Anniston Star Newspaper Archives June 05, 1944 Page 3

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - June 05, 1944, Anniston, Alabama Page three the Anniston Star monday june 5, 1944 to in do us 4 non for holy s Quot Little people a vans a cup pitas. Tot that unruly look. Ats Latr. Pc your hair Wen Kro rn�4 with u it in m Quot it has tonic la of Haik Boti 2sr. Sold every when inc ror Nguie replacements i a Gull picture shown life of lit famous Brothers tie Story of a the sullivans Quot which covers the youth boyhood and ultimate emergence into manhood of the we famous Brothers of Waterloo Iowa spans a period of 27 years this film continues at a or Calhoun theatre through wednesday. Or essence a the Sullivansr is the biography of five typically american kids their scrappy Carefree child Hood and their emergence into clean Cut manhood fighting laughing playing romancing scene after a scent is crammed with Rich rollicking humor heart stirring poignancy j and the glowing spirit of the stuff i americana Ami american families Are made of like most average american youngsters file five Brothers got into Smau boys scrapes. Typical exp ample in the film resulting in a sound thrashing for Quot pay Sullivan i shows their Well intentioned Effort to build a Woodfox through the Kitchen Wall from a he outside of the House before they Are through they ruin Pas Best saw. Drill a Good sized Hole in the Side of the House. Crack the Wall Piaster and Cut off the water Supply by sawing through the pipes. Finally chosen for the roles of the i five Sullivan boys were Edward Ryan John Campbell James Cardwell John Alvin and George Offerman. Or. Anne Baxter and Thomas Mitchell head the cast of a he film which also includes Selena Royie and Trudy Marshall. Birmingham Juno 5 pm a i truck and bus operators Par in paling in the office of defense transportation a engine rehabilitation program were urged today by George t. Curry. Oot District manager to piece orders for replacement engines with dealers a several months in Advance a a dealers engine re builders and parts manufacturers must plan their operations said Curry adding that Only a Anticipatory ordering Quot can assure truck and bus operators of an adequate Supply of replacement engines under the oot program workout engines Are exchanged for rebuilt units. In of i Hope Dawn anew for Italy so Little people is the Lair military government takes Over the task of earing fur civilians in areas aimed fighters have redeemed from the Naris trapped Between warring armies their Homes smashed their porn Raul villages bloody battlegrounds the fled. Seldom owning am clothes but Tho tags on their balks weakened by hunger Only net a signal la appeased is scraps foraged from i Ord knows where bedevilled by disease the managed to survive and now Thev Limp Back confident of kindly treatment by their liberators. A Apical of All in the Fri attired areas Are the refugees seen in these photos who returned to Minturn after lies drove therner out. At left two weary ragged mothers rest upon a Curbstone with their children one of whom apparently is ill or exhausted. The ancient Crone at left below is the very Pirotti of Hun Anig helpless in the path of modern War. It right below a Young Mother Happy to have a morsel of food feeds it to her infant. Crux of inter part Bailie Oxer fourth term appears to lie there office Kwh w. 9th St. Phone 444 147 program will be presented at rotary session Vuoch 4 \ in 0 kovy wooo your Nvvf tvs in Ideo in Ort of Lynch a a table talk of hoi Wood t Tao Mon. Hoof your motion i Der overdo fro of Wco mud a Awag room. Star amp. Ease headaches soothe nerves Cary Grant a Ginger Rogers Frank Sinatra Carole units John Wayne Laraine Day George Murphy Toumanova 0 Jim in a Kos a Novi Vooz the Quick act ins ingredients in it the Quot Bce head a ache powder v formula work it x \ i Bra fast to ease headaches and i he sooth up i ret by minor pains. Get a Bce in Handy 10c or 25c sizes use Only As directed. Consult a physician when pains persist which the democrats carried by 9,000 in 1942. In the fourth District where the democratic margin ordinarily is 11,000, William g. Nolan superintendent Stevedore is the Republican nominee opposing John j. Rooney assistant District attorney of Kings county who has the democratic and american labor nominations. Outcome of the races will affect the standings of the teams in the House where the democrats now have 315 members and the republicans 210, with the remainder accounted for by vacancies and minor party members. Also on tomorrow s schedule Are new Mexico primaries to nominate candidates for governor now filled by John j. Dempsey Democrat two House seats and a full state ticket. Tennessee democrats will meet the same Day to pick 26 Conrin it a Delegate. Vim stomach rates Day $1.50 up dimm room never upset an upset stomach with overdoses of antacids or harsh physics. Be gentle with it. Take nor Ai my Prfto Bis Mol. Not a laxative. Not an antacid. It calms and soothes your upset stomach. Pleasant to the taste a children love it. Ask your druggist for a amp to Bis Mol when your Stom Ach it upset a Norwich product operated by a forerunners of our modern glider planes were gliders developed More than 52 years ago by the German Lillienthal Brothers. Moscow june s up re army troops killed More than 2 000 enemy soldiers in bitter hand to hand Battles As they repulsed Strong German tank and infantry attack yesterday North Ai d Northwest of last in Eastern Rumania it was announced today. The enemy losses in the new attacks brought their total casualties to Over 8,700 dead in the Las. Six Days of fighting miss Letitia Bailey Cwb i s Sib mod musical la presented by Jack Romille student save 1.1. Sumo Miry farm Asper Madison it Tsa Otto everywhere you hear die same g Sod thing about bord cars they stay Young a Long time in locks and performance they re Lively and ready to go they re easy on Gas and repair Coats arc Low. Use Ford protective service and As the Tiei Roll up you la say sure glad in be got a Ford a now under new management Jefferson Davis of fee shop Jefferson Davis hotel Flushing transmission and differential of eld grease. Filling with Correct weight lubricants. Limit 6 pounds Firestone Complete Chassis lubrication. Open All Day 6 30�?10 30 checking front wheel bearings. Testing the Battery with hydrometer business men s lunch 45c we Are Headquarters for Tiro Battery spark Flag lubrication and Brake lining Sori be so ago Cue Roe tows Jot i ooh Kows e is so my urns. A so opera Pat site. 8 4v�?io-2 -4 re cd 7 ooh a e Cir to world a by a or Bius 7 is a to if a a str Ota 7 a is bund Del a bin. 8 Oso Mccu Umi use actins. I so a Point at is Cut Bias 8 ssh Coronet storyteller Blue it a a Komend Gram a Blas % is Tnp if the of a big 9 30. A it i is Tims Kloo a world or of 10 is id o if to so by audios Sanitos by. Ii ooh Quaal three persons this morning acre fined Sim and a sat in police court for driving while intoxicated docketed a amp Nannie Lou Kilgore Alton pounds and Curtis Jones the Trio who were not connected in the a e offence appeared before judge w. D Debar Dieban other cases in this morning s session were routine involving two negroes found guilty of sunday gaming and a negro fined Tor drunkenness. Prior to court in persons paid fines few drunkenness and six for Munday gaming of those chained with drunkenness five were negro men two negro women and Rune White men.1 Havel a iodine Chebul Mph. Log Iso Dairy herds a month in and writer my 194y Ford is so hauls Dairy equipment repair parts from Chicago and Milwaukee. Whee i Fig to up How easy this Caf Bon Oil Gas sad tues tis sure glad i own a Ford a mus in Kuc Sci Sam. My car a certainly Protea in durability. With prop r Ien in my at my Ford dealer a wit a no routine Ai Fust me it thorough Uhrt Caliao sad writhing it stands up splendidly sad keeps its Good wife Mas to Ieather Wmk every Day at the medics achoo cd the University. But on week end you la had us in War Victory Garden. T he Ford surely comes i Handy for that work too it Coats Little to Kep s Ford running wed and up to . A a on Iii my a void amid we St in. Stool a by Ernp Normd foe he Battiest it a Mam 120 cartoon of pm Plant alone a meat Amau go ammo my a Paar a product to to Riiska 225 acres of , to rooms no my As it to sunt to Roto Lula to tat f out of fret some ;