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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - June 24, 1940, Anniston, Alabama The weather Alabama partly Cloudy or Al thundershowers in North portion cooler in extreme North portion tonight tuesday mostly Clouds. Read Nea features daily in your Home paper a he must on Complete United press leased wire coverage issued daily and sunday Mornin by consolidated publishing co or. Ani mrs. Reader to get the latest round up of my new each night tune in on radio station Vav him v. Try on your dial at i Oclo. A each Nuht for Quot the f Inal to Iii this is a Complete summary of news from the belligerent capitals. Cotton. To t i vol 177.anniston, ala., monday june 24, 1940. 5c a copy�?20c a week by Carrier France signs armistice with Italy at Rome republicans Convene a off Impf Law is hostilities to cease or no pith1� la site to choose us curate mgt my Wendell l. Willkie bogey Man under bed Dewey Best supported dark horse Prospect scares gop regulars afraid utilities Leader will get nomination on later ballot convention Hall. Philadelphia june 24 up the Republic an National convention convened at 9 43 a in. Cost. Divided on Lap dates but patient confident and Clr. Dec 33-year-old governor Harold f. S a. In of Minnesota a tempos Ary chairman j deliver the party s keynote Perch maven s selection Ais a bid for to youth vote Atter eight lean Republican years he jul keynote his party elders at 8 id Cost tonight. This morning me my of prayer welcoming speeches and song Ais a the routine affair Carrel re jumbo Dies Phi v. June 24. Ltd p a Lizzie. Oldest elephant in the i United states was found dead today at the Philadelphia zoom a the Republican convention opened in nearby convention Hall. It he was 42 ears old and believed to be the largest Indian elephant in Captivity standing 8 get 6 inches and weighing five tons. She was brought Here from the Berlin zoo in 15 02. I Here Arr two other elephants in the local zoo. Tine is Burma a baby and the other is Josephine. It who has Bern twin ird official o. P. Convention Mas of. To to Hie turbulent polite a rag in the City among represents ii of the front running t nears. They generally Are recognize now to be District attorney a Mas f tac new to it. Sen Robe i a i Alt. Republican of and Wendell l Willkie new in utilities executive in that clog first ballot Delegate strength a the a of of Yor by Lvi t. Wilson i in Ted press staff or respondent convention Hall Philadelphia. June ii a the 1940 Republican National convention convened today searching for a candidate who can beat the new Deal in november. The convention was rapped to order at 11 43 a. In. Edt by National i chairman John i. It Hamilton. Wendell l Willkie Public utilities executive is the Bose Man unc tet tile regular Republican bed Willkie spectacular wind up Campaign cracked the f a Ollie son front and today his raiders uric poaching in the preserves of every other candidate former president Herbert c. Hoovers Camion presidential Boom sounded louder As delegates milled in convention Hall aisles word came from Nebraska that its 14 votes were Likely to Bolt District attorney Thomas e. Dewey to Hoover after the first ballot Willkie was said to be the states Choice after or. Hoover but Dewey remained top Man in practically every poll he is expected to Lead the pack on ballot no. I. Wedding without Groom this convention w ill adopt a platform already almost written and name a presidential ticket to Fondue. Campaign no. 3 against Franklin Delano Roosevelt it. New de ii democracy. But it is a wedding without a Groom so far none of nearly a dozen Republican candidates has a majority following now. Some Veteran leaders Are jittery with fear that these 2.0 h or so delegates and alternates will snarl themselves in deadlock. Willkie one time Democrat might crash through in such circumstances. But there Are veterans who fear that he would prove a vulnerable politically intractable and Defeated candidate by election time next november. So they Are talking Here of senator Robert a Taft. Republican Ohio. Who is Cut to the pattern of g. O p rat it Ion. The big Hall buzzed with talk of Trade but the leaders have made no Progress yet toward a Deal either to top or to name a candidate. A group of Republican congressmen initiated a Stop Willkie drive. The move was led by representatives Frank Keefe. Wisconsin and Harold Knutson Minnesota both Strong isolationists. Voted for Roosevelt they protested the Willkie candidacy principally on grounds of his democratic connections pointing out that his switch to the Republican Side came Only after voting for Roosevelt in 1932 the United press was informed it plea Quot turn to Page 2, column a Hie nomination with Little position. There was even should a deadlock the leaders As now a is Likely that a Man whose name has not been mentioned at a ii would be nominated. These men All have a chant some better than others Thomas e. Dewey District Attol Nev of new York county new York j City a political unknown tour years j ago when Alf m Landon became i tile Republic an Standard bearer i whose tame As a Lacket butling prosecutor and a six months Campaign has made him the leading contender he friends say he will have 4u0 first ballot votes 501 votes needed to nominate Robert a. Taft son Oto Limiter president and Cine Justice of the United states who sought the support of state and regional party chiefs and a pledged while Dewey w All the Pinnacle he has 320 first ballot votes Wun Dux Dent of the French and British buildings blasted chunking China june 24,�? cd p four direct hits b a Fleet of 120 japanese bombing piano today demolished the British and French consulate killing six Chi delegates in the French building carrying almost the British consular of Lichty had his followers say a narrow escape reaching their dugout shelters a few seconds before l. Willkie pics the bombs struck Commonwealth and tile British Emba by was slightly Southern corporation a Utility hold damaged by concussion ing company a Democrat until 1936 and until a few weeks ago. When a Boom of amazing proportions got underway for him the darkest of the dark horses. He claims 75 first ballot votes Arthur la. Vandenberg senior senator of Michigan and an elder statesman of the Republican party. Considered a Good bet for a it if a deadlock develops among the leaders Frank f. Garnett newspaper publisher of Rochester n. Y., one of the leading mobilizes of Public opinion against president Roosevelt court reorganization program a Long time and forceful critic of the new Deal who campaigned for the nomination by air plane. His followers claim a great Deal of Quot hidden strength for him and More than 50 first ballot votes. Herbert Hoover last Republican president who is not an Active candidate for the nomination but who is much talked about and who might gain strength quickly if a deadlock developed. John w. Bricker. Governor of Ohio the second a favorite son of Ohio. Taft ii first his friends see him As a Strong possibility in Case of deadlock the French Catholic Mission Hospital and Tho chinese municipal were destroyed chunking. China june 24.�? Olp a China gave implicit warning to Japan today Itiat it would Aid French indo Cha against any Atte c k. Foreign minister Wang Chung Hui said in a vent Ilia the japanese attempt an invasion of indo China the chinese government in order to preserve China s existence and Independence will be constrained to take such measures in self defense As May be deemed necessary to Cope with the situation in pursuance of its fixed policy of resisting aggression Quot review cancelled general Van Horn i liable to tend Mcclellan ceremony at major general George Van Horn commander of the 4th corps area who will retire in August cannot attend a review of the 22nd infantry at fort Mcclellan wednesday he has advised colonel Albert s Peake commander. Consequently la. Styles Bridges senator of new j Tim particular review Lias been can Hampshire the a favorite son Quot of his celled. Colonel Peake had schedule state. De the review in Honor of the retire Arthur in Janie. Governor of my general. Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania s a a. A Quot favorite will c Zontini i. Hamilton fish representative of London. June 24. A up a French new York president Roosevelt a sources reported today that Gen neighbor and one of in bitterest Oral Auguste no Gur. Commander critics. He is not a Active Candi in Chie of Frances North african Date but his friends propose him forces and general Eugene Mittel in Case of deadlock. Hauser commander of the near Hanford Macnider of Iowa former de Tern armies Hau decided to con National commander of me amen tin be hostilities. Body in recess after voting largest peace time appropriations South american markets being Cut off for prison made goods urgent defense plans appropriation raise Are already approved is asked by governor u. S. Ambassador to uru situation regarded so be Guay promises latin rious special session America support May be called at 6 35, local time British War Effort puny avers Petain bed Knowles la great Britain hones to woo colonies into continuing fight part of Navy believed ready to keep battling Premier of France indicates cessation of fighting due tomorrow under a portrait of himself Thomas e. Dewey Arm upraised candidate for the Republican nomination for president Greet Friend and newspapermen at i headquarter in Philadelphia. Thirteen Are c candidates Philadelphia june 24 up a thirteen men were candidates or possibilities Tor Hie Republican presidential nomination today in the Moat open in bossed Quot convention in years. So open was tile lace thai even candidates and possibilities with few if any pledged delegates had a Chance and the and then friends were engaged Iii frenzied campaigning. I he leading candidates and their supporters were even More Active Hie situation was in marked contrast to Itiat of tile 1936 convention when Alf m Landon was nominated a on the first ballot and that it 1932can legion. Iowa a favorite son Quot and 1928 when Herbert a novel took i Joseph to Martin. Jr., a it presen or no of i to live of Massachusetts minority a Chance Leacher of or hone. Favorite son of develop among j Massachusetts. Bruce Barton. Representative of be v York the advertising Man who went into politics Kuen consulates w Ashington. June 24. Of pm Congress which began an a Economy Quot it of vision last january was in recess today after voting the largest peace time appropriation in history. Nothing was scheduled for this week in either the House or the Senate to allow Republican member to attend their presidential nominating convention in Philadel i phia. Although All of president Roosevelt s urgent defense program was completed before the recess w As taken saturday night several major i items remain for final action when Congress reconvenes july i. Most important of these Are 1. Tile request for a 70 per cent increase in the authorized tonnage of the Navy. This program estimated to Cost $4,000 000.000 and de j signed to give the United states a two Ocean Navy was approved by the House saturday and will be taken up by the Senate next week. 2. President Roosevelt a proposed plan for compulsory government service training Tor All youths. It has not been presented to Congress yet but the president has announced that he would make the request sometime in july. 3. Additional requests for huge authorizations for defense. The army is known to be preparing an additional expansion program to match the $4,000,000 naval expansion. The army a program will include. It was understood a request for $1,000,000,000 for building new factories and supplying new equipment for existing ones to build equipment and ammunition for the defense program. Ii was an entirely different note. On which Congress recessed saturday compared with that on which this session began in january. Six months ago the emphasis was on Economy cutting expenditures to avoid increasing the National debt limit and limiting regular appropriation to a minimum to avoid the i Issue of additional taxes in this election year. But when the gavels pounded out the recess the two houses had voted an additional $1,000 000.000 of new taxes annually increased tile debt limit $4,000.000 000 to $49,000.-000.000. And appropriated More than $10,000,000,090 for the coming fiscal year in luding More than $5,000,-000.000 for defense an increase of $3,000,000,000 Over january defense estimates. Have i. S. Promise Montevideo. Uruguay. June 24 up a latin America had a Promise today that the United state would give immediate Aid to any nation in this hemisphere requesting it to Cope with Quot extra Continental Edwin c. Wilson. United states ambassador to Uruguay said in a speech in the presence of uruguayan officials yesterday that he was i Quot authorized to state that it is the firm intention and approved policy of my government to fully cooperate whenever cooperation in desired with Otler american governments to stamp out any extra Continental activities against our political and economic Wilson spoke at a luncheon in Honor of officers of the United states Cruiser Quincy Here on a Good will visit coincident with Uruguay a efforts to crush German organizations which a congressional investigating committee had charged with plotting to overthrow the government. Montgomery ala., june 24. Up governor Frank m. Dixon a approached member of the Alabama legislature on a plan to increase convict department appropriations $350,000 a year to meet a Quot serious emergency caused by the loss of South american markets for prison mad goods it was Learned today. With the interstate Sale of such goods already restricted but Federal statute the state a depended largely upon South american markets but the War abroad has shut off some of these and further curtailment is feared. One source said the situation was Quot so critical that a special session May have to be called unless something can be worked out at this the departments Normal appropriation is $300,000 a year but this was supplemented by another $400,-000 appropriation last year. It is estimated the Sale of convict made goods brings the state about ll.000,-000 a year. Launch drive meanwhile organized labor leaders launched a drive to defeat proposed legislation authorizing deputies for emergency guard duty under Powers similar to those exercised by sheriffs in the counties. Robert r Moore of the american federation of labor charged the proposal was Quot dangerous and antagonistic to organized a proposal to insert a judge s retirement pension Bill in the new state code also was up for discussion As the House met to Complete ten Active approval of the proposed code amendments. The retirement plan would apply to All court of appeals and circuit judges Over 72, with a minimum of to years service and provide them with retirement pay of $4,000 a year. Legislation opening the Way for Alabama to share in the Federal governments new Rural housing program to an estimated $20,000,000 also was up for approval today. Other Bill face test More than a score of Oiler Bills canned Over from the 1939 session faced a test vote in the Hou e today prior to official action. Tile Senate also was to meet later in the Day. Tomorrow both houses Convene in official ses non to consume three legislative Days carried Over from last fall to adopt the state s first code of Laws since 1923. Nearly 400 Quot left Over Bills were awaiting action but Only those made a special order of business were expected to reach a vote the others will die in a olog-jam.&Quot among these already in preferred position were Bills to allow the state superintendent of education to succeed himself regulate the buying and slaughtering of livestock creating a state Oil control Board to function if Oil is found in Alabam prohibiting Hie dumping of die sawdust and other Industrial refuse in running streams prohibiting the employment of anyone under 21 in places serving liquor wine or Beer and appropriating $5,000 for a Spanish american War memorial. Resigns presidency Tokyo. June 14. Up Prince i Umi Maro Konop resigned the presidency of the emperor privy Council today and was expected to assume leadership of a new National party of i assist tendency embracing All leading political groups and pledged to a firm attitude in All disputes with China. Great Britain and the United states. Soon after Prince Konoye a resignation Masayuki Tani foreign under Secretary summoned sir Robert Craigie British ambassador to the foreign office and demanded that British at once atop the transport to Hina of All supplies by Way of Hong Kong and Burma. Shy off francs London june 24 or a the Bank of England today suspended dealings in French francs. Dealing in French banknotes will be confined to Bona fide a Star a Day a a Star today to l. T Smith one of Anniston a Pio Laid out country club Golf course and also promoted the municipal Golf course East of the City which he now manages. For Many years or Smith As a Champion golfer winning a Large number of cups. He is on the housing project for Glen addle serving without Page and cultivates Flowers with great Success in the real of his Home on East sixth Street Bordeaux France. June 24. Up a the government of Premier marshal Henri Philippe Petain today charged that great Britain War Effort was Quot insufficient Quot and indicated that cessation of fighting in France was expected by tomorrow. Frenchmen visiting great Britain As late As March were Quot clearly Quot impressed by the insufficiency of j the British War Effort an official statement said. As the British believed in the Efficacy of the Block j Ade of Germany and the government in London Quot continued to Rule in accordance with compromises and there were Quot errors and mistakes it was admitted on the part of France and frenchmen failed to Quot understand a clearly As in 1914 the French War aim Quot but the gov-1 eminent expressed Hope that America will understand that France Quot can and must live again a i tile statement strongly criticized i former French ministers Partick lady Georges Mandel and general Charles de Gaulle for unauthorized statements or negotiations with Hie British and urged that London avoid becoming a Quot hot bed of agitation by political dissenter. Communicate with Britain Mandel it asserted had communicated with Britain without the government consent so that the British Promise Given shortly before the collapse of i Roach armies to tale a sympathetic attitude toward and peace action by Irani a abandoned by British prime minister Winston i Hur Chili. Tile armistice negotiations with ital Are Procew a Ding Lavo Rable it was stated in official sources. Cd facials said a National a Day a it of mourning would be proclaimed As soon a armistice with ital Aud Germany Are effective which May be today or tomorrow. Thereafter it was emphasized the government will put it it effects into restoration of Normal conditions and will establish its Headquarters for a comparative Long Pend a reconstruction. Meanwhile an official declaration read on behalf of the government by Jean prow out. Minister of information. Detailed circumstances leading to armistice negotiations denounced British criticism of the armistice and declared that i Ranee a not Germany ital in Britain would decide French foreign policy in the future. Addressed to i. B. The statement a addressed primarily to tile United state and w As read to Amel lean newspaper men. It urged the British government to respect the painful position of France reminding Britain that France had full informed London of developments Quot today we ask them it britons to receive Only with sex time caution those frenchmen worn our country disavows and wants to forget and not to allow London to become a hotbed of agitation for politicians and dissenters Quot the statement said i in obvious reference to Genet Al Charles de Gaulle former Cabinet j aide who is setting up a French committee in London to carry on 1 the War. The newspapers pubic bed Here also criticized the British attitude and bitterly attacked British i rime minister w is ton Churchill on the i ground that he had no right to j Quot meddle Quot in French affairs a. Papers supported Petain. Nazis smash on i Berlin june 24. Or German armies smashed a path How a the French Atlantic coast Bordeaux today and sliced through the Rhone Valle to strike the French Al pure fortification in tile rear and join hands with advancing italian soldiers at the same time. And Aura. Erica Raeder. Commander of the German Navy inspected naval units along the dutch. Belgian and French i coasts and according to tile official news Agency Quot convinced himself of their preparedness against big j i _ much Mort than half it France is now in German hands. The High command said today tha a German Arni smashing Down along the French Atlantic Coart had reached the Gironde a at Mir on in 55 Miles North i French government says its determined to make own policies Man charged with slaying of j. T. Wyatt Here j a red know Les went on trial today in Calhoun county circuit court on charges of first degree murder in connection w us the fatal shooting of j. T. Wyatt at tiie latter Home at 820 Noble Street last March. A general plea of not guilty was entered by the defendant. After the jury was selected testimony was begun by the prosecution which us being conducted by solicitor a j. Cockrell and i Deputy h h Evan Walter j. Merrill of Merrill and Merrill is conducting the defense Wyatt was wounded on the night of March 21 and died nearly two Days later at gamer Hospital. Sheriff w. L. Borders handled the investigation that led to the arrest of Knowles Knowles left this Section after the Date of the shooting and joined the army at fort Sam Houlton Texas sheriff Border Learned of this and communicated with military authorities who turned Knowles Over to the sheriff Early last month Knowles has been in the county jail without Bond since that time. Rome june 24. Up a France and Italy today signed an armistice ending the conflict which the italian government entered Only two week ago. The fighting in France is scheduled to end six hours after italian notification of the armistice signing is received by the German government. The official announcement Aid that hostilities would cease at 1 85 a. In. Italian time 6 35 p. M. E. D. To markets at a glance by Intili press stocks higher Iii quiet Lade. Bonds irregulars higher u 6 governments mixed. Curb stocks irregularly higher. Chicago stocks irregularly higher Call Money i per cent foreign Exchange lower Iii Dollar terms. Cotton futures steady. Grains in Chicago wheat closed 1-8 cent higher to 14 lower Corn off 1-4 to i 1-8 cents rubber future off a mud. As 1-2 cent a Pound. Silver unchanged in new York at 34 3-4 cents a line ounce. Hotbed of isms Chicago. June 24 of representative Martin e Dies. Democrat. Texas announced today that hts agents had found the mid West a Quot hotbed of fifth column activity and that he had issued subpoenas for 40 or 50 members of a three German and two italian by Joe Alex Morris i United press foreign news editor France hurried armistice negotiation with Italy today in Hope of sliding fighting within 24 hours and Germany reported the Natl armed forces ready to Quot go against the French negotiations with Dai whose armies were smashing into the Alpine Frontier of France Weir described at Bordeaux As progressing favourably with an agreement expected today or tomorrow. Fighting will cease six hours after signing of an armistice. But tile French government of Premier marshal Henri Petain still was Sinai Ling under criticism of British prime Minuter Winston Churchill and under threat of French lories a particularly in Airn a. The near East and Indochina to fight on. As a result the Bol beaux government issued a Long statement addressed chiefly to America asserting by name War Effort had been insufficient Quot but that France by patience and work Quot in and must lie e again Quot will dictate own policy the official statement asserted that France not Germany or Italy or Britain would decide French foreign policy in the future a Thorn ii it did not explain How this could be done if a reported the armistice terms Calls Tor German and italian occupation of All of the t Rast of trance Foi the duration of the War against great Britain. The b u h War Effort up to the time of the German invasion of the Low countries described in detail in the statement which said the London government continued to Rah with Quot comp omit # and tradition and that the preparations were a clearly insufficient although vast Aid had beet promised franc. The statement also called upon briton to receive Quot with extreme caution such French Leader a general Charles de Gaulle who is please turn to Page 2, column la today a War moves by j. Vav. T. Mason i United press War expert Germany armistice terms As announced in London Are moderate from a null tar standpoint Anes give some ground for suggesting to frenchmen that marshal Petain Quick capitulation May be rewarded by an indulgent German attitude if Hitler controls the i Mal peace conference. The naval clause of the armistice agree it is without any wartime precedent and shows Hitler has received advice from his experts that Germany cannot Hope to Challenge Britain s control of the sews by any Fleet action. Internment of the major units of the French Fleet not under British control Means Germany cannot get these vessels Back into German Waters past the British blockade. It indicates too that Germany has no Reserve of naval officers and men to operate the warships from French ports. Modern Battle fleets require. A "1, j highly trained Crews intimate fax Inch Independence formed in Miliar through practice Maneu vers Lulldon t0 Dir it 01> tile War eau ii if in Max Eafano to Hanif Tuv flirt Isiaih with operating technique. German is incapable of meeting this demand and the Opportunity of combining Germany s own Navy pc till the italian Fleet and captured French warships therefore must abandoned the Grant to Fiance of the right to use part of the French Fleet to utilize til it pay of the armistice terms to put the main government on the defensive by charging that French warship should not be used to fight frenchmen. There is another opening or a moral attack by de a ii in Iii that pail of theft mixture agreement wbk compels a a a. If Petain ministry to return to a safeguard Quot French colonial inter a a Ler Tho a German refugees who est almost implies that see a Oulu in Bailee on France As an ally of Germany Pya Oce a invitation a a safeguarding French colonial in j a government no not Tymu could men that a Man it i vol o Iron expect. of French am but _ h put a rent attn Cia tilt Petal Monca by to by to com Tram Panati a. Annotate Pel recalcitrant a it of f a a Llama la you Dort m3 Empire to accept the Caiman term. Quorum aaa Ava amt of surrender. Whether Bench naval office. It would Cement How eve is henchmen m doubtful. The do Gaulle committee of turn to Page a. Column d ;