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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - July 27, 1924, Anniston, Alabama The weather Alabama f trolly fair sunday and probably Monde to vol 42 "sts5 a .1 a v a on a. United press leased wire service to Phe Anniston n. Al a news amp feature service the Star stands for Community up building and Good citizenship 282. Lamed Dally and sundae morning a v co Nae 11 Ria ted Pool ailing co Anniston. Alabama sunday. July 27, 1924. �?22 pages�?176 columns. Do pc. Bail and Honda 20� 5 a copy r kill. D week Street Saie crr on re or Issue at conference is looming defense ill twelve Hoult in Lehoe Litho ads in flight Nous in ii ii in or of i drops wars Macdonald May raise question of evacuation at monday s plenary session Franco belgians Are expected to refuse invitation will Phou ably be sent next Welk to Oerman arrival of Morgan Kolrs interest Many drowned Homes flooded in South India Bombay India july 26.-�? i tilted Prev a a Many persons have been drowned and More than 10,000 Home inundated in shows of towns by terrific floods which Are sweeping sections of son ii India according to advices Here tonight. Hit ii Hhd Msj shifts Bude decision reached by actor ten White and two negro mrs. Shank declares mob Neys fighting to save Leopold and Loeb will ask judge to give life sentence schools for adults planned for Calhoun county of men Forneri her to attack miss Grandon director Page is in charge of work seventeen members of mob make Bonds first half of 1924 record breaker for disasters red Cross statistics reveal Panio seizes people of City As Federal lines Are drawn tighter by Lloyd Alli n edited press staff Corri Sponden London july 26.delegate to tile inter Allied conference attempting to live the tangled question of payment of German reiteration will hold a �er1�� of informal meetings Oit the week end in an Effort to agree on vital Point it was Learned tonight tile Aromas plenary session Lull in held it i p. In. Monday and it is desired to Harmon a tile conflicting French and Anglo american viewpoint before that time. Prime minister Macdonald it was forecast tonight May raise the question of evacuate a it of the French a Glan military fore a from the great German Nous Trail Basin of the Ruhr at monday s meeting. If he do1 a the mooted question Wilt be brought into Thop n a i a crisis will result if the pram of belgians Refue. It is this question in fact about which nearly All the difficulties of the Confer Nee revolve. The Anglo americans assert european Stab Lily is impossible As Ion As French a belgian Soldier continue their occupation of plan Effort to Solo a of Spon Sibli if we \. Ooi it Abill i v of vol no Sti hints limited go d Man an h mom n to Ltd i Ali Kniss to Xiii Gnu is Hooks an to in \ my it Opi Ning District governor made chairman of International committee of kiwanis clubs governor la Frank Williamson a it Fth Alabama Florida District f kiwanis flubs is been officially noted by Victor m. Johnson the International president of Hiap. Ointment As chairman of the International committee on b u s i n a a standards. The i ii ads of Dis Rit it Veiner Williamson say the this a one Ltd the greatest Honor that can be conferred on a Kiamar and that governor Williamson tax a every Way qualified for the responsibilities of the office. By i Ivy ski it dish in Ltd priss staff i orcs Pondant it id ago july 26.definite do j a Talon to reached tonight to Nha Idun Thi insanity defense Ltd carefully reared by numerous renowned alienist to Nave Nathan i Colloid .lr., and diehard i web from tile Gallons for the murder of Robert i ranks ,>1 boy and scion of a millionaire family when Clarence Barrow chief defense counsel and ills Battery of alienist tart Ali eur of flit Nett week to wive tile youths from death they will seek to com i no chief to ii St its Caverty Tomt lits. A in k s is Sill is Nom to in \ in i i i him. Did not Irv to t Vuk i Iii it ills. It x n 1> i rom Iii it welfare organization has been asked to give Aid in 35 localities Ripon is the election of in Anniston the German Industrial zone and1 in in to head the internal Oral com. The american hankers headed by m tree was reached at a meeting Thomas have gun even further than this declaring the y will not attempt Torstad the proposed $200,600,000 loan to the germans unless the n is ceased and a clause put in the agreement that no new occupy tons shall be attempted. While no invitation has been yet sent to Germany to participate in the conference it is expected the message Wilt be it Early next week and the germans arrive before next saturday. There is great interest in the expected arrival of j. Merton despite his statement in new York that he does not intend to participate in the conference Morgan the ail a admit holds the key to the situation As no banking Syndicate can be organized to undertake the proposed loan to Germany unless i fir mis included. Thera was no formal meeting j today a majority of the delegates leaving London to attend the great naval review near Portsmouth. Of the Board of trustees of . He i a few Day ago in Chicago. The committee on Busine standards is one of the Moi important of the commute provid. De for under Tho Laws of the kiwanis club. Hut Tim selection of governor Williamson As chairman did not Surprise i local in love Kiwan Lan As of was prominently mentioned at the last International convention for one of the chief executive offices. War with peace societies now x t into open Robertson in Lead in Tenas primary r Ace president denounces organized interference with defense test plans. Klan endorsed candidate for governor ahead in Early returns mrs. Ferguson third Dallas Texas. July 26.�? United press a with part Al return from is counties and two Complete in the state to of clock tonight Felix d Robertson k an endorsed candidate was leading in the to x is democratic primary for governor. His vote was 17,168. Lynch David. A on was second with 15.sis, while mrs. Miriam Ferguson wife of former governor Jim Ferguson who was impeached and prevented from making the race by a court order was third with 12,835 votes. Morris Sheppard was far ahead in the rec Tor the senator ship polling 14,483 votes with i two opponents. A is and Maddox following with 8,192 and 2,466 respectively. By Dale every United ere., staff Correa i Amil in 11 Washington. July 26.bring.os j the fight against the War de. Apartment a a proposed a defense i test a out into the on president Coolidge today delivered a a Buk to peace organisations opposing this trial of the defensive resources of the nation. The White House mid Public a letter from president Coolidge to Frederick j Libby Secretary of the National Council for prevention of xxi in which the president declared he sympathies fully with All a a practical Effort to prevent wars but object i to or. Gan led interference with Tho defence test. Or. Coolidge reviewed this government s Pri mariness poly and pointed out the United states had a standing army in proportion to our National Power Ani interests one of the smallest in the word. He said a had been the const it Endeavor of the government to keep the regular army at the Ama Liest Point possible a in the face of this record it seems unfair that the plans for of Fonse Day should be condemned out of hand simply through the device of misrepresentation a the president wrote he explained the proposal of the War Dep Star it Merit to test on lives of 150 on i september 12, the extent to which _ a National guard and Reserve unit Steamer menaced i could be depended on in an engr. As vessel sinks Agency Only an added Assurance that the professional army i could be kept email and civilians their own Norfolk vs., july United it continue to a assume preset the lives of 150 persons responsibility for a defensive to aboard the Steamer. Gratitude to abolishment a were endangered tonight when the ship Sank after striking a Barge in Chesapeake Bay. Aii persons on Board were believed to have been rescued by the a Teamer Pennsylvania. The gratitude was understood to have been chartered for an excursion by employees of the Texas Oil company. Vessel beached after explosion passengers Safe London july 26.�? United pres a the norwegian Steamer. Christiania to new York with 400 passengers a beached after fire had broken out following an explosion in the engine Roo in a Copenhagen dispatch says tonight. The passengers were landed in a mall boats and the fire Exton a instead of being a military gesture this plans is the Exa t opposite a asserted to e president. A it is a non Militarist pc gesture f or the purpose of keeping Down to its lowest possible Point the professional military organisation of the United states. President Coolidge Sharp rebuke of the peace societies and his characterization of their option to defense Day As a utterly unfair brought an immediate reply fro in Libby. Libby wrote the president to. Day defending the Campaign of the National Council and declaring a a the mobilization planned for de Fen Quot Day was a reversal a of our traditional he said it would have a bid effect on International relations and would tend to a a militarized the youth of the country. Simultaneously with Libby a reply the Council gave out a state. Men announcing jts to ii tin defendant. Hil t it is limit d 2 the r 1 arc a y 3 they should be sentenced to life imprisonment so that they May be segregated f. Out the Public and yet have an Opportunity to recover their run ii equilibrium tile foregoing lines of defens a As revealed by certs n of the defense alienist while marrow Cir Rob it rat it i do no Pei t by stating he cd Ltd not want the boys sent to an insane Asylum a cd therefore would not try a put them there by compelling such action a when word of the new in be planned by tile of Fen a was brought to state attorney a it in i Al Crow in personal charge of the prosecution to summoned to state alienist f r a conf Reno. The state alienist have prepared to fight fiery Only one line in show i Hock an sane this is part of crowed a Batt a to f. A the boys sentenced to the Gallows. U or the Ina few Days he a produced we Nev after witness to draw the it Halo of evidence of murder about the defendant. This can a along with the conf ions by the youths complot s his can a of murder. The in it atop is to prove them sane. And therefor full responsible. A Elf i should plead no guilty and a tried by a jury they a h my me a Leopold said according to Cortland a but if i should plead guilty and the Case a it re heard before a Friendly judge i think i could get off with life a a done to you know that the Story of yours of a Friendly judge is a pure fabrication Given for purpose of intimidating com t a Harrow arc d a no it in not a Cortland Phi d Darrow took the attitude that this statement would pre Jud in the defendants in the by it of the Justice who is ? is judge and jury and who w ii impose sentence. The Brilliant deft Nee attorn to attacked the creditability of such of Cortland testimony. Farrow forced Cortin d to admit that my h of the c Aversa Tion v e reported having with Leopold was not written Down at the time of the alleged conversation but were dug it in his memory Furrow also brought out thai the incident was not included in Cortland official report of i investigations and also that to made first mention of it to prosecutor Crowe on v last thursday. Farrow battered away at Gort Progre a mad Iii Iii a org in int Iii work id flu adult hitter jul y m land Quot Whit ii a to to a ii ducted at to of Oil places Oxer tin county the month of gust has in ii very Ryuta factory during Hie fir week of la work prof. S. It. Gibson Eon Iii us in pendent of education announce late Naturita according to present Phi tis Tell White adult shoo Aud two adult school for negroes will la Niimi net cd Iii lit con it it. Ii t a \ i y la Page. Arrived ism monday to take j charge of the organization work i Aud a Tut Day night it de a state i ment Iti w tit ii lit said that pros j i pets were far better for sult it a j Ful a a it hoopla tills a r than they t were last year. The Success of i the set hods last it ii w As far above expectations so it May confidently lie expected that greater results than a a r will lie accomplish ii this Minim i. Four schools have been organized d tiring th1 past week. The if were located at the f bowing plumes ii in. Merrill a Taylor s Hap i and Mill x diag in Jacksonville these will stall next Xvi. The two negro schools a to a located a follows line in a Quot tub Anniston and the other in Hobson City. When All a Ace organized or. I go will amuse the directorship of toe work of the a chop a and will supervise All courses Givin. He states the it. He lab tug besieged in Taij by communities i v Gray haired men and women who Are a King for an Opportunity to learn to read and write. I hey w Ere deprived of this advantage when Young but although Tio it May h it pm toll it but it Tew Mon its or year longer of Best they want to tear aside the vol of illiteracy and i Arn to at least read the Book of All books the i red. Re k. Mil jills 26 a i Nicil pre a Mio Mon my do it of pin sorry i beat Ami tarred and feathered a remarkable statement made today in file Frederick enmity loll. Or. Shank declaimed re it Nii a vilify for Lite brutal Iron i Merit accorded Ltd Dorothy g in Talon on a Maryland no us i hut a it night. The whole cont pc to Ion of the outrage whip h has shocked the Community j is a it n change la Bren ton j i Ianke a Story. Silo declared herself a much a vie Tim As Tho it at n k i j i. 11 t ii women arc in jail mrs Shank held in i of Quot Quot a Bomi and min grand n in $500 a Materia i w Ltd is. Tho run it of whom were arrested a part capants in the Atta upon the Horn a a in Ftp a wan-1 raft ii a it fur Macd their Bond and gone fre it. Mrs Simank i Quot ii pm she and Dorothy wee to no victims of the she a id she n a Lfong or thinks til at Tho i Viand of Kiel was Intens to wit ii in r husband i. d Shank an that the mob Hail us that a an excuse to make heir at Talt a Dorothy. N a la of a d so will be tarred and feathered herself when a a got 4 but of jail she said on i Tim men w bit of. t a a to to c n Gilt of Tho flogging la said Jodio a would pet a of the same thing if lie a quit in d. That was til reason Why she to it Quot Kall Tho bbl Rny. Mrs wha ilk to Given it Bong of getting out it f Jai until after the grand Lory lint taken up the matter in tember. By a declared so had thought a r husband family were her friends but that now Kim p Itiat they a turned the r bake a in her. In the meantime the Grandon girl has mad known Bor intention of fling stilts for Thavy damages against the men Iii the mob Tufit attacked Ber ail of til in r tis Sony o a t o r Finane Letl support was Given the Are wealthy partners adult schools by Vul ious civic of Rich Farn i Ani sorry i a i to tolf a Luba a f the City aided by a am til spit appropriation. Feather the wife declared a but til mob told me if i dido t i on id get it same Are. Shank and miss Grandon declared that in the t hey Are brought to trial event the t his re Wouri a fatal j Greensboro n. P., july 26 a United in a say William k. 1 Grimsley prominent business Man and Plantation owner died Here the y will shield each Ether is fir tonight of wound received last is possible and will Continua monday night in a with a 1 friends. They occupy adjoining 1 tenant j. In Norton who has not cells on the corridor set Aport for been apprehended. Women. J today v Cir come flying Welcome prizefighter mixed news wheat again in. / by Arth i it Brisbane c Spirl tit l�3l by Star company. Flit imn la. Sloane go a ii ral Mariag or of file Tell Lorna development association a in writer Rev ted on Ihu Wilay a Leth a by flying Machen a and with it a but it cd rim it Allf a Ria Fig pm ked in c All Fornah at 5 of lock tuesday afternoon. Or. Stoa new major 11 it lit a i nowhere says Ripe of have not yet land for More than an hour con j to to levered in a re a a Xindi ton in new York. Cell Fornin filial Flint so a Paratz mothers from the or Dii Idren at Euia Island Tel Tom prise fighters under conditions that should mean Lix Tat decor Watlov a re Pahlke that shuts oat ambitious. Re my Tahlon men mid women a la Iii. Farmers Mother children and admits any prize fighters under any or. A inst a tiers has some Ling matter with it. Tin sliding most of the Day Short Quot a Helen two minor witnesses we a the Only others to he put o nth stand by the state. Jacob Weinstein general own Ager of the optical store where Leopold purchased the spec tee Euhe at the scene where the body vex a found and by to the Arr a to identified the glasses j a a pair sold to Leopold. Edgar Yates re p lice photo Grapher was a he other witness he 1 produced some Folly photographs taken on Arlou Ane connect-1 de with the crime. What May be regarded As the preliminary fight in Over. Monday he real thrill of the hearing in expected the Battle of alien St f of f expect to introduce to or three More witnesses and then produce his confessions. If his plans Are not upset the alienist will take a the stand before monday is Ever. Of not the clash of medical forces will Start tuesday. Hundreds of letters from a a a parts of the country Are flowing in on Justice Caver and Crowe. Many of them express sympathy for the Young men and Plad for merry. Others urge life in Jill or the Asylum. Many More ure the extreme penalty. Will develop flip great commercial filing machine to it Endeavor to put Ripe and a Utah Abu fruit us a the tables of new York. That a Progress. But that is Only a Small part of it. Fly lug machines will bring exerts to Able Ripe fruit from to la Fornola Ami Florida to Tho a that can of fold them. And infinitely More important filing machines will Larry inhabitants in a few hours front All Over Lite i tilted states to California to a Florida Ami to nil the place Hilt an american ought to aet. Fixes him helps pay Macon ga., july 26.�? United press a while acting As recorder saturday morning mayor Luther Williams fined b k Brown. A Quot. Or. Stihi one a so negates Sal a hopping around Tho Jungle in Africa now a a Dis ten gushed prize fighters a ame to the lulled state leaving he Hind a Young White woman and their baby. He says he did not marry her. Not do i Oura cd he has just married a Young woman in the lulled male a did to have a Trace of coloured blood. Another prize fighter White named i Trpo Arri cd from South Ai Teri a. Wit i a Young woman called a a Mno Grapler. How Miles in a Lee is deported. Why the an wer la simple lie will make $250.doo a Hie Hare of a million Dollar prize fight. Xxx by should t he come in How will the news of our Day read to Ute future Bethlehem steel a see a dividend combined pocket Ami la Art ache for Many. I Dorado a fill pin murderer in Eek or i it i la failed to kill a Jailer with a huh hidden n hts Ceil. Carefully mail a Quot ill ill to ing of a Fexy Imundi a Dollar. Twenty women Are Hurt in a bargain Rush trying to buy Bro Imp for oho cent apiece. In Chile an a re in jog lot discover a Mummy of of ii Royal in. Ca 2, year old. It wore Suim hair. Ugh Commey kit Nee a mod of Pabst inc. To to it a Rte excellent pro arc a in the rebuilt big of the jews by a Tate. An american a just gone Over to Start a life i surant company. W let part of All that in new does not include lesser tragedies i Iima 1x1 floods Tornado s. Y \ to onions fire Wix Epi Deni is Hax k re clix de x�s1st\n� i Miner killed when can of powder held in arms explodes by i i it it n Mick be. United in a a my of t Orrey an Lent xxx be Hington july 26�?the Yar 1921 was Horn Antler an a a of Tor. January to july has Iwu a record breaking period in Lite number of Merlon i a ter in the i need stat a. I lie Ola k a Lxi tory of tits Ira to Nix month in told in statistics made Tubili tonight by the Vin Titan red cml. During that time there have Ben More it Atay Triplie calling upon the re on Rcd a of tits organization t Tutti in any similar Peri in Llu Elmory. La min client Xlyn. July 26�? \ 50-p find eau of powder caught fire Ami exploded in till Arnix of 11 ii the it William Miner in la a Sarago is mine ii or he re Katun Lay. . Badly mangled lived a Vernl hours after lha Etc London. So ral other miners were i mined and the mind a it Iai Iii 1 be ral Tami Inland dollars damage. A spark of fire from a a mall Iii of Mil Elarge set off in tilt mines ignited the powder. Cold Rainy weather adds to suffer great bitterness again so a i i i Rel fit xxx i in ment be ported and Voung men join rebel army Benett has of Bryant Powers United Presa staff correspond Buenos Aires july 26,�? evacuation of the remainder of the civil imputation of san pan a a to City Hab a to started radio j Nie a Xgo a front Santos said to Tillit. Taxon and of Farn la Lea Many j of them tarrying their to a j Long in huge bundles on their head streamed out of the be i league red re free it a ital during i the Day. Following dropping of i warning Fri my a Vernm it air 4 plane Ilia a general bombard t mint will is renewed tonight j n i oat radio red a rots assists new in by a Sib j upon in 35 separate locality la t ii in a of victims of , tornadoes explosion fire. And epidemics in in Relief a been sent to survivors of earthquakes in foreign lands. That re have been Beadles scores of smaller disasters it which a be a thu Tiou was handled by the local red Gross chapters without a at a new from National head quor Tei s. The Tornado at Lorraine Ohio. No june 28, caused the most wid Speed Destruf Tion of any Dos sets listed in the newly compiled statistics although other Calamine have recorded death lists. Forty it 1 Gross worker Are still carrying out extensive Relief an reconstruction work there. Although the red Cross a be n unable a a ascertain the death toll it it Fth 1 two of Ris of the year a officials have compiled the following mete of catastrophe where Relief was Given tornadoes Chatham county Kouth Carolina Martin county North Carolina Harris county Georgia Meriwether county Georgia run leg miss Lorain. Ohio. Shawnee okie. Northern Mississippi Marion county Alabama Cascade county Montana and Eastern gala h Tina. Cloudburst Carter county Tennessee. Windstorms Dickinson North Dakota an sections of to Lith Dakota Sud m in a it to. Floods Crosby Minn. Mans j Cumberland. My. Kill in it. 8. Us bitter Creek Wyoming and her Pees ferry. Vest Virgin. Explosions Pekin in starch works Johnson City. Ill a Doh w va., mins Benwood w. Va., mine fires Marionville. Is a month sur it. And Kalama Washington. The lied Cruse Quot Leo extended assistant in funds and trained workers at a serious typhoid epidemic at Lincoln memorial University. In Tennessee during the prisons quarantine against the foot and Mouth disease following earthquakes in Ecuador Coats Rica Sod Colombia and for a a Lief of famine sufferers in Alba la. Rome Man held in disappearance of aunt explains Possession of Money Chattanooga Tun. July 24.�? United press a a h Bennett of Rome ga., who with hts wife to detained Here in connection with the finding of a Skeleton believed to be that of his aunt miss Augusta Hoffman again today succeeded i to satisfactorily explaining another phase of the mystery which had diverted suspicion to a a re Hirn. Do fives investigating reports that Nils Hoffman who strangely disappeared from the Kennett Home Nln years ego. On the event a journey to Knoxville had withdrawn a turn of Money from the Bank a few Day before Learned that Bennett had deposited of a Soo to his account in a local Hank about the limn time. Kennett allowed that the Money had been borrowed on an insurance policy. Suspicion was Al re to directed at Kennett when the Skeleton was found to the basement of a House he Quot copied Here at the time his aunt was last seen in this Section. Bennett and his wife however. Claimed that they had heard from miss la of fms after the time so w in last seen in Chattanooga. Authorities probing the unusual mystery admittedly mad Little Progress today and few avenues of investigation remain. Police however were still detaining Bennett i wife and Ion. . Ii Bennett or. Pfc to Fisherman finds mummified Kody in Creek Deputy sheriff in Tuscaloosa is held for murder russian report show in shortage on till Grain crop of 150.000, it a a Marly Titre million tons of Grain the Bol a her a Intorn Niento will spend fifteen millions to buy a for Farmers other million to led the hungry. A far away a run la. Nature a a a my waiting to help Coolidge by putting up the Price of Grain. Tuscaloosa also 1 v 26.�? unit i pres at prel Tel Norv hearing saturday Deputy sheriff Hewers of Tuscaloosa county was held without Bond on a in it tar charge resulting from theft Tai shooting several weeks age of Herman Logan. Log a. A rung Man was shot when it failed to mop his automobile and mar it to search for liquor. Justice j. Shelton in holding Sellers of. I the evidence showed no extenuating a try u mat an cts. Meridian mi#., july a United Presa a while fishing Oft Toomsuba Creek near Here. An a i negro discovered the mummified body of e. J. Brower 6. Who disappeared March 7 while prospecting for Gold the flesh on the a d Many a body had not de composed but bed ired. Identification was made by Means of papers found in the clothing worn by the dead Man. Brower whose Home was at Kewanee h a believed the Toomsuba Creek Section Conia a Good deposits end had made numerous trips the re Psi search of the precious Metal. A coroners jury found that Brower came to his death by Drew Mug. A the exodus presents a pitiable spectacle a message said. of Iii people have Bewig reduced to direst want and a without cold Rainy weather. It now of mid Winter South of the Equator Lias added to the suffering and some of the refugees Are in of pneumonia. A there is great but herpes against the Federal government m my Young men who previous repulsed rebel requests to enlist now or entering the rebel a a a a. As the brazilian rebellion entered its Twenty second Day to night there was no indication that a decision i near. Rebels hold ail commanding positions in san Paulo City end their artillery Rake All Entrance to the j great Coffee Capitol from masked positions there was heavy fighting Laos night. In e. Feb ill co Nim unique Issue in Rio de Janeiro a Aye a your aviators he bombed Uin Tsibel positions with excellent re suits. Government troops Advent cd considerably along the Whol front taking a number of machine Gona. Muskets and Mam ammunition. About sixty prison wore captured. A in Porto Fella. In the Interior of the state of boo Paulo government forces captured four of flyers of the stat military police the leading military organist a in rebellion one of them being % rebel messages also claim fue i ceases. A the whole population of t4t great elate la United against to Huff cowardly Federal politician i its de Janeiro a a rebel communique say appealing to you breath rank of the other state the Union to join the rebel Caus in forcing resignation of the gov-4 Erin sent of president a Barnarde report that Bernard a is keeping a fast motor launch moored Back of his Palace in Rio de Jan Neiro were nut interpreted a in dilating that he expects soy up-1 rising in til Federal capital. There is a special pier just bade of the Cadette Palace the Prest j Dent s residence it a explained and the presidential launch Oft la a i moored there. A Strong military guard is Maine tallied about the Palace with machine gun detachments at Caci Corner of to tip Palace grounds with presidential candidates today i Man accused of payroll Rothery admits others Meridian firm has s75.000 fire fireman injured gushed. Damage to the vessel make the question to not known. Sue in this Campaign. A political la on a charge of Beng drum. In j diet t o Oli do i i in Chicago wheat and other grains again went up. If that Comino ii a ill int hard or idea helped him pay the Fine i might ask wiry immigration of j continued on Page g column 2 Meridian a so july 26�? United Presa a fire origin lating on the third Story of Meyer Brothers wholesale grocery today damaged the building and its contests to the extent of 175,000. According to estimates made shortly after the Blaze was extinguished. Origin of the Blaze had not been determined. Al a Blue a Volunteer fireman was almost killed when he came in Contact with a High voltage wire while ascending a ladder to play s Hose on the Blaze he was released by heroic efforts of other firs fighters. Nashville july 26 a United Presa a Henry Grady on of the thre men who robbed the Hartford hosiery Mill Here this morning getting Awa with the payroll amounting to $4,600, and was caught thirty minutes later by police tonight confessed to newspaper men his guilt in the robbery of Thompson s restaurant in Cincinnati last june and also to burglar izing the Strang theatre in Louisville ky., two weeks ago. Family feud is blamed for aged Many Skilling Meridian miss july 26 a United press a Ike Honey 45. Is dead and Buck Blakeney. To he i in jail at Raleigh in connection with the killing according to reports reaching Here tonight. Re fight which resulted to Hose it a death is said to have by twit for pres president Coolidge preside to Coolidge in a letter to the ns1 carnal Council f a prevention of War. Sharply rebuked those was condemned and misrepresented plan for the Observance of National defense Day september 12. Owing to the col w eat he or. Coolidge decided to forego his week end cruise on the Mayflower and spirit Itta enter Day in i office. A confer�4 with senators Watson of Indiana and Cubana of Michigan on the revival of th5 inquiry into the Ina carnal Revenue Bureau which a publicly condemned in a message to the Senate. Tohn to Davis the democratic nominee completed the f to drop of his acceptance speech in i Retreat car dark Harbor Maine and announced he win text Oak sunday attending Church service in the morning and visit ins in the afternoon. Davie expect to return to now York in a bout a we. He is tanned and in excellent health. Senator Law Oziette Senath la Follette held an All Day conference with representative John m. Nelson manager of the in Foi Lette Wheeler Campaign and other leaders of the Independent movement. After the conference h. I Ekem. Financial director of the Campaign issued an a i a i a out of a family feud Tor Campaign Hhd ;