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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Anniston, Alabama Area churches Sermon topics Tor sunday services Hatcher Avenue Baptist Jack have been announced by Sisters of son Ville the Rev Bobby Lipscomb churches in his area among services prior sunday school at to. Morning a a Heduino a e the following Angel Grove Baptist Church sunday school to a in. Morning to ship la , Btu at 6 p it. Eve fling or hid a 7 o clock midweek services wedge Day at 7 p in. Rev w h Harris Castor seventh liar nov Antist 300 e. J8tb St i a Sabbath school each saturday or to is and morning worship saturdays Ai 9 a in g b. Gearhart is the pastor b l u e Mountain Assembly of god a sunday sch sol begins at to morning worship at la Ca Cia 6 15 p in. Ai d evangelistic service at 7 it pm first Assembly of god Church a 5u a Day school Bill atom leg worship at la am Young people at 6 pm evening worship i. At 7 pm. Rev o Dykes pastor full gospel Assembly of god Church Macon s quarters sunday school to am Nina services at la a in. Pc a a 6 0 Een a serv ices at 7 p in Rev. Paul Gilbreath a Tor Asberry Baptist worship Al la o clock. Prayer meeting neb wednesday at 7 pm mrs Gene Howell is superintendent of the sunday school Iron City Baptist sunday school at to and morning worship at la am Btu at 6 and evening worship at i Rev r t. Goosey pastor. Lakeview Baptist a sunday school 9 45. I. C. Williams superintendent morning worship at la of training i in Ion at a pm. Jack a Norard director evening worship at 7 a week prayer service wednesday at p in Rev Wayne Grubbs pastor j. J. Artar g. Rotor of music Lincoln Baptist Church a the Rev by a. Baker Castor sunday school it 9 45 a in morning worship at la pm training Union at a eve the Ning War tug at 7 . Wednesday Pray or meeting at 7 Lloyd s Chapel Baptist Church Rev. By Burrell pastor. Sunday school. 9 45 am morning worship service la am b t a 6 pm evening worship service 7 Meadowbrook Baptist Church 7 . Rock of 2701 Moor gins at to and 7 . Ages Baptist Church ave sunday school be preach services la a in. Wednesday evening prayer Mew Birmingham Highway of Oxford a sunday school sunday school at 9 30 ., morning a tarts at to no worship at la. Worship at to so training in on at training unon at a ?0, a rung service a pm eve univ or shop at 7 30 pm Ai 7 30. The Rev. James Ponder it Preyer meeting wednesday of 7 pm pastor i the Rev Robert c. Powell pastor. Antioch Baptist Church Kab. 2 Moore Avenue Baptist Church a sunday a 9 45, morn no Wor a hip at la and evening worship at i pm. Prayer meet service Friday at 7pm the rpm. Rowny Leat is pastor. Bethlehem Baptist Church sunday school at to a in. Morning worship at la. Training Union Al a pm evening worship at 7 Rev. C. W. Hollingsworth pastor Blue Mountain Baptist a the Rev Gordon Chandler pastor. 5imd y school at 9 45. Ray a. Stallings super intended. Momma worship at to 50 Btu at 6 p ins. F. Cotton director even Quot 3 worship at 7. Wednesday Pray r serv e at 7. Choir rehearsal at 7 45 wednesday. Bonny Brook Baptist Mission 3 Miles South of Jacksonville on Highway 21 a sunday school 9 is a in morning worship fall ., Btu of a fat i evening worship of 7 pm wednesday prayer meeting Al 7 . The Rev. Knox Blount pasto Bynum Baptist Church a sunday school 9 is a in Moran a worship la a in training Union t to pm evening worship 7 30 pm. The Rev. By Chilton rat Tor Calvary Baptist Oxford sunday school at 9 is ., morning worship la am training Union a p in. E ii no worship at 7 pm. The Rev. Pm Quot Thomp on pastor. Christine Avenue Baptist Church 20th Street and Christine ave Hue sunday school a to a i worship services at la am. And 6 p in wednesday prayer services at 7 pm. The rpm George f. Rollins pastor Coldwater Baptist a the Rev William a Carter a or. Sunday Scot e 15 am Buster divine june intended morning worship la ., Btu 5 p Inion Reynold director and even worship 6 pm wednesday prayer meeting at 7 pm. Russell Walker is do actor and Eva sue Gidley p Anis. Eastaboga Baptist Church sunday school at to ., Btu at a pm. Preaching at la a in. And / pm the a j. Hubert Ray is pastor Edgemont Baptist Tabernacle East 37th St a sunday school i a in a morning worship la am evening we hip. A 30 pm wednesday Evem a prayer service a 30 pm. The Rev. Themas Thompson parlor. Emmanuel Baptist Church a sunday school 9 45 morning Worth poll Btu a pm evening we Quot nip of 7 Rev James p Vinson pastor Fairview freewill Baptist f�01 Ledbetter Ste inlay school at 9 41 preaching at la. Btu at 6 and evening worship at 7 o in. The Rev buddy Walker is pastor Fairview Heights Baptist sunday school 9 45 a in. Preaching at la a in. Btu at a and evening service at 7 30. Pastor the Rev. C a Mange. First Baptist Church the Rev c. Eon Gring or pastor sunday school at 9 45 a. In w the she ton tru to superintendent. Morning worship at la a in. Train no Union i at a pm. V a Norris Landry director evening workup is at 7 15 Donad Palmer is minister it in Quot it and South. First Baptist Mission seen a t i1 a n first Baptist Church of de Vilie sunday Seh Phil. <5 a Btu. A 30 p in worship service a la a in. And 7 15 pm. The Rev. Fred curve rss or first Baptist Church a Jackson ervice at 7 Wayne Williams pastor Ruhama Baptist a sunday school 9 45 morning service is at la am raining Union starts at 5 45. Evening service is at 7 p in. The Rev. J. C Haynes pastor. Saks Baptist Church the Rev r h Mckay pastor sunday school at 9 45 a in. At 11 a i morning Wor hip Trainq Union at 6 30 pm Evenmo worship at 7 j0 p in. Midweek prayer and Bible study wednesday of 7 Southside Baptist sunday s Bool at 9 45, Bobby Boozer superintendent worship at la evening worship at 6 00 pm. Training Union is worship at 7 of . Training Union is of 6 of p rn., Kenneth Shropshire i i Rector. Prayer meeting at 7 15 pm wednesday the Rev. J. H. Holcombe pastor. Ten Island Baptist Church Rev. Kyle Andrews pastor. Sunday school 0 a in. Morning worship la a in. Trainq Union a ., evening worship 7pm Bible study wednesday at 7 pm. Choir practice of 7 45 pm wedge Day. Trinity by Hist Church Oxford a the Rev. A Ftp Quot Rosser pastor sunday school at 9 45 morning worship at to so training urion at 6 evening at 7. Ville s a a Malcom sup of p a r >5 a Talent a Eveni Sermon top e in p re. J tend of. M in Sorn on in services saved from n l. Normar by at 7 pm death son-1, Piston porst Baptist Oxford the Rev James h Butle pastor. Sunday school a 9 30 a in mrs Jim l superintendent morning to to so a in. Taming in on will beam of a pm wit few a t Sci i it dire i to i o Ervick is of 7 p in first Baptist Church. Saks the Rey jr.akim pastor. Sunday school at 9 45 morn no worship la once Tram Fig Union at a 15 p in the batting set n 4 / 30. Five to i its Baptist Sandal school at in worship at it Tain no Union it it &Quot>0, and evening worship at 7 15 wadis prayer serv ice wed Day fit 7 is 49th St missionary Baptist Hoo w Seth St., Saks a sunday school it of to am morning worship at la am a vening woh a at a pm. Or iyar meeting wednesday of 6 pm. Rev s. F Helm is a or. Everyone is we come glad View Baptist Church Rev. W liver Deal pastor sunday school 9 45 am morning worship i am training in on a ., evening worship 5 pm midweek prayer and Idle study /. Egny Day at 7 pm. Cher practice Amine Day at a to p in. Glen Addie Baptist a the Rev Claude Galloway pastor sunday school is at 9 45, worship services at la a in and 7 pm Trainq Union is at a. Wed heyday night prayer meeting at 7 o clock Golden Springs Baptist c h u re h a sunday school 9 a a a i morning worship la a in. Tram Union a pm. Evening worship / p in. Midweek prayer service. Wednesday 7 pm choir practice 7-45 pm the Rev Glenn stye. Pastor Grace Baptist Church so Hale St Oxford a sunday school at 9 45, morning worship 10 50. Tra Ting Union a evening worship 7. Prayer meeting wednesday at 7 . Pastor Bartoma a on Harmony Baptist Church a the Rev j in Mixon pastor sunday school at 5 45 a in Arthur Rollins superintendent morning worship at to 50 ., training Union at a 30 pm e. M Den sen director and evening worship at 7 to d in midweek prayer service wed Pes Day at 7pm, Foi owed by choir practice sunday school 9 45 am. Worship service to 0 a in training Union at a 615 p i evening worship 7 15 p. In wednesday prayer service at 7 p. In. Rev Sherman Harper pastor Morrisville Baptist schoo1 9 45 ., morning serv ice la ., Btu a p Evenmo serv ice i 45 p in wednesday evening prayer ervice it 0 pm. Rev Louis Stubbs Castor. It View primitive Baptise Church Church services Are at la a in and sunday school at to a in. And Btu at a 30 Rev Curtis Penny pastor it View Mission a v Baptist Jacksonville a the Rev Elm Roper if Castor services at la a in. And 6pm every Sun it. Zion Baptist Church a of Melrose a the Rev. Donald Dobbs Pas Tor sunday school at to ., preach ing at 1 a in. And 7 30 pm. Training in on at 6 to p in. Wednesday prayer service at 7 Munford Baptist Church a Sun Day school 9 45 ., morning worship ii am training Union 6 30 pm. Evert no worship 7 30 mid week prayer services wednesday at 7 every it one is Welcome. Rev w. T. Muncher p a a Ltd new Haven Baptist a sunday school at 9 45, Ralph Dafron so Perth to Dent. Morning worship at la training Union at 6, Charlie Rose director and evening worship of 7 o clock. The Rev Bobby Ivey pastor new Liberty Baptist Church the Rev Herman v Tarpley Pas or sunday school at to a i Moran a Wor she at la o clock ave nine worship Ai 6 .0 pm. And wednesday night service of a 3n o clock Noble Street Baptist a sunday school starts at 9 45, morning Wor ship at la training Union at a and eve fling worship at i Rey. Larry of Blount pastor Northside Baptist 2100 Gurnee ave a sunday school at 9 4s, Eugene a auth superintendent. Morning worship fall am evening worship at 7 30 p in tra Ping Union is at 6 5 pm Don Hazard director. Faith and fellow hip hour wedge Day of 7 30 p in. The Rev c. Riv till is pastor Northside Baptist Church 715 Dumas ave Talladega a sunday schoo 9 45 am mom no worship at a Training Union at a 30 pm a inning worship at 7 30 p in family ant wednesday at a 30 pm. The Rev Jimmy Hod so pastor. Norwood Baptist a sunday school St to of 9 45, morning worship at la training Union at a 30 and Everna Wor ship at 7 to. The Rev. Luke h. Turner pastor. Oak Grove Baptist Church no. I Munford sunday school at 9 45 a i morning worship at la am Btu at a evening worship at i pm prayer services wednesday at a ., followed by choir practice Oak Hill Baptist Church Oxford. Of. A Che aha acres read sunday school at 9 45 a in heir Supe Natena ent worship service at la am training Union at 6 30 p rn., worship service at -0 p in. Midweek prayer service at i pm the Rev Vinyard t Eizel pastor Oak Ridge Baptist a sunday school at 9 45 Grady Young Supe to a cadent worship Servic at i am. And 6 to . Midweek services wed Neslav at a to . The Rev. Ray Dempsey is pastor. Ohatchee Baptist j sunday schoo. At to morning worship at la Btu at a and even no worship at j the Rev Floyd Mel end is a Tor. Parker memorial ? a it i y Church re. Cha a l Martin. Or Castor. Morning worship services will be held at to so a. In Sermon topic the ready Man by or Claude t. Whitley Man assistant not Cut be a acre hip at Ary of Alabama Bapt. A convention evening worship services will be held at 7 30 . Sermon topic Quot guarding the Deposit Quot by or Ammerman Pelham Baptist Church a i of ared on the Jacksonville Highway and wee or Cave Road sunday Sroc 9 45 am morning Wosh p la am Btu at a ., even re Wor hip i pm. Rev. James Gunnells pastor Pine Avenue Baptist a sunday r Bool meets at 9 4 morning worship to 0, Btu. 6pm evening worship 7.15 mid week prayer meeting of i a the Rey. G d Waits pastor. Pine tuck y Baptist sunday school to worship services at la am Btu at 5 30 pm evening worship of a �?~0 p in Rev Tea its f Denson paste pleasant Grove Baptist Church the Rev. Vav a Holden pastor. Sunday school 9 45 a morning Wor hip ii a in. Training Union at a 30 ., and evening worship of 7 is p in pleasant Ridge Baptist Church on the Choccolocco and White he serves beginning Plains Road. Sunday school to am worship services every sunday at ii , and a p in. Prayer services every wednesday night at a and Cho pc Tice following. Mike Beeth is sunday Schnoo superintendent and Ralph Rhodes assistant. Rey. Sherman Thomp on is pastor pleasant Valley Baptist Church a re son v 11 in i sunday school to a in to ramp service la a in evening worship service at 7 pm train no Union a pm wednesday Riant prayer service a it 1 p in. The Rev Harold Hicks pastor Post Oak Baptist Church buts Day school to training Union a 0 . Morning service is at la a in. And evening service is at 7 30 pm pm Rev. J. W Phillips is interim pastor Riverside Baptist a sunday school at to. Morning worship of it Btu at 6 30 and evening worship at 7 30 Roberts Chapel Baptist a the Rev. Marshall Morgan pastor. Sunday school to a Morning worship service la evening worship 7 pm. Training Union 6 prayer services wednesday at Wor United freewill Baptist Sun Day school starts at 9 <5. Preaching of 11 and evening worship at a 30. The Rev Cau l Presley 1$ pastor. Wayside Baptist Church sunday a school at 9 45 a in. Arthur a Grant Valts superintendent morning worship la am. Training unman it 15 pm s. A Shaddix director Ever no service at 7 p in. The Rev. Charles e. Starnes pastor. Weaver first Baptist a sunday school at 9 45 morning worship la training Union at a Aid evening worship 7 p in midweek prayer a run e at 7 on wednesday. Rev. Jerry h. Bryan pastor. West Anniston Baptist Church 901 Carter St Navy school 9 45 am morning worship at i am a l. Willingham superintendent. Trains Union a r in err a Mitchell director evening services 7 pm. The Rev Finley Holbrookjr pastor West Heights Baptist Church the Rev. Char a a h. Ale Inder pastor. Sunday school at to a in morning worst a service at la o clock. Training Union at a. Evening worship serv ice at 7, wednesday evening prayer service at 7 o clock West Point Baptist Church sunday school at to a in. Morning Wor hip at la am training Union at a 30 p in evening worship at 7 to Pray or meeting wednesday at 7 p in. The Rey to a d Prue Quot a Tor West Side Baptist sunday Schon at 9 45 am morning worship at la am training Union at a evening ervice at 1 White s Gap Baptist Church it Jacksonville sunday morning Servic at la o clock. Evening service of a to of. Ort Rev f Bradley paste r Wilmer Avenue Baptist Horner 25th and Wilmer sunday school at 9 45. Morn no worship at to a to n ing Union at a 30 p in f venom Wor hip at 7 30 . Prayer meeting wedge Day at 7 pm with choir practice at 7 45 p in Rev e d Helton pastor. Woodland Park Baptist a the Rev Paul Demon is pastor morning worship at la of clock and evenings a. A ens of 7 pm sunday school at 9 4�?~ of clock. Gene Beechman superintendent Btu is at a is p rn., with Kermit Purut director. B b e study each wedge a it 7 and choir practice at 7 0 an b. Barker i it d actor sacred i Axt Catholic Mase Are re d at b ,0. In and h 30 a in at 9 am at St Joachim Cath one Church in Piedmont and at la am of our lady of Wisdom Catholic o Chen Jacksonville. The Rev James Vulva Ney Pas or. Re Rey. Oon Jig grader is a Quot a slant a Tor. Drive sunday shoot to a in or rare. Community Mission Parkwood ing la a in. Evening Ericex j . M l Roper is or of Irge Betta View Hills Church of Chris a three Miles West of Oxford on 71 by pass Bible school to a in morning worship at 11 a in. Evening worship at a pm. Wednesday mid week services at 7 pm. Carroll f. Collin Minuter Bor of n Springs Church of Christ sunday school at to am with morning to at i Arn sunday nigh services at a to pm b by study we heyday at i p in j. C. Putn4mt� Minuter Central Church of Christ Ute and Nome bib1# study in a in. Morn a a worship at la a in Young people s meeting of 5 p in. Evening worship is it a p in. Herald of tru h Quot radio pro Gram whoa at 8 3 prayer meeting wednesday at 7 p in ladies Bible class meets thursday at to am daily radio program Quot mid Day meditations a of �?�12 30 pm monday through Friday on has will to b Kughn is mini tar Church of Christ Colvin St and Birmingham a sunday bbl study of 9 45 a inborn a Wor hip at to 45 a in Ewen no worship at 6 wednesday ladies class at to a in. And mid Bible study of 7 pm. Listen to whoa monday through Friday at 12 50 c Howard a. B Azer or local minister. A to celebrated at 7 0 a in. Morning prayer and Sermon a to am Nursery Tor Small children is provided. Rev. A Stratton Lawrence or. Rector. St. Luke s episcopal Jackson vide �?8 to holy communion to a in morning prayer and Ermon with he y communion tie inst and third sundays ithe Rev. John l. Ebaugh Rector. The Church of St. M i c h a e i and All Angels protestant in Copal 19th Sod Cobb streets the services for the fifth sunday Atter Trinity will be a Celebration of holy communion at 8 o clock and morning prayer fall o clock a free Fellowship 1 hour follows the Assembly room a maid is present in the Nursery from to a in. Until noon to care for pre i school children Brick store Chapel Contr Cha tonal holiness Church Eastaboga a sunday school to ., morning devotional. La am Young Peoples service 16 is pm. Evening devotional 7 wednesday evening prayer Surv to 7 pm. The Rev. M. H. Osbourne pastor. Congregational holiness Church c4th and Leroy Avenue sunday school to a in morning service it a in sunday Maht set vice / 0 in. Prayer meeting wednesday night pm i tie Rev Howard Shell pastor mount View Congro r atom i holiness Church <5?7 South Marshall Street a Rev. Hoyt fair is pastor our Taay school to am morning Wor = hip service la evening Wor hip 6 is midweek Pray Quot a service on wedge Day at / pm. We everyone to an services Parkin Avenue congregational holiness Church sunday school to preaching at la Emht at 7 pm. The Rev. Plumer pastor. Kingdom Hall of Jehovah a witnesses a St Mower Bible tudy and discussion at 4 15 pm. F Dwarf j Pointe s presiding minister. Trinity f Vangel it Al lutheran Rioth and Isabel the Rev. Ernest t b in Daffot Church school at 9 45 morning we ship at la a in. Sermon topic Quot god top owe the holy comm Moi the first sunday of on for rivals a it. Announced Alexandria .Tpodist Church the r a John w Clotfelter pastor Church school to am Moran a worship la Ani myi 6.15 pm evening worship 7 p in prayer meeting at it p in on wednesday Bethlehem methodist Church Munford Church school s of to a in Clarence Smith is superintendent. Worship now is at la am the evening service is at 5 to p in. The Rev. O. H. Lane is pastor s hts witnesses "1 mrsh snit superintendent preaching at is celebrated on in a in. And a to and thud each month and sundays wednesday prayer service at Amo . Rev. Jones Dover pastor. First methodist d i i . P Gwo Tyer or 7 even p reaches every to Pas t he 1 s Tor Mills Rev David Sayer sunday school a no worship Al to 50 a Login a to themes broadcast by Wong evening service at 7 j0 pm Sermon Loon action or reaction1 Oxford methodist Murch ? Day school 9 45 am in mop Wor hip 0 55 even worship 7 pm. The of v Clarence b Davis minister is Church Pey. Pal1 p. Bynum methodist Church a v 1 Quot a min Ter of Church is Hod 9 45 Moran a worship la holy communion every first sunday morning evening program a mys a ,. T Vining worship / ., the Rev Dan Kilgore pastor. Carpenter memorial methodist Corner Wilmer and f. Street a Henry l Ford minds or. Church school 9.45 each sunday morning worship at to 55 meets each sunday evening of a pm i Ock evening worship Ai 7 a evangelistic preaching and old Lime Gessei singing methodist menus club meet cont thursday at a to i ello.-. He supper the last wednesday of each month at a 30 p in. Chulafinnee methodist Church sunday school 10 ., preaching ii ., evening worship at 7 to p in Rev b b Simp on pastor preaches every cond and fourth sunday Craig memorial methodist Church Eastaboga the Rev k a in Morgan pastor sunday school of 9 .15 am w i strange super intended morning work hip la 6 pm. Mrs france1 Lurker and or f Laine c made Leader eve no worship 7 o clock Dea Manville methodist a the Rev Wade s debt Quot pastel will reach at the la of clock service sunday school is at 0 a in and of 6 pm i Mem no Wor hip is at 7 p in. A Nursery is pro. Cled and visitors Are Welcome wed esd Gay it 3 1 p i choir practice a 3pm Bible study and prayer services c us a ten methodist Church a churl school of 9 46 a in. Morning Wor hip at it a in myi is at 6 15 p in and a it no a a hip it 7 n in prayer Mel t . Wednesday at i pm. The Rev am quo rpt be is pastor Rufka methodist Church Lincoln sunday school in a in c w. Myi at 6 pm. Choir practice wed a a at 7 d in first methodist Church of Saks located at Glade re and new Gads Den Hwy i sunday school at 9 As am., in bldg worship at la am Everna Wor hip Al a p in at / no a rur Ery is provided for All serve. Visitor Are Welcome Lames n North Cut minister four Mil t methodist Church sunday school to Church services la be vice it rvs Inq Bervie. 7 pm Rev h d Achill or n Dor Mccoy memorial methodist sunday school 9 is am morning Wor ship at la a in. Morning subject Iva Mon evening worship at Al pm Sermon topic tested by fire or Mccoy Guthrie is pastor Ohatchee methodist Church Sun Lay school to am morning w a hip ervice la am ape 1 to 5 in we . La am Avenir Worth 7 30 pm. My a30 Inq every wed esd Jeff Rev Blake p is Tor third sunday. C Host a Springs a Oxford of 6 la Lone pastor sunday school every spa Day with preaching on second and fourth sunday. Joe Owens to superintendent of if in sunday school. Zip t co Grega r ional methodist Corner of Ledbetter and Williams streets sundry school at 9 4 am morning worship fall am Cmys and Bible study at it in p in. Even a War hip at 7 pm midweek prayer serv ices each wednesday at / pm. The Rev. Tommie i Sparks is a Tor Edgewood congregational methodist Church Jay hour begins of 9 45 a in morning woe ship is at la am Cmys at it 15 and evening service at 6.30 p in wedge Day prayer time farts at it >,0 pm. Rev Martin e Clark pastor Frie no ship congregational methodist Ibin Mountain the Rev j. H Lovell is a Tor sunday j h ii at 9 45 merr melt 1 n at ii in t evening Wor Shin at 7 o in Goiden Springs Congro a a c Ion Al methodist sunday is Hod it 45 lit a no w a i ii an and Bible study at 6 per evening Wor Abr Amati remt far saturday july 16, 1966 a it 7 p in wednesday p Ayr Quot pm rho a of action follow be v Douglas is pastor. A a Welcome til to no worship with a s Mize congregational methodist f Huft h Betta View i sunday so Ooi to am. Aci the preaching at la i in 7 p v meeting t at / p in. Rev. P. W Cotton Castor. Weaver congregational meth Odist Church Corner of Alevandro Road and a wage Street Nar a Okason Park i Artay school 9 45 am Moreno the ii i pc Rig Woch p sep churches on la at 0� chinch of Christ of a. S i a Ltd and Quintard of k and worship after it Nev tips Tam fit of Auer sunday worship services la a. M and 7 p. M p or wed 7 p p methodist i 9 45 ., Rouns. R 6 30 pm mid-30 p in. The Rev c Murch worship 5ervico, prayer meeting at Rev r d Pitts Parkin ave nue Church sunday Biri. Morning service it Evenmo service of prayer meeting. 3 w w. Crown is pastor St Mark methodist Golden Springs t i u h. It v 1 a Cir Ting to a in myi it i pm Venin j wish x id p in Nursery is pro ded the i 3a a w Gunton prior services Are held to Golden Spring schoo vat aver first methodist Hor h school 9 45 an morning w a p it la am the myi a it p in i eng i r hip at 7 c the Rev b g Wright Raster White Plains methodist Church Sun Lav school is at to am morn first Assembly of god Church mis it r ave. Quot worship where your soul hunger is satisfied Quot worship la Ftfe Ming i la >1 by Al n pastor hear Ruvi Vastime sundays on Wana 12 whoa 9 30 firs Baptist Church of Oxford welcomes you to services la Butler pastor sunday school a 9 30 a. A worship services a to 50 a. 7 00 p. M. Training Union a 6 00 p. M. M. Morning topic Quot must we look for another Quot evening topic Quot the christians past present and future Quot sky open All slavic to old fashion revival Pine ave. J 14th St. I july 17th old gospel preaching services daily 7 15 evangelistic singing directed by Andy Thomas Nursery open each night Rev. A. F. Powell evangelist from Birmingham Church of Christ e Strait Ane Quint Are Bible Ciao Ltd. Win meet at to maiming worship at la Fin a Erv be at 7 and midweek Bible study aeneid a evening at 7. Church of Christ 25th and Noble St Bible study r. At to ., morning Wor he fall evening services at a and wednesday evening service of 7 pm ladies Bible class is thursday morning of i0 Albert f Belwood is in in at to a in. For Bible i doses. More ister Eastaboga Church of Christ Ervin Strickland is evangelist there will the 1 unday morning worship services fall am evening services at j to p in thursday evening Bible classes at 7 to pm. Heflin Church of Chris i or Quot Assembly 9 am Bible tray Ltd to a in we meet in the by Ding ext to new pos office on Highway 78 j h h an Ennis a Legrand Avenue Church of Christ by Quot e Schanll a in morn services at la o Eloe their practice i at a pm Raymond b a Ltd rom or the Publ c is invited to alls a is. Munford Church of Christ bbl school at to am morning woe ship a i am evening worship it it 30 p in. Midweek Bibl study wednesday a 7 p in a Nursery is provided and visitors Are Welcome Onawa Maek Oxford Church of Christ by study to am., Moran a worship la a in. Evening Wor hip at 6 . Mic Eek services wednesday at 7 pm h c Lenderman t minister Sak Ston Heights Church of Christ intersection of Saks Road and Gadsden Highway Bible r asses at in am morning pc Shio a i1 am. Evening worst p at 6 p in. W. Giddy Roy is the n Lister midweek Bible study wednesday at d or Weaver Church of Christ a Bible study at to a in. Morn Assam try is Aill. Evenmo Assembly is at it am. Midweek service. Wednesday a 7 pm. Special Bible Judy Dases at 7 p in. Classes for All Ages. Hear daily radio p Owram at 17 "l0 pm in whoa visitors a e our honoured buns w. C neat. Min Ter first Christian Church lath St Leighton ave term Rey Franklin h Carter pastor Church school 9 44 morn worship at in 55 youth group and adult Dicu Slon groups meet at s 30 p rn., vespers at i p in a Nursery is prov dad a private prayer Chapel i open 24 hours a Day. Seven Days a week for be by the Public Church of Jesus Christ of lat Ter Day saints mormon 251 # Moor ave a the Priesthood meets at 9 for sunday school a to pc sacrament serv be at 6 . The pit c is in. De to attend Church of god 820 Francis ave Jacksonville Paster the Rev Milford Jones. Sunday school of to of a in morn worship at la a in. Even no Wor hip 7 pm tuesday night it 7 pm Preyer meeting. Young Peoples in to 4eavor to Urs Dav at 7 no a is is a special service for youth. Refreshment Are served afterwards Saks Terrace first Church of god new Gadsden Highway at 41th Street Rev Gerald e Herrin minister phone 237-7841 Church school of to ., worship servies at to 50 a in. And 7 pm. Sunday and 7-0 pm. Wednesday. Youth Fotiov ship. It pm. Sunday Church it the Quot Christian brotherhood hour Quot affiliated with Christian Unity movement a it the Agency offices located of Anderson sixteenth Street Church of god a sunday school at 9 45, morn ing worship at la evening worship a 7. Prayer meeting will be held wednesday at 7 and Ype Friday at 7. The Rev f Sides is pastor. Church of god of prophecy 600 Mulberry the Rev. Wilim Ake s the a Tor. Services sunday school 9 45 Morning worship la 15 a in. Alb services 6 30 evangelistic services 6 to pm prayer meeting. Wednesday at 7 30 p in Blue Mountain Assembly of god sunday school begins at to morning Wor hip at la Ca class 6-i�?~ p in. And evangelistic service at 7 15 p full gospel Assembly of god Church Macon s quarters a sunday school. To morn serv Quot at it i am. Spca at it 30 pm evening serv ices of 7 . Rev. W a. Turner Pas Tor. Weaver a Deg at Ion Al holiness Church sunday school at to ., morning worship fall ., evening services at 7 pm. M d week Pra or services wednesday at 7 15 . The Rev. Cha ies Graham past or. Vav est Anniston Church of Gog sunday school at to a in morning worship at ii am evangelistic service at 7 p in. Ype f Day at 7 p in Pray or meeting. Wednesday at 7 pm. The Rev w h Ford is Nestor Grace episcopal Iott Street Ana Leighton Avenue a holy Comour in a j attend the Church of your Choice sunday i sunday exodus 15 11-18 tuesday Isaiah 48 17-22 thursday acts 7.35-43 it nday p 36 7-12 wednesday Joel 2 28-32 Friday hebrews 12 25-29 i saturday James Down in Louisiana there a a spot which casts a spell of reverence upon soul. But what i have found along the Bayou i have too in Tho awesome might of a Granite Peak in the Mystic wonder of a shadowy Canion. I lao heard it in the restless symphony of the surf at night. These the shrines of nature Are god s hint of a spiritual meal ing in life. But Long ago Man responded to gods hint. Ruhe churches in which we worship and learn and serve�?these4 Are tin workshops he inspired. Week by week year by year under the hand of the master lives arc being fashioned to his blueprint. Devoted to his purpose. Yes we can find god in nature but Tho Road of spiritual diet covery Only begins along the Bayou. It goes on from there to our highest quest. This religious and is made possible by the firms listed who Are interested in a going Calhoun county ret 7? in it Ltd it greater Church Anniston roofing or siding company or. James Preston and employees 51 Cost 10th Ron Shafer Chevrolet 111 fast loth Street Calhoun motor co inc. 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Wikle s drug store iou Noble St. Bank of Heflin Norisea Labama s i Aste to Gross if state Batik Heflin. Via. The Anniston Star i he Home newspaper since 1k82 ;