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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Anniston, Alabama 102 recorded considerable cloudiness was forecast for today and sunday with slightly lower temperatures expected. Friday s High of 102 exceeded the previous record High of 97 in 1932. See Complete weather on Page 2. To Fly t Anniston a Star a up Nea los Angeles times Washington Post services a your Home newspaper since 1882�?� news dry night from i a in. Toll ., Abc a and local news is flashed nor station whoa. The Star final edition is presented each weekday at 4 The Star arrives sunday morning Long before breakfast time. Vol. 84, no. 302 to pages one Section Anniston Alabama saturday july 16, 1066 10c daily 20c sunday 50c a week by Carrier guard restores order to riot torn Chicago planes Pound North \ let Nam taverns Harriman a a doves warn reds in area against trying u. S. Airmen United nations n. Y. I a i in Secretary general to Thant made a Public Appeal to North \ Iet Nam today not to try american prisoner he said any such trial would generate still More escalation of a War he Aid already threatens to become world War Iii. Topic though North Viet Nam s intensified drive against the a threat to try captive american Noi government s fuel reserves pilots in year crimes charges and also attacked six missile has been among the chief topics Sites of recent med transmissions. Navy planes from the aircraft Saj Ltd 71k in the War. Vaye after wave carried Ranger evaded to so heavy flak in an attack on one of the Sites a Navy \4 sky Haw k Jet was shot Down by antiaircraft fire. Us military Headquarters Pilot bailed out but prevented Rescue of i s planes pounded nor h vie built surface to air missiles helicopters from reaching him Viet Nam Grid in with a record fired rom a string of Sites sey and he is listed As missing loss 121 missions they struck at in to 45 Miles Southeast of a of the plane had been disclosed three Oil depots to keep up the Noi. Earlier. A wire photo miss Ireland c in aet miss Ireland was caught in the act Friday at Miami beat h Gladys Waller s Hairdresser was almost finished when the Call Carne for her to appear on stage for miss universe rehearsals. Gladys arrived with half a Hairdo. Miss England peering to see what the Hack looks like is Janice Whiteman and enjoying a Good laugh at right is Gitte Fleiner. Miss Denmark finals will be held tonight. From wire Washington Dor at Large Harriman today reports i . Averell warned Hanoi ii Leer expresses Hope police expand Hunt for nurses Slayer Chicago tap police supt. O. W. Wilson announced today that the killer of the eight student nurses has been named in a warrant As Richard b. Speck. 25. White a Seaman also known by the aliases of Richard Franklin and Richard Benjamin speck. Latent fingerprints taken at the scene of the killings in a South Side dormitory identified speck As the Slayer Wilson said. Chicago apis police said today a search for the whole Sale killer of eight nursing students a is expanding greatly Gem graphically and in number of persons a we Are still very hopeful said Apt. Michael Spiotto Deputy chief of detectives. Quot we Haven t yet reached anybody we can bring before the w till. Is try witness he referred to miss Cor a on Amurao 23. An Exchange student nurse from the Philippines who is the Only survivor of the massacre Early thursday. I on Case Spiotto said that a task Force of to detectives is going about the manhunt in a systematic manner. It. William Mccarthy who is directing the nerve Center work behind a door which reads keep said 50 men have been interviewed in one area alone. Telephone Calls have been receded in the Headquarters it. Lice from other police depart ments in 14 states Mccarthy said. He declined to name the states. In some cases he said. Police departments were asked to air mail photographs of the persons interviewed. A we expect Many More Calls when people see the new artists sketch of the killer made Mccarthy said. A police artist sketched the killer s face after closely questioning the Only survivor of the town House massacre who was roused from heavy sedation Friday after the Long night of Gressional opponents horror. House Compromise interview with miss Amurao f an autopsy report it Hgt wed the Why were there no loud girls had not been drugged to ment screams no outcries for help prevent screams three of them plied during the time the killer bound arrived Home after the killer would and gagged the nine girls Herd had already gathered the other share de them into a Back room. And so into the rear room. Billion led eight of them out one at a Spiotto said he believed the economic development program time to their death a killer was no stranger to the pledged by president Johnson a there were some Light out area of the town House which for the time when peace comes. Cries by the girls who came in served a it a dormitory for the Friday 13 democratic Senate. But it Wasny to Spiot student nurses in training at a tors among them some of the that trying captured american pilots a it a year criminals a was the to l dangerous thing it could do with regard to its own interests. He said the a Barbaric attitude of North bet Nam As displayed in its threats to harm the fliers could bring serious and Long lasting consequences Harriman who is working through diplomatic channels to try to get Hanoi to observe Intel National Law on the treatment of War prisoner spoke in a program broadcast by the voice of America. Fury seen mounting the a violence of the reaction Quot Hanoi s threats Haye provoked in Congress and the Nav Ion is understandable. Harriman it Aid. And the fury among americans is mounting the Long time state depart troubleshooter also in that North Viet Nam probably forfeit any of participation in the Dollar Southeast Asia a wire photo to said miss Amurao told him. Hospital about a mile away. Senate s in St prestigious members. Issued a similar warning reprisals ale forecast they said harming the airmen would a provoke the gravest reprisals and further Blacken the Hope for before the last remnants in reason Are irrevocably abandoned. We Call upon the Hanoi Goy eminent to refrain from any act of vengeance against the american the group j said in a statement. Hanuman s voice of America interview was aired hours after sen George d. Aiken. A it warned that if Hanoi carried hit its threat to execute i s airmen a the american people will the demand the Complete destruction pm North Viet words Are blunter la Ilson Iii on peace Mission British prime minister Harold Wilson Waves As he leaves ten Downing Street with his wife Mary for Airport Enro Ute to Moscow today. He will have talks a firmed a move i afoot to draft Aiken who has criticized a congressman James Martin As retention of the War. Thus put i into blunter words the carefully phrased warning of the 18 self styled democratic a doves Quot. Meanwhile radio Hanoi seeks i rid attention sunday for a my Sage of undefined in with soviet leaders Over weekend concerning peace in \ in Nam. Martin storms Batter state cities from wire reports probably tour an area to the a Large thunderstorm boiled West of Montgomery Tod a y out of unstable air Jim North of where r reported heavy Montgomery late Friday alter proper damage to see if the advertiser n in lashing the City with Gale pattern of destruction might in Force winds lightning a n d dictate Baith violent storm drenching rain before spreading had son wiled a Tornado into a Squall line and battering residents telephoned tile u s cities to the East and West. Weather Bureau Ami news me to the Northwest. Tuscaloosa with reports of Homes a received a taste of similar roofed carports demolished and a cattier from another line of cars blown into ditches in the Olu Selma Road area to the West Friday Montgomery a the Region in Montgomery Ala api Montgomery said today an a Republican source had con a candidate for the us. Senate rather than for governor. The unidentified source was quoted As saying a a definite Effort will be made to secure the Senate nomination Tor Martin a Leader of the reported of port. Hinting there will he an fort a switch Martin to the sen important statement the North Asp act was quoted As saying thunderstorms. Severe thunderstorm evening also broke the Atlanta three persons Jared in downtown in heat in which the storm was most were in Rwy Atlanta. Wyat Hei Bureau spokesmen streets were floods by rain and said Friday night this Region a vietnamese station said it will at if Martin becomes the gop pm wer were downed. Dis put rued As one big. Bright area a wire photo artist sketch describe student Slayer. Droning Mode from survivor s Deseri lion a release a special transmit senatorial nominee the a club Sion at 8 45 a in. A 9 45 nans would not Field a Candi kit today. Date to oppose gov. George Wal there was no indication of the see Gap Page 2. Col. Is opponents say fair housing proposal i far stronger than first believed by John Beckler exempt most individual Home As in a statement saying that and a real estate agent would when it comes to the House As Washington map a con owners and any real estate besides opening new tract be barred in al1 cases from Par part of the rights Bill other so of the agent representing an exempt housing and Large apartments to tic Pating in a transaction in tons of it a Bill Are not in Seri open owner. Negroes the proposal would voicing discrimination they ohs controversy details filled in housing provision say the pro that interpretation was at proclaim a National moral added to Bill s bal kers said. How Spiotto said the two hour in Pomi the must controversial tacked Friday by other Republic Standard that should help a similar View was voiced by even they few the support 0j Ere Lew was eminently fruitful of the administrations omnibus cans on the judiciary commit achieve Progress in housing rep. Wiliam i in Willy enough re. A number one we re confident civil rights Bill a is far stronger tee in a series of dissenting Equality. I hey ignored the Chal who said the Mathias proposal vet re going to get this Guy a he than originally believed. Statements added to the Majori Leges to Teir interpretation of a simply does not live up to publicans to keep. The ?�js�?~n8 Aid a number two we know the provision adopted by the to report on the Bill. Which was the provision claims made for its operation provision in the bib my u he Ami can identify House judiciary committee As filed july 8. In another s tement reps before it was voted on and to who helped put earner cml miss Amurao filled in details a substitute for a wider ranging however the supplemental Richard to pert r-va., and the press thereafter. Right Bills through Felt a Quot hissing from her first Hester administration proposal is report also contained an in William c Cramer r-fla., said rep. Arch a Moore jr., a commands Amo g Al account blurted out to police aimed primarily at real estate Dorset a it of the provision by the language of the proposal w. Va., agreed with i co members no o h Par a Rhen she finally fled the blood agents Ana others in the housing rep. William m Mcculloch. R failed to support Mathias leagues and culled Mathias Hie pattered House of death thurs Industry. The rights Bill comes Ohio the committee s senior views. Substitute a hypocritical propos was attacked n he s a at Dawn. Before the House july 25. Re pub Iran and the party a a Homeowner would he sex Al and a a political plot. Stith tonal rights sub commit at least one mystery re rep. Charles m. Mathias jr., leading House spokesman on capt Only if a sold or rented the of Republican Friday As being Mot e Oppre gained. However and police red. Author of the housing Civ rights legislation. His House him without using support for in Sive than the original proper. Bed no new Light on it after , has said it would. Mcculloch joined with Mathi a real estate agent they it faces severe trouble in the administration by i. Eruption of electric service w a s on our radar but added widespread. Traffic signals went that the Scopes did not show the out. Snarling traffic. Characteristic Hook pattern tha weathermen said they would r0,p h twister a Bolt of lightning smashed into a warehouse under construction on the West Side of the City and caused an estimated $40,000 damage a spokesman for the Hudson Thompson co., which is building the produce warehouse said the Bolt buckled the steel Frame of the Structure and the dam a might take six to eight weeks to repair. A Large residence on the East Side of Montgomery caught tire ate it the time the storm struck a no flames gutted the Structure before firemen could bring them under control. Reports from the scene attributed the Blaze to lightning but Thi s was not immediately confirmed by that tire department. State agriculture commissioner a. W. Todd claims the present hot. Dry spell in Alabama is costing the state s Farmers a a million dollars a by the associated press heavily armed National guardsmen with orders to shoot to kill if fired upon moved through the streets of Chicago a West Side Early saturday maintaining a relative Calm after three nights of noting. Hie riot trained Illinois units Vrr to helping More than 1.000 policemen quell the worst racial disturbances since Watts erupted us year. Gov Otto Keener ordered the guard into Chicago Friday at the request of mayor Richard Daley alter violence flared for the third night in a Row thursday night two persons have been shot and killed scores injured and More than 300 arrested since the rioting began. Area is patrolled maj. Gen Francis in Kane commander of Hie 33rd Infante division of the guard told newsmen a Elf anybody shoots at no men. My oders Are to shoot Back shoot to the 1,500 guardsmen carrying pistols carbines machine guns and tear Gas. Patrolled a 140 Square Block area in jeeps Ana trucks a campsite of tents Yea established in a parking lot and the atmosphere was genially subdued As the guardsmen patrolled. Kane said 1,500 More guardsmen were in resent ready to move in if needed. There was some isolated winery. Breaking some Honfi n g Ann i few arrests Aii tavern it anti liquor stores in the area a so or dosed and four firehouses were evacuated. A negro Man carrying a 22 Caliper Rifle As he walked along a Side Street was Ai rested. Guardsmen Are jeered knots of people on Side Valks jeered the guardsmen and one negro youth said. A look at them. White All of them White Quot the rioting has led to a hitter dash Between some civil rights leaders and Community leaders Dale y denounced civil rights organizers on the staff of or. Martin Luther King. Jr., head of the Southern Christian leadership conference silo As tormentors of strife. Disturbances began in a Small negro neighbourhood tues a y when police arrested a Man for reopening a lire hydrant they dosed the rioting then spread to Lough three entire police districts and parts of others in the negro Community elsewhere on the racial scene at Grenada i. Negro leaders blocked from leading a protest March into the county c r u r thous confronted t h e sheriff in a tense 30-minute standoff. Sheriff Suggs Ingram said a Grenada county Law Tomb i d s More than four person from entering the courthouse at one time. Weekend strike halt Day Todd warned Friday that a if this Type of weather continues much longer our present re a see storm Page 2, col. D Washington api a the government official supervising airline strike negotiations said today he saw Little possibility of a settlement Over the weekend. A there has been no movement today at asst Secretary of labor James j. Reynolds said. Adding. A i Hope it will be a Little better this the civil aeronautics Board meanwhile authorized 13 supplemental airlines to try nearly Loo routes of the five struck carriers. In a further Effort to ease a of Lintel a he 7\ i r if 4v&Quot ;