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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - March 31, 1920, Anniston, Alabama Mutton Home edition United pres lewd wire service trial russian Trade also up soviet a ambassador charged with seeking Over throw of government t if charge sustained. Deportation required a Nance department oui in Iaia Bay that Martens is a member of tue pm is party. Puce will is weds Daytner. 31. 1920j2pages=c� ii by Ciu a lid sunday. 20 cents a weak staff it Sale. In a cot Wilson is not believed Able to enter race business demands reduce lion of taxes while service want More pay labor shortage threatens seriously to reduce production on the farms attempt i expected it a made to get vote on suffrage late today $20 per month agreed upon for sex soldiers by Ralph v Couch i nit my pres staff my we a 81 Ludwig c. A. K Bol a he ilk Wichi wader to it the i no a to Watfeh. Wet trial before Active Secretary Leat that Tabor depart Oihi la a re today Cha Rice with membership in a notify advocating overthrow by Force of the United state govern Orient pro of Charier will male it mandatory non the labor Depner Tameni to Deport Marten to in. According to a recent interpretation of the Law by Secretary we win Doon the outcome of his ask Pend the question whether Ira re talons May be resumed to t Ween the United mates and Russia cording to Martens republicans Are completing plans for measure democrats Are in opposition United Salm tax of one per cent to be paid by purchaser 18 proposed to pay sol Dier Bonus. Employment agencies eager to Proe dinners jazz luxurious shows and High wages of the cities Are attributed As cause. Opponents forecast a second rejection a Washington. March cd Presa a despite the objections of president Wilson and House demo rats. Republican leaders Are going ahead with their plan to pass a Resolution declaring Peak Between the United Stales us l Germany representative Rogers of Massachusetts acting chairman of to affairs committee plans to Star it Quot hour the. , in. Republican leaders a i tr.1v a . In Briba to r.rm.1&Quot a a Capitol during the rest of the week indicating that p Day or the Resolution probably Friday saturday. The democrats at the request of the being lined up in by repro by i. C. Martin United he. A f j Washington March Ai politician in cont i worried Over the politics j Zibil Luw of two important Quot ions. They Arr i. Taxes. It. A Baa her the soldiers. Upon both questions a act Strong pressure i Beme brought Ioni an to quo. Vote is kor Tutki to be taken Delaware House Senate not Likely to act. Support on Forward ing Liberal platform favors league with a proper reservations danger of another physio collapse would be a too great a Wilson Many May be named by party while still not a Candi m says he will revivalist preaches on the Chicago March 31. Lith re prom jaw it Auric lion no plenty a late hour., together will. Ear threaten Date he a not refuse service a Issue necessitates it. If Way to salvation a to great throng Tom. Of member. _ it j. Sea president Ere Ming Quot opposition to the plan a Quot Democrat Laws of this country shall be so turreted that Trade representatives Commilee. Of the soviet government shill excluded sail Martens today Martens is merged with being member of the russian communist party most officials or soviet government Are members of the russian communist on the foreign who claims that affairs auf Voi. be tar in. ,.n-Ihlrd. Vol Tor h. Resolution if it is similar to lbs the Senate by re sol it one introduced in the senator Knox u. Secretary of state Colby has in believes the whole a a u uak ipg to overthrow a plan which now is serving ton the. a a Quot Quot through propaganda for by rebellion. to us fic. Department official so rotary of a a a a Quot Tho a Quot a a de a a which powerful business interests important politically. 7 Sion downward of the tax of1 service me i demand a Bonus. That Means increasing i1 the q4iesti>j therefore is troubling congas is j How Are we going to keep the support of Oil illness and of soldiers at the same us a a nearly everybody in congest Krees that 1 red net on of taxes i. Entire out of the. the government la now Taing a deficit in revenues approach leg s billion clo ars some member. C. A oof a have worked out t which they believe will dispose of both i dilemna at once. It part formed of is unconstitutional and Wilt be ineffective the result of an in communist party must 3f. Colby s View was that reported z evidence to Hun by the department of jus-1 Tufti tin jobs at High wages to a labor farms thin year Wimch Inay Iii we further incr dec to or i coma. Oheever. Hero Aal. T. Nim tempting offer by Farmer. To Tho Grain a a a a it a a Whit in nod Unhwa fun Quot a a a o a a town Oil shortly to a pc to work night and Day to go in their crops the. Employment Agency on the farms Heie. A a a a receive 50 orders for Are Only farm hands dad and Able to fill to a the jobs pay from 150 to. Month with room. Hoard in this is an Mere a jobs Jackson i Quot March 81. United pfc a the Fate of the suffrage amendment May be decided by the Mississippi legislature this afternoon. Following governor Kus ii be dirt to heart talk to the legislators now act for this afternoon an attempt in expected to ivern Axle by suffrage leaders to Force a vote in the House late today that the suffrage leaders May ask for a vote this afternoon was indicated when it was Learned that several legislators who favor the amendment had returned to the capita. Suffrage opponents appear confident that the feature will be Defeated in the House where the Bill was voted Down 106 to in a too a san Francisco cal., March United press a Herbert Hoover in a Telegram to the Hoover Republican club of Ual Ifoma. Made Public inst night declared he is Quot naturally affiliated with the a undo indent elements of Tho Republican party and of the Ptter to adopts a a Forward looking Liberal constructive platform and is Quot neither reactionary nor he will give it his a entire Hoover said he was in favor of a league of nations Quot with proper reservations safeguarding Amerl political Leader tit i my the president Wilt. M in Tain silence i until convention Date. 3 at any alien member of the und one brr cent Sale tax Grant the four million brv1 Bonus of 120 a month. Which would aggregate More than in Accord con Vineal , Jyh. In Turnt 111ft win rata probably a a Quot a. No. Ruud a a put i a rur in teaching overthrow of the or Ament by Force. My Ilion. To pc communist states i International relations. Throw by Force of the unit in Mia int Stover nor yet. In a in. It a of a will oppose any $1,000,000,000 washing 25 per cent Over Lastyk a for married couples pay a a v or elven a House month and they Are give Quot Warden and a cow. A the Lack of farm labor is caused by the fact that the saloons Are close farm of Money a Sam Lumen Abor . Aul a a Quot a a $3 a Day and City life attract them. With plenty of Money to spend they done to care to get up life in the City a a stick to 8 a jobs. A we could place 300 single at Between $50 and $80 a month right now a said Boyd can to get them makers have undergone a Changa of heart since that vote was taken. Leading Antis declare. Suffrage supporters however were very confident that the House would reverse itself As Tho sent a j id yesterday. Can interests a Quot the recent developments Over the treaty stagnation in adjustment of our great economic pro it a if is and particularly the Many month ago. Very few of the Law-1 urgent representations that i have Delaware May v late Dover do., March Su-�?-1lnit re revived a to the situation in of own state convince me that it is my duty to confirm the action that my Republican friends there have already taken without consulting he said. The Telegram said in part differs with president to understand there is a great wish among the republicans but we the farm hands de press a at a conference of California to have the Opportunity Republican members of the legis a to express themselves in favor of lature today lasting governor Townsend two hour announced the league of nations with proper of guarding Amerl that As he seemed to be the Bone can traditions and interest As of of Contention in the passing of nosed to the extreme Mew a it tvo posed to the impose a sales tax of one per Koo 1 Job Aurin Tho Are a it cent on All sales to the Eon. A Mer to be paid by the would raise $ i ,s�0,000.009 or com i Hub a info Alliv n 0p a unlit party May be legally j they Are considering a counterproposal which would not declare a. A. But simply state that after a certain Date the various War Laws would expire according to their admitted to the said Martens today Ousby hamper relations Between the United state a ii will Seri reopening of Trail two coun-1 tries several month a of i a i a a card to work Toi the rro.p-�?z.,n of a Florist Trad comm Aalon to the United states Quot one such commission is now on Way from Russia to England a a ,b,r. Of the omm Slon i Ara Bara of the son must a from the United state because its Mer Ber May also happen to be my a Hor. Of the con a unlit or then it indeed look doubt. Jul if Trade relations can be re 11 after an hours secret hearing today the trial was a overrun Tel monday at the request of Charles Recht associate counsel for Martens. Terms. Done to want to give them up a the shortage will have a i the passing Tho suffrage amendment he would rated against no league at a. Ell Munato himself a a Row a in differ with this View just. Candidate for Delegate to the a a strongly As i differ with to Quot tonal Republican convention and Treme position taken by the in res a ii the credit for pint on participation in afraid i tuesday bight was another great occasion in the Bob meetings. Every seat was filled at the Lyric Many stood through the entire service and others were unable to get in. The masons were the special guest of the evening. They came in a body headed by the drum corps and were seated together in a Large Section reserved for them and they joined heartily in the service. The subject for the evening was a the Way to salvation or How to be with remarkable dearness the speaker proclaimed the Way to the saving Christ. Llu said. A everything you have you got it honest dishonest or it was Given you you bought it. You stole it. Or it was presented to Carnot to purchased. And it cannot be stolen but when we treader to god Arni Trust in i promises he gives it unto us., a How do i k Yosr n y Home be of to a a a a xes to in a a a a a but by the of Al records to i i. I know that t have a title to a mansion in a he skies not by my filings but a there six to us exhaling git at and or c Leas Promise to at by these we might be partaken of the divine iture. He that re Moth to me i will in no Wise Cist the Lacourse closed Witzig thrilling Emoiy of the conversion of a dying Soldier boy to whom a Comrade gave the a Little of and of John 3 1�. A god so loved the by Hugh United pm Steff com Pond enc Washington March Wilnona a Condi Tux of health is such that it will lie Lieupo Aehle foe him to go through a thin presidential vhf of with is Corr of an cold spec it wee h drug a Ltd the. Day. Democrats in Congress who were worrying about Wilson running for a third term now appear satisfied he will not do so. Their efforts henceforth will he concentrated on trying to Kojko him i admit it an Tho Field May for the Democrat Felt my can of Bay the Boim out of the pro coeds of the six a tax. Those favouring this plan say ought to please everybody. It would give the soldiers Tho Bonus though not As much of a Bonus As they want. It would give big business the certainty that within a year the pro flt. Would he repealed it would g the Public a reduction of Tho High Cost of living its proponents argue. By eliminating the taxes which Are now passed on consumer by the various Middle and others handling comm of duties. The excess profits tax la argued a never been a direct tax on big business but has effect on crop and Means or if the Price goes up a he prices farm hand will demand More willingly give All. The passage of the suffrage rail purely european this to the member of the whether with Reserve lion Quot but have everlasting life text Long our position we should join in Narn i the moral Force of the world to who fiction Issue is pro cleared for the Democrat dilates. Wilson is a spec to it to maintain silence and in this Way keep his party leadership which will to used in an Effort to it cause nomination of a Quot Wilson at san Francisco. If he renounces his claims to a third term it would amount to virtual renunciation of his party leadership. Wilson it is understood favors the sending of uninstructed delegates to the san Francisco con a. G. Mcadoo # recent declaration in favor of uninstructed delegates was considered a reflection of White House policy in this regard. Vader such conditions the president is expected to try to dictate nomination of i Choice a to whom he will Delegate the task of carrying on this fight for the league of nations without reservations. In line with this program a Trachea of the democratic National com Mittee depreciates the idea of a Ixia univ be i pre convention Campaign such a the republicans Are waging. Wilson it is believed has not world that he gave gotten son. That whosoever Beli Eveth in him should not i t up Clde a a to whom he will throw. Ana jct a a it try legislature voting for it. This our position we course was practically agreed up Uwi a a rower or last Excil a in of Fly. Now meeting yesterday but reduce the dangers again to a number stood no for now Money and then More increase. Jowls w further a demands if the Aroun or whether i a a Antis members of the Legisla pretence have everlasting we. Uncort for a while a. Mitch just before he breathed i Palmor seemed the favorite exclaimed a it works. I the pre8ident s political will follow. That the situation la serious asserted by b. M. Snow. Grain expert a there is a very serious shortage or the of u a. Lieutenants Are said to to much Tinati Yarley Quot Wati Quot a not i prayer cd Manor Cam. in the Erst Lem Fri a a a a it f crowing shake the hand of the great Paim or because of his attitude today a possess sit by the fax of Iown and to pledge Hemsel do a �<1 the veg to the Chriatian life. Hild the me a Nii. I exr Mlaka Nalaa National Antazo it la Flaner ally , by anti nun. Re of Loeb to nut a Quot a a huh. Bot if tha hmm unread of Auffray Laaperi that of the bout. Oread of i Paw the ratification Mea aur much of the worm the solution Kilby appoints three to seek reclassification of state medical College National strike of Stock Yards threatened in every farming est oni a Sac i.? a a i a Minerv which will interfere with thug afternoon there in no doubt w a i the putting in of Heto the Senate a up it i stability abroad \ la__4 u n Ani Oil i in later than tomorrow. To Jeptney world a officers me i toward labor the reds and Tho High Cost of living. Mcdo2--Nruinally favored at Tho wow House then was eclipsed by Palmer. Hut now it is reported that is again being looked upon the Way through so that the smaller amount of labor can do. The us Ual work of previous seasons there will be a great shortage in acre of Mph _ John Fiti Patrick president the Chicago federation blamed it Alloa the unwillingness two convicted on and upon markets which today Are end an sered by Dis re ruination against us liquor charge ,hr.,, our to a a a a a a a. _ i our veto under Tho treaty. I be j Lieve it is the transcendent service which the a Publ an party can reacted on the consumer because of the Farmers to pay mor it wis simply passed along. I under. ,.jf there la any increase in Gra n Hwa w plan. It in declared Tho id Quot it w the new plan. Consumer would in the less because the dealer would not have any tax to pass along. Vanderlip joins Harvard Coll Ege business school Montgomery. Ala. March 31 special a governor Kilby today announced the appointment of Thomas m. Steve a of Mobil judge Thomas c. Mcclellan of ath to Quot a. Momb Quot. Ruxin a mkt Quot Uona Snunk of new York a join Bot Quot be a. To labor Short Mac. But to . Local Cotton up a Quarter today g w Harrell and his son in Law Rich Griffith who live near a a Quot a to the nation to Settle Al Rashoun and count efficiently designed to gov i were the Calhoun line near Limey station found guilty wednesday by a c a cutt court jury under illicit distilling charge. The trial of the cases Winn league efficiently us these National proc tons sul he with favor by Wilson As the right to make the race. A if the Republican party with the Independent element of which i am naturally affiliate adopts a the county line was begun Forward look nor Liberal construe cr.,afternoon and the juror platform on the treaty and of Cambridge. Mass March Frank a. 31.�? Van Cotton advanced a Quarter in the local Market wednesday Good a a fat 40 $4. Strict mid United Prev. Frank a Idle of we quoted at 40, middling Damp. Former of Thna d in 2 Uci a has join at 3___ tuesday afternoon deliberated on the evidence All Tive platform on our economic neither Weakley nor mus Grove endorsed in race against Underwood Birmingham Ala., March 31 special a the Board of trustee on deliberated a a 7 our economic issues and if ,.icartnn la a Leht before making it report to proposes measures for sound of the Alabama night before i administration of the Kue held its annual meeting at country and is neither reactionary Birmingham on tuesday nor Radical a a a a and is 30th> or w 1 judge Merrill. Dock Mccollum Wax act Ulstad wednesday morning of a charge of assault with a Pitol will replace by of the regular Doug and Mary marry secretly in los Angeles of the uni led the staff of the Harvard school i muted Chicago. A Al she pre Den la Dana. International csatary of the meat Cutter in la expected Here to end Tor settlement of the . To bring about a a a a dispute which caused live took handlers at the Stock Yard re to walk out Sod virtually p tri Alyse Trade at Tho Yard and packing Plant # ln., of trust66il of to a i Iii i j in Binn it la a varsity of Alabama will ask of business administration Arco is a of the strike is not Ettli a soon live Stock handlers All or the country will be can led out i at Nick Griffen Union official mid to a i reduction of meat at the p.ack-, plants was practically at a fund atoll today an i thousand o were thrown ont of work. The amerlean med cat association Long to announcement hereto make further lev a Ugat ions and to hold another meeting before reducing the rating of the medical College at Mobile from class a to clans b. When Tho question came before the full Bourd monday or. Steven led the fight for Mother hearing and judge Mcclellan voted with him. While or. Dixon voted against the Stevens Resolution. The committee will at once make the request of the association in Ord that Cit Lens of Mobile am j a medical department n a show How in primaries forced Herbert Hoover to w. B. March Crump on the marked by who undoubtedly j prudent presiding. The usual reassure the consummation of these ports were made. K Yoe policies and measures i will give i election of the of Loring officers or. W. B. Crumpton president u Quot whiled Donot,1 and will not i or. H. Or Neill first vice presi tos Angeles caid., March 31 United press a Mary Pickford anti Douglas Fairbanks who wet secretly married Here j night dodged the Public get Edd formal announcement of marriage was malts at a wed Dunk dinner at the Fairbank. Home in Beverly Hills last by. Rev. J j. Brou?5hter, a Baptis. Minister and Mutual Friend of the couple performed the Eor Money at 10 30 of lock sunday night at the Brougher Home. It. Forts were made a it veep the Quot or seek the nomination of it is Felt _ that the issues necessitate it and Tjce it is demanded of me i cannot refuse service.�?�. Or. Felix a Tarrant a cred rlag0 secret to at make declaration m statement of party w�1 Quot Quot per a ration by candidates of Cahur powr totem by election. Which will be held in that state May 4 premature on account they prop a a i7 per he so a Quick verdict rendered mis ,e. Nix Sis Sippi the alleged murderer of 4 people Greup Toms make its report at another meeting of the Board april 15. Or George h. Denny president Tupelo miss match 31 unit of the University opposed another Prem _th9 jury trying Charles hearing monday Ana urged that Marshall on a charge of murdering lha medical depart it be web no Gren Miller her infant halted at the unvers to a jts a a a child and her father and brother returned a verdict of guilty this of i Loosa with a two year course. Not known whether bus Figi Lemoon. If the medic. J Marahan was sentenced to hang he carried further. Association does not a rant a Quot other hearing and rescind its act a Quot postpone action the Beard of True us is will be required to of Edical school under a Law enact Elt Jan Gib. Citlren-4 of Mobile declare they will be Able to improve the school and keep it in class of they Are Given enough time. On Friday May 4. 30 untied new York March 31 of Harold b Jacobs staff i Zzz is to . A a it it it 21 for oct la a tort ll.�, to a Quot a no it it Quot Doole a to it it of i. By Ninny a it Quot. Pra id flt it. A Ballard a rotary p. C. Ratliff. A a Vur or Brooks Laurence. A up run ent. Timu it Asea a a a Headquarters committee weeks on account of Busine of announce d y ans Cany need movie of eleven members who was elect hot ule Moon in Ulrop. It follows or w. B. Crumpton from new Toria it a. O chairman or ii. H. Mcneill f. Cut no cd liner f Ballard or. L. C. Branscomb a. C. Ratliff be b. Mag roof. . R of. J o. Colley j. , which is i psychological time for Hoover to declare himself a Republican. However the California Profe entail and direct pro Wue we party with the Independent tie. Scheduled for with which i Hoover amt Law t Rinc Llesi it was Learned today. This announcement conditional on the under the Republican made standing that Anniston will probably decline on account of race for la. S. Senate Ala. March 31. Gene Ballard r r. Mcwane or. J. A. Rev e. U Crawford. The follow my Resolution was adopted and the president Secretary were directed to fax said. Their signatures to the same As an official expression of the Board. A in the Campaign for the election of a successor to the Witol or Oscar w. Underwood in the United states Senate the at Saloon league of Alabama Bas hut one interest the defeat of .1 or. Underwood who is the _1�adr. Nior Peta in the Siuea x Monica tour of my France. Denmark they will return to my a pc Patna Are afoot for Vliem to Mali As cd Siisi pictures together though nothing definite a yet been done in Thea dire cuon. It Montgomery special a col _ Iii Selma member of Tho Board of for-1 make a declaration of proc a Ebi trustees of the state department of at least so Days before the pro Quot a a i archives and history and a promo tent with which naturally affiliated adopts Ward looking. Ber a1 c o n. To i a a la the. Home Tate platform on the treaty a a r Alabama Public service files Are ransacked March mrs. Thomas Dies Montgomery Ala., special a somebody has broke into the office of the Alabama Public service commission and ransacked official and personal files it ilk of a a. A by n a i Sac k up Uil in Lex i , a body to Sylacauga cording Auice. Muhln Ere a tar of the commission today. Or. One door mrs. Bennie Briell Thomas 2mulhn said he of airs. Home open and evidences . Died tuesday night lha Home ipe �?~ump#r#<1 with when of or Julia dough try. $07 i his office. He said he he did Ife clean upward is under was Dir by. Street after a Long a and a a a a a we Sak in of suffering and the. Of body re a be a Quot a Corr Pondant of the. Com und midst la a dust and it in it thcuptwln5 plan to by it to Mike Quot Robe and a1 hike a sent to Sylacauga mrs. Thomas had been confined to her bed for several weeks during which time neighbors and friends ministered to her with exceptional faithfulness Mission but had a clue. The of ice is supposed to have been entered several Days ago hut no information reached the Public until tuesday. Economic issues neither reactionary nor was made in a Telegram from Hoover to the Hoover Republican club of California. Friends of Hoover had planned that the former food and Minter a torn formal decision of affiliation with the Republican party should be made after or during the proposed conference in Chicago next month called to co ordinate the various Hoover booms throughout the country. This meeting was expected to be so representative As to convince both Hoover and the Republican party of the strength a his Barking further speeches along the lines of Hoover s already known principles were a peeled to constitute a sort of Quot informal put with the Way thus paved it was believed this would be the of both Hoover and senator Hiram Johnson. The latter is making fight there on a program including opposition the the league of nations in any form. Hoover favor a league with certain reservations. According to Hoover Friend. They decided the emergency demanded an immediate declaration by him to Sav the situation in Cal fornia. of Tho a a a a a a a of a Victory for Johnson in what was also Hoover own 8tatp. Tyr therefore prevailed upon Bim Send the Telegram. Copies of the Telegram were sent to Hoover Republican head Quot Artar. In Introit n kit was expected the would clarify the situation in that state w Ere Hoover is entered by Hoth the republicans and the democrats in the preferential primaries Aptil #. The liquor interests in the Bam will John of state Senate and the. Prohibitionist Ashi 8utc1tes8�r�?T 1 Quot recognizing the in right of a very Huz ii to vote Ashi conscience dictate we a it uld not attempt to Force by to de part from Tho path of duty h nent person in Poulte and political life. Will be considered by the Board for director of the department As the successor of or. Thomas m. Owen. Deceased when ii meets thursday. Announcement was made today that col. Johns name will be offered by i friends conscience murky ont for him but rein upon such of our Prohl bunion Friend asm to to Al re Choice for june weakly to of . Donn it Choice votes to or. Their cond ii Sously Active from now until the we can pm and Lith Day of May we can Perm crumble candidate for the term senator ship was mentioned in Birmingham Tuatay but it if known that he will to Cou Iier the portion. Or Aher Crom tie has informed his Friend the it he has an excellent Opportunity of winning in the primary May la mrs. Owen is Teleg favourably considered in official circles As the successor of her husband. He name will be panted to department than say j xxx Mari with the argument that she plans 1 neatly preserve for our St a cation the blessed donation which have come to ajl the enactment of our prohibition Law w b. Crumpton. I resident. Of. F. Ballard. Secretary or Wise says a advertisements Are usually read in spare time just when your Prospect is in the mow recept be Moon. Board with the arg Lunowa More of her husband other person ;