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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Anniston Star (Newspaper) - March 17, 1940, Anniston, Alabama European scene by Harold a. Peters foiled pres staff correspondent Copenhagen Denmark mar. 16�?neutrality and Unity. Those Are the watchwords today in a fearful Scandinavia that was Only partly relieved when immediate danger a new North european War front was ended by peace in Finland. Norway Sweden and Denmark look Forward to the coming months As apprehensively As mutilated Finland not at All certain that their Long struggle to maintain a Neutral position will be successful at the Climax european conflict. But one result the red army invasion Finland has been to bring More sharply into focus the Long debated question a United Northern front. Sweden. Norway and Finland have agreed to a conference to negotiate a defensive Alliance designed to keep their territories intact to face future dangers together. Denmark a Mere Peninsula jutting off Germany is too vulnerable to enter such an Alliance. S the weather Alabama fair in Interior partly Cloudy to Cloudy the coasts sunday and monday continued mild temperature. Vol. 58.�?no? 927 average daily net paid circulation for february 7,742 a he Anniston issued Dally and sunday morning by consolidated publishing co Complete United press leased wire coverage . And mrs Reader i be Anniston Star classified ads whenever the occasion demands. They bring Quick results. Just Call the and taker. Cotton. In 7-8 Anniston ala., sunday mar. 17, 1940. 5c a copy�?20c a week by Carrier Anniston to adopt Cash basis scheme to Cut Down costs reds bore Hole in Allied blockade by explosion City commission Sells $100,000 tax anticipation warrant in addition to neutrality worries Sweden Norway and Denmark View with alarm the cumulative effects he european War their Trade and slipping which is essential to their existence. They look for severe hardships in a Long struggle. Finland is concerned with reconstruction and the Chance to rebuild her shattered life free from the further menace War. Like most other countries Europe Scandinavia feels the Pinch the War. Living costs have risen there is some rationing and taxes have gone up Anniston soon will be a rash basis and in position to effect savings through prompt payment Bills and monthly discounts it was announced saturday following a special meeting the City commission Friday when the first step was taken to bring the plan into being e elected head the commission it old one Hoo Dekalb county superintendent named president association too five per cent tax anticipation warrant to Milhous Gaines and Mayes Birmingham Bond dealers and within a few weeks the warrant will be replaced with too $1,000 warrants maturing semiannually and bearing four per cent interest. This financing will enable the life for the average Man is reas up a a a floating indebted ably Normal so far however. There has yet been no appreciable food shortage. The Cost living has gone up Between five and 15 per cent but wages have been increased As provided by Law affording some compensation. Rationing has been applied so far chiefly to imported goods such As Coffee Tea Coal and benzine. Denmark. Which is a sugar producer rations it to help Norway and Sweden and also has fixed the Price flour to prevent profiteering. Ness and to Pav its Bill each month Birmingham. Ala., mar. 16. a the Alabama education association today elected George w. Hulme superintendent the Dekalb county schools at fort Payne As president to succeed e b. Norton and receive the customary Dis Andalusia counts for prompt payment. Vernon l St. John. town when the $100,000 warrant is Creek was named vice president at taken up new warrants for $40, the cose the 59th annual con-000 owed to local Banks Tempo mention. Miss Virginia James supervisor the to a school at Wilson dam my Walter m Jackson Selma were elected members Ary Loans May be iss fed along with i the too $1,000 warrants but this had not been determined saturday. The Banks had not notified 1 the executive committee the municipal authorities whether the association adopted resold this would be agreeable. Tons urging an increase in state in order to make the warrants appropriations to education and Legal it was necessary to sell a passage the proposed Here son warrant at five per cent interest amendment to the state cons Titu j rate to cover All existing floating lion. Indebtedness. A debt can be re another Resolution urged that financed Only who the interest j governor flank my Dixon make the unusually severe Winter caused the rationing Coal especially in Denmark which has lost a i non a a nine Coal steamers at sea since the a Forn Lac fiscal year it Gin Quot rants will Beal four Pei cent in Ning october i the entire $400 000 i Terest. Showing a reduction in the cond Luoneal appropriation set by the rate interest from the single state legislature to finance a peace Finland protects Germany from Northern invasion Scandinavia faced by prospects Russo German Trade domination by Thomas m. Johnson Nea service military writer the peace Finland is the greatest totalitarian Victory since Poland was erased. Heres what it does bores a Hole in the blockade which the allies Center their Hopes Victory Over Germany. Makes Impo Mytle Allied invasions �?.�?. A Germany via Scandinavia and May close to them another line attack through the near East and Balkans. Places All the scandinavian countries under the threat Russo German economic domination. Terms prescribe Sharp St per vision terms the treaty go beyond Finland s lass the Mannerheim line even Wangoe which makes Russia virtually master the Baltic. The treaty hangs Over Finland s head other swords which while less noticeable Are Keon edged. The russians Don t take Petsa to they simply make it impossible for the port to become a Point entry for future foreign Aid to Finland. The russians Don t Cut Finland off from help by Sweden Over the single Railroad across Finland Waist they just make it easy to Cut off in the future by insisting that Hie finnish Railroad be linked up with their Murmansk military Road treaty threatens Norway and Sweden the latter provision is bad for Finland and also bad for Sweden them ports Russia through the treaty gains direct Access. Tile scandinavian democracies have preserved their democracy for now. Anyway by refusing to permit expeditions from democratic France and England to reach democratic Finland through their territories. Only the near future will Tell whether Scandinavia has preserved economic Freedom under the tightening German russian stranglehold. Hitler might have dictated provisions Germany and Russia have become a Claser combination than Ever thanks to the finnish peace. Hitler himself might have written the provision for immediate construction the Railroad link with Sweden for it will also be a new link Between Russia and Germany. Hitler too. Might have written the article linking Russia and Norway via Petsako. Here Are new Job for German a Ngi Neera and technical experts now in Russia straightening out its production and speeding up its railroads to carry every possible ounce that production to Germany. Now be working to transport Rusia goods not wily by Way Poland but by Way Fin Sfart the War and cannot use hydroelectric Power As Sweden and Norway do. The chief concern Scandinavia is Over shipping losses which exceeded that belligerent great Britain by nearly 100.000 tons in the first six months the War. Scandinavia fears she May easily become a greater loser than All the belligerents combined As the sea War goes . Scandinavian shipping losses to the end february totalled 288.-000 tons accounting for 103 the warrant. Aside from the saving that will accrue from discounted operating Cost Bills the City commission is present appropriations but . Looking toward restoring the City a former Bond rate which was reduced a few years ago. Several issues Are to become due in late Spring and Early summer and it is the desire the commission to teacher retirement program when there was sufficient state funds. No specific increase was asked in h. Collins stat superintendent education suggested in a speech thursday that the state should give schools another $1,000,000, in a statement issued from his Arrow show limits soviet domination achieved through successive military diplomatic victories Over Poland Lithuania Latvia Estonia and now Finland. Rail rights across mid Finland and the Wangoe naval base take Russia to the Gulf bothnia. And Norway to whose coveted nor j land Sweden and Norway. Gandhi willing to postpone full Indian Independence terrific blast caught 180 men underground and killed three condition trapped miners is Uncertain at least 91 helped out Tunnel by Rescue workers get a better rating so that better in Montgomery yesterday prices for Bonds can be attained i Dixon vigorously opposed the Hen the plan refinancing Anni-1 Derson amendment which would appropriation amounting to City a Cash basis a worked Bon a grrr a a out by Walter gained the i $24.96 annually per Pupil w Ith the medical needs great in de Birmingham Bond firm. He was provision that the Money be used path land Given a contract a few weeks ago to no vide a minimum eight months ainu to promote tile Deal the basis term throughout the state. one per cent. 6,319 which the three countries had ton s floating debt and putting the guarantee a minimum state Educa a the beginning the War. More than 850 lives were lost. By countries. Norway lost 50 ships. Sweden 32 and Denmark 21. Nevertheless Trade with both belligerents continued at about the same level As before the War although the total Cost imports Rose because higher prices and freight rates and the increased stocks needed for defense. Currencies remained stable against the Dollar although the Gold and foreign Exchange Reserve has been depleted. Fus get to help in belief Stute rights pie uttered by Rivers . Re l. Johns finance director the state department Edu i a Quot a Quot and seven dollars went into the finnish Relief fund today to help for contempt along with its neutrality policy Sweden has made extensive Prepa Georgia governor arrested rations for passive resistance in Case need. She inaugurated a wide system air raid precautions building hundreds bomb proof shelters in congested areas As Well As strengthening the coastal and Northern defences. Scandinavian efforts to maintain neutrality were underlined Early in Atlanta a. Mar. 15. a governor e d. Rivers today challenged the right the Federal judiciary to a supervise and regulate the internal political affairs cation estimated the amendment j would increase state funds for education by $2,000,000 a year. If approved. It would be voted in november and if ratified at the polls would become effective in i 1943. In a statement issued late be Ter Day. Dixon termed the amendment a Quot preferences measure and said it would a put the schools ahead any other state department which receives appropriations from the general in the great amount work that must be done to rehabilitate entire families which have been made homeless by the War. Attention Finland has been turned from russian troops following an agreement for peace to the terrible situation treated by More than too Days War. The War sent thousands from the Homes As big cities were evacuated. Cities where these refugees have been taken in Are overcrowded and deadly diseases have taken their toll. Great quantities medical with his Western front protected by his Vii tory Over the finns Russia s Stalin is left free to carry out any plan he May have for Aid to Germany for Extension Bellaire. O., mar. 16. Up a fifty miners were entombed tonight in the Willow Grove Coal mine recognized As one the country s Model bituminous mines where a terrific explosion caught in men. Killing at least three and injuring scores. The Fate those still trapped in a chamber known As a Twenty two three Miles from the mine Entrance was Uncertain nine hours after Trie explosion. Officials the Hanna company had not Given up Hope that some would be taken out alive but members the Rescue Crew thought it would be a Miracle any survived. At least 91 had been helped out the mine by Rescue workers. I Many were burned and bruised and most til pm suffered from the effects the Poison gases that filled the tunnels after the explosion shortly before noon. Other miners had been Able to leave through emergency exits without assistance. Many went horns and accurate count was impossible. R. L. Ireland jr., Cleveland president the mining firm hastened from St Blairsville to Aid in the Rescue work he said the Rea sc0res Tobey Washington mar. 16. Us pm Secretary Commerce Harry l. Hopkins tonight read the a a. the census Law to senator it Irles w. Toby Republican new Hampshire and branded to Bry s crusade against the census questions As Sun american and a menace to the processes self government a the spectacle a tinted states senator calling for resistance to the authority the government appealing for civil disobedience urging an informational sit Down strike against the government is Hopkins said in a bluntly worded letter to Tobey. The new Hampshire Republican fairly exploded in Wrath when he read Hopkins communication. Ready to wait until after and near East. Again Stalin la the european War for final decision by Reynolds Packard i United press staff correspondent it Aygarn Hills India. March 16.�?mohandas k. Gandhi All India nationalist Congress Leader told the l United Presa today that he Al willing to postpone statutory Enigma Europe. Russian influence into the Balkans Cue Crews equipped with masks and working As rapidly As the dangerous conditions far in the mine would permit were digging for those still trapped. The Willow Grove mine was noted for its safety standards and Ideal working conditions. Mrs. Franklin d. Roosevelt had inspected it in 1935. Mine officials believed that the safety factors had prevented greater pm life. Deputy sheriff Ralph Harrison Spring will arrive Here wednesday the fight for Indian Independence would continue increasingly. He expressed Hope that until achieve ment definite Post War settlement Britain would treat India As a free nation. In this picturesque Village built a a �?�1, a a a Quot to it it try new season to be ushered ,5� me end my european War. Rescue the 88 miners said that Gandhi said however that the in at 1zik. 4 Quot some them were pretty much a a j gassed. Tile first Day Spring marches a there s not much Hope for the into Anniston wednesday at 12 24 remaining Harrison said As p.m., with a Day and night the he returned from the mine. Same length for one the Only other reports stated however two times in the year. I that officials the Hanna Coal Winter still vigorous Tahr. Parting slap at states saturday following the Equinox dais will company which operates the largest especially for the current Congress begin getting Longn and longer bituminous mine in Eastern Ohio sessions the Mahatma faces one much to the satisfaction Vaca had talked to some the trapped the most important political Monist outdoor enthusiasts and men Over a mine Tei Rohone the so fights his scottish elements who like to officials thought they would by has opposition save electric lights when read rescued. Militant members the Congress ing their evening Star. Ate arrayed against him in de Eastern a 1 ids for immediate Independence for India. They have threatened a i revival their Campaign civil. A a j Winter took a parting slap at the disobedience. Dixon asserted that in time supplies will be necessary to defeat aimed it le6 saturday wearing Only a loin cloth and Georgia following his arrest at the War by the october to meeting Macon 1ft Niht 011 8 co 0 the three Kings in Stockholm Couit citation. But became More difficult As the War invasion the rights a progressed. The Scandinavia a stat accompanied from voting at the Geneva by judicial decree As by any discussions the finnish russian Olber method Rivers said Iii com problem december 14. Although in Enlind 011 a Bench warrant which their sentiment was Strong for Fin 1 was en0lced orders u. S. Dis land despite ceaseless pressure the government for intervention. Sweden to forestall an excuse for German pressure her exposed Southern roast continued to hold to the non intervention policy. Never the economic stress the amendment would be a fatal blow i dollars to other necessary state services he also attacked a proposal by . Collins that the legislature appropriate another $1,000,000 to the schools. The legislature will meet for three Days to adopt a new state code and the education fight was regarded a certain to come up at that time. Henderson i these diseases and thousands will be needed to restore Finland to her former status. Latest contributions received received were j. S Walker. $2.50 miss Mary Walker $2.50 e. A Pennington $1, and mrs. W. K. E Alfo a r Penna within to help a no through. Us finns May Send their drinks oui new a were around for Man to Arthur Phillips at i str so in a sewn Pennsylvania while the breath Spring began to sandals and carrying a Small stick be Felt through the Midwest. Under ills Arm. Gandhi asked me much Pennsylvania. New York to join him pm an Early morning slate new Jersey and new England walk. His Brown spindly legs. Was under a Mantle fresh Snow which fell throughout the Day. But forecasts were for Clearing skies and earned him along so rapidly that i was barely Able to keep up. I ask him what he thought the Congress anti Compromise group a Quot Triet judge Bascom Deavers for Riv Erst failure to abide by an interlocutory injunction. The injunction defied by Rivers ordered the governor and National guard adjutant general John e. Stoddard to cease interfering with change the Anniston Star. Moral basis sought trill w orld a hop. T peace and new Jersey which lid risen to dangerously near the flood stage led by Subhas Bose. A there really is no difference in views in the Congress Between Subhas Bose and myself Quot he said. The known dead were mine sup old sol is scheduled to Rise above intendant John Richards Howard the Piedmont Foothills the Sanders outside tipple Foreman and appalachian mountains which sur Ralph Sutton 35, St. Blairsville round Anniston at 6 04 clock the those already rescued were Tak morning March 20 to Herald the in from a Shaft three Miles from official arrival a new Spring. Hie the Entrance. Rescue workers Wert fiery gentleman will dip his count equipped with masks and out Enance below tile Western horizon Side ambulances doctors and nurses again at 6 12 clock this Day. Awaited. Although the what Sci depart there were 25 men the shift ment won t furnish a guarantee St the Willow Grove when the exit most March s wino have Losion recurred shortly before noon. Blown them elves out As thorough some them were working oui As were Hollywood producers Side and an Sec rate Check Tho Hull strikes Back after heavy Rains were falling rap �11 want Independence and we idly. There a no danger floods Weint n As quickly a when they had finished Margaret j in the mine could not be made in Mitchell s epic picture. Mediately. So housewives can Start their one theory the cause la Spring cleaning in All earnestness explosion was thai had see pad Secretary state denies Friendship waning less swedish volunteers for Finland not 11 a 111,1 office w. L Miller increased. Some estimates placed the total at 18,000 to 20.000 and there was talk j organizing a swedish division Complete with swedish pilots. Norway a uneasiness also increased Seca Usa russian violations her a. Euler in the tar North and the Bun san teachers in their an who was ousted As state Highway Board chairman last december by Rivers. Rivers said he regarded the a unprecedented incident Quot at Macon Washington mar. 16. a president Roosevelt today told a world radio audience that the world Washington mar. 16 Secretary state Cordell Hull ii is seeking a moral basis for a Quot real de by recent expressions european peace recognising the brotherhood Semi official sources seeking to ated Man and guaranteeing the Unteg tribute partisanship to u. S diploid a1 Small nations religious and i Niantic moves tonight struck out in the Pittsburgh area Western Allied Pennsylvania where a Light Snow that fell overnight was melting under a Bright Sun As the Mercury a a stood at 35 degrees. Ford Carver agree the bugbear Russia s desire for Atlantic it Ort amp then february brought a still greater Shock in the British release prisoner from the German Steanie altmark within norwegian territorial Waters the threat at that time involvement Between two belligerents brought the War Clanger closer to where he was arrested before thou i Freedom vigorously to maintain this nation s industrialist negro dentist think Tenuth richest spot Quot so far As the question Complete Independence is concerned there is no room for Compromise. It is True however that should it become a que Mon common cause Between Britain and India then there would be room for Compromise regarding Many the practical difficulties which Are bound to i asked Gandhi whether he now. And they May also Start putting up their Winter coat blankets and other cold weather Coin mod i into the mine from an Oil Well which was being drilled a Quarter a mile from the main entry this ties and looking around for their i r poit lacked official confirmation. Bathing suits Tenni rackets Golf clubs and maybe some new easter outfits soviets not afraid i Inland reports that threat Allied Aid not scaring Nual convention As unimportant Quot insofar As personalities Are concerned u. S. Protests today we Geek a moral for j position impartiality in the eur Peac . Roosevelt said speaking rope an War. From the White House the same he issued a Blunt statement Mitt program with Tjugen Wilhelmina there was no truth in a news retire Netherlands diplomats and re port from Berlin that a s. Am violation neutrality band c charged to Britain mar. 16. Gigious leaders. Quot it cannot be a real peace if it fails to recognize brotherhood. It cannot be a lasting Ataee if the fruit it is oppression Star Vau p Mon cruelty human life Dom Joseph p Kennedy had incurred the displeasure the British government by sending a conf j dental report to the state depart 1 ment criticizing Hie allies conduct the War. Oms to violate scandinavian neutrality without counter measures. Eight die in fire Kerr he be i Amu in Antles bringing death to Mother c Hildron whipping Post. Washington. B ail Iii a which realize that tile United states today joined the mated by armed Camp it cannot be Germany win not permit Belliger other 20 Amer an republics in a a sound peace if Small nations must proles l0 the British government live in fear powerful neighbors. It _ Over violation the american Safe Mot be a moral peace if free a h a Wii Minton to zone by British warships that i it a from invasion la sold Foi Tri a Fri do overhauled the German freighter but. It cannot be an intelligent j Walkama off the brazilian coast pc if it denies free passage to Wilmington mar 1 in i the Crew the Walkama scuttled that knowledge Thane ideals which l entre Clack led to the the ship when hailed by the British Pei Niit men to find common ground. Upping Post and is red with the warship the incident the second t cannot be a 1 righteous peace if would claim statutory i depend Savannah. A. Mar. 16. A a ence we Hile Britain was engaged in two 76-year-old men Henry Ford a against Germany industrialist and . George Wash a How can i when Britain s own in ton Carver negro scientists As Fate hangs in the balance Quot he rescued today that the South is Quot prob j plied. What i want is an in is a the to Sec lion a no declaration policy and a Quot a apr re Mon Bec a Usa in undeveloped re must await perhaps Hie conclusion the War. Meanwhile we must be treated As a free then i asked about demands in some Congress circles for renewal the civil disobedience Campaign. For non violence a civil disobedience will be Start . Carver born a slave was the guest Ford at the automobile manufacturers Winter Home at ways ga., near Here tile Occa Sion was dedication the George Washington Carver school built by Ford for negroes this state. Both men agreed that conservation is one the South a big probed when i am sure that so far As lems. Helsinki. Finland mar. 16. Up a the threat that great Britain and France would intervene in the War in Finland failed to worry soviet Russia according to Juhu k. Paasi a Mem immediate action so far As Pratti bar the Visush Ansa Tion Cal. The Legal Transfer Power u a Osrew Paas Kivi said tonight that the question Allied ail to Finland was raised during the Moscow discussions and that so met Premier via Chela Molotov said a we Are not afraid Britain and Crew men under James Narbo. District 8 mine inspector from Bridgeport erected Bratt ices to keep Poison gases from reaching those still trapped. Those rescued first were taken out through emergency exits they were Given medical treatment at the company office but none was believed in serious condition. Russia advanced geared lip for faster plane fre auction than l. S. Untermyer Dies Heber in Springs. Aromar. 16. A a pane Raj arrangements were made tonight for eight members it one i Anniv who burned to death to since outbreak hostilities in in worship 0041 is denied. Rope to draw a joint protest from a Quot a the americas occurred february 12. The previous incident was the Edgar Hoover replies Day when fire swept their Small i famous Battle the plate River in Frame House. Which three British cruisers fought mrs Saline Allen. 36, and her Sev Admiral Graf von Spee into tile in children died in the flames. I Haven the Montive Deo Harbor cat inc tails today in the greatest mass flogging since this form punishment was legalized by Delaware in 1771. Warden Elwood a Wilson w to markets at a glance by United press j chief a Man says no room in u. Personally is opposed to the whip by United press stocks at lowest general level the year in moderate trading. Is possible non violence will be strictly he said. A despite his More than 70 years noted lawyer claimed at California Gandhi seemed vigorous. Our Dis i inter Home Cushion was interrupted when he was called to a meeting the Palm Springs Cal mar 16 Congress working committee a1 a a Samuel untermyer. Famed Law Washington mar 16. Iua Ltd soviet Russia is geared to turn out Well made american Type engines for its military aircraft 011 a larger scale than this country is producing Arthur Nutt president the american society automotive engineers said to might. Nutt who is vice president in charge engineering Tor the Wright aeronautical corporation vial Ted a russian Plant about a year ago and said that it was equipped to turn out 10.000 air plane motors annually he added that he was not informed by soviet author tie How Many engines actually were being produced s. For Gestapo Washington mar. 16. A it a Ping Post administered a total 80 lashes to to each Many with the three foot whip in a driving sleet i?1 tip by ?61on j a Rethe Gen map battleship chief a Man j. Edgar Hoover said and Snow storm in the courtyard a kerosene lamp. Otis Allen the husband ecu Ped but suffered sever bums while trying to Rescue other members his family anniversary Washington. Mar. 16. A a the president and mrs. Franklin d. Roosevelt will celebrate the Juth anniversary Chi their marriage Sun Day later was scuttled. Raid Scafa flow Berlin. Mar. 16. Up a the Ger Man High command said in a ape Elal communique tonight that gel Man air Squadron had attacked units the British Navy in sea a flow and damaged several vessels. The communique said the Squadron tonight in reply to Cong res. Ion a1 in Castle county workhouse critics that their is no place in eighty five persons witnessed the the United states for a National hogging which Are open to the police organization such As the Public. Dread russian Opu the nazi. A Gestapo sets record activities the Federal Bureau Chicago mar. 16. A a Charles Farley s democracy speech construed As answer to religious bigotry though he does not possess even the yer and Liberal Leader died at his necessary four Annas for the Low j Winter Home Here today. Bonds lower u. S. Governments i Aal Price membership in the con i he was 82 years old. I her Gress. After the meeting he took he died at 3 p. To after being in a curb Stock irregular. A bucket Bath behind a screen coma for several Days his son Al Chicago stocks irregularly lower matting and resumed our inter Vin Untermeyer said the cause was foreign Exchange higher in Reia View. A heart attack Mon to the Dollar. Volunteer guards in Blue shorts Unten Jer had been in poor Washington. Mar 16 u a a Cotta futures off a much As 60 Khaki shirts and sugar loaf Caps health for several years and Dunn postmaster general Jame a Ariev cents a Bale. J were rationed in circles around the past to Days his condition be tonight said that ideals the re grains in Chicago wheat and Gandhi s hut. Hickory staffs were came serious. Public must not be permitted to sink Corn about steady. Their Only weapons. To a Point where race color Creed depot by Knox would be a bar to the prot Idem. Atlanta a. Mar. 16. Uay tile Farley assertion made in in and. M _ no in Oral i editor Dies Ai predicated its Chuck Felt eke the Miler the Reno Nev. Mar 16 a re Sarasota. Fla. Mar. 16. A a j Louisville and Nashville freight de dress before the Friendly Borel i to urn Tonth it it hered existing ports that mrs. Jock Whitney in Daniel e Kumler 76, for More than pot in the heart the Atlanta St Patrick was construed a his ii Albo attacked a number Brit Temh i atm Tom i til a Quot \ t 1 u a records for three quarters i tends to divorce her millionaire 30 years news Eduora the Day business District burned to the ply to Democrat who have opposed air Fields a \f1 i Kal prob Quot a eth a remarkable time sportsman husband Are Quot too Ridick ton o., daily news. Died Here to ground tonight with a loss More his candidacy because to a Cauli a 12 59 7 in a paced race against time. 1 kit us even to deny Quot she said today j Day from heart failure than $100,000. Olio ;