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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Anniston, Alabama Adlai surprises u. S. Ambassador to the in Adlai Stevenson has proved a big Surprise to Many of his critics Sylvia Porter says and she reports he is doing a splendid Job. See editorial Page. I. I ii 1 a 1 amp be Maui amp to of amp tar member Abc and Nea a your Home newspaper since 1882&Quot a and up news neut Poy night from s a Toll ., arc up and local news is flashed Ever station whoa. The Start final edition la presented Cank weekday at 4 p The Star arrives sunday morning Long Bolson breakfast time. Vol. 80, no. 169anniston, Alabama saturday March la 1961 45c a week by Carrier jobless leveling off new figures show Goldberg i warning i to stars plan debate on feud new York up red Sullivan agreed today to appear on Jack Paar s to show to debate about their feud on the Assurance that the studio audience will not be rigged. Sullivan s acceptance followed few hours after in car made a special statement on hts own program promising that he mild not pack the audience with Pageboy and sponsors. A experts a sat shill is a i inv by William j. Katon Washington i Pic the first drop in unemployment payments and gain in retail sales in three months today were viewed As indications that unemployment May be levelling off. The Laboid it my Merit said Friday night that t 408 too persons in w urn in ploy no in Chicks n the v cd Aud in Fob 25 that was 1.1 too less than were Given Jub Kos a Bern ifs the pre toils it the inst drop in tile num Bei of poisons drawing unemployment Bene it. Since injures in gait flaring in lot or and Ai to or the first time since re t4> a nationwide ret a i sales showed a Dight increase figures tie Small department economists said the in figures was too Small to be interpreted As a in that the has no it hed a turning Jinni a but it s somewhat a Wakeful thai Hie total if not going said Robert c Goodw n. Director of tile Btu eats of i employ Moat a another get Ert a d the Idle a t1 among the in mi1l in workers covered by the jobless insurance system has remained at 3 4 per cent for the pie three weeks lie said this was because he Previ Ous two Igor eases and he de or care reported Friday rvs Jet were Hgt Small to change the rate by even on tenth of erne per cent v r or a to it. 1 i i a a a a \. I i a a ii f. A / i a in a school Bill i Hope seen by do a ii ios Jill i la i nits an at Shim by Jerry Lano or Washington up a democratic leaders took on new Hope today that they might be Able to get Congress to approve president Kennedy Aid to education Hill v without including funds for parochial school. The measure was caught in a fug of War Between jewish and protestant spokesmen on one end and tile roman Catholic Church on tile other. Senator Wayne Morse ear a Friday Niht Cleburne c county sheriff flatus Field general for the president a Wen i Ort do so a Ilion school id we. Wos. I a a a hurl resisting stoutly any proposals to Vinson. 27. Of Anniston it add a loan program for private 3# the sheriff said. I survivor inc Ludo thu Wand parochial schools. The _ int Ludo the widow the thud Man a a and Haidy. Mrs. Mae Scott one Daugh a Ark by wry Rin of Paul St. A we it taken tor. Teresa Diane and one son an indication that Morse May to memorial Hospital with a bul George Sidney Scott All of nut succeed came when senator to let wound of the Chest suffered Hurst it. A a brother Mcneal Seph s Clark d-pa., backtracked in an incident at a tavern at Cave Scott Fruithurst it. A and somewhat to the Issue. Springs ga., after the Cleburne three Sisters mrs. Lucille Ray Clark had said he wan drafting t1pl s0<p Arf miss Laura Mae Scott of Sian amendment adding $305 million he was Ai muted in fair cond Hula and mrs. Neil Johnson of Worth of Low-1merest loins to Pri two under a police guard. Chebel. Vale non profit schools but now i Hie dead Man was Klein died As three from City held in Cleburne murder robbery one suspect on Inlet Iii Georgia incident by Sam minks three Anniston men were apprehended Here Early today in connection with an armed robbery and murder in Cleburne Wade Hardy. In Hospital brr he says he May it a Bis Amend Sidney of Neal Scott. 27, of nut c4 in i men for Anodic Bill. Hum. It t Tores ire jest Rei at Doh \ m kill winners top winners in the annual Civitts count wide oratorical contest Friday night at Walter Wellborn Iii h school were from left. Elaine Kilgore senior girls Llelyn Young Junior girls David Robertson Junior to and John Mitchell senior boy division. Local fair w Inners in contest gambling raid nets arrest of i a it an informal pol of Morse sub a knocked Over head committee showed that Clark sheriff Owen said Scott Aud a amendment could Muster Threa. Bro1 Are. Mcneal were picked up or at meet Lour of the nine vote e Highway at Rashap Oovi mail a Voca. By la. Anwon Trio who Row i them. Knocked them Over Mongeon mad on the Aid a Limul Aid dumped to prix Ai school Issue was run Brothers from the car about rung heavy following test Mony �39 was believed taken in die Rob a rid a that Loans to build Church operated school would provoke a kaon mid Mcneal Scott Atlanta negroes o claim air torn was a i Kanta up a negroes were told Friday night that they biter reaction from a Thor Reb jew knocked Quot out and quirk la ran i ,"011 Victory in their Campaign to desegregate Ault knocked out. And it Melv ran tacit cities in Atlanta department and variety stores. 6 mom the place where they were it was the most significant civil rights Victory in the Tong a they will. Whet a loused fight thrown from the car about half a a in movement that began in Greensboro n. In nearly two such a program to the last ounce a mile North of Fruithurst Luverne up thirteen drink and weak dinner to pair Aid Wenty to amp a 35 St Mam c. Loudl a methodist,m., persons faced gambling charges Jolin Mitchell of ind and connection with n club i glut Whit men and three be Elaine Kilgore of Anniston carted a 10 Connei on in n pm it a Mittus list 0 Neal Scott want Over by minister making for the proles a car presumably that of the Tanto and other american United three men. And suffered a Frac rate holds steady off top prize in the senior divan Star Ier where they were or Salt a a 0j a 1on of it n nah Arni tuned Skull tile sheriff said he said the rate Ako held steady Sion Friday night of Hie annual rested in a Surprise raid a Quot Quot is Tot. To it Numa Laffait so we on is await at Axhi 3 4 per cent in the tour Civitts countywide oratorical Coo state Public sat tvs i it Xor wtv4cs of paid which we it test regarded a the Low Poult of the w Inners in the Junior Section us .1&Quot a a 1____, ,.l my it a and m i Rev Mon were David Robertson of John Foung miss Taylor has set Bael other experts said he define 5ton Junior High and Helen Young or a Friday was a tiny Aud believed the 0j Piedmont gov John Patterson verily cd Jyh i use pm a it is a visions top senior division win my is. Is it is a Tih Sre would by a a a a Ca London up a i were att. To of Over to Mitchell and miss Kilgore will Uoo anyone gambling in Ala Taylor muttered a setback today employment or a new of two it Praphont Tjit Coimo a in the Dis Tawna Quot Ive seen Enos ii a her r o a v e r t from Neu h 1 of 5,70ft Doo m february and a Riff oratorical contest and com Wing in my Day and in a sick t�00 causing dra tors to ran Pete for a first place prise of a of it a ii declared. <�?T�?��?T1 plan to remove a breathing a i want to serve none Bete sub rom hts a Chroal Ham Southern College and now that no one is Gouig tour Carl Heinz Goldman. Miss prize Are Giseno Worlat the Law m Alabama w us Taylor a physician emphasized Walior Secretary Arthur j. Gold Berg Baa warned it May dumb four car scholarship to burning Oga n tji s month Lily native Decalli \ Flim toxicologists report a awaited to Hie know member Ament a be terms whether death a is jewish conure said a program caused both put Tol blow it by of Loam to pot Chial schools the cards wheels Wix Iid bring great pressure on All have records fed Ial Tufic a1 who would decide the car belonged to Hurley Bow to <1. St a hut them Owen said Hurley. Vinson and a All of whom Hove police a Ltd Ltd tis her a were arrested near their Homes in West an is on at 12 45 a in by his Otway a to left. Sheriff of n and Haimut ton police of .1 said a Learned from Oxford. My Msj i put a Georgia authorities that he three i diversity of Miv is Phi journal id been in a Dux my scrape Atin student say it in is ready to a tavern at Cave spa my after student flails slander suit major Morgan prizes Friday a lit i carded to i m governor and get away with was Dot the go senior and jul new winners it. Anyone who pet my m try alg Ile paid a la Mionie Call on bring suit for beef and slander leaving Cleburne and that Hardy i tided a personal trophy each to operate a gambling Cosmo at the 29-Vear-old movie Star this again a i Lizona Council worker and the tavern operator Farrell and it civitan trophy cup for lieu this state is morning and then went out on ill a suite sovereignty commit sew a were both wounded schools to display for one year. Officers said no Ganding was a out of town rail. Mon official. The sheriff said Sewell who of j s \. In it a a a Pant n each re a pro Gie whet they Sledge Iii office said a fall that s Ruji Barton. 20, of Pontotoc Dew a Day shot Hardy and was shot the be i a trophy for Wintling Eon a Vam meted Titer Way through to n Hamn tied is that mis Taylor dined Friday to Nam the two by him is in critical condition in liar the Tii county Busi has not maintained the but said they and legislators and Hospital at Rome or Cedartown p Weir or rho nip la menus taxi. # on a Duma 97 Improti Emend she has shown .1 a nub state Ottic a circuited tie invest lotion is continuing. to. A Fnv-4if a 7w i i i Cly f mrs. W Frank Greshom to it it Mer i h thump a in of in their local schools Annist Oft Dud 3 a m today a a . Del., following an sen or. Of Anniston High. In the it he Montgomery Crenshaw Over the Las three Dav and a malicious lies about his a Civ with state Harry exp did it it .>1 Kins division Violyn of county ins there Tore or. Goldman and ? is As a reporter for the Atlanta Sims. I Kotfia lawmen tile a a native of this City in. Liers of Walter Wellborn High. The dub tarnished with Wau to other specialist derided to Gradham Hail mad her Home la in the senior girls division and Wail carpeting bonded wails and leave he tube in for the Lime a Reington for 23 years lot cd la Rich of Johnston Junior soft pred a mum. Served ire being sex a funeral sen of wifi be ht4d High in the Jim or girls division there on monday Robert son was the Ion contender the family a requested that in tile Junior boys division. To Flowers be sent hop Mirs lasted mrs Graham is aum Ved by sponsors of the annual contest to husband one son William r were the Anniston. Eula on and Grix Siam. Of a in Migton four West Anniston a Rutan coulis ant ars. In Rob a g ikjwie1 j a u. Johnson principal of and mrs. J it m Alton to an Johnston Junior High school and i Moti mrs. Caci b. Is i Iglus. Of a member of the Anniston club Rome ga., and mrs m t. My directed the proceedings which ties As a reporter for the Atlanta it pm vre Orgia Lawrik a me a Roumal last summer in h a so a of no a a cd officers . I is Iii is i i i la i blocking his election As editor or it of recognized a ii 111- s ill Siti the cd mis risk fun newspaper i of the Trio As i n troop decision on Kongo threatens talks on 2 bases years ago. A crowd is muted Ait More lion 2.000 Che Mcd la news by d ii undo Kie phase of an agreement worked chs with Atlanta Mei Chanta when de ays them Date until fall. R took a the persuasion of integration Leader Martin Luther k. No or. To Calm angry voice i that had accused their leaders of becoming a turncoat so and to a Ore order to a packed House in a Baptist Church it out pm 1 a Nee is seen negro attorney a. T. Walden who a Ais Rumen in Nego. Starting with Whit leaders an end to the City a 14-week set a movement. Or dieted after the meeting that mos4 of the City a negroes would go along with Iii settlement. Til Atlanta sit ins began on a May far a it Judd regular basis last to Wmk giving week id and Cut sharply into Christmas business at big department stores Many downtown ,>to.�?T is had closed i a rooms and lunch counter and Scotts of Negroe a were jailed for violating the states Law. Off Lal of 17 stores or chains and la negroes worked out the Agri envy which according to a Illian Friday night s Aono unc moot in reran to cognized in Tallapoosa and in Havana up a maj formation Turnn hed her led to a. Morgan a former a. Hurt of can cd in a the a apr he to on with of open Toledo oho who y.4\# up huge details Are sketch a Loo of Georgia officials i s citizenship to serve Premk re Denegre Guatam of eating and All several Detuliis a to he cleared Fidel Casino was slated today to it Hhd a facilities n til affected up quiet Jon my today the til before one of Cut kit to o s f ring Astore Aith fall of sheriff a i Quad win nor Atlanta school air in he i mid May b maj j a a c a Hon. Charged with murder Aud armed 4 if trite a him re lining of most negroes a Roiko re and til Oiler May it a nov gut v sri Man us Pic by booked fur itt Feia depend no ,���.�?� a -,4 closed a a Leopold Ville i Congo civilian Utida military Aud the con in it 01 Uong Fem Truo it a til re Imp a we Gnu is by on of the How , of Atlanta and one to other took place in the auditorium of t Udduth United Nat Kaw deck Gok. on a Moxa of for in u Cima Ais and 0,1 list it it Ltd of the a a 4oxenmwg gut in Ai a hot further meet figs to Gravid for John Vati. A Neon of i Ott aaa Walter Well Lorn High school Aion to Sand More Hub ital log a of a j o denied the Aas w1z.1t a a ire in a a Kis Cambray mount a. Ii wet built i Quot a by 1 in. A. Judges were Jack we Ilion and that hoops to the Congo the at of the sus Peiu on of tile a. Be command to us fore if nees a one it 0 Neal Scott was an pm f Lida n it Foddie it. My was act warn then a pal Robert Parker focal attorneys and i today to disrupt Curdy Council s la. 21 Mwolf Ary to remora peace in the a pop Wood cutting fam in return til negro leadership Guiski Afik aware memorial la Iivo Malcolm Street manager of for the return of two a irate pc non Winch demanded Tow dymm co of ind h we Ltd it is m re Hui county pledged to Wark tor a Complete Cong owe Haes to the u n. Gen a for Short Tim having com to 7 1 a Jend to Boycotts and picket inc 11 Kami i. The area from s a a i 0 j ii Ksn i it a in a, has accompanied the sit 1 a. 41 Fitim rat la wit nit Ai to beam of i Jewed. A two men kit Goso Wiwat and f a a Wiki us in executed at once the u n. I summand had Bern re Phal and in the work of the soc radio station whoa Wal Baptise Chuich. She was Iii a 1 it end i it it of the Juan St Day sc4iool depart Rev in lot it<1. My served As s a Piik a of time a i Errol Lini w it Oxx xxx into Sui \ a it 1 ii i i lit i k. 11 to in airs ii 77 jk�i1 d Clos to Iii Ogro Emont or. He a Tui i of the parts it banana do i Matadi Witch Ocie captured last weekend by t Togo Law sniff if i who routed the u n. Ganison. Bis Congo am loaders attend my i important cots eel Ewe m Tai in Nenvy Maia rep Ivic to came in Vised at the nows of lh#1 services will be held from is new troop a ovum it ills Rev Chapel at 3 pin sunday with Iii i Aurene Dill and the it a o ii bulk Ami i <1 Wright of Elim St Cecil Hay me. 77, of 1419 k 9th sf., died Friday Migit at a its Angeles <1 i actress stringfellow to Sustal after a Long fur in Wymore Wdow til Errol illness of Sitf yesterday w e d a i a s2 to to suit filed in a wort Tan who the Adream do i it a is he to to a a i fall til Iead ifs ii Aiichi by Kart Anga in in u it Moas a Tsi Emhe and ii coating burial will in High rid cemetery is ail Gray Broun mrs. Zori claim he acc Idem involving muss Vav it More a War shawl the Nibow a a oct Tutt a to. Vor in mortuary in it Bai go. To 1959. 1 in 11 a n a Mph a survivors include his wife a t. I i. I a r it it 1 to Rill i Quot it Ian Kiiu a Gnu us a 1 111 xxx tit 1141 Vin of Nashville tem., and a a mrs Hui in a Hall end mrs forecast Tod a and to Frank it Row both of Annist on bight Cloudy and Wanner Sun Thiee mrs Arthur Day Day. Cloudy and mild possible i a and mrs i humus Snow both Shute re High Likiar. I Siuw to of it \ i la. Aid mix i. Bight 55 High Suddat. In a f on Taine of Corpus Christi. J Tex a brother Luke Haym of h Aye Levill no and six grand cent Ai u a a it so i. it to Kate Mvubu Mig us die unit Nat Iowa Jig ii i a Fuji be by a t in for til a g in at m of Uane on Between n i a to re Iii a still Mesi Ruml Ca Sll it Eti in eds a Bai $240,004 in Cash is returned la brinks guard f. K. Young left bar Douglas William , Ria by is William g. Simon of the ii at i Simcic. In Alif Nihiko. On id limn fond Iii in or it a los Angeles Street Corner As be was getting int i ear and Linine Diatel notified the i by i 11 let photo they tried mightily Friday funeral civic will be con n,it9m to Ltd a on by up to their pledge ducted sunday at 2 p in at the defence a Quot its a to 2 a Ca. What Fifer no does a Tow prot Tenc Bapt a chuch it of gtd i i he a part Fop a any of ii in Ake when a hav Wen is Atria by ii. Ii will a ii tin Adl on of Morgaa a Uglis my tor this too years Wal Jacent cemetery gum Harp fun it. Fit enc. It Ken a cod the crowd Imti done cog an Ango. No raid with Cabaup i tip Errilla Lute in the revolt against Fanner in it Dan cd Batuta. In sir Ikiri a train a the a a or or 4 Ai Arni Carrera much no the Holl or Odd up Ati Oisey s cuban wife Olga a be \ to or 74 whom1 cd Mots -.-m. Is i to a rvs to % cars Tigri d to. K a. Top slam i r Prisi the of a a la co to song m Bons today foil owing Pfoh Tak we e acquit if to in a1 my Morgan Alt v. A a or gitf1tr 4 a Lirui i Nils 4 if City pops ibis fourth year far Beati tax jul j girder released to wit j from of. Basti hotpot of or Iii haul Bern under a Aan Tex feb. T. Illey eight Chol a1 no j ?. Including ones from Anni ton aih1 Voltie ton Junior High anole no a it so ii Oul Wert rated Superior Frt Hora a id to to a Gettert Btl a Tjay by fog four Chol i a m festival on lit College Campus. A Khe .1 to to m cd tit a to it tit null Almu Chui i a Date us is at Isth s highest temperature in it is 15 11. Lowest temperature Tole Date. Is in 1932 i of Dell it ear is will a Dong slew for 24 hour ending at s 30 a in. Today High act temperature. St degrees lowest temperature 4 St degrees .ani.til Osim in. Art St Hull Salt k a i Lnu Arter an Ltd Nesbitt lot my Ina alls. Talladega a Stew Iff like b Evier 1 Uejio ted Friday that amid gation Mil. In opera Ion was a to in it sine not of a Ai Rei Noo j angst my a. Louin Ais a Foo Given. 25, Ort Lali Adega up Vruth $240 Jou i. I woe anted in the sit but he. Up a a Maui mems s2 Muhm by of a a Stowie eur Tody Trio e acquitted we # a it be fictum a fag 3 a of Jumei Mia-4jo a Tauf or who turned sgt a a re it Ere dimmed by i p Jackson a Alex is oaf is i a a p of who Aho had a Soldier it choir Ivos Ang Kues u pm Dong William Joi Tinon kit Bdl Friday looking for a Job Gerald Wilson Kenneth us hav in in Harg taxi with is file j is ii Jig up ii i i Airout we Jaa ran Kob set today. 5 47 St tee la j if Ali i ii fail june in \ Sims Home mat tomorrow 5 55 Ain. Bai oui Lei do i b Howie i. I ranks raid a Ieie a Ouirt a b a a sing. J Usi a Haims to fag 2, col i j fade Ai Ofsow. H e and til >0 i old negro father of Hie found the Money ii in unmarked Haig to in the in id a i f it a i a a a i a i a in to nod t a or to tin Feie of invest 1 in a ii Niqo it Coj As worker who said lie nukes i a i a so Ary Ai Ai Mot sit a week. Johnson was drava in Witt pm wife hex n alien they i Ghl of til whue sons a hag to stopped Aud put the bag at he a k a a his Wagon w. H out c m w is Ai Ulm Ai tor it a As puked up at Iii Iii Tad to. Dom a Bali fit b. Its. Wisc a Bank spokesman Laid we # not a Eri Olied a to Oce Ablo. We # in a Ira Merred to ii Federal is re so to a a Ai. Of Tow est Nufrio a do who had s de to a Aeh Ala. Rat. B a in j Nim. B 1 a it ii a d a a a a u open to item be a it a a am Yaj Yjih 4 join 1 Ute ii Cape Girardeau to. Rinshed it it air it Omen temp Ihm k Us wow Usu Bee Negi a Imi Cage 2, col la a i v Xii t Man to carted 1 # off it i it Ane attacked a a h it a Aeses pm i will Una i i Hui it i a 1 o n a Ai in tem ase to win an excellent rating Gadsden High school directed by Edsei. Hand claimed a clean sweep with two Superior latin i. I i i s a Sci tool woo with both an Sath Soprano Alto Tenor and in Quot and is a Soprano and Miprano allo choir Anniston sat thou Wax Hie it ass a Gnu ii group to w in a to a latin while i illusion Jane ii it. A i arn., at two i Law d Cli ools to take High Iio Noji. L Ite pc hoist to Page i Tai. Ii ;