leans might establish a stable Nisi arms Cache captured Tri-1 not government. Day South of Saigon included had captured red anus Acle includes flu me throwers embassy a is scene of Bailie from wire reports Santo Domngo dominican Republic a third Marine was reported killed today by snipers As the dominican civil War entered its seventh Day without sign of a setup. The fighting continued despite a cease fire agreed to by the waning factions. The Marine was shot by a a Wirt photo rebel sniper on the i s embassy grounds two marines were killed Friday there was considerable firing in the Vicinity of the embassy. Intense Rifle fire continued in various parts of the City in Tho predawn hours slackened during the morning then picked up again at noon casualties Are noted the state department in Washington also reported 17 marines and eight army men wounded no names were divulged. An army Field Hospital and two medical companies were airlifted in to treat the wounded and a Navy surgical team was on the Way. American spokesman said had Many of the insurgents trying Saigon up �?1the commit said that As of mid afternoon a nudists although there a single bombing attack been reports of such weapons to restore ousted president been launched against it action in the Central High Juan Bosch to Power were not Spike Jour a a. Dies at Home the Oas normally tries to resolve conflicts Between countries not Between rival groups within one. When Johnson spoke the situation was chaotic. He noted that violence and disorder had increased in the previous 24 hours and said an earlier cease los Angeles up _ ire a Keement was being bandleader Spike Jones who ?1�?o made a Fortune from playing galling on the Oas for Zany and satirical music died prompt decisive Adion the latin american diplomats Light weight flame throwers and North Viet Nam said Iii what the Oas actually ammunition for other weapons if the Day ends with no new seeks is to establish As soon As new to the red Arsenal it was attacks it would be the first possible internal order in the announced today. Time since april in that North Itomi Nican Republic so that . Aud vietnamese Intelli Viet Nam had not been hit by american troops can be with gence officers tallied the arms . Planes drawn quickly. Hoard today during a Lull in the jets Are Busy situation is chaotic air War Over Viet Nam. An american jets were Busy the Mission is unprecedented american military spokesman the South despite the Lull lands earlier this year. Musician9 53, pusses president said a it is very important that representatives at the Oas be sent to the do St i tut Iona i amendment aimed at sign minister Kojo Botsios of Early today in his Beverly Hills keeping Federal registrars out Ghana Spiro Koleka first vice Home. He was 53. Of Alabama. The amendment Premier of Albania and Hoang Jones was hospitalized in a. A a now goes on to a statewide ref an Hoan vice chairman of the rious condition March 31 with run Tan Republic just As soon Brendum late in july. National Assembly of Norm complications following in As pass ble strengthen the it requires that a prospective Viet Nam. The soviet Union asthmatic attack earlier this Caie f4r� and hip a ear a rom voter be Able to read and write As represented by a Trade in Vear he was released irom he a of an article of the u. S. Cons Titu Ion delegation. Santa in English and establish May Day was celebrated in april 8 after doctors proof of literacy. Moscow with a civilian Parade made a full recovery. The legislature approved a a companion enabling act fixing an eighth Grade education As Hie acceptable level of literacy. Hie state Board of education will prescribe a test for prospective new voters or they can produce an eight Grade school certificate. The enabling act automatically goes into effect if the Amend cum or ,0 a it furn of constitutional Monica Calif. It Pilaf i put utes and re Lection a a said he More Are slated Johnson dealt briefly with the Landing of american troops in the dominican Republic. As he spoke 1,700 army airborne troops and 1,430 marines were already ashore and us. Offi vials had said the total would be swelled to More $.000 Quot for two Days american forces have been in Santo Dom n.,. F Ingo in an Effort to protect the Hattie lines decisions with the maintenance lives of americans and the a in in North vie Nam. A spokesman said 55 air strikes were made inside South Viet Nam by air Force and Marine corps jets the biggest raid was in Binh Dinh province 270 Miles mirth East of Saigon where 37 f100 super sabres and six b57 jct bombers hit Viet Cong concentrations in an area where the Mel humid sets plans for Appeal Pittsburgh it up Ikon Iii trouble on Sloe Onesti ii i rank m. Jul Iii in ii a a a huns tests Junta fire was signed Brig Gen Elias sin the military governments a Strong a a a a Quot to Quot / London <1 i i a a a a a a ii maintenance lives or americans and he a ment is ratified by the people today for a struggle n of vitality and a sense of re a locals of other countries in toe to my Teel nationalisation which could Sponski Brlity in the subordinate lace of increasing violence and the Senate removed from the bring Down prime minister liar the paper said. Disorder a the president said plan an alternate provision pro a cd Wilson s labor government 1 a a a a a Xiding that an honorable Dis the conservative and Liberal charge from the armed forces parti oppose the governments would be sufficient proof of Eli pan to Tak Over 13 big steel Gib Lity of registration. Firms and two labovites have made it Clear they will not vote j n Jfe a it this whittles Wilson a dynamite Tomii Kip already precarious majority r a a Down to a sure margin of one to imitate in it Anima vote. Montreal Apt a a by tit government published a Nannie bomb exploded at the Quot White paper Friday announce . Consulate Early today my its plan to buy the 13 com smashing <8 windows and six panics at a Price of about $1.5. Billion and merge them into a the floor through an elevated single a National steel Corpora passageway Between two parts of the consulate building was to. A a. Badly damaged is the Blas Bav Ila a a Quot a the bomb was placed under he ,iona1/th, f pm. Hard no a in or Thomas Aud Balden _ it on about 90 per cent of Britain a steel output. Hie weather the government paper a a a issued just one Day Aller the forecast Tuv tonight St Quot Lindu Quot or it pm and sunday Root,nu.,i of a or milk for 1�m n 25 j million tons rising temperatures. High today. 13 Low tonight. 48, High dais. Local a Tati to a a fad to Ibi Bole to w l�4l Niar hit Aalim a a a a to Knur re tag it a in o my Lin lie to a r a tut e to at grrr i not 41 a turn Fain Ian bar Bel to at of ibis Walt be no ate i to at. I it p Smar Laa Lamott ill in. Aarn Meier tile paper said nationalization to necessary to realize Quot National planning of production and marketing and to rationalize it modernize j the Structure of Industry a a main task will be to Combine necessary and desirable centralization of the main policy in touch with rebel leaders and that the rebel leaders had no control Over them. Aide in Dpn Rchrd i the tentative cease fire was negotiated Friday by papal Nuncio Manuele Clarizio it stipulated that the organization of american states should arbitrate the dispute. Jose a. Mora uruguayan Secretary general of the Oas was dispatched Here to help. David although Small scale fighting. Of a continued the cease fire appear j met i maid mapped plan in ,.mm or Llano atu7k, Day for a last ditch fight to and the Navy bombardments hold onto the $50,000 a ear pres that have gone on intermittent i ency of the United steel work a or a with a toll of guerrillas have tried to Cut or Union us ves climate in the hundreds Highway 19 linking the Central a it. A a spokesman said the Mehas thou slams with los a11w add Roa it Wildi had Ellered my surveyors arc nabbed 1 damage delayed reports from the his opponents in the us the major obstacle to a provinces said communist goer leadership his decision Cut am or Ltd was the problem of Rillas kidnapped hair japanese to App. Jle r,.sllt Lurf controlling the civilians who surveyors wednesday on the. Were armed indiscriminately by shr hark River in Darla Quot Quot. J �?T.7 Quot 7 a Quot w a Day Ito Inre. Where the japanese to a a it Quot Quot Quot Vult. I Abel. Us secret Arv treasurer a a were working on a water con a a. We. I be Union s International tellers i Var ser vation project j it us a a discovery of the flame throw a formally certified Abel Vics in y we discover 01 uie name in Row j Lemner ,142 votes in a the Fin confirmed est 308 9,0 to 2<t� to Dence of their use by the coma j Abel was to assume office june i when Mcdonald a cur rent third four year term As us president com s to an end the Abel Camp said that by refusing to step aside graciously a Mcdonald was hurting the unions bargaining position in or wage contract talks with the. Steel Industry the talks resume Quot Lon 7ued a a sl�1&Quot i a. 1 May 18 Ulda it of Ai med aggression in i murder in a civil right Dommin Republic and of termly 7 a Quot pm. Genev meet determined to re Nunn he in Thum Val a in Ion s chief negotiator As Long As Rjay Council he was president. A. H is completely obvious that an interim a management Union he Landing marines in a a. Agreement which bet ame Effe it he dominican Republic is not Lith rec Are accused of the March a a t say. Will remain in Force my hut an act of direct Daggres 25 slaying of mrs. Viola Gregg at until sept i after that Ion against the people of this Lauizzo 39, of Detroit pm an a Union could be free to Call country said the soviet Alabama Highway following a a strike. It a Agency Tass. Civil rights rally at Montgomery. Murphy originally had Askari for separate trials for Collie Leroy Wilkins 21. Eugene Thomas 43, and William Eaton la. Wilkins is scheduled for trial monday at Hayneville Ala now Murphy says a i Mign ask for All three to be tried at at Atlanta Friday the Southern Christian leadership con Terence and the student nonviolent coordinating committee attorney May seek in j joint Lowndes trial from wire reports the attorney for three Kusa a of May ask for a joint flux klansmen charge d with trial. _ lawyer Matt Murphy jr., said at Birmingham Al Friday that a things Are shaping up1 favourably for our case.,.�?� the Russia bans i. S. Action Moscow a the soviet Lariat manhunt Tilke Flap is we lottery hurry hurry folks an enterprising merchant along Hannibal to i main Street put out these chairs and this sign for folks who wanted to watch the Mississippi River flood Waters Friday. The Crest of 24 6 feet to 25 feet is due at Hannibal late sunday hounds pud Reedom i1 or Cleburne pee Bil. Krause duties Heflin City police depart Heflin a bloodhounds end ment Randolph county Sherd de seven hours of Freedom for Depute s and game Warden a d an escape from Cleburne Alabama state troopers county jail Friday afternoon but it was the pack of blood two of the nation s most Active l Quot ii. Eur Temov manhunt a a Hinds from Carroll county around Heflin que prison Camp that finally i it Al started around 9 30 tracked Thornton Down in the o clock Friday morning when Hayloft of a barn at the re it i Willie Thornton 22. An Anniston Dence of mrs Grover Howell in negro in Anay of t0 pry Loose a Heflin bar in his cell and escape. He was Back in jail Short of Cleburne county sheriff Fra Ter 4 is p in Tracy tests in registering voters Tus 0wen immediately stiga sheriff Owen said Thornton in Macon Bullock and Elmore g search when someone re was arrested last Friday by seeing Thornton running Abc agents in Cleburne Cou it Johnson als it i denounced Quot jul from the jail in All sheriff to he was stopped for spa i tical ail social leaders a who Owen said there were about 4d my Kiwi found in Possession of a he said set themselves above the men involved in the manhunt pistol a Rifle and other sushi Law including his own staff of Dep thee hounds Page i col. Ii civil rights groups announced they had buried their differences in Montgomery f e d e r a i judge Frank m Johnr on or thursday banned the use of lit ;