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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - June 06, 1944, Anniston, Alabama Weather forecast Alabama. Local thundershowers this afternoon. Partly Cloudy tonight and tomorrow. Not quite so warm tonight. Yesterday s High 85 today Low 67. A by Anniston local Cotton Zim vol. 142. Complete a. P. And u. P. Leased wires. Member Abc and Nea Anni Stool ala.7tljesday, june 6, 194 4 news Day and night prom 6 m tilt ii p m Anutt sent fits United press news and Blue network associated Presa bulletins Ara flashed Over radio station whoa. I he Star s Quot final edition of Star new is presented each afternoon except sunday at 5 15 of clock. So a copy�?25c a week by Carrl sallies invade France he drive ten Niles into Hitler West Wall Roosevelt War chiefs hold Parley for to address nation tonight Aud read prayer w Ritten during attack Washington. June 6 a u a president Roosevelt today summoned top army and Navy chiefs to the White House for an invasion conference and prepared to Lead the nation in a prayer which he wrote last night As the Allied Armada moved across the English Channel to France. Or. Roosevelt called in Gen. George c. Marshall army chief of staff adm. Ernest j. King commander in chief of the United states Fleet and Gen. H. H. Arnold commander of the army air forces. Meanwhile reports poured into the White House from the War and Navy departments on Progress of the invasion. In his prayer which the president will deliver at 9 p. In. Cwt and in which he asked the nation to join i or. Roosevelt asked for divine Bat i tie strength Quot to conquer the apostles of greed and racial arrogance is j Quot with thy Blessing we shall prevail Over the unholy forces of our enemy a the president s prayer said. Quot Lead us to the saving of our see Roosevelt Page 8, col i p a y bulletins Eisenhower a order of Day London june 8, or a text of general Eisenhower a order of the Day follows Quot soldiers sailors and airmen of the Allied expeditionary Forte Quot you Are about to embark upon the great crusade toward which we have striven these Many months. The eyes of the world Are upon you. The Hopes and prayers of Liberty Loving Peoples everywhere March with you. Quot you will bring about the destruction of the German War machine the elimination of Nasi tyranny Over the oppressed Peoples of Europe and Security for ourselves in a free world. Quot your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is Well trained Well equipped and Battle hardened. He will fight savagely. A but this is the year 1944. Much has happened Ainee the Nasi Triumph of 1940-41. A the t cited nations have inflicted upon the germans great defeat in open Battle Man to Man. Our air offensive has seriously reduced their strength in the air and their capacity to wage War on the ground. Our Home fronts have Given us an overwhelming superiority in weapons and munitions of War and placed at our disposal great reserves of trained fighting men. Quot the tide has turned. A the free men of the world Are marching together to Victory. I have full Confidence in your courage Devotion to duty and skill in Battle. Quot we will accept nothing less than full Victory. Quot Good Luck and let us All beseech the Blessing of almighty god upon this great and Noble the order was distributed to assault elements after their embarkation. It was read by appropriate commanders to All other troops in the Allied expeditionary forces. T i i p t h is t 4p \ s 1i lilt p St till. Asian la Tho Ligand tons of bombs fall on nazis allies have Arsenal of new weapons Detroit. June 6.cup a War production Board chairman Donald m. Nelson said today that Quot at this moment there Are weapons and j equipment in use on the invasion front that the Public has never seen or even heard the secret weapon. Nelson told the United press As he hurriedly left this City after receiving news of the invasion a match weapon for weapon everything tile enemy has been Able to Nelson called for a Quot supreme Effort a by War worker to coincide with the invasion. British and americans understand Earh other perfectly As general Eisenhower discusses military strategy with generals Tedder left and Montgomery right just before the invasion was launch re. Britons like Eisenhower a Quot selflessness a Allie soften i p invasion areas in i pit hours of heavy bombing London. June 8. Curt thousands of Allied bombing planes softened up the defences of Western Europe for the Anglo american invasion armies Ugi night and Early today dropping More than 11,200 tons of High explosives Down on nazi coastal fortifications in eight Ai d one half hours of furious attack. Tile Roar of the bursting bombs Sud the attacking fighter planes. Rolled Back across the narrow Straits i of Dover incessantly from Midnight until 8 a. M. As Tome 7,500 Allied planes hammered at the network of enemy gun emplacements studding the Channel coast. By mid morning the Allied air fleets had swept the skies Clear of nazi planes and fighters were racing As far As 7ft Miles Inland without drawing a Challenge from the battered Luftwaffe. Reichs marshal Herman Goering declared in an order of the Day to his air forces however that the invasion must be fought off even if it Means the death of tire Luftwaffe a suggesting that the nazi warplanes might be thrown into the Battle at any time. More than 2,300 american and British heavy bombers spearheaded the great sky Fleet crashing an estimated 7.000 tons or More of bombs on the enemy a beachhead defences another Kijoo tons were slopped by tactical air forces. It was the heaviest attack Ever 4 it ruled against a single objective. Sad All reports indicated that Ute a nighty barrage had All but beaten he nazi forts into submission be Ore the ground assault began Alabama ahead germans Tell own people of invasion by United press the germans broke the news of the Allied invasion to their own people at 11 40 a. In. German time time 5 40 a in Ewt today More than two hours after Ute Allied announcement and Long after German news agencies had been broadcasting the news to other countries. Nazis say allies suffer heavy casualties London june 0.�? a a the German High command in its first invasion communique today said Allied forces suffered Quot particularly heavy reverses Quot in the Caen area of Northern franc and claimed that an entire regiment of paratroopers was destroyed in that sector. General russian offensive soviet Dame n us expected within 48 hours cd waver expect drive in Faut to by co orbit item with Allied i fix action of i extern Europe action for two Duy snack mapped Al Teheran London june 6 0 a it a military observers said today that a general russian offensive coordinated with the Anglo aum lean attack from the West May be launched within the next 48 hour and almost certainly will begin before the week end. A a a. A the United press informants said j Western Europe the nazi dub wide beachhead obtained along Normandy coast 4,000 ship and i i Thio Diane spearhead offensive and reduce resistance to i a a a than expected Yousta area pulverized by bombing casualties Are reported id lit for both land air troops Alite Rule Shie Over fighting zone Goering i alls on air Force i o throw Back allies even if of m eau death of Hitler faltering Luftwaffe by Virgil Pinkley i United press War correspondent supreme Headquarters Allied expeditionary Force London june 6. Up a Allied invasion armies landed in Northwestern France today drove at least 9 1-2 Miles into the vaunted nazi West Wall to the town of Caen and after 12 hours of fighting held beachhead on a Broad front along the coast of Normandy. Prime minister Winston Churchill told commons Ace Over infusion i late today that the invasion a is proceeding in a thoroughly satisfactory manner and simultaneously a supreme Headquarters spokesman said the american and Allied armies had a gotten Over the first five or six hurdles in the greatest amphibious assault of All time. Nazis say invaders thrown Back the German Tran Ocean news Agency however broadcast a statement by a nazi military to jokes 640 naval guns bombard French coast London june 0.�? up More than 640 naval guns ranging from four Inch to 16-Inch, Are bombarding the French beaches and enemy Strong Points in support of the Allied Jinnies Allied supreme Headquarters announced today. Raf bombers Batter German targets London june 0,�? Pic Raf bombers last night blasted the Northwest German railway Center of Osnabrock the air ministry announced today. All planes returned safely the announcement said. A crushing two Way attack from the East and West was Laid Down by the american British and russian leaders at tile Tehran conference last year envisaging the Complete destruction of German military Power before the close of 1944. Both the German radio Ai i other reports reaching London indicate that soviet artillery has been increasingly Active All along the lower one str front where huge russian armies Are believed to have completed their re grouping in preparation for a new drive to the West. A taking into account the Start of the Anglo american invasion of i front line troops news Agency said today it is possible that the concentrated soviet divisions now deployed i a attack k will begin to seek a final i German commentators indicated that the red army blow la expected to fail on the Southern flank around last but London observers pointed out that tilt soviets have been massing vast supplies and equipment at a number of Points during the Mist seven weeks and the offensive May Start anywhere. At least eight major russian armies Are now drawn up on the Tong front totalling about 5.000,900 Moscow june 6�?t�?T.-russian who Learned of the invasion today literally darned with glee. For them it meant the end of three years of anxious waiting for the thrust from the West newspapers which had not announced the landings still were carrying glowing accounts of the fall of Rome Peter Smollett head of the Russia n department of the British ministry of information walked into the pres department of the foreign commissariat at 12 30 p. In. Holding up his thumb and announced Quot they re off. Then we went to notify soviet officials. Maj Gen. John a Deane. British military Mission head prepared a joint statement lot the soviet press. A Day prayers offered Here the fortunate few who were awakened from their Al Umbers to hear the first reports As Thev came Over radio station whoa this morning were reminded of former governor Bill Brandon a peroration to one of Kos famous speeches Quot thank amp a Alabama a still ahead Quot that was literally True in this greatest moment in Bittorf. For the first Crew of paratroopers to land in France was commanded by a Birmingham major and in eluded in the Crew of 18 were several other Alabama boys besides others from Minnesota it on Nee Lieut and Mulligan a genuine All american outfit. Accompanying tins fir expedition a Wright ban Man aging editor of the Hilanto journal who gave a graphic account of try Landing. As Toon a As the command to jump was give til me hip Quot had emptied in tight a my Force tip eleven seconds and was Tiea ded Back to England. Whoa Pill stay on the air to broadcast bulletins As they arrive Over the tinted press Inker throughout the a it and night. Keep tuned to sour local Clear Channel station. Patriots warned to be prepared London. June 0.�? a a Gen. Dwight d. Eisenhower warned millions of patriots in Europe today against a premature uprising As tile Allied Fortes landed in France but urged them to prepare and stand ready for the signal that will hurl them into the greatest revolt in history Quot the Day will come when i shall need your United strength Eisenhower said. Quot until that Day i shall Call on you to the hard task of Dinar spline and restraint. Follow the instructions of your leaders. Be patient prepare Quot 11,000 pianos spearhead invasion supreme headquarter Allied expeditionary Force june 0 Asp a through a rolling Ocean of Clouds 5,000 feet thick Allied air forces threw ii,000 aircraft of almost every Type into the grand invasion of Europe today bombing and strafing Miles of Normandy a beaches and flying Inland to break the enemy a communications. Two things stood out in the air operations launched in support of the landings in Northern Fiance. The first was the mass of air planes the Alite it were Able to put into the sky in weather described As Quot just fair the other was the absence of Gentian resistance. Churchill says invasion satisfactory London june 6 a u pm prime minister Churchill in his sword statement to the Horne of commons mid late today that the invasion of Frame was proceeding a urn a thoroughly satisfactory manner a serving our clientele the a Mixton Star takes justifiable Pride in the Way Iii which it a been Able to keep the people of this Section of the stale informed with j respect to every development in this global War that reached it Climax today. With the facilities of the i United pres and the asset lated press the worlds two greatest news gathering associations installed in our Plant we have been ahead with every new development of the War from the Day it started until this morning when we were Abir to place an extra in the hands of our readers As they reported for duty at their places of business. And while Hie Bur was assembling it editorial and mechanical forces and getting ready to translate the news to the printed Page radio feta Tion whoa with which the Star a a working agreement was broadcasting every new development direct from the scene of invasion with authentic comments from All the great figure of the United nation civil and military. We shall not rest on our laurels for one minute however for we have always believed that Star readers Arr entitled to nothing Tes than the Best and it shall always by our desire to keep in the forefront of service in the interesting Field of duty we have chosen to follow 4itir<4i�ft i ii raw ii it 9111 for worship soon Fly r invasion begin ministers Rose Early i morning in open the doors of their churches to and to plan service of Maser for the fighting men of the Allied forces a we heir in Anniston was join with thief of the Allied world to Pray for die Soldier. Sailors and marines who Are pushing the Causa of libel to through or Melton Clark president of the local ministerial association mid Early this morning. A i know that All of the churches will tie open and although we have planned no Union service All citizen Are urged Ore i Burette Page 9, Al. To German resistance is by Robert Richardi a United press War Curre Peg Derit offensive extends Over Norman Peninsula a ,.1�� London june us by the German Tran Ocean Ness Agency said i returned from the invasion area to tonight that the Allied a offensive area had been extended to the i Day and reported that Allied troops entire Norman Peninsula. Were piling onto the Shore of France apparently with huh opposition Anil that the skies had been virtually cleared of German planes. Washington june 0.�? . Ernest a Kin commander of fl0ln 4 000 feet 1 Tuow the paned states Fleet said after a conference auth president Roosevelt of Huck Aud jeeps ill Over lie Beach today that the invasion of Europe is Quot doing All right so anal Norf coming a said 2nd la Wayne Swanbery Wilkes Barre. A Quot one truck blew up but that was the Only sign of enemy am i v it the go Fresn dub new Agency reported a. A i a in-n1 Allied Landing on the Normandy Peninsula his afternoon Aith Al j be a2�?~ trim / tanks being put ashore in one sector Mund he my a number Quot of muh King says invasion doing All right allies land tanks on Normandy London june 0.�? a troops Battle on Channel islands London june 6.�? a a the German controlled Vichy radio said today that violent fighting was taking place on the islands of Guernsey and Jersey West of the Norman Peninsula and the Aires were suffering heavy losses ail neatly parachutes Parker a and dotting the gilders adored Fields report mild resistance other returning pilots who covered the invasion coast during the morning made similar reports pm Pitt sizing Ine Lack it get Amu resistance 2nd it Quinlan Regan Mas said a i saw 25 to 30 enemy London june 0.�? or a Dwight d Eisenhower was the Man who planes on an Airfield about 20 mile set h hour and d Day president Roosevelt and prime minister front int Landing area they a hour and a Day sit by Eisenhower Churchill approved the Battle plan at Quebec in August 1943, but select my the exact time was left to the supreme commander this a stated today in a 37-Page unofficial a invasion summary written by British officers and released by the War office. com up to fight. I went Down to 1,000 feet with the idea of strafing them bul thew ack ack drove me off a pilots from Tim a e were among the first Back from coveting the j Landing operations. They Aid they j raw troops Sci ambling on Hie boreal 7 a. In. Apparently without much opposition the Pilot who Eriss Trca sed the i invasion coast giving cover to the ground forces said they could see a huge Heel of warships standing off the coast pasting enemy Posi a Lions sea of beats a Ive Neves seen so Many gyrate in til my life a raid m sgt. John i. Locke 27 ran Antonio Lex a Squadron Leader Fly Ingen it a Nai our i counted a great number it cruisers destroyers corvettes and Hundred of other types of Craft the constant flashes of their guns indicated the Beach was getting a heavy pounding a col. William h. Curry 29, Raleigh n. C., group commander said he saw the troops wading onto 5 marshy Shoreline around 7 a in. J european Tim from his Altitude Curry could not pm any signs of heavy opposition . Were bombarding die Beach ahead of the 1 hoops he said he Ai rid the warships pounding the coast Loke raid. Tame a never a is Imp ii ten Imp of it lauding Craft tanks error men by corvettes and it boats Quot it Felt like you could almost look Down and see the anxious grins on the a infantrymen a facts Locke said we were never attacked by enemy aircraft although the flak was terrific,1 he said awing toward Coati 2nd it. Mat Lim Benson. 22, Den Moines la who became separated from Locke Squadron encountered huge Allied Armada consisting of Hundred of to ans ports. Leta and barges escorted by a Long tin of battleships Cruiser and corvettes with it Ixia is darting among the ship of the Convoy. A he sighted ii. The Convoy a preparing to swing toward the French coast. Quot the Channel Waters were fairly Calm a Belion raid a and the boat bounced along is if they were Only crossing the Hudson River. They were constantly patrolled by warships and Many of them towed Barage balloons a 2nd it Edward r Guidet. 22. Somerville mass said Quot we flew along looking for trouble but there was nothing moving in that dim of Fiance not even a single lain we sighted on to engined bomber but it dues president s a Day prayer in Washington june 0 let this la the invasion prayer which preside it Roosevelt wrote Gulf Allied troops Weir Landing pm the Oyass of France and which he will read to the nation by radio at 9 p. In Ltd. W. I i tonight my fellow amerikan in Iii poignant hour. I ask you to join me in prayer almighty god our sons Pride of our nation this Day have in upon a mighty Endeavor a struggle to preserve our Republic our religion and our civilization and to aet free a suffering humanity. Lead them straight and Hue give strength to their arms Stout Ness to their hearts to their Faith they will need thy blessings. Their Road will be Long and hard. The enemy la Strong. He May hurl Back our forces. Success May not come with rut lung Speed but we shall return again and again and we know that by thy Glace and by the righteousness of our cause our sons will Triumph. They will be sort tried by night and by Day without test till the Victory is won. The darkness will be rent by noise and flame. Mena soul will be shaken with the violence of War. The arc men lately do a from the ways of peace. Thay fight not for the lust of Conquest. In a fight to cud Conquest. They fight to liberate they fight to let Hustle a and tolerance and Goodwill among All thy people. They yearn but for the end of Battle for their return to the Haven of horns some will never return. Embrace these father and Active them thy Bufi of servants into i by kingdom. And for us at Home fathers mothers children wives enters and Brothers and Brave men overseas whose thought and prayer Are e or with them help us almighty god. To rededicate ourselves in renewed Faith m thee in this bout it great Rac Rifice. Many people have urged that i Call the nation into a single Day or it special Praver but because Hie Road is Long and the desire is great. I ask that our people devote themselves in continuance of prayer. A we Rise to each new Day and again when each Day is spent Al wolds of prayer be pm our lips invoking thy help to our efforts. Give us strength Loo strength in our daily tasks to redouble the contributions we make in the physical and material support of our aimed forces. And let our hearts be Stout to wait out the Long Travail to Bear sorrows that May come to Unpeng our courage unto our sons were to or they May be. And o lord give us Feth give us Faith irs thee Faith in our son Faith in each other Faith in our United crusade let not the keenness of our spirit e or be dulled let not the impacts of temporary events of temporal Matt to of but fleeing moment let net these deter us in our unconquerable purpose. With thy bleating we shall prevail Over the unholy forces of our enemy help us to conquer the Apa ties of greed and racial arrogance. Lead us to the saving of our country and with our sister nations into a world Unity that Wal spell a sure peace a peace Invulnerable to he scheming of unworthy men and a peer that will let ail me live in Freedom reaping the just rewards of their honest toil. Thy will be done almighty god. Amen Man which said that except fur the Caen beachhead All the invasion troops had been thrown Back toward the the spokesman claimed that the Allied beachhead tuts Only 12 Miles wide and about a mile deep. Churchill making his second appearance of the Day in commons to report on the invasion said this evening in announcing satisfactory development of the invasion a the troops have penetrated in some eases several Miles Inland. Lodgements exist it it a a Broad front ,. He said Allied troops were fighting inside Caen 9 1-2 Miles Inland and 30 fillies West of be Havre. Earlier Berlin broadcasts reported fighting on both sides of the town As Well As Allied landings. In i a i ;