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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - March 14, 1921, Anniston, Alabama The weather for ant ton and Vicinity Cloudy rain and thunderstorms probably tonight and tuesday. No change in temperature. Vol. 39.�? no. 147. United press leased wire service and n. E. A. News and feature service Anniston Ala. Monday 14 1921 uhe executed great crowds gather about mount Joy prison but cause no disturbance condemned men go to death unwaveringly in court but Here is rest it he told today Hamon Wouldhave been in Harding s Cabinet Secretary of interiors Post was offered him before he died witness states he played great part in nomination of Harding who is related to Hamons wife Ani More okla., . 11.-�? Iii Ted pre a William it. Nichols today revealed to filled pre what he tried to Tell Hie jury other a it a Tower Jake Hamon wended Iii National politics. Nichols a kit i tical lieutenant and adviser of Juke Hamon. Whose secret Ary protege cd Lara Smith Hamon. Is on trial for i Lamont a murder. Nichols witness for a late Gnu following testimony on sat inlay concerning a talk he Hail Hamon just before he died a a Jake Hamon told me to go straight to Warren Harding and get some of his friends taken care of. His Story was stopped abruptly sparkle pronounced hours j Bill Chi formula found idol Prip Fitt that produces of Luril Tell i synthetic milk daily and sunday. 20 cents a week Street Sale 5c a copy peanuts Oats water Salt and Flavouring mixed by a machine turn trick rail Are today a Cotton local quotation for food Midi 12 to cents. Officers called of Quot i am going to make Good on Kur wik convict Eft Foh dying request of fake Damon. I a his Anh for Par. To in \ Ion i bloody i \ Day Quot herders Dublin. March listed press a six slim filler were executed ii mount to prison today by British Ait Horitia while 20,000 persons i Elt in or or outside Walls. The condemned men were led in Mirs to their death Al hourly intervals. I met their Fate coolly Ami it Lim St cheerfully. Fla borate precautions were taken to present dist Urban Ltd a in extra guards were mounted Many of them patrolling fringes of great Unmil out Side Hie prison. Ail Public Wirk was stepped. Telegraph office and he Post of a fit n were rinsed until noon. Many p in ate were forced to suspend when employees flocked to prison Gates. I or re was no disorder at mount j Al a women and children Ira therod soberly conscious of Walt if tit tidier and pol be. At fun found of prison be i which announced that deft schedule had begun noxious thousands threw them a Elvis to their Knees on cob by d vement murmuring Pray. Re beads of their rus uries dieting through nervous fingers. Thomas xxx asian and Patrick a ran condemned to death for part Clation in a bloody Sun do. Murders in Dublin protested innocence to last. Bernard in an and Patrick Doyle rho in is Ryan and Frank flood captured during an ambush of Crown fore at Dru Condra Early in Jear. Also claimed to be in Nocent. The dead to it were retained in prison until Long after crowds had be n dispersed off re did not slate what disposition will be made of them. The executions were expected to have a profound effect upon peace ngot Utuone recently renewed he Row ibis situation of n 4 a More Carr ii than usual \ Sering thai order was mein tined Ever wis. Protests against a quote a tons were made a i last wee. Ira a of. Finial Art finn fein in in a this hrs men he g,-.n their Freedom. A clod forgive than a a a braved xxx Phrelan during a final interview his Mother. Xxx Bellart talked comfortingly aged worn declaring he was going out guiltless and hearing no Iii will toward his executioner. Am going to a he White House to see president harder Flag in two weeks a Shakespeare said a evil men do lives i Ftp it a them Good is often interred their he was right judging from mgt St of testimony in this Case. However i want whole world to know powerful Jake Hamon As i knew him. A Jake Hamon. Whose wife is re. Lated to president Harding was one of most powerful men in a it Publ can party. A Hamon first favored nomination of . Cen. Leonard xxx Ood. But Wood appointed a political enemy of Hamons As one of his Biff lieutenants. Jake Hamon then broke general. A Andy King of Boston one of leading Wood boosters tried to prevent break but Hamon told him vehemently a a King. Pm through Kronur i a a Hamon was elected As National committeeman in March primaries he ruled Republican rite convention at Oklahoma City shortly afterwards Convent Ion decided that Oklahoma so Legates to re publican rational convention would boost gov Frank Lowden of wino1. Turned to hardies. A a Little conference in room 914 at Backst amp a hotel on were about her Mouth. Errett Dunlap pal of Jake Hamon was first witness to take stand for Tim state Dunlap gave same version of Hamons death As other witnesses for Star of did last week. Dunlap said he knew of intimate relations Between Clara and a non that he had seen them on trams and in cities together. The defendant paid Little attention to Dunlap s testimony against her. Frank Ketch thousand Dollar a week and personal Friend and Busine associate of Ramon then took stand. George Hodges assistant county prosecutor sprang to his feet and shouted a three wit so Hay testified that Pendant $5,000 and made her Ter met. That he de Frank Ketch was an accessory of out of town. A i demand witness he dig. Hodges was overruled and Ketch testimony began. Superintendent of Birmingham division says service is almost Normal men Are hungry and glad to work. He says no Rifer Fly is of in i in retaining regular Crews rect irn he from nov in Ion workers Birmingham ma., March i. A fruited press a a operating conditions on this division arc practically fills was flip declaration today of x. E. Xxx Blinker superintendent of Atlanta Birmingham. And Atlantic. He vol cd unmeasured satisfaction strike situation. Ten he Saki he saw resumption it passenger Cri ice Between Lineville nod Manchester first since walkout. Movement of freight nut of be in Ogham was Hart lied by a morning train to Lineville la Only re . 14�? United Towless milk is Here. Soon As i heard Hamon was i Mains now officials pointed out wounded. I it ant to Hospital Toto establish freight service Between Manchester ga., and Lineville see him a said Ketch. A Hamon said to me Frank pm never going to g t Well a a a a Jake where is she a i asked. I did it myself a Jake said. Don t Tell my that a i answered. Said c Lara shot him a Are said he wanted it Given out that to did it himself. He said Tell world some kind of a Story and Tell to Lara to leave town. Ile told me to give Clara is, identified a gun Given h m . Right . The. Cup go by princ Kra a Ink. a convention opened Jake Hamon Ala. The situation today is better j than it has teen at any period of i strike a declared Whitaker. A Are running following trains a passenger train Frim Birmingham to Lineville and return. A a passenger from Lineville to Manchester and return. A local freight from drying Ham to Lineville. A a passenger from Atlanta to Doston press. Or. Earl it. Carr Pomona rated his Little Bovine machine for United press today it looks like a sausage grinder occupies Only a portion of space required by a cow. Can be kept in Kitchen and is Rady to a give Down on demand. Mere is or. Carr s menu ground peanuts. Ground scotch Oats Vater. A it. Flavouring. Tossing some raw peanuts into of a sausage grinder a or. Carr gave handle a few turns producing Peanut butter. An equal portion of ground Oats wag fed tin animal next. The powder resulting was mixed Quot peanuts wrapped in cheese cloth and lowered into a pan of water. Kneading cheese cloth bag in water produced a White liquid. It looked like milk. A Pinch of Salt and a tiny dash of Flavouring compound and it tasted like milk. According to Farr Only element lacking is animal fat an ingredient to which vegetarians object haste \ or. The process consumed approximately five minutes. Before Board new administration consid ers revolutionary changes i in naval alignment further fortification of Pacific discussed Kho it 111 among proposals pit Forward is one to Mare be of hawaiian islands an other Gibraltar Washington . 14.�? United press a Rad in i changes Iii die organization and operation of America s Battle fleets involving a strengthening of Pacific defence have ban discussed by president Harding Ami his and Kors. It was Learned today. Xxi to no definite plans have been made suggestions which would involve making Pacific Fleet hic major one building Rdv additional base on Pacific cont and further fortification of Pacific have been put Forward. By sous to was turns. A it was Hamon i one he took out of Ramon s pocket Cordele. Ga., and return. Inf 4 Al a in do i i a who at Hospital rolled a want Back to office and squarely Ai Lowden that night and reent for Quot defendant said Fra in it a Gnu Haven to got a chinaman a Chan e for nomination. Put i h to going to stick i -.i. Frank Adam and Nichols were present i said to her it to to. The Pai to has come. You re a Jara. You be got no of ways going away to Eta v. Quot you think i shot or. Hamon i did no to she a d a a a i wont discuss thai i answer to you for a while to give you a Chance. Then we go for Warren Harding a Hamon got delegations from Pennsylvania Oklahoma Kentucky and Arizona to agree Tot Ketch said she then agreed f. A through of that plan. A leave. A it us i about that to that j a i he her trunks in Randol Hamon nut Gen. Leonard Wood hotel parked and Che ked them and Vood asked a Mon sup Brough to Kansas i qty on or. A port Mon s Ketch said. A a general. I like you but i am j in to at station. I Gava going to fight you j Hor $5,oo#.�?� Quot you All know results j Ketch 88 a he fold Hor Hinn Jake Ramon supported is in not have a Chance in ten to White House it Ess Hamon re not re that Starlet swing to hard Tol Ltd a n of fro North but ing at convention 1 a a Ketch said. He stated a Jake Hamon did what no Manly ruler Cro a examination that he Ever did before he put Oklahoma in Republican column for first time in history. A passenger from Brunswick Ato Thalman of. This practically leaves us in Normal condition. Our terminals Here Are functioning and on usual Bas s. Our Ard forces have been completely reorganized. A train operating on line today Are manned by regular Crews. A it have Only one Volunteer in our service w Witaker said he has experiencing no trouble in retaining men once they were hired. These in he Are hungry his explanation. A tinder j noticed no Acara on hands and i face of defendant. I i reported what i had done to a a. Hamon a Ketch said. A said to Harding appreciated this , a Frank done to forget it in a go a while lying on his deathbed a Jung to die. I was in my room. She Mon received several cablegram shot me in dark. Xxv had a la a message for his Brothers h of president elect who was struggle Over gun. A Lento i Linn operating at Anta. Ga., March 14.�? United pre a operation of one train in each direction out of Atlanta on Atlanta. Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad was reported by b. L. Bugg receiver of Road. The trains manned by non Union labor obtained by Road in an Effort to break general s Rike which hns been in effect Ince . 5 will operate Between a Lanta and Brunswick connecting Birmingham Dielsi a it at Manchester. Uprisings against russian government continue particularly in South Helsin fors . 14.�? United press a a virtual ultimatum from lha bolshevik was received by finnish government today. The fun Weie warned not to communicate Kronstadt stronghold of Burian rebels. Reports told of in teasing agitation against i were carried away by shaken woman when she finally was led away by silent guards. Wheelan talked especially of a brother who fought in France american army. I oui last Mother hoped i Mary of Interior instead for a reprieve. Both her boy and Albert fall of new Mexico. Ician had testified that they were Job was already offered him attending mavs at hour British officer were murdered that november morning there a a widespread belief that they were innocent. The Warden relieved when executions were finished declared they were amazed at courage of s \ v victims. A they were More Uke a crowd of so boo is boy a let out for an hour s exercise than condemned Ere nor it Lared. In Panama. J xxx. Or Bill my can then started a a As Hamons warm personal Cross examination Friend and close confidential and Ketch said to his knowledge a Mon and Clara never lived in open \.ser, i Mike this statement a if Jake Hamon had not been Quot shot he would have been Sec of wife rack Iii court. Jake Hamons w Dos was in court today for first since she broke Dow n Friday when Hamon s bloody and Bullet riddled adultery. I never saw them in same hide room together a Lam has to in Mii Venh Ardmore. Okla., March 14._ United press a Clara Smith Ramon has so proposal for marriage her attorney said today. The cosmic urge for Chic land pretty defendant has caused. _. Garment were displayed in court f a cd us by to ramp i have stolen More than a tip proposals of in Arringt. 1 do Hirs r done to care whether you Are a a a it a a Al it. Trial will in Ovir or i i to Quot a Quot Quot Quot to column three or four week. _ enclosed his picture. A mrs. Hamoel showed Strain she had been under sine her breakdown. Her face was much thinner her Eye had lost their 61 defendants on trial at Macon for express Robbert Macon a. Mar. 14.�? United piss a sixty four persons charged a conspiracy to defraud a railway express company were placed on trial in United state District court Here today. The defendant All Railroad and express workers Are alleged to million Worth of express shipments. Prison Birmingham is shaken by big mine explosion Stillman suit be settled outside court sheriff and 2 deputies fired upon in raid postponement of 8 Bali players trials is denied defections in Southern Russia and in Siberia. Oran enl it a in. A port went of Petrograd was said to have capital Untch to repels saturday after two Days of hard fighting in which red casualties Hod 400 dead and 1,300 wounded. The town itself was largely by heavy firing on both sides. Sailors who landed there were in route to pc Trosiad by land their Progress covered by an artillery barrage from Kronstadt lit it Breakers were cleaving a Way into Pelt Grad for warships seized by revolutionaries. Ramboff in Soutne in Russia cast off soviet commissars. Indeed word from Harbin said red soldiers wore deserting r colors and flocking to revolutionary Standard. Omak and Ksn Olarsky were centers of that mom meat. Meanwhile Moscow was said to be making Gigantic efforts to overcome resentment of russian citizens appeasing workers by increase in food and clothing allowances. In increased was distributed in Moscow and Petrograd. Fifty thousand pairs of shoes collected by government were issued to workers. Venous Street f gating in Mon was reported by finnish embassy. Other sources stated that Gen. Budenny had thrown his lot revolutionists taking 12<\0�o cavalrymen him. The making of Pacific Fleet major on9 w Ould revolutionize american naval operation. Until two year ago practically All american naval strength was Coneen rated on Atlantic. The for Mer Secretary of Navy Daniels divided Fleet. Daniel to icy has come in for much criticism. It was pointed out that a divided Fleet could not exert its fillies strength in meeting a possible enemy. The re ply to i this was that Panama canal would enable two fleets to join i a very Short Lima. This a Kurn it a Bien rebutted statement that canal might be put out of commission by aircraft a d Quot to 1 Fieri kept apart for Day while an enemy could defeat first one and then toe other at Lei ure. Of policy of putting major of it i Quot to in Pacific is Dopf a it will probably he inaugurated orders for a professional reformer meets them to Tell them what they must do i crafts program for saving country new York. Mar 14.�? United press a or. Wilbur f. Crafts told United press today that things which need Reform in this country rank in this order. Dancing. Pugilist. Pm gambling. Divorce t or modern dances Are about three stories deeper in hell than movies a he said. Attorney charges conspiracy Between railroads and packers to reduce wages All wages set by 9 men labor alleges Board will take up petition of roads i or readjustment of xxx ale Scalls wednesday Chicago March 14�? United press a leaders to Railroad Malinger association w Quot re j ordered today to appear Lief re United slates labor Board Here exod mesday and submit to i examination regarding pet Hon of five Road for Ahrnot Ratum 1 of some National agreements. I a Gigantic conspiracy Amine packers Railroad executives and other Rarrat employers of country to drive Down wages below living eos to a charged by Frank p. Wadi before labor Board. Xxx also appeared As attorney for Railroad Union in their fight against petition of rail Road executives for a Banga t Ion of National wage agreement he demanded that. The Railroad Board rail a of witnesses including leading Railroad executives of new York. Mar. 14�? United pre it a movies a go on operating table her today. It Etal of biggest producers country to by a tinned regard prom t ent urn a roup of a in their purpose. In aching a Bro prominent Roomer meet St the0men of . National aviation so Atlon a pm of motion picture Industry to great a a it a a of decide upon Means of eliminating countr it have conspired to break certain objectionable matter from in in labor and drive Down wages films. 1 below living Walsh said producers headed by Quot that a Tilers Cut wages and than Xvi Ham a. Brady administering rilr0d Wil packers Anaesthetic reformers in a action a lever to Force their Der guidance of or Wilber h we Down a harm Ascraft. Expect to Cut following Journ a bord tn0k a 8 question of calling witness in soviet government important i Cifu a cruise which w is first suggested by former Secretary . After cruise no in strength of Fleet would be concentrated in Pacific. Coppom of of plan out. However that there Are not now sufficient facilities to Coal. Repair from let urea x sex Appeal. Marathon kisses. Crime. Nakedness ridicule of Church or stat. Rambling. Today consultation of reformer and i Der consideration. 1 nine men who Union leaders charge control Railroad wages of country were named today by Bert m. Jewell Union Leader. In a message to senator Cummin endorsing his proposal for a Eon Gressional investigation of Tbs Railroad situation Union Heads producers was brought about by Ben Hampton. Former publisher and now head of several movies conceive. On Protu Tsiou or. Crafts superintendent of i ii. Ernat ional Reform Bureau and handle . Fleet on he a Elf United pres that if pro a jut ers will consent to re scheduled operation a will hold Back. .1i Federal censorship Bill for plan of concentrating on pacify. Year . In p pc is suggestion that a unit-1 Fil re St us Fleet be created Atlantic and Pacific division. This in coast one commander proposed. A of ext re in association. Declared that a secret clique of Inch a presents about 90 per cent men set Railroad wage or american producer country. The men Jewell said. Were . W. Atter Bury of Pennsylvania Hale Holden Burlington c. H. Markham. Illinois Centra h. In Byram Chicago Milwaukee and St. Paul Carl Gray unit Pacific w. G. Be slur. Central of new Jersey k. E 1.00mis, of Lehigh and w. R. Scott of Southern Pacific and t. Dewitt Cuyler new York Central. At it f in terrific dynamite blast occur. At Woodward Iron company mine damage slight Birmingham a., March 14__ United press a Birmingham was shaken from end to end this morning by a terrific dynamite explosion at Dolomite mine of he x nod Ward Iron company. No enc was killed As mine was closed Down and no great damage was done official said. Herbert e. Smith Secretary of he company denied rumours that blast was due to incendiary so a. A woo Ward owner has much in Public eve within last week due to acting a Engineer on strike bound at Lanta. Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad. No one was injured in terrific blast which w As Felt from one end of City to other although this City is More than la Miles away Smith. Chicago . 14�? United press Aufu for trial of eight car own of child intimates he bullets Pierce sheriffs car Dur-�?T"1 Quot in he a Quot la ,.�?T is will resort to Law to establish its parentage new York March 14,�? United pres possibility of Sling out ing exciting experience in Pinhook Sherff xxx. E. Parker and dept series to Cincinnati will be set thursday. Judge xxx Illiam Dever who will hear Case today denied motion of prosecuting Amorn evs to postpone trial until a tide court . Divorce ult brought j i burr0�?o and a Quot Ltd a a he Tey i Winn term of Coart by i Moi a atm. Jan into an exciting experience int of National City Bank Agai �?�4bttlement late gun-1 jew York is. A a j Day afternoon returning to City a Potter Stillman was one Pri Ner will Cullin charged violation of pro i action Law and several Bullet holes m officer s car a us to fined in a gun fight several according to a Magazine at our no. I Dolomite Coal mine blew up morn from natural Cut ifs Quot said Smith. A this mine has been closed Down and no one was about. No watch has Bern kept on Magazine and we attribute sex. Losion to water reaching dynamite. The explosive store was in a Strong Brick building some Dia Tanc from min in Acop Rene Mea a a fifis seen today in some quarters. Failure of opposing counsel to appear saturday in Poughkeepsie. A scheduled to take up amendment of complaint was men. Reported to have been due to ii sheriff reported monday conference of attorneys in new miming that he stopped his car on a Hill in front of Home of it be Burns sunday afternoon and that action of Cullins caused deputies to Dande that he had whisky on h a person a search revealing a pint bottle in a hip pocket. York Whit h was continued until today even should suit be set Ltd through a Compromise it w is in Lima de by John a Mack special guardian for two ear old Guy Stillman youngest of still made director of War finance corp. New York March United press a president sent following nominations to Senate Toda Eugene met or. Or. Of new York to be director of War Finan e corporation for a term of four years. A Cornelie d. X Argas. To be postmaster at guava a. Porto Rico. Col. Jonathan Mayhew xx�?Tan-right of new York to be assistant Secretary of War. 7.000 desert red a nov xxx Ashington . United press a seven thousand Soldier com russian soviet army have i deserted and gone Over to Quot anti evolutionist in control of fortress of Kronstadt according to state department advices today. Hou Quot to House searches for revolutionists and sympathizers anti bolshevik movement Are being t married on by soviet authorities Day in Tetro Grad according to reports to state department. Numbers of execution have been made of revolutionists in a Campaign of terrorism by bolshevik to prevent further additions to ranks of revolutionists. Fleet would be under on Quot head. At present two Fie k operate independently of each other except when joined for a cruise As is now Case. This however do s not involve . Pacific beet s being made major one hut contemplate both divisions being equal. In disc Ursich Fleet organization before House naval affairs committee recently Admiral Coontie chief of naval operations said a it is idea to Kep Par so Abl of Fleet Atlantie and Pacific in api proximately earns relative strength As Long As bases can so act Omo Date them half our Active Fleet will be Bas of in Pacific and half in Atlantic. A is main Flet called Pacific Fleet a Cootu was asked. A no a he replied. A eth title we Hope to give to whole Fleet is Quot guided stale Fleet. One is now called United states 41 la Antic Fleer and other United state Pacific another suggestion made a put it placing in Industry on probation. Emphasis a placed by or. It rafts however on fact that regardless of what action producer take he will not intern i state Quot censorship Bill before nearly 40 nor Leguia tory ordinance contemplated by so cities f a a via Industry is pretty sick just now As result of its sponsors catering to lowest by. Grafts said. Only one thing can eave it a major Quot Pera Tjon to remove ail objection so Day Audie be crowds Church to hear Porter a ii w a a great congregation gathers for morning service at Par Ker memorial Church in Tbs score of people stood Entrance was i l Arker memorial Baptist Church so Ca ii a Avrum Quot Federal Cen aisles and Entrance Way at earn i Vahai i a memorial bad Hor producers National Al la i a vening and Many were Santly Quot j. .��.o0 a to no a a a a we cur. To . 10 liminal. Mon of a ofic. On that of a of Jya foreign a Tor r.,p0n, a he Industry . Our oust my Ilia att Moon la intended to Quot it in. Of .Nff thin apparent refer nation effective. Of. It Quot promo thins St Abt lament of Omen club. To Lead a . Strike a inst ohm. Objectionable til is compulsory alanine of tract by theater owners when a att danc 1 evening Are j lard in is th., a of ii Ito us a Quot pair not a a Vic a a a a re it i Pacific let a created a Oahu one of Cie Fpo we toe hawaiian islands. This plan a Latt a . In favored by Gen. Leonard xxx Ood of Arhur a pm. A a who in Wip ,0 . Rapine which would a. A up Quot a s movies interest and one of largest audiences of Weeg hearing Rev. Henry Alford porters Sermon illustrating Angel standing in Way of sinners As they plunged downward on path that leads to ruin or Ith Many of other churches of City suspending their her vices for evening Many Mem Bere of other congregations we 9 islands on Harding. A special Mission for Between censor., a to Demerit of certain films. The boards might comprise representative of premieres Slayer arrested in raid packers will give employees share in managing business juvenile court and Lafollette has appointment of Esch postponed Washington. Mar 14.�? United children and named his j four or five other men who were Eliot Wadsworth of Massa Mother As a co defendant. That pro int at time arrest was Chaett to be assistant Secretary court action be taken to is made according to sheriff left i of Treasury. The scene and returning i Wainright nominated for assist lately opened fire shot guns ant Secretary of War was a colonel and pistols St three officers in 27th division France sen none of them being struck by ing in judge advocate s Divi Tim pics. Aion. The sheriff and his deputies had a. Several narrow escapes according and return fire of officers to blah legitimacy of that boy. Stillman and mrs. Stillman continued today to evade reporter and their attorneys maintained Complete Amienee on it a of. With government regulations. The building was demolished but this was extent of blast was heaviest Bir Mingham has experience in years. Houses were shaken at Points More than 20 Miles from scene of no or Chicago . 14.�? United priss a plans whereby employees of packing plan of country Are a to shr management in conduct of All cond on Madrid resort a tto Quot Quot a Quot w re her on by s.z.,zr Ottun cd today. The Mun a Lafo la Ueth eclat today pot a a. A a made who la a Wike vote Pond for a month action on Madrid xiar., 14. A i nit d j because of 13 l-2per cent Cut nomination of former Ren Esen Presaw a runs Itig Iron a resort Fin wages in effect today was in to Ive j. J. Eth As know n As a rendezvous for Syndi j Progress. The i. C. C. This 1 a St Piott Rry. Madrid police Fras soon As organization is 1 appointment As an cited Pedro Madeo charge erected in various Plant Blent. Quot a assassinating premiered employees representatives will con Osuardo nato. Mareo carried in j Der a fall matters of Mutual in automatic revolvers bulging from Teres such As wages hours of labor winking conditions sanitary end safety measures a announcement said. His pockets will Force Bach s a recess appoint child fatally by matches 5 firemen killed in Richmond Blaze to their report presence of i was believed to have been equally prisoner in sheriff car i ineffective. Probably Quot explaining fact that j sheriff will Endeavor to Seth friends of prisoner were cure indictments before grand careful of their aim. Several of jury this week against men bullets fired at officers who made Aiu cd on him and a a a it Hon Quot my d#ff4#e Atlanta ga., 14.�? United pre it a Ruby Lee Knight s a did Early today from Burn received last night w Hile playing match. The child had retired to Ber bedroom and when discovered by Richmond va., March 14.�? United press a five fireman Are Des i and about ten persons Are badly injured following a fire in Butinx Section of Richmond sunday which resulted in a property loss of approximately 430�,-�00. Firemen and volunteers Are 2 negroes. With bodies tied and weighted drowned her parents who w Ere attracted but hard at work today Clearing Sci a Ama her clothes Ware in debris in search of other possible Bern. I victims. Sweet and appropriate music Dur ing service. Or. Porter told Story of h or Angels of god Nave been standing for Venturi s in was of sinners and How Angel bail waited sinners Back from their path and made an inspirational Appeal for those who were out of Brist to heed signal of Angel. The sunday morning service a Replete interest another apr and attentive congregation assembling at la o clock hour i or. Porters subject for this evening will be a giving a another Chance and on tuesday evening he will speak on a unpardonable sin a Many people responded to re evangelist invitation a suds a night to cond Forward for prayer and for association to a of god announcement being made that converts of other faiths would be reported to churches of their Choice. Commissioners Convene March session monday court of county commit stoners president Wood he Hanna presiding convened at county court Bouw this Morni a Covington a. March 14.- United pres a continued search arly today failed to Orang to Light any motive for murder of two unidentified negroes found sunday i for regular bus Ness tied together Trace chains i March term heavily w weighted rocks in a delegation of Cir mum front yellow River at alien s Bridge near Herr. Re bodies in a badly decomposed state were discovered by a Young White boy playing near Beccne who noticed a foot protract. My Tram water. The Friendship and Mun tittes appeared before Board a request for Tion of a Bridge across cd co Creek at them Elroy some action on i pert during ;