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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - July 17, 1966, Anniston, Alabama Little change the forecast for today through monday is variable cloudiness with Little change in temperatures. The High expected today is 94 and the Low expected tonight is 71. See More details Page 2a. A he must i Bitar a i i. Nea los Angeles times Washington Post services a your Home newspaper since 1882�?T a re Day from j a in. Toll p.m., abcs a and local nows is flashed Oer station Muma. The Start final edition is presented each weekday at pm. The Star arrives sunday morning Long before breakfast time. Vol. 84. No. 303 52 pages six sections Anniston Alabama Sonday july 17. 1968 10c hama20c san Day 50c a week by . Marines press Jungle offensive area storm brings blackout fires Max be some delay is pos Ible i Quot do unix by Bill Plott company. I a we were Able to re Tore serv he added however that there but then almost the entire Anniston at least two fires neither sen ice within a very Short period were numerous isolated cases in because i arca was blacked out Early oils. Were caused by the Black it time by switching to an a a wide area reaching As Taro Mach Adamson con saturday evening when lightning out. Which affected East and Ternate teed from the Jackman North As Piedmont still withal tined struck transmission equipment West Anniston. Saks Blue Moun Shoals Are i a a said Dick dam Power a to pm Soverly in an Alabama Power company Tain fort Mcclellan and Wear on. District manager Tor the it arc still engaged in re it no int by the Ziarko it Anniston fire and to substation in a the Monsanto to Power company. Coring service to these area airline talks hit a Salt a police sea ply o. W. Wuoti . Photo off hmm Sun i warrant out for to in Hun a wire photo killer it. Speck survivor remembers Man Washington id Nugo a nations in the airlines Trike broke off abruptly saturday in a dispute Over one of the carriers allegedly using in dare charter flights to carry paving passengers. Assistant labor Secretary James a Reynolds recessed the talk after the Union accused Northwest Irline it of violating an agreement on carrying military passengers during the walkout however. Reynolds said the talks would resume sunday morning regardless of whether or not the unum settled the dispute with Northwest. Talks promised a a we will no allow a d we piment of this nature to impede the talks a he said Reynolds added he did t Are what a the climate is. Tomorrow we will begin to k up holds did not a Horve what he planned to do ii the Union and the Airan Refus d to negotiate after the Lece a. Earlier the mechanics Union i pm a Chicago Aero the nation. Hotel threatened a to take appropriate pm he saturday named a tall speck. Get Ven to but inned Wilson said identification was step Quot it Northwest stopped it eng Seaman with a born to with a revolver and Post Ible a in a de through fingerprints co citing paying passengers raise hell tattooed on ins Arm knife was til at Large Aid the found i the f in South Side under the alleged Guise of be Man who strangled and Fhi joined in a nationwide townhouse dormitory which the military charter. Stabbed eight student nuts to manhunt for him. Al i it turned into a laughter Joseph w Ramsey the Union death in a nth modern police placed a stakeout Hose thursday a he killed the spokesman accused Northwest nil a s Vur it la a slayings wat n Ltd a of uni representing the Ciaschi lire mail on Street Bote Idem it led the Man Richard Nom North Seaman is identified As slaver of nurses lice department both of White were without Means of com my Meatmen Tor a Liport Lime. Firemen answered a Cal ii i first Valiona Hank Quot ii Noli v set o i 2 1 in whore an odorous penetrating smoke was discovered by no Quot Lino at Suitan Wing up Iai a firemen were Mahle to go int Quot tin Hank Ai Ca until by Ai the Bank Tai co i d Ai. O with a tic key no smoke was found in the main Bank area. But it bellowed rom tile elevator motor mom when that door was Aper and the Mottle a completely de roed. Apparently by a lightning Boh firemen said this a the third time they had he it n called to exp my my a fire of o \ no to motor one of the Calls was lat month. Meanwhile Wung was Oft a he air and station personnel were operating do flashlight they told the Star that they were actually off the air twice during the evening the first Blacko am it 6 04 p in and a a d to 29 pm xvii ii a nation Igi Neer got hem Back on the or. But announcer were till Thoa overhead Light the mind Power failure a ame at 7 37 pm and there Northwest the i ize i pm i thousand. A ii ii cd a offensive North \ join Amene an Appal Al of the i of Sou unti attack lira Cross locates am to near where l s forces and South \ vietnamese troops moved the ground War to within seven Miles of one dividing North and South \ id Nam in operation Hastings reds taunt est along tile Border Saigon pressed sized Force of the Border i to seize Cor xxx Sci n Cornel of soul la vie Nam a Marine spokesman Dis cd cd fit offensive after i s xxii Quot planes flew 121 in ions through a hum of flak Anil in c iii1 to Pound North v Tot Nam a a Onsch Sutic record Day it bombing in Tuii a i ton arc the it omm Mist Tio Quot pm to lied two so Ith v vietnamese companies in a it sudden strike within earshot of the capital. Marine spoke Situ in sait the leathernecks have killed ti2 communists thus tar in a two lax old it Tig e Tor the Sti Ite go North of of Quot i ii a sought strategic Point military observers said the North \ let name a moved of Quot big Force into the Border area a apparent Hopes of St i ing a ground that would ensure the not the \ lefnam1- a no my Point for pouring reinforce ments and supplies into the the infiltrations of men and equipment into til Quot Quot nth has been severe1 y hampered fax vat icon an Laid again the i i Gin p i of a xxx filch Al v it a Gateway to a Nui bound la in min Supply to ail. Of i s marines sat against a Divi -Ion-11 oops Fiat crossed i limit. Mokes Dea a in 1 ."j1&Quot&Quot a Quot Ltd fun an of ii it. I.,Mam come be corrected. I in i i w to apparent ire Adam on said mix Powch Border in Quot Dent within failures had occurred in a turn 0f by of areas around the City. German and the world i hey involved such oddities As hat Ibe Ronld is ave pres in being on in one Pat of a to it it ir1 divided building and out in a no tier. 7. It ones still hid ans was prof spadix the stake first a Sov Iet helicopter nor fiem crossed from East into West Nam. Ier Manv i riday and forced a a it. 1 Ripp spoken an said ii i s helicopter to the ground at a id develop into on of the gunpoint. I s. Authorities Jarmy of opera ton of the. War lodged an immediate and vigorous protest a Short time later an armed East Quot Milan patrol boat a Quot Nve a St a Quot in the de in plan Zed zone Hanoi fold Don t shoot i . Airmen Vav hmm Myton warned a Adamson ably caused by a a fuse failure in customer owned service see storm Page 2a, col. Ii a spokesman said a South each other have remind vie throws regiment and rang a hat Alion find moved in to Thani Quot support the i s marines in the demand country operation called a Hastings a s still just As the largest drive is for just As High have launched so fur in the Par of South Viet it Han saturday that Public would decimation of North \ it Nam of the commes should execute captured american warnings against such vengeance came from High Quot it i s officials for a world revulsion the a vim Dearborn nor on Quot by Quot to Quot x r 11 i , a o in Zimm 1 1 e s largest operation of a he Wai a a mounted i listed nations on the iring Al a in the be Penn pendent la chs i he is a Odrid a a immediate and no or or general Thant and Canon of he passengers to s men. Men a. Man a neat quote Heald set cd it f had met. An armed Quot Quot Quot of had a Kiln Jet Quot a or alg carrying aboard miliary Barof a a t a 1 a been identified by the line / 1 a a a Arvin Nairn in it moved tis clo e is four Miles to. V a v,., a. Tor flights which the Union had Csc ii a As a Oner Quot to has Only 30 minutes survivor of the massacre Ivy -\\lt9dw a urn Ned in a re piled Ami the demilitarized zone dividing agreed to service despite the Rio Lilc get Romp Ace t0 place tracked him to the Raleigh pl1pjn<> Exchange student Ora a a 1 German it Toms Craft on the v0ljth from North it i Nam and pm it it j0 n m t Para Ned walkout i Quot Quot Quot Murao who hid under a Elbe River still a d spotted a a Wtiz us Cloer than thatt from immediate comment but bed and miraculously it aped i / i f Border Point two decades Atter the x he us my oni he and other High official were Lier or a a rid Tate Iii of Ltd world Var la scattered Reliance so Tai in 4< by pm the identification is pos Voith drawn guns and support their Flohn i lha Quot rive Les Heel it promised for late five Quot Wilton told a news Alexander my t h e cd by machine gun toting Bas Tipre As Llu saturday by Hanoi a conf rence. Jacksonville news walked off German troops on their own Brig. In English. The broadcast scheduled Rte a Intro Aid Poce traced sch six award including first Bank to communists tried to leading the Multi battalion a q in Edt was expected Ramsey comments after Reynolds announced the rece.s-. Ramsey old reporters he would meet with the airlines sunday. But they May not like what we have to a ked about this to treat a to take appropriate action ram Yex declined to explain by added a were going to let them Gin. A a shut we Are not walking out. He the child topples into old mine dispute centers around on the up Rote Kew Enaw Ami Art arsement Between the insula St run Union and management about the movement of military see strike Page 2a, col. 3i speck it Friday after to a then Calumet Mich. It i Pic \ scarred with a ird nned co up i in. Little Cir Bern picking with mine no Evi Ial Miles deep so 1 i her brother fell into a half mile in toe lab 19th Century the 1, deep abandon a Copper min county produced More Copper pen see child Page 2a, col. 31 Bali disaster j. Simpson massive Rescue operation was launched by her father said he Baa Given up Hope for tile life of his daughter Ruth Ann Miller. 7 the Houghton county sheriffs Ottice said j did not know whether the girl was alive. Res in workers blasted a Concrete Cap covering the Long abandoned mine Shalt and lowered two men in a bucket suspended from a Crane t h e father Eugene Taylor an until we Oil uie inside an Anniston Marine in a letter to i Mother Here de Cribe. I dramatic escape from a blazing hotel fire in Taipei. Formosa which claimed tin live. Of two servicemen. See Page it a. Employ a electrician Aid in James r Simpson men saw no Trae of the girl and xxx Quot known band director at to iad Tome up when to r lot 4 High school died late sat bucket was Blo ked by hoax Ait i noon in \ Eter ans t.r0ss a old Timber Hospital in Buzingham Ait a 7 jl0 m v located Alvut one Long illness. J Ujj d not it jronf1 dle Taylor Horn funeral arrangement xxx e r e outside Calumet at the North incomplete saturday night. Pm tin cd Michigan sparsely also on Page 5b. Southern Bell. Of i ice manager Here is not Only a Quot in to make history this week. He is going to undergo one of the strangest Job interviews Ever Dex used. A criss gook reviews. Theater Page. City bus Anniston my depot. Doctor Steincrohn. Dear Abax Mux events until 9 p in. More than 3ti hours a Hith Side massacre lost him. He was Las the indict superintendent is he walked out of the Al police did not know How was dressed. A i am hopeful of immediate apprehension son Aid. I Amurao. To whom Likely would fall the task of pointing out the Slayer at any Poce lineup was told of speck Quot identification in her closely guarded room at South Chicago Community Hospital the new won second place a to pita Rimiko Man of an award for bes advert ing or sex pc Ion i intense Relief Quot promotion and be to fervid to six place for general excellence. Saturday in the Alabama press Anocia Tion 1�?~ttiti better new a the contest the general excellence award went to the news for Topping All Competition in mechanical excellence editorials. News coverage advertising Enterprise literary excellence and comm Unity interest promotion. A plaque a presented to the new during the final session of the association s summer convention at Row align Beach. Board the Western vessel Sharp Nroy i from the germans kit them Quot to held four hours Ona Tine to k Hue i i a ii s West unit Riuo ii has a e air a one Tina n it ional Forest stove at Dawn Friday but hex held the Western Fri Day another by at immobile at kids 1 Ream Marine s 1 Quot pin d in by he see reds Page a. A of. 21 i see War Page 2a. Cd. Inst by a inn it Pink St. Ami 1,500 Erin us of w 31 ome to men that planned 0 an in Oner or formal of mtg Irv the a it Var in a Quot a ma1 Quot a sep Hanoi. Page i a col. Ii 30 apparently escape Jacksonville a in crash among the survivors Are the Maopu Quot Ted upper Peninsula. Radio to Evi widow. Or Dot tie Simpsonville Ai a in Houghton county s Obi Ane find two children. Terry a i legendary a Copper country a a 1- spot s Ava a of 204 or lid Hills Road native of Anniston or Simpson was a native or Anniston and a graduate of Jacksonville state College. During the la years i directed the Oxford High school band the group grew in size and ability it a log a cd Over her fact. Specks brother. I am. First a d disconsolately a ooh. Dux a when he was told by the Ephone that his brother had been charged xxx us the nurses Slaughter. W Ham speck reached at Tib Monmouth. In where the a kl1 or was born later til id a i done to think it sound in ii described Richard tip spec k As a a alone a a who drifted 7 a it a i the c attry w ith4lt i 3b inc Ping in touch with relatives. Education. It of ived a third place award lot be -1 typography and makeup. Jacksonville. Fla. Cpl safety an air Force Reserve 119 it cmdr. Ralph Mcclure transport crashed into the pub Quot Ifju or Ai vim is West of Here saturday la son tile naval air station. The new also received a Ola night hic apparently Al of the Aid Ute sheriffs Otic Nee news Page 2 a. Col la 30 men aboard parachuted to Ltd a Ltd a a t y in cd 29 2d so and a rated class a across the Tate. He served As Secretary treasurer of the Alabama Banda Ter association for Over to astronauts coast through practice Cape Kennedy up a the weather Outlook for my away the More than 300 years he is the Only Man to with Only the possibility of mondays gemini to mis it a items they must lit into thir Ever have served that Lima Quot thunderstorms to worn Bent a App the i s cramped Rop ule Tor three . An association office and also the Only Man who Ever direct gemini a Ming to and Eri the Oxford band for in 0 r e v. A. A a. A a. Saturday coasted through than a dozen Yearry , v h in Eser Elof a monday on a the Best he was a member of Phi my j Alpha National music fraternity Phi Beta my National band masters fraternity Kappa Phi Kappa National education fraternity. And the National band astronauts John a Quot Ltd Quot a it Aid in a it Al in orbit the also tackled Pic 1 j r is report. However it Aid a to More rehearsals in a mock in Imp per cent Chance of Thunder spacecraft to Sharpen flight launch a a Lorms a might affect Quot the procedures. Mass Jon double launching. A the Mission has everything project officials reported in it by the kit Hen everything was proceeding on Young raid in a briefing t w 0 kit a ple and with our count of id that would in a Only one Unac a unit a for a the plane dashed moment aft taking if from the a ii a station Mcclure said a a it tip hot St storm Ilion is that there Are no Periou injuries. They a a bail my Riziere of it no immediate indication of where the flight originated or it purpose hut air Reserve unit have been i of into duty recently hauling Viet Nam hound troops held up by the airline strike. In uni a Quot was in route h Tuupo \ miss. A fed ii a Alum agon v the ii Craft signalled in it p m. Edt and association. He was a Reserve officer in the t. S army with the 405th Sec Simenon Page 2a, col. 2 i he biggest threat to the schedule toward the 4 40 pm weeks ago and he pointed out Start of the twin rendezvous Edt launch of gemini Atlas the i a Success will go a Long and spacewalk spectacular the a Jena rendezvous rocket and w y toward laying groundwork Rainy remnants of a tropical the Quot to 21 Edt take Oil of to Ater spate ventures storm Celia was eliminated Young and Collins in pm ult a i in i we have potentially when the area of foul weather the astronauts took Adan the to Mimm yet. Aid veered southward and weak tag of the Lull in final,3-Vyear-old Veteran of Anteri cited. Preparations to practice Stow see gemini Page 2a, col. 2 1 miss sired in la title Margareta Arvidsson miss Sweden was crowned Hie new miss universe it it urd a night in the annual pageant at Miami Beach. The 18-year-old photographer s Model is shown Here with the four runners up. Shown from left Are Cher Anand Savet Anand miss Thailand second runner up Yesmin Dan. Miss India. The runner up Satu Chart Etta Ostring miss Finland first runner up miss Arvidsson and Aviva Israel miss Israel fourth runner up. Al wire photo he said bailout at cradled it 10 04 pm. A this xxx d have Tel them Only tit to he Aid. Triny s Johnson lets ton Sivard Washington id Tho army pc ened its highest n award rent v to its c be of Stott Ien. Harold k. Johnson. Army so Crear it Stanley r. Re a Law irked John it n the d a i gushed service in Pentagon get Mooy a key role in a he expand Ion to it of til Quot army the trim unit threat Nam while in iring the a Hihn a to fulfil us Muda at a for his rapid to meet a a it army a a n her comm w Ai a. Tine hts throughout the 4 ;