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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - June 05, 1944, Anniston, Alabama Weather forecast Alabama partly Cloudy this after noon tonight and tomorrow scattered thundershowers tomorrow afternoon and in extreme South portion this afternoon. Yesterday s High 94 today slow 69. A he Houston local Cotton 21 i Complete a. P. And u. Pleased wires. Member Abc and Nea vol. 141. Anniston ala., monday june 5, 1944, news Day and night from 6 a. In. Till la p. In. Animists fur United press news and Blat a a a it lated press bulletins a flashed Over radio station a bal i he Start Quot final edition Quot of War new is presented each afternoon except hands at 5.15 a clock. 5c a copy�?25c a week by Carrier West Wall is founded by bombers historic Rome Falls t Allied tilth army Ani i invasion defences. Radio station Sina it i cd Iii i\1 i amp Slit raid London june 5. A pvt continuous Waves of Allied warplanes spearheaded by1.250 american heavy bombers and fighters blasted the French Channel coast and the Chain of nazi radar station Strung across Northern France Early today swelling to More than 13,000 tons the weight of explosives dropped upon Hitler s West Wall in too hours of non Stop assault. Thundering in the Wake of a British night Armada that splattered tons of demolition bombs across the steel and Concrete Channel forts an estimated 750 flying fortresses and liberators escorted by about 500 fighters raked the Boulogne and Calais areas with bombs and gunfire. A smaller Force of american marauders and ninth air Force fighter bombers followed through with a one two blow at other enemy installations in the same invasion marked area. Targets dive bombed tile fighter bombers dive bombed anti aircraft emplacements sur founding the unidentified targets Clearing the Way for the heavier marauder attack. Simultaneously rocket firing Raf typhoons sped Aero. Northern France at tree top level in an attempt to Knock out the radar stations used by the nazis to spot approaching Allied planes. Radio p Ris said the Paris area was bombed. On the bask of officially announced operations Well Over 2,000 Allied planes were on the attack Over Northern France Between dusk last night and noon today dumping almost 3,000 tons of bombs on enemy installations. Tile British night attacks including a diversionary raid on Cologne and mine laying operations were completed without loss. The Channel weather turned thick \ after mid morning but observers along the British coast reported that a steady Stream of planes could be heard flying out through the Over cast English feel attack Britain Quot hellfire Corner Quot opposite the Pas de Calais trea reverberated almost continually to the Thunder of bombs Landing on the West Wall 25 Miles away. The mighty Aerial barrage appeared to be swelling swiftly toward the Crescendo that Gen. Dwight d Eisenhower told american airmen j he would require to accompany his invasion armies into the continent. Between Friday noon and last night an estimated 10.000 Allied planes dropped More than 12.000 tons of bombs across the invasion roast and its supporting Supply lines at the same time High Allied sources revealed that Allied bombing fleets from Britain and the Mediterranean sent 147,840 tons of fifth army a esrome thunders across tiber in Pursuit it germans valiant Cliv is is at damaged Jan Aine in Bat. J u 11 my Defeated Roc by Hornbill a of Home a i by i 1.1 5nou Pai Kard a Gates guarded by the swi guard l Allied fifth army troops from the old Amio beachhead enter the outskirts of historic Home the Clank of american Armor heralding the arrival of the latest conquerors of the eternal City. The last German rearguard unit was knocked out by Lilied troops in front of tile Bank of Italy at 2 15 p. In. I at sunday Rome thus became the first european capital to be entered by Allied troops. Signal t or a radio telephoto from Italy a Nea telephoto. I listed pres staff i correspondent Vatican City june 5. U pm vat in no City has not Bern damaged in any Way by the extensive bombing that the allies have delivered to rail Roffi Yards in Rome. That fact was confirmed today by Harold Tittmann. U s. Envoy to the Vatican who gave me an interview after i had made my Way into Vatican Cit Torii tory. Trumann Aid he understood that the German and japanese ambassadors t o the holy in planned to remain in Vatican City. The attitude of the Pope toward occupation forces will be the same As it a toward German forces tit maim said strict neutrality. Quot Hie Pope is alway willing to work Tor Tittmann said. Quot but i doubt that the fall of Rome will necessarily cause him to make any Street demarche at the present time. The attitude of the people is one of stud neutrality. During the German occupation of Rome uniformed German were not permitted to go beyond the nor Are uniformed americans going to be permitted to do so although i was permitted to enter St. Peter s Cathedral and roam around other parti of Vatican City territory. I was not allowed into the part of the City where the Pope and the diplomats reside that was because i had of a War correspondent s uniform. I sent note into Tittmann Aud or came out of the residential ? ret Ion of the City to Grant my the interview. Quot during the two years and 15 Days of my stay in Here a Liti Mann said. Quot tune went fast bees use there was so much work to be done in connection with the Vatican a various activities Quot Tittmann his wife and their two sons now Are free to walk around Rome As they please Tor the first time since Mussolini declared War on the United states while in Vatican City territory i Learned that the Pope is in Good health although he was Aid to be deeply distressed by the fighting that goes on it Many places of the world. Ili Roii a sirens Faly is unscathed by ravages of War Kin Ictor Emanuel sex levied to hand Over Ito Hii to Prince kit lax klan will be to More Al least judge orders speeding i p Roosevelt if Iii i a c i rpm i of lagging sedition Ina 0v?z. N anti thousands of romans fan the fires of liberation Miami fla., june 5. Kun flux Ken is no More at least not for a while. Or. James a. Colwort Imperial wizard of the klan said yesterday that the organization had disbanded Quot for reasons Well known to All the members but which do not have any Public i ter he said that the suspension of operations included All activities of the klan throughout the country. Quot at our National convention in Atlanta on april 23. The delegates voted unanimously to suspend the Constitution and the Laws of the organisation and to revoke All Charters Quot he said. Allies Advance Iii a Vita Villa etcher directs ending of hat he termed a teddies repetition of defense objection to government exhibits a ease enters eighth need a. Washington. June 5.�?<ujb�?judge Edward c either seeking to j Speed up he sedition trial As it entered its eighth week ordered an f end to what he termed Quot endless repetition Quot of defense objections to gov a eminent exhibits. Etcher told the two dozen defense attorney to Conine a hem Elva a shame Foi in to addition i of jct a a a finn Quot a he it Saver not tit i taxi a is i Iii new offensive to gut Glikina oaten i Are introduced. Objections made to Washington june 5.�? a a p a president Roosevelt will proclaim the tall of Rome to the nation and the world tonight in a 15-minute fireside Chat expected to remind the Asb satellites perhaps for the last time that they Mart get out of the War now or shale the certain destruction awaiting Germany the broadcast will by heard Osti station whoa ail no Vii 4 armband was in italian vital fifth my in singling out sniper and Clearing it a i lining cheer american and ride tank through Street it till liberators by Daniel de Lite Rome june 5#�? t Mussolini Balcony Hung empty in the stuff j Mist it Moonlight a fifth a rim soldiers in Indian file encircled the forme i dictators of i ice at the Palazzo Vernia last night Aud thousands of roman parties ii fanned Tut Lues of liberation n i Pees. June i to pm King Vittorio Manuele a signed a decree giving up his Powers and turned la Over to the italian government it was reported tonight Lill d Headquarters. Naples. June 5. T up a the powerful i fifth army thundered serous the tiber toward Northern italian horizons in Pursuit of the a the and Lith German armies today with hardly a look at captured Rome ancient Quot Ell of Western civilization fallen a prize to Allied troops after nine months of sacrifice. Last ditch German rearguard died within the Hadow of the to forum and in the streets of the government Quarter in bitter clashes As italian partisans bar chested and wearing Hammer and icicle insignia fought hand to hand with fascists and Naris in a Brief Bittie for liberation. Italians cheer allies the italian populace cheered american and Allied infantry and tank teams As thee threaded the ttys streets rushed to kiss the bearded and Grimy liberators and with shrill cries warned of am Bushes ahead. Some of the romans died in the City a closing hours of German domination victims of machine gun they tried to seize almost Bare but despite the sporadic clashes which took place even though the Etmund Kyeu of fart lean volunteers who wore Hammer Anil sickle the just that rom Rod Nae so vilify report new Stienes a Iii venal warfare Iii Pacific bombs crashing Down on enemy in Europe during Mac in Odili tonal 1 00 i arils i a Ridln 99mo it cart it by the. A Force close in on British based american fleets. And Rai trapped Jap by asset ated press tile japanese Wai octopus is running against Ever heavier Allied air wows Quot ii five of its far Flung tentacles but Tokyo i adm Saki Toda it Quot an offensive which Quot ill Cut China in two and foil american strategy is ready. Previous exhibits would in effect be carried Forward. He said. Attorney Clark a. Thompson said it would Quot be humanly impossible Foi him to remember objections he had made before. A i cannot sit Idle by Quot he began Quot nobody is talking about any at j tourneys sitting idly by Seichei interrupted. Quot the Only suggestion is that counsel avoid endless repetition which is doing any of the defendants any Good a Peter Gissibl. Former Offu it of the German Ali Teru an bund on the stand fort the seventh Day identified a letter written to him in March 1938, by the German foreign Institute at butt Gart. He will speak from 7 30 to 7 43 p m cwt tile address will be broadcast by ail major networks and Short waved to Europe and the rest of the world. A White House announcement saying simply that the chief executive would speak on the fall of Rome came As members of Congress and other High officials hailed the fall of the first Axis brandished old firearms Amel Iran forces drove to the Liber River through futile German resistance in the St refit resistance that was Teal despite Hie German i Etc Nae that Rome Vav As an open it try. I some romans died in the fight for Freedom Cigar ets Between their a lips and cheers in their throats. Some were lying Toro the gel Man Clark praises heroic efforts of fifth a nil v Berlin. A a. Machine gun they had tried to seize capital to Allied armies aiming at bar handed Quot Why wet you so Long coming we expected you four month a go said some it it a the partisans others wait in silence others in a whimpering silence asking no questions waited Foi then wounds tit be bandaged. Thousand of the people of Rome u. S. Stills sink 1 it Jan vessels. Air reached jubilantly in Impromptu the letter signed by Gustav to urge i no port Villi t a , Ulaj the occupying Fortes Leo shill i lid mini a a a in and re Minim. _ _ _. I. J splashed through water from broken j no a Foft be i Mir Southeast Asia command Guinea Oblations in the Southwest sponsored Tup to get Man on Iii hag water maim to grasp the hands of a maim ,1 j Headquarters. Kandy. Ceylon. Pacific aligns the Kurile Island which it was hoped every bund unit he troops almost smothered the ii 4 of i la we six my ii Al lha june 5.dp>�?chinese mid american in the North Pat if in and on Truk would be represented washing Fon. June 5 put a liberators with rotes and kisses. A forces have gained 200 More Yards in the Central Pacific. Mychack said he had written to United states submarines have de j the y shrieked curse at bunking was an open City the italian capital wit hits store of cultural and religious treasures apparently came through unscathed for the most part pod r officers a a Aid All a quiet it the Vatican where the Pope has been a virtual prisoner of German bayonets Nice last september a Berlin Broaca t aul Baron von Weizsaecker German ambassador to the holy see. Quot a left i real Diu e in Rome Villa Bonaparte and moved to Vatican City other diplomatic missions or the tripartite London. June 5. A the Najy a a a it vol a cell it. Namely Thoro of Japan Hungary pies radio said it. Gen Mark j Slovakia Romania and Finland Quot Clark of the fifth army in a Britt to correspondents in a speech to his corps commanders a Fried Aid the Pope spent sunday i a it i rd.,i i nu., if or Ici it a and in it on ii Uoo with c gel Man Arm it an it Ion get Cap go neral think i till gel mull army no Griir it big Pablo of fighting Allied Aerial successes wire in Hack asked Gas Mil to think o or ported in new assault in new the possibility of another bund Able of fighting. Quot it is a Groat Day for the fifth i army Quot Gen Clark a. Quoted a saying on tile capture of Rome Quot French Brit la and american troops have made it pus a big and i want to thank Gen. Eaker it it papal official during the hour of rodent liberation of die City. Tire by guard had been doubled see War Page 2, cel 4j judge urge juror to Hulk fifth a loan in their drive in tire Southeastern j in the vital China theater where bund fuehrer Fritz Kuhn about its stroked 16 Mon of Japan a wind German prisoners cited at the sight men in t c Gager us commander Section of my Itkina in continuing j chinese troops Are trying to Stop but had received no reply. The Tup Ling Fleet of merchant ships the of a dying american Soldier. With jul a it Ali 8upputt, four amidst Guiaus will Quot tiv Riv severe fighting in that beleaguered the japanese Advance on change amp a was to include a a week of intensive Navy reported today bringing the shrill cries they warned of hidden japanese base in North Burma it was announced today. A communique from adm lord Louis Mountbatten Headquarters with Raymond Marsh Anniston Banket a Foreman Calhoun Comite grand jury this morning went also announced that on the extreme into session to investigate 38 a1 Western end of the North Burma legend violations of the Lave. Front the japanese Are withdrawing serving on the jury which will a from hic town of Matsuni. Probably remain Inch non for two British air borne Chin dits were Dys arc a r Clark. I. M my Natl , to be con numb their atty Caver. Mitchell Doss. Piedmont late trom the South of my Itkina i a. Hyatt c. C from Llic neighbouring Village of King. Hugh Reed. Jacksonville a Wam maw. And Allied levies have p. Moore Oxford a. L. Poore r8ided Nso Pup North of the key Ohatchee g. W. Heathcock jr., japanese base Duke b b Broughton l d Bry so booing Quot at the Institute to Shack Aid the same letter was being sent to Herman Schwinn one of the 29 defendants in the Edithm Mal. Ant Wellington j. C. Weatherly forty Miles to the West at Karn Hunan province american airmen harassed the invaders. While the Tokyo mho talked of Japan s readiness Quot to launch tile most formed ask offensive Ever against the allies Quot nip ponese troop edged Doser to Changsha. Tile in j Vader main Force was 4o Miles of a re i Clark cello i d be amp to Northeast of Iii City another ,. R. 35 Miles North and a third 30 in Des Tallier til i lie i ear Northeast. But in Northern Hunan he Chi new York june 5 Gjek a the Nese i be Apt tired Ansing in their National father Day committee drive on the big japanese base of announced today it had named it. J Yoe How 55 Miles East in Honan 1 Gen Mark w. Clark commander province. 400 Miles North the Chi of the fifth army Quot fatties of the anti to ii nests guns and machine gun mothers held up their children to in kissed by the Grimy bearded till 4upmne i Lelce total of enemy ship sunk by Amel lean submersible to 589 the latest bag included a Large transport and a Large cargo vessel Navy department communique drug Boji in sight of a dying Ger no 522 said it Ian scout rot crewman from whose Quot Pacific and far East Chest gushed a Stream of blood. Quot i United 8�?~ates submarines but the doughboy just swung have reported a lie sinking of 16 pc j along in it tired shul la in tile lot it is in operations against the enemy a i All this Denion duration awestruck in these Waters As follows Quot one Large transport. Quot one Large cargo vessel. Quot seven medium cargo vessel. A two Small cargo vessel. Quot four medium cargo transports Quot one Small cargo transport 2. These actions have not been i would Uke to say a word in or till it no ill in of Iii sol Merory of the men and women i Dit a for a Day of the fifth army who have made 3 Nese pressed on toward japanese year Quot in recognition of the captures. Martin p. L. Henderson o. A Malang the japanese Garrison Quot is i occupied Loyang from captured. Of Rome two weeks before nation a _ Lacy d. L. Morrison h. P. Winkle i Mort closely invested the Waisun Ginsien 45 Miles Northeast other a1 fatties a Day sunday june 18. Reported in any previous Navy de and of Anniston. La5? i chinese it it Ops in Yunnan province in a table to Gen Clark t % Par Merit communique a on the a Quot to of enemy ship sunk to Rivaro includes 148 combatant vessels of gained and charged by Cir troops have reached positions four crossed the Bowel i River pus Liing to committee congratulated him lit court judge r b. Carr the a a la of Easl inf sex and a Bee laps Page i Cal. 7 the capture half Miles Southeast of the town. A chinese troops thrusting flown the West Side a a or to Gauitt River Val Ley were said to have captured Village. It ult court judge 18 men were advised to apply them a Ehr Quot const Dentious by to their a a after discussing their jury Julies with them judge can spoke briefly to the jurors regarding their duties As citizens in wartime and a a a a lunged them to hasten the Day of c1glt tory by buying Bonds themselves Isril i i i Ink till a Rinan and by urging other citizens to buy ships in a Mediterranean them. He called their attention to _ the approaching War loan drive and advised that they give their London june 5 a British fullest cooperation in it j submarines Sank 31 Axis ships 26 _ j of th4�n merchantmen and five to a. I naval auxiliaries in recent opera i of ij1i i Rune minister Umi in the Mediterranean and a Arrivi in Washington keen seas the admiralty announced tonight. Washington june 5. Seven other merchantmen Wert polish i cml r stans a a Mikola a Tkv damaged the communique said. I arriving today on an official visit one of the British prizes a Quot a to Exchange views with president urge and strongly escorted mum Roosevelt and to if it by Means for dons ship bound Loi the big greek dosing the Gap Between Russia and a Wand of Crete Poland acting Secretary of state by Etta ius announced the visit of the polish Premier in this statement Quot on the invitation of this gov a. Ament the polish prime minister is arriving in Washington to is ,.i trip to Tih country since his Assumption of the premiership. Quot he is expected during his Short slav to Exchange views with the president Ana other american of f or Anniston citizen who have Quot we have destroyed parts of two outstanding workers in War German armies til huh and i ii. Of and campaigns will leave for fort and i doubt if the Lith is any Long Mcclellan tomorrow afternoon to or capable of fighting a it Nave begin their lives a so idlers Foror n 20,000 or taunt is an sea Ute three Dav. German armies and Nave captured headed by War finance chair by the famous avenues that had and destroyed untold quantities of How Ait Cater the Quarte of i it a a j the or Koh. Tor nine Long Dan enemy Battle equipment a local citizens will include j. P. Serous and wearying months the mho said Clark the a told Brown Julius Hagerty and William at a police station near tile to j italian dime that p Are or. This group will join Lulu officers said All Wax quiet in Newa pleased with the condition with other War finance commit a a tic an Cliv and that the last get 0j the City regarding both Public i tee workers Tram Over the Tate mans were fleeing from theh Ren i utilities and tile City a clean appearance. Earlier the Algiers radio said Clark had issued a special of inti of the Day to his troops declaim deacons near the coliseum italians ready to die wherever the americana moved Forward today against hit and run thee Rome Page to col. 8 i germans leave Rome 95 per cent intact he mild and Eleanor Pac Kard f id l ily a they left ii editor s note Hugh Baillie president of Hie United press during his tour of Battlefront in 1943 assigned Reynolds Packard Veteran War correspondent and manager of the former Rome Bureau of a tie United press to reopen the unreal at the first Opportunity Packard with his wife and assistant Eleanor Packard one of he in a women reporters covering an Active Battlefront Alii Ca in Rome to carry out that assignment last night while fighting Bim was continuing in ult City by Reynolds and Eleanor Packard in tax Chi cabaret a lofted press to Rorr and nth a a a a a Rome june 4. Turp it a just 20 min 1 Tilo hip night Mill Mere burning end rail Vav. Yards were in ruin a result of give Allied raids but Rome As a whole i a Soi a i Pipo hip i a was surprisingly Little changed from tile time we left it for an internment Camp two years and 25 Days ago following Hie United Gates in often or so much. Men and women try into the War. Alike overwhelmed us with their our jeep was fourth in line in a Cir is the fir h Allied column entering Eleanor wearing a steel helmet a a. J got ahead of the tank leading the Eli rut or column i j on in noisy Welcome i once inside Rome italians wed i it Aday to gather first hand information about the training of the american Soldier. The idea for this project sundae to the recent Soldier for a Day pro Quot it is uie immediate task j the giant held at Mcclellan for state fifth a. In. To pursue the retreating industrialists. Conceived of Marc Clement executive manager of tile War finance committee. Die idea with Hie approval of Mcclellan authorities win Tiu ugh the state aka ctn suttee have i used Mvi Vatious to St least two War Bond workers from every county in the state. According to chairman Howard enemy Hihi destroy Hun. Grip Holm Dup id Duck tumor run at Dpi a a it lit new Yurk. June it it a i i he swedish liner Ort pah olm. Cairn knee deep through water spill rung 51 wounded american soldiers j Cater Hie entire delegation will ared by a broken water main to Greet who were exchanged for German us. Though Well dressed and neat wounded is due in Jersey City Turtle women told us the had been Morrow suffering from malnutrition for Nie trip Holm i 131 passengers More than two years and had had me smallest number Ever to arrive Rome at 8.30 p in. The three tank arid Khaki trousers a kissed on no meat tot Tim past four months Here on an Exchange ship include ahead of us sped on in Pursuit of the late by men who apologetically no eggs and no Gas. I Aio 37 wounded Canadian sol discs tank while a Sci a clapping cheering i to Liana threw and 4.1 civilians. Eight of me latter rive i i oui birding amp Ometia tomorrow afternoon and the Soi Diers for three Day will la Mouet de at the enlisted men ser let club at 4 o clock i we headed for the bar at tile grand ered rhe was not a Man rile to submarines Ais she lied a number of Shore a Argelon the italian and South French coasts and on Crete the admiralty id Llou a agrees to gut Moro for a drink of italian it Oyne. The italian a the bar at first thought we were German and would not drink with u but when Peter Hie Bur Man and to manage of the hotel recognized us the atmosphere changed abruptly. Allied hag unfurled inc minutes Laten the american men wanted to Al s Eleanor More Titan the while the men Felt free to lavish their Welcome on Reynolds. We had to re train oui jeep Drav armful i of to on to the american tanks and into our jeep As or rumbled through the afre ets. Although the bolder to i n or shake hands with us Many seemed Only to want to Are United k ates Citron the oui eix Are citizens of Central of South american i o relict p food shortages in Zunte ire Sun and stripes and the British that in Indiana Quot he grumbled. <., pvt Delmar Richardson of fort touch us so it ii it would bring them Wayne from inking a punch Good Luck at mgt me it i the men. I once Ute tank in front of us Quot we done to Welcome people Uke j stopped and the officer in charge insurance held subject to i Impi late f Union Jack were flying from the hotel sover doorway a the first Allied flags to Fly in we had a bad ease of jitters get t ame a k and asked ii we had a map of Rome As he was supposed Washington june 5. Flu i Ute after the last enemy tank had Rome sinc e the United states in House Coiffe roes today agreed to Ros Ltd pm we it to a had the Center i tired the War. Accept a Senate rider to the debt Rome tonight and found that our trip through the streets of i ital again limit Bill which would reduce the germans had left the City 95 Rome and its suburb had been in in he sniping and a Ding w Ting unto Rome at be it Baw Fimi too to the Iai Way attain i and we our nerve and turned Back j a sure of the route. Only to talk ourselves into turning 5 when the italian surmised what around and heading fur the Cap-1 was wanted there was a torrent of excited Ami contradictory advice. A store offered to hop on the tank and a so i Iau on Gen i Al european Aud it Aba rot tax from 30 per cent to 20 1 per ten intact. Polish questions. The nature of a triumphant tour bad that sometimes per cent. A few fires set by inc germans never before had we been kissed so minesweeper once we Felt Uke i direct the Crew while others made of twit a we Rote no Man Page % Tai 3j w Ashing i on. J Une 5 undersecretary of slate Edwrd it. Tet tutus said today that prompt measures a being taken to Tell i ooh shortages in Rome. Aud that Quot no announcement will be made a a a a about them later. Washington june 5,�? Tyr Chi raised the possibility that overruling a decision that has stood president Roosevelt might take of for 75 yearn the supreme Coer i autos in i 15-min Ute broadcast held Tod y that insurance a by list tonight on the fall of roast to it Ness in interstate Commerce and is a ure the people of that City Abe subject to the Sherman Ann Trust Allsho plans for their welfare a a to state the Allied position Justice Black wrote the court s 8-1 with reaped to military oms of decision chief Justice Stone a Routt and Abo to cover my ital inned a dissent. Justices Robert Tan political que sons of off and retd took no part in the erne. J Toncer to this Ravesi Geneat ;