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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - February 25, 1940, Anniston, Alabama The weather Alabama tartly Cloudy preceded by rain in Southeast portion colder sunday monday fair continued cold. Moderate to fresh North to Northeast winds on coast. Average daily net paid circulation for january 7,667 a in Anniston issued daily and sunday morning by consolidated publishing co Complete United press leased w ire coverage vol. 58.�?no. 74. Anniston ala., sunday Keb. 25, 1940. Or. And . Reader use Anni inn Star la St re 4d whenever the occasion demands. They bring Quick results. Just Call the and taker. Cotton 16 7-8 no Emiris Eli Mien Iee Mee Mil predicts Allied orders will make this nation sky ruler will for run read the Washington merry go round monday for word regarding the country s biggest political question Mark Quot will president Roosevelt run for a third term a Drew Pearson and Robert s. Allen who have been uncannily accurate in their forecasts of major political events of the last eight years will give their prophecy about the july nomination a and a detailed analysis to Back up their conclusion. Bests in to swell production in Domestic Industry about 8,000 warplanes believed included in foreign demand Washington feb. 24. Up a military experts predicted tonight that the placing of almost $1,000,-000.000 of frenc h and British orders for american warplanes Means that the United states is destined to become the world s supreme air Power. officials said that the Gigantic program revealed by Allied purchasing agents would swell production in the Domestic aircraft Industry already at record pitch with unprecedented foreign National defense and commercial orders to new Heights. Kilstok vets Iee Isi inn Dis meet Alabama s favorite son joins those urging third term say Republican hopefuls gets Laguardia Barb a phooey Quot of new York mayor regarded As Roosevelt boost 5c a copy�?20c a week by Carrier a Tiitu to pc Ltd Hitler shouts demand Quot tue for greater Security hew Ocie ded Republican declares that a crack pot schemes a Are ruination Battle at Vii Puri mounts As Western turns oratorical declares he will win if nomination is his Battle May become most bloody so far National reunion being sought by local Blue and Gray club by Lyle c. Wilson United press staff correspondent Washington. Feb. 24.�?conservative democrats listened with More eagerness than Hope today for word from president Roosevelt indicating he would not be a third term candidate. Tonight at Midnight Falls the England s highest paid entertainer Grade Fields who recently decorated for her performance for soldiers in France greets America with smile and Trench coat. Here for a Short rest she is pictured publisher heard in Dixie address at Atlanta saturday night one Helsinki source puts russian casualties at 80,000 dead most of. Feb. 25. Sunday a Mir Leningrad military command announced today that the red army had captured the important finnish Island of Koivisto after heavy fighting through fog and Snow in its the 29th division veterans re deadline on withdrawal of candidates Union will be asked to hold the from the april 9 Illinois preferential 1941 meeting in Anniston when the primary. Or. Roosevelt entered 1940 session is held in Washington without his written consent and the the latter part of August. The in a appearance of his name on the bal citation will be extended by the City lot does not commit him to run Thi. I administration and various civic or again for president. J la Quot be in team through the local or but failure to withdraw his name Hon facilities the United states has potentialities which can be harnessed quickly in an emergency to turn out warplanes for its own use on record schedules they explained. The army and Navy Long have advocated expansion of private industries As potential Supply reservoirs in periods. Although the Allied purchasing Mission did not reveal details of the projected $1,000,000,000 program at said that possibly More than 75 per cent would go into aircraft Aith the balance scattered for other needs. Informed quarters believed that this would include about 8.000 warplanes mostly speedy Pursuit planes Light and medium bombers. Some sources Felt that engine orders including replacements might be around 15,000. France and Britain Are reported to have ordered 5.000 planes in lie United states since january 1939. Bitch a new 8,000 plane program would give the allies a minimum of 13.000 of America s beat fighting Craft. It reported that it would be stretched Over an 18-month period with first deliveries some time next september and the last a year later. The Commerce department said thai France and the United kingdom received More than one half of total aircraft and engine exports of $117,081,212 from Hie United states during 1939 Ute total reflecting expansion of the aircraft Industry 86 per cent higher than in 1938, and 197 per cent Over 1937. Gamza Tion of 29th division Veter will add to the belief Here that he ans. Still is available for the 1940 Nomi $ this decision reached at a nation in certain circumstances. In son mane. Monson -?.1�?� sol 1th preference Polhe will hmm uate Al of he of civic organisations Friday nit i. N Flamer in Shiun i net. Fitt. Of America to Atlanta. Ga., feb. 24. Or it a Frank Gannett bringing his Campaign for the Republican pres Itle above As she landed 111 new York Ila nomination into the heart of dra Quot "i1 recently. The democratic solid sooth ohm re Al Purl cd tonight that the a crack pot schemes and policies Quot of the new Deal must be rejected if the nation is to be saved from disaster. Industry must be revitalized he said by a National policy Friendly to All honest business. Quot if i were president i would assure business not a breathing spell _ Pitt Tyson Maner Speaks in �2 amps i Florida ill a Inman resistance develop nine i i by Joe Alex Morris United press foreign news editor Germany and great Britain renewed their uni of words Over Europe a air Waves saturday while in i Inland the Roar of Battle mounted before the Gates of Vii Puri. The red army s offensive against Vii Puri slotted Down and perhaps Pensacola. Fla. Feb. 24 a Pitt Tyson Maner. Montgomery. Ala. Night urged the Florida state Young democrats conference to support Only those candidates to the demo of civic organizations Friday night. N. Gamer who is going his anti the meeting held at the Choc third term alone since other Ciocco Community club after a democratic aspirants dodged his in St the l�?T9th division organized t0 a or 111 he up Ltd cratic National convention Quot who will tile 29th division organized their opposition to four More years carry on the arest of tee Tivee of tills at fort Mcclellan during the world of the new Deal. T a objectives of this . A suitable memorial to those Aba Tor Vohn u a a i administration. Mif if. Sen.,� inn h and let us be sure thai no Dele Valt of and Ouw Elul a a it a e is elected to the convention the us Ann of a Many in 25 Days of would attempt to revitalize private into n 7h he a a Quot Industry. I would encourage Cap North in or at Henk finn Tai to invest in business instead it is Agni a a a n. A Flynn Quot discouraging i. Would Stop bureaucratic abuses. I would clean that. Out of office every bolshevik and a a a a the. I Quot Pink who does t believe in Theja a Quot Quot a Quot link ant pm american private Enterprise a atom i lip a m1mnd, a a i Quot a Quot experience people a a a a a a a the Gannett. York state publish-1 0llp Uttoan Duelm Wurch a he. It. Again accused president Boose Ink Pul ask Salties suffered by the of the division who lost their lives i i a a ,5ure, a a a it veil St playing Tut and Tow with so a a it a Quot Quot Quot a a a a in Martinn Rinino Thaar and aim Alabarca tonight joined the Gate is elected to the convention he a Kano Anh re Saiia in the last 25 Days of have died since will be erected at Roosevelt nit senators urging or mat will scuttle these objectives a a the a a a a a a a Quot a a a Toth no. At fort Mcclellan this memorial will Klun a Aner who Denvered the major and80.000 to 86 too dead which Mem i Leuona known. I dress of the annual conference at serve As a Marker for the Birthplace of the Blue and Gray division. The Junior chamber of Commerce will provide the memorial. N. G. Findley president of the Junior chamber of Commerce will head the special committee. It is planned to have the memorial dedicated during the 1941 reunion if Anniston is selected As the meeting place of the veterans decide on some other meeting place. For the dedication Howard Cater president of tile chamber of Commerce or. Findley and colonel Harry m. Ayers pledged their support and efforts Quot it would be better for All con request of postmaster general corned including or. Roosevelt of Jar is a Farley added. Farley Ong the president would give expression May a slated to speak. To what he is going to Bank Mailer hit at the Republican party head told reporters. I done to think Anc extolled achievements of the there is much disagreement on that. Roosevelt administration and the he should make his intentions democratic party As a whole. A known. If the president wants the alabamian also put Forth As nomination he can get it without is t How a for the presidency an Mueh question. As Long As he is we her alabamian speaker William Large in the situation there is no but Bankhead of the i. S. House of for the people to make up their representatives who is being i. Ii 80.000 to 86.000 dead. Which would a rvs Elf it fu8f e mean at eat t several mince that that we Are not entirely Safe from numb a wounded in the offensive. Boing involved a Long is he is in in Lyhl. Wurn r,.oht Volt act Stead of bullets were hurled Back Hill be tinted a of and Forth but with no less bitter delivering the second of a series nos. Of addresses on his Continental ail prom his Home town of birding tour Gannett said he would be Ham. Britain s prime minister be elected if he obtains the Republican value Chamberlain again invited the nomination. German people to oust Adolf Hiller a of that i am he Aid. And jul with the other nati01w of declares reconstruction ois amp a world to be sans democracies Calls on Providence to help him win reiterates Aims for preservation of German a living space Best dressed Man in the nation Munich. Germany feb. 24. Iu0 Adolf Hitler shouted a debian Promise tonight that Germany wit tile help of Providence would Wir the declared that Hie Reid must Hae still greater Security Fui nazi a a living space and Warner that the a reconstruction of the world would be achieved without the Aid of democracy a Quot toothless old a god did not create the world Tot England Hitler told a meeting of 2,000 party leaders observing the 20th birthday of the nazi 25-Point program at the Hof Braeu Haus largest and Best known brei Hall in Munich. Quot i have always had the bad Luck to fight against a lot of zeros. There is a god. I personally have Felt the hand of Providence i believe in this Providence Providence would not have been so ions with us if it were intended to let us lose this fight in the counts on own efforts but Hitler speaking most of the time in a Low Calm voice made it Clear that the nazi were counting on much More than Providence to achieve their goal in this speech he said that 1. Germany a Aims Call for Security of the Reich a Quot living space Quot in Central Europe and return of colonies taken from Germany after the world . 2. Germany a military and economic preparation for the were much greater than realized abroad and guarantee avoidance of the is Joseph e. Davies it above special world collapse different arrangements will be made f to make up w for the dedication minds about electing delegates. For that position. Europe and possibly the United states in giving guarantees for a i aide to is ciliary of state Hull. So announced the cd com tailors Guild of America at their annual there is no for them to test the sentiment on other no second Choice Bankhead whose brother. Speaker William e. Bankhead of the House. Toward promoting Anniston As the l Iamb Nhea it 1941 convention City. W s Cole 2. Been mentioned As a possible democratic candidate said that he Man president of the City commis Aion said he ready to go after the convention again and that experience of a few years ago in requesting the convention probably had no second Choice because the people do not have second choices Quot District attorney Thomas e there Are Maut Abir leaders in our party who would adorn the office of president. But. Being from Alabama i May be pardoned for singling out that great american the speaker of the House a Maner said. Lauding the social Security act. Maner said Quot it is Only one of a whole series of Laws put into effect i Quot and if i should be president there by such a House cleanly of �?ol8.lcs Auk arnee., Tor a t a. A a a Vuk a a lists thai the roads i141 and permanent peace Cham Quot Reeung in new Ork. They liked. J,., Borlain miser tile finns and said Olibri live yet Davisii Ward Robe. New Deal theorists from Washington will look like a people on a Retreat from Moscow a Gannett critical of new Deal farm policies. A you of the South particularly have been the victims of new Deal bet lain praised the finns and said that soviet russians invasion merely showed she had been a poor a apprentice of brutality As taught by the master. Nazi Germany. Hitler counter blast at almost the same hour the Al Pei l would be used to Good advantage a a rl1 a a this year. No zip Illinois Republican con the attitude of the Blue and a a a a . A tile Dilir a i jul the report showed that France Gray club members that much received $42,484,742 of american j work via have t0 done aeronautical equipment and the Anniston selected As Hie meeting United kingdom. $34 794,800. French place and that much More work expo to included 444 land planes j will have to be done to provide and 563 extra engines. A Idle Brit am j suitable entertainment for to a lollies he said. Less than ,>0 years j it e Hitler hit the air Waves ago oui Southern slates produced 80 again front Munich where he again to him a a it jul world s col in 1,1 As. Ured nazi party leaders that Dewey and representative Hamilton by 0ui party to preserve and pro we produced 63 pc cent last a Tommy Wou Kje with the help of Fisli Republican new York Are in the economic Security of the we produced Only 42 pet Cut it. Providence that has always stood average citizen Gannett placed Quot squarely on tin him emerge victorious in Quot these Laws compose tile record shoulders of the new Deal Quot the loss tie upon which we will go before tile of the worlds Market for american the nazis have a areal Deal More pm to in the next Lection be Cotton. The u Pwnell of a be a de he while tile new Deal Lequy Jer enumerating military and ii f got 241 planes and 491 spare engines Japan against whom a moral embargo on plane Export hat been in effect since 1938, purchased Only $2,-580 5j5 of equipment mostly acces-4 it Ries and parts. It received Only one land plane Worth $32,000, soviet Russia against whom a similar ban declared after the finnish invasion purchased 12 land planes valued at $1,447,000 reason they proposition. Began Early on the Hice speculation test which seems Likely to be a setup for the former. Mayor Fiorello la Guardia of new York entered with them but withdrew his added name yesterday remarking Quot phooey for Republican candidates in general and practically endorsing or Roosevelt for a third term that creates an unusual situation in new York in captained Leal and Liberal forces in coalition against tammany Hall but tammany is also whooping it up for a third Roosevelt term. The Illinois. Primary is not binding but it will Sample voter opinion in a vital state j Garner also has gone into the May 7 California presidential pref even greater gains expected this week Anniston s finnish Relief Appeal 3. Germany s allies and friends in elude ital it soviet Russia and Japan. Which makes the Rich Invulnerable to economic warfare. 4. Germany a leadership Iii the re construction of Europe has Heel achieved without the Aid of Thi leaders of the democratic nation and the reconstruction of the Worl it will also be brought about without them. These old and ossified and Dessica Ted non entities babble of a new order in Europe and the world a Hitler said. A they arc making their demands but we Nave our own spheres. Central Europe built by us not by the British. In this territory we will live. We will not allow our life to be endangered. We will not Tol. I a a a Irr saw Mui Itury Auu i Maner asserted the democratic my banners to plow under or re economic preparations which he de i awned us strength last Wek with in t a my Mason against us. Party never will be disbanded or strict production he said Quot Brazil a making the Reich Safe officials looking Forward this week e de nand the return of the in Stitney so Long As it follows the increasing its output 431 Pel either military or economic to even great r gains. They look for principles of Jef tenon. Jack cent. Up and up went the or Educ Laif tue German leadership Mard i Como Letizie the aim a1 with son Aud again made to work Bon of other countries. Argentina Fuir Tiiu time he added to comp Ting App Al it win not falter Utu woe be Amoeo Ulf we Ltd Ftp d de Junit by tilt a. A a a nol Janet mis tune be Kaaea. Here la Guardia has Success fury 1 and wonderfully by Frank f posted signs at Crossroads urging Atka m addition Russia Japan Ane i stained the City a progressive Rad j1111 d Roosevelt. Farmers to grow More wheat and la y Ali Aki Llie Reich a1 and Liberal fore in Ltd it Litten i a a a. Soviets suspicious arc a $1,447,000, one _ i a a a a a Pici amphibian. $ol2 449 19 eng ies will retire after clerk term Ferfnce or nary and. So far. With out a Vii it a it it no of Haw . A $170,536. And engine parts accessories and other equipment $707,-�?�81 a must wage is Over Roosevelt or other opposition. That primary is not binding either. In 1 Georgia where the democratic state Calhoun county s political gossip committee decides when and whelp probably will be at rest today when or delegates Liall be elected or a i becomes generally known that s pointed the Garner forces Are at. ,. L Johnson circuit court clerk and tempting to Force a primary Choice Mcnutt sound t All uni list Avance Register in chancery has full Tenten i count on Quot i urae and Rford a 4om of tiring to private life when they evidently count for anti re Adelphi a Ark feb 24 Janst Uhlry term support on the demo Aikau amp by Iha. Are. To. At., january. Or. Johnson issued a critic division or Star gtd in Ioia a a United states i Oili the mat ement declaring his intentions president Roosevelt attempted to threshold of a new Era of pint it saturday. He is Iii at his Home in purge senator Walter f. George it Minim Georgia by supporting a hic rec new 0681 against him. Main \ spotlight As groups j George is managing Garner strategy gathered Here and there to Specu-1 in Georgia the a. Prospective candidates j Mary land is May 8 primary is in ,. F6 a 8 a in prom Neilt i contested so far by either Republic it a la Arf Herbert Williams j cans or democrats but they May file howl and n. C. We up to 15 Days before that Date. Name men Maryland delegates Are pledged to inn mr., support the preference Winner As a Chance for his russian paper ways United Stales seeking to prolong chief delighted then the fuehrer outlined nazi Aims in contrast to Allied a i in amp a restoration of the the the Plain under in that direction. Arthur Phillips Calhoun county colonies stolen from us capitalistic restatement of ainu Iii general. I tiers speech g recapitulation of tile nazi struggle for Power after the world and a statement of Germany a Appeal chairman Anno Tun d sat Aims including a a the Security urday that the new Appeal has Gam Germany and German Toben Braun Moscow. Feb. 24. U.8 a the newspaper Moscow bolshevik charged today that the visit of Sumner Welles to Europe wa., part of an Roosevelt welcomes scheduled \ Isit of Costa rican a. ,. M a a a mail Leon Saum czechs and poles and guarantees of de $188.05 cont buted locally and and Hie removal of All danger from a Boa re Lang feb the destroyer 24. a pies Dent that Chamberlain had i a grand total of $213.05, including the hands of Germany s $25 going Duvet to Thomas w mar he also repeated past reference tin state Chan Man in in Ming to the Friendship of Germany with american plan to prolong the . Roosevelt advised Hie state de for purposes of profit Quot to the last drop of English French and German blood Quot at the same time regimental commissar Anatoly Galin proclaimed Quot a new Era in soviet relations with England France the United states and other capitalist countries and predicted the a Triumph payment at Washington tonight that he delighted Over tile impending visit of the president in it of Costa Rica or. Talaei Calderon Guardia or. Guardian visit to the United states is scheduled tentatively for March 15. The presidents future peace discussed. Germany wants Back her pre colonies lie a said. And she wants to be certain that the German Quot living space in Central Europe will be secure the Chamberlain and Hitler statements on the came and perhaps significantly a As United states under Secretary of state Sumner Welles on a peace Mission for president Roosevelt neared Italy on the liner Rex. Welles is due in a pie tomorrow and expected to but to achieve it Quot we must wage against avarice greed crime ignorance sickness poverty and unemployment a social Security administrator Paul v. Mcnutt said tonight. In an address at Henderson state College the aspirant for the democratic presidential nomination said that As a form of government de Mumm a a a a a v Mcraey will live Only so Long As Johnson announced by with Krawal t it it to Sjef Narx has la it is com the people want it. To retain de last monday. I nomination a rather elastic mock hey Mcnutt warned the na-1 so far to h. Dobbins former fitment lion Quot must throttle monopoly Tille clerk in the tax collectors office. Massachusetts adhi 30 Dri Marv i unholy alliances and combinations is the Only candidate in the clerk Massac Nusele april j0 a Mary is of finance and tire instruments of ship race saturday but it con production Quot wanta Sarong new Vork. Feb. 24. Up a the finnish Relief fund announced today that Dorothy Lamour x Sarong would be auctioned off at its gala fair and dance next week. Oiler items Ginger Rogers dancing dippers. Greta Garbo s evening gloves a pair of earrings worn by Billie Burke in Quot Irene a an air plane that col. Roscoe Turner will Fly from Indianapolis to new York a plot of land on a Virginia Mountain Side among the auctioneers w ill be Lowell Thomas Herbert Bayard Swope Tommy Manville Milton retie and Lanny Ross. The event will be held med Irskay and thursday nights. Miss will autograph the Sarong. Message my dispatched by radio from a Hgt a a a a a a a a a a a Imiru of communism in the whole Cruiser Tuscaloosa in panamanian Confer with italian Premier Benito Send protest Syz Lar m lip be 24. On honeymoon there nervousness however the foreign office disclosed to i Shreveport. La feb. 24. on both the Northern and oui East Ham. I thirty nine dollars went to the fund As a insult of the spin la motion picture and local Talent program presented at the Ritz theatre Friday nigh alter the regulation i film schedule of the Day had been completed. Other contributions saturday were Cash Donatio. $10, and Philip rut Anstein. $1. Or. Phillips saturday night sex Kuuva Italy and Japan mentioning Italy and Japan the former Ami l on sums pact partners in almost the same breath with Rue Siu and drawing a lung cheer from his audience. But the main theme of his speech that Germany could not be Defeated and that the coming events in the european May further Surprise the Allied Powers in re a Las it pressed i thanks to the Ritz Lur lard to the strength of the Reich. Lending its projecting equipment j he declared that nazi Germany and employee who gave then time had fought constantly against the fwd Dan a 1 p1 rented a a assistant Secretary of Interior pm fronts of Europe Sweden de eve Nmair o g0v�?o mar Chapman and Nis Bride the tided to Institute a program of i a Roj Teig former miss Ann Keitrick of i strict Exchange control completing of a verbal protest against the Shreveport and Washington left to her abandonment of the Gold stand bombing of the town of Pajala swedish Frontier night for a honeymoon trip to new Orleans and Havana. For the special program. He also expressed i thank to local employers who have been Coop rating with him in gathering funds. Reports from Birmingham saturday were to tire effect the slate fund for finnish Relief had a. Edard in order to husband her re 20,000 and Itiat another $20,000 is general Van Horn Moseley general George Van Horn Moseley who attracted National attention As a witness before the Dies committee investigating Una Meri can activities came out of his army retirement today to throw a new Challenge at advocates of Quot demo not binding and unless a presiden j a tall candidate files written consent non f Date for for the use of his name no Dele a Julve a Tbs it and Gate May commit himself in any tnt1 i of is . Postmaster general James a. 11 Racior the two Farley who is classed among die ill Calhoun county anti third term democrats gave i Intuit in Patlon had grown suf written permission february la for i i Aiu iday to attract the the use of his name As a presiden i candidate or. Dwight l. Ual candidate in Massachusetts. Chiropractor. Other j democratic state chairman Wil Nau matt8 i i h a Kins. Fred Ham h. Burke thereupon Drew up a racy. And a a Pai c marry slate of Parley delegates but an a democracy hell a the general the seven two f u a bounced the party Quot overwhelm cried. A ifs nothing but comm judge Centi in in8ly in favor 0t a third a for Elsm mgt motto restore the Rota Cut nue. To of late but has or. Roosevelt it and it lacking the of ii a a he tie comment in the last port Unity to support him they Are i a Days. Willing to be committed to the sup a a a port 0f Zvir. Farley ii Acme merger third Tenn democrats have put Vav a bhang i on feb. 24. or. Roosevelt into the april 9 Nellie Federal communications com Braska primary but Garner has yet Mission tonight recommended that to enter the primary is not bind rate National communications serv-1 my and consent of the presidential ice companies in the United states candidate is not required. No Bede be inputted to consolidate not Only publicans have entered Nebraska. A a Means to better and More eco new Hampshire kicks off the mimic Al St Nice but also to forestall presidential preferences on March Ariy foreign domination of such vital 12 in a primary which May or mar Channel of Intercourse. Please turn to Page 13, column ii i brows scar at ,. Cell Lull woj tons and for Protection of Neutral finnish Iel gees who Are flee Ukini Yiuzi a he in Edith if Ninn min. J my an overwhelming russian army. Sources for any emergency to improve her National defences and probably to permit More direct Aid to Finland. At Copenhagen the foreign ministers of Denmark and Norway discussed Means for similar Pecau expected As the result of increased activity on tile part of 4j county chairmen. It has been emphasized by officials in charge of Hie Appeal that donations Are contributed in Toto to the finnish Relief cause to Aid Atlanta. Ga., feb. 24. Or a smash the prevailing form of gov tikk am i a. As Imi Rex of a ii a j t _ Public general Moseley who retired in 1938 from the command of the fourth corps area army has rems pied fairly removed from Public View since his testimony before the congressional committee. A retirement statement sharply critical of National policies moved him into the headline and last summer he advocated before the Dies committee that president Roosevelt use the army to crush what he described As a jew Isil controlled communist movement to shipping tile swedish foreign minister joins them on sunday while eminent in the United states. His own parliament meets in special he disclosed today however that i action to act on the swedish Finan Quot i be got All the work i can do keep Elal program ing up with correspondence All Over j there nervousness too. On the the world and continuing my fight Balkan front. Turkey describe against Una Merican and subversive i cd by authoritative circles As fully activities and doing All 1 can to get prepared for any eventuality but As the word democracy out of Litera not yet having declared a state of or a 1 emergency. The general Felt rather testy about in another Balkan capital. King democracies Borts of Bulgaria opened the new a democracy pulls everything parliament at Sofia with a speech and everyone Down to the level of i emphasizing Friendly relations with an average and that makes it com All nations but pointing out that Ann estonians May continue to contribute to the Cau a by sending checks to Arthur Phillips at the Anniston Star. Monism a he said waving his hands around the Flag decked Saber stacked trophy strewn study of his apartment Here. Quot a Republic however permits the development of a mans god Given Talent to the utmost. No democracy has lived in history and our forefathers realized this when they mad us a Republic. We done to want Many measures had been taken for National Security and defense. In Rome Italy and Germany signed a new Trade agreement for 1940 after Premier Benito Mussolini had personally intervened to formulate a certain policies in connection with italian ales to the Reich. The policies were not explained but the communique de the mob Rule of a democracy. Some scribing the treaty emphasized them times this Rule retails in the worst in a manner to hint that they were kind of autocracy a not unfavourable to Germany. 1 peace proposals Santiago. C Hile. I to. 24. U p a a source close to the foreign ministry reported tonight that proposals concerning future peace machinery and attributed to president Roosevelt were being circulated among the american republics. Offi Cio confirmation or comment on the report tacking. According to this court a the chilean foreign ministry received a Quot plan Winch described As touching on world peace after the european i ended. Limitation of armaments and International economic regulations were reported to be among the subjects discussed in the proposals. Spirit of the Versailles treaty which Quot is the idea that two or three nation Are chosen by god to Rule the vie must and will by Virtu iou Quot a he said. Quot and if the enemy threatens us it will not be different from die it has been at other Timet in our history. We shall prevail. Quot i do not believe our people will go Down. I cannot believe that Providence will desert on who fights for his different from 1014 Hitler repeatedly emphasized that Germany is much different in leadership and in military and economic i strength from what she in 1914 and said that if he had been Chancellor during the world the j Reich would have Beau victorious. Twenty years ago for tile first time. I stepped before a i at he said Quot it is remarkable that i Ain still i Here. I Don t know How Many politicians in the democratic nations could come Back to old comrades after 20 years. Quot i did not come from a pacifist club into this room 20 years ago i a still a Soldier my soldierly sentiment brought my Here during the deepest aflame of our Gamut nation. Quot there were really no victors in the world Marl we Hod become the victim of a tremendous world fraud. All were derive do the italians the indians tire Rab. Who were promised a big Empire and even the jews bet aute the Wert promised the came territory. A the so called vector a Van but Raj please turn id Page la Roto in ii ;