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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Anniston, Alabama In Page four the Anniston Sta sunday june 23,1940. Of Cir Simian in amp tar consolidated publi8hino co. Proprietor established in 1882 Public Abed Ever afternoon except saturday and sunday morning at the Corner of Market and eleventh streets entered As w cond mall matter at the Post office in Anniston Alabama. Marry m Ayer. Morace Wright Ralph w Callahan president and publisher. Associate editor Busin aaa manager a rates Par Able in Adeanya daily and sunday one year. One month a three Mon is a six month. City Carrier delivery v a City Carrier delivery month a try Carrier delivery week in the state a. Ism to also 2 75 9.50 _ of 26 mail out of the state �?�7 00 75 i 75 3.50 telephones us and us sunday june 23, in to. Cd in they have i s wrong in his interesting column in the Birmingham age it raid saturday morning John Temple Graves listed the Anniston Star As being among the papers in Alabama that Are in favor of the abolition of the poll tax in this state. We regret to inform or. Graves however that this does not correctly re present the position of this paper the Star is opposed to the existing cumulative poll tax and we believe that it has had the effect of Dis franchising thousands of ult Good citizens. We believe moreover that this is calculated to Cut Down he representation of this state in the democratic National convention. But the schools still nod the Money that derives from the poll tax and a hat tax also has the effect of reminding the voter of the fact that the privilege of voting likewise imposes a certain responsibility. An intelligence test to Lane me place of the poll tax. Such As has been adopted in some states is dishonest. To ask the voter for instance to construe parts of the Constitution of the United states As a prerequisite to voting is to ask him to do what even the supreme com has bet n unable to do to the satisfaction of Many Able lawyers. Nevertheless we do not believe that any voter should be compelled to pay Back poll taxes for More than two pc ars and it certainly is to the Public interest to have As Many worthy citizens a possible express their opinions in important elections. For there is no other Way in which we can accurately ascertain the popular will Why sit Here and die the apathy of the average american in the face of the dangers that threaten us from abroad these Days is one of the most arresting signs of the times. It is a danger far worse than any damage that May be wrought by so called fifth columns. And As we write these words our mind goes Back to the Days of the israelite some 900 years b. C. Benh Ardad. The syrian King was laying siege to Samaria and the people had become so distressed that a ten pounds in Silver was paid for the head of an ass and twelve shillings for a pint of doves indeed the people were even eating one another in their dire hour of hunger. But during the darkest hour of the country a Travail four lepers who were sitting in front of the City Gate said to themselves Quot Why sit Here till we die if we propose to enter the town the famine is in the town and we shall die there if we remain Here we die also. Come along let us go to the Armean army if they let us live we shall live if they kill us we shall Only die a so in the morning the lepers started on their journey and when they reached the Camp of the enemy he had fled and hence they lived. There Are far too Many people sitting idly by the Gates of our own cities today. Hence what we need is More Resolution to do something about the situation that we face a situation that is calculated to bring to us a state of poverty and want similar to that of the Samaritans Back in the Days of Ben Hadad. And if you doubt this ask a pole a czech a norwegian or a person from any other land that has known the blight of Hitler ism. We ask you. Therefore would death not be preferable to such a life would we not be warranted like the Samaritan lepers in risking something on a Chance that we might live but there Are All too few today who want to take a risk or to make a sacrifice in behalf of Freedom. Hence we have the likelihood of conscription something that is needed in this country to Harden our people and make them appreciate the blessings they now enjoy and. Incidentally would it not be a Good thing to read the seventh chapter of second every morning to the Senate and the Kim delegates to the Republican and democratic conventions for while it May be True As Milton said that they also serve who Only stand and wait it is not True that we can sent by Mere sitting Down to die. What a need toys is men of courage and adventurous action. Head this address the Anniston Star is reproducing elsewhere in Iii Issue a notable address that was delivered before the Assembly of rotary International in Havana. Cuba i pm Tams thoughts that should be pondered by very american. Or Warren who delivered the address Long has been prominent in rotary he holds an important place in the business life of his native country and his experiences during these troubled Days of the War have made a great impression on his mind and hear Tam rid May think that the War in f. Mope is none of our business. Buas or. Warren Well says the world will never be the same Grin regal Dies of which parties in the conflict Are victorious. Arid the United states a til he affected along with the rest of the world. Partisanship or patriotism to any person who has kept informed with respect to recent history in Europe nothing could be More disheartening than the current behaviour of some of our senators at Washington and some representatives of the Republican party As they gather to write the platform that is to be adopted at Philadelphia. It seems that there is danger of allowing Adolph Hitler to dictate the policies of this country in the same Way that he dictated to great Britain abetted by Mussolini the while when the conservative party Over there with Chamberlain As its spokesman was in undisputed Power. It will be recalled that Hitler forced Anthony Eden out of the British Cabinet and intimidated Chamberlain to such an extent that Winston Churchill the one Strong Man of England s political life in this emergency was kept out of the inner Cabinet that was i shaping the destinies of the Empire. And i now in this country we find timid souls who j fear that Herr Hitler will be displeased and the big bad Wolf will come and get us As a result of the appointment of Frank Knox and Henry Stimson to the Cabinet of presi Dent Roosevelt. Colonel Knox has proved his ability As an executive in the Way he has conducted one of the worlds greatest newspapers. The Chicago Daly news also has one of the greatest staffs of foreign correspondents in the world. Trained men and women on the scene in every trouble spot of Europe who keep their publisher and their readers intimately informed As to current trends and develop ments throughout the world. Neither is there a better informed Man in the United states with the exception of Roosevelt and Hull than Henry l. Stimson whose experience in both the War and state portfolios makes him ideally equipped for tie position he has assumed As a patriotic duty to his country in one of its darkest hours in history. It is worthy of mention too that it a the British appeasers who nullified Stimson s invocation of the Kellogg pact and other treaties against Japan in 1931�?an act on his part which if supported by Britain might have averted the tragedy that sino has befallen the world by reason of dictatorial aggressions in both Asia and Europe. And who is it that is leading the fight on i the Knox Stimson appointments and the and i ministration policies of which they Are a part first we have senator Gerald p. By one of those a wild jackasses from the West a so called by a member of his own party who has been going up and Down the country for several years preaching pacifism and who is probably More responsible than any other one Man for our present state of unpreparedness. Next we have Bennett c. Clark who has suffered from an incurable grudge because his father was not president of the United states during the last world War instead of Woodrow Wilson. Then comes David i. Walsh. Senator from Massachusetts a Mere machine politician who is of about the same calibre in the democratic party As John d. M. Hamilton is in the Republican party whose mind never rises above the level of Federal patronage. It was just such a band of Little ignorant and selfish men As these backed by the Brilliant but misanthropic Henry Cabot Lodge that kept the United states out of the league of nations some Twenty years ago and thus Laid the foundation for the system of Power politics in the world that has eventuated in the Universal calamity that we have today. However or. Stimson and or. Knox who Are about to be read out of the Republican party because of their patriotism can now look Back Over those Twenty years and find Consolation in the fact that they had Kindred souls in such men As Charles Evans Hughes William Howard Taft. Elihu Root Henry w. I aft. George w and others who also placed principle above party in their Day of testing. To a discussion in a Little Hook called a the Covenanter Back in those Days or. Henry Taft quoted an eminent English authority sir Frederick Pollock As saying that a the real question is whether the Security for the common peace to be gained by a common Power is Worth its and that is the Only Issue before the american people today we have got either to Pool our material strength with that of England in a last Des Pei ate Effort to save Anglo Saxon civilization or else probably fight Hitler on american soil unless we Are willing Supi Nely to Surrency and prove unworthy of the sacrifices of our forefathers who gave their lives to the end that might enjoy the blessings of fiefdom and democracy in so far As this paper is concerned politics has been adjourned for the period of the War we believe that Franklin d. Roosevelt is the Man Best equipped by experience to Lead us in one existing emergency and that no other an scan is so highly respected abroad. If or. Roosevelt should not choose to run however we should feel Safe with either Hull Home or Willkie. But in the face of National danger we Pray to be spared the curse of such demagogues As recently have been spouting off at Philadelphia and in the Congress of the United states. All Gaul is divided into three parts my j Washington 3#round pestered recruiting Effort shows up Neth Simpson demonstrates to me physical deficiency of a Depres 1 have always believed about Aiono youth violent attacks on Dewey Willkie feature scramble for a. Of i delegates crop control May be doomed when War Short age boosts i. S. Food prices Lindbergh for president on a a peace ticket suggested let it isolationists. By Pearson we i i i \ washing i on june 22. The army Campaign for new recruit is showing up All too vividly How the years of depression have jell their Mark on american youth. Greatest difficulty in securing recruits is not the reluctance of Young men to enlist but their inability to pass physical examinations in peacetime the armed services get most of their recruits from lower bracket families. Because of economic conditions it is now the lower bracket families with the most children which Lack sufficient nourishment fresh air and exercise. This has been a particularly serious drawback to recruiting in the larger cities during one recent drive to bring the Marine corps up to full strength recruiting officers left the cities and combed the smaller towns in farming communities there they found a much huskies Type of recruit but Many were rejected because of poor Teeth in the cities the biggest drawbacks Are bad eyesight anti underweight. Him and that is that he us a Rule or run Man. With the exception of a few unimportant congressmen i know of no one in Washington who has any liking for him. In fact i think i am Correct in saying that the vast majority of our party leaders Are opposed to him. A i cannot understand How anyone considers Dewey to be a great i vote getter., the Only delegates Dewey has secured in a contested primary Art those from Wisconsin i anti Nebraska these Are two cockeyed states it was to be expected hut Dewey would win in them because he went in and made a a bandwagon Campaign. It was absurd for Vandenberg to enter his name and then sit bark and take a holier than thou attitude and not make any direct Appeal to the voters. A if we Are stampeded by a lot of Ballyhoo and should nominate Dewey i think we will be playing into the hands of the new Deal Quot note opponents of Wendell Vav ill. Kir Are circulating photostat of the 1937 who a who showing that he labelled himself a Democrat also two contracting Stock Market reports showing How Commonwealth and Southern shares Toboggan a under him rom $30 to 75 rents a Lee. French downfall and f. D. R. So they say in prove i to get to in by Brue Catton Wash in von. June 22 in a it strictly from a so cold blooded political Itan the downfall of France n to be the but news the re put have had All year it May completely Chang circumstances and Atmos Phe the presidential race. Repute who to Days ago were private Mil Ting f. D r. Was i his third term Are beg in Nill suspect the tide is going to the other Way from now on i the it figure it Uke this the country a sold or. A he in the allies program which was f or baby from the Start. The worse j the War got the better his polm i Cai prospects looked. But suppose i the War ends suppose it ceases to be a Case of help the allies and become one of facing Hitler All alone on a put up or shut up basis. Then it can be argued that for went too far and got the country out on a limb and the natural letdown of emotion is Likely to take an awful bite out of his popularity in any Case the Campaign now seems due to be much hotter and livelier than it a doped to be a week or so ago you done to need to read far Between the Lints of the newest naval authorization Bill to discover that the u. S. Navy has devised an entirely new Type of Cruiser the new Ymson Bill Calls for 12 cruisers totalling 198.000 tons do a Little division. And you la find that works out to 16.500 Tom per cruder More than half again a Large As any cruisers now in the american Navy. Putting those extra tons on a a Cruiser Means View m Range i am yen can give it every thing Speed Cruls a Ting Power and Armor. Incidentally there May be an at tempt to expand this Bill in . The hous air min ii the thief would arc face of the it comes to the floor of i an important group of j d naval officers feels that aircraft carriers the Bill i vide won t scratch the sur j Navy s needs. In private. Lese men a talking about a iou Fleet of carriers 50. With too As a More in is in Fleet that gentlemanly Tilting Between j the rival g o. P ramps is Only fur Public consumption. Fur the nomination scramble is no a Lair away from the Public the j boys Are being to is and wading in to each other with gusto. By mall by leaflet a dipped under j hotel doors and by buttonhole talks delegates Are a Ting earful and eyeful about the candidate Ore of the most scorching of these attacks is aimed a the hand some Young head of Tom Dewey it is a letter sent by it Lonel Henry a Wise Veteran Virginia National a committeeman to Southern leaders lean people on War or peace . Out concurrence of Cornin it a Glen Frank a o p program com a a a a of t Mittet chairman. 2,7&Quot 1,11 i ant and domineering a i he has t got in hat i i would rather resist and die president Wise also than live under be rain types of Dewey primary Victor . Franklin d Roose and claim the a the Volt. J of Republican Leader a distrust him follow 1 of Wise s haymakers think he has the Quail i Don t think any president should commit the destiny of the Anter in and take Pooh As erns to be Poohs us phonies. A of Ritvo a Lia like Are a air in r i lusts to. Anything afloat. Of course staggering sum Maut admirals that three new Carne great plenty. Could carry 10.000 according to the it could Blitzkrieg or on the seacoast. I it would Cost a i s i in a i do not a j Al cations for the of in he has had a certain in Cen Ain Suer the Lac that mount of sue Quot liar criminal will be How can individuals live in peace or even in tolerance of each other without the foundation of Strath talking Square shooting and clean living one with anon her a Gover i 0 nor Saltonstall of Massachusetts. J prosecutions does not constitute adequate equipment for the High office of president of the United the time a come to find out states. I lived in new York ame office held by equally of course. A a. ,. Are Likely to feel whether Harry Bridges or Congress and held the runs this Hamilton fish new York. Dewey alien i was just As Young As he. And i know How the newspapers build up and exaggerate the prosecutor in such cases moreover i lived in new York and know Dewey acquaintances and Assoria is and i know his limitations he u vein. De pre Rue denial.1 from London we should not permit our time and be a ministration her is deeply energies to be consumed in useless concerned and not a Lune prs sinus t worrying and discussion about for or or a a Nance hat England eign developments. If you can do May presently make peace with hit 1 ice. A one Politico Sira Regist puts it a look at the map of Europe All Means do it a James t Buckley has political Backer German from the tip of Spain to radio manufacturer. A a a a the top of Norway. What can eng a we f ii Vul Voas us i Quot anything to make the position of the a intolerant and domineering. United states safer and stronger by the fact that he has permed to pure Ken Henry wallaces program of crop curtailment and soil conservation i about to face its toughest year reason is the certain food shortage in Europe and the demand that american Farmers use their surpluses to feed War torn Europe there a two causes for the food shortage. One is the fact that Many countries have been too Busy fighting to Plant sufficient crops and their Fields have been fought Over. Second reason to la k of sufficient merchant shipping. Four countries a Norway Holland Denmark and Belgium have a total of id ooh non Gross tons of merchant vessel which Are immobilized so far a supplying Hie Home Pons is concerned. Either they Are bottled up at Home or they Art in foreign ports unable to reach Home other than the British these Art the greatest merchant fleets in the world. Europe normally depends up ii their movement in order to eat. Vessels which a year ago were carrying u a fodder to Denmark. To feed danish cattle today Are diverted to other Trade or Riding at Anchor meantime the cattle Art and eating up the existing supplies of few fodder when these Are gone the cattle will have to be killed and the killing will be done Bjo the German who will consume the cattle this is lust one simplified illustration. No such constriction was known in the Early Days of the so prod War because the United states still Neutral insisted on maintaining us shipping to the Neutral countries of Europe. But now its Dii Piru is barred by the neutrality act from belligerent Porta and combat zone. Ail of tins is sure to bring heavy demands on the u s. Farmer Aho on Congress to appropriate Relief Mone to help Europe starving populations. And this in turn is t pleas turn to Page i land do but surrender one of the thing which is causing administration Leader to hedge on their adjourn before the conventions stand is the fact that certain senators opposed to a adjournment have threatened to filibuster the new tax Bill to death unless he in acc. Hip agrees to extend the Quot Ion indefinitely. They feel deeply enough about it to can y out the threat and with Only a few Days to go the trick would be easy. It is not generally realized ,. That the air plane Industry at present is not operating at full h Jouett president. Aeronautical chamber of Commerce. Letters to the editor religion Day by Day b. William i Ellis jobs for june graduates by a. Ii Edgerton in Irh ail employment director of vocational guidance of t that it for University of Wisconsin cants Are becoming increasingly def As a result of a nationwide of in be practically a1 help wanted citation Al trend study of More orders specify particular education than 144,000 positions actually fill a1 preparation and special qualified by school and College graduates i cation needed. It is predicted that the Best jobs i with occasional exceptions pm of tomorrow will go to the adjusted and versatile it nays ii wan fired to the Anni ton Star. I have been employed by the state of Alabama As Park caretaker i am sure that you Are interested in this Park and i via to Call your la j. V. Attention that the it mod. Aimi Milady no Gumm p. J Fitzge lid. H it be n of a Sun j t m 7 -7 he of coloured to Leep in the meditations. I rather poked fun at fable of a rim it and m b is Milady for her habit of mis laying where their p i reported this fact to or. W g Lunsford in Montgomery who i chief Over the state Parkland for having done so have been dismissed from the service. I feel that this kind of Busine s should be Stopp d and kindly ask you to publish this letter at once i am. Yours r Spe-1 fully c m. Dooley her glasses. One Reader an elderly woman who had outgrown her glasses with a Gold Chain sent them to Milady whose eyes they wonderfully fitted and she has worn them of ices Ever since. Every few Days she heaps apply blessings on the head of the donor 8ome Folk Are richly endowed with the Christian Grace of sharing. Tile Sublime truth Quot god so loved that he gave a has lodged in their innermost heart whether it is re a a. Numbering a neighbor with a Sam Che aha Sta it Park Newell j pm oyers ate prone to seek i divid pm of the Day s successful baking or Munford Ala. Was also Uain a who ase capable of keeping passing on an inspiring thought to ecu t in a ii imn Ahpo re of run Scrino Rannin. _ i,.a a in Baum on an inspiring Usu uni co found that the individual most in a jump ahead of changing require a Friend they Are sharers of life i Marh it Ana h in Annn Moi la i r demand k one who can get along successfully with other persons con 1 tool his emotions likes and dislikes. Mere skill and knowledge no longer suffice employers insist that a social facility is now an indispensable Factor in occupational Success j such Short coming As poor Elf control dishonesty and Lack of de and which Promise even greater pen ability must be conquered if opportunities in the future can be in a nth after the divine pattern. Chances for employment prom and their own lives Are enlarged h utter or a an a hey i for there is a Paradox in heavenly Lone been since 1930 for mathematics to the effect that in men and women but the Day of crease comes not by addition but by the narrow specialist is passing in f division Many occupations i _ some of the occupations in great Oiver of thyself and of ail night of so called air plane Pilot an not put it unities Chi ? today life we Pray that thy sharing spirit mechanical schools. A i or at brr am cd France would be willing to cede their Colonie to the United states in sex i change for Wai equipment and supplies. And As Long As we adhere to the original policy of Selling to All a he belligerents alike this would no be violating our neutrality the United states could then fortify i these colonies As part of their de lense program. We could then negotiate a treaty with Germany and Italy binding them to respect the Monroe doctrine As Hie Price of our neutrality in this War loth Hitler and Mussolini have indicated a willingness to sign an agreement of this kind and Germany would doubt lest be willing to cede us dutch Guiana on the. Ame terms As the allies. This would remove the territorial menace from a or Western hemisphere. C aution Urf Redit c it uld the in 1 a it Euronie Tor _. N urged the europeans a Grant the Philip to the Anniston Star pin islands full Independence and you will Render a distinct service leave a Asia for the asiatics a a and if you will Call to the attention of work out our own destiny in our our people that the unsettled world i own Way. Conditions and the huge National i such a policy would necessitate defense program have created an other Racket in establishment Over one is to succeed two words a adequately trained will spell the difference Between employment for thousands of Young men and women this year. This does not mean merely that they must be skilled in technical proc divided into two classifications those in which prospects Are limit d Anc those which offer a wealth of Opportunity. In the limited class Are aviation radio Small farming mining engineering acting metropolitan Jour Ney animate our live. Read act 9 36-43. Amen. Copyright. Esses of occupation but it does mean Nahum Library management Fine that they must posses fundament arts architecture Law Medicine Tai knowledge on which process music social work teaching Etc. Are built and that they must be Able a a cranium crackers stumper in general Here Are questions about several unrelated subjects you will do Well if you answer three of them to adjust and adapt the meshes to changing conditions. Today employers tend to scrutinize the general training and special illness of the most Likely applicants even before arranging employment interviews other things being equal those Well trained through Broad Liberal studies and expanding possibilities Are to but never mind the information is be found in metallurgy account not vital to Success to life. Ing banking. Faun management i. A French Soldier is known As retail Selling skilled trades com it gob b Tommy e Poilu Mercial designing business and 2. If you were going to ride an ministration salesmanship Indus elephant you a use it a howrah Ltd it trial and scientific research City Saddle Ltd it Rabana management and planning die 3. An okapi is it a Plant b Bird Tetlus. Industrial chemistry Etc. Ltd it animal. Many employers Call attention 4. A messenger or crier is a lie bask thinking processes now to promising opportunities in in sometimes called a Beadle to it have ome advantage Over More Ter Prises dealing with creative Beagle c Beetle narrowly trained individuals whose ideas and work in science Art 5. Iraq is a country b town Early specialized preparation has mechanics literature electricity,1 sacrificed general educational Back merchandising. Management i ground. Nance and the like which capitalize with millions of men Aud women on personal growth courage and London a taxicab Drivers Are out of work employers Are More sex character. Invested with the right to refuse acting in demands than Ever be they Are generally Small or to drive More than six Miles or lore. Arney Are seeking workers who medium sized concerns rather than for longer than one hour at a Aie capable of growing pm the Job. Please turn to Page 8time. Our better business committee is cautioning the citizenry Here to carefully Check any institution which May be soliciting their sons or daughters for Entrance. There Are some institutions that Are honest in some readjustments in our foreign Trade relations and perhaps cause the loss of some fore n Trade but thes ids.1 is will be More than compensated by better Trade relations with the Central and South american countries and the use of american capital to develop their resources. This writer like most americans c native Indian Prince. Please turn to comics Page their program and worthwhile but would prefer to see the allies win the majority Are overnight ins Titu because they Are fighting the battens and should be carefully looked ties of the weak and defenceless a into. We suggest extreme eau non. Ions who have fall n under t he Iron c. F Varn i Rod of totalitarian feudalism but Secretary. Chamber of Commerce the peace safety and general we litre of a a a a a a a a to Avo to Quot or esp Dally our own United states to the Anniston Star be our chief consideration in the Northern part of South regardless of Aho win the euro America bordering on the carib Pean War. Bean sea Are three mail colones. If the polio of Quot America for Tho British dutch and French Guiana. Americans Quot is a Goon policy for us these colonies possess no great j the polity old Europe Lor the euro value in times of peace but in peons and a Asia for the Ada tirs Quot times of War they would possess is a Good policy for Europe and As i great strategic value As air base at least it they Are satisfied with for the defense of the Panama Ca i it we ought to be us led Nal if Germany wins this War and the present indications Are tha she will dutch Guiana will fall to Germany by the rules of International Law assuming of course that the code of International Law holds after the War is Over. It is the opinion of this writer America is More nearly self sufficient than either Europe or Asia and of then Are Able to do without our Trade we ought to be Able to get along without theirs. If the want to Trade with us Trade agreements can be arranged. J a Crawshaw. Wedowee a a ;