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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Anniston, Alabama The weather my i Ora i show a tonight and sunday gentle South a it wind on the roast Complete United press leased wire coverage vol. No. 263, issued Pally and sunday mom of by consolidated publishing co a n v Stox Ai .a7fsawrri a 3 Cly 23, in read today a Cotton Nea features a daily in your Cotton. 9.25 Home paper of a copy�?20c a week by Carrier g pm tropical air mass is tour of Texas plan Pfulg Eflynt blamed for incessant Rains Over America May be halted first Christian Church to have play let instead of evening Sermon Oliver Wilbanks to be at Parker memorial song service to precede Sermon at Glen Addie tomorrow night \ pageant a Tho i lighted audio a Nill replace the evening preaching sen Krs at 8 o clock Sun a night at the i list Christian it Hun it. Lite pageant will be presented in my ung pm mile no the no i the morning hour the v \ i of i i Kin. Pay i in a ill lit each on a beyond tragedy.1 \ i of i Banks. The Laban in. Will be 11 o d m it or memo la ale knee cd Arle. R but have been Hon claim if this City pre a Baptist it amal Cha i ire of ser sunday morn. I Baptist Church pastor the i or. No eve in a arranged. A Tot id con. Of i Mons on play a sunday night a in ens Church ii Why i believe in morning service he a world without ready after a Hitler Cour fight to proceed with a gland jury in estimation of charges that Penns .,Val,i-.- Democrat a Law maker a bought and told legislation Republican District attorney Carl m Shelley above May find in hands tied after All gov pm or go eve e h Earle announced he would Call an extra session of a he legislature to pass a Law forbidding the inquiry. A Polar air a May bring Relief from showers after sunday Bureau save syn Swu. Lex. Univ la. I fourteen prisons who sought Refuge from flood Waters on top of a barn. Were believed to have been drowned the raging -. Saba River Tho hid been marooned on the Structure since yes afternoon washing Ion. Lull i \ tropical air mass four Miles deep in places and a dripping with Moi Tare. A blamed by the weather Bureau fur the incessant Rains Over most of the i noted spites during the last week. The warns moist air been stagnated Over Large areas Bureau officials said and there Are no Pron peels of change within the nest few Dav s. The of the stagnation a been Felt most severely along that Eastern Seaboard where constant and heavy Rains have forced the postponement of Tjien air concerti baseball games and Tennis matches in by. ? it More ban the inc a. Of Daniel favorite governor candidate in Lone Star primary today Maverick is opposed for Congress seat Chandler Iii in Kentucky wife Speaks George of Georgia protests thrives on whisky Memphis Tenn. July 2.1�? l1 a birth of a premature Sis months old Bain weighing less than two pounds no revealed today at methodist Hospital. The baby girl. Daughter of ii inti . I it. Stephens weighed one Pound arid in it ounces it birth last Lune 21 Aud gained eight ounce. In four and one half week. I he attending physician the baby weight dropped to a a ounces Din my the first week of life hut time then she Quot grown fat on a diet of whisky glucose and milk fed from a Brev i Fedei Whit ii in be Melcs a Medicine Dropper. The Hahn leis lire ii in an in a us hoi is Nee birth. Simi ii Chamberlain peace a in blots Poi icy to f by is to results Aerial bombs fall perilously close to american vessel in China questioned in death chinese Are blocking drive on kinking i a a it Henry will conduct Ieth tile morning and evening amines it the first method c Hurch he i Quot i Peak on a Quot be a to i gild l poll or a the morning hour Quot moral courage i the topic for the f filing Sermon Raymond i Lee formerly of this fallen v i a ii in 24 hour tins id Ltd Abb above nor of rear i of spa \ prs by Ivey cation would Conli sunday la n a i dry Quot Polar Quot air May bring Relief Boa it s. River and flood Dill the possibility of i a t now baritone soloist at the pre by ten an Church in hous Texa will sing the offertory at the morning aet vice. With Loui a a lairs a join Panvino him student to preach l n Claxton jr., ministerial student will preach at the Oxford Baptis. Church sunday morning in the absence of the pastor the Rev. \5. K a James who is conducting a series of sermons at the firs Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa no Venine services have been arranged. Tile revival amp a the Bapt t Tabernacle will be continued throughout the week at the morning serv i is sunday to e re v Ralph How pastor will preach on Quot disciples in deed Quot or. Charles Richey w ill a he devotional at the sunday school Assembly the Rev. J e stauffer will preach on Quot Moused Powers sunday morning at the Central presbyterian Church. A the Royalty of Christ n the topic for the evening hour. Mack Jones ministerial student. Will conduct i vices at 2 30 o clock a Oak Park sundae school. Quot and upon this Rock i will build no. Church and the Gat of hell shall not prevail again is the text for the Sermon the Rev. Ira d. Harris will deliver sunday morning jul the Northside Bapt by Church. I he text for the evening Sermon is who know eth whether thou Art come to to. Kingdom f r such a time is .?&Quot song sri Ltd a 30-Minutc song service w ill pre a a Cir evening Sermon a the Glen add Baptist Church the Rev. T i Waite pastor will preach on going through at the morning services he Wail preach on quo giant. And Grasshoppers Quot sat Stux is the subject to Rev Wail Hawkins will discuss Sunda Quot ids sub by Hsi ibid three women disappear in Malpas badlands of new Mexico j morn Buri toe to ton my cont Ier id Ai Baptis the tided a to Ltd a six 111 tile in v a truth Rani a a i review Baptist the supreme prayer Quot is for a in evening Sermon. Ralph fetid pastor w ill vice at the a. Annist Church sunday morn evening it vices will a by i. N. Claxton or. Subject of the Les in local Christian Ion the text for i. Tach me the will walk in thy heart to fear thy his to e non Fox Cong Reg in. To i re. I mite inv Santa be. N. M july 23. U we gov Clyde Ting Ley took personal command today of a search for three missing women be of them a member of the faculty of the the diversity of Kentucky who disappeared in Malpas badlands in Northwestern new Mexico Early this week. Grave fears were held Fri them. Gov. Tingle left for the badlands Reom pained Bill state policemen. He will organise posses for a Minim search of the area where a number of tourists have disappeared within the last few years. The missing women Ere or. W. A. De la Forest Lexington ky., an instructor at the University of Kentucky. Miss Irene Piedalue. 45, Winchester Tkv Extension worker at University of Kentucky. Miss Laura Piedalue 47, Abo of Winchester a social Woikey for a hour charities in new York the women missing since tuesday. Were in route to Billings. Mont to b the summer guests of mrs Philip Gibbons is tet of the Pieri Alue women. Mrs Gibbon said today stir received a postcard from the women Friday mailed tuesday from Albuquerque a m. Saying that they expected to be in bluing next week. The card was signed by Irene Piedalue the first indication that the women might have lost their Way in the rugged Mountain Region came tue Dav when Martin Craig of Al Bucu que noticed their car on the Side of the Road when it still a parked there the next Day he notified police. Local authorities searched for them until last night when they notified gov. Tingley and asked for assistance. Suicide is caused it it rain it it a Inch is Mal a Fri weather Burel my a tile St Ai in at i a movement of co from the North loin constant s the Bureau s vision reported floods except possibly in isolated areas ii most Are i it the ground is extremely dry and readily absorb tile moisture. Reports from leading cities t brought it the country show that for the eight Day period beginning july is ionian been tar above nor in ii. J in Boston 5.38 Inch fallen in this period. Normal is 80 Inch. In Montgomery Ala where it rained six Days rainfall totalled 5.90 inches Ltd a nearly five times the Normal amount seven of the 17 cities included in the report have six Days of rain. The cities their actual and Normal rainfall Are Ali Ladelphia 3 98 and 1.03 inches Atlantic cite 4.45 and 1.10 inches Baltimore j 91 and 1.15 inches Washington 204 and i 15 inches Asheville n. C., 3 09 and 1.06 inches Pensacola Fla. 4 04 and 175 inches Vicksburg miss 5.42 and i 35 inches. Rain fallen in North Carolina for to consecutive Clava Phi As lex., july 7.7. Texas Hemen rat passed today in then part pineal on i men who wan the gubernatorial nomination Ami several score who want to he nominated to one of the states 3 seals in the House of it i a is favorite in the gubernatorial in e was. Lee o Haniel a flour sales Man who bewildered ii is rivals with Peculiar evangelical Moira Campaign. La toured the state repeal Delv in a sound inn k with ills Lull Billy orchestra most prominent of signal candidates a m in v i ii k Lea ii i e Liberal bloc called Good Friend by presided veil but who never heir Defeated by Paul Kikina Antonio who supported san Antonio democratic i i no criticize the new promised that he would a rut it by stamp it it Mai i f no candidate Glt is winds shift and fan costal fide three towns on Vancouver Island threatened reinforcements brought up pledged to defend forts before Cit jul Vav nil 7 1 i up a lire acres Tow n Tod Lyric a rep Gie entitle it it Quot my very room -. Mar Beof a. By lain cd Iii Deal but not be a Small a a majority of Pele City murder is investigated Marvin Connery a body placed on Railroad track Pell City. Ala., july 23. Up a a Coroner s jury today investigated Pell City a second Quot Railroad track murder the victim was mat Vin Conner a Sawmill worker whose body was found on the Southern Railroad tracks yesterday Coroner Jack deserts said Conner been killed anti his body placed on the track to eliminate suspicion of murder of , found led officers to a Coronel Jack the votes cast the two High ones will go into the run off primary August 27. It was unlikely that any candidate would get a majority in the gubernatorial race. The new Deal Wio not an Issue Texas is traditionally democratic and National politics played but a Small paid de Pun h lists ii oui Ville kit july 23 tar wife of governor a it a Happy handler was Pinch his Ting Quot for bet a can hi11 husband Belay in Campaign for the Demon Ai in senatorial nomination against u. 3 senator albeit Barkley. While Chandler was confined with a stomach ailment his wife fulfilled one of i speaking engagements at Middleton last night and will deliver another speech Here today. I George protest Atlanta. A. July 23. a St nato Waite l George on of three conservative Southern senators whom the i democratic administration a red for a purge this year. Protected today that a a we former state director of the moral emergency Council it Een dismiss Quot probably because he was Friendly to my it George first Mao the complaint yesterday in answering a que Uon Naire for the Senate Campaign sex 1 Pendi Tures committee. He mentioned no name then merely saving that a Federal official who been Friendly to hint been discharged today lie named tile official a a Cocke and said he telegraphed a protest to Lowell Mellen executive director of the National emerge be v Council in Washington. Courtenay b in la by that already cover a Chi Tow Ard three on Vance by it i i land ea111 and threatened them with St auction Lamphi Don. Conf tonic and c a urn la land Lav in the path of the worst Fin a record in Brit is ii Columbia forestry department officials summoned More than j Roo men to fight to by a and it a anni1 Meed that hereafter on Quot experienced fighter would be accepted. I was Bce Caus of the con Paraf ivc Inex Jieri Nee of some of the Crews officials said Bud the fire assumed its vast proportions. Authorise also issued instructions to fire fighting chiefs to keep a clo. Watch on persons suspected of sabotage thursday the entire via Ling of Forbes Landing was destroyed recall e Wilt pump and Hose la n damaged be \ cd la e. The fire which started last july 5 but a. Kept uniter control until to n Days a spread out Over an additional 20.000 acre vice relay and last night damage mounted to near >00 000 in this Vicinity alone insurgents plan great defensive 11 a girl j Cliv Nier lean Navy authorities Learned today that the i listed state gunboat , crowded with Navy men Aud in Iii civilian Ihm in acute danger during a japanese air plane bombardment of kick Ting on the t a no i it a it in ii japanese Trews is and Bluejacket Are driving up the t augur toward of Dubbin it ply it it i a a am Iii in111 strewn to Kiu Kiang line Vest the Lay Down heaviest bombardment in War a bloody pair near the by Xiy Quot definite depart said. First Quot Railroad track 1 victim was Ernest Sweatt who officers said was killed or injured and his body placed at mercy of in oncoming train. H. Z. Barber a Farmer a indicted in the Sweatt ease reach islands today s. A Houston with Filiti in route Galapagos Bilbo a busted a final divorce decree signed former wife i a satisfied id surrounded in swamp i m aped Florida convict believed vow near capture Piedmont spa worker fires Bullet in brain Inverness Fla., july 23. Up Senff w. T. Coleman said today that two convicts who killed a guard when they Mot their Way oui of a state Road Camp South of Here writer believed surrounded in a swamp near Bushnell. Fla. The prisoners escaped yesterday after digging up arms which apparently been planter in the Sand by an accomplice. Matching shots with g Ards. Sic desperate pair it eke at Fay and got in an automobile beside the Sandpit in which they and some 30 other convicts been working. I orm or Solon dust i Mph is. To in july 23 up s. T. Foote. 68 former state legislator from Bolivar died today a Baptist Hospital after a week ? nines he served a Justice of the peace at Fox several years. Financial difficulties was responsible for the suicide of Thomas l. Do in 42-Vear-old spa worker at Piedmont Friday afternoon it was stated Tod a by Coroner t. Flint Gray who in pie Ted his investigation. Doyle witness. Aid. Sat on a trunk on i Buck porch and fired a Bullet into his brain. Haho left a note explaining i financial difficulties. Funeral services will be conducted at 10 30 o clock sunday morning by the of v. W. D. Barnes and usrey of Piedmont will be in charge. Surviving Are the widow and three son Thomas. Lawrence and James Doyle All of Piedmont and a sister mar Doyle of Germany. Or. Doyie a. A Nam of Nev a you y and a reared in an orphanage. He been in Piedmont several months and formerly operated a cafe there. Poplarville my july 23 u Pic a s. Senate Theodore g Bilbo was mini seven years of marital woes and $20,750 today. By us Ted. the Dapper senator muttered la yesterday As he pulled out a flattened pocketbook to pay the fee after Chancellor Ben Stevens signed his final divorce decree. A few hour previously he paid mrs. Linda Gaddy Bilbo $20,750 not to contest his suit and to waive claims on him for support Quot if he s satisfied i she com rented tersely a she hurried away. Aboard the u. 9. S Houston. In route to Cocos 18-land, july 23. Tup a by naval Rara to Hie United la six the to a 8 Holt ton. With president Roosevelt and his fishing companions aboard made its Way steadily toward the Galapagos Island today. The Cruiser was expected to reach the islands about noon tomorrow or Roosevelt spent yesterday going of or business matters the Houston was making an unbroken run from clips Merton gland to the gala Gopo group a i Tan a of 1.300 Mil i. Menda be frenc ii Spanish Frontier july 23, a up one of the bigger Spanish nationalist offensives of the civil War was believed to be imminent today on the Mediterranean front All Day yesterday on an 11-Mtlr front facing the Viver Segore sagunto Road Nail a Alist artillery Laid Down what correspondent a in front said Why the heaviest bombardment they seen during the War the nationalist and loyalists were on Mountain Ridge and a great pall of smoke Lay Over the i a t Ridge a j a 11 blasted i hour after hour Peak were a a f Cui re i it Alist Asse Ted that their men Wei a holding St digging into the Mountain ride to by nit the expected a cult by infantry and tank. Girdler to testify steel rpm Ainoi chairman Ion before Senate it Ommittee Washington july 23 a i pm up Public steel corporation officials said today that Board chairman Tom Girdler would testify at the Senate civil liberties committee. Hearing on la a it Quot or Quot Little Steep strike Girdler bit r foe of it Minnitt for India trial organization chairman John l la i and organised will be called the to an t a he state a Union Leader be Kii Kiang Iii face chinese defense. Farther up the i in i la Berun c by High tilt a Lune a have Blo k Japan be Wai a Luji. Jap Mese plane i a hied in t a in it e t heir ii mired ter Day. It it wed aboard the a. Iou to its it i new it if about officer and in ii we it a number of american civilian who sought the Protection of the american Flag there rather than a Hole at rile Standard Oil company Plant by like other Aie Stry inc during the raid bomb began falling perilously close to the gunboat. At that moment tile ship radio failed it a impossible to Whit japanese authorities. To a him them of the danger to Hie gunboat a Pih of Jilluria a similar to that of the radio on tile United to at ? gunboat 1�?~aiiay when japanese air plane Sank it last december be to in banking and Kiu Tang however the bomb did not strike Hie Mono Acy and the radio we lepa11 a american in the St Medard it >11 Plant it Ahi Learned have gathered cow and pig because a food shortage i feared. There Art numerous Chirk Quot ii aboard the Mono Cacy. Japans attack in kit Kiang a intensifying la Patch showed but the chinese were resting so stoutly As to keep them almost immobilized. Hie a1 a in Strong Chine a army there a been reinforced a the a god of War brigade whose men have pledged themselves to defend to the la t the i Jon Hill forts before Kiu Kiang japanese warship Are the full daily in cooperation wit ii air plane. A pc situation still off color. But German cooperation is seen Russo Jap Eastern clash grows Remote Border dispute packed with danger but observers Are optimistic after i year Long guest 61-\ ear old mrs. I by de Horlick Sld Irv. Die recently in i Toronto Home w. Perkin Bull above was Summ tied to a government hive libation into her death. Or Sid Ley heiress to a malted milk for lunch named Hun in lid will a. Equal beneficiary with it son. He is pictured attending the inquiry in the Ontario parliament building at Toronto Post office Day staged in appreciation for new $70,000 Structure new did reached labor probably v k of or r. X men mad by lire the rom Rea will push electricity distribution through South last half hour spurt sends average soaring new York. July 23. Up of k mat Kef Rose to a new High Nowc to tuber 7, 1937, in to. Industrial average in a rousing la t half Bour spurt. Trading picked up sharply on the Rife until ticker fell far behind. The last quote appeared to minute after the closing Gong sounded. Sale in to. First hour were Light it 200,000 share against 330.000 shares in file corresponding period i rat saturday. Tire spurt raised the second hour total to Shomo against 300 too share last saturday in the second hour. At the close to. Dow Jones in a. Trial average stood at 144 24 up i fete Points the Best sir october 7, 1937. When it stood at 146 >9. The Railroad average cloned a 30.38 up 0 50, a ii y Hijii sin february 25 the Utility average firmed Only about 1-8 Kim auf that group mad ii poorest showing of any other Genera motor made a new High a did Eastman Case and a Long ii ? of other u. 8. Steel equated it High for lie year. Gain in the main list ranged to More than $2 a share while some of the inactive issues were up As much As $13.50 a share. Piedmont Ala july 23 Post office Day. Staged in appreciation for a new $7 Hhd Post office obtained by congressman Sam Hobbs by Ebrat a Here Friday with the fourth Congre Sinai District i representative a the main speaker i a Well a the guest of Honor. Inclement weather forced official to hold tile to ii to v or Ute huge j coo4-that her Mill 5�?T, m. A. Banquet Hall. Mayor George Harlant Presidio d Over the program and introduced cel Brette be fat i it it enting t. Ben Ken who introduced it Tigre Smau Hobbs with word of Praise the w Piedmont Post office on of lout obtained by congressman Hobbs Fox the fourth Congo. Iona i distort ha., been designed Iii Alabama Marble and if construction costs come within Hie appropriation the building will be erected of Marble tile speaker told his audience by i k is a rna a Tenal he said. Congressman Hobbs passed around a pie Tuff of the Type of building of be constructed which met w j h Hearty approval of to Piedmont citizen Quot it suit to Fine Quot Pastina or Harold c Sinai be Decla. Congressman Hobbs called attention in oth r project.? obtained from the f Deral government Hiki Gaul improvement to Piedmont of Choli buildings will be made through use of Federal funds ii Post office Day was made to utile rough c Kij ration of shed moist civic clubs municipal officials and Public spirited citizen three lives lost by Ich to t x Morris United pre staff a Irre pendent <.1 at by main program fur stalling off the Nett War appeared to Lav to made note Vnti Liiv is it i Hougk Al gains. It i . A week of unusual International activity highlighted by Hie visit of the British Sovereign to France produced slight Concrete evident e of Progress inward solving i Urnie s quarrels. The t Echo Alo Ovakian it Risis was More pm Quot ill stint of anything but in a preliminary manner the British leadership toward peaceful reconciliation gained strength particular in in improving the Prospect jut cd Tor j it i tam out fond tug in this connection a fuehrer Adolf Hitler Assurance to British a. A to i i Cich desired improved International relations. Since Early Las Spring British prune minister Neville Chamberlain in in struggling to reverse the War trend by Ltd strengthening the i position of great Britain and her allies and <2 by appeasing the economically handicapped Nail fascist nation his ultimate goal is a Friendly agreement among Britain dance i to in and Germany. Many of obstacles tremendous obstacle have and still do beset tile prime Minuter path but disclosure today that he replied to Hitler with a personal message urging moderation t cy.-, to. An minor. Try i in marked an important Advance in preparing the ground for reconciliation. Previously Effort to improve Eon tact with the nazi Leader been slow and Uncertain. Hitler a conducting i struggle for expansion in Central Europe through thundering newspaper headlines that boomed threats and indignation. If the exchanges have now been Defini adv transferred to Normal diplomatic Channel the brith attempt to improve european relations gained Reg a Miles of whether there been any Concrete Advance toward solution of Europe ? w a clangers. As a matter of fan solution of the czech crisis was Atli Remote and Prague indicated growing uneasiness under by it h and French pressure for concessions to the nazis meanwhile the threat of a clash Between soviet Russia and Japan a a re ult of russian occupation of a disputed Hill on the siberian Frontier continued to Abate. The 1 japanese Cabinet insisted that it would take Quot the necessary measures to uphold its claim to the Hili Ide and Tokyo newspaper reported that tile soviet steadily were increasing armed Force on the Frontier. The dispute remained packed with dancer but observers generally believed a major clash by old be averted. Moscow papers charged the dispute been Delft i ate v i evoked by japanese militarists on the world woe fronts Spain the insurgents mass of Fel it Azan Valencia a refined ready for a big push after being held to a crawl and in some place thrown backs for four Days in the Viver arca loyalists a racked the italian Black Arrow columns and reoccupied the Cerro Cruz Heights but fighting continued interns Dublin townspeople shouting Quot Down with Mussolini attacked italian naval cadets from two Trainin. A ship m an un4iv steer Demon. St ration against fascism chore leave a. Cancelled f it a 300 cadets on the ships after a Brief clash Moscow Ila soviets protested top it land against a a intolerable police repression against russian diplomatic officials Mexico 0 s u a i i y Well informed a by Ashi n f a to on july 23. Up a a la ii kills his sweetheart Georgia Arnn i private it hot Hgt is 5>ar-Gld Gill 16 Tucker. A. July 23. Richard h. Denham army private a fort Mcpherson shot and killed i 16-year-old sweetheart Sara George and then attempted to commit suicide Dekalb county police reported today. Officer said the girl and the Soldier entered into a suicide pact presumably a Case Sara s Parent red to the couple apart. Denham a hot the Gill and then turned a ban Shotgun on himself filing one charge into his body just the heal. His ton Dit Orf w a Emit Ai. The Rural electrification administration planned a Quot barnstorming tour of 13 Midwest and Southern state today to assure the i lending of its $140,000,000 fund for ti., Trio a a i line construction by bet j i a administrator John m. Cur mod was confident and advise. President Roosevelt accordingly that he can approve enough worthy projects of Farmers electrification cooperative to use All of its 1939 funds. For the fiscal year which ended june 30 it appropriated Only $30,006000, and in the two years it its existence allotted Only $89 too too to expedite approval of projects from the neatly 400 applications and in a bist prospective applicants o c. Faike Waid examining die or vol open a be of statewide mass meetings August i in be a a i the re full Maut w hid he Sal farm a United Carn de that the tour would not Quot Sale have spin no evidence that won t be a demand for the Quot 3140,000 goo Bec acis e of de a on us in the la t two years we have not been Able to w i thou staff adv Wail a c Dill try 5 too too in toe o to Aikan it it Foi lie Celebration of the energizing of the Woodruff project at Augusta on july 28 the celebre Ion sponsored by the governor the state utilities commission i and the cooperative a. An incentive to Rea project throughout the state will be held on the farm of sharecropper de Smith. Meeting.-, in addition to tire one of col urn Buas follow.? col in Ola Rouge. Is Montgomery Nave beets ? Hedu led i it Augu a i Jai k on aa., 26 6, a Oil i 24 Louis v , co. Ambo Carmody announced. Ky., 29. Paraded before jury Harlan defendant s action in c Nur Troon it aids cd i Ira to order London k july 23. Up with All defendant under Mil t orcei.? to remain in courtroom under penalty Lorf Euing their Bond the defend. In the Harlan conspiracy trial today makes a let a i again a introduction by the government of a a a it testimony in connection with document of the Harlan Coal operator association. This drastic step was Token after Deputy marshalls reported that one of the defendants. Merle Middleton Quot paraded in front of the jury a Quarter yet . During a Long re a its the mail i in i reported that Middleton was a a a Tine men Lorn Clay county one of whom was a juror son. Five j juror Are from Clay county. Two Tot a brow tied Ville at Hunt sources inc in Chin. To a prop Ria to ii from Arn ii i cited stat Ted that Mexico might to. A pay ant for sex farm lands seized ii regardless of the Cern and. Hints vile ila., july 23. Quot a Miniver look three live Here today i hey Weie one year old Mary Ellen Harmer drown Wien she waded into a Wale t filled ditch near her Home. William Isbell in. Slipped Horn a log into a reek and drowned. Noah Landrum 55, died of Smi Ottok suffered three weeks ago. Reff is Fri i Jackson Tenn., july 23. A Justice Colin p. Mckinney the Tennessee supreme court Ray re used to Wale a w re of Tiora ii which would have prey in of to a i ult cd Enior Cem it of h chancery court order in Shelb county ordering an election August 4 to fill j the office of attorney general. Haven t done much legislature net doing anything about Hume dead exemption Jackson miss july 23. ii Lek suture went Horn today More cd crts d w the political investigation and rumours of in eat Gallons Titan the Homestead exemption for which it was called into extraordinary session. Sine die adjournment appeared impossible before july 3u unless the muddled Homestead exempt ton pro glum v us junked. When it convents july 6 to consider exemption i governor Hugh White predicted adjournment in to Days far Hornc and exemption no Cut me to j vote in either House or Senate ;