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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - June 13, 1964, Anniston, Alabama Koufax a hot the Lei Angeles dodger a Ace Pitcher Sandy Koufax right Backen his 20-game-plus feral. He retired is Batten in Arder Friday night while shutting out the cards 1-4. See Page 7. R-1 v a p Ivan Day night Pron i . Iell ., Abc a and local news is flashed Ever station whoa. The Star final Rotten is presented each weekday at 4 in the Star arrives sunday morning Long before breakfast time. Member Abc and near your Home newspaper since 1882 a and up news vol. 82, no. 270 a do to pages one Section Anniston Alabama saturday june is 1864 so daily 20c sunday 50c a week by Carrier lbs Erhard mrs wet we a warn Russia against action Washington up a president Johnson and West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard have warned the russians that they will be held responsible for any trouble in Berlin which might result from the new soviet East German treaty. Erhard holds a news conference today to wind up a two Day visit which brought full agreement Between him and Johnson on some aspects of the German question but failed to trigger any immediate Western initiatives to promote German reunification. Christian fiercer a to too Erhard prominent merchant succumbs Jack Meyer Routman 41, prominent Anniston businessman died unexpectedly Friday at 7 45 ., at his residence is Fairway or. Or. Routman was Crowner of Gayle s and new Berman s and had been in business Here for the past 21 years. He was a member of Temple Betel and waa very Active i civic affairs inti a re cent illness. A native of Talladega Bel was in Dis clothing business Fai Birmingham prior to coming to Anniston. Or. Routman is survived Fay i the widow mrs. Lucille rout Man two sons Robin John and James Brant Routman i one daughter miss Mary Theresa Routman All of Anniston two Brothers l., of Anniston and Julius m. Routman off Birmingham one sister Ben Applebaum and his Mother mrs. Bessie Routman of Anniston. Funeral arrangements will be announced by Gray Brown service mortuary. Hefter talks set i Erhard also planned to meet with Christian a. Her ter the administration s special Trade negotiator for a discussion of problems connected with the current a Kennedy round of Tariff negotiations at Geneva. I the warning to Russia came in a joint communique issued i Lefter two meetings Between Johnson and Erhard Friday j the two leaders said they Sawl nothing explosive in the Moscow a a Friendship treaty at this time however. I a the communique acknowledged that the soviet Union in serving some Advance notice and cautiously phrasing the treaty had been careful not to step on Western toes. Al p treaty noted a the joint communique sail Johnson and Erhard took note of the treaty. But it added that both agreed that a no unilateral move by the soviet Union could in any Way affect the rights of the three Western Powers or i modify the obligations and responsibilities of the soviet Union with respect to Germany Jand a Johnson and Erhard stressed that Tho soviet government i would be a solely responsible for the consequences of any a i tempi at interference who Ai lied rights resulting from the new treaty Tho communique said. Death toll risen in Western floods Washington up ate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield mont., fears Tbs death toll from recent floods in Bis stats will exceed that of the recent earthquake in Alaska. Mansfield sadly told the Senate that 21 dead already have been counted and that 135 More narc unaccounted for. D most of these Are Blackfoot indians. The weather forecast Imay Aad so Aday partly Deedy a Adbel with widely scattered after nose and eve diag thundershowers. High today 97 Low tonight to High sunday 94. Local sva Yik to Biff Cut a Tymn Ltd Mil sat. In i i. Ukr a a Peri Isert tilts sets a till. Pm 34 bams sadist Ai m to. Is Oso Hiff bust i superstars. M Aag Rorsi Tomp orators. La Drar rss bats Lait or Ara Arhat into Tai 4 to p. aaa Ria Tara array 4 31 a to. Or Tuscaloosa Trace kept Tuscaloosa als. Up negroes planned to maintain their truce on racial demonstrations today As they awaited a lion on two moves they Hope will break the racial impasse Here. In a suit filed in Federal court in Birmingham Friday the negroes reiterated their request that City officials be enjoined from interfering with a a peaceful racial demonstrations. The suit was similar to another injunction request filed thursday. At the same time the negroes sent letters to mayor George Van Tassel and other prominent City lenders taking that they act to arrange a matting Between White and negro leaders in discuss racial difficulties. In Friday s suit filed is a a class action by the Rev. T. Y. Rogers head of the Tuscaloosa citizens for action committee and other committee members the negroes asked for a a a speedy hearing of the matter. They asked that Van Tassel City commissioners Snow Minto and George Ryan and police chief William Marable be enjoined from denying negroes a the right to peacefully protest segregation. They also asked that the court order about 90 n e g r o demonstrators now in jail released. $50,000tucked away president Johnson puts a $50,000 Check in his Billfold today and draws a Hearty laugh from West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard. The Check Given to Johnson at the White House is a West German contribution to peace corps Type organizations throughout the world. A wire photo non in j vote Hunting in Connecticut loot strafing denied flights resumed Over red forces Vientiane Laos up a the United states has resumed its Aerial reconnaissance flights Over communist held territory in Laos a . Embassy spokesman announced today. The spokesman said the flights Over red Patchet lao strongholds were started again Friday. He said future operational phases of such missions to keep an Eye on communist activities would not be made Public. The spokesman Tim denied communist charge that u. S. Planes had strafed the Patchet lao Headquarters at he Sag Khay in the Plaine dec j tires a peking radio broadcast had alleged that an official of the communist chinese a economic and cultural Mission was killed and five other persons were injured thursday when american made planes bombed Rad strafed Chang Khay. The peking broadcast tried in leave the impression that the planes were flown by americans a statement previously denied by die United states. Tbs broadcast called the attack a a Wanton and said the planes dropped heavy and incendiary bombs on the City and strafed it. As in previous broadcasts today s report described the attacking planes As u. S. A made but did not indicate whether the aircraft bore the markings of the United states or the Royal vietnamese air Force. The state department said in Washington today that the u. S. Reconnaissance flights have provided photographic that the communists were when they denied the presence of North vietnamese troops in Laos. Mississippi explosion investigated Canton miss. Up a an in a vesti gation continued Here today into reports of bombings Atli negro Church and borne. Ii Polk chief Dan Thomas said his department was investigating explosions which civil rights leaders charged were caused by bombs tossed St tile two build Ings. A the Council of Federated Orl ionization Cofo said no one i was injured in the two blasts be of fora Dawn Friday. Windows were blown out at the pleasant Green Church and at the Home occupied by mrs. Alberts Kob Inion a spokesman a the pro Integrationist group has sponsored a negro voter registration Campaign which re suited in the arrest of 55 nears and White demonstrators Mal 29. I the arrests came As the dem a i Castratore attempted to major an the Madison county court House in protest of alleged discrimination against negro voter applicants. In Jackson Friday petitions were filed in in Effort to have the cases transferred to Federal court. All of the group were convicted in City court on charges of parading without a permit picketing and obstructing the sidewalk. Jwj i negro attorney Carat Hall contended in the u. S. District court petitions that his clients Elizabeth celebrates a official birthday London up Queen Elizabeth celebrated her of a a w _ trial birthday today by review could not get a fair trial in Cir ing her troops handing o u t cult court. Honors to Cricket players and t. Politicians and introducing her baby son to the nation. The Queen actually turned 34 on april but her a act firial birthday always Falls in june because the British vet ther makes april unsuitable for the traditional a trooping of to methodist ministers appointed several new ministers were appointed for methodist Church in the Anniston District by Bishop Nolan b. Harmon at the final session of the annual North Alabama conference of the methodist Church Friday in Birmingham. Going to churches in the City for the first year will be the Rev. H. E. Ford at Carpenter memorial methodist Church the Rev. Mccoy Guthrie to Mccoy methodist Church and the Rev. James Godbey to Parkin Avenue methodist Church. The Complete listing of ministers for the methodist churches in the Anniston District is As follows j. Grant Parris District superintendent Alexandria John Clotfelter Anniston Carpenter h. E. Ford Anniston Elliston w. W. Lamoni Anniston first r. Laurence Dill or. Anniston first associate Robert o. Miller Anniston Mccoy Mccoy Guthrie Anniston Parkin Avenue James Godbey Anniston Saks James Northcutt. Bethel Campground George Cobb is. Bethlehem. P. V. See ministers Page 2, Cai i convention a Fol hear candidate Dalton a. Up a Pennsylvania gov. William w. Scranton flies to his native Connecticut today to bid for support in hit Lith hour drive to snatch the gop presidential nomination from senator Barry Coldwater. The governor was to leave his Home Here at noon to go by chartered plane to Bradley Field Windsor locks Conn. He was scheduled to address the Connecticut Republican convention in Hartford at 2 Connecticut republicans who Friday night heard an endorse ment of Scranton from their keynote speaker Rhode Island gov. John h. Cholee must elect is delegates to next month s gop National convention at san Francisco. Scranton stood a Good Chance of picking up at least 12 delegates with four said to be Coldwater supporters Connecticut is familiar Pound for Scranton he was born in Madison attended prep school at Hotchkiss in Lakeville and was graduated from Yale University and Yale Law school at new Haven. Hie Connecticut speech was Only the beginning of Scranton s bunt for support. There were reports that be planned to meet with George c. Lodge son of ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge at his Home Here. Young Lodge has been serving As his father s representative in this country. Shortly after Scranton s announcement of his candidacy in Baltimore Friday Maxwell m. Rabb National chairman of the Lodge for president committee switched his support to the Pennsylvania governor Rad urged other Lodge backers to do the same. His announcement was the first solid change in the gop presidential picture. Scranton announces gov. William Scranton of Pennsylvania tells Maryland republicans in Baltimore that he is a candidate for the gop presidential nomination. Listening in the foreground hit wife. A wire photo Scranton a drive picks up backers Washington up Sylvania gov. William w. Scranton had plenty of welcomes into the presidential sweepstakes today but there was Little evidence his Well wishers planned to Barry eyes More Voles islanders push probe into a my Camp Bla St Santo Domingo up authorities pressed a thorough investigation today of reports that saboteurs were to blame for the Chain reaction ammunition explosion at an army Camp that killed at least a persons Rad injured Here thursday night and Early Friday. Damage was estimated at a bout million. President Donald Reid Cabral following up reports that the alleged saboteurs Are hiding out at Santo Domingo University invoked emergency Powers to Send investigators onto the usually immune Campus. Police threw a cordon around the University grounds at Dawn Friday and allowed no one in or out while they waited for authorization from Reid to go ahead. There was no immediate report of arrests. In a nation wide broadcast Friday Reid said he invoked his Powers Only after the University s vice Rector it vice president Miguel a. Piantini refused to admit investigators to he Campus. Help him out of the starting Gate in the race latest among the top republicans who hailed Scranton sentry into the Field is Assurance of a a dear choices at the party s National convention next month was former vice president Richard m. Nixon who predicted to drive for the nomination would be a a two Man race Between the governor and Arizona sen. Barry Coldwater. Nixon returning to this country from a trip to London sounded a dissonant note in the acclaim when he said Scranton appeared a a vacillating my warned that a must a not appear to be a puppet mane Vered by someone else in his Campaign. Despite statements at Welcome from republicans of every Stripe the Only Clear indications of support for Scranton came from a supporter of ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge Sod Rhode Island republicans. Maxwell Rabb a former Eisenhower staff member and head of a draft Lodge organization threw his support to the Pennsylvania governor Friday after visiting the former president at his Home in Gettysburg a. Judge to be asked to curtail race marches in Florida qty by Uaita Presa a Federal District judge was to be urgently requested today to Grant the City of St. Augustine Powers to prevent racial demonstrations by both negroes and Whites. Judge Bryan Simpson who Only last week overturned a St. Augustine emergency injunction prohibiting negro nighttime marches scheduled a hearing this morning on the request. Negroes called off further demonstrations pending a new ruling by Simpson but White demonstrators announced Anothy a nighttime March into the negro Section of St. Augustine tonight. Or. Martin Luther King jr., jailed thursday while leading an Effort to desegregate a St. Augustine restaurant was to be a Star witness. King was removed from h i s jail cell and brought Bere Friday night. The negro Leader scheduled to get an honorary degree from Yale University monday is expected to be released on Bond during the weekend other witnesses were to include state government observers who watched a generally Small but tense March by a bout 300 militant White segregationists through the narrow streets of St. Augustine a negro Section Friday night. It was reported that gov. Farris Bryant was hopeful the City could get the Power to Issue injunctions to halt demonstrations by both racial groups. The governor was keeping by close touch with the explosive situation through his observers who were operating in St. Augustine with cameras and tape recorders. Washington up sen. Barry Coldwater gof presidential bandwagon was expected to pick up a flock of convention delegates today despite Pennsylvania gov. William w. Scranton s last a ditch efforts to derail it. The Battle grounds wore state Republican conventions by Connecticut where Scranton was to make a personal bid for support Virginia new Mexico and Idaho. The latest United pros International tabulation of Delegate strength gave Coldwater 553 pledged delegates with 455 needed for nomination at next months san Francisco convention. Scranton was credited with 97 after Nis formal announcement of candidacy when Alaska switched to give him 19 of its 12 first ballot votes. Previously the bulk of Alaska s votes were for new York gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller. Rockefeller had 121 commit and Bayard Ewing cop a ted Delegate votes ambassador Lions i committeeman from Rhode Island said last night he was certain of he state s 14 delegates would support Scranton. Henry cobol Lodge 43, former vice president Richard m. Nix on and 143 w e r e scattered among various other candidates. Hoses flush Man from under Home segregationist Speaks j. B. Stoner Atlanta segregationist holds a Confederate Flag aloft As he addresses Whites at slave Market in St. Augustine Fla. He then led them on March through negro Section. Sign reads a kill civil rights bulk a wire photo an Anniston Man broke away from police who sought to serve a warrant on him holed up under his Home and held off the Polk for two hours Friday. He was finally flushed out from under the House with a High pressure fire hoes. Del. Cap. C. F. Pate identified the Man As Elbert Lamy 24, of 312 w. 21th St. He said he and detective Jim Meads had attempted to serve a warrant charging Laney with car theft when Laney pulled out a .22 Caliper pistol and ran under the Boun. As policemen surrounded the House Laney fired several shots at them no one was hit though Laney apparently shot himself during the scrap the left wrist he was later treated at memorial Hospital for the by jury. The Melee ended about aeon when Laney was pushed out from his hiding place by the fire Hose. He came out shooting but was quickly disarmed and arrested Captain Pate said. He was treated at the Hospital booked at City jail and later transferred to Calhoun county custody ;