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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Anniston, Alabama Aft Matt stat a tar f 18 1? my Dpi y aytes <1 a Al pm Vav Cai i Amas conv mall h. Or Andt Ayi r of vie pm part ref c cd in i War a no org of lifer pm 11 i in a sanguine tit scr i in arts o Phil i is circulation Harry v. Ayers president and publisher 1910-1961 tar s script Ion rfcs a a of on Runth ,.of i Pill t or o i a a i a vah rails on Rlou St a a by then i Ida to r p fit Ishino to rom i try a in in no Surv a porn my a a a iffy str a no to Al 1 a conf Clam in Spalt of Al la or i off in in annul Al so Turnoy july 16, 1%6 solutions Hor i unlivable i of lems one want of looking it ii All those commercials on the television air really very comforting As far As they go it is Nice to know that the store shelves Are just bulging with deodorants pills tablets Spray aim All that junk to solve even imaginable i Well almost even it problem. By utilizing the right product at the right time that Glass hell no longer drops Down Over you at parties. Wives who want to hurry to Ita meetings dont get snipped at by headache husbands and there is an East Wax solution to Kitchen floors which May need a solution alter All those doves get through nesting in the Kitchen Junior May get Rich at a Nickel a look a judging from the ecstasy on the faces of the other kids when he lifts the no stick Bandage off that scrape on his Elbow. And there is that Witch lout of Macbeth we pre slime who can free Sisters hair again after sister sprayed $5 Worth of Spray on it just to keep it from being so free and grizzly you name it and television commercials have to a degree a solution Tor it. But there air still some tilings some needs left unfulfilled. Wife May growl testily a please Mother i d rather do if myself a there is an easily preset bed remedy for that but what do the aspirin makers have for the Wile who has convinced her husband she does t like the seashore either when her visiting Mother asks Bright a Why done Tou go to the Shore this year you used to love it so As a child a and what have the soft Iii Ink manufacturers got for a teen Ager who accidental hits his ear Horn with an Elbow and discovers the insulted Driver ahead waiting for the red Light to change is next year s math teacher a a Happy Watusi on the Beach Isnit going to solve that one. Somebody one of these Days ought to come out with a Salve that will prevent those embarrassing itches and they won t be ignored that strike at Collar or Girdle when to scratch is to Appeal a usually before a crowd of hundreds a a Complete oaf and How about those times when just As you enter or big office this thing clutches at your Larynx and your voice just disappears can t someone come up with a lozenge for these a and How Many times have you ribbed to some Bod about not be my Able to accept an invitation i Well be out of town and you re sitting Iii the theater catching that movie von looked Forward to when Hon in so Here conies the spurned Host Down the aisle Quick Hasni to an Bode yet marketed a Spray that will ten you invisible pills Are solving a lot or problems these Davs but no one vet has offered one to alleviate the pain that results when von turn a Corner and behold there is a familiar face. A on know this face it is the face of someone near and dear ail old family Friend or something like that hut Iii the suddenness of the encounter a door slams in the brain and you can to find the name Edh All the computers Iii the world All you can do is fake it a and Hope also painful is that occasion when you Are called upon to introduce a today s speaker and the speaker is an esteemed and decorated Warrior you glance Over the notes stand up and rattle it off handsomely until you get to that one phrase and you refer to him As a a Battle scared veterans a instead of a Battle scarred a like you be got it written Down right there on the Little Caid in t there a gargle on the Market that can head off things like this there s a Fortune waiting in it there is still another advancement in the held of unsolved Public problems and this one is in the gadgetry line. Now the Auto makers have come up with instruments that Tell the drivel of a glance if All doors Are firmly shut and it All tire pressures a Oka cant someone work up a warning device that will Tell you n Advance like he foie you go traipsing into Church in everybody a View that there is a Long piece of thread dangling from Yoni skirt hem or that your tie is Riding up Over your shirt Collar headaches indigestion perspiration. Yellow floors and Bright linens Are proper concerns and it is Nice that so Many solutions Are available but what s a ten foot tall washing machine compared to a Pill that will keep your foot out of your Mouth or a Gadget that will save von from making yourself look like an untutored Clown pc. La. Hat other editors Are saving r it Crim nation the Piedmont Lourn la it App in that a City that has so Mach to cur economically to the Lounts i which it is located Industry transportation water Etc. Should he a e to place Telephone Cath to Otter t tie within its own county without a my a to i charge it is to the Telephone c Man a dont quite i bit toward improving our Little a com a ideation a Wem but is Thi enough should this Cit pc nil it great potential be i plated trom and be made to pay Tor it communications i n families and businesses just a Short distance our a de the City limit Quot Southern Bell has been r malt Ted concerning t h in matter of discrimination against this Cit their claim a Hie project is too exp pc for tilt in to in Pertak a a ii a Wever we see that to same company has a pent a million Dollar to fun Iii extended area service toll free to exchanges a far As to Miles apart tics project by Southern Bell provides Long distance tails w Tho it charge to eight >8 counties name Jellerson Bibb. Blount. Chilton by Cia she i by i w Alo a my Walker a my Timex hang 1 b Mangham the a a Rio a. Den Grays v i i e Larder a it Winier Pinson Calera to Imbiana Silunas a a bytes and now Are interconnected and from one failing area people As Lur As to Milt a apart from Columbiana to w error can dial each other without paying an additional charge. I e Thise people any More important to their area and counties than we Are to our ? vet it in Piedmont a Bania must Pav additional to v All outside our Cit limit tins condition not Only Hurt the growth of our City socially and culturally but a a tremendous it fat t on our economic growth our citizen Are asked to sex then Elve by writing their a pinions into tin new paper i our Telephone situation healthy for our City a a hrs in Nihil ii \ i the Birmingham news an Auburn professor wrote in editorial Tor the a churn professor a Magazine published by tile Auburn University chapter of tile american association of University proves ors in St the Pilot lie nor win teaches m Aubin n pin sics department had some things to say about Tahoma a new Junior Collige. He a critic Al of the state department of education say my to at it is a too close to to administer state superintendent of education a to Meadows promptly shot off a letter to Uburn pre ident Harry Philpott Uci using the pro of my burned statement which Are not any of his responsibility a a member of tile pin sics department of Elburn University a it happens that the Birmingham new believes that the states Public edut at Ion is tin concern and responsibility of every citizen what cd More natural than an Educ Ator discussing education in a journal intended to by read by other educators or Meadows inference that College Prole sets need to set their Public comment against some Vaie measure of what the stale superintendent of education might con Ider a Are it Pon it in Lff a i at the least a the words of a us supreme court Justice in a recent decision a uncommonly Illy at the most it i tar More ominous than that i unit Montgomery advertiser the Ford foundation s action in awarding the Birmingham symphony or i Nestra an $800,000 Grant will be a b Kin for culture in Alabama this Money till Good hard Cash will go a Long Way toward placing Birmingham symphony among their to rank beyond that it is Mere la pleasant at time to relict a that somewhere tile so Aid of Beethoven bar a or. A ii end Ivai is at e timing nurtured among the i is that pics Ai on a More mundane level. To counter Effort a says Laurence soviets making propaganda a Hay via anti Viet Nam demonstrators by i tar id l am pm r Washington the soviet government is a relatively amount of Money hut is obtaining a considerable amount of publicity As it Eek it to convince the world by organized propaganda efforts that the United states i loing the War in Viet Nam the purpose of course i to develop a Public opinion unfavourable to this country a foreign policies arum to Hammer away at the prestige of America within the last several Days anti american demonstrations have been carefully stimulated throughout in Ope and latin America As Well As in the far East. The communist technique is to Start outbreaks in the streets arid other Public place Quot at opportune moments. There is scarcely a country in the world where communist Money has not been used to initiate such demonstrations again to american policy in Southeast Amu the bombing of the Hanoi Haiphong areas furnished an exc e for int Fering with official and unofficial celebrations of the fourth of july by american abroad i n i t e d states embassies in Pari and London were surrounded by the demonstrators and there were clashes in the capitals of Sweden and Denmark communist groups in West Berlin distributed leaflets denouncing the bombings and in j a p a n students marched the Augh the treets to try to mar the visit of Secretary of slate Dean Husk police of course endeavoured to keep the Riviers from interfering with the celebrations but Tor Sev eral Days m succession these anti american episodes got space in the newspapers thus giving the impression that world opinion is in opposition to the United states. The ame thing happened in Home. Where thousands of communists put on noisy demonstrations with a1 kinds of posters and placards condemning the United states government and expressing approval for some of the dissent in the italian government Over american policy in Viet Nam. Secretary Husk on i return Here from his tar Eastern visit Aid that unquestionably some of the demonstrations were encouraging the North Vietnam a As they have misconstrued the dissent on the political front in the United states. He pointed out that the communist governments do not realize that such opposition is not interfering in the slightest with the determination of president Johnson to persist in the policy now being followed the i med states has paid relatively Little attention to the organized propaganda being carried on by the common its in foreign countries. No effective measures Are being taken to rebut what the communist mouthpieces Are saying. Some Effort is being made Over the radio by the a voice of american and other organizations to express t ii e american viewpoint but strangely enough the demonstration Are More or less ignored by the american government vet there is evidence that the continuance of such propaganda Maneu vers has made an impression around the world and has had an influence in preventing Many countries from coming to the support of the United state in the Viet Nam War. Even within this country Congress has not revealed to Public View the manner in which the soviet government is directly or indirectly financing demonstrations and carrying on an incessant propaganda just because Many of the participants Are americans the Public is not Likely to suspect that such movements been carefully planned by the communists there Are to be sure Many americans who conscientiously disagree with the government s foreign policy and w to Are sincerely convinced of the Wisdom of their dissent. But More often the protesting groups inside America have in their midst Active communists or persons who Are tools of the communist apparatus. Until the Viet Nam War became acute there was a tendency to appraise As insignificant the commune t subversion Campaign in Amer Ica but when As a result of communist plotting a Public opinion began to be formed in other parts of the world which actually has tended to prolong a War and increase the number of casualties by preventing peace negotiations the use of such propaganda technique is of vital importance to the american people. Congress could mitigate the effects of the communist demonstration by exposing their Art if i Cia Lity and the source of their funds. Reynolds heir philosophical loser by Drew i yur a ii a Ash a dangling Good looking Young Man dropped in to see me the Otho Day named Smith Bagley grand on of the Man who founded the Reynolds tobacco Fortune. I was a Little surprised to see him because during h i s recent North Carolina primary race for Congress i had reported on his heavy c a in pain spending a compared with that of a greek american. Nick Galifianakis. W h o ran against him Galifianakis won an illustration of the fact that North carolinians have no prejudice against the son of an immigrant with an outlandish name Smith Bagley was quit a a philosophical about his defeat. A i done to know whether you Hurt me or helped me a he said a the paper of North Carolina were All against me. They Aid that North carolinians should prove that a Man who comes from the humblest origin has equal political Opportunity in this country that i line but a Man of wealth who wants to serve his country should have a Chance too. A and there a one thing about a Man with Money who hold Public office a said the heir of the Reynolds tobacco millions. A Elf anyone offered me floor id throw it in his fact i pointed out that electing men of wealth was not the Aii Nifton >5 yrs. A it a july 16. 1941 Daylight saving time will be put info effect in Anniston sunday at Midnight members of the City commission indicated today following the request of governor Frank m Dixon and president Roosevelt. That the action be liken. Approximately one Ruvle of wire on the Boundary Fence was Strung this week at the Anniston ordnance depot a report released today pointed out. The Fence ii five feet High and is topped with three Iii Rands of barbed wire extending outward it will completely encircle the arca wind ing 13 r Miles around the reservation. Way to avoid testimonial dinners and big Campaign funds because Tor one thing there weren t enough wealthy men to run but i did agree that they should be encouraged to participate in government not penalized and that there should be More men like Nelson Rockefeller who has dedicated his entire Lite to government though at times he does no to get much thanks from new York state republicans. Young Bagley is going to Settle Down in North Carolina in some kind of governmental work to show that he Means business and prove that men of wealth can be just As dedicated As the on of an immigrant in serving his state and country. Communist censor communists romanian Otti vials censored some anti Chine get remarks which president Tito of Yugoslavia made during his visit to Romania Tho told the romanian privately that he did t mind being censored As Long As they accorded p r a nuer Chou in Lai of red China the same treatment later when Chou arrived with a militant Peech attacking communist revisionists meaning Tito and the russian the romanian were True to their word they let Chou deliver it. Chou was furious and left Romania in a rage. Spending in Reagan land no one to More outspoken against Federal spending than californians right Wing millionaires. Including Many movie stars from Ronald Reagan land when Beverly Hil s needed $900,000 to beautify the City however its millionaire residents offered no help. So the City believe it or not. Has appealed to the Federal government for close to a Mil lion. Yer is c Vij Relief Anniston Star readers speak out note the Star Reier Vea the right to rim All letters in the interest of space and taste without changing the writer s meaning or intent. All letters must be signed. Charge mowed i am sure that you Are interested in what is Best for our town i wish to Call your pattern Ion to a matter which work for the inconvenience of the people of Ohatchee on july 13. La. We made an attempt to employ a plumber to do several mall jobs we contacted him after no local help was available this Man would not come to Ohatchee because of a fee. Or License of $35 needed to operate his business in Ohatchee. He stated that he did not get enough bushmen in this area to justify i paying the License necessary to operate his Busine Here he stated that others could not do business Here for the same reason on one occasion a plumber paid a Fine of $100 Tor not having a License to operate in Ohatchee. Since it is extreme v difficult and sometimes impossible to get a plumber to do a Small Job in Ohatchee i would think that the requirement for the License should he done away with. Or lowered in Cost to around $5.00 a year. This would make the situation a Ier in an emergency for the citizens of Ohatchee this would make it possible for local people in the City limits to get More prompt serv ice in this Type of work. Joe d Harris Ohatchee Baptist Church Ohatchee health first the out of town people speak of the Southern hospitality. Where is that hospitality when one of our own people has to go to the emergency room and can t get a doctor0 do you Call that hospitality0 n of speak of making our City a More Beautiful and restful City for the Hopper. But first let s take care of tile people who need us Tor a doctor. Why can t we have a doctor to be at the emergency room at All times Jii t to take care of the people who have to be rushed to the emergency room a to me. That is More important than to have a Bench or a Park to sit Down and rest when we go shopping we do what we have to do then come Home. We can rest at Home. I also like a Beautiful City huh we Don t have in some sections in Anniston. I used to keep the Alley in Backol my House a clean a i kept the Yard but when the Cliv does t Send the truck around to pick up the garbage or trash a whatever you want to Call i then what Are we supposed to do so. Bel Ore you try to make our cite like some i could mention let s take care of our people who need a doctor especially Al the emergency room to me health comes first mrs Donald c. Wood 2431 Walnut ave. Burbs the fashion world has is own Calendar so pretty soon stores will be showing fall and Winer styles. The Chap who retires after years of hard work often works hard at not working give in to that burning desire to overeat and you May find the fats in the fire. Was there Ever a Man who could leave a hardware store with Only the one Little item he came to buy unlike blood Banks mosquitoes Are not All choosy about what blood Type you have. Fifty thousand frenchmen can t be wrong by they done to have to As Long As they have de Gaulle. Even the darkest situation is brightened when you face it with a smile. Young folks give you All the answers but How Many Are the right ones too much Are Apt to end up in the wrong circles ;