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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - June 4, 1944, Anniston, Alabama Weather forecast Alabama partly Cloudy today Aud tomorrow. A few widely scattered afternoon thundershowers. Yesterday High 9.&Quot. Yesterday Low f6. A be Anniston t local Cotton Zim Complete a. P. And u. P. Leased wire. Member Abc and Nea vol. 140. Anniston ala., sunday june 4, 1944. News Day and night from n a. In. Till la In. Annist Star United press news and Blue network associated Presa bulletins a flashed Oyer radio station Wobma. The stars Quot final edition Quot of War news is presented each afternoon except sunday at 5 15 of clock. 5c a copy�?25c a week by Carrier 4,000allied planes bomb craps aled americans ordered to destroy he Wall nazi Road 0n a Quot use Handrail transport lines p a y e attack Willi twin assaults Oil int asian coast attacks heaviest yet carried out president works Coo 11 Ess to heat spell Berlin radio says raiders Back Over w Estern Germany today London sunday june 4.tu.p>�? some 4.000 Allied warplanes gave nazi Atlantic Wall fortifications and nazi military Road and rail transport in France and Belgium their worst pasting yesterday with nearly 1.000 american heavy bombers and fighters pacing the assault with twin attacks on Frances Pas de Calais and Boulogne areas. A a Early today the German radio said Allied Quot nuisance raiders were Over Western Germany approach j ing the southwestern Reich the pc reported More than 2,000 american and j British fighters and fighter bombers swept Over hundreds of Square Miles of occupied territory bringing railway right of ways Highway Bridges radio stations fuel clumps airfields warehouses military convoys and i Lone German dispatch riders under their rocket Cannon and machine guile fire. Heavy attacks the air ministry said the attacks on Road transport were Quot among the most comprehensive and successful yet attempted and disclosed that British planes were completely wrecking the German radio network in Northwest Europe an essential objective of pre invasion tactical strategy. While fighters and fighter bombers staged the greatest nazi Hunt since the pre invasion Blitz opened nearly two months ago. U. S. Flying fortresses and liberators twice hammered the French invasion coast rip ired and torn in a 36-hour period under an estimated 8,000 tons of bombs joining the heavy bombers assault blunting gaps for Allied invasion armies in Field marshal Gen. Karl von Bulla Ted coastal Dele uses were hundreds of British and american medium and Light bombers. In a 24-hour period from just before Midnight Friday it was estimated that some 4,500 Allied planes attacked France and Belgium. It was the second time in two Days that a great american heavy bomber Fleet shuttled the Short 22 Miles across the English Channel to Pas de Calais and Boulogne. Raids Are widespread the mighty u. S. 8th air Force assault followed a 3,000-ton Rai night attack on the French invasion coast on the great Trappe freight Anion follows dropping Assembly Yards on the outskirts of pans and on the German chemical a Center of Leve Kusen. Overnight too Italy based Rai bombers continued attacks on Eastern Europe bombing loading quays and storage tanks at the great danubian Oil port of Giurgiu 35 Miles South of Bucharest in Romania. On the basis of Early announcements it was estimated that some 3,000 planes swarmed Over the continent in 20 hours since dusk Friday. The Pas de Calais and Boulogne areas were hit both in the morning and afternoon by the big planes whose bombs were heard clearly from the British Cliffs. The attack marked an almost uninterrupted 50 Days of assault on the invasion coast escorted by lightning. Mustang and Thunderbolt fighters the flying and liberators flew Over a solid Cloud Blanket. They met no enemy fighters but soul squadrons ran into intense flak including concentrations of ground rockets a Seldom encountered Over the coast itself. Southeast Asia command Randy Ceylon june 3.�? up a in a Surprise thrust eastward across the Monsoon swollen Irrawaddy River British airborne a Hind its have sealed the last escape route for the japanese Garrison cornered in the Northern half of beleaguered my Itkina front dispatches said today. The Cal edits last reported some 25 Miles to the Southwest along the Mandalay Railroad now Are blocking the Southeastern approaches to my Itkina from the Village of a tug maw five Miles away across the Loop of the River front reports said. Knife northward meanwhile la Gen. Joseph w Stilwell chinese columns knifed j northward into the Battle shattered City to recapture the my Itkina rail station held briefly by Brig Gen. Frank Merrill a marauders 15 Days ago. In the Northern outskirts Stilwell american units continued to Quot make Progress a the seac said capturing Large quantities of supplies including a truckload of ammunition. To the Southwest and Northwest the Allied ring of troops was completed by Merrill a Jungle fighters. Thus while it was recognized that heavy fighting lies ahead before the japanese Garrison can be wiped out. United press War correspondent Frank Hewlett made it Clear in a dispatch from Stilwell a Headquarters that the most dramatic Allied Victory in two years of grim and i discouraging Jungle fighting in Burma is assured Allied troops who just two years ago underwent the humiliation of fleeing frantically before enemy forces harassing their rear a i flanks now were treating the Emy to an even stiffer dose. Organized by the drenching a i Rains isolated japanese fore fighting a losing Battle Aga Nihi lation at my Itkina Gaung 30 Miles to the we Kamying 44 Miles to the Northwest j where the largest enemy co Centre lion in Northern Burma was trap i lied by chinese 22nd division units six Miles to the North and four to the South. \ j pm h in read new York. June 3.bpi�?a Young British girl teletype operator ight r Alt Ted in aau Haeft Are employed in the London Bureau of the associated pig a Yiju he a on a ported if Aru ans lambing the strip of practice tape tonight and within a that Lei of moments was japanese ground forces virtually responsible for transmission throughout the United states and latin j without Challenge. No enemy air America of an erroneous announcement that the allies had landed in activity has been reported in the France. Through almost incredible circumstances the error slipped through the most elaborate system of Safe weather Airfield May 17. Guards and censorship Ever Quot Tab North of Kohima in India British pushed both by the associated press and Shurka troops continued to and Allied authorities. Batter the remnants of the ill fated the girl. Joan Ellis had been japanese invaders of Manipur state. Practising on a disconnected a Shurka were reported to have Chine and in violation of Kimtruc smashed one enemy counter attack. Nous included in her exercises this killing too japanese soldiers it was urgent message noted that the japanese North of to. Kohima now were far inferior in Rush the n of hindquarters my or Lle and w p.,.mv announce Allied landings i Ranee. Uts in ulc hmm a loth relayed immediately South who were equipped with new at 4 39 Rn., Eastern War time raincoats and fresh material. Hie flashed appeared on the a pcs f tile communique reported Quot no direct London Printer in new York material change Quot in the Imphal Sec and Quot As relayed immediately Tor where Allied troops Quot Progress throughout the United states and cd near the Road Junction of Bish to latin America. Eipur to the South of the City. At my Itkina enemy before entering Rome 5 divisions already wiped out British m a k e Surprise thrust Versos Irrawaddy to it escape Poison cos i Iet ims on Hospital Loo n instruction Given As troops fight within shallow of City nazis Sav armed forces removed Vii in. However to storm ancient capital if for defends it in his shirt sleeves to beat Washington a heat spell president Roosevel is shown examining a report pertaining to the Columbia River project which was Given to him by the House committee on irrigation and reclamation. Sixteen members of the committee commended him As a commander in chief for his development of National telephoto. Overcome by chlorine Gas that escaped from a tank on a truck at a Busy intersection in Brooklyn. These victims lie on the Lawn of Cumberland Hospital Brooklyn awaiting treatment after cot space in the infirmary ran out. Approximately 400 persons w Ere affected when the Gas. Heavier than air. De a ended through subway telephoto. A uf1 reports a s Lri erroneously Allied invasion three More new Guinea Isla ii i s Are of espied off draft it Racket exposed mistake Maili lieu English girl practising Oil Tele Type punches out message which slip through elaborate so Tein of safeguard Anil Tensor whip Mog Aung Valley area since Merrill a raiders captured my Itkina an at j opera iou tarried out while japanese armies being driven southward Iii Burma viol Southeast China Hoekert firing Allied Plum used fit Burma by associated Friss americ and australian amphibian troops invaded thief More islands off the new Guinea coast Friday Gen Douglas Macarthur announced today. All three Landing were unopposed the three fold operation flanking in it Tell Moline. A carried out while Jap a Anes armies were being driven southward in Burma and Southwest i a i Lwi in in a a i China and themselves made Alioth Jill i of #1111 inc Del or big stride in their sweep through Baltimore. June 3. the Federal Bureau of investigation today arrested 14 men and a woman on charges of participating in a Racket to keep prospective selectee out of military service members of the ring we in said to have offered lessons Quot to expectant inductees on How to simulate psycho neurosis and other ailments so that they might be in Caroa up for for the service ranged from Uso to $500. Although in some instances cases of liquor were accepted in payment. E o ii r billion voted Byl Louse for lend lease of hint Iuva Tipti May Tome Iii few hat 81 finnish firms a a ii ack list <1 balls. Blow delivered because filius ref ii in to unit Washington. June 3 a up a. After hearing a hint that the Allied invasion of Western Europe May come within Quot the next few dust a Quot the passed by a record vote j of 280 to 23 today a $3,820,070,000 Supply Bill to finance lend lease the foreign economic adm Nistra i Hon a Fea i and the United nations Relief and rehabilitation administration a in Nora for the fiscal year starting july i. The measure went to the Senate after chairman Cannon of the appropriations committee deplored talk about Quot juggled funds j and the new deals and added solemnly Quot now who wants to juggle funds when Over across the seas within the next few Days i hesitate to mention Hie number of men Aho Are going to by wiped out Quot off the floor Cannon declined to elaborate. Before it acting finally the House killed off a tentative move to with i hold lend lease funds from a Lions not actually furnishing troops Lor combat. Less than two minutes later came a message. Quot Init that Flash a and word was sent out at once to editors to withhold publication at 4 44 p in. Another London message directed that the Flash be Quot killed a and this was done in the two minute interlude be tween the erroneous Flash and the withhold order however the incorrect news had been announced Over Many radio stations in America and at some baseball Parks. In new Yorkus Polo grounds the crowd observed one minute of silence after the word was Given Over the Loudspeaker system. In Ciudad Trujillo capital of the dominican Republic newspaper sirens were sounded and crowds gathered Only to explain in disappointment when the error was announced. Error aught quickly the error was caught quickly i enough so that it did not appear anywhere in print in new York Aud elsewhere newspaper and radio station switch it see invasion Page 15, col. 6� Alabama Hospital Central China japs driven Hack u s sixth army troops spin do d ashore on owl and of null islet both within artillery Range of the japanese positions on Bink. Major Island of the Schouten group on Biak other sixth army troop drove nip ponese from open ground North of Bosanek the american base one Hundred japanese suicides Weir found after one counterattack was repulsed. Seven of 15 raiding japanese planes were shot Down Ovet Biak the australians Landing a on Karkar 35 Miles Northeast of a Dan and off Shote from their Advance up the coast toward bypassed enemy Gan Isons Only last night \ a proves Tokyo radio announced la Gen f Shigeru Katagiri commander of contract Madam Garrison was killed in action two month ago. That before the aussies to it of tin to open War allies leave lounge Mai it in Fate of Koine up to germans Taler outline plan fur raising 2,w3,000 total Here Jefferson amt Hillman to town be Iier a by uni Vertio germans begin a invasion is nowhere near Quot Tuscaloosa. June 3.av a 99-year contract providing for use by Hie new University of Alabama i med i i. I school of the county owned Jefferson and Hillman hospitals in Birmingham was approved today in the University Boa id of trustees. Under term of the contract with Jefferson county the i too Beds in the two institutions will be under staff control of the medical school and the county commission the Board also approved the Purchase of a Block West of the two Hospital Tor the proposed medical College buildings. Jefferson county has raised a fund of $150,000 tot this purpose. Jefferson county will maintain he two hospitals for the duration of the contract staff appointments at Hillman a Charity Hospital will be made by the commission subject to approval by the school Board. Washington june 3 the United states using a postwar economic blow to retaliate for Finland s refusal to get out of the War to i Ondon june 3,�? Ber shattered rail lines leading up to Treasury filing night placed the names of 84 Fin in radio tonight began Broadist Firma on its economic blacklist casting reports that Quot the invasion is it was the Hist time any finnish nowhere names have appeared on the Black list. They appeared to represent a crus Section of finnish business and Industry ranging from Helsinki publishing and movie houses to shipbuilders Copper mines munition makers and chemical and heavy industries henceforth american firms will be prohibited from dealing with those named actually there will be no immediate effect from the listings because Finland is blockaded from any kind of commercial Intercourse with the outside world. Bul the United states has warned neutrals Ana Axis satellites that their Lack of cooperation May result in keeping their blacklisted firms on the pro Sci in list Long Atter the Wai ends. F Folia it p1 a ii a n to Ach exports and imports amounted to nearly 20,000,000,000 finnish Mark $400 000,000. About 15 per cent of that Wai with the United states and a third of it was with great Britain Appere nth fearing German nerves would be unable to stand the double Strain of Day and night bombing from tile East West and South and the threat of invasion German propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels radio expert who had been predicting the drive into Europe would come any Day sudden switched tactics and said it would not come for some time. Ber�?�1 offered the explanation that Quot a Day was fixed for a few Day before Whit sunday last week but chimed that it was Quot called off by Roosevelt Quot however according to Stockholm Rej Jour tire German pre was warning the people that Quot exceptional Clit urn lances May cause a stoppage of All Pilate Tele a. Graph traffic j meanwhile Continental dispatches said the nazis were strengthening then fortifications along the Spanish Frontier and transferring thousands of c smears f Tom the Eastern front i France to repair bomb hic Western invasion front Here in Britian supreme Allied invasion commander Gen Dwight d. Eisenhower sent a message to a Salute the Soldier week gathering saying Quot never in the history of the United nations has it been More vital that every single one of us ,�?� War Bomi to sir iceman sensational sortie in one of the most sensational sorties Over Japan Caroline islands a solitary Liberator a credited with inflicting 500 japanese casualties in a Surprise raid on Vav Deal Iruk and Pul wat Wen again int in daily Carolines strikes while other bomber swept deep into the dutch indies rocket firing Allied plane and the Quot grim courage and determination of chinese infantrymen forced japanese troops southward in the Battle for tin Burma Road dispatches from the Orient said yesterday. The first use of flying rocket batteries by fighters and bomber in the Asiatic theater Bloke up nip ponese attempts to relieve beleaguered garrisons in North Burma the airborne Bazooka Bla Ted trains and riven Lait headed for my Itkina and Mog Aung 21-Pound baby born to go Tiplic Iii Tiiu comm Clairfield Terne june 3 it Juv a 21-Pound baby boy believed to be the fifth largest baby in medical history was born Here today to or Aud mrs d Marion Teague or f h Rogers attending Phy Quot Calhoun county is ready for the fifth american War loan War finance chairman Howard Cater said yesterday afternoon As he outlined plans for raising 12,-993, assigned As the county quota. Stating that everything was in Reade. For the paratroop invasion slated to take place on tile opening Day of the drive june is on the country club Green chairman cat r said that William h. Deyo will release Al the particulars of that Pivot tonal scheme next week tin invasion Lias been arranged to take place at 2 to t Lur k when trained Sambro opens from fort Benning a will descend from the skies to stain to military show Tor War rond auction climaxing the activities of the drive during the just week will be Hie we a Bond auction which is j under the direction of Joe Rutledge i this will be staged pm Noble Street june 17 from to Oclock in the morning until i o clock with a pro a of Satonil an rotifer offering valuable Ware to the highest bidders a list of the Many items being donated to the drive by Pati Muc merchant will be released latin. Payroll savings chairman Tun stall Cobbs has announced that the. Majority of Industrial firms have Hee bund drive Page 15, Cal. 4 nazi counter on irk in by saving italian tags ital d Alt 0�rn Lily Allied Headquarters. Naples. June 3,�? i with its Armie nearing Rome the Allied command today placed upon the nazi military the responsibility for making the City a bloody Battlefield or withdrawing and sparing it further ravages of War and the germans countered quickly with a claim hat rom a can be regarded a a City free from armed forces. Allied Headquarters Naples june 3. A american troops rated through Rome s outer approaches from the South and Southeast tonight under orders to destory the retreating German armies five of whose 18 divisions already have been practically annihilated and whose defensive lines have been blasted apart. With the City a Skyline in easy View of the advancing american Armor and infantry it appeared that within a matter of hours Rome might become the first european capital to be liberated from the nazi. It. Gen. Mark w Clark commander of the fifth army. Instructed his subordinates however that the immediate task was to pursue and destroy a much As possible of the German tenth and fourteenth armies and that entry into Rome would come afterwards. Five divisions destroyed i besides the five nazi divisions virtually destroyed since the present Allied offensive began May la. Several others have been battered badly and front line dispatches tonight said further Progress was being made towards the goal of annihilation. There was no word As to Hoer Many German might be caught by the Ament an. British and French troops converging below Rome and be added to the 18.000 prisoners already in the Allied bag. The belief grew however that the Allied forces closing in on a pocket in the Northern Edge of the Sacco i Valley Mill held by the enemy could Hope to trap Only a relatively Small proportion of the German units which earlier had been reported there. This a supported by front Una accounts tonight showing that. Depute its apparent peed the German Retreat was not a rout. Edward Kennedy. Associated press correspondent with the fifth army reported that Quot there were still Many German pockets behind us. Raking the Road with machine gun and hellfire but these were being mop lied up a he said further that the germans Wert taking time in their flight to pillage the Countryside and were j leaving sniper behind to try to de Lav the allies. Present distances of the allies from Rome were not disclosed bul Trout dispatches indicated dearly that they were Short arum growing Shorter. The amen was were thrusting up both the Appun and Ca Lunian ways and across open country while other Allied troops conserved on routes leading up to the City. The British eighth army which had pushed up through the Liri and Sacco valleys made a Junction with issuing a special communique one Day after Pope Pius expressed Hope a americans on the via castling that Rome Quot at All costs May be saved Dom be Liming a theater of War a the Allied command said the United nations forces a have Only taken and will Only take military action against Rome insofar As the germans use the City its railway and roads Tor military purposes a promptly the German propaganda Agency Tran Ocean countered with what it tailed an official statement by a German foreign office spokes Man concerning the pontiffs plea it said a on the German Side everything been done for months to preserve Rome from Ach late. Rome today can be regarded As a City fret of armed forces a tile Allied communique declared a see War Page 15, t Al. I whether in civil life or the armed g i Market thursday forces should make i greatest Effort now in the name of i it a Ace and Freedom it was revealed that thousands of portable packs each containing suf fic pm supplies to last 30 men 21 Days were being distributed to units of the Allied expeditionary Force the packs weigh 60 pounds and contain Cigar ets tobacco matches shoestrings letter cards tooth . Shaving and toilet soap and razor Blades. It was explained the Packis would maintain tire to oops Washington june 3 Ltd p tile Treasury is Selling a new kind of Bonds known As the Quot a. I.�?T�?Tto enlisted men it was Learned tonight the Bond in $10 denominations Simian said the baby and Mother s Selling for 17.50 with maturity to condition was satisfactory Quot alter a years after Date of Sale went on the difficult delivery mrs. Teague who Weigers nearly 200 pounds is 21 the g i.�?�, smallest de Norm a years old. Her husband described Sun Ever issued by this government a a medium sized Coal Miner is 23 Jurk gab ill a Elehuc front ruin is expected to go farther toward the baby is the couples first child Quot skimming off excess spending the larger denominations which Power a of u. S. Fighting men than were sold to enlisted men on Fie instalment plan _ _ Hollywood june 4.up a a. Clark Gable hero of countless movies will leave the army soon for civilian life the commanding officer of the 1st motion picture unit aug Ata Kiltti ius. June mid j forces announced lot Ughi. Until Post exchanges and canteen the soviet embassy announced to Gable will lie subject to recall to Are established on the continent night that the order of Surovov duty but such a return is highly Over the Dover Straits the weath j first degree the highest soviet doubtful or today was Clear and a slight military award will be presented Gable went to England 14 months Breeze rippled a smooth Eavis on monday to Gen. George c mar ago to film a combat Pic ure dealing i bib to was Good. J shall u s. Army chief of staff j with Aerial gunner. S ii to 111 v b lights it shia made after minute rimming London june 3 up a the inside a being paid in russian rubles and Story of the history making first of How they Wue selected set Reinshuttle flight to Russia involving Given sealed orders and a few hours four months of the most secret to pack before leaving on what May planning and difficult Supply prob will be one of the most important Lams was told today by two colonels missions in the european a a v one russian anti one american j a we combed Hie stairs of the sitting before a map of Europe in t strategic air forces Foi the most ex-1 tile russian embassy they told the j Perien ced and highly trained per a tory of the detachment of amen j sonnet specialists in All phages of can Mechanic technicians and even maintenance Supply and ordnance a nurses to operate tile secret shuttle Youngs a la Quot staff officer also base in Russia which brought every Wen chosen Tor special abilities and target in Hitler Europe within Long combat experience then we bombing Range of Allied planes bundled them off to first hoisting glasses to drink a j two big Comus $ carried most of i Sot ii in on i r highest award on Gen Marshall boast of rare Rye whiskey supplied by the russian embassy american col. William it Young of los an. Gelts and russian col. Nikolai Reury a member of the soviet military Mission for aviation Here told their nary. Quot we Fust were Given the Job in i to Katy j a mid Hay told to Miles East of \ Din on tone shortly before noon saturday and continue toward Rome on that route. See Alban Hill fifth army fighter Quot smashed apart the germans last mountainous position guarding Rome by seizing most of the Alban Hills mass dominating the capital on the South descent from Hie Hills would put them within ten Miles of Home 1 outskirts. The be la radio broadcast that Rome now a free of armed forces indicating the possibility that the City might not be defended. Allied Headquarters already had announced that if the German chose to fight tot Rome tile allies wll be obliged to take appropriate military measures to eject them tonight the Allied command broadcast outs the free italian a die at Naples to Balian partisan forces inside Rome declaring i Quot Rome a liberation is at hand and apprising them of their duty to locate mines and Booby trap which the germans might leave behind and to prevent German sabotage the message issued by Gen sir Harold Alexander Allied commander in Italy said Quot the liberation of Rome is near. In everything to prevent destruction of the Cliv. Prevent the enemy from exploding his mine which he might have placed under Bridges and government offices ,.remove from the streets ail obstacles barricade and other obstructions. Quot it is vital for the Aiu thai the equipment and personnel to troops can go through Rome with Russia one by the Northern route and Hie other through the Mediterranean and then Overland through Persia he said. Giving Aine idea of the tremendous amount of materials involved he said the air set Vive command out loss of tune in order to Complete the destruction of the German armies retreating citizens of Rome the future of Rome is in sour hands had chipped tons of Atte mat met Ioco us to be ready for the first Mission Ting for runways and tin equivalent gov Chatta in april that was impossible As it of a Liberty ship full of High octane planned Jan was we were Lucky to be ready in fuel about to too tons. In a it Bania j in a j Hie hardest problems he said 187th Annive he told of Thamel #111 men and were tile lengthening of russian i the Contin Flag Welk .�1 ,.��?� a he i women now in the soviet and j see shuttle pair ii a a it i Eliu a Xian pro la Ai Quot Flag week commemorate the i v of and Hon Contr 1 of the Flag ;