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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Anniston, Alabama True meaning More dim Iden Tofle cation u even in Emer to i Teade Riolfi of educated courage and educated understanding that we May nut degenerate into mediocrity and i Gays at see Page member Abc fid Aba night a and up Newi a fms f it of up and Wal Irvi if humid Statini Star final edition h of tented each Day at 4 Star sunday morning before fast january 19m 40c a week by Carrier 80 qualify for offices in Alabama area hopefuls enter races event scheduled in Spring probe unit several leaders her awaits the plan giant Jubilee k w More than 80 persons today Quail fled As candidates for various of flees in Alabama in the upcoming democratic primary qualifications began 4t the conclusion of a meeting of the state democratic executive committee to plan the May 6 primary and june 3 prospective Candy opposition from party Mem Bers who feared a ourt test to Day killed a segregation oath which could have barred negroes As candidates in Alabama demo cratic no attempt was even made to write the pledge into the rules for the 1958 party election be cause a majority of the demo cratic committee had made it Clear before hand that they would reject oath is explained the oath would have required candidates seeking office in the May 6 primary and june 3 Runoff to pledge themselves to defend the states segregation a Strong party loyalty oath which also had its origin in the fight Over Southern White supremacy was readopted by the commit tee with Only two negative it disqualifies any prospective candidate for office this year who voted Republican in 1956 or who openly and publicly opposed the democratic presidential circuit judge George Wallace of Clayton was the first to qual Ify for closely followed by agriculture commissioner a others who have qualified As candidates for the states highest office Are former congressman Laurie Battle of Birmingham Ralph shorty Louisville Winston Selma Jack president of the Alabama Public service Coin mls Slon state Karl Harrison of Shelby county bes Seiner and Shearen Elebash of by Sam Jones Anniston will celebrate its 75th birthday this up Riff by a treat Diamond this momentous decision was made by a Small group of Community leaders at a meet inf monitored by the chamber com Merce at which time preliminary arrangements were Wade with a producing company to plan and direct the Community wide groundwork begins a non profit corporation to finance the spectacle will be formed within a new Days committee assignments vol Vang hundreds of persons will be made and preparations for the week of activities will occupy the Lext three planned in Spring the Jubilee itself i planned for ate april or Early it will be Mammoth undertaking that will require the participation of All Cut Joe president of he chamber of was reeled by the group Friday to be temporary chairman until the corporation is set a permanent chairman will then be chosen and some 49 subordinate committees will be the company that will guide and produce the Jubilee is the John Rogers producing company of Fos to Huttl state senator Albert Boutwell of Jefferson has made official his candidacy for lieutenant Gover former assistant attorney Gen eral Macdonald Gallion of Mont Gomery and democratic nations committeeman Charles me Kay of Sylacauga have qualified As for attorney Gen among candidates from this area qualifying were Senate seventh District John Gaith 34th District Cleburne and House Hugh Cal Houn place and Spud Talladega place chosen Salchi a Book has been elected mayor of capital of Oki the election of was a heavy political defeat for United county demo meeting due in few Days by Cody Hall meetings expected within the next few Days of the Anniston and Calhoun county democratic committees should set the 1958 Loca political sweepstakes in full to City committee chairman buddy Blackwell said yester Day he expects to Call his groups meeting in a Day or county committee chairman a Barnes was ill yesterday by Vic chairman Winston Brook said the group probably will Mee before the end of the City primary due in March the City primary is expected in March the state in which county offices Are at stake in All three Anniston City commissioners said yesterday they expect to be candidates for reelection in he municipal commissioner Weatherly i completing his second term in of mayor George Morris an rites slated at Hospital the new Susie Parker stringfellow memorial located at Leigh ton Avenue and 19th will be dedicated this after noon beginning at 2 Oclock with congressman Kenneth Roberts As principal the Public is invited to Many leading citizens have received special invitations to be present at the including both Alabama state City and county officials and representatives from the state health the dedication rites Are to take place at the main Entrance of the modern new Structure if weather conditions will the doors will be open and the at Tractive interiors and efficient equipment May be inspected by vis known to be one of the few institutions in the country designed especially to suit the needs of convalescent and the chronically it has 18 private rooms and four semiprivate rooms and will accommodate 30 patients at a two Beds Are to be maintained for Charity the building has been financed through the endowment of the late stringfellow who died in and funds provided through the Hill Burton of missioner Claude dear their nearly every county office is at stake this not up for con Are those of tax tax judge of Calhoun county court and consta All three members of the coun Tys delegation to the legislature will be running for Shelton already in race senator Shelton announced his intentions of running again Sev eral months representatives Hugh Merrill and Woodrow Albea have also made it known be c a m paining circuit judges Leslie longshore and solicitor Clarence Williams and c i r cult clerk and Register Dob bins will also be in the running this year As will probate judge Clyde among the three members of see county on Page 12 5 the weather forecast partly Cloudy to Cloudy and mild today and Outlook for monday partly Cloudy and winds northwesterly 1015 High today local weather statistics highest temperature this Date 79 in 1950 lowest temperature this 2 in 1940 for 24 hours ending at m yesterday highest be Grees lowest 31 de Grees Sunset Sun Rise barometer this the largest costume Robert Young own life House in the outside Holly is the one that stages most big Community the Rogers company produced the Cen Tennial held recently at Huntsville and James area supervisor for the presented facts and figures to the group after having been authorized by the Chambers executive commit tee several weeks ago to conduct a Survey Here and make a pro eleven at meeting Washington its True that production of new cars surpasses our Effort in building mis Well be ahead of rus Sia once our missiles reach the autos eleven of 25 invited civic Lead ers attended the after listening to Klings proposals in nine voted to undertake the Celebration and two voted against present at the in Addi Tion to the chamber of Commerce staff and newspaper represent were Charles Howard cat Roger Marcus Flint Gor Don Gray Hunter and Hoyt Kling said his Survey of Annis ton showed him the town can with out doubt stage a successful Jub if conducted he it should pay its like some 90 per cent of the communities that have tried before the decision ens of cities where similar celebrations have been held were queried by letter and most of them gave Good City approached twice in explaining the Kling said Anniston had been approached twice in the past 10 years on the question of a 75th anniversary the first occasion was in which was 75 years after the open lug of the town by Woodstock Iron company As a private Community in the second was six years in which was three see Jubilee on Page 12 4 illness is fatal to Stockham 25 Brief illness was fatal today for Herbert chair Man of the Board of Stockham valves and the Birmingham businessman had served As president of the associated industries of and the Birmingham sunday school he was a former chairman of the executive committee of Bir Mingham Southern College and had been awarded an honorary doctor of Laws the Chicago born civic Leader began his career with Stockham As a his William rail is a suicide Palm 25 up Railroad executive Robert Young of the new York Central committed suicide in a to floor billiard room of his Palm Beach Home today by shooting himself with a double barrelled you know it was a Fred Mead of the Palm Beach police department told a Mead said friends reported the 60yearold Young had appeared despondent lately although there was no information on the cause of his the body was discovered about noon by an unidentified member of the family who went in search of he and his wife had a social appointment with friends this no shots heard Mead said no one heard the shofar Cythe explained the Young Home is a Large building with winding staircases which tend to muffle the usually visited by the Youngs for three months each was barred to reporters after the newsmen were required to leave the grounds be fore the body was removed to a waiting Mead said Young was found dressed in Street the right Side of his head shot a re Porter said a Deputy sheriff who took pictures of the body emerged from the Home its the worst one Ive the Deputy was quoted As Young was chairman of the Board of the new York he formerly was chairman of the Board of the Chesapeake and Ohio railway of torture unionist due before group m a unionists torture to an elevator slowly moving up and Down May feature the Senate Racket committees invest Letlon of the operating engineers its the Story of Theodore me Carty of who will Tell it to the special Senate group investigating evils in the labor management Robert the commit tees said Mccarty has told him he was tortured for opposing the operation of local 542 of the Union in As it was run by officials installed by the unions International president William Kennedy said he expected me Carty to testify monday when the committee resumes its Public hearings on the unions affairs with local 542 under the spot Fay among Bosses with the exception of fou when it had its of elected the local has Bee run since 1933 by men chosen b the unions among its appointed Bosses a been the convicted labor extortion 1st and Joey Fay o new Fay is on Call of questioning later in the pos Sibly tuesday or Kennedy said a strap Ping figure of a broke Dow and wept for shame when he a to admit to committee investigators that he had been beaten b goons hired by someone in the he sold Short a son of a country Young resigned a Job As assistant treasurer of Gen eral motors in 1928 and founded a Fortune in the Wall Street crash in he had predicted the crash and had sold with his newly won he turned to his railroading of Small 5 feet and weighing 135 Young some times was dubbed the smallest texan in the his slight build was combined with a soft voice and retiring manner but he tangled with financial criticized Longes abolished practices of and introduced his own i Nova Henry founded the new stimulant hailed As Aid to mental ills 25 Ufi a brain stimulant to make nor or exists naturally in nor Mal but some mentally ill Mal people sharper and help pull persons May Lack enough of this Many mentally ill Back to reality was reported by a Georgia doctor it May be available by prescription in about three the stimulant is Kin to a Chemi Cal called choline found in fishy foods and fish egg preparations like it was reported by Carl of Emory University in Atlanta at a conference of the brain research effective against the stimulant May also help Bor Derline mental or anxiety cases such As disturbed or delinquent he Pfeiffer believes the Stimus called he told of one patient who had been in a catatonic state for about three year with drawn from after four months of treatment the patient he suddenly broke into continuing from 6 Oclock one evening until 4 Oclock the next today the patient tells doctors simply that he likes this new schedule better than his old Pfeiffer said dmae will be made of Riker lots under the Trade name o it still requires food and drug administration by Pfeiffer said this would be applied for Ike hails Advance in Power control to r 1 Pentagon visited Kennedy said the Story is carts to Tell in full but that the Man was trapped in an elevator by overpowering numbers and As the elevator kept going up and was subjected to Tor Tures some of which he termed he declined to say where the beating photo is displayed chief talks defense with aides 25 w president Eisenhower took a per Sonal hand today in moves to re organize the defense he paid an unusual visit to the Pentagon and conferred with top civilian and military there immediate bipartisan applause from members of con Gress for the presidents dramatic action to Speed a promised Over haul of the nations military set up to meet the Challenge of rus Sian sputnik and Eisenhower conferred for More than two hours with Secretary of defense Mcelroy and 14 other civilian and military its ikes idea these included reorganization advisers whom Mcelroy named re there was no announce ment whether any decisions Hac been White House press Secretary James Hagerty was asked Why Eisenhower had gone to the Pentagon instead of having Mcelroy come to the White the president said he was going to take a personal interest in so he went Over Hagerty it was his Hagerty said this was just one of a series of conferences Eisen Hower will have with Mcelroy prior to the presidents decision on defense senator Mansfield of Montana the assistant democratic Leader said he was Happy to note tha Kennedy displayed a coloured photograph of his face a mass of cuts and Ken Nedy said that is How the Man looked when he got away from his torturers and made his Way to the Union to denounce those who did it to before going to a Kennedy said one of the injuries May yet Cost Mccartys Kennedy told reporters the in Quiry into local 542 is just a step toward the committees i Vestiga Ion of the conduct of International officials of the the unions Las sent word he is too ill to testify n the coming but chair Man Mcclellan dark said his group is prepared to wait and that Maloney ultimately will be the president at this time is Tak ing a personal interest in the re organization of the Pentagon a he indicated he would do in m state of the Union Knowland in comment i Hope he takes a close Loo at the extraordinary number o assistant secretaries of defens and assistants to the assistants who Are cluttering up the Penta Mansfield senator Knowland of California the senates Republican Leader said Eisenhower action confirm earlier statements that the presi Dent is giving his attention to changes and will have Concrete recommendations to make to con this will tend to expedite mat Knowland soviet advances hailed on the inside Anniston bulldogs won their first Calhoun county High school basketball tournament by nipping defending Champion Alex at Jacksonville col Ege gym last Walter Well Jorn took Consolation honors with a 6150 decision Over Anniston Bill Huffaker was voted most valuable player in the fou Day Cage see Page on Page 15 Franklin vice president of the Anniston City Board of in a letter to the Star has answered Siose who Are critical of Alabama school on Page 2 Anniston will be Host next weekend to some 400 to 500 wives and guests at the annual midwinter Board of directors meeting of the Alabama Junior chamber of red Leader criticizes ikes space proposals 25 in a speech made Public criticized president Eisenhower proposals Foi agreement on peaceful uses of he said the two sputnik were by no Means the last word in russian scientific advances and that Russia already has the rockets the West still is trying to the communist party chief coupled a glowing description of soviet technological advances and an attack on Western plans for european rocket bases with a fresh Appeal for a very urgent Summit conference Between the East and he stated that russian Scien Perry out of race 25 us Cuit solicitor Emmett who had been mentioned As a possible candidate for Alabama today said he will Quality As a candidate Tor reelection to Bis present lists probably will launch another Earth satellite More than Dou ble the weight of half ton sput Nik Tass news Agency released de tails of his speech which he de Vered wednesday to agricultural workers in Minsk while in route Home from Border conferences with polish Khrushchev plunged into a Cussion of the East and West deadlock on disarmament and re called russian proposals for a ban on nuclear weapons tests in criticizing the Eisenhower space pro the purpose of this proposal is to ban weapons missiles which could threaten Terri tory but to preserve other forms of weapons with the Aid of which they would like to keep the whole world in a state of he he said the wanted a Banning of the use of cosmic that ban on inter Continental ballistic he the West does not even have these rockets or the rockets to Arm proposed bases in he said it would be two or three years before the West could produce such missiles in the already has such rockets today and they can be sent to any part of the Globe to strike crushing blow at Daggres if they try to Start a new he refer ii to Eisenhower stat of the Union the Sovie eader said he agreed with the president on the need for peace Ful actions to match peaceful but this must come from Boll sides and not Only from the Sovie he he criticized the Western reluctance to hold a Summit meeting within two or three months As Russia wants until lower level meetings have thrashed out a workable basis for such a Confer senator Kennedy to push Bill Kennedy set to push his wage plan 25 m Sena or Kennedy said today he would push for action this ses Sion on his proposal to extend the Ian hour minimum wage Law to about six million additional per the senator said in an inter View he would ask that the labor committee resume its work on the legislation at an Early he said he would be ready to proceed with the minimum wage Bill As soon As labor subcommittee which he Heads completes its report on a Bill to regulate welfare and pension Kennedy minimum wage proposal was snarled in the full com Mittee when the 1957 congressional session Bill was Compromise he said at the time that his measure was a Compromise be tween the recommendation 01 president Eisenhower to put an additional 2vz million employees under minimum wage Protection and an Falcio proposal to sex end coverage to 10 million More Kennedy said today it appeared he Only choices Are Between his Bill and the administration a Check of other senators on he committee showed it might be hard to break the senator Allott said it seemed to him the legislation was in a mixed up status when the committee stopped wrestling with it last status not Clear he said it was not Clear to him whether a Bill of senator Morse following the lines of the Falcio recommendation or the Kennedy Compromise measure was technically before the com Mittee at the time consideration was broken it was not ready for us to go ahead with at Lott he criticized some of the min mum wage proposals last year on the ground they sought to stretch too far the definition of interstate first step is praised by Leader 25 w British american Progress toward harnessing the bomb for peace Ful uses was hailed by president Eisenhower today is opening up unbelievable vistas for the fun this is Only a first Eisenhower but it does bring within the realm of possibility a limitless Supply of atomic Power and Energy for All the world for Many thousands of years to scientists Are praised the president issued a state ment congratulating american and British scientists for the contribution they Are making toward peaceful uses of the As Dis closed in Laboratory experiments announced All americans sincerely that other scientists in other coun tries will be encouraged by their governments to do similar re Eisenhower adding As these and other scientific experiments the adoption of a worldwide atoms for peace program becomes More inevitable o permit All scientists to devote heir skills and energies to the Benefit of to its de no immediate explanation the White House had no imme Diate explanation of what Eisen Hower meant by the adoption of a worldwide atoms for peace since there already is an Agency for that this is the 60 nation International atomic Energy Agency organized in Vienna last october after four years of its aim is to develop the peaceful uses of atomic Energy for the Benefit of All the British and american atomic Energy agencies yesterday re ported experiments indicating some Progress had been achieved toward controlled fusion of Hydro Gen atoms to produce electric pow raw material for this Power abounds in Ocean but prac tical application of the process is still considered years youth group picks Potter the president bringing under recommended the minimum wage Law about two million employees of Large department stores and other retail As Well As workers in local taxi cab and construction retail stores covered under this Jan would be those with 100 or More having at least one million dollars of materials and supplies coming across state lines in a by Jane Woodham and Becky West youth reporters after a tense debate and Campaign Ernest Potter of Anniston Ligh school was elected lieutenant governor of the 10th annual youth n government session set for March 2023 in president of the Annis ton High school student was elected yesterday at a pre Legisla Tulve conference in in his Post As lieutenant Gover nor Potter will also preside Over activities of the state also elected at the session was Ferrell Singleton of Potter who will be the Senate floor Lead Lee also of birding Ham was chosen to represent this District in the race for youth the Young legislators were instructed in the various operations of state government at session by two Jefferson county Public Newell states librarian Lack placed four schools on probation by Jane Marxer Frank county superintendent of and principals of four schools in the county said yesterday that these schools would meet most of the state department of education standards within the year As required to keep them on the accredited Walter w e 11 b o Ohatchee and White Plains schools were named in a list of 105 Ala Bama schools to be placed on pro Bation until they Correct specified deficiencies named by Austin state superintendent of Tion Are Ranburne and the major shortcomings cited by Meadows were untrained too Many pupils per teacher and Lack of Library facile the leading deficiency in the four Calhoun county schools is the Lack of trained new Ell adding that this personnel had not been available Here for the procedure followed in meet ing accreditation standards for schools All Over Alabama is that annual reports Are submitted to in a Telephone Couver Sathe state by 1 in which teach Tiou Friday with the g a d s d e n other schools in the also facing possible loss of or Library from our schools this the individual schools were in the Ess of meeting All standards set by the state for and statements received from the schools speak for Dewey principal at Alexan and principal at Walter both said that the schools there would meet the necessary requirements within Erskine principal at Whitt and Charles Prin Cipal at Ohatchee said that to War schools would meet the require ments except for employing de a shortage of qualified teacher teacher was also named by them being Are when the reports were made Stet m i i the reason Why Unis i ;