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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Anniston, Alabama The weather Alabama generally fair tonight and tuesday. Not much Chance in temperature Light to moderate variable winds on coast. Member the associated press United press leased wire report final edition today s Cotton .14 vol. 48.�?no. 239. Issued omit and sunday morning consolidated publishing co Anniston. Ala., monday. June 23. 1950. Bishop Cannon offers Tinkham new Challenge prelate wants Solon to waive immunity on entire House speech guard brother of maniac s victim portions omitted in paraphrase claim part of original charges not even referred to says Churchman Washington june 23, a a Challenge by Bishop James Cannon jr., to representative George Holden Tinkham to waive congressional immunity for his entire House speech of june 17 la the latest development in the controversy Between the two men. I tile methodist Bishop threw Down his Challenge in a Public statement prepared saturday night for publication today. It was in reply to one the Massachusetts wet issued Friday night repeating Over his signature a previous charge made on the House floor. In his Ilou a speech Tinkham said among other things that Cannon had violated the corrupt practices aet. In connection with re vets Bill Hes action of president would increase expenditures $181,000,000 a year Hoover says statement causes stir in the Senate hurried conferences called by leaders in search of Compromise Washington june 23. Senate Republican in conference today were unable to agree on the question of supporting president Hoover in his opposition to the pending world War veterans pension Bill which was expressed in a Viper us statement yesterday. The measure was to be voted upon in the Senate this afternoon under an unanimous consent agree Girnt. Price a Quot Quot a c 5c a copy nip Eberth James a a red Quot Forsythe sought by Chicago authorities in Gangland j storms sweep Georgia farms destroy crops Prince celebrates his 36th birthday believed actual Slayer of reporter Church committee plans meeting to discuss racketeering situation by Paul r. Mallon touted press staff correspondent Washington june 23.�?hur-conferences were called by Nea Philadelphia Bureau i Laders of the various stat groups with the letter writing maniac i today to decide what should be who murdered two men in new done about president hoovers York still at Large police in Phila Stern warning against passage of Delphia were guarding John to the pending world War veterans ports on funds emptied in his 1928 j syn ski. Above a brother of one of pension Bill which is scheduled for i _ i a. To a a. A i w a a a a a Iii. It _ Lindbergh and wife parents of most famous infant Virginia anti Smith Campaign some time ago Bishop Cannon intimated he would press charges against any one making statements about him which his attorney considered libellous. Latest statement the Bishop s latest statement said Quot i have read the a amp Refu Liy word l de statement of 135 words purporting to be a paraphrase of the 3,000-word speech of congressman tink Ham. A a in his speech congressman Tinkham said a the statement of Bishop Cannon that he made no report of such receipts and expenditures As none was required by Law was a falsehood and obviously made with the intent of not accounting for the $48,300 alleged in his telegrams of february 12, 1929, to e. C. Jameson to have been spent in the # state of a again congressman Tinkham it red a whether or not any of the Ino Neys received from e. C. Jameson was used by him on account of any personal indebtedness a a again congressman Tinkham said a he Bishop Cannon will stand convicted in the Eye of All hone men of having appropriated that Money to i own a the above statements and Many other similar statement contained in the speech of june 17, not Only do not appear but Are not referred to in the 135-word purported paraphrase of i speech. A was the greater part of the speech has already appeared in the newspaper As congressional privileged matter and As some papers might not desire to republish it Over his personal signature if congressman Tinkham desires to be held respond sibs for exactly what he said on the floor of the House let him a pc several copies of his entire speech typewritten signing them personally then sending one to me and one to each of several other indicated persons thus effectually disclaiming immunity for his entire speech As actually the unknown killer s victims. It was feared he might be one of the fourteen others whom the elusive murderer in communications to newspapers had with death. The brother Joseph Mozynski was shot and kill d As he sat in a parked car on Long Island. Ini killer picks another in pop Deuth Brooklyn resident warned to return document or meet Fate replied Byrds ments. In new York. June 23. Oho while police were investigating several re ports that "3x�?� the maniac murderer. Had been seen the self styled a Man behind the gun appeared to have selected another victim today i As the mass of clues at hand became More confused than Ever. The third Man a a marked unless he returned an a important document a Meyer Newmark of is East thirteen Street Brooklyn recent d a letter warning him Macing the score to Date two murders and nine letters. Of the latest missive actually to from the same Man who wrote the others he changed his murder plans Over the week end after checking his list of a important International saturday "3x informed i. Instr Rita newspapers in a a a final note Taal a vote before 5 p. In the warning issued from the White House last night caught More than a two thirds majority of the Senate pledged to pass unchanged the Bill which or Hoover stated would increase the expenditure for veterans by $181,000,000 next year it was particularly disconcerting to the Senate because the president j quoted his Secretary of Treasury to the effect that taxes would have to i be raised again next year if the sex i Pondi Tures Are made. Flan amendments comment was lacking pending a decision of the group leaders As to whether they intend to pass the Bill Over the presidents warning or seek some Compromise. It is under a stood chairman Reed of the military affairs committee is preparing to offer a series of amendments which would Cut Down the total Cost of the Bill and bring it within j the president s general requirements. Since or. I Oover vetoed the Spanish War veterans pension Bill two weeks ago congressmen have known he intended to veto the pending Bill. They were arranging to pass it Over his veto by a two thirds majority just As they did the j nicely Spanish veterans measure. As Many members of both House and Senate Are up for reelection in the fall there has been virtually no opposition to the measure. The presidents statement however. May change the complexion of things it was contained in a letter to Republican floor Leader Watson of the Senate who announced he intended to Lay it before that body at the opening of the Days debate the president summed up his ideas As follows a we have stretched government expenditures in the budget beginning july i to the utmost limit of our possible receipts and have even a probable deficit Pirinei Colewood n a june 23. Up a Over the birth of his first grand a the world s Mast famous baby Ehll weighs 7 3-4 Pound a Blue eyes curly hair. A Charles a it was understood today. Is the name selected for the son. What the Middle name of the famed aviators child would be was not revealed. Lindbergh went to new York City to Greet rear Admiral Richard e. Byrd who arrived from Winchester a. Byrd extended congratulations j on the baby s birth and Lindberg j with congratulations on latest exploring achieve-1 i say that a i am the happiest grand Anne Morrow Lindbergh lather in the world Quot he dec Lane i he would make a abatement Tater at gave birth to the child Ai 3.15 p in. Wimch tame to was expected the official weight of the child at birth Lindbergh however apparently retained ins customary calmness and found time in the midst of the excitement to Send a Telegram to the new York office of the United press congratulating col Roberto Fierro mexican aviator on Libs nonstop flight from new York to Mexico City. It said Quot col. Fierros flight from new York to Mexico City demonstrated great personal ability and careful planning. It adds another lit e achievement to the record of mexican aviation. Happy Grandfather Morrow declined to comment on Chicago june 23. Or the combined agencies of Law enforcement hunted a suspect today in die assassination of Alfred j. Lingle Chicago Tribune reporter on trails that led toward the powerful liquor gang of George Quot bugs Moran and Joe Aiello two of the Quot big four Iti Chicago racketeering. Tile suspect hunted Wai James a red Quot Forsythe Henchman of the norths Ric gang leaders and termed a Quot potential murderer Quot by a circuit judge when i was wrested Tan year. Convinced that Forsythe was the actual murderer of the Reid it it a the authorities seemed hesitant Abdat advancing a motive. The Trail tha let to Forsythe a grassed by the Way of Frank Foster tight lipped gangster who deserted the morans to throw his Loran s with the gain eters headed by a Hoar Fate Quot Al Capone the snub nosed pistol which untie was Shat was traced to Foster. Police surmised j that perhaps Foster left the gun i with the morans when he reverted j and the murderer used it and threw i i it Down in tire subway to East Sui i Clon toward the Capone . Two other sought two others Simon Gorman and Frank Noonan who were arrested last year with Forsythe also woe sought. Gorman a trucking con Fields of Corn Cotton and tobacco Laid desolate by wind and Hail i peach Belt spared no casualties known temperatures throughout South reach High Marks Over week end Lith Aio Prim a Vav a London june 23. were rung and a Salute fired at Windsor Castle today in Honor of the Prince of Wales 36th birthday. Coincidentally King George was celebrating the 19th anniversary of his Coronation Observance of which was postponed from yesterday because it was sunday the King and Queen Mary left Windsor Castle by automobile and proceeded to Buckingham Palace to resume reside Nee then. Summer is Here according to both the meteorological Calendar and the thermometer. Unofficially summer started in Earnest Friday when the Mercury climbed to 96 degrees in the Shade hut officially it did t Start until saturday night. Sunday one of the two longest Days in the year and the first Day of the new season saw the thermometer soar to 97 degrees. The heat was oppressive and hundreds took to swimming pools and the open country in an Effort to escape it. Tile Lone heat wave victim in this Section was a c. M. T. C. Youth at fort Mcclellan James k. Richards of Mel Arley miss., who was overcome by the extreme heat lie was taken to the station Hospital but was released this morning. It. Of. Dean local meteorologist saw no Hope of immediate Relief today the forecast being for continued fair weather with the temperature remaining about the same. Extradition for Schroeder the birth to the. Bud other a tails of amps j6ives permission for trans yesterday her 24th birthday in the Morrow Home Here a White House on a Hill where she herself was bom. One Wing of the mansion had been converted into a Hospital where the nurse and two specialists who attended mrs. Lindbergh found every facility available. And its name would be revealed a through the night urn in of this morning messenger boys Wera bearing telegrams of Congo atlant to the Morrow Home. Tile essay amp began arriving soon alter news Ai i the baby a birth became known. Today mrs Lindbergh and the Lindbergh refused to comment. Child were reported to be doing while it a been generally known for some time that mrs. surrounded by secrecy was an expectant Mother the Date Seldom has the birth of a child of the birth could not be predicted been surrounded by such secrecy i bemused of the secrecy with which rumours that Lingle paid Wilt his j life for a partnership in Garland still Are part and parcel of of the investigation tile Tribune editor i rally a the Rumor. Were be-1 ing investigated. Meanwhile a Call went out for a in lug of the political action com Mitt e of the Chicago Federov on of churches representing 2,000,000 churchgoers. Tile committee plans to hold a unique Church hearing Catling to i Fer of Mobile Man to Indianapolis Montgomery ala., june 23 Fuwk governor Bibb Graves today granted Indiana s request for extradition of Harold Herbert be brother of Mobile wanted at Indianapolis on murder and arson charges j sheriff c Corge l. Vinkler of May i forms lashed Atlanta ga., june 23. Uj5�? acres of South and Central Georgia farm lands in the Corn Cotton and tobacco belts Lay desolate today victimized by a series of week end wind and Hail storms which battered crops and caused damage of Many thousands of dollars. No casualties have been reported directly attributable to the storms although several Homes were a roofed. And barns were levelled. A heavy fall of Hail featured the storm Quot Drifting on some highways to a depth of six inches or More. Get la peach Belt where the crop is approaching final maturity. Was spared of damage. The Corn Cotton and tobacco Fields however. Were beaten Flat in Many pts sea Hie Harvest destroyed. A particularly heavy Section of he storm wept a is mile. Swath through Colquitt and Worth counties in South Georgia and other counties North of Ile. Of Lertoh int Moran a a a Mobil with the Piper. City officials before it in an Al fort to learn More about the murder tub its Gangland background Ron county into who appeared of i there particularly Bullock Beckley. Fore the governor i it at once lot Candler Emanuel and Laurent. Hall described As being the St a of a Hen s egg fell in Emanuel reporters who waited at the Gate of the Morrow Home were unaware of the arrival of the boy until m re than two hours after the event inside the Home however the news was being broadcast. A Quot Friend of the family called the United pres., and gave the news refusing however to Supply anything except tire fact that the child was a boy that the event Bas been surrounded it was understood that the Lindbergh at first engaged a room in a new York Hospital and then cancelled it when they decided to to to the Morrow Home. I birr real Niraly preparation Werr made. One Wing of the Bouse a tied oui to resemble a Hospital. Morrow a reported to have Tor ii had been born at 3 15 p. Rn., and Bidden servant to or the Telephone mole the two murders i had commit so Puy inv lib a Relief of a employ and the warning published id put j nil it Brough expansion of Public ing his Calm judicious bearing w that it weighed something than seven pounds. Dwight w. Morrow or. Lindbergh s father who went through i successful Campaign for the Republican nomination for senator from new Jersey without once to workers on strike in protest after killing of woman fear into the hearts of those Quot hold j construction. My out Quot on him allowing him to every additional Dollar of exp a reprieve the persons marked tug of a Liture Meins an additional Dol death. He said he had nothing Tilli Lar in taxes. Reported to be jubilant and excited without permission and to have engaged a special operator to stay at the Telephone Exchange and handle tails to his Home tin he Hight of the new Jersy Republican primary j woman a password a Given to reporters i who were at the Morrow Home in connection with the election and no it ont Linued on Page 2 column thu opened it thumm faces jury on charge of slaying husband in automobile 3 fikh Rooder was granted several Day in which to wind up i business of lairs at Mobile before starting North he Fata steadfastly maintained he deliberately burned his automobile at Indianapolis May 31 to avoid suspicion of murder after a stranger to whom he had Given a j ride to killed when tile car ran into a ditch. Tile stranger is believed to have beet Jesse g. Barnes jr., 22, of Pritchard. Ala., who has been missing for several weeks and whose i description tallies closely with that of the Vii Nim. Ona of the victim s arms bore a wrist band similar to one Barnes wore a Rosary was found in i pocket and Barnes car a ried a Rosary Schr of Der a. Arrested at Mobile Friday hiding in a vacant Jot to do hut mount his speedy monoplane and take off on a non Stop flight for the russian Headquarters of the red Riamond society of which he was the avenging hand. Now it seems Newmark has document a a a. J. 4-3-44,&Quot and he d bet a this is no time to increase the tax Burden of the country. A i recognize that such consideration would carry but Little Wright w the our people were the need of our Veteran the Issue and were we dealing with sound measure but Seville Spain. June 23. Up a general strike involving 40.000workers was started today in pro ter return it any morning Between a general Hines of the veterans it against the action of police in now end saturday or Buffer us Bureau presents there Are Ron Clu _ disturbance saturday. Eco sequences for �?ox14-3i-c.&Quot the strike was called after the a a a death yesterday of a woman who train no in rec was injured in a clash with police i x i Aillet t Xiluo a jilted tile disturbance on saturday to a n a when police charged a group of at hoi Iio 111 got ocl it a i mad i i or a a Quot a t Oday or. Mellon encourages. It us birr is Here. And too Heap wheat. The erratic atom. By a i lit r Brisbane copyright 1930, by King features. Inc women employed in the Olive Industry. They had appeared in front of the provincial civil government Palace Protea ing w orking conditions Antonia Vargas Bravo Mother of four children and expecting the live reasons for opposing an unbound measure which is against the Best interests of the veterans themselves and places an unjustified Load on the taxpayers at a time when every Effort should be made in attn it of. it sail to Dolaris is audition liar due Aal a a no or wits i u i Ultra Sal Alf of Ikia a is Abii ant of Habi a it a paid a it Tarlac vol Arta a i aaa Alry. To lighten it. Luforte trouble in w u Street i do not wish to be Maunder Ivl saturday. American when in stood. Liere Are of veterans Thusia Suc Are very enthusiastic who Are in need of help today who j and when frightened they Are bad a Jack Mulkey 17, who was forced Are suffering and to whom i ear in frightened. To leave the citizen military neatly wish to see generous treat a some of the Best stocks whose after leaving fort East Point ga., Rune 23. Up birth of another was knocked Down training Camp at fort met Lei Ian. Given. But these situations do future values cannot be exaggerates us a police Saber. She died yesterday i kit titty wi11 did taxicab.-, and otherwise earned inconvenience. A family wiped out by father will be buried together new Haven conn., june 23. Jud a to e six members of it Ang family of Ansonia who aet Forth so gaily on an Outing in Wen Rock Park Here saturday Only to be destroyed by a mad whim of Raymond Spang the father who had left a sanitarium the Day before will be buried aether tomorrow. Father Mother and four children who were hurtled to a horrible death at the foot of a 400-foot precipice will be buried with full rites of the roman Catholic Church and the tribute of the american legion of which Spang was a member. Ala., because of illness committed nog reach anything like the Dimen Sui de in despondency at the Home Ilia is these measures Quot of his father Here today Parente Mellon Speaks of the boy found him dead with a accompanying or Hoover s let Bullet in i brain. He returned to a were Nils Ives from Mellon and Home yesterday general Kine Mellon stated pm ii i i j 1 Phat Cally that if $100,000,000 was. T. A offi Cio at fort my dded to existing expenditures the Leniun reported today that Young government will at least have to Mulkey came to local training Camp discontinue the one per cent tax on june 13 and was w no to the reduction adopted this year and station Hospital following a Phy j Quot such increased expenditure May Deal examination. He was dismissed Ltd for even higher taxes in order a and today Are the year n lunge by Days each will 15 hours and 9 minutes of Sunshine. A this Means Little to millions in big cities. They rarely see the j Sun unless they look up from Street canyons about noon and for them summer is two weeks vacation the Federal farm Board and Farmers Are worried by Ute Price of wheat. It wa.-, Sugges Ted months ago Here that the Winter wheat crop combined with government buying and storing might trouble about july i. Now july and september wheat Are below the Dollar level prices near Tho. E of 1914. De were thrown away at ridiculous prices often sacrificed to hold worthless Stock certificates that were dumped on the Market by the tens of millions in the late gambling craze. I or Legge of tile Federal farm there to Comfort in secretory j Board talks re adoringly but prices Melton amp statement that the new More loudly. From the Hospital sunday and a attorn panted from fort Meridian to his Home by an until. A mental disorder was believed to have been Mulkey a ailment. To maintain a balanced Hines of asses defects Hines pointed out the alleged defect of in the same As those which or Hoover cited without Success against the Spanish veterans measure. He pointed out that any Veteran who developed a disease before january i 1930, would be presumed to have contracted it favourably reported Washington june .3. Or a the nomination of Louis n. Crawford to be u s marshal for the Northern District of Georgia reported favourably today by Senate judiciary committee charges of drinking liquor had been i unofficially scheduled for this week. Tariff Bill win not injure United states business or delay business recovery. Or. Melton knows business never expresses opinions lightly it should be remembered that in All our history an increase in Tariff rates Lias never failed to increase Prosperity. The worst thing about this Tariff u the fact that Congress talked about it for fifteen months every Day of damaging to business. Uncle Sam has a deep pocket. It would be foolish to take the Short Side Agama him. But it is hard even for the richest country in tile world to conquer a Supply and demand do Compton of Chicago University a looking inside of tile f atom a finds a new Electron a i Range in ent the atom is not an my macros Copic solar system with negatively. Harding a Tariff went through in charged electrons going about the was during the War and would receive two months positively charge d nucleus in fixed the the same remuneration As if he had j Long talk is worse than changes orbit. Tile adjournment of Congress j in rates. J electrons group the Ems Ives made the atom about a they please Uke filed against c. A Ford with the will hinge upon toe outcome of the. Summer began Day ight committee. I veterans legislation. At 9 45 p. I Atlanta time. Sunday Raindrop in Cloud Acme tune continued a Page 7 column 7 Talladega Ala june 23 pc Ria examination of witnesses be Nils after noon at 2 o clock in j Tho trial of or. W. C. Gunn. 34 j year old widow who is charged with slaying her husband w. C. Gun Sylacauga a Mill worker and Ullin station owner. Gunn a. Hot to death on the Anniston Talladega j Highway on the night of May 26 selection of the jury was com j pie Tad shortly after 12 of clock the in proceedings being held up by Causa of political speeches by Watt i Brown end judge a m Miller candidates for the democratic nomination for governor the twelve in n qualified an jurors from the list of too names Hippo cd the attorneys in the Are William i Coker Talladega i w l Morris Winter Boro John Hackney Lincoln Frank Adams Munford a v Parks Renfroe William s Anderson Childersburg Elliott frieze Talladega j. H. Pm Iii lips Lincoln Jim Montgomery i Lincoln w c Caldwell Renfroe i and Herman of. Cook Alpine and Walter a kit Grey . Deputy sheriff Williams and Morris escorted the defendant from the jail to the courthouse. A i Hope f won i be a k Here tonight a mrs Dunn told Jailer Haynes As she left to jail in apparently Good spirit a. A l h Ellis of Columbiana is be j ing Ablated in the defense of mrs Gunn by Knox. Dixon Sims and Dixon White solicitor j b Sanford is being assisted by Deputy solicitor e Burns Parker of Lief. In. Eighmy two subpoenaed eighty two persons were subpoena d in the , among whom were John Draper Tate Law enforcement officer mar. Katheryn Sylvester night supervisor of Garner memorial i to pita Pierce jars it ambulance attendant at us a it y is Robert spark night policeman at Oxford George Rutledge member of toe Anniston to continued on Page i column 8 mimic Cit Ivor three riders killed four die when train strikes automobile at Grade crossing Absecon n june 23. Up mayor Anthony m Ruffu. Jr., of Atlantic City and three others were k old today when their automobile was struck by a Pennsylvania Railroad train near Here. Police said the other three per i sons had been identified As or and mrs John Wiley and Margaret Siracusa Cousin of assemblyman i Anthony j. Siracusa ail of Atlan a tic City. Papers in the pockets of j Wiley at first Ted police to believe that he a Siracusa. All the bodies were mangled county. Smaller livestock was killed in isolated farm sections. Despite the storms which struck late saturday and saturday night temperatures throughout the South remained High on sunday reaching the following High Pointe Birmingham 101 Mobile unofficial 98 Columbia. Amp a 94 Memphis 98 Montgomery too Chattanooga 93 Jacksonville 92 Raleigh 89 Miami unofficial 86 Richmond unofficial 90. Temperature of 115 Dublin of june 23. Up an unofficial temperature of us in the Sun was recorded Here today damage $100,008 Moultrie of. June 23 damage of approximately $100,000 it a estimated today was caused by wind and hailstorms which saturday night lashed an area of More than 50.000 acres in Colquitt and Worth counties. The torm by Ruck near Bridgeboro Worth county sweeping South for 20 Miles and cutting a Swath the Miles wide. Crops in Field after held were stripped of foliage and ruined. Much Timber was destroy d. Hundreds of pig and hogs were beaten to death by the heavy Hail while one mule in an open pasture was pelted to death. Heat record Falls St. Louis june 23. A a heat record of five years standing was broken Here yesterday when a temperature of 1014 degree was recorded in mid afternoon. It was the hottest Day St. Louis has experience since 1925 and marked Hie third time in five years that the Mercury has climbed above the too degree Mark. The heat Caus d the death of Hurvy Duncan 28, a negro. J us across the River from St. Louis higher temperatures were recorded. Annall reported a temperature of to degrees while Carlyle iu., reported 108. Whistle removed from child s lung Birmingham. Ala june 23. Cup a Lily Pearl Dempsey five year old daughter of mrs. J. W. Dempsey returned to her Home in Anniston Bod a apparently none the Southwest shelters Kansas City mo., june 23, uj9 every Large City in the Southwest reported temperature above 90 today with Lincoln. Neb sweltering As thermometers registered Ici the highest Mark. Middle West see Relief Chicago june 23. Tuft a the Middle West endured another Day worse j of temperatures in the 90 s and 100�?~s for having carried a brass Tua. Today but looked Forward too show in her right lung for a week. The Era and cooler weather Pew Ted by whistle sucked Down her Windpipe the weather Bureau for Tony u and saturday a week ago when she w u tomorrow. Playing with a squawked Ballamy three deaths were attributed to was removed by a Birmingham j the heat one each in Illinois my Bronchoscope up claim Toto Natal sour Ana Iowa. Tina my Nasi Iem Day. Continued on Page 7 column a ;