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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - June 05, 1944, Anniston, Alabama Page five the Anniston Star monday june 5, 1944. Beauty is Olk business a expert operator if dry Burke or j yet Groppel Luanita Herndon society Iva Cook society editor phone 1288 War Plant Quern la gets Man s Job keeps Appeal Gem Alabama Beauty shop lobby Ala hotel phone 24 Anniston credit $5 to $50.00 company Loans on your personal note 602 Wilson bids. Eva Bell Stankard. Mgr. 502 Wilson bids phone 108 hate # hot of Fer in in la i. Inferior Iii aches sometimes do this to Cottons and linens because their action is 3. Plain washing Means lots Mote feb bang to get things White. This also is very hard on fabrics. 3. With Puri you Cao avoid both dangers. Used As directed pure whitens Gutty with Antn Ltd action. Safer than inferior bleaches or extra tub. Bing. Linens last Longst. At your grocery Puri has control Llo action Osmus to Cottons Aho units i pure 3-Diamond solitaire of exquisite Beauty upon the scroll immortal will in weary chosen instrument a poet is the chosen instrument of mind and heart. Inordinate As time his tireless pen has been Coinci-1 Dent with every age of rhyme he faithful records charts of life and death that Dure beyond the latent years. Forever hearts concerned with platitudes will feel file Wand of singing phrases touch the finite Shell reveal unchartered avenues of thought j that Lead to Beauty s haughty Citadel there in resplendent phrases deftly wrought he traces through the cabalistic years. The timeless Paradox of Joy Henderson and Strawberry Shortcake these Are Days when the heart year Neth for old fashioned Strawberry Shortcake that was neither Short on berries nor Short on cake. But there in t much use in yearning. The Strawberry crop is Short and the Price has been dizzy. It has been quite awhile since gourmets and epicurus had any real Strawberry Shortcake. But it still is a culinary institution and let us All fondly Hope and Pray that Cooks will not forget How to make it. A real Strawberry Shortcake is made by a Cook who can make Good biscuits. She makes biscuit dough a Little Richer with a Little More shortening in it and Cooks it in one piece in a pie pan. When the first tinge of Golden Brown begins to color the crust she takes it out and with a Sharp knife splits it horizontally in two. She inserts Rich yellow butter into the split and when it is Well melted and soaked into the Crumb she lifts off the top and spreads on a layer of crushed strawberries that have been sweetened in sugar and their own Nec Taral juice while the cake was baking. If the berries Are plentiful she puts them on top too. The Rosy juice seeps through the Crumb and mingles with tile Lush melted butter. After it is served in thick wedges carefully lifted onto concave dishes the Cream is poured generously Over the whole thing. You eat it with a son Dally news. It it it miss Johnson feminine by Alicia Hart Nea Suff writer girls filling mens jobs run no risks of losing their feminine charms when they make it a practice to shed their working clothes and Shine at the end of the Day. As an example let me present Evelynne Johnson girl armament worker who. Although she matches skill with men holds the title of a a Queen of sweethearts Quot of the Douglas aircraft company a Santa Monica Plant. Whether Evelynne seem Only in her workaday clothes could have won the Beauty Crown is a matter of conjecture but the fact remains that she turns Cinderella after hours and shines. She takes time she says to whip up the fluff in hair that a been pressed Down to coax Bael. Curls that have been flattened out by a j snood. With one Eye on the clock she strips off old and re applies new make up and this time adds the fancy touches Eye Shadow Mascara a bluish red lipstick that holds its enticing color under artificial Light. Evelynne a pretty dresses in her wardrobe to Wear these summer nights. Thinks such clothes Are psychologically important to hard working girls who want to change their mood who May need reminders that they re feminine i after All no matter How Clever it they Are at doing Man sized tasks j marriage of miss loan la Cir de to Captain John h. Hancock in saturday miss Peggy Leland has returned from the of Alabama to spend her summer vacation with her Mother. Mrs. Richard m. Leland at Leighton court apartments. Or. And mrs. Richard a my or Are visiting relatives in Paterson i n. J. A mrs. Guy Cheatham is e suited Home after a visit with mrs. Roland Clements in Macon a a mrs. Edward Barnett Edith Mabry of Birmingham and mrs Hansel Hulsey us an Mabry it of Denver. Colo., were the guest of mrs George Goodrich and miss Mildred Goodrich for the marriage of their Cousin Jean lag a de to Captain John h Hancock of St. Francis. Kas., on saturday. A we or. And mrs. Benjamin Ingersol spent the week end in Birmingham where they attended a meeting of Spanish american War veterans. Wow miss Bobbie stringfellow has returned to Birmingham after a visit with or. And mrs John b Lagarde week end in Atlanta having arrived for the Hancock j Lagarde wedding at the Church of St. Michael and All Angels on sat i urday. It it it Thomas Rodes has returned after a visit in Tennessee. A mrs. E. I White has returned to Birmingham after a visit with her Mother mrs c. E. Richey who is improving at gamer Hospital. E or and mrs. Lon Chandler Watson spent the week end in Atlanta it it it miss ploy Vanlandingham is at Home for a in Days before returning to summer school at the University of Alabama. Charles f Richey is in route to inks heme at sunni. Calif Aliet visit Aith his Mother mrs. C. E Riche. A corp. Glue g. Haynes has returned to Tampa Fla after a visit at Home. A a or and mrs John a Gyrkin Are visiting in new York. It mrs. Henry Ford jr., ila., returned after a visit in Portsmouth a. I it it mrs. James Cotton Edna Lewis spent the past week end with her Mother mrs. Carolyn Brandon Lewis in Atlanta. A of a mrs. Thomas Kirksey spent the week end i Biloxi where or. Kirksey is stationed at Keester Field. It it it or. And mrs Robe w wet Hie is were called to Birmingham in saturday on account of the death of the utters father. Roger . Andrews. It it it or. And mrs. Bert Waddell spent a it it or. And mrs William Classe leave this week for a visit in new York and Philadelphia. It it it mrs. Ellis Cranford and miss Betty Cranford returned to Birmingham today after a visit with or. And mrs. Thomas f. Huey sr., on Christine Avenue. It it it Joel Sharer ill return to the University of Alabama on wednesday for summer school. It it it Seaman first class e. E Whit. A re a has returned to the nay hos Pital in skittle. Wash. After a it it with relatives maj and mrs a r Chapman left saturday for his new assignment at for Jackson s c. It it it Ali Martha Hatcher has returned to social Circle a. To spend the vacation after teaching in the Anniston schools. Mrs. William r Mabry of by at Taghan and mrs John Kelley Murphy Mary Mabr. It of new York spent the week end As the guests of ten. And mrs. Robert Noble and a Ere guests at the marriage of miss loan Lagarde to it i. John h. Hancock it it it miss Alline Osborn is visiting re j Alives in Heflin wow Cpl. George h Levden or. Has returned to fort Meade my after a visit with hts parents wow or and mrs Thomas b rot tiered of Detroit Mich ate visiting j Cpl. And or Edward Debelak at the Home of miss Ethel Houser. Wow Frank Brandon arrived today from Atlanta to become assistant j Field director of the american red Cross at fort Mcclellan. It it it or. And mrs Edgar d. Smith Are expected Home after a visit in Atlanta. Wow miss Sara Jean Whitley left yesterday for a visit with her sister. In Leon and or love us la Oakland. Calif in route she will visit mis Edw Ard Helm Kathryn Morrison in bos Angeles wow Hughes Wright. Urn. Is no stationed a Camp Peary a. Wow miss Cecil Hampton has returned to Birmingham after being the guest of or and or. C. M jes person on Burnet drive. W mrs. William g Gates is improving after an illness at her Home Ai 1818 Quintard Avenue. Wow a a Nady dents of the woman s Amu. Corps Jeff Oda for a visit in Washington d. C. And new York. While recovering from an illness w or William r e Owen is exulted Home tomorrow suet a visit in Washington d c a we or w it Menard is improving after an illness a or Home on Woodland Heights to rally digress of monthly female weakness Urdl e. Rve re late compound us my de especially for to help relieve periodic pain with weak nervous Blue feline a due to functional monthly disturbances taken regularly it he a build up resistance asm ins such symptoms follow Label directions. Lydia e. Pin Khz am s Lour Ulm phone 3000 i Battle needs for gasoline come first their daughter Elizabeth Vandiver. I to or. Frank my Alpine Toole of Birmingham son of mrs. Arthur f. Toole of Talladega and the late or. Toole. The marriage will take place at 8 of clock on August 5th, at the first presbyterian Church in Talladega. Sponsor party for soldiers with or. William Crowe officiating. What s left must take care of essential needs such As buses trucks farms Industry Etc. Before your wants can be considered. Members of Europe club $100 Price include Federal tax Fortch j a jewellers 111 Noble St. Europa club members were hostesses Foi a pleasant party in the Uso club at 112 East twelfth i Street saturday evening. On this occasion the a Giru of Anniston honoured recent Anniston High school graduates who have assisted with saturday night parties in the Uso. A Row Smittee of a girls in a eluding miss Kitty Gully miss Katherine Moorefield. Miss Mary Neil Turner and miss la Nell weight arranged the school colors effectively about the club rooms j with the red and Black streamers were combined diplomas tied with the same colors. Name cards for the honoured guests had tiny diplomas tied with narrow Satin ribbon. Other name cards had pictures of a mortar Board and a diploma. The grand March was led by Jane Barker who was chosen during her senior year As the most representative girl in the local High school. Others of the 1m4 class honoured Wens Joan Brownstone Ann Brummer Wilodean Campbell Betty Coleman Jean Dishman Helen Dill. Elizabeth Francis Evelyn Fordham Mary Gardner. Anita Hollingsworth Martha Hebron. Jane Martin. Eleanor Jane Neah Nett if enc Norton. Betty Reeves Neile seller Betty Stovall Al men Stolz Grace Thompson Lucy Whiteside. Maxine Quinn sue Ponder and Connie Wei Len. Attractive sandwiches prepared in the Home of Europa club members were served with punch. The Host eases brought the sandwiches to tile refreshment table with a tiny Anniston High school Penant stuck in one Sandwich on each try those who assisted As hostesses were mrs. Earl Robert. Mrs. Walter Kerry mrs. M. J. Williams mrs Oswald Brummel and miss mar Pinson the party was attended by Many girls of High school age who were joined by girls Home from College and by Hundred of soldiers. We miss Florence Smith weds or. Frank Toole or and mrs Howard Lee Smith of Tulsa okie., formerly of Anniston announce the engagement of i or Bab tender skin. For Bab a Siik hair. Ute pure mild Swet Thiart a sep such a soft creamy lather such gentle yet thorough Cie acting a Uch delicate fragrance the tire the qualities that make Sweet heart soap to justly Camelia Cut pre Cit a lain after the rites there will be a reception held at the Home of miss Smiths grandmother. Mrs. Wellington Vandiver. Miss Smith s Mother was formerly Anabel Vandiver of Talladega. She is also the granddaughter of mrs. A. H. Smith who now resides in Asheville. N. C. The Bride to be attended Coucher College in Baltimore where she was a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority and she was graduated from the University of Oklahoma. She is a member of the Junior auxiliary of the children s Day Nursery. Junior Board of children a Home the Junior service corps of Tulsa and the Philbrook Art Center. Or. Toole was graduated from Davidson College in North Carolina and received his dental degree at the Atlanta dental College. His fraternities Are Phi Beta Kappa. Eta Sigma Phi and Gamma Sigma Epsilon honorary fraternities. After the manage the Young couple will re aide in Birmingham where or. Toole is on the dental staff of t c. I. In it it informal Tea ii planned tomorrow at Uso Myca tuesday afternoon at 3 o clock there will be an informal Tea held at the Uso Myca club on inst twelfth Street marking the one Hundredth anniversary of the founding of this institution. The Myca was organised in Anniston three years ago at the time of the arrival of the 27th division from new York at. Fort Mcclellan. Friends in the East promoted the local Branch with the assistance of Civie Leader who cooperated with the executive Secretary. A Paul Alexander. Or. Alexander has continued to be head of the y a and has be a vary successful in conducting the fourfold program of the Myca i club is popular among the soldiers of the fort and is Well patronized by and Toniana who assist with Uso activities it it miss Edith Harper Hunt engaged to Willu Stone or. And or v. A Hunt of Brent Al announce the engagement of their daughter Edith Harper to Willis Wilton Stone son of or and mrs i. R Stone of Lineville Ala miss Hunt a graduated from a p. I or Stone who is attending o c 8 at fort Belvoir va., also attended api Quot the wedding will be an event of Early summer a executive Board meets at clubhouse tuesday the june meeting of the executive Board of the woman a civic club will be held tomorrow at i of clock at the clubhouse in Zion Park with mrs. Louis h. Klein presiding. On this occasion the Board members will be the guests of mrs Ann Barker the club hostess who is leaving soon for a visit with relatives in Texas. Or in history gets first Call on the nations available gasoline of course. You have it otherwise. And that vital need is tremendous., four times greater than in 1942, and increasing in direct ratio to our intensified military activity. Remember what the papers had to say the other Day about a Ioco plane raid on hitlers Berlin that Mission alone took More than 5 million Gallons of High octane aviation gasoline and its Only one Small phase of an Ever increasing military Tempo. An armoured division requires 25,000 Gallons to move one Hundred Miles to train a Pilot requires 12,500 Gallons enough to last the average automobile 18 years. It takes More than a ton of gasoline to Quot deliver a one ton bomb. After these tremendous military needs Are met there simply Isnit enough Gas left to keep civilian cars running Quot As the Only Way to make the available Supply go around is through rationing. The importance of a gasoline rationing system that really works is going to be increasingly great As the military needs for gasoline continue to multiply. Unfortunately we have to face that fact. Rationing is no fun hut a failure of our present system would have dire results. It is to your interest As a Good american citizen to fight the Quot Black Market and help make rationing succeed. This is the Only Way you can he sure of gasoline for your own use in the months to come Here show you can help Don t apply Jot More Gas than you really need. Get into a ride sharing club and stick to it. Endorse All your Gas coupons now. Don t take extra coupons from or offer them to anyone. This a Mog it aporia or of by the following rom pan a in the of Industry personals a sweetheart qq3qdeb20cdhdbdi toilet soap Rii in h % pie Mathew p. Bluejr returned to Camp , after a visit with his Parent it it at and mrs Eugene g Lagarde have returned to Delray Bea n i after a suit with or. And in John b canard at met Mililani Terrace haying arrived in the am Erkan min Crai seram Jour Amy Arkansas i ii on company Amas Oil a rimming no Ca my of Rev air Hait vow ran v a maj. Hitti Piroll m a Romney cml see ruining eos anon coast on company Coa tal of in tails int. I in Tex ruining company con tin it Al Oil company court it pertain m of f oration Crown Cin Twal i Nom m co portion Dant Igi Cal and ruining company f Angelin ruining company Riat Southern corporation Cit la on corporation he mail Oil at ruining company i tix Oil a ruining company i Sui Pim it i n i refining company Inland ruining company i Ion Oil ruining company Mac Millan put Lolini m corporation Magnolia Pitroli m company Mal co run Caus inc Mcbaide or fining company Lite. Mimi rpm v ruining company Moro fit corporation Mot no y Ort company new Mexico Asphalt a re fining go. Onyx ruining Corpora Tom put by Asphalt company Panhandle refining company Patton Oil company pay w Aru of fining comp Amy i i Rol aum product i fining company let Stia ruining corporation part Mick on refining Means of Texas i he Pike Oil Tom Pany f ado refining company Sinclair refining company Gums k Oil a Gas corporation Heil Oft company inc. Killy Oil of Pany set to port i not it m co of delay i Standard Oil company of lot Alan a Standard Oil company of Texas Talco Asphalt a refining company Taylor refining company the Texas company Texas Pacific Coal a Oil company three Rivers refinery i by refining com pan it a nol ind i a Cia company i amp of come pc Evi the of team. Pent a a top ;