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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - March 29, 1929, Anniston, Alabama S of in l f i a i v y or it a n i or . I re in u ports a Slick Quot Moulton to Pilot Lindale decision Over bet Weh brushing i it spoil by Lait for i i Indale ga., mar 29. T special Joe. R. A Slick Moulton. Auburn a. Rall coach and assistant football coach has signed up at manner of the Lindale dragons i trill Pilot the Meikleham Bays during the 1929 season it was announced today Light heavyweight Champion uses fast stepping jabbing style to take bout get his left the Champion coaids hand working. Lot Chan lost the fifth by trying to slug and Walker obtained a. I even break in the sixth by rocking Tommy with a series of rights Ai. J lefts to the head when the Cham. Pion slugged Tommy stumbled in the Center of the ring and Walker was Ort him i by Bert hem by United pre Arf correspondent i Chicago mar 29.-proving the theory that a a Good big Man can heat a Good Little Man Quot Tomov to Goughran a till was Light heavy pne Champion took three lefts to i i weight boxing Champion today i the Law and a right to the ear be a. Loughran successfully defended a. Fore he could catch rattle heir last nigh by out pointing the middleweight won the Sec i Mickey Walker mildew eight Cham Ftp and the eighth was even. W Al Jojjon in ten round i Kern to tire in the eighth and Tommy was the heavier by a seemed slow in the ninth which proximately ten pounds and he used a Tahr weight to Good advantage in pulling Walker into clinches Whei the latter rushed. Mickey the slashing bulldog Type of fighter was Stop aged completely by a great left Jab which Loughran used continually. Loughran won by a a fast Loughran won by a Good margin. Tommy How prowess in the tenth Tommy showed just How great a Boxer he . He i deliberately rubbed his left Glove i Over walkers nose and cuffed the j middleweight ears with his right pepping. Jabbing style of boxing without receiving a return blow. J mud caching when he seemed in Mickey realizing his ony Hope of j a a user Victory was by a knockout swung Walker Cie .1 be match for it Rand n the rth a i ted in a heavyweight Champion just two blows during the round t he might Mickey could a 0n, l5 on Lou ars de and a land a a the his my j too he a in the st0mach on the jew Oce Mon when walk-1 b w la. H i did break through Loughran a ply went into a Clinch tufted the middleweight with his right and left and danced away. Mickey Best at slugging Loughran was in danger just once during the fight. That was in the fifth round when he apparent Wen a out to. A Temh Waller i took Mickey just one minute t prove How far Mommy could get pith those , i new stadium and promoter Paddy i the i. A of Cut to cd. Loughran a ult u a a exceed it 15 000 her were be 1 a sue % a. Re Pio it a achieve an Honor held Only by Bob fun Simmons. Had he won he would have become a three title Man. Fitzsimmons held the middleweight. Light heavyweight and heavyweight champions while Walker has been welterweight and middleweight champions. Chicago a largest indoor crowd a the fight. Approximately 20.-000 people crowded into Chicago Shooks and Virginia wit Veteran Jack Quinn leading Field starts 20th season Iii major leagues r Riris Cage teams filter Semi finals i Jib uss of the social events of the. On at Miami Beach during the activities preceding the Sharkey stabling fight w Asun elaborate party Gien by Al Cadette in his Island Palace Southern Pines. N. C a 29 it a play of the last 18 Hole of the 36-Hole mid South women a Golf Champion began today with Virginia Wie leading a Field of feminine Golf stars. The Chicago girl had an 30 pc amp Phil adel.ph1a, mar. 20. Al Down at fort Myers Fla. Training ground for the athletic old he k Quinn one of the last the the fart i appearing race of spit bad pitchers beginning his fifth year Wichita Kana. Mat 29. Cut Tea tins were prepared today my in in if i Nils of. With the Mack men and hts then Terdy two strokes better than my a. �?zlaj0,.s Edith Quier Reading a ii third somewhere in his Ionics Quinn place were mrs Louise Fordyce already in Good shape having Chr guests were principally news j Youngstown. Ohio and mins Marion trained for two weeks at hot paper men and a few prominent City officials and to merry him was had i Start play in the the National a a a girls Baske bul tournament tonight. Included among the Lour Are to sheep pm a aces of Dallas Preem holders of the National to to a who Defeated to or East Central state read hers Collet e of Ada okla. 29 to 20 do night Hie other teams Are the Dallas cyclones Wallen Turpie. New Orleans tied with 84t by All rho next morning the scribes were disturbed but a Rumor that spread Iii Over the Beach ural while Cap me was extending his hospitality to the boxing writers someone had rolled Hun for $75,000 Worth it jew w bile miss Helen Hicks several big tourneys tills Hie Wichita team. Heaviest scorns of the tournament to Date de anxious to protect the fair name journalism the scribes appointed committee hastily and commis a Springs. Ark. Before going South j null raft Man of Wichita and the Olenna Corhett. National Champion .xt"a�?T&Quot breaker Bov in pc Herrs of Sparkman Ark. And miss Bernice Wall had 85�?Ts, the Coal mines near Pittsville a Winner of up bask t Ball and Shippen or a va., 35�?~ to a in 11 Strong physique has carried him through Many years on the Ball 1 a 1 i Hie Dallas cyclones 26 to 33. Bird other Vorte mrs. Melvin Jones Fagot for the season to begin City. Kaunas put out of the k Picago i. Mrs Jane Brooks Quinn do arc he will continue to running in a 30 to 22 Battle by the in Maureen or pitch until they take my uni-1 Sparkler or in last night. The Randolph College Kitten of Coco Tex., bowed before Nyack n. V 81 Cost. White beaches n. J. 90 miss Wie w out in 38 in lied it to Check lip on the run i for her 80 to Capone laughed when the committee waited on him and made Quwwn its errand a that Isnit so. Of course a Capone Aid it could t have been so. I locked up everything valuable before you Birds swimming stars entered in meet f in. Moss with the Start of another american league Pennant r Short distance away. Connie Mack visions the realization of i ambition the winning of not Sci Pennant. Since the collapse of the athletics in the 1914 world Lear. Leader of the athletics a experienced Mem slim bal cutest Fries the Ball years Iommi her backed a a a a Windup Tuff Griffith his boxed during the remainder of the City. Iowa out pointed Leo Lom amp Al. J Aberdeen wash., in ten rounds. To win Griffith slugged his Way Walker .000��?o of in amp la Thyl of a the a were the Doorn at of Junior major organi St moment. Ration but Mack kept patiently to his work of rebuilding of late years connies Effort Hare Bec rewarded with a great baseball machine bit it has Bec. I a Burd Luck to be in the same league with the new York Yankees an even greater team the dope for this year has the Yankees a bit weaker. Mack to 10 have the ?reau8t etching a Taff in the league so maybe after it pro my my the Uver mat a Rhrou hot conic handed him in Detroit recently. Lip by Walker surprised the crowd by loot starting with his customary in h the middleweight started in Light by boxing and Tommy won j three rounds before Walker changed it g . Walker took the fourth by opening with his bulldog k appear Tobjy he surprised Tom in v a the Phil the rot id a d v it a it a Dunn the course of the party i one of the it ter became very j chummy with Capone he backed hem into a Coiner and they had a a cry Friendly Chat about old Day Brooklyn when they lived in the same neighbourhood an act of Friendship Capone a ave him the Only statement he made about the massacre of the Moran gang in Chicago. A red and i used to be on the outs a he a but we squared up a Long tune . Anyway i m out of that Racket and i Don i know anything about it a the scribe thought this conf a Cit Nee put him on terms of in tuna a cd with Capone and he dared an a her Brave question. Lim. A Al a he went on with his Arm around Capone a shoulder Tell in something will Yout i wont print it. In a just curious. H it a Many men have sox killed Capone Slid oui from Nuder the Friendly Arm a disappeared through the crowded room with it Speed that would have made paddock look like a Walker. St Louis. Memo. Max 29 vue>-9eventy-three of the nations Best collegiate swimmers representing 171only a colleges and universities Are entered in the National Cote Ciao a a a swimming meet opening Here today at Washington. A tank. Institutions repro ened Are Chicago. Minnesota. Ihl Nolz w Esie in Iowa Michigan Drake Washington Armour tech Cincinnati Brigham Young Rutger. Princeton Dartmouth William Georgia tech and Oklahoma Cliv la stars entered include George to Lac Rutgers olympic Winner and worlds record Holder in the 150-Vard Back stroke event and col Bath. Northwestern olympic Point Winner in fancy diving Darnel. Michigan graduated the on one c nine 1928 champions not entered �?�7 heres Only a few of still in the he said a red Faber of Chicago and myself Are the Only two spit callers left in the league i Belize Grimes of new York and Mitchell of the cardinals Are the Only ones in hic National a Urban shocker died last year and bul Douk and Stanley Covel Eskle have retired to them Are few remaining but we still manage to get by and fool the matters. When the baseball Powers ruled out thespis Temh seven years ago i think they had in mind to leg-1 a Yfe Only against trick pitching. 11 have always contended that few batters were Ever Hurt by spit Ball pitching. It was the curve Ball hurlers with their Freak pitches who did the damage i vet nothing mysterious about the Souter. Just take a a amp ebb in .isun of a Little on the Side near be thumb and let the Ball slip my arc a away from you a you a aant in to go that All then to it a the total slue of exports from no try during 1928 Wax $5 129. A on too i co More dire Blades for by Terr Blade use Oredge for a quicker easier shave fit your Gillette. 5 for 25c the Joe a in the the first substantial Cement factory in the Netherlands a put into operation during 1928. It has a capacity of 300ooo tons a year. Training Camp notes by i i til press Eastern the years fashion event apparel for the easter Parade selected in rom America fore most manufacturers apparel that a Cann ant a that Dum Gulf be veil greased me the d i c i i i i a. A dressier will find hts need Here at popular prices Campus log �?T25 i i Laud i allot edits 40 o i suits to fit every Type of Man fide me and satisfaction in the appearance Economy to buy one of the cd cult yet give a feeling of of Truf accessories i id dress i of up for Luster a a shirts a ties a a underwear san Antonio Tex., mar. 29 a the new York giants will Start homeward tonight afer a game against the Pittsburgh pirates. For Jesse Petty May be sufficiently a i run he. A jury to i. Throwing Arm to see action against the St Lotus brow to in the aerie Starling today the or. Tampa Fla mar 29.�?the american league has lost a tallest Pitcher. Quot big Jim Weaver 6 it. 6 i a inches Baa been sent by the Washington senators to the Birmingham club of the Southern association on option Walter Johnson new manager of the a was of the opinion that Weaver lacked Camuy experience. Orlando Fla. Mar. 29 a the performance of red Lucas Veteran Cincinnati Pitcher who let the m in heal d a. Or i pc pc Mitt my a the to reach third base in thursday exhibit n game has heartened Jack Hendricks manager of the reds fort Myers Fla. Mar 29, a Lance richebourg held by experts to be the one really first i class major league Ball Placer on the Boston braves drove out a Homer thursday with a Man Ca base against the athletics Elpaso Texas mar 29 a so Antal Harris manager of the Tiger dulled cd lore leaving be last night for Houston that he had i asked president Frank naval to for a divers a it a. Harry Heilmann leading hitter of the club advertising not wanted there wore Rome places in Mia no b Ach where y i could flirt with i to Little god Chance if you had the j u. Ira Hong and a he dough there Wasny to anything exactly private in h a operation of the Chance Palace i by the operators did no to yearn for a Mem Publ Lei a several of the writer played up gambling Side of the enjoyable it the resort and the club own began to Eon corned. They we afraid that too much Public j a Quot in the North Trungh attract some j att Mien and action in in Washington. F or or it a Dai before the j fight a blew town who Wen Al in in the past to tear j to a e main away from a tories thai j were note a or in his line of do the club owners Wen Leary of him i my hey prepared for a reception who. The reporter cached a big Check and asked the door Man a the hotel Liere the nearest whee englishmen f London Kef be Paf Faiq 4/ffor a shoe just Tike this t i a it paso Tex mar. 29 tile Chicago cubs were in route to Beaumont Texas today after their sixth Victory in seven starts against Bucky Harris american league outfit. Tile cubs will play the Kansas City blues there on saturday and sunday and on monday and tues Day they will wind up with the tigers. When he a ried at the Sling club the sign was Given and the word was passed around t do for him to lie taken lot his Roll the word had gone hat h was wining to be taken to. U big pile kit he Cauli write a a torn about the suckers and crooked vhf Palm Beach of Amar soothe big Pitcher. From Texas was due to take the. J Hill today for the St. Hours Brown i in the opening game of their three 1 a a a a j Day exhibition series with the quit to Seca by Oaklyn Robins. The reporter went to work St r one of in a Dallas Tex., mar 29 after showers washed away All routine matters Here yesterday the White sox will make their Start against Southern Pacific railway showmen today at Ennis if it does t Rah saturday and sunday will find sox matched with Hie new York giants a Ain Ftp Buri Al mar. 29. Hub it Spock one mile crack left of the new York Yankees. To if feted Sears on a Lamg Arm 411 remain Btu cd when the worlds champions leave their raining Camp for Jacksonville Fla tomorrow night. He will try to get t my the opening of the season. M to lulling i. Z 0 in a Merican Money Jvon -. Re raring the. N. Vark 3->0 circa Dir and Ion hum pro into an to on the origin a a lit to i i. You a Mare at each other shoe,.-Arni on hour it let of ans differ Orel four Gigantic fart opera hum Bung unique coi Heuttig manufacturing Mth to it Jan 400 p f Tail a Lores Mil. To sport shots by United press tables and won testily paving High. Take and alien his earnings reached $260, he weathered up the chips cashed them in end left with a big smile a that a Nice evening work a he a d. A that will pay the wife expenses Down litre a we fed off easy with that Fel-1 one of the club attendants a Aid he it look his $260 winning and wrote a in e Story about it i he didst know that he could have won $2600 if he had tuck at it. We in that fellow lose ill lion pair of Hoe a old a year. That your Anat or j fort Myers cd mar. 29 Walter French former outfielder of he athletics has been reinstated by judge Landis and will rejoin the club april 6 hat a pyjamas Hgt i Stu i to Austin Tex mar. nun a thousand athletes were Here oaf fur the opening of the fifth annual Tex relays this afternoon. A a a Hundred Scho a it fort Myers Fla. A 29 a m Florida Uhn ois a Day u it u Pitcher re concern a a indicted Unona exhibition games by i it i Ell press i six Man regular pile rung staff i George Eama Haw and lefty Grove sue out because of injuries. Howard i Ehmke has gone to de roil where his wife if seriously Iii i the numb r. Inner cd he a without half of his a i 6 a tiring the att rag Ststa Nee Bolton it Petersburg fun mar 39 the pitching of Grover Cleveland Alexander in an exhibition game against the new Yolk Yankees la. Greatly heartened up posters of the St Louie Cardinal who now look for a old Peter to have one of his test seasons. I j promoter of the Quot second annual i Sii Continental foot race a meets Hie runners today to inform them in la 41 Colts v it do Quot w ii a . Marathon of jy9 yet to be end cud. A physician and a chum Polh will examine the in Munts this afternoon. By United press bos ton gals Indianapolis a a Bradenton. Philadelphia in at West Beach Washington it Al a Louis a no at Tampa Fla Cincinnati Tel Efon Treal ii at Day Tona Chicago a no Beaumont it to it at Beaumont Tex Pittsburgh a nov new York no at san Amo to yesterday result cards to Yankee 2 red 7, Montreal 3. Athletics la braves in Buffalo 9, a d sox 7 giants pirate wet grounds. Be War for men Anet women Shields clothing co. 1024 Noble St. New Orleans. La mar. 29. The Cleveland Indiana Are rounding into shape so rapidly that manager Roger be Ken Spaugh holding Down on the clubs efforts to an our a Day. Parimi Piader of Frame and Frankie Genaro american flyweight Eon tender have �?~1 signed Lur a return bout Here april it. Planner recently stopped Genaro ii one round. Little Rock Aik. Mar die mule Rock baseball nine 29 tart n la i e gets Partridge Jay Partridge made a free agent by judge Landis will Puy Wii ii Nashville in the Southern association this summer i j Tarwater a my 29 a in Wright shortstop obtained Tow Brooklyn Robins in a Trad Pinch hitting for Stewart local hurler tripled Over the Centerfield z Quot of Jil North r head to end the North to. A to i i Western w ill Meenu University of j a held a Ajo. Ius Rihs i. Wnm. U via Kyj / i Dies Newark bring you Paris style first Ami they re Alf 1.1.50 i be the new a Paris Newark a 1022 Noble St. I ;