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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - June 05, 1944, Anniston, Alabama Agr four the Niton Star monday june 5. 1944. Iffy la shed its rays Tor Many More centuries f vibe Anniston or tar Cossou dated pvt us to co proprietor few to Blly Tutti in ims _ a ficus a to re Alt Hwy a to a a a a f u., a thy Orrne of mar tet ens re to a re a at ree Cord is Raetter a a the so Watte la at Lawten Ai thew a or Harry m Ralph of Callahan president in Publ she Feu in a a me outer it one or amp months it atm month on a bib cd if carites de try City Carrier deliver City earner Dan vary Subeff Moa rates a of 0 and me daily and sunday mat or. Rte Bute f of. J 1 j #0 a a _ ii a 1 la As oat it thet i a re is 2 2? rear month wee _ Tei Mph on is us it let it re a a Thom Neon Pusher a. New yen cd Tea in Atlanta conc Matt Kan a City. By lot. A i Anre is. Ran Praise Taco so Alabama Auburn game <0 Ipi t the while the Anniston Star Hao never that inter collegiate football Between University and Auburn is the Paramour. Educational problem to be laced by the people of this state As so Many seem to believe we do not believe that the University trustees have served the Best interests of the capstone by endorsing the recommendations of the Alabama athletic committee opposing the request of governor Sparks 102 a in ump Tion of relations Between the two schools. Governor Sparks is not an alumnus of either of the schools. Thus he cannot be accused of being prejudiced in favor of one or the other. But he is in a position to gain an unbiased opinion from All Over the state and in View of the great interest he has manifested in our educational institutions As a whole it would seem to have been the better part of educational statesmanship to have acceded to his request on a trial basis to say the least. Of course this paper does not know what transpired in the prolonged secret meeting of the trustees at the University saturday. But the reasons advanced against an Auburn-a1 a barn a game by the capstone athletic committee Are hardly convincing. Is is rather anomalous for instance for the University to hark Back to an Auburn prexy for arguments to support its position and especially so when it is generally believed that spright Dowell had to leave Auburn because of his relative indifference to the pigskin sport. Moreover the question that will be uppermost in the minds of most people is How come that the people of Alabama arc less adult than the scores of other states whose institutions meet in football combat every near without much More fist cuffing than is to be observed at the ave agr interstate game and Why would Alabama and Auburn be any More unable to hold Good coaches if they resumed relations than Are Georgia Tennessee or other Southern states whose rival schools do meet in annual combat. Nor have we Ever noticed either Georgia tech Vandy or Tennessee hold Back anything against Esther Alburn or Alabama merely because on thanksgiving or thereabout they would have to meet a Home state adversary. Be the s As it May however we air much More interested just now in what our teams Are going to do in Europe and Asia than we Are about the perennial scrap Between Auburn and bima. And so far As we have observed the graduates of the two schools team up pretty Well on All the fronts in this global War. Make Little difference Xou that the primaries and runoffs have Bren completed in Alabama we have nothing further to look Forward to except the general election in nov Muci. And so far As this state is concerned that will be a Mere formality Alabama voters therefore. Will cd the National Campaign most in through other states everything being a foregone conclusion Here. In this connection it is interesting to note the suggestion being made in some quarters that the Date of the general state election in Alabama be it hanged so that it would not come de with tile National election. To make the change a constitutional amendment would be 1 required so it is pointed out that nothing could be done to affect the Date this year in thinking of the proposal however it is interesting to know that such a move would not be anything new in the state. The Birmingham news states that Alabama has changed her mind five times on this subject and in More than half of her period of statehood has elected her officials on a Date different from that of the presidential election. In 85 of its 135 years it named its leaders in August at first two Days were provided for voting since it was believed that was necessary for a proper election. So from 1819 to 1861, Tho first monday in August and the following tuesday were election Days. As Long As the election of state officers remains Only a routine ratification of primary results Vav r Sec cause w by St could not be on one Date As Well As another. And that would hold True even if a two party system should be developed in the state resulting in contests in the Genet a1 balloting. Tennessee and Maine for example have then state elections in August and real contests Are sometimes recorded in both. With nomination the same As election the november state vote Means nothing and the Date certainly is immaterial. In truth there seems to be need for any general election at All if the results of the primary could be made constitutional and binding without it. As for a new Date the main argument against that would seem <0 he the expense of a separate election in National election years. It a Washington i. of merry go round by draw Pearson it. Col. Robert s. Allen now on Active service with the Kern or i letter to Knox last fall asking Early trial now confirmed nary said to have expected a Tough ii hts from Good defense lawyer Hannegan unable to get Parley s Promise of support for Roosevelt Congress Mav end Daylight savings president can to Block repeal. Washington. June 5.�?on october la last year this column reported that adm. Husband e. Kim Mel ousted commander at Pearl Harbor pad drafted a letter to Secretary of the Navy Knox demanding his trial immediately. This Story met with immediate and cat Goric denial. Then later Secretary of the Navy Knox denied it and Admiral Kimmel Hun self denied it. Now eight months later. Senator Homer Ferguson of Michigan has made Public a letter he a received from Admiral Kimmel confirming what was denied last october namely that Kimmel demands trial at the earliest practicable Date. It so happens that this writer saw a copy of Admiral Kimmel s and fellow irishman Jim Farley sex Boss of the same committee. It was Hannegan who recently saved Farley when new York state leaders were about to dump him a chairman of the democratic state committee. But the other Day in new York Hannegan had a Frank Friendly show Down with Jim which went something like this Quot look Here you big irishman i went to Bat for you when you needed help and there Only one thing i wan in return that you support the chief when the right time Barley. However was noncommittal. He made Promise to support Roosevelt but replied that he was troubled about the state of the world note since then at democratic National Headquarters they Are wisecracking a Jim has gone global a capt Al chaff administration leaders who followed the anti Roosevelt Texas convention with amazed bewilderment received word that some of the big Oil companies helped organize the convention which stacked she h we or. Count. Draft letter to Secretary Knox last a delegates in Advance against. A. A m f i _. I to tto Jer i housing argument faithful Friend probably you have often heard it a d that if a person was Able to win the Confidence 0 children and dogs readily he must be All right. We have but we do not ref. To admit to some doubts As to the unfailing truth of that Rule. At any a a we do not know oui observation and experience have been that child in and dogs would take up a till almost anyone who gave them a kind word. This seems particularly True of the latter children sometimes arc shy and a end a can Sid Erable lot of coaxing but what we stanch out to do was comment again on the faithfulness of dogs when once Friendship Ana Trust Ait Estah bed nothing fan surpass Thi. Thru can go beyond child. It. In loyalty and Tiu get. Thoughts on in.1. Abject were occasioned the other Day by a picture on Page one of the Anniston Star. This showed a dog an old dog As canine age g for he had reached is lilting on the i Al., of a Home which had been destroyed by fire. With four of the children of the family having perished the picture and Story Weie not greatly differ pm fro a Theta that have come to our attention through the it it Ais. But they always do something to you and Mote so if it a a Uke dogs playing it Safe the British arc noted for their caution and apparently they Are not forgetting to uphold this Tidi Tion in their betting on the coming american political tussle. Anyway a London publication is reported by an american correspondent Over there As giving governor Dewey a better than an even Chance at winning Tho nomination and less than an even Chance of winning the election a both of which h should be As Safe Ai almost any bets could by. Most plungers Over Heie would be willing to go much further on the first Point while the second probably is about right in any Man s language. However it is stated that some in England an willing to give Dewey considerably better Odds on each question Many it wan stated believe he should be a i0-to-l favorite for the nomination and an even Money risk for election again coming Back Home a persons probably would be ready to agree with those Odds on die nomination whether the. \ would Back them with their Money or not but the election prospects air something Ive. After All Mav be we should take Back w hat we a so at the beginning concerning the lilith exercising their usual prudence to this instance. In this connection though it might to noted that a Washington in Porter tells of i edict ions in some political quarters in toe National capital that Dewey would miss out on the nomination or Spur the p sent Outlook those same Nom be also Are quoted As saving Roo Evelt will not run so we can take it of leave it in each h Case. a to a he pick on them the tory cd How the postmaster has a Rumor Legal Ding mail Foi soldiers i land is told by a Birmingham new which stated that a propaganda is by Peter i Uson Anniston Star Washington correspondent the showdown fight on the future of Public is privately financed housing for the entire United states is being waged a a local Battle in Washington. The struggle has not received National attention because of has ail the outward appearances of a Domestic Brawl of interest Only to residents of the District of Columbia but the undercover is be not generally recognized is National. Washington is a National Battleground for tills test. Washington gets its government direct from Congress therefore killing Public housing in the District of Columbia. By it of Congress automatically paves the Way for killing Public housing nationally by act of Congress. Furthermore Washington has perhaps the atm housing problem of the whole cockeyed country it has had a housing problem Ever since Ibio and in All and fairness private Engram and Settle this Issue of private is. Public housing. The Mere fact that Washington a Public housing authority was the first of its kind established in the country ant dating by three year the S. Housing act of 1937�?is a principal reason it is being picked on. But in analysing the pressure group battling to destroy Public housing in Washington a curious combination of forces and Cir religion Day by Day of Ober so there was absolutely question about his proposed plan. Also the Admiral had discard the matter with one of the Best Navy lawyers in the country col Harry Leonard a retired Crappy Marine corps officer who lost an the president. But they were even More interested in the activity of Jesse Jone a Nephew who led the anti Roosevelt vote. Arid also in the Tevalt employees of will Clavton who hold a Binh appointment inside the Maline wit1"ciuc. A Arm in the Boxer rebellion and was r a Ason for British insistence on Denim Iii a. _ u a a a. ,._____n,.tienn by William t. Ellis carried almost lifeless from the Battlefield by the late Gen. Smedley Butler then a lieutenant inst business with yugoslav partisan Leader Tito is that Churchill a son capt. Randolph Churchill has been education not enough recently a group of University men mostly retired educators were brought up standing by a Newspaperman who boldly challenged the Efficacy of secular education As a remedy for this ailing world. He pointed out that for More than a generation Japan has had a Ivy Tatj a a i a ii a a i. Later Leonard had occasion to 1 serving with Tito and assures his repay noun Quot a a a a a a a a a it ionic v _ ordered court Martiale by Herbert a stick with the British to the end. A via cd Butler when the latter was father that the yugoslav Lender will Hoover for a speech in which he alleged that Mussolini had run Over a child and not even bothered to Stop colonel Leonard handled general butlers Case so skilfully that the court martial was dropped like a hot potato before it even got hitherto. Tito was considered a russian in Ortege. Some of the Truman committee members Aren t Happy Over the Way Eold braided capt. John Kennedy of the Navy has failed to dig up certain data regarding Wall Street friends of i Secretary Forrest Al whom he has iou com oui lion i Usu v. Than a generation Japan Nas aaa Tzvi to Serr or a on1. All associations of real estate Balut m one 0f the most modern can work on a a Mdse and hot Noli tiemans in the now. Ruth. Practical product a. Bun j tons Caltha 11-a a Tov me. A pop pubic housing of a Bateu cd jul position comes principally from j Nankin Shanghai Hong Kong catch to Wmk privately a Quot Quot rom and Many other places. A Quot a ? a a her Sie sri it Catlon of the As for Germany Well Hie whole but Artel the pumice u for and honest Terp Iise has never even come close hmm full Ovri the country to solving it. Washington slum Hub i Are notorious. Overcrowding and multiple occupancy of dwelling unit have been increased by the influx of was workers ten Vears ago Washington had 190 inhabited alleys with 2049 occupied dwellings today it has 14&Quot inhabited alleys with 1417 dwellings. The reduction is due a sagely to Washington a Public housing program f up by the Alley dwelling act of 1934, which established the Alley dwelling authority a renamed a f re be National capital housing authority As an Agency of the Federal government., charged with wiping out Washington slums in to Vea amp. Time limit extended la Job has been Only one fourth done but Congress has extended the limit Tor a h Yea a not with any idea that the in raining Alley dwellings could be vacated in that time but merely to give Congress the time to work out a new pro these sources there s a tide of a a anti feeling i the general tide of opinion against government participation in business with the a compact ing nostalgia for normalcy free entered and the removal of a War time restraints on private business 2 tie Home builders association of metropolitan Washington fronting for the National association of Home builders wide ii is carrying not the fight against government my All Over the country on a he grounds that private business can do the Job better and cheaper than the government. 3 real estate mortgage banking and other financial interests which i master motives have big investment in dwellings that to Lon Selv now standing and naturally do not really want Competition from any kind of More modern construction. 4 outsells associations of individual Home owners who feel that their property values a get Peen impaired. 5. Big builders and promoters who have Learned a few tricks from Public homing and who arc out for perfect in selfish grabs in the form of tax exemption on housing construe Ion or Public suds pics. Al. Small builders who fear they May be driven out of business. 7 last and Moat dangerous of world went to Germany canned education. Then that nigh by cultured nation broke Forth into a barbarism that outmatched the bestiality of the hordes of Ghen gis America itself has reached a Peak of a higher education a and is displaying an unprecedented degree of juvenile delinquency that has shocked All thoughtful persons manifestly secular education is not enough. Civilization is to be saved if saved at All by that character shaping Power which reaches Down into the of life the Power that is loosely called religion but god. October la merry go round terrific pressure was brought on Kimmel by maw friends to withdraw his demand for an Escly court martial which he did the fact that the Admiral was employed by a firm of consulting engineers working on War orders and the fact that his Superior were dependent on the. A a for contracts May have had something to do with his about face. Note last october. George Creel. Woodrow Wilson a War information director says that i new Book. A War criminals and punishment is to do penance for his position after the last War. Daylight saving to end it looks As if Daylight saving time were going to be abolished without giving the president a Chance to Block the repeal. Several resolutions have been in or a on it tamers in contract May have Quot my thee re now Kimmel before representative Clarence Lea his interstate Jez Point that my a a a Quot comm Tate and it look. ? a a of them would be reported thou Art the great life changer. O eternal i Ather. May the nations find thee in this hour of need. Amen. Read philippians 4 1-31. So they say failure to pass army intelligence test primarily because of educational deficiency has deprived our n., a. A1 armed forces of More physically fit ally the tat is i question which in j men have the operations of atom circe a Flat Bra. A _ Ion the picture whenever coloured families ate moved out of slums into neighbourhoods predominantly w Are. The service let in. Time Peoples memories became of Scurf and that White he had Confidence in the fairness of Secretary Knox he was not lure of and Sec retard of the Navy who might follow Knox. Therefore he asked for immediate Access to the records of the Navy department to prepare is Rase and said a i can longer Bear the obloquy alone without Taal. Which i herewith request Hannegan and Earle Irish Bek Hannegan chairman of the democratic National committee. In t too Happy about i Friend As if one of them would be reported out and passed. If so it cannot be vetoed by the president for the original Bill establishing War time provided that it was to end six months after the War or upon a concurrent Resolution by both houses of Congress. This latter provision precludes a Eto since resolutions Ane Jet to being overruled by the Whitt House in fad congressman Lea wrote his original Daylight saving Bill in this form for the specific purpose of heading off the White House in Case Congress wanted to abolish War time. Servicemen Viel Coine our testes by Ruth Millett 4even mad bout the treatment he tall pleasant faced halt received. He was Only about picked i eng paper. Being plead thai writing friends and relatives in England is forbidden in Norwood North Birmingham and Lewisburg ,. Jul amp to what is meant is not entirely Clear hut a literal Reading makes it Appeal that the reports had it that writing letters to England was forbidden in Norwood it a. T h around the town we i urn c a a urn end in. This Tim Ash in judge the to it about list sullivans which is w playing at j the Calhoun and to comment on the a to do so. It is interesting leaves. Dark bro1 Tate Readd amp mind but in in the we Are not invading Fiance we ase liberating franc but when it j comes to Germany and her Sung countries the word is own Ducc or Elmer Davis. Via hit rape vim. Hear that Sherman Lawrence Book hallelujah by Fannie Hunt. Fort Mcclellan Soldier gtd a Ltd a a Birmingham and in Lew Burg. But it prob ably t i e Gantt it a \ i a at least one government at hey appear to be aptly a to the radio intellect a e divas eral communication Cor min the rid the rid devotes ii detecting and putting out of stations which ase being opt a1 Pha be if a1 for we refer in of the fed on know As i attention to jul cinches Iii co ated by a a Caselt f a misplaced phrase in those places. Certainly it would be crud to explain that a ban Quot As hunted to them and of not apply to other areas. Cd the other hand. If St was merely an intention to do gnat the scenes of Rumor one becomes curious As to Why Othet sections have not been visited perhaps they have but have not been reported to postal authorities. However the main thing is that St is ail right to Send letters to soldiers in England whether the writer lives in the towns mentioned or anywhere else the Birmingham postmaster has made that Clear. The report to the con Rary probably a the result of the stones regarding the strict secrecy by in g maintained plans for the invasion of i rope. Tor enjoyment we do recommend the movie. A embellished by an f a i facts it Ells the inc stors of five a it Wise grew up together and who together gave their lives in world Waill the youths who portray the boys a Thev Are Loung a remarkable and we Point a so a special Delight to the Little boy who plays one youngest a Ai a a i and to the pm where he makes i first confession be ens Rover and Thomas m rebel a the Parent ii a Vul pesto its a be amp trs med and Beautiful drama now we Arent at All sure about a mss Hurst a Rowel its main Char. Cur. Lily b Oun child of a woman i in h fit of Pawn killed bet Roomer i it herself an Enigma she is the kind of person is the author j tells us who makes folks want to shout hallelujah at Ain rate the Book is pretty saw. St Bai tire Rief min a Appeal of a i Hurst novels and even though you May not a of a i or May a Rte want to Quot a la it something about it will compel you forum on a Socialised Medicine Quot athe Uso Myca yesterday afternoon and that some of our i eminent favorite local Medicos a. On hand to vol a their opinion ,.understand that pretty i Edna Cotton who is taking Ginny s place a the a or s ser Reary. Had a pleasant week end in the a wow if. The talked of Here and the that Howard Cater and Julius Hagerty a preparing of go under fire this that la that with a Host of other War Bond drive leaders they Iii be soldiers for a couple of Haji this week at fort Mcclellan. It to inevitable considering the progressive centralization of production that the economic and pouts a1 struggle should become Mort Ann More closely Polit Teal Factor continually growing in Algin is Nee in the process prof Albert Einstein. He was ayoung Man wearing ail army officers uniform with the Silver bars of a first lieutenant he had been forced to spend half a Day in a urge City when he should have been finishing the last to get none of uha and business exhibition grouch iness in these times when Mon people Are worried and tiled and Over worked. But Espe a airy we shouldst treat servicemen Dis courteously. We ought to be Able Minera in in. I r Ullin a Lap of his a rip Home because a bus to a Nagr a Pifa ant smile for drivel had held up a by Load of them i ther we feel ilk it or not people White he carried on a per t urls ver least that any sons conversation with some oth Civ Man employee can do. For nor Driver the lieutenant a Pas matter How of Sanger on the bus missed the train or should have caught matter How Over worked How put upon hmm disgruntled a civilian feels he owes enough to the he said ruefully a eve body in be men in uniform to treat them had any dealings with this morn ins has been Grouchy and now in a about to get mad or Seif a with courteous consideration. All too Many of the persons holding Little jobs ate today taking out effective immediately he word catastrophe a will be eliminated from a1 report and orders and also from the vocabulary in general get Man order in Italy. In t it a shame that a City and then spite and their meanness their the civilians carrying on ids business dissatisfaction and their worries on Advance notice in Ord that we might be prepared to sin Happy birthday loud and Long during this month a he birthday Bud has released the following list of prominent Folk who ave birthday in Jan Garvin Mange Peyton Rowan Ben Apple Nauru George Leyden Louis Horn and Mike Hudson we have not enough Industry to serve americans needs or the world need in this countr it we Nave done pretty Well a far As we have gone but there must be More and More Industry. It let it it equal to political and economic Henry fold should Lear a the impression r Vive Man wit ii that everyone who the people they serve. When a Man runs into several i ii Lului Wiuli t a a a a Ai a had taken his Money was a grouch such grouches in one Day he has a if he had been a surly Young right to be mad especially if he Man with a Chip on his shoulder is a Man who has had his nun his experience would have Beta life interrupted to fight a Way for nerf St Adabie but he was t a he very people who have just u uhf if Fri Imsu a Vias so Good natured he was t treated Hun Din or thou Side Gla barbs More and More people Are seeing rent the sunburn on then friends. Spies in the hemisphere according to a Story now being told it has rid latin american countries of several German outlaw stations since Pearl a Bot thereby thwarting the efforts of our enemies to interfere with our War plans. I always Are to be and Vve have Luna razed by almost any Are harder to in Point is the i urn on i or f an keeping a lean in to Weih be Ash a s Job Ai if is you up such a sweat while or a Bath a. I is the effect i of u did not work by a of a a a taking of the soap and water Art practical nullified by the time process is completed Tablet Urti it it women Are reported ii aiding for baffle copa in a California City that should give them the Chance to get Back at the men f r Tome of the hard words male policemen ha-1 my m speaking of women Drivers. La owe lost ots Unac countable of a Tun expert Tea in an election since Learned not to be a result nevertheless some explain than others a Case defeat of John Newsome in the c Cut Runoff primary Iii the ninth District not so Sui i. -. perhaps a the fact that Luther Patrick Quot in in his Effort to regain his seat in the Pongee. Though Many political or Eners had thought he could not make that a a a a k i was one Way the be count shaped up that appears lne plam Alc. In the first i nary. Newsom led his closest opponent by a Good margin but in ii second his total fell some Short of the previous count. Thus it proved to be that Patrick had Only to poll his first i nary vote to win had Nev Rome held his original strength he would have won in a walk what happened to a he More than 3,000 who voted Fox him it fore but failed to repeat War analysis when a tire blows these Days if i left Flat and has homing on the holier of an a Coupon. It w itt mar Ken �11 4 sear la Ted pre War analyst ejection of ii nazi Vandal from the eternal City will be accepted the Quot Sid Over an a guarantee of a into ability to demolish hitter for tree Europe truly a propitious introduction to the a Day which a i Mark the final As Sault. That seem a me to be the outstand of this grand i achievement by Arm of Cly Iii j i , r i lie moral effect will be a Renta Douf it a specific and Over whelming an wet to Der Feuhrer i sin cry yesterday a the year of the invasion will bring germans it enemies an a Nihil my Acme if the most decisive . Thru to vex ago. Or even teas time. Such a declaration from the master gangster would have made Many Peoples cringe but today with his shattered legions fleeing norths Aid from Rome before the hotly a Wing the hand Gutter to video Cace Ferrule the a a mud a inst that a pfc mouthing j of a beaten Herr Schatek Lemgruber. J 1 its worthy of note that once again i Hitler a proved himself to he without re1 for i own word. He had declared that German troop were not occupying Rome yet Allied Orcea had to fight their Way into this City for whose pre j a vat Ion ail civilized people Wise praying. Fortunately there seem to i c Beer of All damage done to the capital according to reports thus far the recapture of Roma satisfies r the a a major cd re it the Allied offensive in Italy the other a the annihilation of German Field marshal Kesae Lnig a a a rite How Well the allies Wall succeed in the grim task of destroying the enemy is Sun us it a Iema be a they were pursuing columns from the i tenth and fourteenth a Nae northward from Rome today and Continua a a to take a blood toil the Allied a fore Aas Pilar a the Khz he a with dead fit am turn to Page 1 under the new income tax Law in Goc cry i if he relieved of any i further computations or As most of us remember it complication Advance tip the More you can this season the larger the Jar a6ain t the of High corp of using pull does t open the door to Tut in nearly As Well As just pushing ahead adm Soens toyed succeeds adm. Mineishi hogs killed in action a. Commander of the Jan r v j Tov Mas first move Quot ill be to find the Navy. A youngster who Doest wan a i things that make him sick s cd ups Are made to Gas say a beaut y expert. Then they have to be in a-,.,# a vat Aga a. Juds give criminals an awful lot of time but lots of them eem to hav a enough left for Golf it. Comr by Seldom j the same sort of friends. Faa to a and of ves miss Bink drop a note to our maid and a Ell her How much we appreciated that splendid dusting Job she did yesterday a ;