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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Anniston, Alabama Carriers scored of of aircraft e Arrie in to attack Russia an impractical plan British document say siding with of in font Rorers Over recent proposal. Rec Drew Pearson editor. Tai Page. A he he Onisto to news dry night a and up news your Home metes paper since 1882 member a c. And Nea from 6 . Until la p. In. Abc United Presa and associated press bulletins Are flashed Over radio station whoa. The stars final edition is presented six Days per week at i p. In. Vol. 71�?no. 153 Anniston Alabama monday february 16, 1953 40c a week by Carrier House committee votes 21-4, to slash income taxes july i a a a a a a a a a Allied air Fleet smashes reds Hari to believe today just a few hours after this photograph was snapped yesterday morning Bright Sunshine had melted the Only appreciable Snow registered Here this Winter. This is a snowy scene along Glenwood Terrace which was a particularly Beautiful spot in the Early sunday morning de Cosper photo a to sabres Down four Mig wimp Ollie Farl Date set j for execution of Rosenberg sprawling enemy target in i Eft in Ullin after bombing raid Brief Bliss these youngsters Are enjoying the sunday morning snowfall that vanished in Ute Sun before noon. Shown at Tho earner of Maplewood Avenue Mhz Glenwood Terrace with a a led and the snowman they have built Are left to right Randy Allen Andy Beard Judy Beard and Ann Lueava. Seoul Korea i Pic More than 200 United nations warplanes smashed a sprawling communist target Only is Miles from Pyongyang today destroying nearly too building and leaving the area a Quot Tea of judge schedule week of wow Chetly her him a. St i bombs rocket napalm and bullets lurch 9 As i lint for on a Volpo a troop and Supply death of a a pict concentration Louth of the North i korean capital american Sabre new York up a Federal Jet it or mo8t a dec Esaul judge Irv ing in Kaufman today j Hunan he a Nional aet the week of March 9 for the the Sabre jets screening the execution at sing sing prison of bombers from attack by comm convicted atom spies Julius and mat Mig-15# destroyed three of the Ethel Rosenberg. I russian built Jet fighters probably United states marshal William destroyed Ona and damaged seven a Carroll will go to the prison i Tabers. Tomorrow to arrange the exact Date today a attack came on the heels for the electrocution. 1 of two other big u. N Aerial executions normally take place1 my yesterday u. N fighter on thursday nights at sing sing bombers struck the vital Sulho but the first execution Date set for Reservoir along the Yam River the Rosenbergs did not fall on that not u. S Soperton Day. I pounded a Large target Only eight judge Kaufman turned Down Ftp us of Quot a 1 a Friday a request by Emanuel in _ a a a a a a a a Bloch attorney for the condemned la 5,h air Porow called the couple to set the. New data four i Kyon Tipo raid a one of the larges to eight weeks after today he told try key mounted recent weeks Bloch i think the. Time has Coin first hurdle passed despite Ike s opposition Cut would amount to about five Ivr out till year Martin Hays lit la Drifty action Iii measure Washington a pwn the House ways and Means committee overrode president Eisenhower s go slow request and voted 21 to 4 today to Cut individual income taxes on july 1. The Cut of it becomes Law would amount to about five per rent for most taxpayers in this Calendar year. An and diurnal Cut of about five per cent would to into effects a a a on Jan. I 1954, making the total Hove la Likely the measure Atli surgical scar a Charles Quot Chuck Quot Moses 16, shows the. Larg. Surgical scar on hit Chest in Detroit that resulted from an operation upon his heart. Using plastic surgery and a mechanical heart to keep him alive doctor repaired a faulty valve on right Side of chucks heart. Reduction about to percent. Legislation providing Foi the tax Cut was approved by the w ays and moans committee despite or. Eisenhower s statement to Congress two weeks ago that a until we can Are determine the. Extent to which expenditures can be reduced it would not to Wiss to reduce our Senate May Block Bill in line with that speaker Joseph a Martin or. Said the tax cutting Bill would not be called up for action on the floor until a balanced budget ii in sight even if the Bill passes the House in april or May a Martin be Stevenson to ii sit Ike at White House tuesday for Justice to clemency denied the Rosenberg convicted in four air fore. Wrings and two Marine sir groups took part. One of the Marine pilots former Boston red sox Star capt Ted Williams flew his flaming Panther March. Imi of , us. Chun tax a rho or a old dry s atomic accrete to Russia,1 May never get through the Senate which it would have to do before it could become Law. Sen. Robert a Taft a hoi and other Senate Republican leaders doubtful that Congress will know before fall whether a balanced budget their first goal can be arh Levrud. The measure approved by the. House a Ommittee was sponsored by the chairman Hep Daniel a. Reed by. Reed insisted that his Bill ire acted on immediately and without any expression of views from Treasury or other administration officials. Taft see delay yesterday Taft plainly indicated he believes tax reductions May have to be postponed until july i 1954 other developments Yalta chairman of the Senate and House foreign relations committees and top Republican leaders met president Eisenhower to discuss Plana Tor a Resolution disowning Yalta s Quot secret Cooee Mons a according to informed a a a a 1 Mai Rte the Only question at the. Three pursuits in the. Ann lets Aiva and seven other Over the. Regular monday meeting with Tho state died in traffic accidents during Alabama s Moat costly weekend j president seemed to be what form this year. Six of the to fatalities occurred at Railroad Crossings Frank p. A Lafeman 26. Of Sylacauga was dead on arrival at a traffic fatal to three la Section Over be kind Sylacauga Man succumb after a overturn near Oxford seven Are filled Over Alabama democratic trailer to i Ucb with president along wednesday originally had been scheduled to die in sing sing prison s electric chair Jan. 14. Judge Kaufman granted them a stay of execution Jan. I so they might apply for executive clemency. It was denied by president Eisenhower i a a t with i partisan group from the Moline Washington Upit Adlai e. Stevenson today accepted president Eisenhower s invitation to join him tomorrow at a lunch for a group of Republican and democratic House member White House press Secretary James c. Hagerty said that Stevenson Defeated by Eisenhower for the presidency a will Confer. 11 111with the president in his office at a 12 30 pm tomorrow then Stevenson will join the chief executive at another in a series of congressional lunches which or. Eisenhower Bas been holding for two weeks. A Quot tentative Quot invitation had been with the setting of a new exec handed it without injury of himself Sabre Jet pilots reported the skies Over North Korea were Quot filled Arith red jets Quot a Early a 10 50 a i today an air Force spokesman said. Maj. James Jabara of Wichita Kan Samerica s first Jet Ace. Claimed he damaged one Mig near the Sueiho Reservoir it was Hope Given i p for 4b aboard lost a i i i Lier All of Haft car Lei by Plain Fermi Neil for no survivor found Mobile. Ala up the last sulking liner is abandoned u. S. Transport take. It extended Stevenson before hit Jet from stricken ship Ferson Jackson Day dinner speech in new York saturday night. In this speech Stevenson expressed the fear that the Republic Naples Italy up the . Military transport Gen ii c. Muir rescued 107 passenger and Crew members today from the crippled italian liner Tripoli Tania before it was abandoned in heavy seas �0 a or to Quot a a for refuting Miles Southeast of Sicily in the Mediterranean. Kaufman has turned Down a petition for commutation of sentence of the appellate court refuses Bloch s request for a stay he still May apply la the supreme faint for a similar order. The resident sons on a National airlines Dou that crashed into the Gulf of Mexico might in found alive disappeared today after All the four life rafts the plane earned were accounted for. A preliminary investigation Tondl new dealer Quot with Quot car dealers _ _ a Stevenson who la her mending i the italian i Rie Atine ship fat Emo Ratie political Fence Amil Ping line which operated the in Gay it if he runs Tor 1 2 j won liner said the american myth no a a Wylli or Lover a ship bad safely taken Shoutd a or. Eisenhower expire Ted inter of the leaking vessel s >2 passer in Stevenson forthcoming trip i Gers and 45 Crew member. 0 the far a it and in via a Hla the Topol Itafua was bound from Fibbi Pajgin opponent to drop in at the while House end Tai it Over. White House aides were unable to give the precise time of Stevenson a appointment but it As indicated he May be the president s italian Somaliland to Naples when it developed a serious leak la sent an bos sunday. The Muir was the first ship to come to the liners Aid and immediately took aboard the 62 pasted a a. Gets. Apt Antonio Terrero arum _. 1 1 a. Quot 1 m la to of the stricken in. R the. For nor la ova ukr a Gayod aboard to try Loki up of "2 a n a no r.,u Iino a afloat party had a heavy schedule for Bis three Day visit to the capital today round of activities included a staff meeting at the democratic National committee in the lion Date Bloch planned to go into Fernt score Ainee returning for the . Circuit court of appeals a second tour of duty in Korea tomorrow to seek another stay of describe Adion execution this time so he May a j Jiaw four Mig heading South peal to the . Supreme court m yet a Var. A new trial la of started chasing them and spot appeals refuse it Ted one Mig beading North slightly Quot a ,�?�7 the. Super rms four a. La Hon turned Down two Appeal it and other three Short bursts getting Good courts have dented four requests a thai on the Wing and fuselage the for further Legal action. In addition pm a want Lacroia the Yah and i had to break off Quot on his first tour of duty Jabara destroyed six Mig probably destroyed one Ami damaged four lie returned to Korea Jan. 12 a the ground South korean in the. Kitoi. Who by Taw a tit acted two i a. Don. I sing slug , a a Kum. Song on the Eastern front Early today they forced the reds to withdraw then wrecked trenches and fortifications Aper that the reds withdrew voluntarily. Hattie in truer reported fragmentary and unconfirmed reports indicated v. N and communist troops fought Budd Panmunjom Neutral Lone last night or Early today. Official sources refused immediate comment and the of. N. Truce Camp at Munyan j Effort will be made to raise said it was Quot wait my for a let the smoke at Komi to Rose in columns 5,000 feet into the sky b it some pilots got a t Mort a1 Hospital Here sunday night about o so driving overturned on a curve just South of Oxford. Highway patrolmen said 1950 Ford in which Wideman was Riding alone ran off Highway 241 on the curve of treasure inn. Hit a pile of Concrete blocks and turned Over several times. Mont Seiner Man l Lri in an earlier sunday wreck Colvin Pike in his Early 20s. Of Montgomery was killed when his late Model Pontiac slammed into the Resolution would take foreign Aid sen. John Mcclellan dark said the budgeted 97. To 000,000 for foreign Ald could after the car he was j afr a let in half next year Quot the can be reduced so i percent without impairing or Landing the essential program of we will require performance on the part of the european Mcclellan told the United Presa. 11ii Elands twice vetoed Quot tidelands Quot measure starts through a i my / by festivities begin in new Ohle Anro mom in Tho legendary cd of mirth minted Hla Fob a e in a to led his 19-float promotion through new Orleans la., streets crowded with Mardi gras merry maker. Russian plane Over n. Japan american jct Roro flits on one of propellor driven fighter Tokyo up u 8. P m Thun de Jet fighters today intercepted and fired in two russian warplanes violating the Northern japanese Border in the first clash Between the american and growing soviet far East air Berret the Jet scored hits on on soviet plane before the intruders turned and fled to the Sanctuary of soviet territory. Gen o p. Wev land. V Star East air Force commander said the american jets intercepted the two russian planes a identified As single engine propeller driven fighter a Over hokkaido Japan s northernmost Island it was the brat positively con a ingress today with greatly improved Rhan Cea of becoming Law for Mil night by russian thl time the senat Interior wer Japan territory since Jan. In committee scheduled its drat hear Jujj her. The japanese government oncoming car careened along a tag this morning on legislation warned Russia that american deep embankment and overturned similar to that which was Sucre fish try guarding Japan w Ould Cai i Auk. Fully vetoed in 1946 and 1952 by arct Border violators with bullets. Investigating officer of the former president Truman. Intruder i hit Highway patrol Bald Pike a deaf team an appropriations two Thunder on a rot driving South alone leva than a subcommittee made Public today an to patrol Over Northern Japan army estimate it could save the guided by radar to the Kus Rise taxpayers a Hal billion Dollar if an aircraft at 9 19 pm. Est. Draftees served three year bitches Munda instead of the present 2t months mile South Sylacauga on u Highway 241, and topped a on the left tide of Tho Road. He apparently my an on rom ing car in time to swerve to the however mein Bei agreed nothing Caird the big Airliner May have right clipped the front fender of Ltd probably tie done about length been slammed into the heaving can were turning Back to Dollar Beath Row almost two years were diplomacy and wielding a big visited saturday by their two sons a tick Over foreign Alite. Steven Michael. To and Robert. 5, son also taunted the new admin 22 italians die Iii train Irakli Benevento Italy apr exec Vive Speed blamed on faulty brakes hurled the Bari Naples express off the track Here yesterday killing at in 22 person eighty were injured 23 seriously. Alt casualties were italian. The in eur train raced Down a seas about 60 Miles South of Here saturday night by Quot unexpected torn adic conditions the plane carried four life raft three 20- an rafts and one for ten men. The Oast guard it advised National airline today that ail have now been accounted for until then there had been the faintest of chances that someone to tap aught have Clung alive to to my of those raft a the search for More bodies proceeded National annoy red that Hie Bill at 65 Miles an hour into this Tarea South italian City and jumped the rails As it approached the Marion the locomotive plunged onto the Quot after i got off the to get f looked Back a said Al. Malcolm s Boung of Birling Ham Ala Quot it wreckage from the Gulf the a Oast guard revealed a no a Jet plane was believed to Glim pre of the have plunged into the Gulf a Short Distant in West of the air liner s wreckage i to of a guard Cut tors and two smaller patrol hosts a i joined by planes returning station platform Only the Lari car looked like everything in the targe to Hie area at Dawn for a it oin remained on the tracks. Area was blowing up a l id Saith the approaching car sped out of Enung term of service control for More than he Yards i i i. T a Vladimir Toumanoff Down the shoulder of a deep fill Young mate department official and overturned was the main scheduled witness nobody in the other ear was hot Riveri no Mil tee resumed Hearth two deaths wore la first1�?�&Quot a Quot in management Quot recorded try Hie Anniston Post of department personnel the patrol this month and were Juhle. The third and fourth fatalities in the tvo county port area so far in 1953 first of year Here the third death in this Section occurred Friday night when a negro Mary Lou Lunier 27, of j Anniston Dud at the Hospital a few hours Atter she was slunk by a Southern railway passenger train at a Grad crossing in the i it v it a believed to ire Anniston s fit St traffic death this year. John g Biassed Tut Dud Hond of injuries suffer d when Bis Ste traffic. Page 2. Col t the weather forecast partly Cloudy to Cloudy and colder tonight and tuesday Low tonight to a High tomorrow 56, lowest temperature this Date ii in 1926 morning visits with House and Senate democrats in the afternoon and a reception in the evening for some of the leaders in his unsuccessful presidential Campaign. Tomorrow in addition to his talk catching i p i the news Laie developments late sews flushes i it i in i ii to it i urn Ion h Kington a i pm a the us ii defense administration said today that Russia right now could hit All i major t Cities with atomic bombs in a 466 plane assault capable of in Fly Ling up to 1l#6u,660 casualties in a single Day. At the time the russian plane were heading Aero the Demuro Peninsula a neck of land that jut eastward from hokkaido to within two Miles of a russian occupied Island in a disputed Tabor sri group it Viand said the interceptor closed in on the two russian plane and identified them As la-1�?T a lava Wehkin eleven soviet fighters of the 400-mile-an-hour lass. Gerdrd by radar Quot pursuant to standing instructions our interceptor Pilot signalled the intruders to the announcement said Quot the lauding signal was ignored by the la la Pilot s i Quot our Leader then opened fire. Scoring hits on Hie Fose Lavo and wings of one of the intruders la two russian planes turned and fled northeastward toward the Kuril viands the Thunder Jet Pilot broke off Hie action to avoid Ming into russian territory i b e disclosure immediately heightened fears in War jittery j put that further shooting incident might be the spark needed to ignite world War ill. Around the world i nil Vina another freeze highest temperature this Date Alfh or Eisenhower be plans to 79 la ims. See some state department officials about his far East trip and w from wire report a lands and Belgium imported All were lifted la t week the boost thormities today studied testimony annatto a i k Sace Arsa b tinfoil m i a Anim As ii Sij i. 1. Aft a i it .s3 Cox tax fix i. _ �8 34 a a a n to fort it Nib it m a 41 int mix to j i a is 44 m 40 a i j Molg Onifer. Is i to h it uvula so of in Nash Vurr _ 47 i m maw orly and. 80 39 in be York. __>0 33 i 14 to Luau. ___47 ii m Yuma. Is 49 of i. A to of Waxbill 4 a Ai Ith the 83rd Congress getting dikes holding but officials said if up a full head of steam the winds Ai loss tin sea reached Gale news of the world during the past Force there might be a repetition few Days to entered in washing of the destruction caused feb i. Kill to Fly East German communists to. A ordered stepped up f f ant Page have faded for Sloe i Lulli Zurun in is. M i to Mir Osis Tat m ii a a 44is Imlay ii to it it i Apo Iura is 4tr a a i imm it Seward is 41 pm Tut-1 to in to. I ii a a ii Barf i ii xxx Lxi Fco lint mgt i uti my i to Lim f i. Sit to tax so �4�t s ., Babii him no to us. Newt York Tupts a solemn requiem High in ass a scheduled at la a. In est in St. Patricks Cathedral today fur Steve Hanahan press agent who died fell 5 at Nab Obi Kenya. Thirty nine Meixon were listed As Homo Ary pail bearers for the lands of Britain Belgium and tin ton. The Eye catching stories of recent Wetklo relative obscurity. Many of these stories Aie still do loping however and May he breaking Back into the headlines this week her a the latest de Veion Mients floods the North sea Spring one Berlin tides Winch two weeks ago eau cd at Lea -1 i 39fi deaths when High winds drove them into me Low Etoi is to prevent anyone fleeing to the West in a new drive to Stop the record flow of refugees. Those in Ugee Apple handed Are to be in dieted on charges of Quot sabotaging the reputation of the new a Pap i services including Many widely known figures of the business in Lei Tannin it and newspaper worlds. To an Nagan s Hod \ was flown ii oui Africa la week. Netherlands crested again today in Britain 16,000 hoops and civilians std j behind sandbag reinforced North set a wails j along la East coast the nether said soul 6,000 East German refugees were arrested Iii a tempted escapes from communist Rule last week gasoline prices a dire Standard Oil co of California ordered a 2 1 cent per Galion Lucia in retail gasoline Price on the West Oast Rise fun i boost to come alter pee too Roia on Gat raised the Price of regular gasoline to 27 9 cents per gallon and Pter Iurii to tin 4 finnish Tanker a a round the clock watch was maintained Iii a Singapore Harbor today to jut vent illegal Quot trips to tin finnish Tanker Wirna which is loaded with 7 Mio ions of Jet fuel destined for red Hina the ships Captain has a it fused to leave Singapore until i a a receives new orders from the slaps of Riel v Freedom of the fresh a ruling a expected late today or tomorrow on an attempt to reopen i i not f. Be vice trial to Hie k and Public. Judge Francis i. Ute based newspapermen and Hie Public from the sri to Tai last w Elk Ute pm e \ Ai by six seamen who blamed a Drunken Brawl aboard the freight Cross Fairhope for the Quot apparent Inui Dei of the ships Steward i whose body Wax believed shoved through a porthole while the ship a at sea i Sci is King a the belgian government in worried but new at tack against Youthful King of to doom for hts stay on the French his mrs v i, Belgium was righting the North sea responding to Public pressure the Young Monarch flew Hack Bott to Urvey the flood damage then returned to in i pleasures on tit coast. Premier be or v an Boutte made a my Feii ional oos hip to Hie Riviera to see Bandon the weekend presumably to h Cannington us a a defens department request fir 11.266,-Ihmt in new funds for the current it ear was be Ted in Lull today by the House appropriations urn Metier. I Kolk at by a k adar Aiau a a cuts int new att is. To hit t night a Winter reluctant to give was to an Early Spring i As returned to the Anniston Ana after several weeks of warm weather which brought Flowers and Trees to life. The Mercury plunged to in last night with a heavy Irod teat melted in tit morning wind. Ai other 26 is forecast for Mig of wit it partly Cloudy skies and wind. The it old blast started saturday with Light rain that turn i to mixed now and sleet. A total of i 2 14 lip lies of rain and Snow was measured saturday night and sunday morning j Early risers sunday Ennd the ground covered with Slu Shily Snow that melted before no to. Highest Eisenhower invited a bipartisan temperature sunday a 52. Group of 17 congressmen to the with another freeze predicted White House Tor lunch today for tonight gardeners Are advised nine Republic ans and eight dem to protect flowering or budded de rats wore on today s guest Aal. A Tania tip jump Liili her w i a Iii no i on up a president i Ben Hurr today named c. D Jaekwan �6 year old new Aero publisher As his special assistant in charge of the cold tsar of a lining. T Iii Grey ii Eti in Vireil to Luis ii it till Frawi Datil Vav Ashington up a president ;