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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - June 21, 1940, Anniston, Alabama The weather Alabama Lair slightly cooler in extreme Southeast portion tonight saturday fair. Gentle to moderate Northeast winds on the roast. Read n a features daily in your Home paper a by Umit Strott issued daily and sunday morning by consolidated publishing co Complete United Presa leased wire coverage vol. 58.�?no. 175. Or. And mrs. Reader to get the latest round up of War news each night tune in on station whoa i Ltd on your dial at i o clock each night for Quot the Pinal id Tion. This is a Complete summary a news from the belligerent capitals. Cotton. I it a Anniston ala., Friday june 21, 1910. Congressional probe mrs Ory Rill of Woodring is asked circumstances of resignation arc demanded by Kansas Republican Stimson. Knox hearings Okeed in committee Republican party May oust a traitors companion to Senate measure is introduced by Republican Senate votes counted enough to assure Cabinet Post confirmation Republican party clamor set i p at convention to read Stimson and Knox out opposition is touched off by southerners Washington demand for a to invest in at it it a into of Harry h woo a Secretary of v rep i or no Day 85 the committee Ings on 1 l Stum on Ca Ison introduced House Calli Folio s my which woe my recent i forced out he i orc be 21 in p a a joint congressional into the circumstances Woodring s resignation of War made by e prank Carlson to Senate military affairs tiled for Public hear j nominal to of Henry s hts a accessory. Kansas Republican i Resolution in the for the investigation i tub died reports in my was quoted As say i la at he expected to be be because he optics or Ion s de id the allies. Pm i lad Mph i a. June to. Tup a the control of Joseph w. Topless Joel j Olbert Over Republican patronage in South Carolina which he has exercised for about 50 Sears was threatened today when the Republican National Ommittee voted 63 to 18 to seat a rival delegation. The committee approved the 10-Memher slate headed by j. Rates Gerald. Which like Tolbert a is uninstructed. The decision however is subject to convention approval. In 1936 Tolbert was turned Down by the committee hut seated by the convention. Philadelphia. June 21. Up republicans gathered Here for their National convention hoped today to waive president Roosevelt two new Cabinet officers out of the party and Brand the democrats As the a War Sidney Hill becomes Center of fire for his Cio connections Washington june 21. Up a representative James Vav. Wadsworth Republican new York introduced in the House today the Broad compulsory military training Bill supported by the citizens military training Camp association. It is a companion measure to the r. Burke demo the Burke Wadsworth measures Oil Ting preset fens to the insistence of Republican members the Senate military affairs committee agreed today to hold Public hearings on the nomination of Henry i. Stimson to be Secretary of War. Morris Sheppard announced that Stimson former Secretary of state under president Hoover would he asked to testify. Bill presented in the Senate by a no War Republican platform and a non interventionist candidate i senator Edward and Campaign seemed Likely As party leaders oriented themselves to the priv a. U entry of two notable republicans in a a to the democratic Cabinet. Landon himself favors Aid to the j would require registration of some former governor Alf m Landon alin.1, 40.000,000 men Between the Ages of 1936 presidential candidate pre but or Roosevelt s nomination 18 and 65 for military or defense sides Over the important foreign re of Ting uns hed republicans duty of some Type. Utt oru platform us committe. J Sjones of a Nolc k i0x a a Quot which my at 2 30 p. In. To begin colonel Henry l s pm Sony new drafting what its chairman Hopes will be a postal card Plank for a postal card platform the convention meets m nday and unless leaders can get together quickly on one of the candidates for the presidential nomination a deadlock seems in Prospect a no a Plank might be tempt if a Aid the hearings would not be chg bait to democratic isolationist held until after the tonal convention. No vote was tar Mil tee on the dec Pard said that it Republican a the Bod in n i before to insist omut Shrp appeared publican he meet on hear my Jar a a the naval a ii it meets he Nomina members Ca us my and dead mrs. It predicted tha to n would but taken i affairs Committer to tomorrow to consider Tion of col Frank Knox 1936 Republican vice i evidential nominee to be Secretary cd the Navy. The administration meantime counted a it Tarn and sizeable Senate majority of the conium action of both Hun t members when their names finally Are sent to the floor. Already re.-1ive under or Boose j veils policy of aiding the allies but Republican strategists Are baiting for the balance of Power Independent vote which effected the great of o. P victories of 1920-24-28 and the greater democratic triumphs of 1932-36. Republican platform framers Are divided Between a strict non interventionist foreign affairs Plank and a declaration promising to avoid War while aiding the allies with material resources former senator Walter e Edge of new Jersey and others urge that the g. O. P Mut avoid Quot being cockeyed into a position of being merely an innocuous peace party York to his Cabinet gave Isola i to on Isis new Hope. Knox and Stem i son were called a a interventionists in a Shower of statements which followed announcement of their nominations. Chairman John d. M Hamilton of the National committee appar-1 entry meant to read Knox and Stimson out of the party in a statement which was applauded by committeemen and women. Quot these gentlemen a a said Hamilton Quot having entered the Cabinet i Are no longer qualified to speak As republicans or for the Republican party. A both colonel Knox and colonel Stimson having Long desired to intervene in the affairs of Europe. I the democratic party now by their very appointment has become the War party of this country. And we May accept that i sue at its face former president Herbert c. Hoover a dark horse possibility for the presidential nomination said Knox and Stimson a Are not representing the Republican still in dispute president Roosevelt s formation of a Cabinet with Henry l Stimson and colonel Frank Knox in the key defense posts was still in dispute today out administration leaders counted More than enough Senate votes needed to confirm the two republicans Loc their new jobs while groups in and out of Congress joined in Praise or denunciation of the move or Roosevelt reiterated that his sole desire was to achieve a National he told a press conference at Hyde Park. N. Y that opposition was based on parti an rather than patriotic motives. The Senate military affairs committee yet to Ai t on the nomination of Stimson As Secretary of War and expected to give it speedy clearance. The Senate naval affairs committee will consider the nomination of Knox As Secretary of Navy tomorrow or. Roosevelt also told his press conference that his plan to form a huge Selling Trust Tor the food and raw materials cd Western hernia i phere countries is but another step j an economic one to defend the new world against dictator nations. He approved the program last night after it had been drafted by a group of Cabinet aides the state department already has started to t lease to u t i Page 8, column i for flays Republican foes Hyde Park. N. Y june 21. president Roosevelt charged today that opponents of his a National Solidarity Cabinet Are acting from partisan rather than patriotic motives. Or. Roosevelt defended his nomination of col. Frank Knox and Henry l. Stimson a it secretaries of Navy and War As a step to solidify the United states in the face of a grave inter a a a. National crisis. He refused at a press conference to comment on Alfred m. Landon a assertion that nomination of the two republicans to his Cabinet is indicative that he has Given them assurances he will not seek a third term. The president said that after retiring on his special train last night. He turned the entire Cabinet matter Over in his mind. And feels that his conclusions on the subject approximate those of a great Many other people. These conclusions he said have bearing on the difference Between different types of Peoples one Type he said. Think in terms of patriotic motives the other in terms of partisanship. He said the situation is complicated by the fact Miat the United Staten is involved in a very difficult situation although some of his opponents would contest that conclusion or. Roosevelt said the same conclusion applies to those opponents who charged that by forming a bipartisan Cabinet with Knox and Stimson in key positions he was forming a War Cabinet and making the democratic party a War party the president said that he has heard so Many and various comments in his Cabinet shake up since it was ordered yesterday that he could not possibly comment directly on any one assertion. La he commented on one he would be led into endless comment on All he said. The shift in Heads of the War and Navy departments probably completes his plans for Cabinet revisions so far As he knows right now he said. Opposition to the presidents plan which will be sent to Congress within three to six weeks was touched off by two House democrats representatives e. E. Cox of Georgia and Clifton a Woodrum of Virginia. They predicted that the1 plan which would give All youths one year of disciplinary training. I would be Defeated of Sidney Hillman member of the advisory defense commission and Cio vice president is to direct it. Hillman to supervise Hillman has been designated by or. Roosevelt to supervise preliminary development of the program. Cox said that god alone can save this Republic if our youth Are put under a Man like Sidney burkes compulsory military training Bill was drafted by the National emergency committee of the Mill i tary training Camps association of the United states which said in a statement that Henry l. Stimson nominated yesterday by the president to be Secretary of War. Had helped draft it. The measure s major provisions Are compulsory registration of All male citizens Between 18 and 65, with exemptions Only for members of the regular armed services and reserves. Eight months of military training for men Between 21 and 45. Training for Home defense of those Between 18 and 21, and those Between 45 and 65 selection of those to be trained by lot by a selective service system to be created by the president. Payment of $5 a month and subsistence to trainees. Deferred training exemptions Only to the vice president members of Congress justices of the supreme court Cabinet members and governors of the states and territories while holding office. Some recognition of conscientious use noted dining car As office for business i French solemnly met fills pulpit by Hitler for confab Speaks to members of his former congregation other services listed Germany asks assurances France cannot resume hostilities after arms Laid Down Steps toward formation of a coalition Cabinet were taken by president Roosevelt in nominating these two Republican leaders for posts. Henry l. Stimson upper was nominated for Secretary of War. Col. Frank Knox Dower w us nominated for Secretary of tile Navy. Or. W t. Henry former pastor of the first methodist Church who is now serving in the Atlanta District will substitute for the Rev. S o. Kimbrough at both morning and evening services at the first methodist Church sunday. Speaking on Quot what the Bible teaches about War in the morning and on a a the last War. When and where will it be fought sunday night the Rev. L. N. Claxton of the first Baptist Church will bring messages of current importance to his congregation. At the first Christian Church. The Rev. Festus n Wolfe has chosen Quot the Good Church member Quot As the topic for his morning Sermon and Quot rewards of suffering for his last message of the Day. There will be no night service at Bordeaux. June 21. To a marshal Henri Philippe Petal n was reported late today to have received by Telephone the terms upon which Germany will Grant France an armistice. It was believed Here that France would not make a reply to the German terms until after a meeting of the Council of minis ters huh probably will be held tonight. Shows 13./ in hike census work brought nearer close Here bringing census work nearer a close the census Bureau far the fourth congressional District with Headquarters in Anniston today released a preliminary count showing an increase of 7,665 people in Calhoun county since the 1930 enumeration. Population in 1940 was 63.276. The enumeration showed As compared to 55.611 in 1930. Or an increase of 13 7 per cent for the la.,t decade. Oxford was the City showing the largest per cent increasing from 1,206 to 1.387 in 1940, or a percentage of 15 per cent. Anniston had the next largest increase. 14 per cent. Piedmont showed nine per cent and Jacksonville 5.7. Anniston population Rose from 22,345 to 25,536. An increase of by Frederick c. Oechsner i filed press staff correspondent comping be Forest via German Field Telephone Herlin june 21.�?adolf Hitler today gave to France his terms of armistice on the spot where Germany signed an end to the world War in 1918. I stood in old dining car no. 2419-d of the wagons lit company today where the world War armistice was signed and watched the German Chancellor hand to French delegates the terms by which he would heal a 22-year-old ache to German Pride. Outside the Sun was Bright and the pleasant forests of com Pisegne were quiet and at peace. War seemed far away. J he terms Given France today were based on three premises. These were read to the four French emissaries by col Gen. Wilhelm Keitel after Hitler had handed them his terms. Adolf Hitler today healed the wound to German Pride left by he to id War armistice of 1918 by handing to the emissaries of the first presbyterian Church How a vanquished France the terms under which he will permit her pm or or my Lynn fat Tryr nip Aero ,. A. To Lay Down the Burden of War. In the same dining car in the same Forest of comp Iegna where Ferdinand Foch told German plenipotentiaries in november 1918, that his armistice terms were unconditional surrender Adolf Hitler reversed history against the French. While a German band played Germany s song of Triumph a deutschland uber col. Gen. Wilhelm Keitel. Hitlers chief of staff read aloud the preamble to the terms which Der fuehrer had just presented. A. A the preamble declared that 1. Germany must have Assurance that France cannot resume it Peak on hostilities. 2. Germany must receive from France a fall assurances a enabling the Reich to continue the War against great Britain. 3. Preliminaries must be Laid for a peace under which Germany will be fully compensated for a wrongs committed against her a by Force. Objectors who Are members of a Quot Well recognized religious Orsani f 3 location. But requiring their training tile census office which is in for Quot behind the lines work. Charge of Austin Johnson of i eel mint expects to Clear up remain i Long work in a few Days. Figures Given Are subject to revision. Windsors in Spain Duke Chicago. June 21. Up colonel i rank Knox announced today that he had accepted nomination As Secretary of the Navy because a the president has said that i can help him a Quot National is not a partisan Knox said. A a it should have the United support of the people regardless of party. Congress in the past few weeks has acted with substantial unanimity on every National defense and Duchess flee French Border across Barcelona Spain. June 21. Or a the Duke and Duchess of Windsor arrived Here by automobile from the French Riviera last night ending various rumours that they had fled France separately and that they had been estranged. With the Duke and Duchess were the British Consul general at Nice the Consul at Menton two secretaries two maids and two chauffeurs. The Rise in population since 1920 is shown by the following figures Anniston-1920, 17,734 1930, 22.345 1940, 25.536. Piedmont�?1920 2 645 1930 3.668 1940. 4,021. Jacksonville -1920. 2,395 1930, 2.840 1940. 3.003 oxford�?1920. 1,108, 1930, 1,206 1940. 1,389. Balance of county�?1920 and 1930 figures not Given 1940. 29.327. A Star a Day r vacation time reminds me. That in a Strong i for going places and seeing things marshalling a hemisphere ship attached Hyde Park n. Y june 21, a pvt president Roosevelt disclosed today that his plan to marshal the economic Power of the Western hemisphere nations represents a new step in a program of economic defense to supplement military defense against the inroads of totalitarian Powers. The plan for a Cartel to control exports of Staple products of the 21 american nations and Canada. Or. Roosevelt said. Is designed a As a Means of protecting our Economy and the economies of the other american republics from the repercussions of a the disturbed International situation. Italian vessel legally held in damages Case j arriving at his upstate new York 1 Home for a week end visit or. Roosevelt defended the plan which involves control of $2,000,000,000 in j Western hemisphere foodstuffs and raw materials. At a press Confer enc he hit out at critics of the program who. He said Are crooked corporations each designed to handle surpluses in a specific commodity. The primary objective of the Cartel system he said would be to control surplus Staples and get them off the new world continents under the Best possible conditions. Capital for the Cartel he said. Savannah. A. June 21 Luj a the italian steamship Clara in port Here since Italy entered the War. Was attached today in a suit against its italian owner. The Clara was attached for damages by the Asiatic Petroleum corporation of Delaware which filed a libel in personal against the italia society Nomina i navigation a. The damages claimed were $137,-866 27. The Clara had been assigned for the delivery of Oil during the months of May and june. Today s Star is addressed to j. Phil Whiteside an attorney by Choice and a Veteran of the world Wai by necessity who has been elected the commander of the Anniston american Lei Ion Post. He was elected last night in recognition of his service to that organization. He is a sportsman being Ion of Hunting and has served in official capacities with the Calhoun county sportsman a club. This Contact has Given him an insight into conservation neds. Making him an advocate of conservation. Ever. Or. Melton Clark Preache on Quot the fourth test of the True religion by our contributions sunday morning. Or. Kimbrough said that the first presbyterian vacation Bible school starts monday morning at 8 30 of clock in the sunday school building with emphasis to be put on Bible teaching. No St ices Are to be held at Grace episcopal Church Sun a episcopalians Are invited to attend the services at the Church of St Michael and All Angels to hear Captain r. H. Channon a St. John the holy eucharist will be celebrated at 7 30 of clock with the morning prayer and Sermon scheduled for la o clock at St. Michaels. At the North Side Baptist Church the Ira d Harris addresses the morning Assembly on a a what hunk be of Christ whose son is he a his second topic of the Day will be Quot what shall i do then with Jesus which is called Christ a the Rev. E a shirt Speaks at the pentecostal holiness Chut cd sunday morning on a How May i know i Ani a his evening topic will be announced later in the midst of a revival at the Lakeview Baptist Church the Rev. L. N Claxton. Jr., will deliver a message to members of this Church at 7 30 o clock sunday night he i Speaks tonight at 7 30 on Quot tile Midnight hour the Rev. Charles r Bell will conduct both sermons at the Parker memorial Baptist Church the topic of which Are to be announced later. Revival services Are being conducted at the Mccoy a mortal me a Odist Church of the Rev. Charles l. Ellis pastor of the Brandon methodist Church of Tuscaloosa assisted by the Page Tor. The Rev. R l. Baker. Ellis Speaks on a a handful of Christian responsibility at ii o clock and on Quot your chickens will come Home to Roost at 8 of clock tonight. A special service for men and boys will be heard on the theme a need for Christian manhood starting at 2 30 of clock sunday afternoon. Speaking on Quot tile christians Call to the Rev. Henry Harris pastor of the Ruhama Baptist Church delivers his last message to his congregation before revival services Start sunday night at 8 o clock with the Rev. A l. Wyatt of Gadsden in charge what the quiet Woodland of Compi Ege was crowded with Cid memories As the emissaries assembled. It was Here that marshal Foch proud spokesman of a victorious France met the German staff in 1918 and brusquely asked Quot gentlemen purpose brings you Here Berlin believed tile formal armistice session would begin about 8 a. In. Cost. As word was waited from com Pisegne the War went on in franc but reports from both sides indicated that it now had More the character of a military occupation than a Battle. French units still resisting in apace Larrame were being mopped up and German troops were pushing Southw Ard across France with virtually no opposition. The German High command claimed the sinking of a 10,000-ton transport and a 4.000-ton auxiliary Cruiser by bom Bine planes in the Mouth of the Guan de and said submarines i please turn to Page 8. Column 4. Today a War moves by j. Vav. T. Mason i United press War expert reports that Germany May postpone announcement of peace terms but will demand unconditional surrender of France at the armistice conference imply a High degree of psychological efficiency to Hitler. If the germans declare at this time the infliction they intend to impost on France it would stimulate the activities of those frenchmen who wish to form a Rump government and continue the War in opposition to the retain ministry. Germany a chief desire for the moment is to demobilised France completely in order to com a centrals All Effort against the Brit ish. At the seventeenth Street Baptist Church coloured the Rev. D c. Washington will preach on a a special Way for a special people in the morning and at 7 30 p. M on a a spiritual indifference and its pick Alley top up and take him along on your ideation. I he laughs hell Amish w la pit k Vou up. All our circulation department and have the Anniston Star mailed to you while you re away. Enough to contend that the plan in j w0uld be provided from the Western visages immediate import to this absolves Bowman new York. June 21. presi capture i. S. Planes new York june 21 country of Argentina s entire beef surplus. The plan said or. Roosevelt contemplates control of All surpluses of this hemisphere through a single i corporation or perhaps a series of hemisphere rations participating in Dent Ford Frick of the National Lun Ibia broadcasting company pick league today absolved Pitcher Bobed up an italian Short wave radio non lion a saldthat.000. Bowman of tile St. Louis cardinals newscast today quoting the German too Kwh uld be Loo High a figure of intentionally Quot beaning Joe med official news Agency a saying that for be cartels capital Stock but Wick his former teammate now added that commodities which would playing with the Brooklyn dodgers come under the cartels control in a game bet Wen those two clubs please turn to Page 8, column i i tuesday. The germans had captured 400 air planes which had just arrived from America and 2,000 motors Complete with plans for mounting. Here s summer summer came into Anni it ton today with the most Friendly temperatures of several Days prevailing. The mornings Low was 64. Which the weather Bureau called practically Chilly compared to ome of the minimums such Asti 69 and 68�?markej up in recent Days. An Outlook for a continuance of Quot liable weather conditions was voiced. Yesterday s High was 49, pretty High but still not 90. A realistic War policy therefore would seem to Point to enforcement of French surrender without at the same time driving the French to such despair that they might prefer to fight on. Even in their weakened state. Without stating final peace terms the germans can use any part of France As bases for their own future operations once French surrender Lias been arranged. If conditions in Germany were becoming so disquieting As to require action to heighten civilian morale then immediate dismember a meat of France could serve a use Lul purpose for Hitler. But there is no evidence that the German Home Trout is in any present danger of collapse. It does not yet need to be stimulated for the German victories have been sufficient for that purpose. A ruthless partitioning of Frame and division of her colonies might Well be postponed too until the War is Over so that Neutral resentment against Germany Max be kept within Bounds. Germany certainly is uneasy regarding the trend of Public opinion in the United states and it would show psychological realism for Hitler to postpone the immolation of France on till account alone too. The japanese Are uneasy concerning the future of French Indochina. As Long As the War goes on the japanese Are in a better position to Check German Leisure of this territory than they would be if the germans concluded the War with Complete Victory for themselves. Although the germans talk of forcing unconditional surrender on the British Empire it is far More reasonable to believe they expect an i eventual Compromise peace with the i British. But if France were torn asunder now the germans might Well conclude that great Britain would fight More bitterly and the War might be prolonged to the Point of exhaustion for the germans with j no Hope of Compromise. Also the germans understand very Well that whatever terms might be inflicted on France now can have Only temporary Validity. Their permanent wig depend on the outcome of the struggle against Britain. I if that struggle were to result in the necessity for a Compromise ending of the War the British would insist on France being a party to the peace negotiations. Any previous peace conditions might have too discarded requiring open retraction by Germany and so indicating in this respect a German defeat if Wisdom prevails in the Hitler Camp therefore it would seem advantageous for Germany to refrain from an immediate impetuous grab of Frances possessions though perhaps militarily occupying some of them. Tire French army made impotent by unconditional surrender would then have to sit imm. Banned watching the Fate of plane being decided by the Tot tween Germany and the British i Empire though perhaps with the French Navy and St me of Tho Fri he air Force participating ;