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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - March 31, 1940, Anniston, Alabama The weather Alabama partly Cloudy sunday and monday warmer in North portions sunday. Gentle variable winds on the coast. Complete United press leased wire coverage a he Anniston average daily net paid circulation for issued daily and sunday morning by consolidated publishing co a february 7,742 or. And mrs. Reader do you want to buy. Sell Swap find rent or make a special announce ment if so consult the Anniston Start and taker for Best result. Cotton in 5 vol. 58�?no. 104. Anniston ala., sunday mar. 31, 1940. Fumes Quot it Rivers break through their Banks to inundate North pm Section Weatherman warns of major catastrophe new storm saturday adds to great peril on Western coast Kus accused of infringing a reckless abandon Laid to labor Board by Smith committee Long investigation climaxed by charge minority report proposed by dissenting members of group Little Margaret Jenkins rushes to give a big kiss to her daddy an English Soldier Home on leave from France. Picture was made in a London railway station where Margaret waited for the boat train. San Francisco mar. .10. a flood Waters Tore through Northern California valleys for the second time in a month today. Swollen by week Long Rains the Sacramento Napa russian and san Lawrenzo Rivers and their tributary streams broke through their Hanks in Many Points and pushed dangerously near the tops of levees in others threatening a repetition of the Sis my he floods of earlier in the month. E h. Fletcher government meteorologist at Sacramento warned j that a flood of major proportions was developing rapidly in the Sacramento River and along the Feath j i or and american Rivers which j empty into the Sacramento. I election due in preferential woman Thi Tei jest ism death probed a. L Washington mar. To. Urn the Smith committee tonight climaxed months of investigating the National labor relations Board with charges that in Many instances the Board a infringed with reckless abandon on both personal Liberty and property chairman Howard a Smith published his committees report As the House lab r committee prepared u vorp tuesday on important Amend a ments to vital Section nine of the Wagner act. The regular labor committee has rejected scores of amendments to preceding sections. Representatives Abe Murdock. A copy�?20c a week by Carrier British Leader Large farm crowd cites ukes at special program for neutrals saturday morning Winston Churchill sees intensification at their expense speech conciliatory to soviet republics severe engagement West of Voges mountains is is Ite. S. Near Howard Gray state Bureau president. Explains aaa benefits says average income in agriculture $410 the body of a 17-year-old Pennsylvania state College student identified As Rachel Hutchinson Taylor above was found a to Veway of the Lemont cigg0wntcwmiool about three of Sta tempi lege. A. Of gnome was at Vod Wood nov United press Winston Churchill first lord of the British admiralty tonight forecast an intensification of the european struggle at the possible expense of Small Neutral plates but Diplomat representatives of re Tevelt Are held responsible Points out that organization against detrimental statutes emphasized that the 111 strive to a live 01 Italy and Japan toward unit Churchill i stand in a Maio dared is in polium Eck War old Powers and terms Fri Tan usually fiery be of the Roach a he. He Artol it mar. 30 the Ger is today hammered away Natu Rem it just of around 1.000 Farmers from All Sce of Calhoun county attended thebe Armer s Day program Satur a at the Ritz theatre and from re arks of several at the close the he crowd thoroughly enjoyed the vent. Heft of pm Howard Gray president of the Alabama farm Bureau federation wag the principal speaker he pm purpose of the ure Itu is to safeguard the a the flood follows rainfall of almost record intensity Quot Fletcher said. A the situation will be extremely critical and the flood stage will be exceeded generally with additional it still was taming steadily in the Northern part of the state when Fletcher made his forecast and the u. S weather Bureau said a new storm striking the state this afternoon would bring rain through the night. There was Prospect of Clearing weather sunday however. State director of Public works Frank Clark ordered levee patrols on a 24-hour basis along the Sacramento and Feather Rivers. He issued a broadcast asking any person observing a danger spot in the Sacramento Valley levee system to sound an immediate alarm. Most of the levees still were weak and some of them still were broken primary april 2 found dead training ship on Washington. Mar. 30. Or a first test of third term and Dewey Vandenberg political strength comes next week in Wisconsin s april 2 i presidential preference primary. J vice president John n. Carrier is entered there against president Roosevelt. District attorney Thom As e Dewey and senator Arthur h. Vandenberg. Republican Michigan will contest Ute Republican primary. The Wisconsin vote will be followed one week later by primaries in Illinois and Nebraska. The president and vice president also Are opposed in Illinois. But Dewey has the Republican Field to himself representative Hamilton fish Republican new York withdrew explaining he had no time for an Illinois Campaign mayor iorello h. La Guardia of new York was put drilling or Long Democrat. Utah and Arthur d. I Healey Democrat Massachusetts suspect who charged that the 17 drastic amendments proposed by Smith i representatives Charles n. Rout Zohn. Republican Ohio and Charles a Tate College. Pa., mar 30 f Rimmi Halleck. Republican Indiana would i police tonight admitted j do not wish to Vest Gatea emasculate the Wagner act plan i the were in Jum m much of a fog to Issue a minority report. The majority report defended the 18-year-old Charlotte Cranson during an All night drinking orgy aboard the u. S. Naval training ship in their search for Dubuque but awaited a Post mor Smith amendments rejected thus tem examination before deciding far in to by the labor committee whether arrests May be made. Agents from the Detroit office of the Federal Bureau of investigation said the cause of the death would have to be established to bring prosecution under Federal statutes. Examination of the body of the slim attractive girl who carried the names and Telephone numbers of 74 men in her handbag was set for to a. M. Tomorrow. John s. Bugas chief of the Detroit Bureau said an a intensive in of the a and assailed the record present labor Board. A there have been Many instances where both personal Liberty and property rights have been infringed with reckless abandon under the present administration of the act in the selection of the bargaining unit in direct contravention of the intent of Smiths report said. It accused the Board of a a gerrymandering in setting up the appropriate bargaining units in order As Ever slay announced the main release of their Only suspect in the Case and there is no he in for the lets to be drawn into the conflict Quot unless upon the promptings to obsolete imperialist ambition she wishes of her own volition and malice pro pc so to throw her weight on the Side of Germany. A we shall follow this nor who it leads us Quot he in area at a Iii la i is with hit Erman Power there and it is there alone at we week to Churchill emphasized tile dangers Arges that i Alives of presid accomplices in it is caller the a he i1 till Powers. The _ ported official polish documents rights of Farmers and the farming published yesterday As tile first of interests. He said Tim a series designed to put the blame Patlon for starting Hie War on orcalgimmfci.1 Turner and that Britain and Franco a gig pills Reorg Aimira Tion opposed Laws re Neutral nation Tefle Here Var Garden As detrimental to Farmer Dillon. A entering it Prak of aaa Benefit. Speaking of the aaa and the Benefit payments made to Farmers a am w. I Foo participate in the program the contend of subsequent White i or. Gray said that these pm menu Are part of an adjustment due farm authorized source said that there was As yet no indication of books and that it was not known whether they would contain More documents concerning the United states. German official quarters Dic ers because of penalties invoked upon them through the tariffs that protect american Industry from world Competition. Or. Gray said that with the Ben faced by the Neutral states adjacent i Garden american British and polish major Lynn cd Adams head of w and warned Thorn that Sci Tau of Hie authenticity of Doc �iit�7n�?o"i.tot.js&Quot.s5j a. Britain could not stand by silently Zuments published in a foreign of Ai l family in he Tat. Police fore. hut whue Umler no a or wart. They flee White Book and a of-1 �?o1f j-f1.0 irrigation was under Way to deter. Fav0r one Type of unionism. From the effect of the flood Waters i in the Republican primary but an whether the Case involved j Smiths report was expected to. Pounced he a. Not a candidate and i crime on the High seas or Quot crime fan the controversy in the House of Early March. U. S. Highway 99. Main route to Oregon was closed by slides. Lesser i highways also were blocked and traffic moved slowly Over the Wal that the republicans were not going anywhere in this Campaign anyway. Illinois has 58 votes in each National convention. Tile primary is on government property Quot All persons connected with the Case were being questioned. Over the Wagner act amendments the House thursday rebuffed the labor Board by a wide margin re local authorities meanwhile held fusing to restore funds Cut from Nagle p. Young 35, state College heating contractor questioned since yesterday in connection with the killing of the 17-year-old Pennsyl a Vania state College freshman was released Quot unconditionally Quot at 7 p in. The Taylor girl daughter of a wealthy new Jersey commercial Fisherman was found bludgeoned to death Early thursday in the driveway of a Rural schoolhouse four Miles from the Campus. She met death As she returned from easter vacation. Since then police have questioned enforced their neutrality in a manner that gives All advantages to the aggressor nation and All disadvantages to the Allied Powers. Germany it uni v to strike Mure than troops Are Quot ready to strike at a few hours notice All along the frontiers of Luxembourg Belgium and Holland Quot he said and Quot supreme exertions will be required from the Boltish and Quot at any moment neutrals May be subjected to an Avalanche of steel and fire. He continued. A the decision rests in the hands of a a i year. He said that progressive theawa7shw\olmminf Farmon Ltd application of methods government. J 0f the Extension service would do the Gist of the alleged documents More than anything else toward was that president Roosevelt raising the farm family income and through ambassadors William c. Thereby raise the living Standard of million German bullitt and Joseph p. Kennedy had the Rural people. Encouraged the Allied Powers and Poland to take a it and against Ger any that led to the War and that moral Assurance had been Given that the United states would Aid the allies. Do approach and the Bayshore High a binding. Way into san Francisco As mud Cov Fred several lanes on each Road trains ran three to eight hours St behind schedule proceeding Cauli piously Over rails swept by slides and washouts. Southern Pacific had three slides and washouts on its Northern California line. The Sacramento this morning broke through in tha Tehama county lowlands after Rains of four to eight inches in its upper reaches i Urig a 24-hour period. The River roue four feet in 12 hours and a red Cross Survey party sent Back word that in some places there was More water than there was several weeks ago. Dewey and Vandenberg again Are opposed in Nebraska for 14 delegates. The primary is not binding or. Roosevelt is entered alone in Nebraska democratic primary. Wisconsin a primary will be bind its budget by the appropriations committee including Money for the economic research division headed by or. David j. S Poss. The House labor committee has indicated that it would not approve Seaman John w. Lanauskas 20, shopkeeper of the Dubuque during its Winter tie up in the Detroit River Robert Newman 18, and Marjory Smith 19. On the basis of strange circumstances. The three told police Thev were �ln8le on of the Smith Ime ild ing on the 24 delegates the state members of a group of six who went i ments which Murdock and Healey will Send to each National Convell secretly aboard the vessel last night charged would Quot emasculate the Hon. The Dewey \ Andenberg Coil Jwj. M evening of revelry. Kiana us i Wagner act. Smiths backers said Kas accompanied miss Cranson and j they Only wanted the labor commit during intervals of drinking he told i tit to report an enacting More than a score of persons Adams haunted morbid being whom in Washington. Mar. 30 up a re resell to five Hamilton fish Republican new York. House isolationist a Leader tonight threatened Frank Gaines head of the u. S. Soil conservation service program in till county. Addressed the Farmers telling about benefits of an established soil conservation area. He said that in such an area proper method of farming were used in a Long Range planning program. Farmers of Calhoun. Etowah. Cherokee Cleburne. Talladega and St. Clair counties will vote tuesday to said and run Down countless clues j their eternal shame the German i t0 introduce a Resolution in Congress determine whether the Coosa but none have proved of much help j Peoples in bewilderment worshipped 10 impeach William c. Bullitt. U. In an Effort to learn How the Chub by coed was killed As she walked from the by station to her dormitory a half mile away. P Mcnary prognosticate Republican Leader see november a Tetory for anti Hull boys test is for simple determination of the question whether delegates pledged to one or the other shall be sent to the Republican National convention. Wisconsin Law permits the names of candidates themselves As Well As the slate of delegates to be put before the voters. But republicans decided to keep tile names of their candidates off the ballot except As they appear in connection with the names of would be delegates. Police he had Intercourse with her on a Canvas on the upper deck. Later he said she complained of illness and asked for some chloroform to Deaden the pain. Police said an overdose of chloroform could have caused death. Clause and they would fight out the amendments Issue on the House floor. Of g As their god. S. Ambassador to France for state that la the situation in Europe i Jacot Luned m Gorman tonight. Can anyone wonder we Are t of papers concerning Promise determined to bring such a hideous 50 pm a and state of alarm and menace to an quoth these charges Are True it end As soon As May be and for once would constitute a treasonable act. A and All Quot fish said in a radio address Over of special importance Hove Ever. I vhf National broadcasting system. Were Church ills remarks about president Roosevelt has entered Italy Japan and Russia which the i secret understandings or com conservation lashed. Sou area will be Stab storm hits state seven persons injured by Tornado in farming area denies Federal agents Are american Opu Tobey is die hard Tai indictments Washington mar. 30 Ltd r attorney general Robert h Jack nazis have wooed As friends and allies and As possible collaborators in a bloc designed to dominate important economic up Heine. Quot at the outbreak of War seven months he said Quot we did not know whether Italy would not be our enemy. We could not be sure Japan would not be our enemy. A Many Peoples had Hope that nut ments with foreign governments to involve us in War he should be London mar 30 u p polish i source a without in any Way confirming authenticity of the Germany Hite Book charging the United state with playing a role in bring i ing about the european War suggested today that any polish Mccu Washington. Mar. 30. Senate Republican Leader Charles l. Mcnary tonight predicted Quot Victory in november Quot for republicans and democrats in Congress who advocated Senate ratification of the administrations reciprocal Trade agreements. Mcnary told reporters the Issue a did not end Quot with the 44 to 41 vote by which the Senate Defeated a ratification amendment to the House approved Resolution extending tha Trade agreements act for three years from june 12. Senator says hell refuse to ser personal questions an soviet Russia. Procope marries Fairfax Amar. 30 up a Hjalmar j. Procope minister of Finland and miss Margaret Shaw of Yorkshire England were married today at the Home of r Walton Moore Counselor to the state department. Washington mar. 30. a less than three Day s before the census Zero hour senator Charles w. Tobey tonight ended his Quot Little Blitzkrieg Quot against the 16th decent b Utler. Ala mar 30 0j.r>�?set of sly when a i a and chief a Man j Edgar Hook a farming Community in Miles or said today the or Srno Acyl cities Russia would re enter the comity South of Isott Liber we a the Fri do not commit Ute an it of nations and help shit id the work mesh Gilbertown last Baa Ift for alarm that it develop ing Folk All Over the world from j ing into an Opu or Gestapo. They nazi aggression. But none of these authorities reported about 20 pledged themselves to a policy of things bad or Good happened. We Home were blown away when the cooperation with local Law enforce 5 have no quarrel with the japanese wind dipped into this Southwest ment agencies designed to eliminate or italian i Quot St tnd0ntu�?~ntmem.? a by 1x>�?oc�?~ i hmm development end report a ten rudder heed t Aue Vowel butt Anna Jackson took cognizance of Quot the i had indicated that the London and to ask Aid a. At current generalities of Praise an pails government were planning us of leather Whins Hyk m or. J a Barber infirmary blame Quot of the Fri in an address to make More Active Effort to swing new York. Mar. 30 up Macing of studded j Here the injured were listed As mrs. Before the graduating class of the gives welcoming address the address of Welcome was mad by n. G. Findley president of Tho Anniston Junior chamber of Commerce and a personal Friend of a Large percentage of those present. Or. Findley emphasized the fact that Anniston business people Welcome the Farmers to their City. Quot you helped build this town and you Are really a part of it the same As the people who live Here in Anniston. A or Findley said Quot and we want you to know that Anniston really welcomes you and that Anniston wants you to return a often As you after Hie speaking program was concluded the management of the ments possessed by the nazis must1 raft Leatrez As Host to the vial have been handed Over to them by Lor at a free picture show. The Kinsmen accused of Atlanta beatings Steamer in trouble Atlanta. A. Mar. 30 program included Quot the River a Uncle Sam. The Farmer Quot and cartoon comedies. Drinks were donated by de Mcginnis and h. B Rudisill. Who operate the red Rock bottling company both Are members of the Junior chamber of Commerce. Nial population count. A Quot it is too late to Stop this inva members of the Kun flux klan to j Rex Davidson and two Small Chil Aion of personal liberties Quot said the enforce a private code of morals of Dren mrs. George Manley and to o fiery new Hampshire Republican i suburban Atlanta tonight brought a Smau children and Brown Adams threat of Long prison sentences for in of the Davidson children a some of the hooded and Robed or j seriously Hurt a animation. I a ten Kinsmen were indicted and new Orleans la mar 30 a number of others involved in a rehabilitation of Tornado series of brutal floggings that killed stricken Southeastern Louisiana a my head is bloody but unbowed with a last gesture of Defiance he announced that he himself would not cooperate that he would refuse to answer the questions on income and his Home questions which he regards As unconstitutional. He said he was Well aware of the penalty of refusing to answered next week from the Fulton coun one Man and maimed Many More continued tonight under the direct additional indictments were expect Tion of state and government Agen c ens us questions a maximum of 60 Days in jail but he was prepared to take the risk. To grand jury. Solicitor cies and the red Cross while general death toll stood at five with John Boykin said Quot we have Only still missing scratched the a the two 13th session of the National police Academy. A i can Well Jackson said Quot that the terrible perversion of policing Powers in some countries of Europe has made Many americans whose sincerity and intelligence i deeply respect rightly sensitive about police activities Here. A certainly however nothing in this general picture warrants fears i that it it Fri it is permeating our country like an Opu or a Italy and Japan toward the Allied Nav Ranio reported tonight that the Side the new French government St am. Hip King Edward in the in particular a to favor a gesture toward Italy. Death at urge Russell barred from College Job new murder Angle Gotham gang relieved to have disposed of government witness n Bertrand Russell can t teach kit thematic in the College of the try of new York supreme court Justice John Monechan ruled today because he has an Quot immoral and salacious attitude toward sex. Tile thrice married and twice divorced britishers esteemed by scholars the world Over for his profound knowledge of mathematics and his advanced studies in philosophy and social conduct was convicted in Mcgeehan a court by his own books. A the Contention that or. Russell it we became the third Earl Russell in 1931 has taught immoral and salacious doctrines is amply sustained in his books Quot Klc Geehan said after perusing four tomes in which the educator discussed everything from premarital relations Between College students to homosexuality. New York. Mar. 30. Or a District attorney William Odwyer said tonight that the Cash killers of murder inc., May have been the gunmen who Quot rubbed oui a a government witness last week in an anti Trust action against a group of new York labor leaders. The Kings county prosecutor said the Maroon automobile from which assassins shot Charles a. Brown on Manhattan a crowded West Side Highway Mardi in the name of a mauve of one of the murder mobs trigger men. The disclosure that the automobile had been found and traced. First disclosure of importance in Hie Brown slaying came As Ouw Yeit a investigators sought Vito Gurino. Reports of extra Legal whippings i multiplied As the klan suffered the Impact of prosecution of individual members and aroused Public opinion unequalled in this Section few generations. Reports that several floggings had been carried out by night Riding j jul Ashington. Mar 30 groups of women were made today a a Secretary of state Cordell Hull to county authorities who began an announced today in a statement re immediate investigation. J iterating this nation s condemn James a Colescott. I in p e r i a 1111011 of of aggression that the wizard of the klan repeatedly As j United states will not recognize the sorted that his secret order did not new puppet chinese government the Sanction intimidation and physical Japan a have established at Nan violence. King u. S. Will not regard puppet government of japs in China big scale War military experts surveyed the scene of one of the most Evere engage meats of the War today for a clue to whether big scale operations Are developing West of the Vosges mountains. Iii the last two Days artillery patrol and Aerial operations in the Vosges sector of the Western front have mounted to a thunderous Climax that was described by French experts As Quot the most violent operations of the War. North Atlantic had asked for assistance immediately of a tug Beau deadly fumigating Gas reported Quot a broken rudder head ships in missing on coast Hie Vicinity lat. 43.25 North Long 43 02 West. Were a ked to reply to san Pedro. Calif mar so. the King Edward s Call for two one Pound cans of deadly Lloyd s registry lists the King de have been lost be Ward As of 5.224 tons and British owned. New building High a March record of 419.715 c aused by housing project building permits used during March a la wished a new High rec tween pier ii in san Pedro and the United states quarantine station at Hunters Point terminal Island Public health officials announced tonight. Instant death awaits anyone opening the cans which con Tam sky Lon discords a fumigating Gas Public health officials said. The inner War Cabinet formed by Premier Paul Reynaud was believed Xixi of $419,715 in Anniston tabulate have considered the Western Tion showed Satui Dav at City Hall flout possibilities when it conferred the for three hours at Elysee Palace in l f l we re spelled 10 or a when japanese diplomacy was strip Der president Albert Lebrun Thorf of a 8urf�?~ n r a -4.50 Hon ing to improve feelings Between the a strike threatens London mar. 31. Ltd sunday dispatch Saki today that a strike Ai 7,00 workers a Uii Alto. ,.,k,. ,. The huge Vid kids armstrongs trending included War minister project Winch got in Ltd., Plant at Brookland was two countries made acute by United edouard Dander. Navy minister Way a weeks ago states denunciation of the 1911 Cesar Ca Pinchi air mini tet Laup Trade treaty Between the two a Rem general Maurice game blast kills four Mons in Navy commander Admiral threatened Honda v. From More than 200 witnesses a1 22 registered read it questioned before the grand i be Rapail Ltd fat a no it red gov Kai Shek whose capital now is at a relative of one Jur a however came stories of flog Al no Ching Wel a chunking As the Only legitimate rings attributed to the klan unit geared to be no different from that government of China. The Secretary Hull said that the United states Francois Darlan and air Comman four others injured when Oil tank would Quot of course Quot continue to dry general Joseph Vuillemin explodes recognize the chinese National gov they heard Reynaud explain in Hull said that the complexion of i Ern ment of Generalissimo Chiang Dean the Allied supreme War Conn Centralia 111 mar 30 up cil decisions at Lindon this week. An Oil tank explosion at the Lake tile official communique referred Centralia Petroleum Fields tonight to extremely heavy artillery fire Lour Oil workers dead and four -.-Va. A a la ,. 0,1 froth Side West of the Vosges persons injured of the to indicted klansmen were .lt.illll0 111 a5ia Fry Lime but his bristling statement air a West of the Saar the dead were David Hardin. 45, an air Battle was reported tonight Hominy okla John Smith 20. To have been fought off Blaa Vands i Russell kans. A e. Devan. Tulsa Hak on the West coast of Jutland. Residents along the coast said they were Able to see the planes involved but there was no immediate confirmation of the Battle. T East Point Atlanta suburb me a it pan Sel up i avoid d amp Tecl reference to Japan of i. ,. ,. By Forf in Amaha them h if name hut hts ii identified As members of the East coupled his observation with a state ment that the attitude of the urn Point unit. The tenth belonged toll another klan 1 states toward use of armed Force Confer i Mare mown. A jowl terms regarding the Quot Ingram of no Zivec out Mere was no mime broadcast of i Paris mar. 30 it sound lit a a a Tau a to ii j ii,7 m a Tate Mem hul1 131 one country by armed Force to in confirmation of the Battle. Paris. Mar. 30 up Premier Paul Reynaud conferred tonight Mersl Tohff Elmer Ottum but her Wahi it i n circumstances of pose its will upon a neighbouring a danish coastal boat put opt for Paul Reynaud broadcast to the with general Maxim we Gand Man Hunhoff so is it s sup Fui pm verment to apply As Vrell to Der the scene to determine if to Ible United state scheduled for 6 pm commander in chief of the Allied stole 50-foot Windmill Tonj from Al Nankin another vie Mam s aggression in Central Eva it be whether any planes had been forced today has been postponed in enforces in the near East. J a fair lower rom j Jat International Law and sex and Poland and to soviet russian Down on the water and to pick up nicely because of Adverse j Upo ii a Faun. Luling treaties. It came at a time aggression against Finland. Any casualty Phene condition. Left no doubt but that was the nation concerned. Although his statement dealt exas an instrument of National policy Elu sively with the far Eastern Ait to Rob Peoples of their i depend nation. It was Broad enough in its a Nee was Well known. Terms regarding the Quot program of in his Broad statement Hull in one country by armed Force to 1m-Fenjed that the Circum lances of pose its will upon a neighbouring establishing the puppet government to apply As Well to Ger cola. And Charles Underwood 54 Centralia. A my Wang enthroned banking China mar. 30. a hang Ching he be earn the head of a new japanese sup ported to Vernon it of t bin to Day and broadcast at elaborate inaugural ceremonies a premise of closest cooperation with Japan in the establishment of a new order in lad Asia. Thousands of Chines chileans and workers carrying banners and placards joined in a Parade through the streets of banking in Honcut of the new regime. It was let up to Rule Over the japanese conquered area of hire and to attempt to until trim the government of it Hrang Kai Shek at t bunking and thus restore peace in the tar East ;