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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Anniston, Alabama Good evening of a Tchee. I s. Quot i am to make my mind a Blank f ngut a in trouble. Dismiss in tin time bring a1 thought it it ii v a id a i and jus s in the Shade of the lug Oak tree and rest that de Elanon of rom Pine relaxation made a a truck Armor w iof ipod to he a neighbor of mine. T Ere Quot no a of % Mot tiring than truck farm in and on that particular Day he a Quot worn of he managed to sit in the of Thad d tin Quot of tree Tawa Quot Ca \ the longer i Quot rested the in be he began to think about the in n weat it and a if in to to i Quot \ i go ice Quot i Quot a a of ?\ of he Malk it t g age and not n i n a Quot it Quot my and a Nav other to no a he had aeon too Bilo to p n ii it the for t thing he knew hot had new wot ies he went by k to work to for go \ a of us like to Quot top at to saturday is Batt second h that Long awaited a my Steno Ord i Jav liar Hirn Lin tier ital time around Tor Kilt tis this week. Tile summer m Mellow Quot of m Quot a in it re Nat Karl than toe forecast. T a it 1�m a a i a May a i i n i t i #4 a Capa Beati cite briefs 2 to or a tint by min tier saturday july 16, 1966 i a a. A. A use classified ads Revis no on to my revival services will begin sunday at Northside Bapt s t Church with evangelist Eddie Martin a Quot guest speaker. Ser ices will begin at 7 50 pm. Daiy through july �?~24 singing on the a singing will be held tonight at 7 of Elk a at new b he bag list Church in jacks Neli a with Little Tommy Pugh. An Ani and is ii i irs we time been w ii Quot w Hen Mam nent i ones but to turn out e Supply of Little ears Kors a h year whet die Arm hairs and Hearth Are occupied or not be been not n my Foi some a rial a e i am by h a % look no Mollie a hut it somewhat of a Quot of Iti l a week or so ago e a Lei Utie Ltd Ier i int intentions a Well. die foul footed Gills have their some made Ana gement had to p v re Quot of Al is Kather kor pc astr tonight s weather will or Rainy Over parts of the Tennessee Valley Plains and Palt if it n a rth West it will Fie sigh a warmer in the Western great lakes Region. Elsewhere there will be Little temperature change. A but none Stop dunking it Quot be to h Long As \ in y oui Quot if out it of thai up Den to in tonight an w by Quot \ a w ear Sims the Spring Kitt ening was so in1 of re this year that we derided to let the summer one he a basement affair since lh1 weather is warm and All doors Are open downstairs. The Tom eat with murderous Tendril aes has Long disappeared int Well earned limbo an i there is Hill danger from and other source with to o Mother it ats on guard. Storms continued from Page la fives wont tand it arid it May he Nee Arvic turn to imports to meet our need Quot a a loss the nation the fierce Al Arama All data r id i Quot Anniston la f Montr Dotman Job it will Taiklal Skyway drive in so we found a Good sized Box and put it on Hie Back it t for a Dav or two hoping one of the girl Quot would do Ide it was n Mith �?�111 in up in Mamie Jared in and out at i i s time it pm i /. A i i it he is i today. Afternoon and sunday local called hot enervating heat wave which take n a heavy to i of lives shows signs of easing up after a we k in Maxim a tempera Torch in the 100s. A mass it Cool Canadian air no has spi led Over the Border and is is moving southward touching on Iii t Job Lent weather along its of ii ont. The weather Bureau said temperatures so Quot lid a it of Oil slightly. Below the too degree Mark it least until wednesday at St. Lotus where the total tonight 0, attributed deaths Rose to loud i services cancelled no evening services will be hold sunday night at Weaver congregational methodist Church Doe to the Camp in session at pleasant Gap. All members have been urged to attend the Camp. Singing scheduled the Munford Church of god will hold a singing tonight at 7 o clock. I to Toni pent an Afu noon and sunday Rons Meronie noun j4-, Friday residents welcomed a a e meditating Susie just Ness and not quite so hot with Rel j of Wrath 1 Cen ties Quot re n d it i i in Civ and a Aik showers and scattered Thunder a j heat fatalities Al storms. High today. I Low to and we All waited is the hot night. 72 High sunday tit. Dav Quot crept by rabbi Lav it Lia Ted imms til Box that serves As Bis shelter inside ins Cage ears and no ii my of a 11 Tail melting butter is the hot l of Al statistics to mar not in do to a 1114 to Quot a tempt Aturo thu a to in Uta for 14 run Din a t 9 a in to ,. Fir i. N i t i a i / my Gish Teir t tour Quot of d#qi##4 ill ill Init k Hima i of to in Para Ura 73 d#gr##4 pain Tell la Aru to Ike try is wiping i k nah Sun today 4 is pm Lions. The leaves Hung tomorrow. <44 a in by Rem Ter riving More to in an in n of ram Tell at is veral Oklahoma Poi n to Quot i Quot ame of which reported a drop in temperature of Imi degrees in a Flat Budges Jup Jer Spriet Ato Ihen by an a lit David m is v to a 4 Mcrill arc it ukr vap Shail Thompsonjr i no on i Ess on he Sweet Gums Negi a s via Teddy or led up. The i a blooded and waited for rain. In he time someone went in and out la Huck door. He had to thread his win through prostrated eats each stretched out full length on a step the Fri k was Cool to the touch despite the heat Welcome to him flanks and turn porn. Fur shortened no Tiei Early Tor the summer bul still thick and Thistle downy joined his Mother and Cousin most of the Dav. Though he spent a Good bit of time indoors Susie turning and re ranging herself frequently to Dud a comfortable position Lay ilk a plump Black huge a few Steps Down from him. While Mamie Skinny necked burning eyed. And completely unlike her pretty Winter Fluffy self. Typically chose the position farthest from the people for a Quick get away just in a a that in i identified but constantly threat ening Fate began to close in on her it seemed obvious Ilia Susie was about to ring for her of strip inn. Loo. So we brought tile Frosh Box Down to the basement and tried to Hel i her find a satisfactory nesting place we put it on a shadowy shelf and heaved the Black Blimp into it. She leaped out with astonishing agile. A a a it i d the Box under t h e work Bench in a defensive position Between an old bsh tank and a Box of skeet targets. She didst feel that was satisfactory. Either. Well a reasoned she think Quot she s going to have these Kittens in the House like the of tiers. And when things get desperate Quot hell be yowling at me door then maybe we can to k her into settling Down in t to e place we be fixed for her. Mid we went off to the grocery store while she waited a hit longer. You get philosophical when the temperature hovers around he. Tiff Quot cared to a 107 before the Rains came the top in Texas was 106 Tornado Clouds were Quot lighted in southwestern Missouri North East Georgia and in North Cen la it a Kane Sev r e rainstorms which brought More than three inches of rain swept the Carolinas. Dance planned a dance will be held tonight it 8 of clock a Oxford Lake featuring the rocking reverb with their six year old drummer Jeff Williams. Woman is shot an Anniston woman was listed in Chous condition this naming at Anniston memorial la Quot pita following what polite officials termed an accidental shooting. Irene Johnson. 65. Of 725 w Lith St. Was hospitalized Friday at 4 to pm with a .22 Ca Ibre Rifle wound. According to a statement filed at the police dept s h e had been in her House when she Felt a a n and discovered hat Quot tie had been shot. She Quot he did t know whore tile hot came from. Almon one per cont of the world Quot water is contained in the Eaith s gliders. Legal notice to creditors the St of Calhoun county prob Ift c our Lotha May a of the estate of Joseph prank Jobson decals we lifters Tesla Santary on the state of Jossoh Frank j Bac East having ban granted to the unders it Gnad on the 14th Day of july. Tees by the Hon g c Fritt a. Judo of probate of a d county notice it or it by cd Ivan that a Oarsons hav no claims against sad astute arh Ruby a que a to present the same within the Tim allow a by Law or the Sam will be barred Joann Jobson see Cutri of the i ast will and testament of Joseph Frank Jobson deceased july 14, ii to 196. Now Gregory Sophia Peck Loren arabesque technicolor passion Golf sport thrill try and color cartoon hit fat turns Start i to 4 of to a is a now # big dance this sat. July 16th 7-11 30 . Anniston air conditioned auditorium Fca Turq two Greot bands the avengers i the products continuous dancing also big dance contest admission Lui but you still can t figure out cats. When we went Hack bring up tin laundry Das or Allier Quot mull i my i 15. 4 45. 6 5u, lid h us in i. Now playing Calhoun hit no. 3 Yui bad gip off amp a Gina Down of after we first on the schedule nod it w a �1�"t a we Rols by Nam that ii to Hildn i Quot Quot Quot thu Quot Quot re Quot f a a Hix i be Long Solomon she a lip Tom a it d Eft was drive in theatre now showing All night blockbuster re Kerr a i it 7 16john a a Ernie Wayne Capucine Kovacs Stewart h m to Alaska. A Quot a Quot f Troy Donahue Connie Stevens Dorothy a Coupe Shi Ihn it u in in color by Pfurr i Tetra a. 15 tick 0-Dccm it in can of Fin in by k Buhler no. I i. I a in a who the novel that was Haikio Denuncio and 5 million Proli Al to it it a i a m��4a Richard Burton a Barbara Rush. In Quot k Bulter no. 4 a Marivn Mou Roe t c to Fly curds no Jack Lemmon a e i Tufe pvt a a Root some Uke it hot a a bul on morning a missed Mamie and when be Wen Down basement to hang up mime clothes a Rustle of paper gave her away Ash had found an old Box left from la Spring Batch of Kittens Aud a now Tinniey and methodically shredding i h e newspaper lining into a Messy bul presumably cozy nest. Well we thought of she a Happy that s what mar it anyway she it surely jul be Ting things ready because there s plenty time vet May he we can switch boxes i her n a Day or so. By night though things had hanged next time we came hat Way we found her snuggling two Sampish i tens is proud a Little Mother As you a Hope to see. In or heal May have Bern langur bul the March of nature was not. Ii became obvious As we climbed Back up the stairs that Susie two bit to see How Mamie was dam and saw to pairs of rond Cut peering out at us. And of hearts one White and one by a k. Jowl by whisker. In he Box was not Only Mamie arum her two lads. But s i in two Btl and four new it t e Black Chi Hun of her own one solid wiggle of purring steading. Contented cat togetherness Well you never know. V Little while later we brought fresh Cool newspapers and the new. Larder hex wed offered Iii th1 first place and transferred everyone into roomier quarters of that a the Way the girls want it its Okay with us. This Isnit the irs Ime we be had a Community Nursery Mott than once when we be put both he if Mot in s into o it room for tit re tit. Each Vith her of n Bardes in her o w to Box. Wave looked in n t ii e morning to find them All transferred to one nest with the ladies taking turns feed i n g and washing he whole shebang. Continued from rage la lace s wife. Lur teen. For governor Martin contacted a 4 Home in Gadsden Friday night. Denied a Tiai he is considering changing his mind. And said he had no knowledge of such a mal1 in lot senator Effort. The Kitten Quot Aren t at All particular so Long As there s a place set for dinner and the mothers evidently con Quot id e r nieces. Nil phew Quot and cons i n s Are As much heir children As heir own and make no Effort to Quot Ort them out a kit Here. A kit there who cares this w ill also eliminate the sad late of affairs we had this Spring when aging frail Mamie valiantly trod to feed the Bur babies in her nest though there was not in. Enough nourishment to re around. With plump contented Susie on duty everyone will flourish especially since All the newcomers Are within a Dav of one another in age. Kittens Are a in Quot Ammer and and Bough dim a dozen there Are dozens for anybody s dim i. Theres never fading ii Igic in that Box \ warm. Drowsy Palm size Newborn keen i Quot Law a s a Miracle a special git that can t be looked upon lightly. Where the action is Carne Lake dance to the music of a the cobras a tonight Eliom u�2-a.tit Tel Ludru coming to Anniston salvation a holy ghost a Healing revival Leo Roy Faulkner and party a under giant gospel tent a opens tuesday in vhf july 19th 7 45 Beds for sick to lie on waiting prayer amp. A a. Amp ii Jesus the same yesterday today forever Many have been saved healed and helped in these Greet spirit filled services fent located at 1200 South Quintard 2 services daily �?10 30 am.�?7 15 pm. K a a i i \ tto Munford Ala. Inn ;