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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Anniston, Alabama Vol. 94, no. 204 contents copyrighted 1973consolidated publishing co. Anniston Ala. Houston Bitar a Alabama a largest Home of tuned newspaper saturday july 21,1973 Price to cents a have a Good Day n a digest a Federal judge in Mobile says he has serious concern Over whether his court has jurisdiction Over a Case in which a 22-year-old woman seeks reinstatement As a finalist in the miss Usa Alabama contest. U. S. District court judge Virgil Pittman directed that opposing counsel submit briefs or Legal arguments to him monday on the question of jurisdiction in the suit against the Alabama battleship commission a state Agency by Rita c. Caton. The 5th u. S. Circuit court of appeals in new Orleans has told an Alabama District court to reconsider its denial of a restraining order against the con ecu county Board of education requested by the National education association. The appeals court Friday ordered the lower court to determine whether the Board was wrong in refusing to reassign four Black former principals and in dismissing four Black teachers. Deaths mrs. Earline Windsor and mrs. Edna b. Moore both of Anniston mrs. Ada shears of Oxford William r. Williams of Pasadena Calif. And Elizabeth Mitchell of Anchorage Al details Page 9. The head of the military operation tracking Down americans classified As missing in action in Southeast Asia says the program has been a extremely successful Quot in its first six months. A thus far i in extremely pleased with the results of the operation Quot Brig. Gen. Robert c. Kingston said at a news briefing Friday in Honolulu. Beauty Queens from 61 lands match curves and wits tonight in the gala pageant that will Tell who is the fairest of them All. The beauties still flashed their smiles and held their Best poses As they went into the last hours of the 22nd miss universe contest in Athens Greece. But some were also edgy and exhausted As they wound up the taxing week Long schedule of preliminary activities with a pos Midnight rehearsal. Raids by philippine air Force f86 Saber jets retaliating for a moslem rebel ambush sent the predominantly moslem population in Southwest Basilan fleeing to a Mosquito Ridden swamp the Island commander said today. Hank Aaron walloped his 699th career Home run Friday but it came in a losing cause As the braves were Defeated by Philadelphia 6-4. Details Page 8 Joe Frasson was fridays fastest qualifier at Atlanta International Speedway for the running of sunday s Dixie 500 details Page 8 mostly fair Cloudy tonight with a Chance of mainly afternoon and evening thundershowers on sunday details on Page 9 classified ads 9 to comics 7 editorials 4 movies. Sports television 2 8 .5-6 to pages in one Section Nixon veto expected Onward Power Bill Washington apr an almost certain presidential veto awaits the Compromise version of Senate and House Bills to limit the War making Powers of a president. The Senate measure passed Friday would allow a president to commit . Troops for 30 Days without congressional approval in Case of enemy attack or to forestall one. Before going to the White House it must be reconciled with the House version which would make that period 120 Days and would narrow conditions under which the president can act the outcome of the Long Battle to enact such legislation appears now to depend on whether Congress particularly the House can Muster the two thirds vote to override the expected veto by president Nixon Nixon threatened earlier in the week to veto the Bill. The Senate passage of the measure was 71 to 18. Or la votes More than two thirds. Senate leaders Are confident they will be Able to Muster the needed two thirds vote to override. First however if the Bill is vetoed it will go to the House. Its margin on passage wednesday was 244 to 170, or 32 Short of two thirds. Some negative votes were cast by Liberal democrats who feared the Bill could give a president War making Powers he does t have under the Constitution some of them might switch sides and oppose the expected Nixon veto. On the other hand. Republicans who supported the Bill will be under Strong pressure to uphold the president so the outcome remains in doubt. Several leading sponsors of the Bill pleaded during the Daylong Senate debate against major changes on the ground that it will be hard enough to override the anticipated veto that argument was pressed by sen. Jacob k javits r n v., the measures chief craftsman sen Edmund s. Muskie a Maine the floor manager and the absent sen. John c. Stennis d-miss., another sponsor who sent a letter from Walter Reed army Hospital where he is recovering from gunshot wounds. As a result the Senate rejected 53 to 34 an amendment by sen. Thomas f. Eagleton do. To broaden the Bill s coverage to include civilian advisers Central intelligence Agency operatives and foreign a proxy Quot forces As Well As . Troops president is determined to prove he a not slowed Camp David. Map president Nixon Here for the weekend seems determined to prove that a week s hospitalization did not slow his work Pace although his doctors said they expected him to rest today and sunday following his recovery from viral pneumonia the White House made a Point of announcing he came to his Mountain Retreat Friday afternoon with a briefcase filled with paper work for Good measure a Busy monday through a thursday schedule for next week was released after leaving the Bethesda naval medical Center Friday Nixon told aides and employees who welcomed him Back to the White House that he would be working a right up the Hilt All talking with girl scouts outside Camp David the time Quot despite his recent Iii Ness. Nixon has unscheduled meeting a wlfptml4 health Board chairman says state knew of syphilis study Decatur Ala a the Alabama Board of health Learned of a controversial a s. Public health service syphilis Experiment known As the Tuskegee study several years before it was made Public but did not attempt to intervene the chairman of the Board said Friday. A information was brought to the Board this was some 30 years after the beginning of the Experiment and there was no reason for the Board to become involved in something carried out by the Federal or John m Chenault said a the Board was t asked anything the Board was told As a matter of information some of the things that had been he said Chenault respond to charges made earlier in the Day by state rep Birt Bank of Tuscaloosa who said he intended to pursue the extent of involvement by the Board in the Experiment among Blac k men in Macon county Al who were observed but not treated or advised of their illness a a in a convinced the Board of health is responsible under the Law for All Public health work carried on by any local state or Federal Agency in Alabama Quot Hank said a i am asking the attorney general for an opinion on this Point the so called Tuskegee study was ended after it was made Public last year it began in the 1930s and involve up to 600 men who were not treated for syphilis so that physicians could study the effects of the venereal disease on their bodies a there was a health Board meeting in february 1969 when the Board refused to make any recommendation on the syphilis study after r being asked by the Public health service it it should in con untied Quot the Tuscaloosa legislator said a the state Board of health did not con duct the syphilis study in Tuskegee but it had the Legal responsibility for that program and it is accountable Oie Nault denied that the program was the Board s responsibility he said the Board was informed orally of the Experiment in 1969 but that he did not remember the exact Date a i he Board would have no More Power or authority to step into a Federal study than we would ii we were told the army was having Maneu vers at it Mcclellan Quot Chenault said Bank has be in trying for two years to push through legislation that would change the makeup cd the Hoard to m e Lude Layme n and persons in Allie d health Fields it now is composed entire by of physicians refusal cd Alabama physicians to get involved is neglect cd their Legal Bank said a i can to imagine physicians charge and trained in the preservation id life just sitting by and watching Artel waiting for some one to die Quot Chenault said he did not condone the Experiment bul that re search h was Nee Dot a when the program began to find an Ade Quale treatment Fen syphilis lie said when Hie program started treatment cd the disease was painful and Only Margi Nally of fee live and that Fie presumed the Public he Aith Servie a conducted the study to de Termine if Hie the Arne it was worthwhile 21-year-old May be under limit Bridges escapes for City Council age qualification in Montgomery by Tom Gordon Star staff writer one of three candidate s who have filed qualification papers for the sept 4 City Council election is apparently below the age required for eligibility James Jay Humphries 21. Of by i Anniston filed qualifying papers thursday with Calhoun county probate judge g c. Brittain a provision of the 1953 City manager act states City councilmen must be at least yearn old at the time of their election when informed of Humphries age Brittain said he had checked the form to see if it was completed he said the City should Rule on the eligibility question he will submit the list of qualified candidates to the City when registration ends a we done to question them Quot he said we just accept their qualifications Brittain added he checks to see if the form is properly signed dated and if to sponsors have signed the qualifying papers Quot if those Are there the form has the appearance of being Complete a Brittain said Brittain said an amendment to the City manager act being considered in the state legislature might change the eligibility requirements if the present Law is not c hanged he said anyone under 25 should not be qualified Stab san Fred Hay Lybrand of Anniston said the Amend mint passed the Senate july 12, but that it did not include any change in City Council age e eligibility requirements Lybrand said the age re quire me its we Rene ver disc used first c candidate to file was Tiff Bourg of 624 Highland ave Bourg is seeking the Ward 4 seat held by mayor pro tem George de to i Levo and mayor Hyde pippin have said the y will not run again William r Lynch the Diane drive qualified Friday according to Brittain Lynch comptroller r for the Dresser manufacturing do Stem cd Dresser industries inches qualified to Lee a candidate in the fifth Ward Lynch has lived in Anniston for of years and has six children of the present Council members Only or Gordon Rodgers has said a intends to run again Ounn men Jimmy Gardner and Lawrence f ate a have not announced de finite plans candidates May obtain qualifying forms in the judge cd probate s office in the courthouse or at the c Ity clerk s office under the Law qualifying must end 30 Days prior to the ejection Brittain has filed an inquiry with state atty Gen Bill Baxley to determine what the last qualifying Day will be from staff Wirt reports Tine of two men convicted last month in the Murde r of a 20 year old Birmingham Man near Oxford escaped Friday from a Montgomery Hospital police Are is Are Bing for Johnny Lee Bridge s 25 of by Hingham who was Conan Ted with John m Rodgers 23 also of Birmingham of the nov 28 1972 so rot my death of Ronald Mason Bridges who was arrested d in de troit Mutt and return d to f Calhoun it county for trial took advantage a trip to the the bathroom to escape from m on t g o in cry h Baptist Hospital where he Quot Aas recovering from surgery Bridges is it considered dangerous and a is armed police officials said Bridges room was guarded but the guard did not follow him Down the Hall to the rest Roe in he was last seen limping for those who might suggest a full schedule would endanger his health Nixon had this message a the health of a Man is not nearly As important As the health of the nation and the health of the nevertheless an unusually Large medical contingent was at Quot amp David today with Nixon normally he is accompanied by a single physician hut this time two doctors Walter r Tkach and William Lukash plus a medical corpsman and medical Secretary we re on hand Tkach is the president s personal physician and normally relegates Camp David chores to an assistant after spending about 4�?~z hours Friday at the White House eliciting part of the time to staff meetings Nixon took a meandering drive Here through the Virginia and Mary land Countryside with . A a Hebe Rebozo his Friend and neighbor from a to a Biscayne Fla As Nixon s limousine neared the Camp David Gate he ordered it halted and got out to Greet 13 hiking girl scouts and their two Counselor. Quot hey president Quot one of the youngsters called to him. Quot Are you going to be on to Quot Nixon explained he had just gotten out of the Hospital but that they need not worry because viral pneumonia is not contagious after reaching his quarters at Aspen Lodge Nixon ordered the delivery of several Pecan pies to the girls who Are spending two weeks at a girl scout Camp on Cato tin Mountain the White House said the meeting with the girls was pure see president Page 2 away from in Hospital Calhoun county Codon a r i i a to t Ollu tis tipped by a passing Motorist found Mason s body near interstate 20 Abend 114 Milos East of Oxford last ii a ording to testimony Ai Bridges trial. Mason had been forced to drive Bridges and Rodgers away Dom by Mingham and was shot to death pm the shoulder of the Highway Polo e said Mason was shot Iii Chest and Side Achi a 22 Cal wealth and in us neck with a 2b gauge Dio gun a 12 Man jury deliberated is than ninety minutes before finding Budges and Rodgers guilty of first degree murder on june 9 the verdict carried an automatic sentence of id imprisonment both men in de ated plans to Appeal the sentence documents destroyed aide says Washington Aid former Whit roust aide Gordon Strachan admits destroying documents about politic Al in toil worn e hut denies knowing about tin watergate wiretap Ping in Advance or participating in a covet up his testimony already in Contin i with that of former Campaign Deputy Jet Stuart Maguder and ousted White House counsel John w Dean Iii will far stiff testing by the Senate watergate commute when the televised hearings resume monday Strachan Lead a 15 Page statement at the end of Friday s session but answered no questions he attacked Magrudor s testimony on several counts and denied Ever telling Dean that he had destroyed wire tap logs be sides his de Nials of pea Sonal involvement strap Hart said he told the n White House chief of staff h r Hald Man Long be dote the wire tapping that it Nixon Campaign committee was lining a $300,000 sophisticated political intelligence gathering system and that two err three Days after the break in to showed Haid Man an old memorandum dealing a lib Hie oper a i Ion aft speaking to him i destroyed that memo a a Stipac Hail said he Aho destroyed other documents me lulling a Sample intelligence report e title d Sedan it ban ii which Strachan said a late r found to be hic code name for an in former inside sen Huber ii Humphrey s d Man presidential Campaign and not a he suspected related to i watergate wiretaps c Ommittee source Strachan is prepared to s in when que Sli Oric a that he destroyed Hie document Ltd la i b item s or Idean testified heat Strachan told him soon alter the big a Akin Hilt Haldeman in Deled him to destroy document in eluding some relating to electronic surveillance Strachan Denie d telling Dean he got rid of wiretap logs and he Only suspect teen incorrectly that what he Aas doing away with were Arr papers in other watergate development Friday the Whit House s of president Nixon has made his decision on whether to give the committee tapes of personal Conger aliens Fuji anubis i say whether the decision is yes or be it Bas be in reported the decision will a no Nixon planned to write a reply to the Committer during a weekend at it amp i avid my Nixen was reported to have decided to discontinue the taping in the White House Oval office the Baltimore Sun and the Chicago Tribune quoted sources is saying that recording equipment would be removed after being decaf Iva Ted Ashland Oil in admit making an illegal duo Usu contribution to the Nixon Campaign from company funds it in the so i and sue h admission so far american airlines acknowledged an illegal $55, gift two weeks ago a House subcommittee investigating misuse of the Central intelligence Agency promised to seek a citation for Eon i see documents Page 2 ;