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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Anniston, Alabama The weather tonight into thursday. Anniston and Vicinity tartly Home edition vol. 38.�?no. 252. United press leased wire service Anniston. Ala. Wednesday. June 23, 1920. 8 pages daily Ane sunday 20 cents a week Street Sale. 3c a copy Wilson urges expedition of labor award airman of Railroad Board ,1s asked to hasten decision in controversy fear nation wide strike i Quot i a it h i \ a my fail to in tout Lor work at his in Anh Oil r Points in fast. Washington Limp 2.1 a i inn to a resilient Wil ton today sent it to Cockrum to a Pudge Burton chairman of Tho Railroad labor Bourd ii i Tiff Hrim tit expedite Tho award of tin to gird in Wilco controversies now before it. Brotherhood officials today Eire sed tile fear that the in a trikes would spread mid tie up to Iii a a Talon throughout Tiiu a country. They an i ii Mamed tile delay of tile Railroad labor Board in hand inc Down its wbk decision for Ila unauthorized walkouts. W n Lunk vice president of a it h in her Hood of Railroad train a who is acting for the pro a his Here. Will Confer with a a a a if the Interior Payne. It also acting As director Gen a j railroads. I i it As understood. Ill or a a net Ess it y of haste by it i ibor Boa re. A in s action was taken Fol an increase in the Una i strikes of Railroad men East and the expressed fear brotherhood officials i general transportation tie j us a suit unless the award Jenkins says he will offer Mcadoo a name in spite objections a Kansas Lily mo., june 28.�? i listed press a William to. Mcadoo wll he placed in nomination for presid ency before Ute democratic National convention in Van Franscisco despite his personal objections or. Burris a. Jenkins announced today. Jenkins managing editor of the Kansas pity Post today wired the newspaper from Pueblo col., that lie had definitely decided to make a speech placing Mcadoo in nomination. Ile declared Hie decision was reached after consultation with other members of the Missouri delegation in route to san Francisco. Campaign for jewish Relief starts june 27 funds to be raised for Aid of millions dying in Eastern Europe subs he convention is Mekus Hee a a a a a t before entirely new set of officers chosen by american legion Post installation and banquet on july 5 administration so far controls machinery and directs activities Quot Mccombs utterance a a negligible Factor Quot peace Iran. Post War problems remain practically unsolved following conference Boss of tammany Hall is indicted on charge of fraudulent conspiracy greeks and British to act against Turkey leaders declare Palmer and Cox forces will control 400 votes apiece delegates turning to talk of dark horses com Mitt it is appointed to delegates Are generally lot at Bonmer co in to. Graves of a la service men in w iou election of an entirely no in set of officers receiving of reports from various committees and making of plans for Hie holding of a Public installation and banquet at the Anniston inn on Tho night of july 5 were Nome of the outstanding features of interest developed at tile regular meeting of the Anniston Post of the american i Tyrion on tuesday evening. About 35 Active members of the local Post assembled promptly at 8 o clock and the business of the session received the Hearty attention of the sex service men. The first report received showed that the state convention held in this City on june <8 and i bad been handled with the greatest efficiency and the decoration and finance committees of the Post were Given a rising vote of thanks i Alm any agreed that open and unequivocal stand must be taken on All issues. On june 2. A week s Campaign in secure funds for the alleviation of i 000,000 starving people in Poland and Eastern Europe will be j for Tho splendid manner in which agree entirely by edit. Keen. United press staff correspondent. San Francisco Juno 23.�? this is an administration convention so far. Not Only have most of Tho Early arrivals been ardent administration supporters but All Tho pre convention machinery and the greater part of Hie pre convention activities have been directed by them. Such anti administration rumblings that have disturbed the serenity of the Wilson Camp at the Palace hotel have come from the outside. And they have had Little More effect than yesterdays earthquake at los Angeles even including the anti Wilson attack made by William f. Mccombs Wilson a former Campaign manager at Chicago. Most of the leaders on the ground agree or at least pretend to with homr cum May be Given More time to Redic 11 heu army amounts of indemnity not decided. New York june 23.�? United press a Charles f. Murphy. Quot a offs of tammany Hall and four other men were on a charge of conspiracy to defraud the Federal government by the extraordinary grand jury today. Besides Murphy the following were indicted James e. Smith assistant District attorney John a. Mccarthy. A Tho indictment accused the men of conspiring with Murphy to define tie government of excess profits taxes in the manufacture of a product known As Malto Dext rim. Attorneys appeared in criminal court for All those indicted and pleas of not guilty were entered. Bail was set at $1,000. Tile indictment in four counts Al Mcadoo is not yet counter out nomination. May by made before adoption of platform. Inaugurated in Alabama through the auspices of Hie jewish War belief. Moses v. Joseph of Montgomery. State chairman for the they had discharged their duties characterization of the my to Biz a Wnm hastened f to ult it conferences Between eminent official and brother a a i leaders preceded the Dis a us of Wilson a message the text incident to the successful gather ing of former service men. Woman is Post historian a distinctive feature of the Combs utterance As a a neg labile Factor in other words the president is generally regarded by the Advance representatives of tin Alabama Relief work and work in Anniston arid Calhoun county will he looked after by Jos. Saks and other prominent. The local tuesday meeting was the presence party new in san Francisco of miss Margaret Mitchell the i Only woman member of the Anniston Post who was honoured by jewish being elected to the place of Post us a u my up a i a her. Cit Ira a. . Micco Eding Charles s. To strike situation was fist put j is expected Hurt All the people j Leyden. In in the president yesterday by of every Creed will join in securing i a committee to locate and a a or a in i ii Tho Interior Payne Aid of Quot a the a millions who Ere not i designate to a a Graves of All the hos acting As director Gen i Only without fond and clothing but former service men buried in Cal who arc threatened with sex trim j Houn county and a committee to a a a a of railroads after seeing 1 1 however. Put pressed Tibt that he would Tak any aeon in the strike. V n honk vice president of 1 brotherhood of Railroad to j v men today talked to Payne it j put Ter to Secretary Tumulty at the Mwhite House it is under fund that he told them that Chen in the Yards at runs a and a Timberland. My. Had u. A to report for work and that a a big timbre situation which he settled yesterday grown worse. Nation by typhus who h is raging throughout Poland and the Eastern lands of Europe. Already there has been Liberal response to the Appeal Tor fund for the rehabilitation of the stricken cards handle the Public installation and banquet was appointed by the Post commander. The question cd extending the honors of the pm Al to All deceased sex service Man whether members had but the tremendous ravages of to of the Post or not was discussed plus and the enormous demands at considerable length and left upon the Relief committed by the open for further action at a sub urgency and extent of the work sequent meeting. By a unanimous makes it necessary that More a vote of the members present the eve should immediately be made name of ram la toy whose fun callable. Neral last sunday was attended governor Thorn e Kilby has by several of the members was it a. Abercrombie resigns to assume duties in Alabam a Washington. I it. A Juno 23_ in eclat a the resignation of or. Pen w. Abercrombie of Anniston. A 1 it solicitor of the department of la Bor. Has been announced. Or i Abercrombie resigned to become of a pc superintendent of education p 1 a i t. T jul i v i a aright Dowell who a chosen president of a technic Institute. Succeeding has been the Alabama woman buy Fine dresses wears male attire it it a York. Jump s3.United 1 ssi an unsatisfied desire for dresses and other feminine caused mrs. Irene Nasur of it Obi in bus Ohio to dress in menus of lollies according to the Story a Quot Oihi mrs. Mary Moca lev woman probation officer into custody she was Given by Here. She believed that More Money at. Then buy Fine issued an Appeal to alabamians in behalf of the movement. In a proclamation addressed to the pen i pie of Alabama. The governor says j to the people of Alabama a i luring the week of june 27 i to july 3, the jewish War Relief committee will added to the roil of the Anniston Post. At the conclusion of the meeting cigars were passed to the members and an ice Cream and cake course served. Officers chosen the following officers were their Leader and Tummin Sas his mouthpiece. But there Are others on the Way a considerable others including w. J. Bryan. Until Lite arrival of tile latter it is not expected that administration baiting wifi assume the dignity of a popular sport. Why Bryan hts delayed his appearance is the Subj Jot t of much speculation granted while by Henry Wood i Iii Ted press staff correspondent Paris june latest Allied conference had passed info history today without taking any measure to Settle Tho problems facing Tho world As a result of the late War. Tho question of reparations was left to of of nomic experts from Hie various entente countries who xviii meet in july to draft proposals for submission to Tim general Allied conf Dice to be held at spa. These experts will also consider Iii question of disarmament destruction of German War material and resumption of air plane manufacturing. As regards turkish activities it. Was understood the allies have informed Premier Venizelos of Greece that greek troops will be permitted to Advance from Smyrna to Check aggressions of the nationalist forces and r Mustaph Al Kernel Pasha. More British War ships xviii be sent to the Darda-1 ii Al i is. J an International financial con i Ference to be held shortly at j Brussels will work out plans for a loan to Aid Germany in her efforts at economic recovery. I ail entente countries will Semi ambassadors to Berlin on july i to replace present representatives who have the status of charges d affaires. Thur j. Baldwin and Ernest z. Waldon. Waldon is an official of j Leger that profits of approximately file Cern products c in party. The j $ 1,000.000 were made. The govern n products company was also j Ern ment tax on this amount was accused of conspiracy in the in it said to to about 40 per cent of diet ment. This amount. Earth tremors Are Felt again local Rainbow soldiers called at los Angeles to Mee sunday Are toppled people sleep outdoors it i , gal., june 22.United or it ssh a another earthquake Shock Shook los Angeles at 4 20 a. In. Today. He is to play the part of chief of j Premier millennial declared that the conference was Mous on Tho question of unania reduce the anti administration forces Belion of the German army to Joo former service men in capt. Harrison a office an important meeting of All for Mer members of the Rainbow Divi j Cion Lins been called for i sunday afternoon in the choking was violent enough attain Arthur Harrison on West to awaken sleepers but did no eleventh Street when plans for at Preci Ablo damage to property. J tending Tho Rainbow division re a Gray Yard in Inglewood a los Union in Birmingham july 12, 13 Angeles suburb xxx us one of the and ii will be discussed main victims of the quakes of All of the former Rainbow Mem last two Ria is one tall Shaft was j hers whether they have become of i snapped off four of a t from Tho filiato with the Calhoun chapter ground a Granite mausoleum was or not Are urged to be at the liven. Numerous headstones top meeting on sunday afternoon. Pled o it or were twisted about j the Rainbow reunion will be at a reports of individuals that i tended by men and officers from i tremors Volt re Felt during the night i 20 slates of the Union according Xiv re my. Generally believed there \ to the information Given out and Xiv re i seismographs it Ore am a line of the greatest gatherings it. Those it a distance so owe. 1 no Dis the year is promised when the i turban be. Inglewood residents for the most in a g part slept outdoors lust night. J a u o i a Quot i Ooth Quot Neau Beer Selling City marshal Anil h induct an Appeal elected to to the citizens of Alabama. The in term. Money gathered for the fund xviii j p0pt commander go toward the alleviation of the Summers misery of six million starving peo a pie in Poland and Eastern Europe. One million of these unfortunates Are Little children four Hundred thousand of which Are orphans. Typhus is now sleeping the stricken territory of it world vide plague of this dread disease. I therefore Appeal to the citizens of Alabama to give generously to this worthy cause. This is serve during the ens Norman l. Commander a. G. Hult a vice son. Adjutant a Louis Klien. Finance officer a. S. Nelson. Tost historian miss Margaret Mitchell. Chaplains. L. Johnson. Insurance officer a. O. Wade. Vocational training officer Bryant Cadwell. An Effort to change the name the first National Appeal that tho0f Tho local Post from Quot Anniston jews of America hav e Ever made j Post to Tho Quot Calhoun county Quot Post was Defeated. Is hound to find pre administration sentiment pretty Well dug in and it Gainly pro administration publicity Well organized. May eliminate Bryan als he is very Apt to find a fight on his hands thai May interfere with the successful prosecution of any Campaign he May have planned against the enunciation of Wilson principles in the platform for it wits reported today that senator Gilbert m. Hitchcock of Nebraska had finally framed up a Deal whereby Bryan would not be named As the state so representative on the resolutions committee. Among the administration Lead Era Here there is cordial support of postmaster general Burleson s declaration at san Antonio yesterday in favor of Quot an open honest cd men delay would probably by granted the Berlin government As the required reduction could not be effected by july Ioas originally required. Amounts of the German indemnity to be allowed tile various Allied belligerents were not decided. The original plan xviii probably be considerably altered. By i git Baillie United Presa staff correspondent san Francisco june23.�?-the democratic convention apparently faces a deadlock. Lenders today declared that tile Palmer and Cox forces would control More than 400 votes apiece with Mcadoo not figuring arid that a com Promise Between them would be out if the question. With Mcadoo Iii it. Making three three leaders instead of two a Compromise would Jnorro easily be arranged it was argued. T _ As a result of this situation tombstones in graveyard important gathering of j dark hours talk is increasing 1 vice president Marshall ambassador John w Davis and senator Robert Owen being the most prominently mentioned. The expected deadlock How Ever will not carry the convention. Over the week end. Leaders Ara o clock making reservations to leave Kau the office of Francisco saturday july 3. Although Mcadoo s repeated declarations that he does not want his name to go before the convention have caused Many Mcadoo supporters to swing to other candidates in Ders Are not counting him entirely out. Different constructions Continuo to he put on his message. Some regard it especially significant that he has not yet flatly said he will not run if nominated. Friends of senator Robinson Arkansas today started a Boom for him As permanent chairman of the convention. He is an administration inner service men come together Many the tentative program however Calls for Secretary Colby to have that position. Colby is not preparing his speech in Advance and will speak extemporaneously if Cho Stiv it. Van it Lea fits May nominate first. There is much talk of the nomination being made before the a. Platform is adopted Bui this is in p 1 1 mottled. The Outlook today was Cia ii i Sargea Wun sewing nearly the Day i Beer Quot in violation of the state pro won be of bated in Albi inn ii adopted. If a wet Plank is put into the platform by the resolutions committee a dry a Vii reunion next month. Deputies stoo�1 guard i chiefly to watch for 1 was no such difficulty 1 scientists said the i of the past 4s a local slip of Ali it i fault which extend length of the Pacific is ii last fires sworn night there list chances hours were due to coast Earth almost the coast. They believed the quake period has e cd now. D stand on All the great issues now confronting the arum among delegates generally regardless of their individual views about the league of nations prohibition labor government ownership. Etc., sentiment is Oryst Klizing in the direction of such Clear pronouncement of party Pine Isles As will obviate any Quot St possible charge of a xxx nos the court Fie could earn 1 a a jobs and clothes the sir was arrested on a masquerading charge while dressed a a car. Mrs Nasur. Whose a a male Quot name a Bobby Randall Quot declared she i n a torn boy Ever Ainee was a child and that she had or worn anything hut cheap ton dresses. Mrs. Mccauley i Cie would find a he girl a Pon As Chan Bermam in some High of Tho City. Tears Idle tears tears will not bring Back your lost treasures but a lost and in Hie Star will do it in k Jiffy. I there is no use in a by Oxer your misfortune Juhrig an advertisement to Fly Star for insertion in the Nassl fied want columns. Star want ads usually succeed in finding lost articles. Then your tears will be it hanged to Miles. Anniston Star for funds to relieve their unfortunate Brothers. The Appeal in Alabama xviii up be ask Rarrat no. Peal for this cause. us therefore As citizens of this great Commonwealth loin in the furtherance of Fujs ,.allsc. The urgency and necessity of which is demanding the attention of nil people regardless of cup i or nationality. I Trust that that citizens of Alabama xvii respond to this drive and continue their splendid record of giving generously to humanitarian. Nonsectarian charities and thereby promote the civic Pride of this state Ami loin in the fatherhood of god and the brotherhood of Man on the basis that True Cha 1 Ify knows no Creed and our Reward shall he a greater personal satisfaction and a Keener understanding of the principles of democracy. Quot twos. E Kilby governor of Alabama Quot. To testify ill letter bearing Berg polls name ridicules police new York. June 23.-�? United press a a letter signed Quot Grover Cleveland Bergdoll Quot was received by hat old Vav. Ross. Editor of the american lotion weekly yesterday. Attempts of police and others to Catel the fugitive draft j dodger were ridiculed in the Lefter. Tho letter was Post marked at cd Cinna t i. Quot Here i am Reading in the pacers How you Are trying to catch me Quot read the letter. Quot your Money is Safe. Toll those Fly cops they have to go some to catch Grover Cleveland Bergdoll. Who was under a five year sentence of a court for dodging military service escaped from armed guards while in Phil a mysterious woman in a Black from Minneapolis a will return to new York candidacy of Mcadoo is apparent on every hand at san Francisco pan pm Adelphia a Reward of $500 was of in red j de to. 1 was the by the american legion weekly i ready to in what 1 Minneapolis. Minn june 23 a United Brees a miss Elly Hope Anderson Quot mysterious woman in Black from Minneapolis a prepared today to return to new York City and add her mite of information concerning Joseph Bovine Elwell murdered a Hist expert Ami turf Man. Miss Anderson was xviii Victor Yon soil loge la a Philo Al Xvi la von Sehle Gells divorced wife and a party dined at a nearby table the night of the murder. She was told of the no Painel pleasantry w or n Elwell and von Schlegell met on the dance Hall floor. She and Yon Schlegell arrived at iou Home Short it before it of clock he evening of the a nude Quot mis Anderson said next Mornia sin breakfasted wit 1 Nim it of his apartment. Miss a Poison said she started for the train to Minneapolis immediately after . Quot it was on the train that i first Learned of or. Al wadis death Quot she said today. Quot a newsboy Carne crying a All about til Al wad i Quot i Ilo not see Why they called in i the mystery so protest All the time knew if any Ifor the capture of Bergdoll. On came and asked me. By la Arold d. Jacobs i Niter press staff correspondent. Francisco june 2 3.�?the ado candidacy bearing Marks of rough treatment and with the Quot irrevocable Brick still tied about its neck was Back from its premature watery Gravy today and Xmas meowing As loudly As Ever about Tho demo ratio Hack door. Every time its tormentors consign it to death and they include William g. Mcadoo himself Tim candidacy just naturally turns up again. The situation regarding Mcadoo and the democratic presidential nomination varies almost hourly but so far it has always resolved itself Back to the position that certain of the former Rabinet cry a strongest admirers xviii take Tho bit in their Teeth and nominate him by strength. Each Day the outward signs Indi ate More and More plainly that Mcadoo and his personal friends Are determined that he should neither acquire the nomination nor have it thrust upon him. For instance Daniel c. Roper who was to have been drum major for the Mcadoo band Wagon Here has cancelled his hotel reservations apparently accepting his former chiefs verdict As final. Would Conn in on deadlock politicians who were supporting various of Mcadoo a rivals for the nomination outwardly Are satisfied that he is through and that any organized attempt to put him Over would fail dismally but privately Many of these same politicians have it figured thus Mcadoo is Tho most astute politician in the country. He realize i that to would be in the same position As general Leonard Vod at Chicago that k that i of his opponents would unite at the stall to eliminate him. Because of the but h it tis in i in democratic conventions. The chances we re All in favor of his rivals deadlocking the on j vent Jon against him anti Foi is his withdrawal la i xxv of this he and his chief advisors deed d that the Way to a feat this strategy was to let the other candid Tes d a add Ock themselves then with the convention impasse Mcadoo would come Forward As a Quot Compromise candidate a or As a Quot dark , or xvii i you xviii tipping the convention Over into a landslide. Ail of the foregoing of ionised is the merest surmise on the part of the persons who refuse to Belove Mcadoo is sincer i i ins a. Tirc ment from the 1 ice bul in my political observers see in it Hie e. Met of logic and. Nine of tic x be tues Quot were circulating about the lobbies last night quiet Elf rim even Money on Mcadoo s nomination. Women want Wilson. Many of the women delegates have openly declared this i it s u favor of a third term for president w Ilson and announced the y would vote for him on the first a Quot it. Miss Alary boy los Angeles said she would do so Ami tiles hoped to Start a Strong Movnu it for the executive obviously the unit candidacies that Are going the strongest at present Are those of governor James a of. Attorney general Palmer and governor Edwards Only the latter two have opened had quarters Here though a Quot a hoosiers Are on the Job and senator Robert Owen has been on the ground personally for several Dav tongs Are slow or getting Start Tai along presidential Row and apparently Mcadoo and i soil xxx ail continue to form the principal subjects of conversations up to the opening of the convection monday Norman e. Mack Philadelphia has let it he known to All that he is for governor Smith f it rth r 0111-Inatlon and believes the in tit Quot new York delegation xviii Side wit him. It has been known for some time that the new yorkers win Are under unit Rule planned to c 1st their us votes for Smith on the pm lot but it Xmas Usu med this was Only Iii the nature of a compliment. Gets new trim when Christian name is omitted Montgomery Ala. June 23.�? special a a. A. Butler former circuit clerk of Elmore county i Comdr Ted of Mbezal conent while in office w id get a in trial be Caim the grand jury Winch in dieted him did not apply his Christian name and for other or a Rirs committed during the trial j the Alabama court of appeals tuesday reversed and remanded Tho Case a lengthy opinion being written by Charles Bricken pre a siding judge of the court. 1 Tho opinion showed that the re i was evidence at the grand jury hearing of charges against Butler hat his Christian in to was Quot Anderson Butler Quot but that the indict in Cut contained the initials Quot we a. Quot it has been repeatedly held in this state that it is ii allowable to designate in an a non Tom it Tho person charged therein with tic commission of a trim tic offence both initial letter of i name when his trim name in known and that an indictment in de amazing i is subject to a filet in abatement a said the opinion Quot unless causes arrests of 2t Huntsville men Huntsville Ala., june 23.�? charged with Selling a. It ,1 a a the floor of Law -3 Huntsville Deal Ore be convention before the platform. Have been arrested by Deputy Suer a adopted. If a wet Plank la nut the a reels were made follow minority inc orders by circuit judge Bricken for the enforcement of the Law. Beer Quot has been openly sold her inc prohibition went into effect it is claimed. Night blowing is discontinued on state farm Montgomery Ala., june 23.�? special Cleon b. Rogers Warden general of tile state convict department several Days ago during the Rainy weather had a new idea about How to perform effect i tic work on the state farm near Montgomery. He thought about i Al u in my Tho tractors with Pover a Ful headlights and working Hie ground at nip lit during the dry weather. Ile tried out his idea but found it was not successful. Deciding the idea looked better on paper or while being discussed he abandoned Quot night to said j the slav that us state convicts Are painting Earl Day fifty acres. And that planting xviii he completed 1 by july . Report probably xviii be made by Drys on the committee and Vigo it has. The question then xviii be on which report is to be adopted by the convention and open debate xviii follow. Speaking of the Republican platform today. Chairman Cummings of the democratic committee. Said in Quot the Republican platform is an oratorical exclusion which meander through the greater part of the dictionary and ends in a political k. Al Moore Ohio pre Eonden Tion Campaign manager for Gox error Cox discussing the arc comes statement said today a lie has fallen into the error of Many me who have the fatal gift of sarcasm wha Cannet resist the temptation to say things which do irreparable damage to the cause they special trains to be operated for rain boxy reunion state offers $101 Reay Ari for Slayer to it Nio a of a otherwise Cran i jury. A that Unk ? the w r True to a to Tim cent i Ward a i res Cummings stops third term talk san err i cd press Boom a Quot the or make a q j Chaison n i i in nation j told the Quot arse rubbed i today referring to Ltd i published on Tho do president Wilson Vav. I third term nominal u i too j Tine 2 3. Unit the Wilson third Tern punctured today. Iii who Xvi de to it xxx oui eel dime novel author a Homer Cumming. Of that of Omry Ala. June 23 a ii by authority of the sex department tuesday a re it of $ i it was offered for the and conviction of Robert s Cit to a land alias Turner. Alias Ridley alleged to have killed ferry Smith in Macon county several Days ago. Tile details ave re brought to the attention of the t Yeutive Ltd partition and the St the Reward Ava offered in a proclamation. Montgomery. Ala june 23 a special Asp Aal trains from several Points in Tho unite states xviii to pern Ted f a the Benefit of Rainbow division veterans who wish to attend the first annual reunion in Birmingham july j 12-14, inclusive said information i tuesday at stat head i actors of tile rain Boxxe division veterans. Six thousand exp rvs ice men a expected to attend he mag a City convention. For a thousand dollars is r ing raised at that Placebo entertain the a fighters. It i d it no it to Onden wide ast hoist on garages lose during summer x. Seeks to avoid stopping train at Lanton Montgomery Ala. June 23.�? sicking to prevent the Alabama Public service commission from enforcing an order requiring the Topping of fast Pas seven mag in City corporations Are filed in one Day Montgomery. Ala special a Barm Hgt pushed All the Rev tuesday to fib of state. The in by the or Ferson county the Southeast with $100,o i a in Stock. Jon a announcement was Tahr by ginning w Ith to it garages in the City Xvi every thursday att it the summer months til is step is to ii n made a Mort Tod Senger train no. I of Ute Louisville my Nashville at Clanton officials of the Railroad tuesday asked for a writ och Junction from the circuit court. The a stick to Mcadoo Railroad makes the claim that the Nab of in Beret. Int Rae mail the cml a half to months. To Ftp Tive signed a to cd in Ted and half hoist who Are in or supplies Quested to Longly. To hat is b will of the i auf la b ruin but fast train xviii Sere with carrying to transport unlined the whyde is. Seriously interfered slogan adopted by Texas delegates be t heir Stiver my n be i fixed. A i la de pre Ion at is kist meet j Quot a of clan-1 Dewool Stu d at order re Oleca no. I to Stop All san i Quot Quot a Reba the petition j nor a Ting it fast trait no. F in of the hearing of the j Clart j t Ulion has not by jut Natl is i kids p la h uis a i i was a Exoo to i it a u t pm Lea Hig for oth worse i de a Tui Cholo. Barle Yeii i Alf rot ;