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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Anniston, Alabama Local forecast tartly Cloudy and continued harm and humid tonight and sat urday with a few widely scattered afternoon showers. Low tonight 70 High tomorrow 90 to 94 degrees. A be Anniston Complete a. P. And u. P. Leased wires. Member Abc and near net paid circulation 15,874 vol. 68 no. 244 Anniston Alabama Friday june 23, 1950 news Day and night from 6 a in. Until lip m. Arc i United press and Tsao dieted pres bulletins Are flashed Over radio station Vohma. The Star final edition is presented five Days per week at 4 p. In saturdays it i on the air at 8 p. In new tax plan is under fire of cop head Martin Taft think hike on corporation Levy would hurl Husi non Washington june 23. a the democrats new Bill to Cut taxes Here and hike them there Drew Republican fire today. House Republican Leader Joseph w. Martin ., called it a phony kind of a tax reduction the measure scheduled for House debate next week would Cut excise taxes by $1,010,000,000. It would offset this Revenue loss by various Means including a boost in some corporation levies Martin called his cop policy rom Mitt it in meeting late today to decide the Republican line toward the measure the Odds appear to favor House passing of the Bill. Quot no time for increase Quot but Martin does no to like the corporation tax provision. He said Quot this is a poor time to increase anyone a taxes Quot he said taxes should be Cut to Quot give business a shot in the senator Robert a Taft r0.1, voiced misgivings. He said the corporation tax boost might discourage investment and thus Hurt employment. Rut he added. Quot i Haven t made up my mind Quot about whether to oppose the Bill when it i reaches the other congressional developments arms aids senator Tom con Nally Date said the danger of soviet aggression gives Congress no Choice but to vote an additional $1,222,500,000 for arming free nations. The foreign relations chairman opened Senate debate on 1 the measure. Al ropes a British ambassador sir Oliver Franks told Congress his country will not Pool her economic resources with Western Europe at the expense of other British Commonwealth nations. Franks insisted that Britain is doing its utmost to promote european economic Unity. Gambling thief postal inspector Clifton c. Garner said a bookmaking concern in St. Louis Rich co is doing a $500,-000-a-Day business on horse races and baseball games. Garner testified before hic Senate crime investigating committee. The committee recently seized the company a books but Garner said the firm is still doing business. Veto president Truman vetoed a Bill to give world War ii veterans who entered the postal Field service after the War full credit for their military service for a Alary and promotion purposes the veterans would have received pay boosts of $100 for each year of military service. Aged farm it Duple Linum my ii mind Selm a june 23-4$ a two masked Bandit bound and robbed an elderly farm couple in their Home in the Kim Brough Community South of Here last night. The robbers departed with $80 after leaving or. And mrs. Ben Wright in a bedroom with their bands and feet tied and to their Mouths taped. They freed themselves 45 minutes later to report the robbery. Wright and Ilia wife Here fishing in a Small Pond at their Home when the robbers drove up in a car about 7 15 p. In. Tile two robbers threatened to Kidnap them but left after an hour spent in ransacking the House. They got $80 from Wright Billfold. A gunfighter brings Down House firemen inspect the Balcony of a Redwood City calif., theater after a movie titled Quot the gunfighter Quot literally brought the House Down. At least 15 persons were injured when a Large part of the plaster on the Selling collapsed. Authorities said that More people would have been injured except thai the Accident occurred just before the last show of the evening was telephoto As Navy Jet Burns two missing 9 rescued Iii b-29 crash state Marine is killed in Smalli up Bedford va., june 23. Aha three men died in the crash of a Navy experimental attack plane which hurtled to the ground like a flaming bait of fire near Here last night. The aircraft an a i with two conventional engines and a Jet to give it an extra burst of Speed was on its first transcontinental flight a from Edwards air Force base. Cali to a Tuxen my. It fell in a Thicket of Brush and Small Trees eight Miles South of Here at 8 30 p. In. A department of defense spokesman at first said a naval officer end three civilians were aboard the plane and gave their identities. But later the Navy said it had been advised by North american aviation corporation which built the ship that n. J. Pearson of los Angeles had been replaced before the Takeoff. The fibres named were it. Loi leaders Back Mccarthy Iii cd diaries National chairman opens vote seeking meet till it Roval of senator two nations facing rests Over merger British French governments May fall Over Soh Maii proposal by the associated press the British and French governments in the next three Days Are facing life or death parliamentary tests even As a six nation conference works in Paris on the Schu Man plan to Pool Basic industries. The British government is Basing its win or resign House of commons test next week squarely on its decision to remain aloof from the present Schuman plan talks until it learns More about How the proposed steel Coal Pool works. The French government whose foreign minister Robert Schuman authored the plan and gave his name to it. Is facing a Home front fight for its own life tomorrow. May affect merger the French crisis concerns Domestic financing but May indirectly affect the Progress of the International Schuman plan if the government of Premier Georges Bidault is Defeated. Bidault asked approval of a Law prohibiting new government expenditures unless they Are covered by income at Odds with Bidault a pay As you go policy the Assembly approved a socialist party proposal which would give government employees pay a tors equating about $35,000,000 in the 1951 budget Bidault said he could not endorse payments that would come due when he might not be in office. He asked for a vote of Confidence. Elsewhere in the world soviet Union a the government newspaper Izvestia struck out against the Schuman plan. It said it was Quot doomed to failure Quot my Quot will suffer the same Fate As the notorious Marshall the newspaper ridiculed Britain for trying to Quot sit Between two chairs Quot on the Pool plan. Far East top american defense chiefs who have been conferring in Tokyo with general Macarthur on Overall military policy in the far East Start Back for Washington tonight. The advice defense Secretary Johnson and general Omar Bradley received was to provide american arms a id to nationalist chinese on Formosa and to retain All present bases in Asia. 5c a copy�?30c a week by Carrier Atlantic City s. 23 Haj a Republican j., june National i Alabama boy w Iii try of of. S. Marble till Asbury Park a j., june 23 aah Robert ret half 14-year-old Sharpshooter from Montgomery a today won the National boys marbles championship Retzlaff who won the Southern regional title gym it Rucks a Ltd. Whipped Freddie Cunningham of Huntington to a. In the final. He qualified lot today finals without having to take part in the preliminary play Here since monday. Chairman Guy Gabrielson launched the party s 1950 vote getting Campaign today with the assertion that american Quot wholeheartedly agree with the objective a of senator Joseph Mccarthy of Wisconsin. Gabriel on opened a two Day meeting of Republican leaders from Maine to Florida the gathering a Moit of it behind closed doors a is the first of three Quot shirtsleeves Quot organizational meeting aimed at getting out the Republican vote this fall Public Quot approves Aims Quot Mccarthy who has charged the state department is communist infiltrated has Quot received great support in the country Gabrielson told newsmen before the meeting convened. Quot from my Survey Quot he said Quot the trend of opinion is that the people wholeheartedly agree with the objectives Mccarthy is after and he has cast doubt on wether the government has come clean with trying to rid itself of it was the first time Gabriel on bad voiced his opinion on the nation s reaction to Mccarthy s charges. Victory is predicted Quot i done to think the Gap chairman added Quot that the average person it close enough i to know or care at out the methods employed by Mccarthy certainly his object Ives have received great support in the country the republicans should win a minimum of 30 new scats in hit House Gabrielson said. Cmdr Willard a Sampson Evanston iu., Pilot Holliday Lee Turner. An employee of the Navy Bureau of aeronautics Home address not Given and James a. Moore. Or of los Angeles the co Pilot. Marvin six in named by Host w Oxford Iii picks officers at joint meeting i Ivic $ i p he be up Hoot sine airmen in Ocean i am june 23. Rescue boat radioed today it was picking up nine survivors of the crash of a u. 8. Air Force b-29 in the Pacific the message said tyo crewmen were missing. The Rescue team said it found eight of the men aboard two life boats floating 140 mile Southeast of Guam another survivor the message said was taken from the water. The life rafts were located earlier today by search planes. Earlier reports had held out Hope that All la crewmen from the missing super fortress were Safe. The b-29 attached to the 28th bombardment Squadron ditched at 2 30 a in. Today Atter sending distress signals. It had been in the air 18 hours on a round trip practice bombing run to Okinawa 1,425 Miles Northwest of Guam and apparently overshot this Island in the return journey. It. Gen. John r. Hodge. To take Over third army general Hodge new chieftain of third army in hell sneered Gen. Galleni aug. 31 i daughter resident of City service quizzed again As Fri testimony held proof he told secrets late news flashes Ford workers end illegal strike in Ohio Canton june 23. Or a members of United automobile workers Ltd to began streaming Back into the Ford motor co. Forge Plant shortly after noon Here today their four Day strike apparently ended. Caw International officers told the workers their strike was illegal and advised them to go Back to work. Samuel eels soap manufacturer Dies Philadelphia june 23. s. Eels 90, proofed soap manufacturer and philanthropist died in Temple University Hospital today after a Short illness. Fels had Bren admitted to the Hospital with a liver ailment 15 Days ago. Because of his advanced age doctors refrained from operating. Russian Samed head of alien smuggling ring washing i on june 23. a a russian identified Only As Quot Simonovich Quot has been named As the Quot Kingpin Quot of a lucrative alien smuggling Racket Between Cuba and Miami heretofore secret Senate testimony disclosed today. Ii hum inn my i hot killed in v. Carolina Cherry Point n. C. June 23 dbl the bodies of a Marine Pilot see three Page 7, col. 5 Marvin b. Smyly of Oxford last night was elected commander of the Oxford rom Iii american legion at a joint meeting of the Post and ladies auxiliary at the City Hall. Other officers elected were John . Lott first vice commander James Roberts second vice commander William Burrows chaplain e y. Wright sergeant of arms or p. A. Mitchell service officer. Howard Bentley ., Harold West Dock Billingsley or. Albert Hubbard and or. To b. Bowle went elected to serve on the posts executive committee. Following election of officers installation of officers for the coming year for the ladies auxiliary took place the following were installed mrs. J. L. Rice president mrs. P. A. Mitchell first vice president mrs. F. P. Van Landingham second vice president mrs. W. It Bennett recording Secretary. Mrs. William Lee. Treasurer mrs. F cd Snarr. Chaplain mrs. Viola Bentley Corres undoing Secretary mrs. William Bour i of c a historian and mrs Ralph m. Bright sergeant of arms. It. Gen. John r. Hodge a frequent visitor to Anniston will succeed it. Gen. Alvan c. Gillem As commanding general of the third army on August 31 when Gen. Gillem retires. General Hodge 57, is now com Mander of the fifth corps at fort Bragg n. C. He is a Veteran of both world wars. He is the father of mrs. Cody Hall of 1221 Forest Lane Here. Headed korean occupation in world War la he was assistant division commander of the 25th division in the final defeat of the japanese on Guadalcanal. He led the first american troops into Korea after the japanese surrender and remained there As commander of the u. S. Forces until 1948. General Hodge is a native of Golconda 111. Lie hold the legion of Merit award for the Guadalcanal operation the distinguished service medal for the new Georgia Campaign and the purple heart with Oak Leaf clusters for operations at Bougainville. Leyte and Okinawa. He also received the air medal Ile likes Mcclellan general Hodge took part in several training Camps at fort Mcclellan Between wars. On a pc Vious visit Here the general said the fort which will be under i jurisdiction As third army commander is one of the finest training Sites for infantry troops in the military establishment. General Hodge was stationed in Birmingham with seventh corps Headquarters when world War la opened. He was sent immediately to the Pacific and entered the far Eastern Campaign at Guadalcanal. From there in participated in the Pacific campaigns and was on Okinawa when the War ended. He is second Only to general Macarthur in total length of Over seas duty in the last War. General Gillem is retiring from the third army command because of age. Five la extern fines halt trains in strike threat he ago june 23. a five Western railroads began stopping trains today in the face of an Al switchman s strike scheduled to hit them within 48 hours. Meanwhile the order of railway conductors called a strike of All Pullman conductors for july to to enforce demands to reduce the total hours worked each month by the 2,200 Pullman workers. House committee cites Stetson for contempt Washington june 23. Up a the House in american activities committee voted today to cite Steve Nelson for contempt for refusing to answer questions about russian atomic espionage. Joe Mccarthy retires As red sox manager St. Louis june 23. Or a Tom Dowd travelling Secretary of the Boston red sox said today that manager Joe Mccarthy had retired. Three to strikers held Iii Tennessee Plant fight Mccarthy charges Diplomat gave u. S. Papers to amerasian editor Fri data will be opened to Public senator says it will show a known military secrets exchanged by pair Washington june 23.�? up a Senate investigators decided to question career Diplomat John 8. Service publicly today about Fri testimony purportedly showing that he passed secret military data to a defendant in the 1945 Amer Asia Case. The Senate foreign relations subcommittee looking into the Case reversed an earlier arrangement to quiz service a state department far Eastern official behind closed doors. The switch in plans it was Learned was the result of a statement by senator Mccarthy a wig giving his version of secret testimony which the inquiry committee received last month from fac agents. Service called Back service was called Back to the witness stand today after testifying under oath last night that he never knowingly gave secret military information to Philip Jaffe who was editor of the now defunct amerasian Magazine. Service made that assertion after stating that he was unwittingly and innocently involved in the amerasian episode which brought discovery by Federal agents of men Arr liar get with murder intent Iii wounding of Hurd Elt lot confidential govern a a a nitty of Nannea in i Kan it Vaal a three workers trooper guarding area Morristown. Ten june 23. a three Cio strikers were accused today of wounding with intent to murder a worker at the american Enka Rayon Plant As state troopers restored Calm in the Long and bloody strike sheriff Robert Medlin said Emory Wells 25, and Fred Jones. 27, both of Rutledge Tennant a. Ministers Here select to it it pie census offices Here a ref Jose it Junior French Jefferson City ten were charged during an i All night questioning of More than too strikers. The mass arrests took place in raids on Headquarters of the Cio textile workers Union the Union commissary and Highway junctions. Victim identifies them Victor Mcdaniel 30, shot five times in yesterdays 25-minute barrage near the Plant Gate identified the Trio As the men who Cut. ,._ him Down from behind As he ran Anniston clergymen sunday will toward the Mill police said Helo Fer from the a pulp to a a Rte to was improving along with two oth Sermon topics at morning and or non strikers less seriously even no services wounded. Several churches throughout Wells and Jones were in jail. La to and county have an French was still at Large bounced Observance of holy the warrants specified that the Coram Union while other churches three were charged with Quot assault i observe regular sunday Wor for s a b b a t ii several churches Iii Gity to observe holy communion sunday with intent to commit murder by services. The census offices at fort Mcclellan have been closed it was announced today by Ralph c. Props supervisor of the 1950 census in this District space in the sheriffs office will be made available to the census officials for the next week when All Loose ends of the work will be completed it was pointed out Anniston has been Headquarters tor the fourth congressional District in the 1950 census which included eight counties under the supervision of or. Pro Pat. A portfolios with data from this District have been mailed to Washington or. Props explained. Quot and we feel that this District has been fully covered Quot p Rinee Srmargaret has picked Man Shell wed friends claim Oft loses Pauls. Cash l it Alai plan �?T7 i who flotilla la Stair la the la rallies Lyrel cilium ii a Tel Fri the High car for to so it Lei ens re Luau the turn temperature Aud the third a or it Uio Hie Tutti rainfall is the fat luring elite a Hilt. Tut top Atlanta a at Titi Muir Ham no i a a i ii i to tit i a a 4p t till is i 4 i allahut App Oulu ii Lafe furl Wurth. Int a a a we i Phi i. I up i Ianu we i i Metto to i it six in pm ii up to u la t a % Ole is to up Nath Lille a a i i sen Orleans. Nee Lor is ship at. Feuu Asim up i urns him up Denver a a a. So 5�?T, in w Athing Tun Sisi us Lim Al. W i atm k in i a Lur the to Zahura engr Al it is p >1 tug itis heat trill or a. Tire is or Green Tun. Cat temperature ii degree Manila us total rainfall Ainee january i. Ts.11 turtles tuts no mat rainfall to Date blur e faunal v i ret in he a re or t r in Tangent a Grady a unset id a go Juanaria a my or it in i f a it. I on Don june 23�? up a Prin Cess Margaret has picked the Man she thinks she is going to Malry friends said today lie is the Earl of Dalkeith 2 it immensely Rich and tin heir of the scottish Duke Fri but t Leuch court circles believe Fiat if tile i incests does not change her mind he is Only in and Young even for a Royal marriage a the engagement probably will be announced on or after her 20th birthday aug. 21. The Tail slender Earl who in a a a a a a inherited the was Margaret Rose red hair of his fighting family always has it a somewhere close to the Princess. Thee Weir childhood it lends dancing partner in youth and in a tile last few years always have been at the same parties. They i have dined together in restaurants gone to the theater together and visited at each other s castles. They Rode in the same Carriage at Ascot two weeks ago and the Earl was one of the House party at Windsor Castle on that occasion Princess Margret who is third in line of succession to tin Brit to throne often has visited the Earl i and his Pat ids Ai then six great i mansion estates although technically Margaret can marry any White protestant regardless of his nationality the Rob i by will be relieved if the ear i of Dalkeith is actually the final Choice. He has blood Breeding and wealth in addition he is scottish in Tiu present raging Campaign for More Home Rule for Scotland with extremists speaking of breaking Many tie1 with England such a Union might be a calming Factor. New Orleans Jum 23 a a a burglar stole patrolman Joseph Bowmans pants badge Cartridge Belt and $13 50 yesterday from his Home at 1922 piety Street. Bowman explained to Apt i Matte of second precinct station today that he returned Florae tired out from guarding other people s property and went to sleep. He was so tired he said. That he did t even turn Over when the burglar opened a kill Lien window and stoic in pants and Cartridge i it ii from a Doorknob i he badge and Money were in the pants pot i t s. Lira ? of i ear sent to Star shooting and wounding Quot Mcdaniel. Medlin intimated that a number of warrants for the arrest of additional strikers had been issued. Ten strikers were still held in jail when the questioning ceased and authorities expressed Confidence they were the gunmen one striker also reported he was wounded in the shootings. No pickets today not one picket appealed outside the Plant Gate for the morning shift change. Top Union officials two of whom also were arrested in the raids were in apparent seclusion about 25 state troopers in to cruisers equipped with machine guns. Riot guns and tear Gas pts Job tuls guarded the Gate while some 50 others patrolled the Highway leading to the textile Mill where Cio workers have been on strike or 12 weeks. State safety commissioner Sara k Neal said i would advise gov. Gordon Browning against recalling guard troops Quot at the present an Sermon topics and Church noun cements were As follows the Cill re ii of St. I Cicai l and All Angels a protestant episcopal a service for june 25 at St. Michael s is the third sunday after Trinity a corporate communion for choir and acolytes wiil he observed at 8 a. In to 30 a. In. Convenience Nursery la a in morning prayer with the Rector. Or Earl Ray Hart preaching on the topic Quot the gods we make Quot Carpenter memorial methodist Church the morning topic to be delivered by the pastor the Rev. Lynn Lathier a lost gospel Quot the evening services at 7 30 p rn., will feature the topic Quot one god Quot first of a series on the ten commandments sunday school will begin at 9 45 a. In it out ii services at 6 30 p in it k n to Al presbyterian Iii of Llu the sacrament of the see Chur lie. Page 8, col. 3 ment papers in the new York office of the Magazine. % senator Mccarthy has Asp service of collaborating in units a a charge who bpm vol flatly denied yesterday. Mccarthy told reporter that Fri agents testimony taken by the Senate inquiry committee at closed sessions last month will show the Fri had a concealed microphone in of fee room in the hotel Statler in Washington when service and Jaffe met there in May of 1945. Data held secret Quot will the Fri testimony show Mccarthy was asked Quot whether service supplied secret military information to Jaffe Quot Mccarthy replied Quot Yea it will. It also will show that service was aware that the military information was Mccarthy had no comment when asked whether he has had a look at theft by testimony he is not a member of the inquiry group and was not present when the Fri agents testified questioning by the committees Republican counsel. Robert Morris brought service denial that he Ever knowingly handed secret military data to Jaffe service said he undoubtedly had discussed the wartime military situation in China with Jaffe but that he actually had no military secrets to impart to tile editor publication urged at that Point Morns turned to senator to it dings i kid the committee chairman and requested that secret testimony in the committee s Possession be made Public immediately. Morris de scribed the testimony As material showing that service had Given Jaffe secret military data. It was to it dings who in refusing to Grant Morns request identified the testimony As that received from of a by agents to dings insisted that he was not going to have Cret testimony on the amerasian cast come out in piecemeal fashion. Florence. June 23 up a Sonn 50 Cabin cruisers and one passenger Steamer with Interior Secretary Oscar Chapman Al Yard churn into this Tennessee Valley City today to begin a tour of a Bania Quot great Lake it Quot it s the annual Quot to Iii cruise from Paducah ky., to Knoxville Tenn the flotilla will Dock at o meal Harbor and members of the cruise will attend a night of festivities including a Mammoth fish Fry and Dane r the cruise will move along to Decatur t Ohio now and to Guntersville sunday Long Tiik in school is heart Al Luck \ it Iii this year first Cotton Bloom ? reached the Star this morning and came from the by Pierce farm near the Oak Grove Baptist Church Judik Elliott and his father e n Elliott operate the farm anti found the big Blossom wednesday morning they said. Montgomery. June 23. At J Farris 56, principal of Montgomery Sidney Linier High High school died today of a heart attack he had been principal at Lanier since 1947, and for 18 years before thai was principal of Baldwin Junior High school in Montgomery abandoned sack of Rotten food saves state i lost in Alaska Anchorage Alaska june 23. Awaiting for me to drop cd or it a an abandoned pack sack containing moldy Bacon Rotten eggs and mildewed bread saved Cpl Vernon a Bynum of Hartford Ala. W Hen he got lost in the alaskan wilderness. Bynum became lost june to the Daw be set out on a hiking trip into the wilds he climbed a Mountain Peak but it Ull could t Rind his Way wednesday night tie staggered into an Alaska Road commission Survey Camp. He it supported himself on a makeshift Crutch. He was weak from ions of blood caused by an accidental Bullet i wound in his foot lie muttered about a Large Brown Bear that had followed him on his trek through the wilderness. Girl is Mother at age of ten it was tin biggest Brown Bear Eva seen in my life Quot he said i title went Oft he a kept my Rifle loaded All the time Down a tree Branch and in sure a was following me for a the 28-year-old Soldier said he found die pack abandoned in the Woods four Days before he got to the Road Camp Quot i Don t know who it belonged to Quot he so id. But it was Ray life Saver Quot there us some very moldy Bacon in it several Rotten eggs and some mildewed bread bul lie said Quot la in t True a Man will eat anything when or s stare ing. I caught a Spruce Lien with a lot of Little Chicks in her nest i let her go for i figured that if i killed the Hen All the dinks would die Quot it was on the 10th Day that he shot himself when he saw plants circling overhead a i got so excited i started jumping around and then the id Quot i rim used it Omaha june 23. P a ten year old girl and her new born Seal were in Quot excellent condition Quot in an Omaha hot i Tai today. The baby who weighed six pounds eight ounces was delivered tuesday without any Aper measures a Hospital spokesman said. Toe Gill White and de of jibe As Quot Small for her age Quot had been in the Hospital for a eral weeks. She had been Given mood transfusions to build up her strength. The spokesman said the Girt s name and address would be withheld the child he said will probably be placed for adoption Quot very soon Quot Slat a Thodi studied Birmingham june 23 Robert Balagan 27, Legal to Bolivia s map try of loll i Istle Ludo my Alabama labor Laws their enforcement and 1 jut in e o Lui Quency ;