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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Anniston, Alabama City Hall new Home of Pard Cavin tilt Anniston Park and recreation department has moved its office from to it it my Niesp a i coif course building to the City Hall i he move. According to Tommy of d director of the de pertinent was made to Centralia the efforts of tile Park Hiki recreation depart e n t with the other departments of the if. Grade Young Park Niainte-1 Nance supervisor Fui moved his office in a the lilt Park and recreation department s office in an a Emp. To better com do Natl i organized recreational program with Park maintenance. New Telephone numbers for the department Are now 236-frl2l Extension 13 and 236-4114 continued from Page i a of j Ani accepted by a Mem Wber of the mexican press he would exclaim Over my Span ish and decide. A he a a Nice Fel Low. So let not it a it lie s an. American b it a now a Hoosier father. Gap. Or haunt met me. They d say. Tins gringos do a ii Here gone after bul had been asked to do the role in the first place tf4 a a it s the biggest m a mean film Ever made yet a thoroughly 0 modern Millie it a end up 2 costing 20 Lime As Mui it of rus Gavin i a that Story it my Wear no a by we by t cools considering the heat you really could t blame mrs. Charles k. Tight sweater and i ppm a soda lord for entering Friend s Pool in West Hart Ord. Conn., this week to Rescue two baby is True no. Act a to i suggest skunks that somehow found themselves out o. Their element. She checked with experts first de to Bryan Poy. W of a a Tam thou donned plastic Tablecloth and Mitten to r move them. Even then she got whiff of Fly Friend that Ai hire me As a Woodland Kittens bul mildly. A wire photo a technical adviser in this movie he was shooting on the earner Prince it no and i had made two Tours on the Carrier Princeton or Korea a this reply was unprintable but he. A me up with an interview test at Universal since i was hesitant but the results they took this As holding out Tor More Mon it Well they off red no so Mui ii Money i could i resist a i be developed into a pretty Good sunday opines guv in. Who admits to some past mistakes in the handling of his career i have to be beat Over us head in a intelligent but not smart a plans told b or clinic on coining the Anniston perk and recreation department has announced plans Tot a Golf clinic beginning tuesday. Whoa s programs of the week 4 of 6 25 6 be 7 of i to 7 45 7 is 8 of 8 ii 8 to 9 00 to 30 10 20 to 4i to ii 12 of 12 ii 12.2i 12. Ii i of 1 25 i. To i 4j a 5. I of 4.j4 4 to 4 15 4 25 4 55 5 of 4 2a 5. To 5 35 c a 4. To 4 45 4 j 5 i co 7 15 7.25 7 to c to a j5 9.uo y pc v 33 in. Of to to 10. Pc to j5 ii of 5 of sunday. July it sign of re. D. A Border Abc of it we Rev Thompson Ann Jon arc world be soon it i Ai la news Rev. Grady Bishop Bari key Chocs Wagon gang a. T. Coot Wells the Baptist chuch Church of god in Christ to Inge jul hour Tor sunday news is vochae1 s Chu in 3.- vices music for a sunday local and state news wrote stand hour Abc be j Billy Graham Muic Tor sunday but is Jurys Mujic Abc news c lass cat it Vous in Mono a morning head Lutes so t. Music Tor sunday Geo. Smith sports Abc be j voices in the need be Lorn Harmon music Tor sunday nes Abc reports Anniston a world new ate Oner Abc new men Ana molecules music weekend sports first Bap ast Church Herald of truth a n us engr image Kevvai i Ime Abc nes Milton Cross album weekend sports hear lava insane Abc flt re sign Oft monday july it Cartier a. A a Ter spa. a Lou n i a in Roundup a,.a. u aunt y <.,u c i Ime m to. A i a 8vo re new kist Aru Shine hymn to it int Day Ney Auno me a re morning Apter Al Art to. 4 Vul o q nes morning sports co i Paul Good cos a he it r n a to 40 Good v us v.53 in Kai in 05 into jul 10.33 in 55 bloc 11 15 11 30 la 40 11 55 12 of i a. 15 12 to i. 45 12 55 b Abc Mejri Rig 7v. Art it to i 11 rive Abc is Sou no it music Abc report is bundle of Joy sound of Mujic Abc n a Lades come n Hie sound of Musk sap shop a in i Ane Abc flt As Paul Harvey Asa. La rat it or a the Bat -. midd Gay n a r. Jont nit s a Node Abc nes i of 1 15 i pc 1 55 2 us 2 25 2 pc 2 55 j us j 53 4 us 4 Ai 4 55 5 of 5 u5 5 15 4 0 6. <3 4 pc 7 33 8 us 8 55 v us 9 55 to. In to 13 to join 53 ii Vii local 4 state news y a. New it in the heart of Dixie Abc Neas matinee Abc rep to matinee Abc news Jan i r to v so 3 Abc news Laie afternoon edition j a ,1 i i Avi Suo news haul Harvey new a Kunia m it Street Snova sports Parade rom a non Bud consume Mac news t Mal tuition business cur is it Hennei snorts Man about Mas c news a i a eel show Abl news ii show Al Sua j aul l i a us 3 to Worta Vav 1 a up lae spurts f to. In Are vice show t uus and Anse s news Ogill ult tuesday july 19 too. Come v to a in Kew Al up 1 us 2 26 2 pc 2 55 j us 3 55 4 of 4 j j 4 ii 4 jul 4 55 5 0c 5 15 j a 5 to 5 j5 5 40 5 50 my in Mac news Faut Harvey Abc luncheon at the Battle House a. Aday me Opiat on is erred Abc news u Jedi amp state be w Tanque in the heart of Abl news aul in re Abc report matinee Doc news j in t r a i. Show Abc news i be Atter Noor to Lien a in 11 ads show know four school j t i a. Show Abc news i j i Levi v news news a k an a sir Spur Bush Tom Bol Par Nae a f mat 5pcr to Cor new Abc 5 is new 6 of f a edit Ion 4 0 by mess f Roll 6 15 of is Shenwei sports 6 to Man about must c 6 55 Abc news i us i Siree show j 55 Abc new a 8 us v t Street show 8 55 next 9.00 Val str it show 9 55 Hor id a rap a do to to late sports 10 15 pubic 5>ervi r show to pc music Ai the vat a to 55 news 11.00 sign Oft 5 of 5 50 5.33 4 30 23 6 c 4 45 .33 j to 7 to 7 45 / 53 a of 8 25 8 to 8 40 8.53 v us to 05 i of 11.15 la Jill 40 11 .55 12 of 12. �?T3 12 to 12 45 12 53 i us i 13 i is 2.00 2 25. Jul 2.55 wednesday july to gospel my. I Are Aurum Farn Rou Dup Abc news country Muic time Alabama Ana a or id new Rise and Shine hymn Tor the Day news a our a the world morning special Anniston amp a id new morn no sex a t can Paul Harvey news Good morning i me Cosell sports new j and l vent Good my in g i be Abc news Brea a i c of Abc. N. A Sou id of. It in Abc r a Bull u it j. Sour a at music Abc news i us j Corr or i he sound of my it Swap shop hymn t in Abc new 4 jul 4 of 4 55 5 of 3 05 15 3 to 3.40 3 50 5 55 6.ou o 15 6.90 a it 55 / of 7 55 9 of 8 55 Coe v 55 to to 0 15 to to 10 55 pan i Lune or by Art iou j i Noor be a v local Maimer y ai1 to of d Abb mat Abt r Abt t Abl e la e i jul i news Gnu new j Abc the he be serenade amp state news in the Hen in a part. Shaw k am. Bud Abc Parade Lur Mon Enid be v a Al us i Musil a a v s a r get show Abc news v i Street show a l c new v. So reel sin a wrap up Lake sports Puu in serv be Snow my c in the night Abc new sign off Fane 4 / a Alabama and for d news 6 to r e a d by re 6 45 hymn Tor the Day 6 55 new a it Ltd j the word he spec Al 7 to local new 7 45 Mot f a sports cast 7 55 p it us Harvey new8 of Good morning time 8 25 Cosell spurn 8 to of a and events 8 40 Good morning Lime 8 35 Abc n news v of breakfast club a j5 Abc to of local news Ioos our act music to 25 Abc report to to bundle of Joy to j sound of music 10 35 Abc news 11 of cadres come in ills the sound of Muic la j0 5 a it push up it. 40 her in t in 11 53 Abc new. 12 of Paul har vey 12. I5 luncheon at the ban a hoc e i 25 Abc reports 12 to midday on 12 45 noon me serenade 12 55 Abc news i of local Ana 1.15 matinee i 30 Yankee Ai i 45 matinee 1 55 Abc new stare new 2 55 Abc j uhf Jim j 55 Abc new 4 j5 Abc new3 of Paul Harvey news 3 &3 news a ram a it i it r show 3 to sports pa-aci>-3 40 tem Harmon sports 5 50 Btl a e 3 55 acc news 6 of Lor Al new 4 to by Ness t in ii 6 5 it it settee sports 6 so an about Muc 6 ii Abc new / us. I s. Show 7 crab be m us . S eel Stoa 8 is Abc new a a 22 a up 1 c n the j n Friday. July 22 is oos or j 55 8 of 8 2 3 8 to 8 40 8 s3 9 of 9 55 10 of Ioos to 25 to join Ujj 10 55 11 Roll 15 11 Joll 46 i. 55 go i u k i me aubur f j in Rou Jup Abc new Fri country dusk Trine Alabama Quot a world new r it cd s in hymn rot i be Day Nfn Aaroa j the world v or n Trig 3. Attn Rilon amp a a v i or org Sporl Ca Hur v a v a. A Good worn my co ii so Row at Ven Good Moi i my i in a by no a a b Rustma >1 to Abc Abc new Loc Al of sound of music Abc repo is bundle of Joy noun of my. C Abc new l adult a come in the sound of Musk 5 a a shop Hyrm Trrry. 4 news 12 of Paul Harvey Abc 12 15 12 90 12 45 12 55 i of i 15 i. To 1 55 7 of 2 25 2 to 3 of j 55 4 of 4 05 55 of 05 15 to 40 >0 55 6 Hoo 6 to 6 is o to 6 55 7 of 7.55 8 of 8 55 v of 9 55 10 to to 15 10 join 5s 11 to luncheon a int Battle Hor. E midday mini 1noontime Sere Abc news local and sir. Matinee Yankee in of due Abc news mat Nee Abc Deport matinee new j in t Ravis St Abc news late Atter lieu Jim Truvis j Abc news Paul Harvey news a ran u mat Siree a sports Padr Tom Harmon con dint new news the heart Sci Abu no a Bob Abc Loco Busu Chris Man att Abc s Mal Abc to s world late pubic sign of saturday. \ t go Pel a. Surf its july ii x i my 6 of Coe 6 25 a 6 to aul 45 by o 50 no Momo 7 u0 an in of to 29 Abl wet Abc Abc v i re one a by Abc s0 a bundt we a Abca ext Abc. W it 2 anode cd a Abc Nee i of a gtd rid j Abc new 4 of wee so 5 of sur Ida Sih it 5 Bapt Hou a a new a to Are so a Abc j of Dante a if 7 55 new i of Parry 8 news 9 of Dante Par y 9 55 news to of Dane Par i to 5. Art no or Llou s o a of Vav e Curry Golf pro. And Ray Burgess i lit la Limos Calhoun county Champion will serve As instructors Tor t h e clinic. Sessions w la by held from 4 ?0 to 6 p to each tuesday and thursday to rough july 28. Those Meres so in taking the lessons should be at the Anniston municipal Golf Ourse pro shop tuesday with clubs Rome is a City of fountains and visitors have turned them into i Long Wells. Morning worship services at first methodist Church will to broadcast by station Wong at to . Your Good music station 1390 on you dial Call the Star All Belt hum nil at 2 3 8-i.>51 Bra Ore wednesday to report Newt Tor till Nee to on of the Toni Siloti Star. Recreation Section radio and to Complete radio and television listings of local stations May be found in this Section. The lot s will appear each week. Anniston Alabama. Saturday. July la. 19b i Honor liven Al Comer Choccolocco scouts receive a v rating the Choccolocco Council of Roy St outs of America was recently presented for the first time an a rating Banner from the National Council of Bov scouts. St lots it Tai rating Joe rime it representing the National Council of Roy stouts of Meriea. Presents to. From left. Lelerre Hollis. Ronnie Ferguson and Don Hub erts. I m Tup nation director the a a a rating Banner for Choccolocco Council s Comer Stout reset quickie quiz Swift of glues it it egg nest a soon a q what animal bears it Young in litters Alt of one sex a a the pc a. Or nine banded armadillo bears its v ring in litters of tour and by it of tile same sex. Y do ail species of b i. D turn Hie a eggs Reg Darly 1 \ _ turning the seems almost Universal. I apparently not essential to All species the Palm South Pacific firm in tilt1 they Are Aid. G who w i the Only v s president Man red in the v tit House \ Grover Leve kind v a Man Tsi Bis want Iran so. Soifia on june i i88i d a v. Fiat Metal lie e sometimes can led a i Silver Quot Mere urn a what South am Frog a Xii ties the worlds ii St known Poison _ i lie by ii a and Koknar Isa ans go son from the to blow urn darts Loose from one it it the ii i printed in l a a a n the language fahrenheit it i the Massachusetts or Alq what do the three Fig ire go Quini indians. If _ How did hemisphere come \ in Erica a a America \ is puck reputed to have voyages to the new Spain the German named for an italian made for and world for geography the 1 Quot a Mart it a w Al Seemuller. First used the name to Honor Vespucci in a bo4 k published in lf�07. I a what does the name Panama mean a it comes from an old in Dian word which mean Tiso Erman Quot or a plenty of q Wiere a a the charter of tile United nations signed a in san franc is co in he i. Q How constant is the temperature in Kenly a s Mammoth Cave a the atmosphere i pure and healthful and there is a temperature throughout the ear from 12 to 59 degree on Michelangelo s t o in b in the Western Florence. Italy represent to be called a sculpture painting and in Chi lecture. I a what great general was born in Europe died in Asia a buried in Africa a a Alexander the great born n Macedonia died in Babylon and was buried in Alexandr a. Egypt the City named in Honor. A a did Cleveland fice on a Dally for a he fice on Iii the rating was received on opera Ion it a been reported by the engineering service of the in tonal Council that Comer reservation i one of the tint ? scouting facilities in ail America. Comer reservation is three Miles Outh of Mentone. It includes 1058 acres of land and a 90-acre Lake. The reservation honors the late Hugh m. Cornel the first 200 capacity scout Camp was named Camp Mike in Honor of \ c. Michaels of Gadsden who headed a successful fund drive for $500,000 for the development of the reservation. Tin reservation Entrance Honor the name of Cecil h Young one of Tao charter members of the Choccolocco Conn ii in 1919, while the dining Hall of amp Mike honors j. M j is per son of Anni ton. The Coiner s out reservation now in its first year of la pick aide president Grover take the oath of of e Furni lied Epe the occasion took the oath of of Mother Bible on Mach match 4. 1885 j a what d Mach denote a the pre i to describe super oni when a plane moves let eed of a Rind is when twice tins ced it is Mach 2 Montgomery map r. L. Lampley. Former Mon Gomery fire Chiel a been appointed executive assistant to state treasurer Mary Texas Garner. Lampley according of records in the state personnel depart the prefix Nunt. Was appointed july i succeeding or George d an in used tile non Merit system to a peed mrs Garner Wii Ose term i a at the pues next january is Chi i theorized Inder Tate Law to. A a u Hind it int Fie own executive assist trophies presented a Tommy Ford director of Anniston s Park and recreation department presents trophies to the winners of the recent Junior Tennis tournament. Sponsored by Pard. From left Are. Front Row. Dudley Reynolds. William Weatherly and Hank Whitworth. 14 under Bai k Row David Branson Jimmy Garmon and Gary Smallwood. I and under Thev will represent the Anniston Pard at the Alabama recreation society state Tennis tournament in my Beauga july 22-2j. Mcelroy photo n eve actor to sing. I Lance Hor i i pm inc r Iii Bias v t for 50 darts dried it a Whit the a to a a a null Al brat a in no has years asteroid venom a for 15 a a of tin largest orbit Hidalgo whose mean diameter in is win i March it c a in 3 spa it s Day ? a Many people erroneous Hippo c Thi Date to be the Annivera Ary 11 the birth of the apostle t Ireland March it however is the traditional us on which St Patrick died it c Bis be is a. N get ins birthday q ii it a do tin oxygen need Gavin shakes Stanford Man image of Bird it my Oliver animal a a Bird iced t , any other verb Ray a. G a Winch Tir to be punted Clur c us a a lie la Indian let. In Klain Thomas but 1966 has become the Vear it Hollywood i pcs tall Jack Gav a who Wori d like t dark Ond handsome has de you to forget i i a i sort vhf i John so perfect Man and a sen Alite to Loos in for pie past de id that hrs end pts tip rolled a his image Lias become As constrict sleeves Ana broken the n old my As a Birt Collar for which Voth vengeance he would be the Ideal and no sooner did he v�., a up his he fro been a strongly id n Starr ing role in a Mexic an Art tidied a it u to wort leading Man film. Pedro Paramo than hot in lit is. Hunter tearjerkers that sir a for an important r de in ifs hard to remember he has i livers roaring 2b Satiri but in in sue i grisly fare As Cal musical thoroughly mod a psycho and a spartacus Quot pm Millie which is rather a than and oppo lie such ladies a it departure Tor producer Ross Pana Turner and Susan Hay Hunter to bile Ward Hwa memorable Tor his i told Ross in a playing a v a a Grid look Rattler than his act parody of every part i Vema . Tin a Kusu Hunter picture say who Wii in i Vin Tor the Sirsi i Moon or in f i heard Alexi o a re i i Nive Sai s and wrote i reach to a Square them my thai to icy just anyone else but no sine and dance a a Mary to ii r Joy Friend a to a part in c re hid m Iii id action chief a tit ii i it Oulen t t n a pm or i Parn o a a Vas adapted from Juan Merna tonally a Novella i i and to Dot a some Tii no i it uld be proud explains t win in and articulate Ian n. Tins in who in. Caged to talk so Ca ire Guys i i r id out of All pending a Quot w. Ald 1 1 such typecast at i in f Al where in could t get la Ive contract to then i read Dro for tin Drei Tor. Geor Hill. Who it i v kindly a great while Gavin parts his Man n search of ins father but As an a1 a gory it is Man in search of himself. Such an Art for arts Sake project which has Little Chance of pro it for this normally Well paid actor is not Ashi Way unlike As it sounds. Long in Gnu ends forested in latin american Atis under Purs. Gavin Wii Ose Mother is do be my Xii an served As special and i r to Secretary Genera Jose Paramo Mora of the organization of Eroy a in Mexico a Pedro said i i Asti r tank As Don quix american states and has been Ole i n Spain this May sound cited for his contributions to the Lia r in by it c an be com cause of pan americanism tire Middle and wears High col pared with Dante so divine Trad Lai in Millie he goes from comedy or Goethe a Faust Urig Caballero to weaned null u the journey it a Young while serving in Panama on i second tour of Navy duty sic gun it on Back Pae t ;